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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  November 18, 2016 4:00pm-4:59pm EST

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leave classes in the middle of the day. >> this time next week, we'll be in the thick of black friday sales. why getting the best deal comes down to when you shop. >> right off the bat this afternoon, a community is mourning the loss of a family of four. >> it's a murder-suicide case, and today, we're learning more about its connection to a brief disappearance more than a year ago. nor reporter david joins us live with details. david. >> investigators now confirming that the four dead are lance and amy buckley along with their two little girls. the four of them living in this home behind me in the windsor neighborhood. this connected to a story we first started covering a year and a half ago.
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lance, and we really need their help. >> a desperate plea from a mom looking for her adult son. in may 2015, lance buckley had gone missing after commuting into d.c. supposedly finalizing his graduate studies at howard university. the husband and father of two, including a newborn, found safe a few days later. a happy homecoming and reunion until this. >> responding. >> thursday morning, deputies say they got a them of a murder suicide. then the call hangs up. deputies respond. they find four bodies in the lower level of the windsor forest home. identified today as lance and his wife amy, their daughters 5-year-old claire and 17-month-old abigail. >> it's really shaken the community. >> so you heard from just there was the spokesperson for stafford county schools.
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specifically how they're helping a class of 5-year-olds cope with such a devastating loss. we're going to hear from her and their search for healing in this community that is in desperate search of just that. >> such a tragic story. david, thank you. well, the trump administration is starting to take shape. the president-elect picked three of his most loyal supporters to run his national security team, the justice department, and the cia. now, th n on capitol hill, but you may not be familiar with all of them. for attorney general, president-elect trump chose alabama senator jeff sessions. he tapped lieutenant general michael flynn for national security adviser and kansas representative mike pompeo to be the next cia director. all right, let's start with jeff sessions. he was the first sitting senator to endorse trump back during the republican primary. sessions has also been advising
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confirmation, and that is where he could run into a rocky road among democrats. reagan appointed him to another job back in the 1980s, but it was blocked because sessions was accused of making racially insensitive comments. how about lieutenant general michael flynn? well, he's a decorating combat veteran and a staunch trump loyalist. flynn served under general stanley mcchrystal and later ran the defense intelligence agency for several yea now, some see flynn as an innovator. others call him difficult and a maverick. he's made his own share of controversial comments, once tweeting that the fare of muslims is ralgz, but national security adviser does not require confirmation. how about representative mike pompeo? he's a kansas congressman, elected to congress six years ago. part of that big wave, the tea party wave. he serves on the house intelligence committee, and he's
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to the attack in benghazi. pompeo has also made controversial remarks about muslims saying as a group, they fail to condemn the boston marathon bombing. he even doubled down and said muslims appeared complicit in that attack. >> chopper 4 was over parkdale high school in riverdale when another wave of students walked out of their classes today to protest the presidential took part in the latest coordinated effort despite warnings from school officials. tracee wilkins live now in hyattville with this story. >> we started there in riverdale, but we ended up here in hyattsville because when that was wrapping up, one was going on here. let me show you what it looked like outside of northwestern high school as students were chanting and streaming. a number of politically charged chants.
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saying don't build the wall, and a number of other things here. a diverse group of students. largely immigrant students who are worried about their futures in this country with a trump presidency. at parkdale, same thing. another diverse group of students. all of these students who walked away from school in the middle of the day despite warnings from the ceo that these would not be excused absnlss. students were allowed to go back into the school after they we they all lasted for about an hour. here now, some of the students at parkdale high school. >> we have people who are saying that we need to stop protesting because we can't change the election. they're missing the point. they're missing our message. >> if we were allowed to vote, we would have used that vote in the right manner. >> we will not be quiet. trump will be in office for four years, we'll be out here for four years.
