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tv   Today  NBC  November 21, 2016 7:00am-9:59am EST

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. good morning. >> snow-vember. power outag advisory. >> frenemies. could one time rivals meet up and vice president biden after his dressing down from the amount stage. trump himself not so forgiving. >> they were very inappropriate.
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suspected killer on the loose. model behavior at last night's american music awards, supermodel, gigi hadid takes a swipe at first lady to be, melania trump and those charges of plagiarism. >> i love my husband, president barack obama. >> while the audience loved it, as kind. today, november 21st, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. and, hey, >> good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning, it is cold outside.
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ticket. >> you're happy. >> yes. >> that this is top story this morning. the first major storm of the season, paing the way for tricky holiday travel from virginia all the way up to new england, al has the forecast. >> that's right. we will check in with blake mccoy, in syracuse, new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the storm is contining its march east. look what people are wa the snow started falling yesterday afternoon and will continue tonight. school at syracuse is already canceled as people prepare for the thanksgiving. >> reporter: the northeast getting the first taste of winter, the blast of snow and frigid temperatures creaing dangerous driing conditions at the start of one of the busiest
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york could see over 20-inches by tomorrow. watertown, new york, the temperature dropping more nan 20 degrees in 24 hours. >> it was 60 degrees, almost 70 yesterday and now it's freezing. >> from new england to virginia, wind chill temperatures in the teens and single digits. the deadly winter storm advancing east after blankets the rockies and much of the midwest. in minnesota, three weather related deaths. parts of michigan, powerful wind gust s u some residents without power. >> a heck of a windstorm comes through. >> wolverines get their tenth win of the season. >> reporter: the michigan wolverines making the best of it with victory snow angels following their wintery win over indiana. >> you can see people are
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thanksgiving and the snow won't stick around long but if you're headed out this morning, it will be slick. >> blake mccoy, thank you very much. >> that's what winter looks like. >> it's coming. believe it or not, that lake enhanced snow in coming up from bermuda, wrapping around the storm and coming on in. we will still have a lot of this. it's coming across the great lakes and the water is and it will continue to provide lake effect snows and 1 to 2 inches and some places may pick up 1-2 inches all the way into essex. as far as travel is concerned, when we take a look at the thanksgiving holiday. airports on wednesday, the biggest problems detroit, make that chicago and minneapolis, we are looking at possible delas due to rain, improing
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transportation and out west, interstate 80 in the mid-section of the country, i-70. problems throughout the day, ponding and i-94 going to be a problem, too, guys and shaky and then wednesday things calm down. >> all right. let's turn to politics transition. the president-elect's cabinet coming into focused after being jam-packed with meetings and controversy. kristen has more on that. good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. president-elect trump set to meet with one time political foe, rick perry at trump tower today this after a flurry of meetings over the weekend, the roster-raiing questions whether
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rivals. it's full steam ahead for the trump transition team, donald trump returning home to new york city late sunday night. today, the president-elect set to meet with former texas governor, rick perry, one of his sharpest critics during the primary. >> he offers a barking carnival act that could be called trumpism. >> he may be eye for secretary of defense and retired marine general, james "mad dog" matisse that -- mattis, that met with trump this weekend and telling kelly o'donnell -- >> we had great meetings and you'll be hearing about them soon. >> long time loyalty, rudy guiliani, candidate for secretary of state. former kansas secretary of
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b.e.t. founder, robert johnson, a possible pick for hud or education secretary and new jersey governor, chris christie once headed the transition team but replaced by mike pence and trump doding a question how seriously he's considering christie for his cabinet. >> is there a place for governor christie in your administration? >> he's a very talented man. great guy. >> reporter: mr. trump one of his top posts. >> i can say governor romney is under active and serious consideration to serve as secretary of state. >> reporter: all this amid mounting concerns mr. trump's cabinet picks so far are aimed at drawing hard lines on a number of issues including a potential registry for muslims, an idea floated during this is campaign. his ni chief of staff would not totally walk back. >> can you equivocally rule out
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we won't have a registry based on a religion. >> reporter: the nation still sharply divided over the new administration a point underscored when president-elect mike pence was met with a mix of cheers and boos when attending the broadway musical, "hamilton," a cast member with a plea. >> we truly hope this has inspired you to work on behalf of all of us. >> reporter: mr. trump took to twitter calling the actory aside. >> i did hear what was said from the stage. i wasn't offended and i'll leave to others if that was the appropriate venue to say it. >> reporter: and the president taking aim after being lambasted on "saturday night live." >> siri, i will kill isis. >> reporter: and speculaing whether trump's tweet storm was designed to distract from his settlement of the university
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million but not admitting to any wrongdoing. also this morning, new questions about potential conflicts of interest after mr. trump met with three executives from a trump branded project in india last week at trump tower. the trump campaign insisting all the rules will be followed, still, it's casting a cloud as this transition moves forward. >> thank you. nicolle wallace is keeping an eye on all this ac you can really watch this transition in real-time, meeting all the candidates and talking about them. >> i remember during the primary, this is trump's race and we're just watching it. this is now trump's america and we are living in it. he is changing the status quo and a lot of people who voted for him said, this is exactly what i ordered. >> all weekend, i kept saying i
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national. tell me your thoughts. mitt romney. >> this is his team of rivals pick. barack obama got a lot of credit for putting hillary clinton on the ticket. >> do you think -- >> i don't know what he will do. >> it sets up real competition between the loyalists and critic. rudy guiliani wants this job christie are the classic loyalists. t'e thing to meet with a rival and the other to pick a rival. it could be for show. >> some of what we watched all weekend was the show. >> let's talk about the dust-up with hamilton and "snl." there's so much more important going on in this country. it is interesting in terms of the reaction.
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the crowd and one of the cast members addresses him. pence lets it roll off and trump takes to twitter. i'm sure it's irritaing watching "snl." should you say don't even engage or should he engage? >> i traveled all over the world with president bush. he was greeted with protests everywhere he went. europe cities, south american was protested. pence was how you handle it, understanding and trump has to learn your job is not only to be protested but protect the protester. >> pr are one thing and jokes are another thing. you talk about president bush and there were the jokes about the job being very hard and the vice president, dick cheney would do all the heavy lifting. after a while, do those start to
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psyche? >> only you understand you diminish comedy and entertainment. that's when they play the most important role in our culture and conversations. when you're in the white house, talk about leaning in, you have to lean into the jokes about yourself. george w. bush was criticized for a lot of different things but he was expert about making fun about himself and gave a speech once him. this "snl" caricature is based on some of his own i don't know if you can call them gaffes because i think right now he views all his missteps as being part of the secret sauce that helped him win. it is a mistake to not let people laugh at you and a mistake to not laugh at yourself. >> nicolle wallace, lots to chat about. >> we won't get bored. >> no.
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president obama back at the white house after his trip abroad. his russian counterpart spoke at a summit in lima, peru. president obama said the told putin the u.s. is concerned about bloodshed and chaos in syria and said he's not optimistics about a process of syrian peace agreement in the short term. meanwhile in the u.s., a police sergeant the face is in critical condition now but expected to survive. the 46-year-old officer was sitting in traffic when another car pulled up alongside his marked police vehicle and opened fire and hours later the suspect was killed in a shootout by police. there is a manhunt for the cop killer who ambushed and gunned down a veteran ticket while he was writing a traffic ticket. jacob is there.
