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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  November 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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6:00 on the dot, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. i love this forecast, 60. chuck bell is here with the weather headlines. good morning, chuck. >> good morning to both of you. welcome to hump day, everybody. a seasonably low start with most neighborhoods in the 30s. that's typical for november. this afternoon, plenty of sunshine, temperatures running ab 5 average again for today. and as we look towards the weekend, the weekend will start out mild, but it will be windy and cold before this weekend is done. we'll take a look at the five-day forecast at 6:21. plan on the day today, 33 now out in fairfax county. temperatures 37 at 7:00. 65 with the kids getting out of school. 52 degrees at 7:00 tonight. it's mild by november standards.
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up. there are blinking lights on the beltway? chopper 4 is over the problem. it's the inner loop there after university boulevard. you can see some slowdowns there on the outer loop of the beltway. looks like it is shoulder, not causing too much of a problem there. old bridge road and prince william parkway, a deer hit with police on the scene right now. and southbound 295 after eastern avenue we have a new crash there. southbound 301 after billingsley also sounds like another deer hit there. travel times for you in ten minutes. we are following a developing story this morning in prince george's county. police say this man threatened to harm hundreds of students at high point high school in beltsville. erika gonzalez is live outside the school this morning with more threats on mass violence. erika? >> reporter: eun, good morning. when students and teachers, parents dropping them off this morning, they should be able to do it with more peace of mind here at high point high school
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yesterday. let me show you what the scene looked like from chopper 4's point of view yesterday afternoon. the former student alejandro avelar is 20 years old. yesterday he went on twitter to threatened to bring guns and explosives to high point high school. a lot of parents and students were probably nervous about that, but we got word last night that the former student was arrested for making those threats. and students may have felt uneasy after learning about those threats, investigators say avelar did not have access to firearms or any explosives that he threatened with on social media. this wednesday should be a normal day here at high point high school. i'm erika gonzalez, back to you. hi, angie goff here at the live desk with a live look out of greece where president obama is right now.
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the acropolis. is that the president right there? it's hard for me to tell from the monitor here, but the president is taking a tour. it is his first visit here, a place that he's always said he wanted to visit. and afterwards he's going to deliver remarks to the people of greece. and then he will board air force one and head to berlin where he'll meet with embassy staff. aaron? thank we are watching new video of protests there related to the president's visit. thousands of protesters say they are against the united states' policies on greece. some of them are syrian and afghan refugees and blame the u.s. for their country's war. the president-elect donald trump doesn't have any publicly scheduled events for today, but he is denying reports that his transition team is in turmoil.
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very organized process taking place as i decide on cabinet and many other positions. meanwhile, his team is criticized for trump's surprise outing last night. he went to 21 club in new york city with his family for dinner and left the press following behind. vice president-elect mike pence will be in washington today to have lunch with vice president joe biden and his donald trump's washington transition office. and also in d.c., hillary clinton will make her first public appearance since conceding the election. she will be honored by the children's defense fund at the museum in northwest washington. the fund says it is honoring clinton for her dedication and remarkable be contributions to child advocacy throughout her career. she worked for the group in the 1970s.
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her husband bury her 3-month-old is going to be in court. she admitted to punching her 3-month-old in september to stop him from crying. they buried him behind the high school in riverdale park. and investigators are looking at what caused a vehicle and a motorcycle to collide killing the motorcyclist. police have identified the motorcyclist has 21-year-old adesu >> the toyota was actually on old columbia and making a left-hand turn. and, as a result, the motorcycle was also on old columbia and struck the vehicle as it made its left turn in front of the motorcycle. >> investigators have interviewed the driver of the car. no charges have been filed. and new details now in the case of a missing university of maryland student.