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member of the prince george's county board of education. all of the kids we heard speak held some title at parkdale high school. president of something or the leader of some kind of an organization. leaders within that school. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, all of the protests today were not peaceful ones. one student was arrested at a prince george's county school. another one escorted out by police. we'll show you video of what unfolded there and continue to tell you what happen would >> thanks. >> right now, the first big storm of the season is blanketing colorado, utah, and wyoming. police blamed the snowy conditions for a 20-car wreck near denver. other states in the path of the storm are bracing for several inches of snow. we'll have the latest on how the weather could affect holiday travel plans across the country in the next half hour. >> as millions brace for snow, we're tracking big changes of our own this weekend. >> we have team coverage this
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this sounds like a pretty dramatic dip. >> we're going to go from near 70 tomorrow to about what's going to feel like a 40-degree temperature drop on sunday. >> and not only that. we have the winds pick up. we have a little bit of rain in the forecast. and if you don't know about this dramatic drop, it's going to be a shock to the system by the time sunday afternoon rolls around. >> when we're sitting in the low 70s right now in many suburbs in northwest washington, 70s. spectacular today. not a cloud in the sky. it's clear, and for the most part, comfortable overnight tonight. i want to talk about the wind. they're going to pick up throughout the day tomorrow, and notice here by tomorrow afternoon and evening, it's windy outside. very windy on sunday. some of us could be under a wind advisory with gusts over 40 miles per hour. that could lead to minor wind damage, and look here. on monday, it still stays windy. here's the thing. when you factor in the winds
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even 20s as we work our way into the evening hours. monday as well. you probably haven't had to pull out the puffy coat yet this year. you definitely need it this weekend. not only that, but we're tracking a chance for some rain. i'll have the latest on that in my full forecast right around 4:18. and remember, always download the nbc washington app. we just updated it with the dramatic temperature drop over the weekend. you can open up the app and see what the high will be in your neighborhood on >> a holiday shopping season is already upon us. but when to stop is just as important as when to shop. what you need to know to score the best deals with your list. >> got a bag of salad in that refrigerator? why there could be a health hazard lurking inside. >> and with tens of millions of people getting ready to travel for thanksgiving, we want to know if you plan to hit the road. it's our nbc washington survey.
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break on the nbc washington
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she was a trailblazer and a beloved washingtonen. today, the washington community will honor gwen ifill. one of the nation's most successful african-american journalists. the former co-anchor of pbs newshour died of cancer on monday night. she was a member of the metropolitan ame church in northwest for more than 25 years. the church will invit ifill tonight. tomorrow, a service celebration of honor in her honor. >> in news for your health, we have something to keep in mind the next time you buy a bag of salad. while they are convenient, prewashed bag salads may put you at greater rist for salmonella. the moisture provides the perfect bak environment for bacteria.
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of mushy leaves and eat the greens the same day you buy them. >> less than a week to go before thanksgiving, but thousands of people are counting on your for their thanksgiving meal. we'll take you to one of the places that can fe the hedan ?? know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. ?? know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values.
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an emotional moment for a civil rights activist and congressman. what he's recalling about his past that shows how far things have come. >> and look temperature difference across the country. on the east upper 70s, even in some spots, then we look back around omaha, 38. wichita, 37. this cold air moving into our area. i'll be tracking the timing in my first dprast. >> i'm melissa mollet with your first 4 traffic and a look at the roads. some closures here and there for fun things happening. montgomery county thanksgiving parade in silver spring on saturday morning.
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northbound georgia will be shut down from about 7:00 in the morning to 1:00 in the afternoon. for all that fun taking a look now in rockville, i'll be in the scene, this is rockville town square tree lighting, again, some roads in the rockville town square area shut down from 4:00 to 9:00 so we can have lots of fun in rockville this evening. then the redskins game, playing the packers sunday. they're at 8:0030. remember, bring something for our food for families campaign there collecting the goods at gate 8. come say hi. >> georgia congressman john lewis has seen his share of emotional moments. today, he added another as he received a prestigious national book award. he was co-author of the illustrated novel "march" which recalled key moment from the civil right moment. he recalled how his own family
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we were told at the libraries were for whites only and not for coloreds. to come here and receive this award, this honor, with these -- >> with all he's seen, to get choked up like that. lewis thanks one of his elementary school teachers who happened to nurture his love for reading. >> turning now we've got to brace ourselves, so amelia, do we need to dig out the uggs and thermals and everything else we've got? >> i think so. especially when we're at 70 today. >> when did we last see temperatures this low? >> in april when we had temperatures for highs only in the 40s. so it's been a while. going to be a shock to the system. and like you said, pat, on sunday, you want to find warm coats, gloves and the hats.