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outside san antonio police headquarters where we are. working with the texas marshals and others to find the texas killer what the police chief describes as everyone's worst nightmare. this morning an all-out manhunt for the killer of veteran ben marconi, 24 year veteran of the force while detective was writing a traffic ticket. >> i have an officer down at headquarters. i need an ems right now. >> reporter: police are searching for this man they're calling a person of interest and this black mitsubishi driing away. police say he was sitting in his patrol car when the car pulled up behind him and getting out, taking aim, fiing twice, hitting the detective in the
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police say they believe he was targeted for being a cop. >> this was nothing short of an assassination of a police officer. >> reporter: so far this year, 58 police officers have been killed by gunfire compared to 36 all of last year, a 61% increase. >> he was just a good guy. everybody liked him. >> reporter: the sun of a police officer, he was 50 years old. he had two children from a previous marriage and grandchildren. >> most families will be we will be burying one of its own because of an ultimate act of cowardness. >> after that ambush in july with dallas police officer, the governor proposed a law making targeted attack against police officer s a hate crime and offering condolences to detective marconi's family said
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thank you very much. a developing story in north dakota where protesters clashed over the proposed texas pipeline and they tried to breach barrier and authorities used tear gas, water canon in below freeing temperatures. nbc news did not independently confirm the use of rubber bullets and sheriff's officials say no water canons were deployed, saying the water was set by the protesters. all eyes on chicago this morning and loomingike on o'hare's airport that could snarl travel. officials saying about 500 workers, baggage handlers, cabin cleaners, janitors, seeking union rights and $15 an hour wage. o'hare one of the busiest in the world. >> let's turn to what might be
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that happened before the game even started. watch as the minnesota vikings take the field. that's bernie a member of the fox sports sound crew in the wrong place at the wrong time, takes a big hit by lynn, who weighs about 130 pound. bernie was left with a bloody nose and broken glasses and went on to finish his shift. you know what they say, did you >> number 98. >> amazing. he was smiling. >> real life version of the movie "the fortune cookie." >> a lot of heavy rain in the rockies and strong winds in the northeast. look for airport delays from boston all the way down to washington, d.c. because of airport arrivals and departures with those winds. we will get to your local forecast coming up in the next
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good morning. i'm chuck bell. if you haven't been outside in a couple days, brace yourself. no more 70 degree weather. winds back in the teens to 30s. it will be a windy and cold day today. afternoon highs only making it to the low and mid 40s at best. a little warmer for tomorrow. quiet weather wednesday and maybe a thanksgiving day shower.
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thank you very much. coming up, waiting on the white house. why melania and baron trump are staying in new york and what the president-elect is saying about that. unintended consequences of the loud movies, first, this is
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smaller portions. less sugar. this is a "news4 today" newsbreak. >> 7:26 this monday morning. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. we're raiing money for famiies who ne pat is accepting donations. check it out. >> reporter: we have bags of food and boxes at the verizon center. i have here in my hands, tickets to tonight's wizards game with the suns at verizon center, 7:00 p.m., for $25 donation, you will get two of these tickets. call the phone bank right now.
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(softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. it's 7:30, monday morning, november 21st. three days until thanksgiving. three days until the macy's thanksgiving parade celebraing 90 years. a sneak peek at some of e in fact, i think we have a shot of -- yes, felix the cat. a little trivia. you know felix was the first balloon to fly 19 years ago. >> first ever. they brought it back to the 90th anniversary just for us on the plaza. >> very exciting. >> let's look at some of the stories making news, the first major storm of the season is creaing problems from virginia
7:31 am
thanksgiving week. here, you're looking at a live shot of syracuse where they are busy cleaning up this morning. >> donald trump had a flurry of meetings over the weekend as he's trying to fill his remaining cabinet positions and vice president elect responded to the warning from cast of hamilton to protected all americans. >> i wasn't offended by what was said. i'll leave to others whether that was the appropriate venue. >> its popular tonka 12 v ride-on dump truck after a washington family's early christmas gift burst into flames not once but twice on their way home from the store. toys 'r us said it appeared to be an isolated incident but not decided on a recall just yet. and the first family's plans for me move from their house to the white house.
7:32 am
be front and center and more on why he and melania have decided to say for the time being. >> good morning. transition aides say they are extremely exciting, the trumps, about the future as a first family and supportive of demands that come with that but say there's sensitivity to pulling 10-year-old baron out of class right in the middle of the school year. >> reporter: it's another fist calling the white house home right away as president-elect tells kelly o'donnell. >> mrs. trump and baron, when will they move to the white house? >> very soon, right after he's finished with school. >> reporter: it will be a summer switch for 10-year-old baron after his father takes office and he has a floor in his family apartment all to himself. >> we talk a little bit about
7:33 am
>> reporter: life away from the white house may mean more travel for melania trump for state dinners and meetings with foreign leaders but stability for her son clearly a priority now, like it was during the campaign when she skipped stops to stay home with him. >> i'm a full-time mom. i love it. i decided not to be in the campaign so much. >> reporter: baron himself has only appeared a few times with his famous father. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: most memorably on the night he won the time you were giing your acceptance speech. does he get it? does he know? >> he knows. he knows what's going on. he's very proud of his dad. >> reporter: the president-elect made a point of mulling over his run with his son before he decided to announce his candidacy. >> we talked about it, don,
7:34 am
maybe more. >> reporter: baron will be the youngest boy to live in the white house since john f. kennedy jr. and at 10 will be the same as malia obama. raiing kids in the white house, a unique experience, one melania trump talked about with michelle obama in d.c. earlier this month. it's not clear now how often baron trump will visit his father in washington or how afternoon the president-elect will head back to >> the one thing is secret all of them will get secret service protection no matter which house they call home. >> the secret service isn't talking anymore about security protocols for the first family and already speculation which school baron may attend. the obama daughters and chelsea clinton attended the same schools.
7:35 am
daughter graduates, another parent not wanting to disrupt their child's school. >> and al has the weather. high pressure over the great lakes and look how chilly it is, frost and freeze warning advisories from louisiana all the way to the carolinas with temperatures at or below freezing. you move a little further north, raleigh, durham, feels like 31 degrees. temperature cast slowly recovering but not by much. seeing temperatures from 5 to 15 degrees below average. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> yes indeed. the two operative words are windy and cold in the teens in most of the suburbs this morning
7:36 am
to 30 miles an hour range much of the day. maryland could see winds gusting at 40 miles an hour until sundown this evening and wind chill s drop down to the 20s by this evening and relatively quiet for travelers trying to leave town tomorrow and wednesday. >> we get that weather when you need it on the weather channel. >> thank you very much. coming up, the group for grumpy people everywhere and new cheery all the time. >> good for you. >> i'm in fashion. >> if you plan to catch a movie this weekend, listen up. >> reporter: hi. i'm jeff rosen. ever wonder why movies are so loud? they could be damaing your hearing. i'm going in with this meter. check it out next. so go, know, and take control of your health.
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make my eyes pop? is this supposed to happen? (screams) i'm just kidding. we should do this more often. hold hands? no, sit in crazy chairs. get together and shop small on small business saturday. we're back. 7:41. if you're the volume in the theater be damaing your hearing. >> jeff rosen is here to fill us in. good morning. >> happy thanksgiving holiday. the snow and ice coming in, it is a perfect time to escape to the movie, doesn't it? does it seem like those movies are getting louder and louder and some experts say they're so loud they could be damaing your hearing and you don't even know
7:42 am
how loud are those movies getting and are they hitting unsafe levels? this morning, i'm going in to show you. >> reporter: explosion, adventure. >> 3d is amazing. >> reporter: big thrills at the movies. but according to the american research foundation, it could reduction. >> normal is 60 decibels but once you reach 85 there is a problem. >> 85 is the safe limit? >> you don't want to go over 85. >> what happens if you do? >> it could potentially cause damage. >> reporter: i will go inside and watch the movies. experts say you never want to
7:43 am
one ticket, please. first-up, magnificent 7, a western with lots of gunfire. it doesn't take long. 93.7 already. 93.7. over the limit and it keeps climbing. this gun fight is intense. we're up at 97.2 right now. when i go see "storks" in 3d, a cartoon for kids, the sound stays u movie. but then -- look at this, it just hit a 99.3, way over the 85 number considered safe. this is just a kids' movie. we obviously don't go to the movies everyday, in short spurts, limited exposure. how dangerous is this? >> if you're reaching 100 for minutes at a time or seconds at a time, you could be in that range you could get immediate
7:44 am
levels in this next movie. "deep water horizon" packed with big blasts and destruction. the movie just got really loud. look what we have on our meter. 101. when the action really picks up. there are explosions happening. look at the meter, at 101.9. >> reporter: according to the industry group there are standards made and delivered to the theaters. it's up to theater to control the vacuum. the national association of theater owners telling nbc news, as in life, certain sounds in definitive movies will spike as movies don't exceed 85 on a consistent basis and say complaints are rare. >> if you leave the movie and your ears are ringing, that's a sign you could potentially have damage from the loud noise. >> if you head out to the movies this holiday week or any time,
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. ? i only like hippopotamuses ? ? ? ? ? so whatever your holiday priority, our priority is you. tamron is over cameron is room. >> happy monday. the biggest names gathered in l.a. sunday night for the star-studded awards show. the chatting started online when one of the hosts gigi hadid kicked off her impression of melania trump. here's her take on the next first lady.