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greyhound bus in baltimore at 1:30 on friday. she bought a ticket on a bus headed to norfolk. they have no reason to suspect foul play, but if you know anything about the incident, police want to hear from you. and today the police chief in prince george's county will unveil a new state-of-the-art crime-fighting tool. it's a liquid you can use to mark your personal items. embed in the liquid is a unique forensic code to help detectives identfy how it works coming up in a live report. and right now this is a live look toward reagan national airport where workers are waking up in the lobby. the workers are participating in a sleep-in protest. they say it's what they have to end up doing regularly because they can't afford to go home. many of them make as little as $6.75 an hour plus tips. the group is calling for a pay
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today the national capital regent transportation board will discuss several ongoing products and announce changes to the express project on i-95. it will take the 395 express lanes from duke street roughly to etzell road in arlington. they and will discuss the line from manassas to gainesville and heymarket and look intoed aing bus only it's hard to believe that thanksgiving is just one week from tomorrow. a look at how the forecast could impact your holiday travel plans when we check back in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and first-alert traffic melissa mollet. and it's bad enough to pretend to be a doctor, but wait until you hear about the kind of exam a man allegedly gave patients. and it could have a big impact on where you do your grocery shopping. the vote today that could change
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buy a plane ticket home for thanksgiving, you may want to
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welcome back at 6:11. i'm going to take the chilly temperatures for what is to come. >> i love that. love when the ladies in our lives ar aaron? temperatures are in the 30s now. so typically cold for sure, but later today the upper 50s to low to mid-60s with plenty of sunshine. maybe some mid-afternoon cloudiness, but staying on the dry side. so the weather outlook for things outside, no worries today. tomorrow is sunny and dry. a little more concerned about the weekend. saturday night looks like we'll have showers around and sunday is looking windy and colder. your five-day outlook is coming up in ten minutes. next week for thanksgiving week, tuesday, the day before thanksgiving and thanksgiving
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only in the 40s. clouds moving back in on wednesday. showers out across the midwest. so if you're flying towards chicago or minneapolis or st. louis, could have some rain to deal with on the big travel day wednesday. and then around here on thanksgiving, doesn't look like a washout, but i can't rule out some showers. a little on the cool side with temperatures in the 50s. that five-day forecast looking at the weekend is coming up in ten minutes. melissa mollet is talking about the blue line. the blue line is seea delay here, the only problem on the metro aside from the safetrack situation on the red line. a new crash here on 395 inbound there at boundary channel drive, sounds like the right lane is blocked. and southbound 295 after eastern avenue, a crash is blocking the left lane. it's tricking me for some reason this morning. 270 from germantown to the spur, you're on time.
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university is not causing much of a problem. it should be out of the way soon. i-495 is seeing no big problems this morning. listen to wtop when you hop in your car today. and thousands of firefighters are on the ground fighting wildfires. huge swaths of land are burning. no homes were up damaged but a lot of people had to evacuate just in case. drought is and covers prince george's county now where a man is charged with the distribution andpossession of child pornography. officials arrested michael dorden from oxnard hill yesterday. they discovered more than 200 images of child pornography on his laptop. now they are working for the people responsible for creating the images. prosecutors in vermont say a man preyed on women's fears of cervical or breast cancer in
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he is charged with posing as a doctor so he could conduct gynecological exams on college students. the 31-year-old allegedly told the women he was a research doctor. he offered them money to conduct the exams in their dorm rooms. one victim said he requested she wear a blindfold. when she took it off, she noticed he didn't have pants on and was recording the exam. >> the representative said he could determine if the woman cervical or breast cancer. and he preyed on some of their greatest fears. >> the suspect pleaded not guilty. in news4 your health, the aeroform tissue expander allows women to expand their own breast tissue. usually this requires weekly
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this could cut down on the visits and speed up the process. and it looks like fatty foods are attacking the children's brains. this could lead to learning disabilities and alzheimer's. functioning brains need a protein to aid memory and behavioral flexibility. fast foods deplete these levels in teens. and one of the biggest epidemics in public health right now is drug overdoses and addiction. according to the cdc, 78 people die every day from opiod overdoses alone. we'll tell you how this is affecting family. >> this year we have been covering a lot of stories about addiction to opiods and heroin, both nationwide and in our area. you have heard from medical professionals and lawmakers, parents of substance abusers, but some of the smallest victims in this epidemic have no voice
