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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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i'm aaron gilchrist that and i'm eun yang. we want to check on the first 4 forecast. >> december is a winter month, december, january, february. welcome to meteorological winter, everybody. the winter solstice is still three weeks away. after a foggy and rainy day, everybody, the rain is over. no chance for rain, but there are lots of slippery leaves down on the sidewalks and be careful out there today. by this evening it will be breezy and dry and quite chilly. i'll give you that forecast coming up in a few more minutes. cold winds continue. temperatures at or slightly below average as we head into saturday and sunday. for today, fair weather. we're in the low to mid-50s and that's where we'll stay all day today. see you in a few minutes. >> all right, chuck.
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the district where a man has been killed. "news4's" erika gonzalez has the details. erica. >> that man shot multiple times. we're just getting word of this incident that happened around 11:00 last night in southwest d.c. this on the 100 block of irving street. this is some video from the scene late last night. we understand police responded to the scene after once they got there, they found a man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. that man was tack on the the hospital but he did not survive his injuries. at this hour, we're not hearing word of a suspect or description or motive in this case. from the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. >> thank you. we're following breaking news on the clara barton parkway.
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the morning commute. justin, good morning. that's right. we're off the macarthur boulevard. you can see behind me, car after car having to make their way off the parkway onto the boulevard to find their way somewhere else this morning as a result of what is now a single car fatal crash there on the parkway. we do have an overhead view of the crash response there. the single vehicle wreck happened close to1: around and chain ridge road. that is right by the d.c. montgomery line. this car, we're told, not only just crashed but also caught fire leaving one victim dead and another injured. now at this point park police have not leased any details about those victims. so at this point this morning they're asking all drivers who rely on that roadway to plan alternatives.
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into the morning commute. back to you in the studio. >> justin finch. thank you. it's :03. the death toll is rising. fire investigators now say seven people died in those fiers. hundreds of buildings are damaged or gone. >> it is finally raining in tennessee, which should help firefighters some. we're also learning about the efforts to help all those people who lost their homes. >> dolly parton says her $6,000 over the next six months to all the families who lost their homes in the fire. the mayor of two resort towns that were hit the hardest also says he is praying for everyone affect. so devastating there. >> 6:03 is your time. >> tornados caused significant damage. they uprooted trees and knocked down power lines.
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dozens of tornadoes were reported from florida to mississippi over the last day and a half. >> now to the death of fidel castro. today marks the second day that a motorcade will transport his ashes across cuba. thousands are lining up each day to pay former tribute to the leader. the procession is retracing the path to where fidel castro fought his way to power nearly 60 years ago. on sunday they'llur david culver is covering the death of fidel castro. president-elect donald trump and vice president-elect mike pence are making a trip to
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tour later on tonight in ohio. former republican vice presidential nominee sarah palin is making a play for a job in the trump administration. while there's no confirmation where she may be in, her son-in-law is postinging her helping with veteran affairs. federal officials will meet today to go over the latest surrounding the white house. the national capitol planning commission has to approveny changes before that fence can be adjusted. the secret service and the national park service plan to raise the fence to about 11 feet and add a stone base. there will also be spikes at the top of the fence to deter climbers. d.c. mayor muriel bowser headed to mexico to show off the district's growing investment in solar and wind energy. bowser and the head of the
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attend the sum mitd. leaders share the best practices and work on plans to reduce carbon emissions. bowser says it's more important than ever to have this conversation on a global level with a president-elect who has questioned climate change. today we'll learn whether metro will cut service eight hours a week. they'll call for the system to close by 11:30 monday through thursday. on f the system would not open until 8:00 a.m. on sunday. all this as they considerate paul wiedefeld's plan to raise fares. they're launching a new campaign called "back to good." >> we're going to put a much greater emphasis on customer experience particularly with regard to reducing the number of delays due to track issues, the delays due to car issues, and
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their environment, particularly in the stations. tomorrow he'll testify on the capitol hill before the u.s. house oversight committee. >> all right. good news if you need to get those christmas lights up. the rain is moving out but do it fast. a closer look at what to expect when we check back in with "storm team 4's" meteorologist chuck bell. did the train carrying the brazilian soccer team run out of fuel. what we're learning. and right now chopper 4 o on this problem. clara barton parkway, a section
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?? ??