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finish, and here's the thing. winds are going to be strong enough so we could see maybe some minor wind damage out there on sunday. gusts at times over 40 miles per hour. but tonight, we have a lot of high school playoff games. such an exciting time of year, and the weather tonight is certainly cooperating. notice here at 7:00, still around 59. it's comfortably cool. even as the games are wrapping up, only in the mid 50s. clear and dry for friday night. tomorrow, 7:00 a.m., it's a nice start. 51. get work done early tomorrow morning or by lunch time, and speaking of lunch time, in the mid 60s. a high tomorrow of 68. we hit that at about 2:00 p.m. and after that, our temperatures start to come down. if you're heading to the thanksgiving parade in silver spring tomorrow starting around 1:00, it's going to be nice at the start of the parade. as the parade is wrapping down, there could be a chance of showers and it will be breezy tomorrow afternoon. windy tomorrow evening. maybe more rain around and 51
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of the rain tomorrow. here's future weather. around lunchtime, plenty of sunshine. 3:00, clouds move in to the d.c. metro area. frederick, prince william, areas back around winchester, seeing rain. the chance for some rain moves through the district right around 6:00 p.m., and then after that for your saturday night, we're clear, but we turn cold and it's very blustery out there. saturday, a good night to maybe have a fire in the fireplace and look at the and when you factor in the strong winds, it will feel like we're in the 30s throughout the day. so again, with your weekend outlook, get the yardwork done. by lunchtime on saturday, if you're heading to the redskins game, doug, chuck, and lauryn will be there and they're going to be bundled up. temperatures feel like the 20s and 30s for the game. kids sports this weekend, going to be cold on sunday. here's a look at the next ten days. monday, still cold.
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monday. look where we start off the day on monday and tuesday as well. low 30s. throughout the day on tuesday, though, plenty of sunshine. highs around 50, and looking ahead to thanksgiving, still the chance for some light showers throughout the day. otherwise, plenty of clouds and highs around 50 degrees. lauryn will be breaking down how the weather will impact your saturday throughout the day coming up right around 4:30. >> all right, thanks, amelia. >> you want to get the more bang season? the four things you need to know in order to score the best deals. >> plus, how a local woman turned a time of uncertainty for her family into a one of a kind
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travel in turkey won't be the only things on people's minds next week. we know a lot of season. >> we're working for you to take some of the stress out of holiday shopping. consumer reporter susan hogan answers a burning question some of you have this time of year. >> when is the best time to buy certain gifts? it is a question i'm asked a lot. while black friday is a time to get great deals, there are some items you can snag at other times of the year that will save you even more. here's some insight from shopping experts. electronics.