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drug-addicted parents. and more and more grandparents are raising their grandchildren as a result of this crisis. 6-year-old lexi lives with her grandparents in our area. they took custody of her because lexi's parents were addicted to drugs. >> drugs just totally had taken what love she ever had for her daughter. i just -- i don't understand it. >> i'll have much more on this story tonight on news4 at today workers at giant and safeway stores will vote on new contracts. the union that represents the workers across the area announced late yesterday it had reached a tentative deal with giant stores, and safeway agreed to the deal earlier this week. the current contract expired on friday. they are hopeful the deal goes through just in time to prevent possible strikes. and maybe it should have been called star lovers instead
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carrie fisher just confirmed an affair with harrison ford. they had an affair during the filming of the first "star wars" movies but not afterward. she was 19 and he was 31 at the time. ford was also married and fisher says the affair had no impact on his marriage later falling apart. i feel like this happens a lot in these sorts of scenarios, when two actors -- we don't know all about it. go, storm team 4 right there. >> chuck bell is here with more on what to expect in the day ahead. i like the 60s, chuck. >> absolutely right. temperatures will be above average again later on this afternoon. again tomorrow. again on friday. i just wish i could tell you it was going to stay this warm through the weekend, but it won't. outside this morning, a mostly clear sky. there's the nearly full moon out there. on occasion i have a great shot of a plane making an approach to national airport, which is just
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here. hopefully in a few more minutes we'll see the planes and the moon. temperatures this morning, cold in the suburbs. 34 in gaithersburg and martinsburg. 39 in winchester. 28 in warrenton and manassas. we are in the upper 30s to near 40 degrees. another weak cold front is expected to come through here later on this afternoon. not much of a rain chance with it, though i do think it will increase the cloudiness a little bit toward the middle part of the afternoon. so started. future weather brings cloudy skies. and i think any chances for rain today will stay north of the pennsylvania border. the model is overdoing the rain chances here in northeastern maryland, but it's on target with the amount of cloud cover. so a little extra clouds later on this afternoon, but it won't prevent much of a warm up. temperatures staying in the 40s through 9:00. 61 by lunchtime. 63 by 3:00. then the clouds increase between 3:00 to 4:00 this afternoon. sun is down just before 5:00.
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evening. tomorrow looks like another winner, just about as pleasant tomorrow. more sunshine. a little bit of a northwesterly breeze tomorrow. it may keep temperatures just 1 or 2 degrees cooler, but not enough of a difference. the mid-60s today and tomorrow. near 70s as a possibility on friday. saturday will be warm, but ending with rain drops, which could bring even wet snowflakes to the mountains of west virginia. and even some of northern and western maryland as well. so we're keeping a close eye on what could be the first sighting of snowflakes this mollet sighting troubles on 395. so 95, 395 northbound at boundary channel, we have a crash there blocking a lane. just have another problem that popped up here in wood bridge, 395 is seeing a problem there. 295 after eastern avenue we have a crash in the left lane. and chopper 4 is over 66 at the dulles toll road, everything is looking quite good.
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woodbridge, 35 miles per hour. we have a brand new crash that could change here in the next few minutes. the blue line delays right now to largo town center. see you back here in ten minutes. thank you. what is an issue impacting your school or community? and what would you do if the president-elect asked you to fix it? that's what teachers and students were challenged with in d.c. yesterday. it was called think it up. >> we were there to encourage students to brainstorm and share their ideas. this is part of a initiative to refocus the national education conversation on the great work happening in public school classrooms and really the idea, so many great ideas, but to put them in action. to give schools a business plan and talk about entrepreneur ship. >> each team was given $1,000 to get started on their ideas. and 6:21 now on this wednesday morning, and assistant principal busted for drugs.
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and if it weren't bad enough, why you may have a limit in your carry on the next time you fly. and how to make the holidays special for those in need. nbc news is teaming up with the nurses at medstar university georgetown hospital to provide baskets of food for those in need. the goal is to help more than 4,000 families. >> chuck bell is along with some of the meteorologists collecting food at the redskins sure to bring your donations to gate h. and we'll be outside the verizon center on monday.