7:50 am
sasha and malia. >> so you heard some laughter in the audience, but online, guys, guest what happened. a mixed bag reaction. phillip tweeted, well, gigi had did just rocked the melania impression and what you did on the ama awards insulting melania trump shows you have no class, tasteless. this was an interesting and this is salina gomez getting favorite female artist back in the spotlight and stealing hearts. >> i had to stop because i had everything. and i was absolutely broken inside. >> if you are broken, you do not
7:51 am
thing you should know about me. i care about people. thank you so much for this. this is for you. >> selena was flooded with support online. this picture with lady gaga saying selena's biggest prize of all is her heart. we love selena gomez and certainly support her bravery faing all these things in front of her fan and general public. she's pretty awesome. >> i bet it meant a lot. thank you so much. coming up, we talk with carrie fisher about her "star wars" affair. yes, she and harrison ford did get together all niece years ago just like matt has been hoing for decades. >> why would you say that? batening down the hatches, some flip-flops have the internet all abuzz. ng. get $24.99 toys
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this is a "news4 today" newsbreak. >> good morning. it's november 21st, 2016. i'm eun yang. thanksgiving is only a few days away and all the families that need a hot meal for the holidays. pat is at the verizon center. good morning, pat! >> reporter: helping us set the table this y families throughout the washington area. food for families collects food. we want to put a turkey and trimmings on the table. our baskets are still bare. donations coming. we need more. donate a can or item. call the phone bank. 282-885-4949. back to you. >> thank you. we'll check in with chuck bell
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good morning, temperatures will struggle with a strong northwest wind today. quite chilly and quieter wednesday and -- - by agreeing to have my... both: our... - novec power bill rounded up each month. - my few cents... - added to my few cents... both: added to our few cents... - add up to help improve lives in the local community. - support operation round up by having your novec power bill rounded up to the next dollar.
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all: that's the power of one. - sign up today at - it's 8:00. coming up, carried away. >> sometimes i amaze even myself. >> that doesn't sound too hard. >> carrie fisher's new and she will stop by to talk about secret romances and life after princess leia. plus, thanks and giving. introducing us to an nfl player who beat the odds and followed his dreams. >> this was a very satisfying feeling, something i had been working for since i was 5 and playing football. here we go again. first, it was the dress that took the internet by storm.
8:01 am
what colors do you see? white and gold? how about black and blue? the color confusion that has people asking, am i seeing things? today, monday november 21st, 2016. ?? good morning! >> it's >> good morning! >> it's our first time in new york! >> good "today" in new york! take new y! hi to everyone >> good morning, arkansas. >> good morning, magnolia, salt lake city. we are wobbling in new york city! >> we're back on a monday morning. look at the crowds we have
8:02 am
pre-holiday groups coing in getting ready for the macy's thanksgiving parade. all week long and all day long we will give you a sneak peek at the 90th macy's thanksgiving day parade. performances coing up, dancers and marching bands and that cool cat there. >> felix was the first balloon ever in the parade. >> i want to say, i've been standing next to these stilt guys because they actually make me feel >> i'll stay right next to them. >> as you can see, our stubble continues to grow during november for our no shave campaign. we want to do our part for awareness for men's health all month-long. >> if you're joining us in this great cause, remember, tweet or instagram photos and #no shave today. >> time now for the news at 8:00. >> i'm kristen welker.
8:03 am
the president-elect set to meet with former texas governor and political foe, rick perry today, after a series of high profile meetings over the weekend with less than two months before mr. trump takes office. president-elect, donald trump is furiously building his team, greeting prospective cabinet members over the weekend at his new jersey golf club including rudy guiliani and mitt romney both being considered for secreta o various theaters in the world. >> reporter: after meeting with chris christie, trump refused to commit to any potential role. >> he's a very talented man, great guy. >> reporter: also appearing at trump's side, retired marine general, james "mad dog" matisse for secretary of defense. and also, the team is
8:04 am
immigrants, something trump's incoming chief of staff tried to clarify. >> i'm not going to rule out anything. we're not going to have a registry based on a religion. a religion. >> boo! >> reporter: as the team takes shape, vice president elect, mike pence, was greeted by a mix of cheers and boos while attending the broadway show, "hamilton". at curtains asking the to respect the vice president and delivering a strong message. >> we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and work on behalf of all of us. >> reporter: that moment, triggering a blistering response from trump unleashing a series of tweets over the weekend calling the tony award rated show overrated and demanded an
8:05 am
bothered. >> i wasn't offended. i will leave it to others to decide that. >> reporter: and whether trump tried to distract over the weekend from the $25 million settlement. mr. trump's ire isn't only directed at broadway. the president-elect once again tearing into "saturday night live," calling it a totally one-sided bias >> siri -- >> reporter: his anger aimed at alec baldwin's impressions. >> we'll get through it if we work hard together. >> thank you, mike. oh, and mike, you're going to do everything, right? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: and we're also learning this morning that mr. trump will move to washington immediately, butwif melania, and his son, baron, 10 years old, will delay their move, allowing baron to finish out his
8:06 am
matt. >> thank you very much. to the first major snowstorm of the season. it here with 60 million people under a winter storm advisory for today, faing heavy snow and bitter winds. up to 12 inches of snow could fall on top of what fell sunday. some areas could see 20-inches by the time this snow moves out. and high winds expected to lead to flight delays from boston to washington, d.c. al will have wait until you see emma stone's new move from twerking to -- >> and carrie fisher as she talks "star wars," onset romance and life after princess leia. >> can't wait for that. more on the thanksgiving parade on the plaza, giing us a sneak
8:07 am
just press "clean" and let roomba from irobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home. cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba, from irobot.
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it is 8:09. time for what's trending. ready? >> makes you want to dance, doesn't it? ?? >> want to start over? it is the day so many people circled on their calendars this time of the month. not talking about thanksgiving. "black friday." we've become used to seeing videos like this, people storming doors of stores,
8:10 am
a thing of the past. business insider says foot traffic on "black friday" has been steaily declining over the last several years. it's expected to fall another 4% this year. we know the reason. >> online. >> people are staying home. why fight the crowds when you can sit on my bed or couch and click online. >> the same deals or better. >> there is something about the energy. >> really? d said? >> certainly things you will never -- >> in the parking lot looking. >> it's a tradition, we always go. >> clearly, but not matt. >> i elbow at the bar. >> this is one of our favorite internet sillinesses. remember the uproar over the dress?
8:11 am
there's a new one tearing families apart. these flip-flops from habanias. what colors do you see? >> i see blue. >> blue and grey. >> i see blue and brown or grey. >> so, what is it? >> there is a correct answer. havaranas confirmed they are in fact blue and dark blue. >> wait. let's see again. >> what? >> they always do show a completely different picture to explain it. >> i don't get that. >> the fluorescent light. >> wasn't that fun, though? >> yes. >> they will share some shoes. >> anybody here know someone who can at times be overly happy? >> no. >> overly chipper? you know the kind of person who's smiing even before their first cup of coffee in the morning? >> hey! >> don't pick on me.
8:12 am
according to some. in other case, a new study suggest there's at least one down side, hoda. you aren't always happy, by the way. you have a side. others think that when people are a little bit too happy, you can take advantage of them. >> no one things that about -- >> no. >> this research comes from nyu, university of chicago and university of pennsylvania, very happy people were perceived as naive. >> pushovers. >> >> that'sn you're more likely to encounter -- >> it does happy. you say yes to one thing and one more thing and then you're yessing your way down. >> mistaking kindness for rudeness. >> we mischaracter rides it. you are not overly happy, you are extremely kind at all times. i mean that. >> let's ghetto joy ball here.
