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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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right now at 11:00, a motorcycle crash just steps from a local fire station. tonight police say first responders never had a chance to save him. what we're learning about the moments before the impact.
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about to see bigger bills. the change okayed tonight that you'll notice right away. and reports about possible additions to the trump administration now include a local former governor. >> announcer: news4 at 11:00, begins with breaking news. and that breaking news is just in from prince georges county police tonight about a threat against the local high school. >> chris lawrence starts us off at the live desk. chris? et security division have arrested a young man for threatening to bring guns and explosives to a high school in beltsville today. they're saying alejandro avelar goes to high point high school. a facebook page shows a student by that name graduated from high point two years ago. police have verified that avelar didn't actually have access to guns or any kind of bomb, but investigators say they take the
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facing several charges. we're learning more about a deadly motorcycle crash in montgomery county. >> chopper 4 brought you the breaking news tonight at 6:00. now we're here with new information at briggs road. jackie? >> reporter: we learned this crash claimed the life of a young man named adeso mesun. he was 21 years old. his family who came t just ridden up here from florida where he had been taking a course in motorcycle repair. now, people at this shopping center say around 6:00 tonight, they heard a loud boom and ran outside here to see that something awful had happened. the force of the collision between the toyota sedan and a motorcycle was catastrophic, killing the motorcycle rider instantly. it happened just after 6:00 almost directly in front of a montgomery county fire station.
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pike approaching the intersection with briggs cheney road from opposite directions when they collided in the intersection. >> the toyota was actually on old columbia and making a left-hand turn, and as a result, the motorcycle was also on old columbia and struck the vehicle as it made a left turn in front of the motorcycle. police say they do not believe alcohol played a part in the crash. detectives have interviewed the driver of the toyota. that the point no charges have been filed. live in burtonsville, jackie bensen, news4. for years john schlagel pushed for a traffic light near his home. he died pushing his bike on a
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cruel irony because of the work he did to make that corner safer. >> he saw how dangerous it was to cross this intersection, and that's why he went to the supervisor's office to try to make it happen. >> vdot approved a stoplight for the corner more than two years ago, but it was never built. that part is up to loudoun county. tonight officials tell us the light should be in operation by january. new tonight, if you live in maryland, your pepco bill is going up. the maryland you can expect to pay about $7 more each month. that increase is effective immediately, too, so you'll see it on your next bill. the new rates will create $52 million in revenue for pepco, less than half of what the utility was requesting. local students took their protests over the election to new heights today. some of them climbed up the windows of the trump international hotel on
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later capitol police warned others who had climbed onto a fountain near the u.s. capitol. students obeyed officers' commands and there were no arrests. this all started around noon today with a walkout from woodrow wilson high school. not far away there was another protest tonight, this one over the dakota access pipeline. the pipeline would cut through a native american reservation in north america. yesterday the army corps of engineers called for more study
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ehrlich served as maryland governor from 2003 to 2007. president obama is on his final foreign trip as commander in chief, trying to reassure foreign leaders who may be nervous about what a trump presidency means for their country. nbc's chris jansing is traveling with the president. >> reporter: president obama has long looked forward to this trip to the birthplace of democracy in athens, and tomorrow he'll get but this is a very different final foreign trip than he had expected since the election of donald trump. for example, here in greece they say a crushing death of the u.s. has tried to help them work through, trump has called it unsalvageable. the president also shared a podium with the greek prime minister where he said he did not believe the election was a referendum either on his tenure or his world view.