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and an assistant principal is facing charges after becoming
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with marijuana. she wanted to try a cookie for her 60th birthday, but she became ill and had to go to the hospital. she has been put on paid leave. so not the best 60th birthday. what did she expect? if you're thinking you could use an escape, a major airline has a deal for you. jetblue has launched a 48-hour sale with roundtrip on many of the routes. for example, book a trip from baltimore to boston for $39. there are, of course, restrictions and blackout dates. the two-day sale sends tonight. united airlines has become the first major airline to limit carry-on bags to just one. this is going to apply to people buying the united basic economy ticket. that one bag has to stay under your seat -- this has to stay
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cabin for passengers. >> that will happen. women are going to start to bring gigantic handbags. oh, this is my purse. >> sorry. >> you have seen my big orange target bag. >> yeah. nintendo just made the announcement, a new super mar owe game is coming to the iphone next month. hello, mario fans! nintendo shares climbed 5% after announcing this december 15th launch date. you get that? super is it worth it for you? >> maybe. >> it will be hoping to make it as popular with the pokemon game app that came out earlier this year. crime crackdown. a new tool you can't even see. how to put your mark on your most prized possessions. love trumps hate! love trumps hate! >> persistent protesters.
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inauguration day here in washington. and chopper 4 capturing the sun just beginning to rise on what is a beautiful day. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell has 4 things to know about yourorecast at 6:27.
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hidden crime fighter. there's a new simple way to get your stuff back after it's been stolen in prince george's county. and a bill bummer. you may be the one heating up when you hear how much your new pepco bill is going to be. it is 6:30 on this wednesday morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. from weather to traffic, melissa and chuck have 4 things you need to know. >> i know we have to enjoy the nice weather while it lasts because the cold weather is coming. >> what is going on? >> dude, aaron, i had a bite of that brownie on your desk -- >> this is how rumors get
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totally tubular. that's a good brownie right there. >> oh, my goodness. this is why -- oh, my goodness. he's joking! people, he's joking! chuck is joking! >> that's about the story you just had. yes, i'm joking. it's dry and mild for today. still a shot at 70 before the week is through, but from nearby 70 to near snow chances for week, we'll have a full check on the ten-day forecast and more seriousness coming up in a few minutes. now to melissa mollet, no brownies for her. i decided to provide the napkins for you. southbound 295 after eastern avenue, the crash is out of the way with a broken down truck on the shoulder. that's hopefully good news there. eastbound 7 affair faction county, a crash in the left
6:32 am
area, about the same here this morning. inbound 395 at bound rip channel, still have the crash reported there. travel times for you in ten minutes. melissa, thank you. 6:32 and right now we have a look at the stories we are following this hour. >> protests overnight, not everyone is excited about president obama's foreign trip. and the president-elect is taking heat for a controversial choice. and hillary's return. hillary clinton is hours away now from making her fir debut in washington since the election. first, a school threat of mass violence in the former prince george's student accused. the threats of mass violence were made on social media against high schoolers. and maryland man now behind bars for threatening to bring guns and explosives to high point high school. coming up, news4's erika gone za les explains how police found the suspect. and hillary clinton will make her first public appearance since conceding the election in washington today. she'll be honored by the children's defense fund.
6:33 am
later joined its board. and major protests are taking place in greece as president obama visits that country. the demonstrators say they are against u.s. policy overseas. thousands of people flooded the streets there. and president-elect donald trump is denying reports his transition team is in turmoil. trump tweeting overnight, quote, very organized process taking place as i decide on cabinet and many other positions. this comes after several reports of infighting in the transition team andec fired. and twitter is cracking down on hate speech. >> the social media service has suspended a number of twitter accounts associated with a white nationalism movement. this is according to "usa today." it says richard spencer was among those suspended. spencer owns an alt-right think tank that wants separation of whites and minorities.
6:34 am
morning after agreeing to post phone leadership elections. according to politico, this gives democrats more time to figure out why they didn't make bigger gains on election day. as for the republicans, paul ryan will likely remain speaker of the new congress. this comes after his republican colleagues unanimously nominated him with a voice vote on tuesday. the speaker will be subjected to a formal vote on the house floor in the gavel. if you live in maryland, the next pepco bill will be higher. the maryland service commission approved a rate hike. expect to pay about $7 each month. the increase is effective immediately. the new rates will create more than $52 million in revenue for pepco, less than half the utility asked for. >> a loudoun county supervisor and the family of an accident victim have teamed up to get a traffic light installed at a dangerous intersection.
