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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:59pm EST

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>> we spend too much time focusing on what divides us. >> he whipsawed between conciliatory and confrontational. >> remember, you cannot get to 270. dishonest press. >> and though he won, he still sounded a lot like he was still running. he apparently stunned his own transition team by pre-announcing his choice of general james mattis as defense secretary. >> we're not announcing it until monday so marine. >> his nomination is probably striking fear into the hearts of many of america's potential adversaries. >> but the general retired in 2013, and a federal law requires a seven-year wait between active duty and deployment as defense secretary. congress would have to pass a waiver. >> this is part of the fabric of america. the civilian control of our military. >> meanwhile, good news for the obama administration is good
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low. it's fallen more than half. >> the unemployment rate dropped to 4.6%. the lowest since 2007. the president-elect spoke with the president of taiwan today, raising concerns about new tensions with china. the u.s. broke off diplomatic relations with taiwan back in 1979, when washington shifted diplomatic recognition of china to the communist government on washington still has unofficial ties with taiwan, and it's not clear whether the talk today is a signal that the next president intends to change u.s. foreign policy. wendy. >> all right, brian. >> will there be a democratic lawmaker in trump's cabinet? north dakota senator heidi heitkamp did not speak to reporters after she met with trump today. later, she released a statement saying their wide-ranging talk included coal and the u.s.
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consideration for secretary of energy or the interior. should she be hired, north dakota's republican governor would appoint her replacement, so democrats could lose a senate seat. >> here in virginia, the spotlight is swinging toward the next political contest. the 2017 governor's race is going to be one of the most high-profile elections in the country. five men have declared their candidacy, but as julie carey reports, the man about to move into the white house will play a huge role. turned to 2017, but today, all five cand ddz making their business pitch to the virginia chamber of commerce. on the democratic side, lieutenant governor ralph stands alone with no challenge. but four candidates are seeking the gop nomination. two very familiar to northern virginians. corey stewart and former u.s. senate candidate ed gilespy.
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also in the gop field, but the contest is expected to take on national significance for this reason. >> virginia is likely to be seen as a referendum on the first year of trump. >> if the president scores early successes, corey stewart says it will benefit him. he was trump's most high profile supporter in washington, before he staged a rally and the campaign fired him. >> how well the trump administration does over the n connected to how well i do. >> frank wagner also sought today to underscore his ties to the president-elect. >> that's why i was so proud to jump onboard a trump campaign. >> ed gilespy is seen as the early gop front-runner, but his support of trump last fall, less enthusiastic. >> i'm confident i'll unify republicans and we'll take a unified party next year. >> the democrat also sees an opportunity to push back against the nastiness that defined the
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need to be healed. there's no better person to heal than a doctor. i'm going to bring some civility to the race next year. >> the gop primary is on june 13th. election day, november 7th. in williamsburg, virginia, julie carey, news 4. >> developing right now in manassas, police have arrested a woman for the murder of a man in a shopping center parking lot. roberta brandon is from capitol heights and is accused in cordray jackson's death. he got into fightit tuesday. detectives are waiting on search warrants to enter the suspect's home. >> allegations of sex abuse in a school in washington, d.c. this involved a teacher at archbishop carroll high. they fired jimmy agustin. he's accused of having sexual contact with a female student at the school at least twice in recent months. agustin is listed as head athletic trainer and science
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turned deadly after the victim managed to get ahold of the robber's gun. it happened last night in culpepper, virginia. one suspect was killed, another arrested. two more are still on the loose. chris gordon has details of the dramatic takedown. >> woodland church road is a rural area, where gunshots are heard often. neighbors say it's usually people shooting squirrels, but last night, just after sounded unusual. >> pop, pop, pop. then stop. heard it again, pop, pop, pop, pop. >> the culpepper county sheriff's office says the resident of this house shot and killed an intruder. >> it's too early to say if the homeowner will be charged. at this point, we're still investigating. >> here's how it happened. investigators say 21-year-old delonte jones from prince george's county and 18-year-old amber elli of orange virginia
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the resident told them to leave, but jones then forced his way in. >> then mr. jones struck the homeowner in the head. with a firearm. at which point a struggle ensued. between the homeowner and mr. jones. mr. jones was then struck in the abdomen. >> investigators say the resident had taken control of the gun. neighbors don't really know they say he just moved in with his wife and child weeks ago. >> crazy. this is a very, very nice neighborhood. i have lived here since 1970. never had anything like this. >> investigators are looking over surveillance camera video from a neighboring house that shows a dark colored car turning in a driveway. investigators say they want to talk to the young man and woman who were in the car that fled the scene after the shooting because they're being considered persons of interest.