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breaking news. we're seeing traffic move.
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soon. at least one seconds here has reopened. so we're going get more details on that one and tell you what's going on here in just a second. southbound 295 at nannie helens avenue, new crash involving multiple vehicles. a crash blocks a right lane there. still has this problem. inbound 66, now two left lanes are getting by. good morning, chuck bell. >> good morning, melissa. it's a breezy start to the day, but we're back to dry weather this is our tower camera looking eastbound to what will eventually be sunrise at about ten minutes. last of the clouds out there on the eastern horizon moving away. we'll get plenty of sunshine. it's anything but cold out there. it's december 1st. it should be in the 30s. your fitness forecast then, temperatures in the 50s this morning. lunchtime workout still in the 50s.
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keep that in mind as we're going to be outside. morning run, watch out for the puddles and slippery leaves. it will be chilly for a tree lighting time. temperatures when they turn the lights on around 47 degrees and a bit of a windchill out there. a peak of the forecast coming up in ten minutes. see you then. >> chuck, thank you. we're tracking a developing story out of washington state. a police officer has been shot to death in tacoma. officers went to a domestic violence call that included we understand one officer entered the home and was shot several times. that neighborhood has been roped off. right now we're working to find out whether a customer is in custody. a stand-off with police is over and a second man who sawed his way out of a california jail is back in custody. deputies arrested rogelo chavez.
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they sawed through the bar doors and used sheets to escape. they were already facing charges. thousands of soccer fans are paying tribute to the players who died in the plane crash. almost the entire team for chiapas co-ensay, brazil, dyed earlier this week. here you say fans holding ceremonies to honor the investigations into the crash is ongoing. >> they should have had a reserve fuel. >> 71 died in that crash. only six people survived including three soccer players. nbc news has learned the student who went on a shooting rampage. >> this student apparently bought a knife here in d.c. last week. law enforcement sources still
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they say he made a purchase of the knife at a home depot. they're not sure if the knife was used when he stabbed people. fairfax county officials will celebrate the completion of the loton vre. that includes 150 additional parking spaces. new connections to the existing pa improvements. starting today the fairfax police department will introduce a new dwi enforcement squad. they'll work in four-day rotations throughout the county. the main goal of the unit is to induce repair-related crashes. they'll have drug regular nation and defective testimony to ensure successful prosecution.
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challenges in reaching affected communities and continued work needed to achieve the obama administration's aid. d.c. mayor plans to anourns the 9050 plan. between 2010 and 2013 new hiv diagnoses decreased by 7%. in south africa, doctors have included -- new hiv vaccine. the trial is built off of a 2009 drug that had a 31% effectiveness as preventing hiv prevention in thailand. eventually 5,400 people will be enrolled in this study. there are more than 6 million
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that say cording to a new study from johns hopkins. researchers used a compound found in magic mushrooms for the study. the patients reported feeling less fearful of death. another street drug is being tested to help soldiers with ptfd. they're looking at ecstasy to work through traumatic injury. kicked off in paris with a lot of over the top costumes if you want to call it. >> costumes might be right. the most expensive, over $3 million. here it is. >> ta-da. >> it's covered in white diamonds and emeralds and has about 9,000 gems. are they pointing?
