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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:33pm EST

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this good. only fios can. opposition to the president-elect, visible across the country tonight, including here at home. >> what comes next rmt starting
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president of the united states. >> he doused his girlfriend in fuel and then lit her on fire. now he's dead. it brought back awful memories for a woman trying to stop domestic violence. >> even though people think that domestic violence does not affect them, every time you turn on a tv it's in your home. >> announcer: news4 at 11:00 starts now. from coast to coast tonight, election of donald trump. >> the news that shocked so many has turned from disbelief into a need to be heard. shomari stone is monitoring protests near white house. >> first, wendy rieger is at the live desk. >> reporter: thousands of people are chanting not my president as they march through downtown portland, oregon, police warning drivers it will be a long ride home out west.
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later, protesters set the opinion yachta on fire. chicago. police called in backup as some 10,000 people tried to swarm the trump tower there, word of the pro tests spreading through facebook. police were ready for new yorkers who made to it the trump tower in manhattan. the protesters chanting again, "not my president" along with "black lives matter". a american university students lit an american flag on fire. >> i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. back to you. >> many of those students marched from au to the trump hotel down on pennsylvania avenue. we're live there tonight monitoring the demonstration. you can see dozens of people still there. the hotel has been the side of a number of protests in the past few months. there are also demonstrators outside the white house. that is where shomari stone is tonight.
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>> reporter: good evening, jim. right now i'm standing here at 16th treat andath street. the secret service police just lowered the yellow tape that was here. they had actually pushed tourist and people who wanted to take pictures of the white house tonight away from the house. they have lowered it now allowing people to get closer. all this because of the protesters who were marching in the street. answer trump protesters light an american flag on fire. outside trump international hotel, owned by president-elect, donald trump. moments later, dc police see someone splash on a window. >> i hate to have this nap my town. >> reporter: they are upset trump is the president-elect.
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hate. >> we are trying to do whatever it takes to sort of unite people and to get them together and to unite against racism and bigotry and misogyny. >> reporter: earlier at the white house protesters held a candlelight vigil expressing sadness. at american university, they lit an american flag on fire to protest the trump pr continue to demonstrate because they say donald trump is not their president. live near the white house, shomari stone, news4. right now the electoral map from this election is still not completely filled in. nbc news gives donald trump 279 electoral votes to hillary clinton's 228. michigan, arizona, and new hampshire still haven't been called yet. hillary clinton actually leads the popular vote by about
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will wake up to his first full day as president-elect. and he'll go to the white house to meet with president obama. news4's brian mooar picks up our story. >> we choose to love each other. >> reporter: outside the white house protesters offered a statement of inclusion. but outside houston. a display of anger over the election of donald trump as president. marchers massed in big unified president. >> not my president! . >> reporter: voices of protest that carried all the way to trump tower in new york. in his victory speech president-elect trump offered an olive branch many americans will find difficult to accept. >> now it's time to for america to bind the woends wounds of division and to get together. >> reporter: hillary clinton helped. >> i hope he will be a successful president for all
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successor to the white house tomorrow morning. >> it is no secret that the president skplekt i have some pretty significant differences. but remember, eight years ago president bush and i had some pretty significant differences. >> reporter: but just as president bush eased his transition, president obama says he will do the same for president trump. >> here at the cop toll, crews are already building the stands where america's 45 ath president will take the oath of brian mooar, news4. as noted, trump will be here in washington tomorrow morning. he is scheduled to meet with the president at the white house. tonight, work has already begun behind the scenes to prepare for newly elected congress and president. >> scott mcfar land broke several pieces of news on that front today and joins with us the latest. scott? >> reporter: it was late this afternoon the presidential
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services administration officially declared trump the official winner allowing him access to headquarters. meantime the inauguration planning has accelerated. congressional leaders have ceremoniously begun the platform for the event outside the state capitol. orientation for newly eleed toll. and the big office moves there are set to begin. nearly 200 members of congress either swap offices or move into new offices after election day 2014. laborers on the grounds will set up the computers, the definites, even the coding for the website for all the new house members coming to dc in january.
