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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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that breaking news that we are waking up to this morning, former cuban president, fidel castro is dead. we look back at his life and wh a nation just 90 miles from florida. also the mourning and celebrations that are breaking out after the news of castro's death. some call this the end of an era and the dawn of a new day. good saturday morning. we begin with that breaking news, fidel castro, the man
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here current cuban president is announcing on state tv the death of his brother at 90 years old. this was announced last night. we want to show you reaction to that broadcast that is coming in this morning from the cuban embassy in the u.s. they are tweeting out this morning. at 9:29 on fridayo fidel castro. >> the reaction does continue to pour in. castro saying it was his brother's will that his remains be cremated. the furnl will be held on december 4th. starting this hour at 6:00 a.m. nine days of national mourning begin. nbc's bruce hall is taking a
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>> reporter: for more than four decades fidel castro was anti-americanism person sonified. the cuban dictator delighted being a thorn in the side of u.s. presidents. fidel castro's revolution was born in the mountains of cuba, his forces swept into havana on u.s. backed dictator. >> they surrounded him and engulfed him. fidle our savor. >> reporter: he soon proclaimed his beliefs and forged a close alliance with the soviet union that would endure for the remainder of the cold war. the u.s. struck back spear
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insurgencies. as conditions worsened the a home thousands began to flee the island risking their lives. as the economy collapsed, castro was forced to court the hated capitalists asking businesses to invest their western currency in cuba. as time passed castro began to
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he broke his knee and arm in a stumble and then two years later he underwent intestinal surgery. as his health declined he turned over power to his brother. with his death, cuba now faces an uncertain future. bruce hall, nbc news. >> just 330 nautical miles north of cuba is miami, florida which we all know to be a cuban-american population. according to the research center cubans wanting to live in the u.s. show up at a port of entry and pass an inspection. however if they're found at sea they're returned back to cuba. last year the u.s. coast guard caught 3935 cubans trying to
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the florida keys are 90 miles from cuba. let's take you live now to little havana. this is what many cuban-americans in that region are coming out on the streets. you can hear chanting which means freedom. many flocking to miami during castro's 49 year people. >> the cuban people yearn for freedom. even though they live in miami, we're lucky to have what we have here and i hope and pray that the cuban people will seek freedom tomorrow. >> i am so happy because we're going to be free and we're going to be happy today in cuba. let's recap, walk you
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castro's body will be cremated today. he led cuba for nearly five decades making him the world's third longest serving leader, head of state and that's incredible news that a lot of people waking up to. lives through put it in perspective. i brought in my grandmother's passport, tweeted out a picture of that. my mom and aunt, a lot of emotions for the cuban-american community. some people in miami are celebrating and other people in a painful moment right now reliving what was a very difficult past. >> when you talk about that family connection, when you look
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images coming in from little havana, if we can zoom in at the faces here, it spans generations. the mixed emotions, getting reports out of cuba where people are actually learning about the death of fidel castro. as you know, as someone who has visited cuba, word gets passed along a little slower. >> yeah. five trips in the past year have the advantage of social media being instant. that is not the case in cuba. a lot of times they have to go to wi-fi hot spots to connect. no doubt this word is starting to spread on the island nation. a lot more. we will continue to cover. we want to turn our attention to tom. we're hoping for finish today. >> it's going to be returning. we have a clearing sky and temperatures are rather chilly
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everywhere. we're hovering in the upper 30s and 40s. shenandoah valley is right around the low 40s. a pleasant morning here for this time of year. our temperatures will be climbing into the 40s, low 50s by afternoon. some wet snow and rain in upstate new york. those are the onlyro you are heading back home from the washington metro area, wet snow and rain. it shouldn't be causing any problems. we'll have lots of sunshine throughout the day. a look at the rest of our weekend and changes on the way here. >> we'll check in with you then. the search continuing for one suspect after a thanksgiving homicide at the skyline apartments in the falls church section of fairfax county. police are looking for this man
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yesterday police arrested three other men. one is charged with murder and two others are accused of stealing from the victim who was found dead inside of an apartment on thursday. we're learning more about the virginia sailor killed on thanksgiving day in syria. senior chief petty officer was from woodbridge. he was 42 years old. the explosive specialists was killed when an explosive device went off in the area between the turkish boarder and raqqah. next week wisconsin will begin the tedious task of recounting every single vote cast in that state. hillary clinton narrowly lost to donald trump in the presidential election, but clinton did not call for the recount. it's actually happening because
