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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 24, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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fame-like quarterback, it's an honor to be in the huddle with him, you have a chance to make big plays. i'm grateful for him. i let him know about that today. >> you don't have all of your receivers healthy. they still cannot stop you. how come? >> the guy next to you. throwing opportunities. throwing me the ball. putting me in great positions to be successful. anytime he is opening up the pass, i'm grateful for this >> le'veon bell, another 100-yard rushing game. we had tony dungy up in the booth for a little while. and he compared you to franco harris. that same patience. when you hear that comparison, what do you think? >> i'm honored. you know, obviously, when somebody is comparing you to a guy like that, it makes you real humbling. and grateful. you know? i appreciate the comparison. >> you and i talked earlier. your second thanksgiving day game. when you were a kid, you loved
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and there's kids out there watching you tonight. what do you hope they appreciated about the way you played? >> they appreciated some good football. somebody who is passionate about the game. obviously, you love the game of football. for whoever is watching, congratulations. >> guys, thank you so much. >> taking this to the linemen. >> take them to the lineup, whatever you want. and take the balls. take the football. take the football. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving, michele. oh, beautiful. thank you. well, there's the playoff picture. this goes with the thanksgiving tradition. this is the night we start to see this. the playoff picture, unfolding in the afc. you slide pittsburgh for the moment, over there. on the 6-5, mark, with indianapolis, dropping to 5-6. houston leading their division.
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baltimore for the moment. baltimore had a chance with nine teams in the afc, than they have. pittsburgh beat cleveland, indy was depleted here. do you get the sense that pittsburgh, they built confidence on what they can do on the defensive side of the ball? >> maybe. that's what it all comes down to. can they just find that formula, despite losing some key players back there? and this is the pride of pittsburgh. this is what they do every week in practice. they go one-on-one against the offense. and it looks like there's no way they're going to be able to make a play. and they make a play. sean davis there. and then, a nice play by timmons to get underneath that route. and mike mitchell comes up and makes a big hit on the quarterback, tolzien. and then, they catch a break here on the last one. but every, single one of those are competitive situations.
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competitors in the national football league. and it showed up on the goal line tonight. >> 16 points for 2 games, against cleveland and indianapolis. a big one against the giants next sunday. kansas city and denver on sunday night. we'll look ahead to that, as we continue from indianapolis, on the postgame in a moment. (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event. ? this holiday,
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g, ? ? you can't make it up, ? ? it's in your soul deep, ? ? it's in the stars, the stripes, this dirt on my feet ? ?? not everyone can be an all-pro like jason witten, but anyone could save money with geico. ?? welcome back to "the volkswagen golf alltrack postgame report." now, mike tirico and cris collinsworth. >> pittsburgh gets the win. we'll see pittsburgh and baltimore play on christmas. also see kansas city and denver on christmas. and the first match-up between those teams when we head out to the rockies here. tomorrow, the game for you on sunday night. denver coming off of a bye. kansas city lost to tampa. you get these teams right now, you know you're going to get good defense. >> no question about it.
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now, with justin houston back for kansas city, derrick johnson, derek berry. this is going to be one of the fistfight battles. and it means so much. this is now, when we're getting to the games where the playoffs are clearly on the line, especially in this division. >> oakland plays carolina earlier. oakland is a game ahead. you lose this game, could you be two games behind oakland? limited time left. big pressure on both offenses because of the quality defenses, smith. you have to make plays in this game. >> that's where the question is for these two teams. if they make a run, the offenses have to be better. >> enjoyed doing this on thanksgiving. let's do this on sunday. >> why not? >> denver-bound. look forward to seeing you from the mile-high city, on sunday night. here in indianapolis, pittsburgh beats the colts, 28-7. coming up next except on the west coast, your local news, followed by a new "tonight show," starring jimmy fallon.
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crew working with you on this thanksgiving night. for bob costas, cris collinsworth, tony dungy, and mike tirico, sitting in for al michaels, see you on sunday night. happy thanksgiving. nbc sports thanks you for watching this special presentation of the national football league.
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and thanks to my cashrewards credit card from navy federal with never-expiring rewards it's gonna be a killer honeymoon. woo! maui!! boom open to the armed forces, the dod and their families.