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jasmine tuks was called to carry it. >> i guess you call it a push-up bra. >> a pull-down bra. it's heavy. where are you wearing that? >> i'm not. >> let's not go there. >> melissa took one look and said that thing's going to hurt not to mention wait till you see the american express bill with a $3 million charge on it. that's going to really hurt. >> we've got and 50s. it will be a nice enough day to be out. rainfall yesterday depended where you lived. not even half an inch of rain. almost a few -- almost an inch and a third. for now, though, all the rain gone. northwest breezes are back in fashion. they will blow the warm and moist air out, bring the cold and dry air in. that's what we'll be dealing
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days. upper 40s and low 50s now. the rain's over, but there's a lot of puddles out there and a lot of slippery leaves on the sidewalk. be careful. temperatures won't move much today. we'll get into the mid-50s and fall into the chilly 40s this evening. by the time you wake up, we'll be back down to december level temperatures. down in the early 30s tomorrow morning. friday, just around the corner. honestly, another nice day tomorrow. cooler a around 50 degrees. that northwest wind is going to continue with us as well. so just know that it's not going to be maybe sunny, but it's not going to be all that warm. stay ahead of the weather. we have our nbc ba app downloaded. find me on twitter and look me up on facebook and find me there with chuck bell 4 as your search tool. mid to upper 50s around the city. nearly 50 friday and saturday. breezy the next couple of days
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go off unmolested by mother nature. let's go over to melissa mollet. >> over clara barton parkway, this has cleared. no further issues this morning. we had reopened between glen echo turnaround and chain bridge. southbound and nanny ellen bridge. also a after the 14 ts street pitch. we still have this side of the roadway taken out. that was around overturned jeep. they're trying to get that all cleaned up and out of the way. single tracking between u street and georgia avenue. aaron? >> all right. melissa, thank you. big new this morning if you love baseball. the "associated press"
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series. they would get to play more at home. the a.p. also says that the players union apparently and the owners tentatively agreed to that deal last night. so there's your change. >> there you go. >> there we are. >> i like baseball either way. >> a popular safeway store shut down. the health concerns that have a lot of shoppers searching for a new place to shop. chances are when you get in your car, you might turn on your christmas music. there's much more that goes into
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yes. 24 hours day, seven days a week.
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christmas music on 97.1. it's the only radio station in town that plays holiday music all the time from now until santa comes to town. if you ever wondered just what it takes to play those holiday tunes all day and night, here's your answer. >> research and many years of uploading those holiday songs into the system and then every year kind of keeping on track of what's new. >> it's been the only radio christmas songs on around the clock in 2001. i always know where to go to because of that. i love christmas music. >> around the clock during the holidays. >> right. right. from now until christmas day. if you use spotify, you more than likely screened drake. i have a playlist in case you want to spotify. >> and drake is on that list? >> i don't know if he has a
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a second year in a row with more than 4 billion streams in 2016 alone. justin bieber, rihanna round out the top three. drake's most streamed song was one dance with nearly 970 million streams making it the most popular song ever on that streaming sight. we're getting look at the first eatsa delivers personalized meals through a mysterious cute lcd litt walls. they will not allow the media behind the walls. they say it's a proprietary secret. eatsa is 100% digital. customers use that kiosk, no cash accepted. it's a $7 vegetarian bowl that just magically appears.
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>> like star track. tell it what you wanted and it would materialize. >> if only. >> it was never real food. >> we're going have to go check it out. cuba after castro. look back at the life and death of fidel castro. the rain moves out and the colder air moves in. the four things to know about the change in one big problem has cleared. another problem for folks headed
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(avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. murder investigation, new violence breaks out overnight in the district. >> fuel emergency. the file moments before a plane carrying a brazilian soccer team crashed. closed indefinitely. breaking news. first story we've been warning
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one car was involved in the accident. that car erupted into flames. >> in just the last few minutes we have learned part of the parkway is back open. it's 6:30. good morning, everybody. investigators have been working for hours at that scene. >> now the damage is already done. melissa mollet has another problem for drivers. milliliter? >> talking about a serious problem for folks heading into another location, southbound at nannie helen buroughs avenue. southbound between here in the left lane, all lanes now open. all of this will recover pretty quickly at this point this morning. northbound 395 still has that crash blocking the right lane.