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the demand will be, and demand drives up prices. when it comes to jewelry, the best time to buy is usually during the month with no gift giving holidays. jewelry stores lock in their prices during the holiday season. buying toys? believe it or not, wait until december. toys are usually cheaper at christmas time due to annual sales and deals. if you have a specific toy in mind, be careful not to wait too long because it might get shopping, watch for free shipping deals and online promotions. those usually come between thanksgiving and christmas. >> good advice. >> good advice indeed. >> tonight, a leesburg specialty lingerie shop cuts the ribbon on their location. >> they treat women with breast cancer. nanette opened her original
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they had a hard time finding bras, panties, and undergarments that fit well. she got special training to become a mastectomy fitter. >> we're about comfort. most women tell you they're not comfortable at all or they didn't even know there was such a thing at fitting. i hope that people get it and know they have a safe place here, and we want you to walk away feeling beautiful from inside out. >> parsons partnerswi groups who help women in need. there's an aspect to her story that's even more personal. to hear it, open the nbc washington app and search best rack around. >> next week, we will pause to give thanks. but it's this season is also about giving back. we'll take you to a local place where our food for families campaign benefits those who served our country. >> we're in for a wild swing in the weather over the next 24 hours. storm team 4 is tracking the
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seth macfarlane at the live desk. coming from a lawsuit involving the president-elect. the new york attorney general has just confirmed a settlement has been reaching in the trump university case. new york attorney general eric schneider releasing a statement saying the deal is a major victory for the 6,000 victims of what the attorney general called a fraudulent university. the mr. trump of swindling people who thought they were getting secrets to succeed in the business world. every victim will get a settlement money out of the settlement, we're told. we're waiting on a response from the trump camp on today's news. i'm scott mcfarland. back to you. >> all right. we're going to pick up on the presidential transition. the white house team is starting to take shape. donald trump revealed three new staff picks today. >> republicans praised the president-elect's choices, but democrats are voicing some concerns.
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hill with more on this. >> yeah, pat and chris, the president-elect is signaling he values loyal, but at the same time, he's not afraid of a fight. >> make america great again. >> when donald trump was fighting for the white house, jeff sessions and michael flynn remained at his side. now they face their own fight to stay there. the president-elect has chosen flynn as national security adviser. sessions as attorney general, and kansas congressman mike pompeo as cia the last pick is widely praised. >> he has a very good reputation from what i heard. looks like a good choice. >> but flynn -- >> was known as kind of a bull in a china shop. someone who didn't work well with others. >> the former general attacked by critics is an anti-muslim hardliner. racially charged remarks years ago cost him a judgeship. >> i'm particularly pleased to offer words of congratulations
4:32 pm
make an extraordinary attorney general of the united states. >> ted cruz and nikki haley are among the republicans lining up behind trump and his picks. former foes now being mentioned as possible cabinet picks themselves. >> i did vote for him, and i was absolutely thrilled to see him win. >> whether or not mitt romney feels that way, he's headed to trump's golf course in new jersey this weekend to meet with the next president to talk about surprising, but stunning might be a better word if romney is actually chosen as secretary of state. chris. >> all right, thank you very much. you can see all of the latest developments in the nbc washington app. search trump transition. you can also turn on the breaking news alerts so you don't miss any updates on president-elect trump's newest appointments.
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afternoon in place out there. and you know, it's going to continue right on into the evening, right into the overnight, and then we have changes on the way for the second half of your saturday. the first half looking good. let's get into it and let you know what to expect the rest of this beautiful evening, because temperatures right now up to 69 degrees. a lot of the region in the lower 70s right now. you don't get this weather, the kind of nice weather we have in november that often, so enjoy it. it's doing to continue to be nice throughout the evening. up in the 50s in the overnight. i would say 51 will be the overnight low in washington. 40s elsewhere. you can see the radar is clear. we've got nothing. we have high pressure in charge, so we're looking good. and we're going to pop it out to the west because this is our frontal system, and this is what's going to move through the area and behind it, that's where we're going to see the big changes. in fact, we have some rain, some