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people agree with my world view on a bunch of things. i know that begs the question, how is it that someone who appears to have a very different world view just got elected? as i said, sometimes people just feel as if we want to try something to see if we can shake things up. >> reporter: tonight the president got a little relief from the pressures of his trip. inside the presidential palace of greece. tomorrow he'll be back in the air, heading to germany meeting with ang angel ka merkel. we're learning a lot more
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oklahoma city. a killer ambushed a southwest airlines employee and then shot himself in the head. >> this was a premeditated act against the victim. this was not random. >> investigators say the shooter knew mike winchester's schedule and shot him as winchester walked between a crowded terminal and the employee parking lot. winchester used to play football for the oklahoma sooners and his son james plays for the kansas city chiefs. the airport was locked down for hours, and dozens of travelers sheltered in place as police swept the terminal and went deck by deck through the garage. they found the alleged shooter dead, sitting in a red pickup truck. hundreds of people have been stranded in oklahoma, but the airlines are working to get arrivals back in tonight so they have the planes available to resume operations in the morning. new details about the sex abuse case against former prince
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deonte carraway. he was indicted on charges after they found another victim. he is accused of recording children performing sex acts and participating in some of those videos himself. the new indictment could add another 30 years to any prison sentence. carraway's trial is supposed to begin in march. a retired police lieutenant accused of shooting and killing his own adult son. this happened in t home on woodbridge street in northeast. police say george ridgeway shot and killed his son carl after carl approached him with a knife. he was ordered to stay away from the home after an attack on his father last month. students in montgomery county won't have to head back to school until after labor day next fall. governor hogan issued an executive order requiring public schools in maryland to start
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15. the order also required 180 days of instruction on the school calendar. today montgomery county's school board unanimously approved those starts and endings, but did not decide yet on other details of next year's calendar, things like spring break, snow makeup days and teacher work days. a vote on the final school calendar expected in december. the search for a new superintendent in fairfax county. >> it took another step forward today. resignation in september. she officially steps down next month. today the school board awarded reverend hauti. it was just short of $48,000 to launch a search for garza's replacement. the board said it will hold future meetings to get public input on that search. she booked a bus ride home, paid for her ticket and then went nowhere.
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after this local mom says she was denied a refund. first lady michelle obama the target of a racist post on facebook. see the comment that cost a small town mayor her job. yesterday's storm moving away, and that means great weather for a couple of days, but then a huge change for your
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a post on facebook about first lady michelle obama. tonight beverly whaling resigned
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and a woman named pamela taylor is on leave from her position as a county employee. last week taylor put out this very derog to her post about the first lady, and then the mayor said "that comment made my day." that was enough to force the mayor out. the original poster claims she is now the victim of a hate crime because of all the backlash she's gotten from that posting. a local woman left stranded by a bus company with about a refund on her ticket. first she had to scramble to get home. then when she couldn't get answers from the company, she called nbc4 respond and asked susan hogan for help. >> you book a bus typically to save money on your trip. but this d.c. woman had to pay for a bus ticket she never used and a train ticket she had to buy just to get home. trips to philly to see her
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the bus. >> i've been doing that for six years. >> reporter: she considers herself a pretty loyal customer of magnabus. but last night that bus she takes to d.c. never showed up. >> i waited an hour and 46 minutes at the philadelphia 30th street station and the bus never came. any other time i ride megabus, the bus is on time. >> reporter: am bus' arrival. >> they said they had no way of contacting the bus driver or the company because the company closes at 9:00 p.m. on sundays. >> reporter: and the megabus app wasn't giving her updates, either. >> update status for this trip is currently unavailable. we were all just stranded, for lack of a better term. it's 11:00 at night, in philadelphia. >> reporter: tired of waiting and getting nervous about being
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amani ended up buying a train ticket back to d.c. >> the very next day i called megabus and said, this is the situation. what is my next step? >> reporter: amani ended up getting an e-mail chain from the company. the first letter from them was pretty promising. >> upon investigating this situation further, it was noted that this does warrant compensation. >> reporter: but the second letter was different. the company then stated they would not be able to honor her request for a a $25 bus ticket, a $55 train ticket for a total of $80, which to some people might not sound like much to fight for. >> i work for every dollar just like you work for every dollar. i have a one-year-old. diapers, milk, a toy. that's important. >> reporter: that's when she called nbc4 responds. >> i just feel like it never should have gotten to that point. >> reporter: we contacted
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megabus did confirm the bus was delayed a little bit over two hours. as a result, megabus tells us all the passengers on that bus have now received compensation, and they even apologized for the inconvenience. as for amani, she not only got her bus ticket refunded, megabus also reimbursed her for the train ticket back to d.c. >> if i never would have called you, they would still be giving me th >> if you have a consumer problem, let us know about it. open the nbc app and search responds. i'm susan hogan, news4. a little bit warmer today, a little bit of sunshine. what are we looking at tomorrow, doug? >> more sunshine. a little bit warmer still. we have nice weather the next few days. wednesday, thursday and friday all look good, but we're looking at the weekend because a lot of things going on this weekend.
