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tv   Today  NBC  November 29, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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a from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> 29th, much more importantly, known as giing tuesday. that is rhythm inside by calum scott. >> we have a great show today. we've been talking about this for months. it has finally arrived. the gilmore series is on. after nine years we find out what changed for three of the
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bishop. >> we're glad she's here. >> she was stuck in traffic. >> donald trump is in town. you get those three things -- >> you can't get anywhere. also in a spirit of giving, how one family with 16 children is making sure children of fallen service members are not foren you can share kindness while spreading holiday cheer. >> trying out the best drugstore makeup products, the ones that earn top marks making great stocking stuffs. teaming up, all for under $13. >> when i think how much we spend and the products out there. adam richmond is graing us. a couple significant dishes that
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on called "cook for me." >> i'm hungry. >> all right, adam, thanks. >> this is something i like to encourage everybody to do every single year called "operation christmas child," all part of samaritan's purse, billy graham's son, franklin graham -- wait -- thing -- >> listen for a moment. this is nancy lamont ? ? maybe we will find if we are meant for each other ? ? that together we'll weather whatever tomorrow may bring ? ? >> beautiful! >> it's a gorgeous gorgeous song, written by our friend, david, who does all the -- everyone has a story with me.
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this is something they have sent over 130 million of these to children all over the world. these kids sometime in their life never had a gift. it can be anything. socks -- crank it one more time ?? ?? ? ? we can take care of each other ?? >> one of the greatest voices god ever gave a woman. it can be for a girl or boy and stuff for people who have nothing, you send them something. anything, just to let people know they are loved. god bless franklin, he does such great work with his organization. >> sweet, very sweet. >> since 1993, they've been doing this. >> finish up with that. so much better than i, hoda.
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? true peace of mind if we always remember we can be kind ?? >> beautiful! download that. nancy lamont. >> that's a >> you know how that song came to be, they had a meeting about an album and everything went wrong trying to get to the apartment and people were rude and nasty and people took her taxi and she walked in and she said, david, could you maybe just write a song how could we just be kind to one another? that's how he sat down and wrote this song. >> wow! that is a beautiful one. >> for this, go to samaritan's
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on that note, shall we? >> the 10 tenors, a great singing group, did a concert for st. jude. it will benefit st. jude's research hospital. they made a special stop at st. jude's to perform for the kids. that cd is $12, on sale at you canre >> every penny goes to st. jude's, which does -- nobody ever gets a bill at sft jude's. look who's in our kitchen. >> oh, my god, the gilmore girls. >> graings with their presence. hello, ladies. >> we're happy you made it through the traffic to see us. was that one of those days? >> one of those mornings.
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>> we're so excited. "the gilmore girls" everybody talking about it. >> the christmas special was last night and a lot of people showed off. >> look at her! >> and in the dolly parton movie tomorrow night, too. >> although there were lots of show. check out joey alexander, accompaied kelsey and the show called "my favorite things." look at this kid. >> from "the "sound of music."" >> look at him. >> then, 10-year-old j.t. church danced to jennifer nestle and menzel singing "the little drummer boy." this kid was a finalist on so
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edition. country music invited the kiddies on. >>e idea, really cute. gilmore girls is not the only remake. no. do you know they're making a beaches? we're making beaches. >> what do we think? what do you guys think? >> adeena is in it? >> the barbara hershey role. >> i would watch her do anything. >> and neil -- do i have that right? the other way ar "beaches" bec you s my mom and aunt watched it, this is for you. you can hear idina singing "wind beneath my wings" ? you're my hero everything i wish i could be ?