4:34 pm
saturday night but also into sunday. we'll be talking about that as we go into the full weather forecast. right now, i want to show you what the evening has in store as we continue through the rest of the evening. temperatures falling to the 50s. if you're out after about 9:00, 10:00, you don't have to worry about anything. plenty of clear skies and temperatures into the 50s. eventually into the 40s overnight. as we get into sunday, some of those overnight lows may be our sunday, but it could last until early next week. then as we get into your wednesday and thursday of thanksgiving, we also have more rain in the forecast. i'm going to show you that in the ten-day forecast and that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, lauryn. >> we're working for you in the community. with your help, more than 4,000 families will get thanksgiving dinner next week. through the annual food4-families campaign, one of
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>> the guys will tell you the best thing for vietnam veterans. >> for harry, weekly visits to the veterans center in maryland are the best part of the week. he suffers from ptsd and comes here for counseling and camaraderie. >> the things we have to talk about, you can't talk about to other folks. >> john comes for the same reason. he served in vietnam and iraq. >> it's sort of like a relief valve r >> we're the outpatient counseling center. >> the center serves 900 combat vets every month. it's a one-stop shop that connects veterans with a range of services including food and transitional housing. >> the idea is to get them back on their feet to get them stable physically and mentally. >> kevin works with a hud program called veterans affairs supportive housing which guides
4:36 pm
this year, 300 vets referred to this center will get thanksgiving dinner from food4fapallies. >> it's an extra cost you wouldn't normally have. this allows a family to enjoy their thanksgiving meal, to bring the families together. >> and for the first time this year, 50 gold-star families will also get thanksgiving dinner. >> they are extremely excited about it because they call, even families, they call themselves the left behind families. >> too many families have suffered the difficulty of war and the difficulty of transition can leave them feeling left behind, but at centes like this, they feel help and hope. >> it helps to solve problems we have with our inner self. >> a god send. >> well, if you would like to help, search food for families
4:37 pm, and you'll discover other ways to donate. you can also join us as washington takes on the packers sunday night at fedex field. before the game, some of our meteorologists will be down there at gate h, along with our storm ranger. so stop by, say hello, and bring a canned or boxed food item, or stop by verizon center on monday. we'll be there all day from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., collecting food and cash donations and hopefully saying hello to you. >> when she says , selling herself short. the team is going to make appearances, drop in and out. pat is going to be there all day. she's the driving force behind that and is doing all the big heavy lifting. >> we have a lot of fun. a lot of work, but it's certainly for a great cause. so happy to do it. >> it's going to be a great event. hopefully, it went be too chilly. the next time you're feeling under the weather, you may want to thank twice about toughing it out. wait until you hear how many
4:38 pm
sick. >> oh, no. you're watchig news 4.
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do you still go to work when you're under the weather? you may feel pressure to show up, even when you have the sniffles. >> some experts say that's not only a bad idea for public health and the sake of your co-workers. recent poll from harvard and npr found that close to 65% of
4:41 pm
have a cold. etiquette experts say it's important not to put your co-workers at risk by spreading germs so there are some things to keep in mind when you don't feel well on the job. >> when you cough or sneeze, you cough into the left shoulder or your left arm, the crook of that arm. and when you blow your nose, you use your left hand, blow your nose, throw away the tissue immediately, and sanitize. >> okay. stay home in bed or work from home if you can do that. if you can convince your boss to pay you for the day. >> we're less than a week away from thanksgiving and two turkeys are preparing to come to d.c. >> president obama will pardon the turkeys at the white house. the birds are coming from early, iowa. this is the sixth time iowa has provided the turkeys for the presidential thanksgiving
4:42 pm
started the tradition with president harry truman. >> the holiday rush has barely started and we're already hearing about a potential problem that could cause serious delays. >> plus, melissa mollet opens up about the newest member of her family and what it took to get her. >> when her birth mother picked up, it felt like finding out i was pregnant. >> hear how her family's joy came after their sharef
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if you run over somebody, it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert.