6:35 am
week at the corner of gloucester parkway and ashby ponds boulevard. schloegel spent years trying to get a stoplight at that intersection. >> you saw how dangerous it was to cross that intersection. that's why he went to the supervisor's office to make that happen. >> it makes my heart hurt because he literally called me last week to say, what can i do in the community to speed this along? >> a new traffic signal is expected at the te at least january. and 6:35 right now. protecting your property. that is the goal of the prince george's county police department's newest crime-fighting tool. news4's adam tuss is live to tell us exactly how this works. adam? >> reporter: good morning, aaron. let's see you want to keep track of your iphone, maybe your watch, maybe your tv, yeah, that's the whole idea here. you would apply a liquid to these materials and then you can actually keep track of it.
6:36 am
they will be actually the largest police department in the entire country to be using this kind of technology, and certainly the first in our region. so again, this is how this would work. it's a liquid that was developed by a company in the united king doll. you apply it to your personal property and then if that piece of property gets stolen, police can look it at under a u.v. light to show a special code and help track stolen items. again, prince george's county police will be the l country to be using this type of technology. we are expecting to hear more about it at a news conference at 11:30 this morning. the police chief will be detailing a little more on how this all works, but anything to keep track of anything that is stolen is a good thing. we'll learn more about it, back to you guys. adam, thank you. >> the oklahoma city airport is just getting back to normal this morning. a deadly shooting canceled
6:37 am
cancellations last night. the chiefs post this, quote, our love and support is with james and the entire winchester family. our heartfelt thought and prayers are with you. holiday strike looming. the grocery giant shake-up that could be resolved before your turkey and threats of bringing guns and explosives to this prince george's county public school if you run over somebody, it's usually because you were driving too fast
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always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags. - announcer: thousands of washington, d.c. families depend on home sharing to make ends meet. here at airbnb, we're committed to working with the city to develop new common-sense home sharing rules. we helped the city collect millions in taxes last year from our community.
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my cancer started as ovarian cancer and it kept coming back in different places. cancer treatment centers of america gave me i want to be around just to be a grandma.
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good morning. 6:40 on a wednesday morning.
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ago. temperatures are in the 30s and 40s. a medium jacket is needed for the early chill. plenty of sunshine to have your sunglasses and light sweater later today. bus stop temperatures, 38 at 7:00. 42 at 8:00. how about 65 degrees by 3:00 this afternoon? we have extra clouds around later today, but it will be well above average with the result, the daily grade for today is a-plus. a check on the ten-day forecast with a big drop in temperatures at 6:51. melissa mollet is checking on traffic with chopper 4. chopper 4 was sent to 295 to see what we're dealing with, still a bit slow southbound at eastern avenue. you can see on the right side of the roadway we have a delay exiting to eastern there. three problems right now in northern virginia. 7 inbound affair faction county parkway with a crash eastbound 66 at prince william parkway, north at prince william parkway. looking at travel times, 66 to
6:42 am
normal. 270 south a bit slow. and the top of the beltway typically slow going from 95 to 270. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. love trumps hate! >> new overnight, more anti-trump protests. there's no sign that demonstrations are letting up. and the trump trick. how the president-elect gave the
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guns, bombs and mass violence. the connection the suspect has to the campus. youth protests overnight are not just focused on the president-elect. giving the media the split. donald trump's secret mission revealed. and historic tour. the new stop on president a threat to strike days before thanksgiving. and i'm susan hogan. coming up, the best ways to avoid holiday debt. and chopper 4 capturing the sun just about to rise on a day you're going to love. 15 before the hour, we begin with a developing story in prince george's county where a former high-point high school student is now behind bars. >> the 20-year-old man threatened mass violence at the
6:46 am
school this morning in beltsville with more on the online threat. erika, good morning. >> reporter: aaron, eun, good morning. the mass violent threat included a threat of guns and explosives. we are talking about 20-year-old alejandro avelar from adelphi. he's now behind bars and a former student of high point high school. and yesterday he made some threats onli exact. he was arrested within hours of making those threats online. and while it may have made students and up parents nervous, avelar had no access to weapons. that's the word from investigators. this morning no word from prince george's county public schools on the arrest, but with avelar in police custody, this may, in fact, quell any fears that students, teachers or parents had about coming to school
6:47 am
is live in beltsville, maryland, erika gonzalez, back to you. and the search is on for several suspects following a spring of violent attacks in northeast d.c. follow me here, around 1:00 p.m. yesterday a man was struck in the face and rob in the 1400 block of east capitol street. then an hour later, a woman was attack in the 1200 block of dunkin place. and then an hour and a half after that at 3:40, at 1830 constitutional avenue, a man was robbed. the robberies are happening in a matter of hours and near each other. some of the suspects could be as young as 9 years old police say. they are still working to find out if the attacks were conducted. stay with news4. now back to you. thank you. it's 6:47, emotional testimony from the mother of a 3-year-old kill in prince george's county. yvonne wallace is charged with the murder of the 3-year-old.