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raised enough money and she plans to call for recounts in michigan and pennsylvania. there's no holiday break for the incoming trump administration. we learn about the new appointments just announced and the campaign promise of keeping jobs in the u.s. >> reporter: president-elect's donald trump administration coming into clearer focus naming two staff positions that don't require the 65-year-old is trump's third female appointment. in 2006 she unsuccessfully ran for senate attempting to unseat new york's then senator hillary clinton. now a fox news analyst. >> the united states is now in retreat everywhere in the world. >> reporter: she's known for her hard line views and criticism of
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he'll now help the president-elect navigate his vast business entanglements. secretary of state, trump world divided between rudy guilt anthony. >> it wouldn't surprise me if a third name emerges. >> building continues trump trying to keep working class jobs in the u.s. mike pence serving as his chief negotiator in indiana aiming to keep carrier air conditioning from following through with plans to move to mexico. >> chuck todd will talk about whether donald trump can keep
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the 6:30 hour. black friday is under our belt. are you depleted? did you get good deals? it's not over. we're going to move into small business saturday. we are keeping close tabs on this breaking news. you're looking live at little havana as many are waking up to breaking news that the former
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news 4 went to old town alexandria with a look at what some shops have in mind when competing with powerhouse and online retailers.
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vital andrea. >> 80% of the shops are small businesses and we're proud about that. this year everyone is working together to take things to another level. >> reporter: just down i-95 springfield town center is winding down from its third and busiest black friday so far.
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here taking part in tomorrow's event. >> we have over two dozen small business operators that are growing their businesses. saturday is small business saturday for them and this is a great place to come see them. >> if you decided to do your black friday shopping while still in your pajamas, you're not alone. black friday sales surged this year because of folks logging online. online sales hit close to $1.7 billion by late afternoon yesterday. that's up almost 14% from one year ago. many of you are headed out to get your holiday shopping done on this small business saturday. storm team 4 is tracking the weather for you. we're going to hear from the medic that helped two children near death. how you can help make sure they get the care they need when we
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good morning. we have a clear sky. a good day to rake the leaves. a lot of leaves are down now. it's going to be rather brooez though. lots of sunshine through the afternoon. highs, much of the region in the mid 50s. a look at our next chance for
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the time is 6:19. in prince george's county a paramedic who was haunted by a horrifying call is trying to give back to the family she helped. >> we learn how this woman is going above and beyond the call of duty. >> reporter: four years on the job and lieutenant paramedic never forgets the call where a child accidentally shot himself some years ago. >> i only have two regrets on the job andh them, that i was not able to save that child. >> reporter: it came back to her on veterans day. there was another call for wounded children. >> we got the call as children. you always think, no this is cannot be. >> reporter: police arrested the father of the children now charged with stabbing his two sons. lieutenant graham and the boys'
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hospital. >> took care of the wounds. i was focussed. i so glad that mom was incredible in the back. >> reporter: weeks after the case still haunted graham. >> 2-year-olds and 3-year-olds are supposed to be running around, jumping off the coach and playing with the toys. >> reporter: so she went to work setting up a you caring site. the mom is relocating from the house where the stabbing graham has gotten her colleagues involved. >> we set up something for christmas at my house, fire department and police department. santa will be coming. >> reporter: graham and the mother have developed a friendship that keeps her connected to the two babies she helped save. >> i don't think dig too much. ask a lot of questions. i can hear them in the background. >> reporter: if you are interested in donating you can
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follow. news 4. the shopping frenzy is going to continue today. the focus today obviously small businesses. >> yes. there's a lot of shopping going on and celebrations. you couldn't ask for better weather when we talk about the temperature that was out yesterday, it was almost balmy. >> we have a clearing saturday morning. just a few clouds are off in the eastern horizon and otherwise we've got a clear sky right overhead and to our west. we'll continue to see those clouds east of the metro area continuing to drift away and we'll get increasing sunshine through the day. radar showing some snow in the area. good travel weather today.
