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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 23, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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tens of millions are head for plane, trains and automobiles today on what's one of the busiest travel days ayear. >> the president-elect is sure to have almost two completely comes to key issues that won the election. stocks soared new highs for the dow and s&p. and president obama honors 21 extraordinary americans, we have behind the scene details. "early today" starts right now. >> good morning. this morning, donald trump is
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resort. it comes as he reverses course on key campaign promises while continuing to fill his cabinet. this morning the curry reports that south carolina governor nikki haley has been picked to be u.n.'s ambassador. we have word that dr. ben carson, one-time 2016 candidate has been offered the secretary housing urban and development post. mitt romney emerged as a top contender for secretary of state. it's a trump sit down turning head. after he backed off major campaign pledges, on the record and key among them, not prosecuting hillary clinton. he's what he said back on the campaign trail. >> hillary clinton should have been prosecuted and she should right now be in jail. >> lock her up! lock her up! >> that was then.
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clinton is quote well just not something i don't feel very strongly about saying he doesn't want to hurt the clinton, adding she went through a lot an suffered greatly in many different ways. trump's campaign manager kelly anne conway backed up trump's position saying this to nbc's chris matthews. >> he says it was a vicious primary, a vicious campaign. he thinks she and the clinton versus suffered enough. he just wants to unite the country and move forwa site is blaring the title, broken promise, while the judicial watch says backing off clinton it would be a quote betrayal of the american people to drain the of out of control corruption in d.c.. during the campaign, he agree tacked the paris accord, signed by nearly every nation in the
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that our companies can compete. >> now, trump says, he has a quote open mind about the deal, adding that when it comes to global warming, quote, i think there is some connectivity between human activity and climate change. the president-elect condemned and disavowed the recent gathering of alt right member itself when the conservative ties with white nationalism brought shock to many making the nazi salute. trump says it's not a group i want to energize and if they are energized i want to look into it and find out why. we are now looking the trump foundation if a new tax filing admit to violating irs rules, when it comes to trump's conflict of interest. the president-elect tells the "time's question" the law is on my side t. president can't have a conflict of interest rnltsz
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after monday's deadly bus crash that killed five children. five are still hospitaled, six are still in critical condition. the church released ploons in -- balloons in honor of those lives lost. >> reporter: the driver of that bus johnthoney walker has been charged with reckless endangerment and he was driving well over the speed limit on a narrow windy road when he lost control of the bus. nbc news learned that walker had his license suspended in 2014 for 25 days for failure to show insurance and he was involved in another minor school bus accident just two months ago, no one was injured. among those killed nine-year-old zoe nash, her younger brother
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bus him he survived but is in intensive care. >> it's so tragic for so many families. >> that bus carrying 37 students was not equipped with seatbelts. the ntsb expects the on-scene investigation to last seven-to-ten days. they have one key witness driving behind the bus. they are asking for any other witnesses to come forward. there is good news in the fight against syria, a new airstrike killed a senior leader announcement. zplp hamaj's removal represents another blow to al qaeda in syria and shows u.s. continuation to pose a threat to the u.s., our allies and interests. >> he originally joined al qaeda and later mooed to a syrian affiliate. he had ties to terrorist groups throughout southwest asia.