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congress begins next week, they will move into cubicles in the base men. what about the experts, the professional pollsters who aide get paid to do this stuff? many of them frankly were embarrassed. you can find an analysis of how rural america powered trump to the white house. open our nbc washington app and search, what the polls got wrong. rain around our we see a little bit today. that rain is making its way out of here. what is moving in is cool air. we'll call it cool, not cold. this storm system developing and moving across our region. take it back 12 house. you see what was happening. we saw sunshine, then we saw the clouds, the rain, even thunderstorm activity. right now nothing to talk about. storm team 4 radar all dry. temperaturewise we are going to
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the jacket. chilly 42 degrees at the bus stop. some in the 30s in the coolest suburbs. recess, 55. nice afternoon, but it won't stay that nice. we'll talk about the big change coming just in time for the weekend. the coldest air we've seen so far. a case of domestic violence turns deadly, but police say it's the abuser who died. police say girlfriend on fire at their home in kettering. he died and tonight her condition is fragile. jackie bensen spoke to a woman who says this story sounds hauntingly familiar. >> when i heard about it. >> reporter: when she heard the horrifying details of tuesday's fire at the home in kettering, that the victim had been on fire as she ran to a nearby polling place for help, her mind immediately blew back 11 years.
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her sister, while at work in a t-mobile store in clinton, maryland, was confronted by her estranged husband. he doused her with a flammable substance, chased her outside, and set her on fire. >> to see that aftermath, the look on her face. and we were just so grateful to seay see that she survived. >> reporter: her perseverance and triumph inspired peopal over the world. she often travelled to speaking engagements with her sister at her side. she felt called to help in a new way after being contacted by a pass for and asked to create a ministry aimed at addressing domestic violence. >> this has given me an opportunity to go places where my sister unfortunately can't go due to her limitations. >> reporter: she said she hopes the kettering fire victim and her family will reach out to
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other churches in the community. i definitely want to reach out to local government, and the sheriff's department. >> reporter: jackie bensen, news4. >> for more resources on domestic violence you can go to our nbc washington app and search safe at home. she closed her account never kept expecting to hear about her phone bill again. then years later she got the bill. nearly fainted, nearly passed out. >> reporter: what happened when this woman called commute in maryland a little easier. >> i think a metro line closer to this area would be much much more convenient. >> maybe they need another lane on the beltway. i'm no expert but they need to do something. >> reporter: and you had strong fooelgs feelings about the rumored holiday cup design at starbucks. now we know what you will see
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our country spends a lot on health care. but are we reinvesting in the future? what about developing a 21st century health care workforce to meet the diverse needs of patients? supporting medical research to discover new cures. prioritizing prevention to reduce chronic disease. sharing actionable data to improve patient care. it's all part of building a modern,
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group. built for better health. stocks rallied today, so much so that the dow jones rose to about 18600 points. that's only 50 points off the all-time high setck about dow futures falling 800 points amid uncertainty about the winner of the presidential election. well now, wall street is expressing optimism about a donald trump presidency. and his plans for infrastructure spending, tax cuts, and lighter regulation. vice president elect mike pence will get his new home soon. vice president joe biden and dr. jill biden called pence and his wife karen today to welcome them
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biden has offered to answer any questions to make the transition as smooth as possible. imagine getting a collection notice in the mail on an account you closed nine years ago. the debt, $11,000. it happened to a maryland woman who called nbc 4 responds consumer reporter susan hogan, who got her results. >> reporter: think of all the accounts you have closed over the years, utilities, phones, credit cards. but this next story will have you sima coats's relationship with verizon isn't very rosie these days. >> i said, i don't want the service. >> reporter: nine years ago she says she contacted verizon to cancel her home service. no big deal, right? >> and that was it. >> reporter: well, not quite. fast forward to september of this year and look what she got in the mail. a past due bill from verizon for
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>> i nearly faint. i nearly passed out. and got on the phone right away to verizon customer service. what is this? >> she told us verizon was stumped too. >> after a while she put me on hold for long time. she came back 10, 15 minutes later and she said i don't know quite what to do but i'm going to submit this to claims, and you will hear back from us in 30 days. >> and did you? 4 responds. we contacted verizon. in a statement, it said her service was not disconnected at the time of her request due to an internal system error. we take full responsibility for the error and apologize for the inconvenience. >> this shows $11196. >> reporter: days after our call to verizon she got a call. >> a laid lady from corporate contacted me.