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reagan international is 40 degrees. the temperatures by ten 10:00 it will be 50 degrees. a blustery wind this afternoon. by 10:00 tonight under a clear sky and lighter winds and around the mid 40s. by dawn on sunday we'll be in the upper 30 outdoor activities. on monday partly sunny in the morning ahead of rain moving in tuesday and wednesday. both days looking wet and mild. low 60s for highs on tuesday and upper 60s on wednesday. by the time it tapers off maybe over two inches.
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let's put more value on what really matters. this season bring back the holidays with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. we are learning more about where some of that fake news came from leading up to the
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that a russian propaganda campaign helped flood with fake social media news stories. it was to help donald trump and undermine american democracy. it comes from two teams of independent researchers who say the efforts were effective. you won't be able to go in the panda house this weekend. bei bei had to undergo emergency surgery yesterday morning but is co much bamboo for thanksgiving and some of it got caught in his digestive track. >> oh, no. >> hopefully doctors will be able to get him on the mend. >> you're eating holiday and it didn't go right for the little panda. >> we all ate too much but for him not ending to well. hopefully he'll get well soon. we have a live look over the
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forecast to help you plan your holiday shopping and events. is there a connection
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at 6:30 on this saturday, breaking news out of cuba.
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reaction to his death. d.c. police still searching for whoever killed this 16-year-old girl outside an apartment complex in southeast yesterday. mcmilan was visiting family on her holiday break in school. donald trump has made two new staff appointments that won't need senate confirmation. he asked fox news analyst katey mcfarlandd to serve as white house counsel. a very busy overnight as we welcome you back in to news 4 today. i'm david culver. >> i'm angie goff we hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday. >> a lot of people were taking advantage of the weather and a lot of people also out in miami
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fidel castro in cuba. a different reaction as they're mourning. we're going to get to that but let's check the forecast. >> we know the perfect person to do that, tom is standing by with more. >> good morning. it's going to be a great day to get out and work off that thanksgiving overindulgence as we'll have a lot of sunshine today. a little bit of blustery wind. there's the sky we've got a clear sky on this saturday morning. temperatures are general above freezing just about everywhere from the mountains to the bay. we're general mid 30s to upper 40s. reagan international is at 44 degrees. temperatures hour-by-hour most of the area in the upper 40s by 11:00 and then climbing to 50 degrees, but then by mid
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a little breeze today. a look at our chances for rain in a few minutes. we do want to begin with that breaking news at this half hour. fidel castro has died at 90 years old. his brother current cuba president went on state tv last night to make the announcement. it came just after midnight. soon after that cuban-americans taking to the streets in miami. a lot of emotions there as they are celebrating the death former cuban president. one of the largest crowds gathered outside of a popular cuban cafe in little havana. crowds could be heard chanting freedom. the mayor of miami a cuban exil himself was among the crowd. >> fidel castro has been the picture for cuba for 60 years and the fact that they're seeing
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>> fidel castro led the 1959 revolution that founded a communist state in cuba. his funeral has been set for december 4th and he'll be cremated. we know that the cuban government has established nine days of mourning to be taking place beginning today. it std and that will last for nine days. the funeral will be on december 4th. we know he served for five decades. this was something that he lived through 11 presidencies. it was somebody who is seen as one of the longest serving heads of state, third longest in world history. let's get you some other news right now. we'll start with a large scale
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officials. nbc reports on the recent arrests and concerns for americans traveling this holiday. >> reporter: france, already under a state of emergency after isis attacks killed more than 200 civilians since 2015 foiled a major and eminent isis plot. the base was in strasberg where the christmas market is up. four suspects were there and another on sunday. but the orders came right from the isis leadership. the attacks planned for as early as december 1th. french authorities say the cell had automatic weapons and plans to acquire more. potential targets and a hand written letter professing loyalty to isis. the president congratulated the security services for preventing
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this week the state department issued a travel alert warning that creditable information that isis and al qaeda continue to plan attacks in europe around the holiday season. why now? isis is taking a beating on the battlefield in syria and iraq and security experts expect isis or sympathizers will try to avenge losses in the middle east with attacks overseas. >> they try to link up with individuals they've planted in thet individuals out from behind the front lines. >> reporter: isis may be under attack, but that could make it at least in the near term even more dangerous. the paris prosecutor said four of the five suspects are french, the other more okay can. two are said to have come here to turkey about a year ago and visited the syrian boarder area. france thwarted this plot, but u.s. officials are convinced more may be coming.