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thanksgiving, now it's time to face one of the biggest travel days of the year. let's check in with meteorologist bill karins, how are we looking across the country, bill? >> it's a storm, i don't think it's a horrible storm. i don't think we have crazy delays out there. this is what the delays look. as far as airports go the areas of red, minneapolis, o'hare, detroit, possibly even seattle and port land a little later on the road, interstate 94, interstate-80 will have some issue itself. in the west, most will be later today into this evening. as far as the interstate go, driving wise, there will be rain, low visibility. not icy from chicago to nashville. we will find areas of the most, too, tomorrow if you travel early on thanksgiving day, some of those light showers will be
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with more rain. i think travel thanksgiving day looks a lot easier than what people deal with today. here's a closer look at your day ahead. for today, you have a little wintry weather still left over. be careful driving in minnesota and northern wisconsin today. still a little coating of ice on the ground. thankfully no tornado yesterday or overnight. thunderstorms today into louisiana. and, of course, we macy's parade forecast coming up. and black friday forecast. >> there is that to look past thanksgiving. bill, thank you very much. 21 of the innovators were celebrated by president obama if his final med am of freedom ceremony, awarding them with the nation's highest civilian honor, michael jordan, bruce springsteen, a star-studded class of honorees even the president admitted may be the
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michael jordan. >> character actors, like the buy the from space jam. >> legends of the screen, redford, hanks and deniro. >> a sicilian father turned new york mobster a. mobster who runs a casino. a mobster who need therapy. >> actress sicily tyson. >> once she got her education and broke into the business,
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speak out. >> reporter: for those left wondering by this tweet, ellen degeneres made it forgotten i.d. notwithstanding, where the president paradesed her had a trail blazer. >> there were musk cal icons. >> i am the president. he is >> reporter: the dodgers legend joined an exclusive club. >> i think as human being, we looked at each opt and thought, we have really been fortunate. i know i have been for sure. >> all that star power marking the president's last months in office. >> very fitting, before the end of the year, with the elections and the division itself the country had, these are people we get behind and celebrate.
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ask your doctor about it by name. >> wow, each child for a 16-year-old, that is u.s. she made history last night, becoming the youngest ever to win the mirrorball trophy to her collection of medals that also include a gold and sa silver recently from the summer games in rio. >> not a bad day for her. she actually has the style, so, obviously, she she's got the technique. >> 15-years-old arc lot more to go a. lot of successes and trophys to come. leading the news on nbc
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allegation into brad pitt abuse allegations, this comes 11 days after he was cleared of allegationles of physical abuse against his children. the l.a. county department of children and family services says the investigations stem from a september incident aboard a private jet carrying pitt, his now estranged wife angelina jolie and their children. pitt and jolie filed for divorce in november a navy destroyer broke down after one month. they were cruising through the panama canal when all of a sudden it lost propulsion. apparently the $14.4 billion ship had to be towed into port. a suspect has been arrested in the shooting of a police officer, bringing the city's manhunt to the end. the officer was investigating
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29-year-old called for backup and was later found wounded on the ground. the five-year veteran is the university's first officer to be shot on duty. he is now on surgery in critical condition. the suspect deangelo daveys is now in custody. taking a turn here from nbc sports, say hello to the vegas golden nights. five months after they were awarded with an expansion team the team's name was go big or go home. >> yep. >> the knights are the 31st franchise in the national hockey league. they will be playing next fall a. reminder, you can catch all the nfl action right here on nbc. >> just in case you needed one more attraction when you go to vegas, you will have a special sport to vote for.
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first, stephen colbert's man mans the butterball hot line. >> there is steve, how can i help you? >> oh, i hope you can. this is a question about stuffing. if i -- >> okay. do you call it stuffing or dressing? >> i call it stuffing.
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today's video captured a massive fireball the bright flash is believed to be a meteor. in fresno, california, a cat was rescued after they went nine days without food or watt at all t. brave feline was lowered to the ground by a worker reunited when an owner had to be so starveding look at that, he was able to enjoy his meal. it's that time of year, it's a yearly tradition. today president obama will pardon his final thanksgiving turkeys, as the "tonight show" jimmy fallon points out, after eight years the president might be over it. >> today i have the awesome responsibility of granting a pardon to a pair of turkeys. we can't wait to pardon these turkeys with that, i think we will bestow the official pardon.
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awesome and solemn responsibilities. this is not one of them. >> it is, it is a little puzzling that i do this every year. >> oh, boy, oh, boy. >> the best part is watching sasha and malia, too. they can't wait until it's over. >> remember when you are a teenager, you get dragged to those things, i think are you kind of over it. >> you are textingr millions of americans retirement funds 401 ks are getting fatter. people may not be so thankful this thanksgiving. good morning. >> good morning, these u.s. markets continue to rally. we have the dow above 19,000. the s&p reaching 2,000.