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look. coming up. >> all the skies are starting to clear out. four things you need to know about the weather for today. the rain is over. though it's still wet outside, a lot of wet roads and puddles and slippery leaves on the sidewalks, so know you'll need to be a little careful this morning. you'll be blown dry by gusty winds will be with us. if you're headed down to the south side of the white house for the tree lighting it will be chilly with temperatures around 47 degrees and our cold air pattern may be here for a while. highs today, mid to upper 50s around town. 40s in the shenandoah valley. >> multiple shots fired and one man dead. we are just getting word this
6:32 am
happened last night. this was in the 100 block of irving street. police responded to the scene. when they got there, they found a man with multiple gunshot wounds. that person was taken to the hospital but did not survive those injuries. at this hour theres with s no word on a lookout this morning or even a motive for this crime. from the live desk i'm erika gonzalez. erica, thank you. it's 6:32. we're following several developing stories alexandria police investigating their seventh homicide of this year. a man was killed last night on colonial avenue north of old town. police say he's not from this area. campaign promise tour president-elect donald trump is headed to indiana. he'll talk with the carrier plant who saved a thousand jobs from heading to mexico. and deadly wildfire. wildfires killed seven and wiped
6:33 am
businesses around the resort town of gatlinburg. rain is not doing enough to reverse the effects of the drought so far. thousands are lining up each day to pay tribute. >> "news4's" david culver is in cuba as the nation prepares for the final good-bye. >> good morning from havana, cuba. right now the remains have left this part of the island. they're currently mak the ashes will be placed in a mausoleum. many are lining the streets. many tell us they're there oust respect. others say they have no other choice. she says the alternative is facing backlash like having your
6:34 am
they wanted to be here. telling me castro was her guiding force for all these years. plan to start bringing you live reports. we're headed from havana making our own journey. hope you join us. that's the latest from havana, cuba. i'm david culver from "news4." fairfax county police working l after months of investigation. police have arrested 27-year-old miller. he's accused of inappropriately touching a 13-year-old girl during a camp this past summer. police say he kept texting the girl after the camp. miller's been fired from that studio. food violations have forced the safeway at adams and morgan to close indefinitely.
6:35 am
will take place. >> yeah. and everything is ready go. you can perhaps see some of the chairs and the stage behind me here and the performance. it gets under way at 5:00 tonight. now, jenny with the national parks service joins me here this morning. the big star is that tree. tell me a little bit about it in the background. >> this tree is a living tree. it's here year round. it's a colorado blue spruce that was brought in 2012.
6:36 am
the deck rags are great. there are only 600 lights on this tree but it's amazing. red, blue, and white and sugar plums. we'll see it as it gets lit after 5:00 tonight. >> reporter: thanks for joining us. lots of fantastic performances. ava longoria is going to be here. yolanda adams, james kelly, kelly clarks, your taste is, it's a wonderful event. the gates open at 2:30. the show gets under way at 5:00 tonight. we had a lot of rain last night. i've got to tell you, if you're coming out today, wear some practical shoes. i would recommend abandons cute shoes because it is rather wet and muddy. always a terrific event and kicks off the holiday season.