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gordon, news 4. >> metro officials on the hot seat as a congressional committee demands answers about the transit system's ongoing problems. the hearing comes amid revelations metro employees may have falsified inspection reports and ignored safety concerns. mark segraves joins us live from northwest. mark. >> good evening, wendy. yeah, very tough words for metro officials today from congress. but members of congress also had strong warnings for the man in charge of the federal agency thas metro. >> i'm tired of the double speak. >> members of congress tried to get answers from the federal transit administration on whether it's the private agency to oversee metro's safety and if so, why they haven't made changes in order to prevent accidents like the falls church derailment. >> we have derailment and injuries happening on a regular basis while you already, as you have just testified, have the authority to fix it, and you're not ficking it.
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before we get you to act in the appropriate manner? >> congressman mark meadows grew frustrated with the answers from the executive director of the fta. >> the problem here is that the culture overcomes the rule book. >> so you're going to blame it on mr. jackson and all his union employees? is that what you're saying? i'm going to get to the bottom of it here. >> if the model was following its standards, the incident should notve >> the systematic fault of all the people involved in that process. >> so you're involved. it's partly your fault. >> after several minutes of this exchange, he acknowledged his agency was partially responsible for the breakdowns in safety. gerry connolly addressed his frustration with the fta as well, but over a different issue. >> they tell me that you don't cooperate with them. in fact, they seek information
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told it's proprietary. they have been denied documents. >> at the end of the hearing, metro's gm said despite the tense moments, the hearing served a good purpose. >> i think to air some of the issues the have been out there is good. that's good. it definitely helps me to understand the problems. >> now, this is the last time that congressional oversight committee will meet on metro until next year. and at that point, they'll have a new chairman atth we're reporting live. back to you, chris. >> all right, tough questions there, mark. thank you. today, we learned the washington monument will be closed for the next two to three years while repair crews fix the elevator. it's been plagued by problems for the last few years, but now, businessman and philanthropist david rubenstein has pledged $2 million to $3 million to modernize the elevator. safety issues forced the park to close the monument in august and it hasn't been open to the public since.
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generous gifts to the national park service. over the last five years, he has pledge said nearly $50 million to various projects, including more than $7 million to restore the monument after the big earthquake. in more than $18 million to restore the lincoln memorial. >> a beautiful night out there if you like it cold, and i have had two people today go, oh, finally, nice cold air. that's the way things are going to be for the next not couple days but probably the next couple ks our chopper shot. look at that. beautiful shot. the clouds giving way to that beautiful cres nlt moon tonight. i was down for the christmas tree lighting last night, and boy, you could see that beautiful crescent moon. that's a phenomenal shot. thanks to our guys in chopper 4. chopper 4 always flying around for us. temperature wise, it's cool. look at the windchill, down to 34, gaithers brg. 36 in manassas.