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centrowitz. and now it's time to get.shog. coming up, we're taking you inside the stores on this day
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it may be easier for you to get in and out of northern virginia malls this holiday season thanks to a gift from v dot. i'll tell you more about it coming up. we've got your black friday forecast, and also any rain for the weekend. all that and more on the ten-day forecast. >> announcer: news4 at 11:00 starts now. the games are over. the leftovers in the fridge. for some of you, it's time to.shochl we're giving you hunters search for those big black friday deechls we have live team coverage on the shopping rush and the various ways official are trying to ease some of the frustrating traffic tieups. this is expected to be a record setter for online shopping but plenty of folks are doing it the old-fashioned way and hitting the stores tonight. justin finch is live at the class,burg premium outlets. justin, what are you seeing out
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looking aren't out here it seems every single parking space is filled and every store is busy. perhaps you see all the people behind me. even though we are in the final minutes of thanksgiving, for hours it's basically been black friday. from 6:00 p.m. on crowds kept coming to the class,burg premium outlets where thousands wrapped up their thanksgiving dinner and end up that are wallettes. >> i feeg like if something. >> there is a bunch of crowds but the teels are a lot better. >> reporter: barely a month old, class,berg seemed a go-to for shoppers searching for the black friday deals sning it's clear for everyone showing up here that they love this. >> sit home eat turkey, get fat, come out here, and it's fun. >> reporter: most stores won't close until late tomorrow night. and this shopper says she might
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corner. from there i'm going to go to the tangier outlets in maryland. >> reporter: outside the tory birch store patience is a virtue, it's where we found this husband holding his wife's spot in line so she could check out at another store. has she given you an idea how much she is spending tonight? >> she can spend all she wants. >> reporter:mp and bagged like clock work and are bracing for the black friday rush which is expected to bring an even bessier day tomorrow. that is just a few hours away. class,burg will be closing at 10:00 p.m. on black friday. if you miss that window don't worry, they say, there are many more deals and days to be had. v dot wants to do its part to speed shoppers.
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shopping centers including dysona's where wee find derrick ward who continues our team coverage. >> reporter: i can tell you inside the mall there is a din of noise. that means there are a lot of people in there. you can see the crowds. out here we don't see it too much but it's surely coming. i mean you can count on that what is happening this year is v dot is trying to make it easier for you to get in and out of those shopping centers in virginia this holiday a reprogramming, as of today, 223 traffic lights at enter sections around malls. what they've been doing is they have been taking data from last year and also all year long through sensors, cameras and other means to get a sense of the flow of traffic. so they've timed these lights to facilitate the best way or the easiest way getting in and out of the malls. and they are going to be doing this in real time. so if they have to adjust during
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can do that on the fly. also here at tyson's one thing you will see are signs all around the area that will tell you realtime information about public transportation. that is metro bus and metro rail. even if the you are not driving you can plan your trip this way. so people in virginia take a look. you are seeing some of the traffic now in the cameras. not too bad. but you can definitely feel it picking up. here on the ground in the parking lots it's crowd, there is a definite sense that this shopping season is underway. virginia, the state of virginia, you might say there is a santa claus, this year he has d dot helping out and giving you a christmas gift. live at tyson's back to you. some of the biggest draws on black friday are found in the nbc washington app. search "black friday".
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today. yes, a little bit of sunshine out there for your thanksgiving. all in all, not bad. now, we have this skies clear during the overnight, so those temperatures have dropped and dropped quite a bit. we are going to look at that temperature right now. 46 degrees. so i had to take down those overnight lows. fur headed out, bundle up if you are headed out because those temperatures are going to continue to fall, into the 30s in some spots. matter of fact they are in the a little bit of cloud cover here and there and possibly fog by day break. but the good thing is we are dry. yeah we had a few sprinkles earlier today. those were few and far between. now we are looking good as we continue into the overnight. can we continue that into the weekend? we have some sunshine for the weekend. but we have cooler temperatures and that wind is coming back. so we are going to talk all about that weekend forecast and our next chance of rain coming.
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or stuffing but football. the redskins refused to give up against the team with the best record in the nfl. and george wallace is in the our newsroom with more on what turned out to be a heart breaker. >> third game in 11 days for the redskins and eighth match up with the cowboys on thanksgiving. the two teams treated us to good football and fireworks. in the end, the cowboys keep rolling with a tenth straight win. tough day at the office for missed his first field goal attempt. often his second try couldn't see the upright because of the glare from the sun into the stadium. even the camera had difficulties. meanwhile, cowboys, rookies playing bike seasoned vets. elliot going through for the second of his two touchdowns today. cowboys always one step ahead of the redskins and the redskins could not catch up.