8:13 am
>> first, is kanye a ball of joy? west, caceling a big show three hours before showtime, kanye canceled, no reason given, it happened after he left thousands of fans outraged in search and rescue, showed up late, stormed off the stage 30 minutes after the show targeting everybody from hillary clinton and mark zuckerberg and the went >> because i heard that you said you wouldn't perform unless you won video of the year over me and over hotline bling. i've been sent here to give y'all the truth. jay z, call me bru h. you still ain't call me. >> he's not mad at me, is he? >> you would know. he doesn't hold back. after a torrent of complaints,
8:14 am
fans of both shows. here's my "popstart" tip. go on to snoop dogg instagram watching kanye's rant and it will offer you new life. >> just don't go to a kanye concert and call it a day. >> don't click onto snoop dogg at work and keep the volume down. not safe for work. doesn't mean it's not funny. one of the industry's most legendary bands, the eagles have given us one of songs, "hotel california" and "taking it easy." after 40 years, even one band member said he gets sick of hearing his hits. at a restaurant, they put on an eagles song, gives him a little bit of his own music. henley says he calls over the waitress and asks her to change the music. i've kind of heard that before.
8:15 am
>> we will check out finally, emma stone showing off her dance moves and going head-to-head with the queen of daytime dancing, ellen. ? ? let's dance let's dance ?? ?? ? ? let's dance let's >> separate that nice? emma doing a pretty good lady's dance. >> and this "ellen" airs today. >> she has a great personality. >> she does. >> roker, check of the weather. >> quickly, looking what's going on, we have that big snowstorm in the northeast. you look at your holiday travel,
8:16 am
strong storms. could cause problems for detroit as far as air travel on wednesday. possibly delays and rainy conditions overnight. out west, talk about the roads in seattle, i-5 in the pacific northwest, we are looking from search and rescue to seattle, rainy travel and snow over the mountain passes, that's what's going on around the country and here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. i'm chuck bell, the area. temperatures in the mid-30s but that strong midwest wind has temperatures in the low 20s. throughout the rest of the day, two words you will be repeating, windy and cold and back to near 50 degrees on your tuesday. >> that's your latest weather.
8:17 am
jury "star wars." but decades later, i . carey fisher will forever be known as princess leia in "star wars." and she has a new book. good morning. and hi to your dog, he comes with you everywhere. did he help you with the book? >> he helped me write it. >> the revelation came out last week in the wars," you and hans had an affair. >> you're kidding, i didn't know that. >> i was a "star wars" nerd and my mind was blown. >> why? >> i thought it was so exciting. are you surprised at the reaction? >> i'm surprised at the reaction, yeah. >> what surprises you about it? >> it's so much.
8:18 am
thought about it. once i thought about it, i'm so glad that happened. >> a lot of the fans did think about it for a while. they made up carrison as a word. >> i like that. and tell us is carrison real. that was going on for a while. >> as i understand it, you ran across your actual diaies from this time period when you were shooting "star wars," when this was going on. had you written them? >> i forgot i had written them and i had never written diaies like that. i write when i'm upset. i was upset. it's about two or three months of upset. >> the diaies were in the book. it seems like you were in love, felt that way. >> well, i was 19. yeah. so i was not a cavalier type
8:19 am
about it and what did the diaries bring back? what was that time like? >> i didn't remember any details. i don't have a good memory. i had seen to it on various activities. no, it was sad because i was so insecure. it's very raw, obviously, i didn't expect any, including myself later on to read it. >> you did give a heads-up to what did he say? do you think he's read the book? >> i don't know. he's incredibly private. i feel really bad about doing that to him, but, yes, i told him i found the journals and i was going to publish him and he sort of went, lawyer! >> just made a joke. this reaction you've gotten, you do seem genuinely surprised by it. >> i am. i don't know why.
8:20 am
enough, it comes true, i think. we were cast that way, i suppose. >> there was chemistry. look at you guy, you are just adorable. i think that's what it is. i think people would have been rooting for that. i will say you are very honest about the fact you were 19, he was 33, he was married and had two kids and you even write you were almost relieved when the affair ended because youdi >> i wasn't raised that way. >> yeah. >> when you're on location, this is something i discovered, everything is permitted. i didn't know that. i haven't been on location since. >> one thing you're not going to get in this book is a bunch of steamy sex scenes or anything. >> thank god. >> i don't know if i'd feel that way. >> look at you, you've had a steamy sex scene obviously. >> i don't know.
8:21 am
>> not that long, not as long as mine in the book. >> okay, was that on purpose or was it like because it's a fuzzy memory? >> i accidentally didn't write about sex. no, i mean, there's just so far that you want to go. this is already too far, so that i'm going to go and rate someone. what's the criteria for good in bed? >> i don't know. >> i think there should be a standard, like olympics type thi >> like 9.0 or something like that? >> yeah. >> are you suggesting that you have raing in mind? >> i'm suggesting we get a panel and i'll discuss it with them and then we'll find out. >> carrie fisher, such a delight. it is such a window into this moment in time so many fans are interested in. wonderful to see you, and gary. >> you, too. congratulations on the set. >> thank you.
8:22 am
your sentence right now. thank you so much. the book is called the princess di ryes. check it out with cassie lee and hoda. if you start talking a bunch of sex with them and held back on me, i will be mad at you. send it over to matt. >> thank you very much. an annual tradition around here. the amazing work done at st. jude children's research hospital. we're looking at success stories on patients we profiled over the "today's" jenna bush hager has one incredible story. >> good morning. this is one of my favorite series. six years ago we introduce you'd to sean coleman, a top athlete. st. jude not only saved his life but kept his desire to play athletic football alive. >> reporter: 24-year-old sean coleman knew the world champion before his first game in the nfl. today, he's living his dream as offensive tackle for the
8:23 am
feeling, something i had been working for since i was 5 years old, playing football. >> reporter: he already has won his biggest battle far more challening than any on the field. >> it's a blessing to be here, great opportunity. >> reporter: there was the time the thought of football seemed like a blessing that would never be his. >> i had a real bad flu and went to the doctor and dade couple of tests and we found out then. >> reporter: six years ago, sea athlete. after accepting a scholarship at football powerhouse, auburn university, he found out he had cancer. >> it was pretty crazy, scary not knowing what it would do. >> sean had the most common cancer in childhood. the survival rates are over 95%. talking about teenagers, the outcome is not as good as kids. >> reporter: sean's parents took
8:24 am
although they kept a spot on the team, his dreams were put on hold. >> i had to go through treatment 3 1/2 years and i sat out of football about 2 1/2 years. >> reporter: those years didn't stop the heart of this champion. throughout treatment, sean continued to work hard belieing one day he would make to it the nfl. doctors at st. jude made every effort to get sean back in the game. >> as soon as the treatment was over and central line was removed -- >> reporter: you allowed him to go b yes. >> when i got the green light to start playing again, it was very exciting. i can't expln how i feel to be out there on the field. >> reporter: sean succeeded on and off the field earning both a bachelor's and masters degree. >> going to college i wanted to get as much as i could out of it. it worked out real good. >> reporter: he became an
8:25 am
had leukemia. >> reporter: how much does his friendship mean to you? >> put it this way, i feel it would have been a lot more times i feel like giing up without him. >> reporter: last year, sean entered the nfl draft. >> it was time to make a transition to an elite level of football. >> reporter: sean knew there was nowhere more important to be on draft day. he was at st. jude when he received the call that he h >> the cleveland browns select shon coleman. >> i was very excited and the kids were excited for an opportunity to pursue their dreams. >> national director for st. jude's research hospital, marlowe thomas. good morning. what a recovery. >> isn't it great? >> amazing. >> because st. jude leads the way in three ways, working
8:26 am
happen. first is a diagnosis. we map the healthy genome as well as the cancer genome and find out through therapy. we trigger that therapy. this is a "news4 today" newsbreak. >> good morning. it's 8:26 on this monday, november 21st. i'm aaron gilchrist. this thanksgiving we are collecting donations and raiing money to feed local famiies a hot holiday meal. live at the donations are already coming in for our food for families campaign. >> reporter: hey, aaron, we are curbside and we have food, as you can see here. donations have been pouring in over the last hour. someone just drove up in a big truck from white house foods to donate applesauce. we have food and volunteers who will take your cash and check donations. cal202-885-4949.