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around a little bit. tracking our next storm, that won't come until early next week, but it will set the stage for winlt toor really move in. we'll talk about the really winter-like temperatures. talking 20s and 30s. be back here in about 15 minutes. new video of a police shooting in maryland, and how this case could change policy going forward. >> searching for clues after a mother in california is kidnapped. tonight, outside experts weig in and point to a chilling motive. as the cremated remains of fidel castro continue to process from havana to where we are in santiago de cuba, we look at
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right now, santiago de cuba is preparing to receive the remains of fidel second largest city because it's there from which fidel castro launched his 1959 revolution. it's also there that his ashes will be interred this weekend. david culver made the cross country drive and joins us live to tell us about it. david. >> hey, there, wendy. this is also known as cuba's second capitol, santiago de cuba. they're getting ready for another tribute tomorrow night
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up, they're playing and testing video, showing different images of fidel castro. they had elian gonzalez playing on the big screen here. this as thousands in this area, an area known as castro's hometown, are preparing to send him off. >> many of cuba's city square named revolution square, after fidel castro took over in 1959. tonight, santiago's square is being public memorial, and the city castro felt connected to. >> for him, he felt that he belonged to the city, and the city thinks that fidel belongs to them also. >> cuban filmmaker carlos rodriguez, born and raised in the eastern part of cuba, says fidel impacted a certain generation. >> for my mother and grandmother, fidel castro's revolution meant their whole life. they dedicated their whole life
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>> this may explain the packed streets lining cuba's central highway as castro's remains passed by. some will remember the revolution sobbing, didn't matter they waited hours for a few minutes. it was worth it, this woman telling me. while young people also participated, this one holding tight to cuba's flag, carlos tells me they're enjoying recent changes under fidel's brother raul. >> life is quite different than
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remains will be interred. >> david, i'm curious, we have seen so much poverty in the country. do the people in his hometown feel like they have benefitted from the revolution? >> that's a question i did put to one of the locals here. you see a lot of the emotion, so you wonder what kind of connection they're feeling. a lot of them tell me that initially, they feel immediately after the revolution for some, their conditions got better. but they say as years went they feel like now, again, they're pushing for the change. they're hoping what they have seen in the past few years under raul will continue and expand more, and that's something at this point they're just hoping for, cautiously optimistic is how it's best put. >> a long time. thank you, david. and david will be in cuba throughout the weekend covering the processional carrying castro's ashes, also covering his funeral. you can cover the events and the
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details about a mother's strange kidnapping in calf. she was released and found alive on thanksgiving day. her name is sherri papini. authorities say she was held for three weeks and tortured. his husband tells people magazine she was badly beaten, her hair chopped off, and she was branded. he talked about the abduction to abc news. >> she was bound. she had a chain around her wai. she had a bag over her head. her left hand was in the vehicle chained to something. >> i suspect based on the types of injuries that sherri incurred, the beatings, the broken nose, the cut hair, especially the chains and the branding, indicate that it was most likely one of these sex trafficking groups. >> the private investigator who was hired by sherri's family said drug cartels and human
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running when she disappeared. she said she was abducted by two women who spoke spanish and kept their faces covered. >> back to presidential politics and the heated exchange between strategists for the clinton and trump campaigns. the kennedy school of government at harvard has hosted a campaign postmortem after every presidential race since 1972. one flash point at last night's forum, the influence of steve bannon. he left breitbart news to help run trump's campaign. bannon has called breitbart a platform for the alt-right. at least one faction within the alt-right includes white nationalists. >> i would rather lose than win the way you guys did. >> no, you wouldn't. do you think i ran a campaign where white supremacists had a platform? you're going to look me in the face and say that? >> it did. >> you think you could is a decent mesfrj the white working clasvoters. how about it's hillary clinton.
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common with her. >> don't act as if you have some popular mandate for your message. >> i can tell you're angry, but wow. hash tag he's your president. >> most observers described the lechblg of animosity as unprecedented in harvard's presidential forum. the campaigns did agree on one thing. they faulted the news media. "meet the press" moderator chuck todd recalled his early days in politics. >> you couldn't wait to find out game, both in media and in politics, how did they do it, how did they come close? and how did they win? right, and instead, what we saw yesterday, and i'm not going to single out individuals. nobody has anything yet. what has happened to grace and humility? nobody has shown any of it. thought the campaigns, either side of it, but i have to say that the trump campaign has come across as sore winners. clinton folks came across as sore losers.
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media didn't show enough humility. it is okay to admit some mistakes. it is okay to do that. it seems like right now, at that conference, everybody was looking to blame someone else. >> and a program note, vice president-elect mike pence will be joining chuck on "meet the press" this week with the latest on the presidential transition. that is sunday morning, as you know, 10:30 right here on nbc 4. >> leave it to chuck to put everything in context. still ahead, mail delivery after dark. why the job. this pipe is supposed to be below ground, but it's still above ground. wssc has been promising a new sewer system for southern prince george's county for years. now with the casino opening, some residents are saying their system can't handle the
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warm weather may be finally coming to an end. >> yeah, but we got -- we're ready for the weekend. what's out there? >> oh, boy, the weekend. i love weekends. what's coming this weekend, guys, yeah, it's going to we cool, but exactly where it should be.