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monday in the dylan roof murder trial. he's accused of shooting and killing nine black church members in june of 2015. a judge says that roof is competent to stand trial. in august he offered to plead guilty to avoid the death penalty, but prosecutors refused to accept the plea. some concerns are being raised about the president-elect stake in the disputed dakota pipeline. fo building that pipeline. opponents of the project warn that trump's investments might effect what he decides to do with the pine line. the obama administration says it wants more studies done before the project moves forward. how stars are remembering
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first four traffic and a look at traveling for the holidays. remember, the best thing you can do for yourself, leave as early as possible or as late as possible. generally very helpful when you're traveling. if you're planning to take 95 in maryland, remember to think about vw parkway if you're closer to the beltway, route 29 as alternates in that area. if you're using the bottom of the beltway, 301 can be a good alternate. talking about 95 in virginia, route 1, always a good idea if you're in the northern area of virginia. remember the toll road and route 7.
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355 if you're taking a shorter trip. those are good options. travel early and late and have a wonderful holiday weekend. >> thanks. thoughts and prayers continue to pour in for one of the most famous tv moms of all time. florence henderson died thursday night from heart failure. she was known as carol brady from the florence henderson was a dear friend for so many years. love and hugs to her family. one of the most gracious people he's ever known. henderson was 82 years old. 6:41 is your time now. sunglasses or umbrella. we'll have a check on the forecast with tom right after this.
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last weekend we had all that wind that brought down all the get the leaf raking in. it will be breezy in the afternoon. we'll have winds around 25 miles an hour and temperatures should be fairly pleasant. we'll be in the low to mid 50s by mid afternoon. a look for our next chance for rain in a few minutes. the "today" show is next. >> let's get a preview now. we'll head up to new york. a very busy overnight.
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overnight breaking news on the death of fidel castro. celebrations erupting on the streets of miami. what his death mean for relations between cuba and the u.s. also ahead, one of the biggest shopping days of the year in the books. how did black friday go? we'll look at some of the holiday shopping deals, steals and chaos. we have great travel deals that those stories and more when we get started right here on "today." >> all right. hope you had a great thanksgiving. >> we did. >> see you in a little bit. the first family getting ready to celebrate its last christmas in the white house. the official white house christmas tree arrived at the white house and it was delivered on this horse drawn carriage. it's 19 feet. it's from a farm in wisconsin. by tuesday it will be all decked out in declarations inside of
6:46 am
you are looking at the tree lighting at the town center last night. that's me off to the right of the podium and the voices you heard was my 5-year-old. she told everybody she was mcing it. it was really fun and this is a tradition every year and this followed a day including a parade. >> did they let you turn on the tree? >> no you can see santa waiving right there. santa helped and then she led in the count one, two, three, everybody makes a wish and that lights up the tree and everybody joins in on a sing along. it's so much fun.