8:27 am
tickets tonight against the suns. >> call the number you see on the screen. we'll show it to you, or you can
8:28 am
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?? ?? ?? 8:30 now. it is monday morning, 21st of
8:31 am
cheer group. getting a little taste of the macy's thanksgiving parade. >> this team made up of elite athletes all over the country, over 1100 cheerleaders and dancer is in the parade. 15 million viewers on television. >> one of my favorite parts of the parade when you guys get out there. so awesome. i know you're team behind the 90th parade. the all-star thanksgiving rolls on with pastry chef extraordinary, teaming up to put pie and cake together. it's never been done before in one big amazing dessert. >> we know it's cold because tamron is trying to get some of the heat i'm radiating. >> from the baby.
8:32 am
snow in the northeast. we have mountain snows in the great lakes and rockies and more wet weather making its way to the pacific northwest. rocky snow midweek, rocky half of the country not too great and eastern half not too great. more snow by the end of the week in the pacific northwest. temperature-wise, below normal. it stays cold in the northwest and south and latter part of the week, the toasty conditions part of the country, on the chilly side. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in or neck of the woods. >> cold outside, temperatures struggle to get to the low mand mid 40s. a few showers late wednesday night.
8:33 am
thursday and we will be dry. high fire danger. be careful outside. >> that's your latest weather. how about a performance from the great american marching band! ?? ?? ?? ? that's the jingle bells that's the jingle bells that's the jingle bells rock ?? >> that was the macy's great american marching band. awesome. we want to introduce since we have coming down the streets of manhattan thursday morning, not only felix the cat and the band and a lot of balloons, we have these two. >> i know.
8:34 am
the parade and joined by the creative team, joined by amy, executive producer and john piper, a familiar face, vice president of the macy's day parade. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> it will be about this temperature, right? >> a little warmer but we might see some showers. >> no, no, no. >> you're in charge of the weather. >> i have to start bysk serious question about security for the parade on thursday, in light of a specific threat. what's being done? >> the same thing we do every year. we rely on state and local authorities to do their job and we are great at flying balloons. we will do what we do an let the experts do what they do. >> jo -- hoda was bringing felix
8:35 am
>> the first character. >> you have recreated the original felix. >> exactly recreated. the same size and scale and actually produced by folks from our parade studio, some of whom are here, hand-stitched the way good year did it in 1927. >> will it be carried with policy down the street, old school. >> no helium in this balloon? >> there's a little bit of helium and a little bit of >> is there a place where tamron canned get up and get absorbed with that balloon like she was with another? that was fun. >> what do you have new this year? >> we have a lot of things. we were excited about the first balloon, the four trolls balloon. we've never done this before. we have our second charlie brown and second diary of a wimpy kid
8:36 am
things with floats this year and we have a three story waterfall. >> and you have tons of celebs come ing. it will be fun. >> and a surprise performance by tony bennett and special guest. >> special guest is the surprise. there you go. >> thank you very much. you can watch the 90th macy's thanksgiving parade, starting at 9:00 thursday on nbc. >> let's have a surprise! push to support small businesses this holiday season.
8:37 am
8:38 am
>> announcer: shop small on "today" presented by american expression.
8:39 am
the seventh annual small business saturday, one cook putting it on the line from line cook to ceo in just four years. >> i started this business with $300. i went from being a line cook to a ceo in four years. >> reporter: 29-year-old ellen bennett turned a frayed apron into a opportunity. >> i knew where the pockets were ripping and where the apron straps were fraying and i knew exactly what i wanted to fix about them and make them better and wear with dignity and pride in the kitchen and this evolution of the best uniform was created. >> reporter: in 2012, headley and bennett was born, a hand-crafted apron company, based in southern california. >> one by one, like the old school hustle.
8:40 am
to people, as many people as i could everywhere i went. >> reporter: bennett is part of the global emergence of melenial entrepreneurs under 35 with profit ambitions and one of the many women in this country that have small businesses growing at four times the national average. >> we have sold hundreds of thousands of aprons now, all hand-made, still with the same level of detail than day one. >> reporter: the ape 5o $150, outfit chefs from mario vitali to david change and they come with 150 fabrics and finishing. >> the one people want we have them every day. she has created a career for people now. >> reporter: at the core, she
8:41 am
together. >> the world is getting closer and closer together because of social media. we are constantly doing things to connect. cookbook parties, have brunches and host charity events. uniforms unite people. when you combine the two, like the best of every world, all about finding what makes you special and makes you different. for me, i want to help bring each other up in the world. that is >> reporter: for today. nbc news. >> the administrator of the small business administration, maria, good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> always good to see you. >> we know the big box retailers have always had success, but trend lines show small business picking up. >> we're excited. at small business administration we're at record contracts and
8:42 am
down on all of this and we ask people to go to our website so we can help them. >> what are millennials playing in all this? >> there is a renaissance. they're creaing exciing places to go to. i encourage everybody to go out on saturday and shop small and dine small on saturday. >> small businesses don't have a lot of known advertise and have a has changed all of that. >> that's correct. with social media you can create your own platform and reach people all around the world. even small businesses can go to the small business administration to get services how to create their sales program even in the international market. >> going back to the success of the aprons, is there a world you see small businesses getting the respect they deserve and big
8:43 am
successfully? >> tx tng is corporations need small business, job creators and need them for supply chain and innovation and nimbleness. small businesses enjoy that relationship and it's a win-win for everybody. >> this is one of my favorite times of the year, because it's shopping and i love a small business success story and we see them everyday. >> thank you so much. a reminder to shop small this saturda up next, a thanksgiving from two all-star chefs.
8:44 am
8:45 am
this morning on "today's food, all-star thanksgiving," a
8:46 am
dessert having pastry chefs collaboraing on something spectacular. a chef editor and great to see you today. is it a pie or cake? >> you've seen it on social media, blowing up, people putting pies in cakes, crazy. >> a lit like the commercial, they have an accident, you have pie in my cake, no, you have cake in my pie. >> you bake them together. >> he and i have feelings about that pretty strong. we decided to collaborate and make something we would want to eat. >> let's talk about the cake part and talk about the ingredients. >> we have bundt cake and chocolate chips. the big thing is pumpkin puree.
8:47 am
pie filling. sugar, pumpkin puree, brown sugar, flour and eggs and we mix it up and make two bundt cakes. >> has to be two. we're making something that -- >> it is a surprise. >> all right. >> we made the mixture here, put it in the pan. how long does it cook and how do you know it's done? >> it will cook about 35, 40 minutes and you know it's pulling it out. cake is done. >> you will make the frosting now? >> i will make a frosting. >> lots of uygar. >>-- lots of sugar. >> nothing wrong with sugar. it's thanksgiving. >> i always put maple. i'm a vermonter. milk because it's very good.
8:48 am
>> and heavy cream. why not? it's thanksgiving and we have our fat pants on. >> and presering your secret. >> i will preserve it. >> we boil that up. it goes into the food processor? >> mixer. >> mixer. sorry. >> it has to match your batter. how long did you have to work on night. it has to be cool before you start adding butter. >> put the butter in. we only have two minutes left and we have an entire section left. talk about the pie part of this. >> this is the pie part. traditionally they bake everything together and it's a big fat mess. i thought, let's put the pie in the middle and so you just fill -- >> story bought pie crust -- store bought pie crust.
8:49 am
>> you sound so disappointed. >> you don't have a soggy bottom and nobody likes a soggy bottom. then, you make the filling, brown sugar, some butter. you have maple again. again, one of the tricks for this, when this is warm, you slowly add it into the eggs. you want to whip that up? please on? sure. >> you whip that up because you'll slowly add the hot stuff to y tempering. you can chop up the pecans or leave them whole, up to you. you can eat both of these separately. you don't have to do it together. >> i just don't want to short change the final step here. we'll pretend that's happened. now is when these two great baking minds come together. go for it. >> now, we're going to take this pecan pie and you put it on top
8:50 am
so you can wrap your head around it. i think of it as the filling of a chocolate cake, the gooey caramel pecan. we can discuss the pronouning later. we had a discussion about it. >> there's more. >> line it up. the bunted has peculiar pointing. >> people starting to get the idea what this will look like. >> ice the whole thing and it becomes -- >> a pumpkin! >> how are our taste testers doing? >> great! >> it's really good. you have to get some of the pecan and take and the right bite. it's really good. really good.