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look at this. these are the average numbers here. we go from 52 at the beginning of this month to 44 for an average high by the end of this month. by the weekend, we'll get both. down towards national harbor, taking my family there this weekend. heading down to see ice down there. my son's tenth birthday today. my son turned 10 today. how about that? we'll be down there enjoying the national harbor. really, if you're bundled up, you'll be fine. right now, degrees. here the big factor, winds out of the northwest at 15 miles per hour and seeing some wind gusts. 43 at manassas. 37 in winchester, 44 in clinton. but take a look at the wind. winds now gusting upwards of 20 to 25 miles per hour. 22, d.c., 24 in leesburg. windchills in the 30s in many locations. it's going to be a chilly night if you're heading out and about. you will not need the umbrella,
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it's that cold across the region. satellite and radar showing the cloud cover we have seen just back to the west, and we're going to see more clouds overnight tonight and into the day tomorrow. a little bit, kind of like today. notice what's happening to the north. lake effect rain and snow making their way in to places like new york and pennsylvania. what that shows you, we're not going to get any of that. what we will get is the cooler air. it's continuing to come down from the north and west. temperatures tomorrow about what they were today, upper 40s to low 50s for the 37 degrees to start off the day. a cold start to saturday. 49 at noon. 52 by 3:00, and 44 by 7:00. a chilly saturday afternoon. as long as you're bundled up, no problem. high temperatures in the 40s to the west, 50s to the east. and we will see plenty of sunshine. d.c., 52, maybe 53. notice sunday. sunday, i think we see more cloud cover. that's a fairly chilly day. 52 degrees on monday. 47 on tuesday.
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watching this very close. if we get cold enough early on, could see some snowflakes in the northern zones. not d.c., all rain here, but at least a good chance of rain. one thing to watch for if you're doing anything on saturday, let's take a look at something going on saturday afternoon up there towards the candy cane dash towards frederick in the morning, sunny, 39 degrees for our friends in frederick running the race out there. a lot of girls on the run will be doing this as well. next weekend, cold. we'll talk much more about the long it sticks around. a long time. >> okay. new concerns about the mgm casino at national harbor. why some say the opening could make an existing problem there even worse. >> taking a stand without saying a word. how people in this neighborhood in northwest d.c. are fighting back against vice president-elect mike pence's values. >> i'm darcy spencer in laurel with new body camera video of an officer-involved shooting.
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now at 6:30, new video of a police shooting in maryland. what the suspect wants to happen now, and how the shooting may change policies going forward. >> new concerns emerge one week before the opening of the new mgm national harbor.
6:31 pm
the area. >> we're talking about hundreds of tankers of raw sewage. >> mail carriers working overtime in the holiday season. the dangers they face working well into the night and how they are staying safe. >> we all have to be mindful of our surroundings. >> and protecting your packages from thieves. the four things you need to know. >> police body camera video shows the moment a laurel police officer shot officer was startled and unintentionally shot the man. darcy spencer is in laurel with more on how this shooting could change department policy. >> that's right. the shooting happened right behind this food store here in laurel. the officer has been cleared of any wrongdoing, but this could still lead to some changes in the department. laurel police officials may retrain officers and put in
6:32 pm
force accidentally shot and wounded a suspect during a building search. >> anybody in there? come out now with your hands up. >> the body camera video shows laurel police on the hunt for burglary suspects last april. they found one suspect, a teenager, and tasered him. but they still needed to clear a building. the english market food store on fourth street. one officer, a 17-year gets open a door, and fires a single shot. the officer would later say accidentally. he had been startled. >> are you hit? >> the officer frantically pulls the man out of the building and searches for a bullet wound. the suspect, 20-year-old rashon kurbeam had been shot in the back. the video is among the evidence presented to a grand jury late last month. the grand jury declined to indict the officer on any charges. >> we moved forward and sent a letter to the laurel police department letting them know
6:33 pm
actions we would not be prosecuting this officer. >> the man survived the shooting and was charged with burglary. his attorney said this was not a police justified shooting. mr. curbeam was unarmed, shot in the back, and not posing a threat the officer when he was shot down. the attorney said the charges against him should be dropped. >> we believe it is something he needs to be held accountable for. that's why we're moving forward with the case. >> laurel officials tell me that and has no contact with the general public while this investigation is continuing. the suspect was scheduled for trial next week, but it has been delayed. back to you. >> thank you. >> there are now details about how fairfax county police discovered a murder scene and made an arrest in that case. search warrants reveal fredy agustin called 911 on
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69-year-old leif ohlsson deaden his condo in the bay leaf crossroad area. agustin told police the group had been drinking when they got into an argument with him and choked him. he was choked to death. the four suspects stole the victim's cadillac, his luxury watches and his artwork. agustin faces murder and burglary charges. two other are also charged. azinni cabrera is wanted now for is highly anticipated, but it's also coming with some severe development issues for the folks who live near there. bureau chief tracee wilkins takes a look at the new sewage concerns surfacing for neighbors. >> how long have you all been here? >> '97. >> for years, shaun and his neighbors have lived on this waterfront property in southern prince george's county. >> this is broad creek. and down at the end of the creek is where the pumping station is.