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eagle -- >> i'm really scared. >> we are not going to give up. >> ? you are the wind beneath my wings ?? >> it will be great. >> it's on lifetime? >> premiers on lifetime january 21st. >> i can't wait. >> my daughter is on a set right now with a lifetime movie i'll talk to you about later. good stuff. >> they say, if it's not one thing, it's your relationships from the beginning. three generations of "the gilmore girls" are here. >> what's new coming up after
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for seven years, lauren graham and alexis bledel kelly bishop played in the "gilmore girls." >> may have gotten their loose ends all wrapped up. >> "gilmore girls" "a year in the life." >> i'm starting to feel claustrophobic. i would wake up in the middle of the night feeling like i couldn't breathe. >> yes, i know. >> she suggests you take everything out and put it on piles on the ground, pick up
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it. if it doesn't, out it goes. no joy. >> mom, you're taking the dining room chairs. >> they don't bring me joy. >> we always say our joy is non-negotiable. welcome! >> how was it, when you were back on the set, was it just like old times when you got there. a strange wonderful erie combination of old times yet brand new and we couldn't >> tinged with sadness because your beautiful co-star's passing. >> ed herrmann. you could feel his presence everywhere and the kind of person that filled up a room. >> did you keep in touch over the years or splinter off and now time to come back together and like, hey, what's been going on in 10 years? >> we certainly kept in touch and there were periodic
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we'd get a chance to actually do it. we would talk over the years, see each other. >> see each other at events, too? >> yeah. >> there's still a lot of catching up to do. 10 years. >> did you worry, it was such a magical time. did you think to yourself, wow, if we try to reboot this and it doesn't go over well, should we have left well enough alone? >> no. i've been wanting to do this and badge erk amy for years, we shul city," they got a movie. >> they got two, actually. >> i know. well, we've got four chapters. >> there you go! >> no. i was so excited about it. >> and we wanted to finish it with amy and felt like we were left in mid-air. >> it's a little weird, the way people watch tv now and some people have already binged, you
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i'm older than you are. >> you look better so you win. >> our aattention span is very short. at the same time, i noticed with younger people, they grasp very quickly, the things that took us, i see what you mean and they're moving on. >> what do you think about this
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people years ago and now? >> i think it's particularly comforting given the times we live in. it always had this very comforting e the town we live in plays where everyone supports each other and are kind and helps each other out. that's something i think is timeless and you can always go back to it. >> those kinds of communities still exist. >> of course. >> when you live on the east coast, hard to remember that exists in most of the countr like a horrible guy or something who everybody hates. that wasn't part of the drill with your show at all? >> it never was. it was about sparkly dialogue and people having a certain amount of joy. the loss of ed gives the story a little more weight this time because we're all dealing with that loss in our own ways. i think it was perfect for the format to come back at a 90 minute episode. it needed something a little
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with a little more weight to it. >> when this ends, at the end of these episode es, if you binge watch and see the very end, is there a period on it or hope? >> there's an ellipsis. >> dot dot dot. >> i had been in the business about 40 years, what is that? >> dot dot dot. >> we learned something new today. we have time to take one question. to ask a question. they're on the card? we're reading them? >> that's sad. >> this is difficult for us without glasses. greg from saen wants to kno you had to play another character on know, who would yo >> emily. >> really? both of you? >> i couldn't do it. >> you wouldn't believe me saying, no, joy.
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we're very right for. hard to switch. >> one more question, ray from arkansas asks do you get to keep the outfits you wear? >> no. we give them back. >> do you want to keep them? >> some of them. >> lorelai wore wacky stuff. not sure. so thrilled. >> we appreciate it. glad you made it. >> "a year in the life" is streaming right now on netflix. best drugstore beauty bucks under 15 bucks. >> and we go fishing with travis! gosh, he's cute. right after this. ? go paperless, don't stress, girl ? ? i got the discounts that you need ? ? safe driver ? ? accident-free ? ? everybody put your flaps in the air for me ? ? go paperless, don't stress, girl ?
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?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ? i was born a dreamer... ?
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family drama. >> family drama. >> check. >> impressive battles for power.
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>> and the popular series "viking" has that and more. >> the show stars australian actor, travis. >> trav skis has just returned e following a bitter fight with his brother and now a fight with his own son. >> i hate that. >> i love how you're sitting there with your braids, like it's normal. >> >> he's sitting there with his horns on. >> not with the curls, it's not good. not a good look. >> how are you, travis? >> i'm very good. >> you can take your hat with the horns off. >> i like them. >> tell us about your role in this show? >> are you really going to keep that on? >> i have to. i can't let him live alone. >> it's been great.