8:51 am
seriously, not that bad. >> you will make pecan anyway. >> fantastic. creative, guys. happy thanksgiving. >> shush. eat it and shush. >> all right. thank you. thank you very much. check out all our thanksgiving recips when 30 chefs join us for a huge pre-thanksgiving celebration. up next, going to talk about records and some awards she may see tonight.
8:52 am
8:53 am
e . well, over the summer, you might say katie ledecky made sport and won four gold medals and silver and left others in the dust. >> it's the 14th annual goggle swimming awards. good to see you. tell us what's happening since rio. >> i had three weeks between rio and heading off to stanford and
8:54 am
things packed and move in and i've had a great time at stanford so far. >> in the interim, you're breaking records. >> we thought you broke a record and then another hour passed. >> this says you broke the ncaa freestyle by 20 seconds last night. >> that means you get out of the pool, have a coffee and that's why you're keeping up your momentum like that? >> been training with the stanford team and working hard with them. >> it was just recently you broke thousand yard ncaa free tile record. you broke that one of by 10 seconds and second place finisher was 35 seconds behind you. >> i remember watching that on youtube. this is an eternity. >> we just like -- i know you
8:55 am
tell us about being a college kid. how has it been? can you have a regular college experience? >> completely regular. i have three great roommates and awesome classes and i'm enjoying it a lot. >> what are you studying? >> i'm not sure what i'm majoring in yet, figuing it out. the nice thing about stanford there are many ways to go and will use my freshman year to figure it out. >> what's your guilty >> i don't know. i'm looking forward to my mom's thanksgiving dinner this week. >> with the entire family. >> right behind us. >> the family, which is really cool. >> look at them scatter! >> how do you feel about tokyo? >> i'm looking forward to it. hopefully i'll be there a long ways away. starting to set the groundwork for the next four years this
8:56 am
be female athlete of the year. just a guess. i don't know. i'm not going to try and ruin the voting. >> she broke another record in the last 20 seconds. >> on the way to the event, will break a record. >> katie, you're awesome. good luck tonight. >> bobby flay is coming up the next hour and warren bait tin an interview with matt. good morning. it's 8:56 on this monday, november 21st. news4 is working for you in the community today. we're collecting donations on our annual food for families campaign. live at the verizon center where you can help feed families the
8:57 am
we're working to collect food. we have help this morning, the storm team 4x4 is here and storm ranger ford is here. you can come by and look at them if you like. a donation and drop off a can of food or box food item and call in your donations at 202-885-4949. if you plan to come to the wizards-suns game tonight at 70, collecting food for family at the game and for a donation of at least $25 here at verizon center, you get two tickets to the game. how's that? you can't beat that. donate the food for famiies to get more, call the phone bank or log onto >> thank you. you can donate by calling the
8:58 am
8:59 am
and get thirty-six month, no-interest financing. black friday specials, while supplies last. friday, three hours only. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. don't miss our black friday specials at havertys.
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good morning on "today's take." you ready for a throwdown? we have bobby flay as our co-host. and on thanksgiving. this is "today's take" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today," november 21, 2016. i'm al and our good pal, chef, bobby flay, kind enough to join us on our "today's" turkey trot. >> thank you for having me. we had a great time.
9:01 am
holidays. >> whenha co-host as a chef, i would imagine we have a big spread of food brought out to us. >> we have some food. >> you always get disappointed. tamron was on "beat bobby flay." we will have you on this season for sure. >> i beat bobby flay. >> handily. >> what about the show? >> we have a slice of cake here but you didn't make it. >> i know, this is fromhe hour. this is like the tradunkin of pastry. what iit? >> pumpkin puree chocolate chip cake sandwiched around a pecan pie. >> it's the new trend. what's the name of it? pike. >> i call it a pie-cake. >> look at that. >> sugar rush. >> if you could have a cake in a pie, what kind of cake would you merge with a pie? >> definitely, apple pie, the
9:02 am
cream pie. >> oh. i didn't see that coming. >> it's healthy, it's fruit. banana cream. >> sort of. >> i go with a caramel cake with an apple pie. >> that's really good. i like that. >> key lime pie would be my pie and then my cake would just be vanilla cake. is that too borg? page and give us your combo, your cake-pie combo, what would it be. harsh #pike. >> what object a key lime pie and cream cheese chocolate cake. >> i'm not into that. >> speak about our facebook page, it blew up on friday. >> what about must have toys for
9:03 am
>> beanie baby. >> and toys take off and nobody can get them. >> that's what happened. we showed you last friday, dylan and harry connick hatched a hatchable. they nursed this egg until this blue creature popped out. the instructions says it takes between 20 and 60 minutes. our hatchimal didn't come out until the 60 minute mark and set social media on fire. 4 million views of this. we heard grandmoms, where d i get this for my grandchild. >> they're selling out. >> i have one and unfortunately i have a 7-year-old and 10-year-old who now have to have a hunger games contest. >> what causes it to hatch? time? >> you hold it. when you put it down the timer stops, you pick it up the timer starts back un. you eats have to have a kid with a lot of patience who can hold
9:04 am
and they assured us they increased production and expedite it and shipments will be arriing in stores throughout the holiday season and early 2017. you might have to get an iou from santa for the child. >> your moment is thanksgiving, we're told? >> my moment is thanksgiving. >> day of the year, i get up at 3:30 in the morning. and roast two 30 pound turkeys. >> i didn't know they came that big. 30 pounds! >> people come to my house with tupperware to go. >> you don't mind it? >> no. that's what thanksgiving is about. giing thanks and i get to show my love through food, the
9:05 am
tupperware, i had people over for dinner and gave them my tupperware. it's not coming back. that made me think, thanksgiving trick for you, bring your own tupperware and you get to take home bobby flay. >> what we end up doing, we save all the takeout containers we get and people come over and we have leftovers we give them the takeout containers. >> i have to do that. i don't like having a library checkout card for my tupperware. i'm getting to that point. whatyo >> i'm making a southwest thanksgiving this year, the first thing i thought of was the cornbread and chorizo stuffing. i want it to be nice and crusty. >> i like in the bird stuffing. >> here's my tip for thanksgiving. it's important if you're going to host thanksgiving, you listen very intently. >> i'm listening. >> you have to be organized. i will cook all the food but my
9:06 am
a dessert or bottle of wine and your tupperware. we have the wine covered and dessert covered and i cook all the food. >> you require guests to stick around and clean up? >> i don't. >> very magnanimous. >> although people volunteer their way through. >> and steal your- >> and the turkey and tupperware. >> we asked viewers at home to >> ready for it. >> submit your questions to -- >> fire away. >>#aache >> the turkey hat made a reappearance. >> they thought it would be funny if we wore a turkey hat and put it on. most of our chest said, thanks but not so much. >> you dig in the turkey.
9:07 am
new jersey. my first time making a turkey. what's my best approach? >> do what i do. don't brine and season with salt and pepper and slather a bunch of melted butter in there and kick it into the oven. >> do you cover it? >> i don't. i cover it later. start at 400 degrees and gets nice and brown 45 minutes to an hour depending how big it is and cover with tinfoil to protect it and keep roasting it. i slow down the oven to 350. >> from hanna from birmingham, alabama, what's the difference between dressing and stuffing. >> i like dressing, i don't like stuffing. >> stuffinis in the bird and dressing is cooking it on the side. the reason i like to cook on the side for two reason, you get a really nice crust on the outside and get that good contrast of texture and it helps cook the bird evenly if you don't stuff it and quicker. >> i do both.