6:35 pm
>> we're talking about hundreds of tankers of raw sewage going into the river. >> in early 2000, it became clear that when there is a hard rain, the sewer system tied to the broad creek basin overflows. >> 31 million gallons with an "m" gallons of raw sewage dumped into the creek since 2006. >> that sewage goes into broad creek and we keep saying broad creek. it goes directly into potomac river. >> gary is wssc's chief engineer. >> water there is safe. no reason to not swim in it when there's not an overflow. would you swim in it? >> if there wasn't an overflow, i would swim in it. i wouldn't drink it. >> wssc is well aware of the issue. they were sued for the sewage overflow by the justice department on behalf of the epa in 2004 and have been working since to correct the problem. that means no new developments on this sewer line. >> the rain gets into the sewers.
6:36 pm
liquid coming down the pipe. the sewage is a liquid coming down the pipe. there's not enough for both. >> now the troubled system is about to get more sewage with thoepenning of the new 24-hour mgm casino and its 23-story hotel at national harbor. the largest construction project in the county's history. that waste will head right for the broad creek pump station. >> if national harbor were to come in today from scratch, even though they only want to do more at 100,000 gallons which is not enough for a development of that size. >> for the past five years, wssc has been installing larger water pipes that will increase the capacity and stop the overflow. that was supposed to be done by 2012. then it was pushed back to 2017. now -- >> that won't happen until late 2019-2020. >> wssc says it's been slowed down by the permitting process. but mgm and its additional
6:37 pm
approved before the prohibition on development. >> in the rush, it's similar to the roads, in the rush to get the casino and the rush to get what we want, they forget the really basics, infrastructure. >> we have a lot more coverage of the casino coming up. also, the company that owns maryland live is planning its first international venture. the company has submitted development plans to build a resort in spain. they want to put the project near madrid city center at a the resort would feature a cuzino, hotels, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment venues. and if it gets approval, the first phase is expected to be complete within two years. >> rainbow flags, rainbow pride flags in chevy chase d.c., the sight that greets vice president-elect mike pence every time he comes home. he moved in last week and his neighbors wanted to send him a message. pence has spoken out against gay rights, specifically gay
6:38 pm
>> i think we would like governor pence to know that it's a big country, and there's room for all kinds of people in the country, and everyone is deserving of respect. >> pence won't be in the neighborhood for long. he's moving into the naval observatory after the inauguration on january 21st. >> resort towns have been left in ruin. see the devastation from raging wildfires as the death toll climbs in tennessee. >> it's that time of year when the postal service gets busy and things get a little more dicy for postal workers. how to keep them safe on the streets. coming up on news 4. >> and i'm tracking the cold. right now, look at the windchills. 35, leesburg. 30 in winchester and 33 in gaithersburg. a sign of things to come.
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aerial rios. he was working as an undercover agent in the 1980s when cocaine traffickers turned miami into a war zone. he was killed on this day in 1982. rios's widow and his son came today for the dedication. >> it's an honor, an honor for the family. i'm going to start crying again.