10:23 am
great ride and very fortunate the show's done very well. >> does it surprise you? you never know when you set out on these kinds of things. you love the writing? >> it's hard nor a show to stay on the air and do well. we had a great creator. a great world. the irish people where we shoot. >> they're very fun and sweet people. >> great work and very talented. >> they tried to throw in a bunch of real actual history in the process, we had a lot of dramatic license. we actually don't wear hats, it's an a myth. >> you don't? >> you're perpetraing the myth. >> yes. i was disappointed. i'd wear this on the show. >> it's a good look on you. we have a little time, would you like to go fishing with us? >> yeah. i was wondering what this was about. >> i have to put the daggome hat back on. >> you will fish.
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be a question on each one of these. go ahead and let it go. i don't really understand what's happening. pull it up. what does yours say on the back? >> wine or beer. >> wine or beer? >> beer. >> what kind of beer? >> any beer, i'm not particular. >> what's yours? >> peanut butter or jelly? >> mix them. >> mix them together? >> okay. >> chocolate or vanilla. >> chocolate, by far. >> that's >> liking this. >> i like this. >> what's that one? >> i have australian men or american men. >> that's for you. >> i'll help you out on that and go australian men. >> action or comedy. >> action or comedy? >> comedy. >> beard or clean shaven? >> awe, i'm working on a beard but a bit hipsterish for me.
10:25 am
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it's giving tuesday. day two of our second annual beauty awards. >> we teamaled up with "people" magazine bringing you the best in beauty. yesterday, hair care. today, hundreds of makeups testers. our experts are back to reveal the winners. >> hi, kids. >> hello, everybody. >> we're in the makeup department. >> yes. in the makeup department today. >> we are going to bring ourt, we have alex has the winners here. am i right? >> yes. >> each one is one of the top beauty drug store makeup tips. what's first? >> okay. we're going to start with the
10:31 am
>> very dapper, alice. >> from lorrell. lori al. half the face is done and we're going to demo the other half to show coverage. this lasts 24 hours. our testers loved that and light and creamy, no makeup makeup. everybody felt you put it on and didn't feel it and had an instant glow. >> look goods on you. >> does it have sunscreen in it >> thank you. sf-15. i meant to say that. >> strobing is a big trend, but people are a little intimidated to do highlighter, they don't know how to use it, where to apply it. go kaitlyn. strobing genius. >> what does it do? >> highlights your features. gives it glow. >> mary uses that on us in the
10:32 am
bones, cupid. very glowy. >> very dewey. >> not all over? >> no. you'll look like a christmas tree. >> what's next? looks like eye shood oh? >> best eyeshadow from a drug store, covergirl true naked. >> love that. >> there's eight in here. three different palettes. two are never getting touched. they don't have a bad color. all the different palettes, eight are there, and you can blend, mix everything was and is. eye shad oh. >> i love that. >> the good colors. >> yes. >> okay. alex, excellent. oh, look, already back with something else. our winner for best eyeliner by nuance, salma hayek's beauty brands. through the "gilmore girls," all
10:33 am
>> genius. >> not smudgy or -- >> look at kaitlyn. easy to apply, kaitlyn? >> easy. like the name. >> got to get that. >> alex, something else? >> mascara. >> okay. this is l'oreal and the gillick -- gimmick, no lash left behind. very, very skinny bristles to get every single lash. not missing one. >> who's company >> l'oreal. if you don't cry or do anything dramatic -- last 24 hours. >> don't go swimming. >> and good night this. >> burt's bees! >> amazing lip balm maqueraing
10:34 am
industry. makeup remover. >> our tester said, no irritation. >> perfect. >> if you -- >> feels like water. >> instead of -- >> just put it on. >> trying to show how it comes off. >> looks so pretty. >> does it come out of? >> how does it feel? >> so soft. literally like water. >> guys, thank you. >> thank you, everybody. see you tomorrow, right? >> see you tomorrow. >> to shop these items and see the full list of makeup products head to, and
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products. how a florida family with 16 kids is making sure other kids are not forgotten this