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she did tell me she was going to take care of this. >> reporter: and she did. >> she credited my account of the $11696. >> are you happy you called us? >> if you can resolve issues on your own i suggest to make that call, because it works. >> reporter: whenever you close out an account make sure the company sends you a confirmation that it is in fact big surprise years later. if you have a consumer problem you need help solving let us know about it. log on to our nbc washington app and search, responds. there could at some point in the near future be new tolls in your commune. montgomery and prince george's counties are having a meeting tomorrow about transportation. they are trying to make sure that infrastructure keeps up with growth. transportation reporter adam
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sure to be suggest is the idea of adding more tolls. he says express lanes will come out and that state it l.a. leaders have two other proposals. one would be to wide ten beltway. the other would be to have toll lanes from the legion bridge all the way to the wilson bridge. this was the red holiday cup at starbucks last year. customers were able to draw their own holiday designs on them. but some complained they were not christmassy enough. tomorrow will be the big reveal we know it will feature 13 designs made by 13 women from six countries to celebrate the arrival customers who buy one beverage get one cup free. the offer will be good monday 2:00 to 5:00. >> get a cup full of coffee free? >> i assume a cup full of coffee. we're having a hard time understanding all the excitement about the starbucks -- free coffee, i can get interested in
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but i'm into anything for free. we are to get free cold air coming in over the next couple of days. that's always free, though. any time we get temperatures like we did today, up to 66 at times. even though we had rain early and then rain late. saw close to .2 of an inch of rain. the deficit is up to five inches citizens beginning of september. we need to see rain but we are not going see it 52 degrees. winds out of the south at 15. it's cool. garrett county, 34 degrees. that's in the mountains. we expect that to be cool. for us, stilling in the upper 40s and low 50s at this hour. still above average. temperature also fall but maybe to 30s in some of the suburbs to low 40s inside the city. no rain to talk about. this is the clear air mode. national weather service showing all the rain to the east.
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to the east toward the atlantic. the rain is gone. behind it we get cooler. tomorrows tomorrow around 62 degrees. that seems nice but with rather breezy conditions especially early you will need the jacket. we expect to see sunshine during the afternoon. high temperatures in the north and western suburbs, in the low 50s. all in all, not bad afternoon. it gets better on friday.
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highs only in the 40s and even a 10 to 15 miles an hour wind. wind chill in the upper 30s to lower 40s. saturday is going to be a very chilly day. sunday a little bit better. we start off cold. many areas upper 20s to low 30s on sunday morning. a high temperature of 62 degrees. that's pretty nice. 60 degrees on monday with the super moon coming up on monday night. then we get a pretty nice tuesday and wednesday before more cool air next thursday and friday. one thing you any real big storms. we are tracking something for late next week and into next weekend but more dry weather over the next week or so. we got a little bit of rain today but we need to see more. >> winter forecast tomorrow? how much snow are we going to see this year? i've got the answers. sports coming up did you see
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. wizards not everything about the game but we loved watching most of this game one of those days for john wall who hours before tonight's game learned he was fined 250 $25,000 for what happened on monday when he bumped into an official and didn't leave the court in a timely manner. tonight he gets ejected again. two games, two ejections.
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you hate seeing this. beale heads to the locker room with a hamstring injury. he is going to have an mri tomorrow. then in the fourth quarter, smart, with the ball, john wall, hard foul. these two getting into it. the reves review the play. they upgrade to it a frai flagrant two foul on wall. wizards win it 108-93.
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whole game. got stepped on on purpose. play i had got driven right across to my ear. >> he knows how value he is to the team. we definitely need him going forward but i think he felt like marcus was out there being a hack. >> the redskins mid season record is 4-3-1, anin game winning streak. good thing the second half is here. wait, it only gets tougher. jay gruden doesn't look too concerned though on the outside. big names on the injury report. morgan moses, limited. desean jackson didn't practice today. gruden will be facing off against mike systemer and the vikings. do the burgundy and gold have a second half in them like last year? that's the big question everyone is asking. last season they won six of the last eight.
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last year in the second half of the season and would love to go on a run like we did last year. but boy, every game and every season is its own entity and you never want to rest on past success or expect that because it happened in the past. we have a tough week with the vikings defense. >> the vikings lost three in a row but they are the third
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no surprise at all that the district did not vote for a donald trump presidentsy. to make things better, dozens of
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some lit candles. some were crying. but organizers say the point was to make sure that no one felt alone. they posted the event on facebook and invited everyone. they say it's their way of coming together and overcoming the politics of hate.
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if you run over somebody, it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- eddie redmayne --


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