6:48 am
landover home after having an argument with someone inside. one of the shots went through the wall and killed the little girl. her mother was the first witness. >> i would like for him to feel the pain that i feel. >> the prince george's bureau chief tracee wilkins argues that the defense the case should wrap up by the end of the the week. a cyclist has been killed in an accident. he has been identified as a 20-year-old from burtonsville. no charges have been filed. and new video from akron, ohio, of protesters marching through the streets last night
6:49 am
one was arrested. and president-elect donald trump's night out is leading to criticism this morning. trump made an unusual move of leaving the press behind as he left for dinner with his family. the news came about an hour after his team said there would be no movement by trump for the rest of the night. nbc's hallie jacson was able to make a reservation restaurant and shot this video. and there are reports of infighting and recent appointees being denied in trump's transition team. and it looks like bob ehrlich could be in line for a cabinet position in the trump administration according to the baltimore affiliate wbal. it's not clear which position he's being considered for, but before becoming governor, ehrlich did serve on the house and energy commerce committee.
6:50 am
today. he and his wife will have lunch with vice president joe biden and dr. biden at their residence. and he'll get a daily presidential briefing later this morning and is expected to visit the donald trump transition office. and brand new video this morning from president obama's final trip abroad while in office. he's in greece right now visiting the acropolis. the entire site was closed while he was there. the president will give a speech in greece this morning and leafo and new orders as firefighters try to stop the wildfires raging in the south. the u.s. forest service bans campfires, fireworks and smoking outdoors until the fires are under control. >> all those activities could spark new fires. north carolina, georgia and tennessee are all dealing with record drought, too. across those states, some 80,000 acres of land are burning. smoke from the fires is covering even bigger swaths of land.
6:51 am
>> you betcha. >> mild 60s out there. >> you have to feel for the folks in north carolina. they were inundated from floodwaters from matthew. hardly a drop made it into northeastern north carolina. birmingham, alabama, has gone two months without measurable rainfall. so this is a serious problem for them. they will be dealing with the forest fires for quite a while. we are posting more about that on my social media pages. find me on twitter and on facebook. just search for find me there. i'm tweeting about the forecast. we are thinking long-term around here as thanksgiving is coming up a week from tomorrow. mostly clear sky overhead early this morning. temperatures, because of the clear sky, have dropped down into the chilly range to bordering on cold in a few spots. but we have been anything but cold every month since may, june, july, august, september, october, now november warmer than average. no fog around the media metro,
6:52 am
la ray with pockets of fog out here in northern virginia. right now it's 33 at dulles airport. so 30s in the suburbs here for the next couple of hours. a fair amount of sunshine coming our eye with temperatures in in the low to mid-60s. the rain we dealt with yesterday is moving away. then we'll see a change in the weather to arrive during the afternoon with a weather front coming on by. it's starved of moisture, so i'm not expecting much of a rain chance, though i do think it will have the ability to bring some cloudiness in here after lunchtime today. the computer model i paint out a random sprinkle or two. the air at the surface is too dry for that, but we'll have clouds mid to late afternoon. not much in the way of a rain chance. here's the ten-day forecast, 60s today and tomorrow. closing in on 70 for friday. and saturday will be a mild day, but showers likely saturday, late afternoon into the evening. that could be mixed with wet snowflakes in the mountains saturday night into early sunday. and it will be a chilly week for thanksgiving next week. good morning, melissa.