6:42 pm
acknowledgment of my father's career and his life and everything he's done and accomplished. >> rios was the first atf agent to be killed in the line of duty. >> still ahead, a recent robbery highlights the dangers of the job. what local mail carriers are doing to stay safe while delivering packages in the darker nights. >> and protecting your gifts from porch pirates. theour things you f
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?? ?? ?? ??
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a lot of mail carriers are worried and apshs after a local postal worker was assaulted and robbed. thieves like to target them during the holidays. derrick ward is looking into how they handle that risk, especially at night. >> it's the time of year when had days are shorter and more and more of their work is done in darkness. >> you're always trying to improve, be out there before dark. the sun is down, mail can come late. it's stuff we can't control. >> something else they can't control, the season. this is also the time of year when they're busiest. online purchase delivery, cards, gifts. it all serves to make personal safety a major concern. >> management, they're doing everything for us to be safe. >> that includes briefing on safety protocols, what to do if there's a threat. just this past weekend when a letter carrier was attacked and robbed of his mail as well as his wallet and cell phone.
6:46 pm
incident. >> some of these same concerns are shared by other carriers. u.p.s., fedex, and they have their drivers on point as well. the safety protocols are both visible and nonvisible, but the goil is the same. >> the main concern for us is to stay safe. >> derrick ward, news 4. this time of year, thousands of packages are stolen off doorsteps, unless it happens to you, you probably don't give much thought to where your packages are dropped off. maybe you should. our coverage susan hogan with the four things you need to know to outsmart the crook. >> well, shipping companies are expected to reach a record number of deliveries between now and christmas, around 1.5 billion packages. that's a lot of temptation for thieves. it's up to you and me to make it difficult for them. four things you need to know. request a signature delivery option. this requires a signature when the packages are delivered so they won't be just left at your
6:47 pm
back door or even an enclosed porch. have your packages delivered to your office instead of your home. and getting tracking numbers, most retailers and shipping companies will offer the service to you. if they don't, reconsider where you're purchasing the item. some of the major shipping companies offer services to alert you when a package has been delivered. sign up for that. that way, you can alert a neighbor to grab it for you or or for more tips, head to our nbc washington app and search preventing package theft. >> speaking of the holidays, we asked viewers to weigh in on a big debate in our newsroom. when it comes to your christmas tree, do you go for the real or the fake? >> real, baby. >> no way. >> take a look. more than half of your, over half, responded saying artificial all the way. safer and neater. more than 20% say they like the
6:48 pm
>> get this, 13% say, we don't even have a tree. >> guilty. >> we got a dog, and the dog would eat the needles. >> i have a cat who climbs umthe trees. >> i have a parrot -- not true. not true at all. but my wife grew up with that, i grew up with the real. now we have one of both. don't ask me how that works. >> all about compromise. >> all about compromise. exactly right. way. >> really? >> i remember that, too. >> let's show you what's happening outside right now. down towards national harbor, this is such a great shot. so much going on down there. look at the capitol wheel right there. lots of different colors going on, and currently, 46 degrees. notice the temperature, northwest at 15 miles per hour. that puts the windchill down to 40 at the airport. take a look at the weather underground numbers. 42 at potomac, 45, beverly beach.
6:49 pm
time of year, but still cold enough where you need the jacket, maybe the gloves. the umbrella not needed. rain way up to our north. we're not going to see a chance of rain until early next week. tomorrow, stepping out the door, not bad. 52 degrees. a chilly start. most areas in the low 30s tomorrow morning. but rising to about 52 in the city. most of you to the west will stay in the 40s. and it will still be breezy. if you like today, you're going to get a day very similar during the day tomorrow. in frederick, that's good. all green, as long as you're bundled up, you should be fine. the scottish walk in old town, nice warm jacket, and the jingle all the way 5k or 15k, temperatures 45 degrees. i did a 5k once. next couple days, 49 on your sunday. that's a chilly day. cloud cover, so not much in the way of sunshine. clouds on the increase, maybe
6:50 pm
47 on tuesday. good chance of rain on tuesday. and then notice what happens here. it gets cold. i mean cold. 39 for a high on friday. 38 on saturday. that's in the city. some of you at 35. windchills we think will be in the 20s for the first time this year. we're talking really cold air. notice those overnight low temperatures saturday and sunday morning. only in the 20s, so yeah, the coldest air of the season and it looks like it wants to remain cold. right on through t december. >> thank you, doug. >> coming up in sports, he played through the pain on thanksgiving, now washington is going to be without jordan reed on sunday. we found out how the team plans to replace his production out in arizona. >> but first, here's lester holt with a look at what's ahead on nbc nightly news. >> chris and wendy, ahead for us, dramatic developments in the courtroom where a jury is deliberating the fate of a south carolina police officer facing charges for shooting a suspect in the bag.