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well, we've got nice conditions out there, but you see that rain on the radar behind me? behind that rain, big changes to come for our region. we'll bake it down coming up. >> in november, for millions of people, serious situation. strong wintry weather is moving in, and it won't just be snow
4:46 pm
>> send someone now. i'm being attacked by this bear. he's coming back. please tell my husband i love him. >> new information about the terrifying encounter we just heard on that 911 call from frederick, maryland. a woman badly hurt in a bear attack is now listed in good condition at the hospital. maryland natural resources police say the bear mauled karen osborn in the driveway of her daughter's home wednesday night. she said it was so dark, she didn't realize she had walked between cubs. biologists have since euthanized the bear. >> a strike in chicago could impact your holiday travel plans over the thanksgiving week. employees at o'hare international airport have voted to go on strike. 500 union workers, including baggage handlers, cabin cleaners, janitors and wheelchair attendants are all asking for $15 an hour minimum wage. some are paid minimum wage,
4:47 pm
o'hare during thanksgiving week even worse than normal. according to air health, o'hare has some of the highest percentages of delayed flights during thanksgiving week. other airports with bad delays include newark and san francisco international. >> first at 4:00, a special ceremony in montgomery county. a circuit court judge just finalized the adoptions of 11 children after the adoption proceedings, county officials dinner for the children and their new families to celebrate national adoption month. >> tomorrow is national adoption day across the country. there will be hundreds of ceremonies as children become part of their forever families. >> our barbara harrison is going to emcee that event. she joins us with a special story about one of our own. >> this is a special story. we have been celebrating around here for a few months now. after years of losses and fertility treatments, tears and
4:48 pm
about adopting. they wanted another child, a sibling for their son they already had. and they were open to any race, a boy, a girl, an older child, in foster care or an infent. what ended up in their arms was their perfect little love. >> we got the call on valentine's day. >> what's that? >> your daughter. >> what? >> when her birth mother picked us, it felt like finding out i >> we made a book so her birth mother could know about our family. >> barrett was born at the end of may. and she's the most wonderful thing ever. when the doctor put barrett in my arms for the first time -- >> it was all the normal emotions that we had with our son. >> i just adored her. >> when i look into her eyes, i
4:49 pm
like i've known her for a long time. >> i see my daughter. i don't see my adopted daughter. >> for us, the adoption had some bumps in the road, for sure. >> i wish -- i wish it was easier for people to do, and i wish more people could do it. >> hey, sweetie. hi. >> we already read her these books about adoption. >> very good idea because you get to meet other people. and two, you get to add someone to your family. >> and i can't believe that everything we went through led us to her because now i'm so, so grateful for it. people have said to us, wow, you
4:50 pm
and i'll always say that. >> we just keep smiling. how about that family? tomorrow, more families will experience the joy and love of adoption. nearly 30 adoptions will be finalized at this 30th annual adoption day in court. it's a special ceremony alt the d.c. superior court. everyone who wants to see a lot of love happening and get to celebrate the joy of all of these new families, everyone, all of you out there, are invited to come down courthouse between 10:00 and noon tomorrow. and of course, i'll be there, and there will also be social worker there's to talk to people who might be interested in doing this for their families as well. >> isn't it exciting? >> what a beautiful bundle she is. >> i mean, she's so beautiful, and the whol family. didn't you love her dancing with her dad? >> something that they said that jumped out at me, i wish it wasn't so difficult? it's so difficult for so many
4:51 pm
the foster care system who we're hoping will find families tomorrow. >> thank you, barbara. >> well, lauryn, we wish the story was quite as delightful here. wiping my tears. >> it was great. i have seen the second half of that story. so good. so good. and you know, something else today. >> we needed that. >> we needed that, definitely. and we need some quiet weather. we have that today. we have wonderful continue into the evening, even into the overnight. then we have big changes. look at that sunset. that sunset going down just about right now, in the next few minutes or so, five minutes or so. but again, just a beautiful view that we have with these clear skies. now, this evening, calm and clear. then we head into tomorrow. dmou, the first part of your morning is going to be dry, going to be mild. looking good, anytime before lunchtime. then we get into the afternoon.