9:08 am
mix them. >> i want to let you know this on the air, al. al has a lot of street cred, the cooking industry because he's been so supportive a long time. we know he can cook. few he can cook. how many things do you cook on your menu? >> i don't do that many. turkey, probably do a ham. >> you throw the ham in there. >> yeah. >> he goes big. >> last one, jennifer, i want to add thanksgiving table. favorite recipe. >> i'm doing one tomorrow. john and i will be here tomorrow doing a brussel sprout recipe. it has pomegranate and pecans or walnut, pomegranate and molasses, go out and get that tomorrow. >> you will show us tomorrow. >> blanche and roast and season and that's it. >> i just roast with rendered
9:09 am
garlic. >> you have to go on bobby flay. >> his game is strong. philosophy. >> his game is strong! >> oh, man, do you know how long it takes to get my hair to look this messy? up next, the hot fashion trend, not this, burning up the red carpet at last night's ama as. underwear as outerwear. these kids are crazy. about doing it for the holidays. up next, we'll see the stars. >> great look. >> that's a good look. ? i never over think it do what i want ? ? and i do it my way (okay) ? ? we live the life we want to live ? ? that's right let's celebrate ? ? yeah we're all about a good time ? ? yeah we're all about a good life ? ? you won't believe until you see this ? ? is gonna be a fun ride ? ? yeah we're all about a good time ?
9:10 am
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we're non stop, we've gotta have our extra protein. oikos triple zero greek non fat yogurt has 15 grams of protein. zero added sugar, zero artificial sweetener and zero fat. and zero holding me back! oikos triple zero. be unstoppable.
9:12 am
we are back with more of "today's take" and our special co-host who didn't bring any food but a great chef. >> you have a kitchen here. >> bobby flay. >> what's going on there? >> i'm foodless. >> when a chef is fashions. >> don'i them? >> the american music awards were last night. a couple moments people were talking about before we get to this fashion. heart this young lady so much. selena gomez, her first public appearance before she took time off. she took about three months off to deal with personal issues. here's what she said in her speech last night.
9:13 am
absolutely broken inside. i kept it all together, i would never let you down. i kept it too much together to where i let myself down. i don't want to see your bodies on instagram. i want to see what's in here. i'm not trying to get validation, nor do i need it anymore. if you are broken, you do not have to stay broken. if you respect me or thank you so much for this. this is for you. >> she's only 24 years old. she's been through it both in her personal life and music. she won on the happy note there, favorite female pop rock artist. best new artist award, malik -- it says that, right? >> but he's been around. >> he's in a band. once you go solo, they start the clock over.
9:14 am
i heart him, too, one of my new favorite artists as well. >> i like the guy, bobby brown, i will go out on my own and justin timberlake. you feel loyal to the band and you want to step out. >> the big winner of fashion. underwear last night. take a look at what some of the t she's showing the bra. very madonna. and ariana grande did a b oh austier. >> rebecca romijn, she was on our show yesterday, she has the body of a goddess. an naw jeter, formerly hannah davis. what do you think?
9:15 am
>> as long as it's done tastefully, amazing. >> is it only red carpet hollywood or can you put this into a cocktail party for work? >> would i wear my understood wear? >> i've seen bobby. >> i would go commando. >> tell me you're not cooking, though. that oil spatter could be a problem. >> burnt >> wow. >> i think if it's done tastefully. when you see it on the red carpet, it starts to seep into mainstream everywhere. we will be seeing more bras and underwear as long as it is done tastefully. >> i have say gigi hadid is my favorite supermodel because she loves food. i've talked to her a few times. she wants to do food
9:16 am
she talked about on her phone was all these dishes she wants to eat, i think is a great message for young women and food to have that relationship. >> absolutely. we share the same favorite hamburger in new york city, j.j. melon. >> i've not been there. put that on our list. j.g. melon. >> and nfl football, we always see great tackles. check this one out. the vikings coming out on the field. he continued working the whole game. look at that. boom! he was okay, broke his glass, got a little blood on his nose, continued to work the whole game. >> he didn't go home? >> didn't go home. his glasses broken. reminds me of a great movie in the 1960s, walter matthau and
9:17 am
gets run over by a new york giant. there's jack lemon playing camera guy and all of a sudden, boom, takes him out. >> what just happened with bo by and what happens at your thanksgiving dinner, someone talks about something you have no idea, are you supposed to tell them you don't know? >> tell them you don't know. exactly what i was i thought you were going to talk about burt reynolds in "the longest yard." >> we want to send love and congratulations to one of our pals here, our superviing producer, adam miller and wife, mandy, had a baby girl over the weekend. harper. 7 pounds, 4 ounce, 20-inch, joining big sister ellie. they are so cute.
9:18 am
minutes after that was taken. you guys are the hallmark family. props really for mandy going with adam's need to get jennifer aniston in there. >> and tammy filler is obsessed with matt damon. we all have these celebrities -- nobody named their kid -- >> way to go, mandy. >> maybe they will kick in. let's see what's going on with your weather. wet weather going to southern california. lake effect snow in the northeast. look how chilly it is. 20s and 30s in the northeast. wind advisories from pennsylvania to new england. airport delays.
9:19 am
the pacific northwest which may affect wednesday's thanksgiving get away! we'll have more of that coming up. that's what's going up around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. i'm chuck bell. off to a windy cold start this morning. wind chills below freezing, shenandoah valley and northern maryland and 25 degree windchill. temperature gradually climbs to the low mid-atlantic 40s. it will stay breezy tomorrow. and travel day on wednesday and thursday. maybe a thursday shower. >> that is your latest weather. coming up next, so excited, forecast for gotham, danger! ben mckenzie, the new season of "gotham," life as a new dad and so much more.
9:20 am
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9:23 am
looking for revenge. >> i didn't start this. i'll get to the bottom of it. you have my word. >> i'll give you one day. >> good morning. >> everybody on this show talks in a lower register. >> there are so many outtakes and we try and miss everything is very serious in gotham. >> i was watching this over the weekend, the one showing tonight. i was so exhausted for your character, you have so many things to deal with over and over. how do you deal with it? >> it's never a sunny day in
9:24 am
exhausting. >> th's s we're making, a bad man's show. it's a lot of fun. we keep it light on the show to relieve the pressure. the finale is coming up a week from tonight and that will have all the big deaths and explosion and all kinds of things. >> yes. >> you probably will pose more questions. >> we might, al, we might do tt. >> indeed. you know how this works. >> i love it! >> i got me! >> it's fun playing the villain. this guy has both sides. >> he does. he's sort of towing the line between light and dark. he's the batman before there's a batman, the guy trying to keep the wolves at bay and keep the city functioning and it is falling apart more and more in
9:25 am
end of the series. >> so good to see you. congratulations on your new daughter. thanks so much. >> gotham airs tonight on fox. here's a transition. easy to make ahead appetizers. ?? there are 16 fresh-picked oranges squeezed into each bottle of tropicana pure premium. and absolutely no space for added sugar, water, or preservatives. tropicana. we put the good in morning.
9:26 am
starts thursday, 6pm. walmart. this is a "news4 today" the face break. >> good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. you can help donate food for families campaign happening right no pat muse is there right now. >> reporter: hey, aaron. one of the big attractions is this thing, the storm ranger for our mobile truck. and around noon today, maybe they can tell us how this works and warm it up. you can donate online or call our food bank. help us put the happy in
9:27 am
>> thank you. we'll have a look at your
9:28 am
good morning.
9:29 am
all afternoon. gusty and cold tonight as well into tomorrow. winds will lay down pretty significantly after tuesday and
9:30 am
"today's" food thanksgiving and entertaining is sponsored by pier 1. find what speaks to you at pier 1 imports. >> we're just three day ways from thanksgiving. how do you not have bobby flay as your co-host the kitchen? he will host with easy to mak ahead apps. what do we start with? >> we will make brussel sprouts and bacon glazed with maple syrup. >> and put on toast, very popular. >> i like to put the slices with olive oil and salt and pepper and you want them to have a
9:31 am
>> i like a baguette. it doesn't have a lot of flavor that gets in the way of it. >> goat cheese is too strong. >> it might be. >> there is an a showdown in the kitchen between the two. >> not a showdown. >> just getting tips. >> you were complaining to me about not having food. here we go. >> this is what i deal with all the time. >> and you love it! you love it! >> very thin big-time thanksgiving ingredient, bacon glazed with maple syrup that becomes part of the bacon. what we do is break up the bacon and put it in with brussel sprouts and put in fresh thyme, and salt and pepper. >> not for me.