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goes oust bounds. cowboys run out the clock for win. jay gruden after the game. >> 27 points should be enough to win. but it wasn't today. hats off to the cowboys. dak had another great game, using his legs, getting out of the pocket. we weren't good enough today. coming up later, no loved lost between dez bryant and josh norman today. you have got to hear some of their post game comments. we'll be back with that in sports. developing right than answers in an incredible story out of california. a woman missing for weeks was finally found this morning, tied up on the side of a highway. shear pappini vanished on november 2nd and there was no sign of her for weeks. police think someone abducted her while she was jogging. on thanksgiving she was spotted along the highway bound with restraints. somehow she was able to flag down a driver passing by.
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kidnapping. this is dramatic video capturing the sound o kentucky. you can see people hit hadding the ground trying to take cover. a man was at a holiday get together on thursday. it had gone live on facebook when the shooting started. ash carter is reacting to the death of a u.s. service member in syria. secretary carter says it is a painful reminder of the dangers our men and women in uniform
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caught in a blast from an ied. american troops are part of a multiple national effort to oust isis fighters from that region. tonight we are getting new reaction from dc mayor muirial bowser on the potential new secretary of education. president-elect donald trump nominated michigan billionaire betsy devote, staunch advocator of charter schools and vouchers. >> realready have a three-secto approach to public education in washington, traditional public school, very robust public charter schools sector and we've also supported young people who need private options. so we already have a balanced three sector approach in washington, d.c. and actually, we would be happy to share that with the new secretary. >> the national teachers' union does not support devote saying
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privatize schools. her nomination requires senator confirmation. after a week in the hospital a woman who survived a bear attack is home for the holiday sharing her story only on news4. we showed you this shock video of an -- blowing up in a worker's pants. another emotional soldier
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a woman from maryland has a lot to be thankful for. last week, karen osborne was
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felt like an eternal ternt as the bear mauled her. osborne spoke with meagan fitzgerald in an interview you will see only on news4. >> come on, oh, yes. grandma's good dog. >> reporter: there's a lot to be thankful for in karen osborne's house. >> i was basically asking him to say good-bye to my family because i didn't think i'd be here today. >> reporter: last wednesday night she was walking next door to her daughter's house. >> halfway down the right side on two legs. roaring at me. >> reporter: the same bear she's seen around the neighborhood for years. but this time it was with three cubs and it was ready to attack. >> i turned to see it and it grabbed me right here and threw me to the ground. and then she came around and bit my arm in half. and then she came back around again, and attacked me from above on top of my head.
11:54 pm
minutes, the bear mauled karen four times leaving her nearly lifeless on the driveway and convinced she was going to die. >> she went to catch her breath and she was laying behind me. i could feel the hot air of her breath on my neck. >> reporter: that's when karen realized she had her cell phone and made a desperate call to 911. >> i can't move, i'm bleeding i'm going to dime clooes please come now. accepted someone now. i'm being attacked by this b >> reporter: she literally bit my arm in half. how did she miss all the tendons. >> reporter: police arrived and karen was quickly brought to the hospital. >> she collapsed the bottom portion of one of my lugs and of course this arm is broken. >> reporter: sure it will take time for her wounds to heal. >> i had an angel watching out for me. >> reporter: they say this holiday means more than it ever
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them. >> reporter: reporting in frederick, meagan fitzgerald, news4. >> hard the believe after hearing all that, but osborne is expected to make a full recovery. and we've got link to the go fund me page to help cover her medical expenses inside the nbc washington app. we are also learning new details about a man's injuries after an e cigarette exploded in his paints pants. 'wouldn't to warn you, you may consider some of this video graphic. this is a look at otis's hand after the explosion. he was at work. the video shows what looks like fireworks going off. workers are running out of the wine star. gooding suffered burns to his legs and his hands when he tried to remove the e cigarette from his pants. president-elect donald trump is spending the holiday at his estate in palm beach but not
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hard trying to get carrier ac to stay in the united states. the company is in indianapolis and planning a move to mexico. carrier confirms they are in talks but no firm announcements have yet been made. three, two, one -- >> the macy's thanksgiving day parade went off with a hitch. there was unprecedented security in place due to a threat from isis. ultimately, no issues. parade route to watch the parade performers, and floats pass by. the annual bethesda turkey race dates back more than 40 years. it is the largest fund-raiser for both the ymca about they at that and chevy chase and the bcc rotary. they use the fun for families and kids who attend y programs and youth services from some of
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today, couldn't have dialed up a better thanksgiving. >> i know. it wasn't bad. thought the clouds would stick around longer but we had sunshine, and i don't think people were complaining about that. >> now pulmohave vr alarms set, getting ready to go to the malls, any issues. >> may have a few sprinkles but not that bad. doesn't look too terrible during the weekend. then we get into next week. let's talk about tonight. we have this clear skies. i thought maybe a few cloudsr would roll back into the area with you we've been mainly clear. it is chilly. the temperature has dropped under clear skies. nothing to insulate us. heading through the black friday morning we are dealing with temps in the 40s and possibly fog especially for those areas that cleared out during the overnight and stay clear. weekend, beautiful, sunny. the only day we could have a bit of a problem is saturday because it's going to be breezy. that's aboutet.