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it's consumer discretionary that led us 1% higher, all waiting for the big holiday weekend spending as well, which kicks off tomorrow. when you have enough turkey, almost straight away and black friday. elsewhere, the reason why, you say, many americans say a federal judge blocked a new rule making more americans eligible for overtimepy. it would have been time-and-a-half over 40 hours a week. now a brit of a caveat until the elsewhere, the twitter account of jack dorsey, it was suspended. twitter, i'm looking at his account here, he said i'm setting up my twitter again, it was an internal mistake. interestingly, he has the same followers as ayman. he has 3.1. ayman has 146,000.
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the medal of freedom winner has some fun at the white house. look at what they did, medal winner ellen degen res, bruce springsteen, dinah ross. she later tweeted this, barack obama just the awarded me the medal of freedom, i hope it serves as an i have no idea how i'm getting home. here are the moefls you must see, brad pitt plays for a french agent and billy bob and warren beaty's rules don't apply, the chaufer and actress fall in love working for an eccentric billionaire. make sure you catch some of those. are you watching "early today." are you watching "early today."
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right now on "news4 today," a car crashes into a home. how this family is plus, your thanksgiving eve forecast. we'll let you know whether you need to bundle up for your outdoor celebrations. it is 4:26. good morning, everyone. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we have new video from the car crash in gaithersburg. >> you can see how much damage is done as we look at the first
4:27 am
montgomery county fire and rescue tweeting out the damage and destruction outside of the house. and then they go inside and you can see that there were some fall decorations up and the walls totally ripped apart. what we're looking at here is what happened in the 1900 block of kaymar way when this driver slammed their car into the first floor of the two-story home. it basically mowed over the first floor. we know that three people were hurt in this, including t non-life-threatening injuries. the crew took about 90 minutes to get the car out of the house. we are still waiting for more on the investigation and how this happened. back to you. time to get the all-important first forecast. >> meteorologist chuck bell is here with what to expect on this day before thanksgiving. hey, chuck. >> happy day before thanksgiving, everybody.
4:28 am
of the suburbs. 30 degrees downtown. nothing to worry about rainfall-wise, but clouds will be on the increase later on. tomorrow for thanksgiving day, a lot of clouds and the opportunity for light rain and drizzle around tomorrow. and for friday, the big day after for shopping, lots of clouds but not much in the way of rainfall. the biggest thing you need to realize early this morning is that it is cold in the suburbs. the wind lays down overnight. clear skies and not much wind. it was bombs away on the temperatures. 20 in warrenton. that's not a windchill, that's the temperature. we'll talk about the rise coming up in a few minutes. melissa mollet is thankful for the fact she doesn't have to work tomorrow. and friday. both days. i'm very thankful. do you have to be here on friday? >> we do. >> sorry.
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with me. we are looking at 95, so far we are looking good. 95 in virginia is okay, too. 395 you do have road work hanging around northbound after 27 with the work zone and two right lanes getting by. there's a lot of traffic. >> i haven't been here when it was this bad. >> it was really bad, it was stopped. >> just a few of the travel airports, like reagan national. and if you are planning to pick somebody up or catching a plane or hitting the roads today, pack your patience. >> it's one of the busiest travel days of the year. 91% of washington metro air travelers plan to drive to their thanksgiving destinations this year. >> and that is a nearly 6% increase from last year. >> that's on the road. here's a closer look at the numbers in the sky. aaa says more than 27 million
4:30 am
that is shattering all previous thanksgiving air travel records. more than 88,000 of those travelers will be from the d.c. area. and nearly 5% increase from last year. sunday will be the next busiest travel day. and if you are planning on flying, keep in mind all the costs associated getting to and from the airport. catching a taxi at reagan national will cost you $3 on top of the regular fare, uber charges a regular fee to pick up and drop off if that sounds like a lot, you are right. those are some of the highest fees in the country. police all over the area will be in full force for what aaa calls blackout wednesday. according to the agency, thanksgiving eve is unofficially known for binge drinking by college students home for the holiday. police say it is a recipe for disaster. each year more than 400 people die in traffic accidents around the thanksgiving weekend


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