6:53 am
at 95. you can see inner loop and outer loop moving along fine. no big worries there. a couple problems here in virginia, eastbound 7 at fairfax county parkway, a crash in the inbound lane. a 66 at prince william crash on the left shoulder. northbound at 395 at boundary channel, the crash is gone but look at delays inup bound. overall, prince george's county is looking typical as far as any delays here this morning. top of the beltway in all of town are okay. you can see southbound here on bw parkway after 32, a little bit of a delay, but we're not seeing any reason for that. just pretty typical volume delays there. overall, the rest of the beltway is okay. the inner loop coming across the woodrow wilson bridge is slow. pretty typical for this time of the day. shady grove road at 270 is looking good as well. coming up on 6:54, works at
6:54 am
vote on new contracts. the union that represents workers across the area announced late yesterday it had reached a tentative deal with giant. safeway has agreed to the deal earlier this week. the current contract expires on friday. union reps hope a deal goes through just in time to prevent possible strikes. so cash or credit? do you use cash or credit? >> cash. >> i'm credit. how will you buy your holiday gifts and what are your chances of staying on budget? >> all week holiday shopping. susan hogan has four ways to stretch your dollar and get all of your holiday gifts. >> if you're still paying off last year's holiday debt, you may want to adjust your budget this year, or just not be as generous. pay with cash. i know this seems so obvious, but in the end it will truly take a ton of pressure off of you come january. then you're not getting slammed with credit card bills. if you must pay with a credit card, at least choose one that
6:55 am
if you exceed it, the interest rate and late fees could jump by as much as 30%. keep a running tally on what you have spent so far. when you get home from shopping, immediately subtract what you spent from your checking account balance. and make a list and stick to it. don't fall into that trap that you didn't buy enough. that leads to emotional spending that could get you into a lot of trouble. one other thing that helps me tremendously, don't wait until the last minute to buy your gifts. trouble. buy now so you don't pay for it later. it is 6:55 and here are 4 things to know before you head out the door this morning. hillary clinton will make her first public appearance in washington today since conceding the election. she'll be honored by the children's defense fund. president-elect donald trump denies reports his transition team is in turmoil. trump tweeting overnight the transition is, quote, very organized.
6:56 am
threat of violence against a high school. a former student planned to bring guns and explosives to the school according to twitter. and the police department is getting ready to unveil the latest crime-fighting tool. adam tuss is joining us live to show us how to keep what we own safe. >> reporter: it's a super crime fighting tool. it's a liquid to apply to your personal property like a phone, a television, a watch maybe. and then police would be able to track anyle lamp and reading the code. that would be in the liquid. the prince george's county police are going to be the largest police force in the entire country to use this kind of crime-fighting tool. in prince george's county, adam tuss, news4. thank you. >> a quick check of the forecast, it will be nice and mild today, tomorrow and even bordering on warm on friday. unfortunately, for those that wanted to do things outside this weekend, saturday is startinging late afternoon into saturday night and into sunday as well, a
6:57 am
showers and a viciously chilly wind coming up on sunday. >> that is a big change from saturday to sunday. i'm not ready for it. chopper 4 over the beltway, the outer loop near 95, there's a slowdown. there and i'm hearing a new problem on 270 southbound. we'll make calls on that and will be tweeting from first 4 traffic to let you know what is going on there. thank you. that's the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes with the weather, traffic and breaking news. until
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. smooth sailing. despite firings and reports of disarray, donald trump tweets that his transition is, quote, very organized, as the the president-elect ditches long standing protocol and the press and ta dinner in manhattan. airport shooting mystery. and nfl player's father gunned down in broad daylight bringing the airport in oklahoma city to a stand still. the shooter found dead soon after. the search for answers. "the o'reilly factor." bill o'reilly takes on megyn kelly over her claims of sexual


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