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in this case we may want to hold back a little bit. show you what we're dealing with right now. very nice conditions out at the airport, but i want to show you something. we see this every once in a while. 52 degrees right now at the airport. the airport is what we call the urban heat aisle. a lot of concrete around the area does not radiate as efficiently, meaning the warm air doesn't move back into the atmosphere as efficiently as the cooler suburbs. 34 manassas, 35 much colder where we have clear skies, vegetation out there and we have those calm winds. that's why temperatures are falling so quickly. 35 in martinsburg. 58 by noon, 64 degrees by 4:00. you can see a great day on our wednesday. no rain. we're not going to see any of that any time soon. the rain we saw yesterday is now way up towards new england, and
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now. it brought parts of new england two to three inches of rain around new york city. we did not see much of it. behind it we are seeing those clear skies. i think most of you tomorrow will be in the upper 30s to start off your day. you'll need the jacket when you step out the front door. in the city, as i mentioned, 45. 33 in manassas, 38 in leesburg, so a cool start, but this time of year that's exactly what we expect. what we don't expect is how warm we'll coue 64 degrees, another nice one as we move through the day tomorrow. noon 56. yeah, you can get lunch outdoors and walk around with it. in the sun with light wind, that's not bad at all. 64 by 4:00, and 56 by 7:00 tomorrow night. how about the warmth over the next few days? 65 on thursday, 69 on friday. we could be in 70 in many areas. on saturday going for a high of 67. saturday i've got p.m. showers. but if you have activities on
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i don't think we'll see showers until after sunset, so a very warm day becoming a little breezy late in the day. but a nice saturday afternoon. it is sunday when things change. look at the temperature. 67 to 48. that's because of a strong cold front. the warm air is in place, here comes the cold front, pushes it in place. if we get much colder, winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. wind will stay in the 3 most of you. some of us could see some flakes. that's about it. don't expect any accumulation. this is not a big storm, but it is big in the sense that it will jump our temperatures back 30 to 40 degrees. >> will we need a magnifying glass to see them? >> it will be one of those that 45 minutes, it runs on through. >> no blinking.
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next up, jimmy fallon.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. well, we knew it was going to be a good match-up, but this was as good as it gets. >> good to see these two teams play, georgetown and maryland. they were getting after it. you can see exactly why fans want these two programs playing each and every year. it looked like they were on their way to an easy victory in, getting some redemption for last
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nine-point lead with less than two and a half minutes to play. the fans fired up for this one. we don't know when we'll see these two teams play again. i want to skip ahead, though. a little over a minute to play. 21 points for georgetown. they're up 7 with a minute to play. but here comes maryland. kevin harter, the freshman, mashed down a three-pointer. under 20 seconds to go, easy trimble. a huge mistake here for the hoyas. it's maryland's ball. huge mistake there. they take it over with 8.4 seconds to go. maryland trimble was found. maryland had the lead.
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maryland edges out georgetown 76-75. with more on this wild finish, here's carol malone. >> reporter: a one-point, last-second crazy comeback victory leaves one team stunned and the other one soaked. >> i was worried sick, but our guys never quit. we kept competing. i'm really proud of our guys. we stepped up and madee throws. obviously a great locker room. >> we just kept fighting. like the coach said, we played with a group of freshmen out there that had never been in that environment before, and for them to go out there and play the way they did and step up when we needed them to was special. >> there were just too many mental errors at the end, and you can rattle off a bunch of them, but we have to -- you know, we put them in a position
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>> reporter: now are they in position to play each other again? all we know for sure is this one makes the case for the next one. at verizon center, carol maloney, news4 sports. siena beat george washington 77-75. st. francis brooklyn and trying to shake off an ugly loss to the hurricanes. second period we were scoreless. nicholas baxtrom weaving through the offense. over to the faceoff, a quick shot for the game winner. second straight loss for the capitols now.
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we'll see if the cap can bosun
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the capitol dome has been restored to its former glory after three years, $60 million, 1200 gallons of paint and repairs to more than 1300 cracks in that cast iron dome. the capitol is ready just in time for the inauguration now about two months away. on capitol hill, we're about a week away from thanksgiving
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- warren beatty, naomie harris, robbie robertson,


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