9:32 am
>> when your guests get there for thanksgiving, they haven't eaten in four day, they want to seat something. give them this and something else. >> an appetizer for thanksgiving. >> now, we have a soup. >> pumpkin soup. my father says to me every year, you're making the pumpkin soup. you have to make the pumpkin soup. >> it's your dad. >> i don't use a lot of things in cans, but canned pumpkin i do use. pumpkin and vegetable stock o spice, ginger, allspice, nutmeg. if you want to cut time, there is pumpkin spice. and i like to put a little chili in there and smoked hall pain no and you mix this up and add krem fresh. all the ingredients will be on
9:33 am
>> these are shooters of pumpkin soup. >> i thought it is alcohol. just drink it? >> should we mention your mom how adorable your mom is. your dad loves the soup. >> you spoke to my mother. >> she's amazing. >> she came and found you. dorothy flay. this is to you! >> has there ever been a time brussel sprouts have been as hot >> how did that happen? >> the vegetables we never wanted to eat as kids are now the most fashionable. >> are we done with kale? is the kale moment over? >> kale is not going anywhere. it's here to stay. >> bobby, thank you so much. you can find the recipes and all our thanksgiving recipes at don't forget, bobby is back here
9:34 am
celebrity chefs. >> and tomorrow. >> you're bringing more food. >> that's right. >> huge pregame celebration on the plaza. it is thanksgiving palooza, let me tell you >>. fire up that oven. >> set your watches, matt lauer will be here on our 9:00 hour with his interview with warren beatty, coming up next. we never see matt on this show. it's so exciting. we're non stop, we've gotta have our extra protein. oikos triple zero greek non fat yogurt has 15 grams of protein. zero added sugar, zero artificial sweetener and zero fat. and zero holding me back! oikos triple zero. be unstoppable. mmm dannon vo: introducing the new motoz droid with moto mods,
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9:39 am
stars in the movie "rules don't apply," about the golden am in of film. >> mr. hughes, we're 14 feet away, 5 feet away, 20 feet away. which one is your bungalow? we'll come to you. mr. forester, there's no reason why we shouldn't be able to do this on the telephone. >> mr. hughes. >> i'm not going to be able to talk to you until later. >> what is later? >> thank you, thank you. >> i'm looking at you playing howard hughes, which you do brilliantly, y. all the acting in this is great. it's impossible not to wonder if you as the filmmaker and actor feel there were similarities between you and hughes? >> i don't know. there are similarities between you and me. i was always amused by howard hughes. >> you ever meet him? >> i never met him.
9:40 am
i never met clyde barrow of bonnie and clyde or john reed of reds. it's easier if you haven't met them because ultimately, i think all kind of history has a certain amount of fiction. >> you talked about moviemaking and i will need explanation on this. it's a little bit like vomiting. >> yeah. >> you feel like i really h and finally, you just get up one day and -- >> i'm actually sorry you bring it up. with a movie idea, it's hard to vomit. then i think, well, guess i have to make this movie, so i guess i'll probably feel better if i just go ahead and throw up. that's happened usually on -- not usually, always, on the
9:41 am
at the height of the spotlight, when yours was the name on everyone's lips, and you were the sex symbol of hollywood, what was your ego like? >> what was my ego like? >> yeah. >> what was my ego like? >> was it possible to keep it in check or to get out of control? >> i think i had a fairly experience. yes. >> as a guy who is in the later part of this is 70s, what do you want your role to be in business in hollywood now, i don't mean in a movie role, in the larger community of hollywood? >> i always have an idea in this back of my mind. i always try to avoid going to work. but i'm leading a very nice life with my marriage and my
9:42 am
another movie? >> 15 or 20, whatever. >> we tend to overuse words in our business, legend and icon. that guy is a legend and icon. >> why did he step away for 15 years? >> happy living his life, raising children, living with annette bening. >> not so bad. "rules don't apply" hits theaters on wednesday. let's give you a check of the weather and see what's going strong winds in the northeast and weather in upstate new york and new england. wet weather throughout the rockies and the southwest and more rain moving into the pacific northwest. as we look to tomorrow, more storm and moderate snow in the upper northwest. the mississippi river valley and more storms in the pacific northwest which may cause problems for your thanksgiving travel on wednesday. that's what's going on around the country.
9:43 am
around here, everybody is bundled up for wind and cold. wind chills down near or below freeing much of the afternoon today. high temperature, don't be fooled by that 46. it will be colder than that. thursday, thanksgiving day, risk of a couple of showers around, nothing heavy and dry for the remainder of the long holiday weekend. coming up next, her star has been on the rise ever since her breakout hit. alessia cara will perform live
9:44 am
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9:48 am
series on "today" is proudly presented to you by cara. at 20 years old, alesia cara has taken the music industry by storm. >> and she had a number 1 hit and will sing off her new album. >> what is the song >> i made it for women and anybody can relate to it. basically about the expectations that are placed on young girls and people in jernl. in this day and age, the media and society places unrealistic expectations on us and we feel we have to look a certain way and dress a certain way, i don't know, i think it's very wrong to do that. wrong to brainwash us like that. oftentimes because of that we develop very low self-esteems.
9:49 am
have to change yourself for any. just love yourself. >> i have a daughter exactly your age. you're an amazing role model and huge fan of yours. >> thank you. >> sophie says hi. >> hi. >> thank you. >> take it away! ? ? she just wants to be beautiful she goes for an image and prays to be sculpted by the sculptor ? ? she don't see like deeper in the eyes can find it ?
9:50 am
you're beautiful just the way you are ? ? you don't have to worry you're beautiful you're beautiful ? ? oh oh oh oh you don't have you're beautiful ? ? she had dreams she says beauty is pain and beauty is everything ? ? what's little bit of hunger ? ? i can go a little bit longer
9:51 am
? she don't see how perfect she don't understand she's worth it that beauty on the surface ? ? oh oh otoevery girl who's hurting help to see a little bit clearer ? ? there's a way to pull you in the dark you snyould know you're beautiful just the way you are ? ? and you don't have things the world can change your scars ? ? you're beautiful oh oh oh oh oh ? ? you don't have to change a thing the world can change you're beautiful with scars you're beautiful ?
9:52 am
pull you in darkness ? ? you should know you're beautiful just the way you are ? ? you don't have to change a thing the world can change ? ? you're beautiful with scars you're beautiful ? ? oh oh oh oh oh ? ? oh oh oh oh oh ? ? you don't have to change a thing to change your scars you're beautiful your scars are beautiful ? ? >> whoa! another hit. thank you so much. congratulations. i wish you all the success. we are back in a moment. this is the way to start a
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
you probably want to thank bobby flay, huh? >> bobby flay! he brought food, he brought charm, he brought wit. >> i know how to make you happy, just feed you. >> the woman who looks like she never eats. >> we have carrie fisher. anything can happen and billy bob thornton on the same show and the ama carpet. >> she takes it an >> bobby, it's so sad. >> you're not letting go of this
9:56 am
9:57 am
newsbreak. >> 9:57 now. i'm aaron gilchrist. we are collecting thanksgiving to feed families this thanksgiving. pat is where you can drop off food for families. >> hi, right here. food for families. take a look at these baskets. people are coming and donating. you can donate and make this a
9:58 am
this family just came up. i finally gave away two wizards ticket. they're making a $25 donation. make your donation at we'll be here all day. >> good morning, pat. i'll see you at lunchtime with my donations for food for families, a great cause to help out your residents and neighbors nearby. temperatures will stay in the 40s. it will be windy >> thank you. see you here at 11:00. ix month, no-interest financing. black friday specials, while supplies last. friday, three hours only. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. don't miss our black friday specials at havertys.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from >> hey, everybody. it is fun day monday. november 21st. what a surprise over the weekend in parts of the country, never give up by -- >> cia. >> a great show to kick off this week. >> she's the daughter of hollywood royalty who became a famous hollywood princess and carrie fisher, four decades


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