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begin strong with the lasting energy of 100% whole grain quaker oats... and off you go. share kind inside campaign. all of this month, highlighting stories of compassion to remind everybody of the true spirit of the holiday season. >> and suzy welsh, our good friend, here with a story of lf >> hi. >> hello. >> more than 6,000 u.s. men and servicewomen lost their lives, many left children behind. we got to catch up with a very special family determined to let those family of fallen service members know they are not forgotten. especially now at the holidays. meet the rebacks. the florida family made up of mom, dad and 16 kids. you heard us right. 16 children. they might seem to have their
10:40 am
their hands that are full as it is their hearts. the family created american gold star christmas. a program aimed at helping children of fallen servicemen and women at the holidays, in ways both big and small. >> tell me about the gold star christmas. >> so this christmas we're helping connect families all across america with gold star families. those who have lost a loved one in the service of our nation's military and gold star families are able to register on our website, list things that their children would like for decide to sponsor a child and purchase a gift for them. >> reporter: mom leette got the idea to start the program when she noticed a social media post from a military widow feeling cash strapped wondering if there were programs available to help families like hers at the holidays. realizing there were no programs in place, she and her family jumped into action.
10:41 am
themselves or gift cards, makingal fallen soldiers families feel special at this special time of year. we spent time with the family hitting the stores playing the role of santa claus. checking the kids' lists. >> good job. >> picking what's nice. >> no. orange is my favorite. >> bringing the items home to wrap and seal with a customized touch. >> well, we wrap and then we put the ribbon around it, and then we might put it few stamps will, like, draw cool designs for it. >> is the house like a little factory? >> looks like santa the workshop exploded. there's tape, ribbon, flags, scissors, sharpies and gifts -- all over the place. >> reporter: karen vaughan, who lost her son, a navy s.e.a.l. to war says the program is invaluable. >> when it's all said and done, you know what your child gave his life for or what these kids
10:42 am
they understand, but the truth is, you wonder if the rest of america understands, and so when somebody like leette and her beautiful family come together to do such amazing acts of kindness, it really warms your heart. >> good job. good job. good job. >> reporter: it's often said it's better to give than receive. and for the rebacks, the sentiment holds true, working hard at the holidays they say, is no sacrifice at all. not when it's for families who have made the ulti >> uh-huh. >> we owe them a debt we can never repay. being able to provide something at christmas to let them know that we're thankful is really important. >> wow. >> unbelievable. >> beautiful. >> so far the reback helps hundreds of military families through their program and like to help mow.
10:43 am
>> amazing. beautiful. >> teaching the children about the legacy of love they're leaving. so important. part of the campaign trying to reach 1 million acts of kindness, large and small, before the end of the year. >> join us shouting out the good people and good stories in your neighborhood. use the #sharekindness on facebook, twitter and instagram. we love you. >> love you, honey. forget take-out tonight. adam richman showing how to make two of his favorite dishes. there's an eggroll in our >> let's eat it. >> suzy my budget used to be a real downer. especially around the holidays. i made a list of everyone we need to get gifts for this year. but thanks to, we can shop over 700,000 items from brands like samsung, kitchenaid and lego. all with low monthly payments. just click on over to for the credit you deserve to get all kinds of great gifts. [ drums playing ] let's wrap this one last.
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imagine this. going to a famous chef's house, having him or her cook one of his favorite dishes for you? >> last summer i host add round table with five culinary masters at the greenwich wine and food festival and asked what they would make for me if i ever were to come over to their house for dinner. >> one by one they're stopping
10:49 am
>> all: adam richman. >> "arctic circle" premieres on the discovery channel. >> and these are a thanksgiving treat. egg roll wrapper, water, eggs, coleslaw, plain old coleslaw, barbecue pork. >> that's it? >> that's it. generally take a spoon full of pulled pork. >> have to use a spoon? >> can you use hands, if you want to. >> come on. >> and so do a little of that. then i usually take a little sauce. i prefer a spicier sauce. >> the sauce. >> you don't want to do too much. almost make sure you leave room at edge of the wrapper. >> you have to wrap. right? >> uh-huh. >> i put a little too much. >> use the other spoon.