6:51 pm
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with the caps, wizards, and redskins coming off losses, chris is with us from the studios. >> any of the teams going to be
6:54 pm
really hard for the wizards. we'll get to them in a minute. the redskins are going to have to get the job done without an important player. jordan reed will not play this sunday against the cardinals. this will be the third game this season the redskins touchdown target will miss. now, take a look at reed during practice this week. he looks perfectly fine, raising his right arm to catch the football. the problem is his left shoulder. see it? he can't raise that one. the stays on this left side. he needs a week off because of redskins plan without jordan reed. >> get another good weekend of treatment. got to keep him back here, get a good weekend of treatment, and hopefully get him back for next week. we're going to keep the standard concepts, the plays we have that we like, but we expect vernon or derrick to be able to do them. we might have less of a certain package. maybe the three tight end sets or something like that, but we'll still carry about everything that we have, just
6:55 pm
team, 7-1 on the season. problem is, their first loss came on tuesday night. shooting was a major issue against pitt. 34% from the floor won't lead to many victories, and mark turgeon has a bigger issue with his team, the amount of three-pointers they took, a total of 36. double the amount as the winner panthers. >> we talked to our team about getting good shots. and we probably shot a few more than we needed to the other night because we were 20 count for six points instead of three points, but they don't. so the key is that we're getting good shaudz. we're getting a lot of open looks. that's what matters. we're missing some around the rim, too. so you keep talking about execution, keep talking about taking good shots. but we have to offensive rebound better. if we're going to miss 58% of our shots, we better rebound, you know, 30% of those to 35% of those. >> all right, so game night for
6:56 pm
washington has not won in san antonio since 1999. wizards have actually only beaten the spurs twice since 2006. wizards also looking to rebound from a tough overtime loss to the thunder on wednesday night. it's an 8:30 tip-off. bradley beal attempts to explain why san antonio is so hard to stop. >> you can't be surprised by anything. you can't be surprised by guys hitting threes, shooting threes, or guys making the plays they're they're like a robot machine, like you just plug in numbers, or you plug in other players and they're going to produce the same way. so we have to be able to come in ready to go, starters, and whoever comes off the bench to give us great minutes. we have to do whatever it takes to win. we have enough of these moral victories. >> those dangerous robot machines. the nationals have a new player, catcher derek morris was traded to washington from san diego for
6:57 pm
draft pick by the nats but was sent to oakland in 2011 in a dealio gonzalez. >> tiger woods told his caddie, let's keep the card clean. mission accomplished. fired a 7 under 55 in the hero world challenge in the bahamas to move into contention. just a reminder, wizards with a late start tonight down in texas. they hit the court at 8:30. broadcast on csn tonight, and i'll see you back here for a full recap at 11:00. back to you. >> thanks, chris. nice to see tiger out there. >> it is good to see him doing better. >> trying to get wins and comebacks tonight. that's our theme. >> good man. >> thanks. >> cold weekend? >> yeah, but we'll be fine. >> we got sun. >> advertised, 51. we get sunshine tomorrow, a little wind. that's about it. tomorrow afternoon, 52.
6:58 pm
just bundle up, especially when the sun is not shining. when we have the sunshine, it's okay. >> and it's the weekend. >> early december. >> nightly news is up next. >> we'll seeou back here at
6:59 pm
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deadlocked. trump's controversial calls. late word on the president-elect's phone conversations with foreign leaders, raising eyebrows around the world. hidden danger. one child nearly every month, killed by one of the top hazards so many people have inside their homes. a family sounding the alarm, hoping to save even one life. and the dancing principal. our friday "inspiring america" report. a school administrator who moves to her own beat. "nightly news" begins


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