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drivers, this will impact your evening rush in the district. here's a look at the closures which will take effect at 2:30 in the afternoon. they include all of the roads around the white house. those closures should be lifted by 11:00 p.m. we'll show you the big moment of the ceremony on "news4" torn at 5:00. we posted tree lighting displaying on the nbc washington page. call him curious. everybody's talking about this dollar store. >> first a developing story to our south. severe weather sweeps across several states. a live report is minutes away. stay with us. >> let us go through this. >> let us go through this. bring us your path to retirement
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we have breaking news on the roadways right nout. let's check in with melissa mollet. melissa? >> southbound at nannie helen burroughs. take a look at this. northbound you have that crash bl terrible. a little bit slow going 25 miles an hour going 270 on the outer look. 66 inbound. 40 miles an hour to the beltway and 95 to the beltway. you're pretty much on time. it's going to take 26 minutes. remember to listen to wtop. we're going have more coming up on nanny helen burroughs coming
6:42 am
>> we'll start to dry out. it almost felt humid yesterday. we were in the mid-60s yesterday. drier air coming in on the northwest wind. kids will need to layer up. temperatures, 40s and 50s now. we'll stay in the 50s. no big warmup coming. as soon as the sun goes down, we'll get chilly. if if you decide to purr your hat on, hold on. the daily grade is a b plus. coming up at 10:51. >> thank you, chuck. van dals leave their mark. one homeowner is blaming the recent election. >> trump transition. mike pence is headed back to his home state for major announcement. and a murder dwgs in alexandria in the same place two
6:43 am
my cancer started as ovarian cancer and it kept coming back in different places. cancer treatment centers of america gave me treatment options i didn't know about before. i want to be around just to be a grandma.
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welcome back at 6:45. we're following two breaking news stories on your commute. we've been following all morning the deadly crash on clara barton parkway. police have shut it down for
6:46 am
a six-mile backup there. >> first we want to get an update on the scene from clara barton with justin finch. justin, good morning. >> good morning. close to 6:15 we saw fire trucks and emergency vehicles leave the parkway and make their way onto macarthur boulevard. those were our first signs that it was reopening after the fatal sinal car wreck overnight. we want to show you video and the park response to the scene. we're on the pa was a single car crash there. that car also caught fire leaving one person dead and another reported injured close to the d.c./montgomery line. that led to a shutdown of traffic on the parkway between glen echo turnaround and also chain ridge road. since that roadway has reopened traffic has resumed to a normal pattern and that's all back here.
6:47 am
breaking news and another major problem on the roads right now. southbound 295 at nanny helen burroughs, take a look at this. took a like at that. a mess for people. brad is in chopper 4. how bad is it as you're zooming around? >> reporter: well, melissa, we're seeing back to grelt and this stretches from nannie helen burroughs all the way back to that point. you're able to get around single file. let me tell you it is going to be a long time before it clears. back down to you in the studio. >> brad fray da in chopper 4. back to you. >> toernltds just swept across
6:48 am
the governor of alabama has declared a state of emergency. the national weather service surveyed some of the damage and found that an ef 2 tornado ripped through the town of rosalie where we are. >> he was sleeping on that bed though some of his neighbored around the corner did not survive. tuberculosis. a total of 31 tornados at least in six statements have been reported. more than a dozen confirmed. the national weather service surveying the damage and others will be digging through what's left. guys? >> jacob rascon in rosalie, alabama. more in a few minutes.
6:49 am
contributed to the crash that killed a soccer team. right before the crash the pilot requested permission to land because of lack of failure and fuel. they say they should have had enough fuel to stay in the air for another 35 to 45 minutes. alexandria police working their seventh homicide of the year in the very same area that two other murder had already been going on. the previous time, of course. i want to tell you this is colonial avenue north of old town. police responded to the sene after shots were fired. we're told by police he's not from the area, he was pronounced dead on the scene.
6:50 am
alexandria. police investigating the scene. from the live desk, i'm erica, gonzalez. >> thank you. it's 6:50. police are questioning a break-in and barricade situation. this case started to unfold yesterday in marlboro. it left many frustrate and larmed. that's because when they tried to get home, they couldn't. roads were shut down in response to break-in. they kept it blocked off for six police say they located a man who they took in for questioning. this morning fairfax county police are working to learn whether a fairfax martial aurts teacher was arrested. he taught the after-school program in falls church. he's accuse of inappropriately touched a 13-year-old girl during a camp this summer.