11:58 pm
wind chills in the 40s. all in all not too bad out there. not too bad as we go into tonight. chilly outside the beltway. temperatures in the 30s. 46 right now at reagan national airport. you can see nothing on the radar. we are going to be dry throughout the remainder of the night. we had sprinkles in montgomery county and north of washington. it wasn't bad. didn't each need an umbrella if you were outfo we are going to be around 60 tomorrow. some areas with more sunshine could hit 60. we may have a stray shower as we get into the afternoon. other than that, if you are headed out tonight bring a jacket, maybe layers because you are going to shed that jacket if you are out through much of the day tomorrow. and possibly gloves, as i said warming up quickly into the
11:59 pm
6:00 a.m., cloud cover, a little bit of fog. maybe a few sprinkles developing as we get into the afternoon. after, that we clear out for saturday. saturday is going to be absolutely gorgeous, but, again, a little on the breezy side. that temperature will be in the low 50s but the wind chill will be in the 40s. then sunday, if you are traveling, wonderful, wonderful weather. if you want to go shopping this weekend looking a-okay. as we head int tuesday we could seal with some rain. especially tuesday afternoon and tuesday night. we have got a system. we need rain here in our area. tuesday night into wednesday and thursday morning again dealing with a few showers here in the region. >> thank you lauryn. a terra fort was supposed to be a boot camp in texas. that's what her family thought. check out her family the's reaction when she walked into
12:00 am
florida. >> oh, my god, are you kidding me! >> ford told her family she couldn't make it home for thanksgiving and wanted to surprise them. the only person playing it cool was her dad. he was in on the secret and helped rund up the rest of the family. ford's trip home is especially meaningful because, well, she is about to deploy to italy for the next two years. what started as some trash talk during the game turned into a full-on war of words after it.
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?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ? think of your fellow man. ?
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? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ?put a little love in your heart.? ? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. >> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. got to be honest here. during the 6:00 news lauryn and
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game. we were happy, we were sad. we were happy. we were sad. >> and then you ended up what? >> ended up sad. >> sad. >> oh! >> but i respect them. >> great game. >> it was. it was back and forth. it really doesn't get much better than the redskins and the cowboys this the big game. dallas having won nine straight, redskins having lost just once since september. redskins on cowboys thanksgiving. curt kiss skpins the redskins hoping to put an end to the cowboys nine game win streak. fourth quarter, dallas up five. dak calls his own number. runs in for the touchdowns. josh norman and dez bryant they get into it. cowboys up 12. two minutes to go, redskins need a score. they go to jordan reed.
12:05 am
catch. two touchdowns on the day for reed. three on the day for cousins. skins back within five. now they need to recover the onside kick. hopkins with the kick. goes off. elliot's hands. out of bounds. out of bounds. after the game, brinlt and norman go at it again. here's jason pugh with more. >> reporter: between the missed tackles, the missed field goals and misaccuse, t redskins certainly missed out on a great opportunity. yes, the cowboys the best team in the national football league but the redskins helped out in their victory. >> we just needed to make one stop, but dallas found a way to make plays and made enough plays to win the game. >> we didn't do our offense justice. they played their butts ouf. we didn't stop them enough to put ourselves in the winners


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