10:50 am
is the glue. you can use egg, like i say. we're going to use egg today. use a brush or your finger. yishl ly usually right along the edges first. >> with the egg? >> with the water or the egg. >> okay. >> and then you go over, get a good tuck. >> over, good tuck. this is fun. >> right. pinch these in. >> pinch these in. >> fold over again. >> fold over again. >> and give it a good roll. i usually do this and then give it a nice roll so it's nice and what we'll do, at the very end, take the egg and you brush it. >> ah -- this is fun. >> this is what i -- what i like about this, lay out all the ingredients. >> younger cousins, worried about knives and heat. work on the assembly part of it. walk down here you'll see the finished product. >> come on, kath. >> i'm still making it perfect t. does look pretty perfect.
10:51 am
>> peanut oil is great. 350, 375. drop it in nice and easy. wait until they're golden brown. fish them out. >> for how long, hon ji how long? >> i usually go by color. more than anything else. approximately five to seven. >> so excited. >> peanut sauce, buy some or make an easy one. creamy peanut butter, hot water, honey, done. easy peasy. >> this is delicious! out of the boiling water, kathie lee! >> that -- go back there? >> more recipes. i love this. i love cooking for you guys. >> oh, my gosh. adam. so good. >> i remember when you asked that question. what would you make for me? i was like, i would have to start panicking. >> you said thanksgiving dinner
10:52 am
takeoff from what my mom did. all healthy stuff. chop it up. i take a little, one bulb of garlic, expose it. throw them on the -- some on the countertop for good measure. this is miso paste. actually from soybeans. you can get white, yellow or red. >> moosh it around. >> moosh it all in. coat it with olive oil. >> taste while you finish that up. >> no problem. make sure it's all delicious. >> i'm so enjoying my egg roll. >> we're going to coat it and then grease this pan. a little bit of oil pup can use some spray. 1/8 inch of water in the bottom to have a little something to steam. take the veggies once all coated. >> dump them in. >> dump them right in nice and easy. cover them up evenly. clove's garlic dead center, a
10:53 am
garlic. 355 between, i don't know, 45, 50 minutes. check it at the 35 mark. >> heaven. heaven everything! >> so glad you -- >> yes! >> so glad i came to your house for dinner to get these recipes go to
10:54 am
10:55 am
favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice.
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for the past 23 years our toy drive has been giving to kids in need around the country. >> we are so, so grateful to partners for marking it possible. here to tell us about today's generous contribution is -- >> all: drum roll please -- toy industry foundation executive director jean butler! >> she's back. >> hi, jean. >> so glad you're here. >> good to see you. >> how are you? what do you have in your hands today?
10:57 am
rabbit and we've got snuggles, my dream puppy. >> precious are -- >> this gip heavy. >> and the toy industry foundation is donating more than a quarter of a million dollars worth of toys for more than 10,000 kids in need to your toy drive. >> thank you. >> so fantastic. >> do you it every year. why do you keep doing it? >> play is so critical for kids, and toys are the tools of play. so this toy drive is very important for u >> never seen this before. so adorable. >> yes. here! >> oh! >> yes. thank you, sweetie. >> thank you very much. >> don't leave us. starting this thursday, you can donate in person on the plaza or go to to donate online. details go to klg and tomorrow the "property brothers" with the makeover. >> plus, mark mcgrath gets us in
10:58 am
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right now wind-fueled wildfires are forcing nearly 14,000 people out of their homes in tennessee. rain could make it very difficult for and take a look at this. this is a sketch that was just released. it is of an unidentified boy. maryland natural resources police asking for the public's help to put this sad case to rest. and we have more rain coming our way for this afternoon and maybe a chance for a thunderstorm coming up for tomorrow. i'll detail all the information in the forecast coming up.


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