6:51 am
the camp. mill hearse been fired from the studio. new this morning, montgomery county police are investigating what they call a possible hate-based vandalism. this happened just before 6:30 yesterday morning. police say the homeowner found swastikas, the word "racist" and other derogatory words spray painted on the cars. it could be the motivation here. if you have any motivation yurks're asked to police. president-elect donald trump is headed to indiana with vice president-elect mike pence. meanwhile sarah palin is making play for a job in the administration. there's no confirmation which job she might be interested in.
6:52 am
rehabilitator. >> i'm glad no one was hurt in all this. >> you've got to find the right tree, right height, right bulbs, the best stuff for his holiday decorations. >> wail it he finds out it's metal. >> he'll break his tooth on that. >> he eels going to be pelting the owners for criticism. >> really, tony? back out there with sound effects? i give up. i had plenty more where that
6:53 am
it's a partly cloudy sky early this morning. clouds are on their way out. we picked up quite a bit of rain. over an inch of rain. for now all the rain gone to the south and the unsettled weather across parts of lower michigan. that's the pool of colder air aloft that will be bringing extra cloud cover. temperatures won't butch a whole lot. here's future weather. everywhere east of the blue ridge sunshine for much of the day. around here, just a mix of clouds and sunshine for a couple of hours during the peak time and then skies clear right back out again for the overnight hours tonight. temperatures, we're in the upper 40s and low 50s now. we'll stay pretty mump in that same rage here for the remainder of the day. no real warmup. tonight, back into the 30s by the time you get up. so typical december cold
6:54 am
sunny, a little cooler than today, staying up to around 50 tomorrow afternoon and, of course, doing a little football this weekend. ravens are at home. the temperatures will be in the 40s. the redskins are on the road playing the cardinals. a small chance for rain late surchlt better chance tuesday and thursday of next week. good morning, melissa. busy with traffic. >> breaking news. southbound d.c. helen burroughs avenue, we're talking about a six-mile backup. chopper 4 will be over the scene and the only chopper over the scene. he's zooming in for me to show you. we have a new problem on kenilworth avenue response there as well. take a look at the backups. it is just a mess this morning. northbound 395. georgia avenue.
6:55 am
routes. >> all right, melissa, thank you. now to something that is really going affect traffic around the white house today. >> it's the 94th annual christmas tree lighting's ceremony. >> we finally have enough sunlight to show you the stage behind me. you can see this year we have a more traditional look. you see the wreath there, the presents scattered around the stage and as we pan off to the left, you can see the national christmas tree not lit up yet, but that will change in a matter of hours here. now, there is a great lineup this year for the performance. take a look. kelly clarkson, chance the rapper, garth brooks, trisha year wod, chase anthony are among the performers that are going to be here tonight. of course, the president and
6:56 am
last time tonight. it happened at 5:00. something to keep in mind if you're attending. gates open at 3:00. not 2:30. 3:00. 4:30 the gates close. you need to be in your seat at 4:30 or the seats will be given away. president-elect donald trump and vice president-elect mike pence headed toin thousand jobs in the state. tornados killed five people in alabama and tennessee. we now know seven people died in the tennessee wildfires as well. we're working to get new information about alexandria's seventh homicide this year. police say a man was found dead on colombia avenue. police have had the parkway
6:57 am
melissa is looking at another big issue. a look at 295 at nannie helen burroughs avenue. brad sees another problem as he zooms in. thank you, chopper 4. at the pedestrian bridge, another potential crash there. big, big problems. allow a lot of extra time if you have to go that way. >> thank you, melissa. morning. thanks for waki ng he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017.
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7:00 am
good morning. nature's fury. the death toll rises to seven in the devastating tennessee wildfires, as new tornadoes rip through the south overnight. now, more than 30 days. breaking ernight. a police officer shot called to a home in washington state. the suspect barricade inside a home for hours. victory lap. president-elect trump, kicking off his thank you tour, in indiana and ohio. as his top cabinet picks get called out for bailouts and wall street. and lit. >> three, two, one.


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