6:47 am
yesterday. >> perfect weather. we could not have asked for better temperatures. >> that tree is big. it looks 30 feet or more. >> probably more. >> it's great seeing the holiday lights now are beginning to come out and we still have a lot of leaves on the ground. this would be a good day to get out and get yard work in as we'll have dry weather. our sun rise is at clouds on the eastern horizon drifting off away from the metro area. it's clear overhead and to our west it is clear this morning as well. radar showing showers, rain and mixed wet snow here in northern pennsylvania and new york state. that's tracking into new england. it shouldn't be causing any travel problems, but if you plan on driving up 95 towards boston
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flights should be okay. temperatures are mild. we're above freezing. mild for this time of the morning this time of the year. we're hovering in the low to mid 40s just about everywhere. getting breezy by 10:00 this morning. we'll be near 50. winds may be gusting around 25 miles an hour during the afternoon. lots of sunshine and 50 near 6:00 p.m. and the winds will dimi b 30s, during the day tomorrow we'll be in the low 50s. lots of sunshine, another great day for outdoor recreations. on monday increasing clouds back to work and school. we'll be in the mid 50s. then likely rain and mild temperatures, the low 60s on tuesday. wednesday also some rain showers, highs upper 60s and tapers after thursday morning. by then maybe over two inches of
6:49 am
next weekend. that's the way it looks. >> looking at tuesday and wednesday there, may be a good day to head to the movies with that rain coming down. it's a big weekend for movies that are opening. >> reporter: over the five-day thanksgiving weekend with films for every demo graphic the studios are hoping to keep up strong momentum. targetg disney is likely to dominate this weekend. the studio has a track record of commanding this holiday. frozen three years ago was the biggest thanksgiving opening of all time. disney is on track to continue it's market share through the end of the year with the "star wars" spinoff opening next month.
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6:49 right now. netflix has a special treat for you this holiday weekend. the gill more girls are back and we'll talk about what'sew in
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jackie benson went to old town alexandria.
6:53 am
retailers. >> reporter: the lucky knot is owned by three local sisters. the clothes reflect their personal style. tomorrow the shop will take part in small business saturday. >> we wanted to be in old town and it's awesome to be here and when people shop in small businesses they're giving back to the community. >> reporter: patricia washington they've created a special tote bag for this year's event. >> 80% of our shops and restaurants in alexandria are small businesses and we're proud of that fact. this year everyone is working together to take things to another level. >> reporter: just down i-95 springfield town center is winding down from its third and busiest black friday so far. the general manager says there are a number of businesses here
6:54 am
tomorrow's event. >> we have over two dozen small business operators, men and women, that are growing their businesses here in the mall. saturday is small business saturday for them and this is a great place to come see them. >> a lot of people heading out to old town and other places for small business saturday. while some people may be doing that shopping, they're going to be binge watching this weekend. there are others who will be looking forward to the return to the gilmore girls. this weekend twitter exploded with reaction to the netflix revival. it became a trending topic here in the d.c. area yesterday when netflix released the latest four episodes. this is beyond cult following. >> we were saying we don't really follow it, but i've seen one or two episodes. it is the fastest dialogue of any script show i've seen.
6:55 am
closely. apparently online there's some spoilers. people have already watched all four. if you're into this, be careful what you're looking through on social media and what people are writing about it. the time right now just six minutes away from the 7:00 hour on this saturday. we have four things to know this morning. first thing, breaking news out of cuba that we continue to follow. former president fidel castro has died at the age of 90. we take a live l celebrating in the streets of little havana. castro was a leader for more than five decades. his funeral is set for december 4th. he's being cremated today. today is small business saturday, a day to support mom and pop shops in our communities. donald trump is working over the holiday break. the president-elect has announced his picks for deputy national security adviser and
6:56 am
they are k.f. mcfarland. four suspects were arrested in strasbourg, france. a final check of the forecast. >> we're in the 40s starting off this morning. later today with increasing sunshine we'll have temperatures radar we have a mix of wet snow and rain in upstate new york and northeast pennsylvania, but we're drying out here. a clear sky in the metro area where our temperatures right now are in the mid 40s to low 40s. reagan international is at 42 degrees. by 10 time we'll be near 50 and then into the mid 50s by mid afternoon with lots of sunshine.
6:57 am
wind tonight. this evening we'll have a clear sky and back down in the mid 40s. not too cold tomorrow morning. we'll be in the upper 30s. lots of sunshine tomorrow with afternoon highs in the low 50s and a lighter wind. then on monday we'll have increasing clouds with highs mid 50s and some needed rain moves in on tuesday into wednesday with highs in the 60s. >> all the "today" show will be following that breaking news out
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good morning. breaking overnight. the death of fidel castro. the long time cuban dictator dead at the age of 90. his brother raul making the late night announcement on cuban >> as celebrations spill o out into the streets of miami's little havana. castro's half century reign forced thousands to flee for their lives and brought the u.s. and cuba back to war in the '60s. he presided over 11 presidents in power. now the u.s. and cuba are enjoying better relations, what


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