4:52 pm
pretty quickly, and that sets the scene for sunday. very cold by the time we get into sunday. yeah. all right, not cold out there right now. those temperatures will above normal. 20 degrees above normal coming in in the upper 60s, low 70s. nothing on the radar to show you, but we'll widen out the picture. this is the frontal system i do want to let you know about that's going to move to our area behind that front. that's where the cold air settles. that's the front. still 76 in memphis. 81 in jackson. right behind it, already 57 in st. louis. 47 in wichita. again, that is going to be the cold air that streams our way. if you want to get things done in the morning, you're going to be fine for that. it's going to be beautiful, very nice. temperatures crawling out of the 50s. that's going to be the overnight low, and eventually by the early afternoon, we're going to head to the upper 60s and lower 70s. we'll hit our daytime high in
4:53 pm
happen. 4:00, we're down to the lower 50s. that temperature is going to drop by 10, 20 degrees in a matter of a few hours. also a few light showers moving through the area and the winds are going to pick up tomorrow afternoon as well. a chance of showers later in the day, anytime between noon and 3:00 along i-81, and between 7:00 and 8:00 and 3:00 in the i-10 corridor. exercise, yard work early. rockville has lighting ceremony, which melissa will be at. a few rain showers and definitely breezy and definitely going to be windy by the time we get into saturday evening. let's time it out. 10:00 a.m., looking good. looking dry. plenty of sunshine, here comes the clouds, the rain. a few light showers 4:00, 5:00, 6:00. moving out, 7:00, 8:00, and then dry this saturday. again, saturday and sunday, very blustery. forecast for sunday, 49. that's about as good as we're going to get.
4:54 pm
feeling like the 30s. here's a look at the ten-day forecast. that's the wrong one. don't look a that one. that's the wrong one. but we'll show you that ten-day forecast in a few minutes. >> all right. thanks, lauryn. >> for millions of people, it's about to feel a lot like winter, why snow isn't the only thing that could cause problems. >> we brought you melissa mollet's emotional story of adoption. just a few hours ago, melissa hosted a chat on facebook live with an adoption specialist to an a
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4:57 pm
no season has arrived in the upper midwest and the weather we're seeing here in minnesota is heading east. >> just in time to wreak havoc on holiday travel. mike seidel has a look at what may be coming your way. >> across moers of the midwest, this is the warmest november on record to date, but it comes to
4:58 pm
we're in grand rapids, minnesota, three hours west of minneapolis/st. paul. we expect a foot or more. you can see the plow behind me. he's going to go up the sidewalk and take care of the beginning accumulations from the storm. winter snow warnings cover much of minnesota and along with the snow, winds gusting 25 to 35 miles per hour, blowing and drifting the snow. now, the cold air is moving in, too. temperatures here dropp time this season. that's the latest on record. and all this cold air is heading east and south before the weekend, before thanksgiving. frost in new york, philadelphia, atlanta. the coldest air is on the way with the gutsy northwest wind saturday into sunday and monday. i'm weather channel meteorologist mike seidel in grand rapids, minnesota, for nbc news. >> right now at 5:00, deputies say a father takes the lives of his wife and two little girls.
4:59 pm
and how the community is reacting to this devastating loss. >> donald trump's administration becoming much more clear today. the president-elect naming three people to top level positions. the impact these picks could have on our region. >> and this evening, a class of 5-year-olds is coping with the tragedy of a murder-suicide. stafford county schools are facing today. >> it comes as investigators release the names of the family of four killed in their home. >> our northern virginia bureau reporter is in stafford with just how this community is processing this loss. david. >> wendy and jim, what happened here in this home behind me is impacting not only neighbors in this community but several others here in stafford county. as we have been in the neighborhood throughout the day, periodically, we have seen folks
5:00 pm
give to the extended buckley family. >> amy buckley's facebook page shows a life of doting parent. she and her husband lance holding tight to their two girls. halloween this year, the family dressed up as the wizard of oz. but that happiness shattered thursday in this windsor forest home. emergency dispatchers calling in a possible murder-suicide. telling the operator about the crime, then the call disconnected. >> we received a 911 call advising three murders and now a suicide, and then the call disconnected. >> deputies surrounding the home. inside on the lower level, they found the family of four. this wasn't the first time we have heard from the buckleys. last year, i interviewed lance's mother. she and the family trying to find the then howard university grad student after he went


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