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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. male vo: comcast. ?? now at 11:00, a deadly fire despite one man's rush to the rescue. we're live with his story. plus an explanation from
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fidel castro. rain in the forecast tomorrow. plus i'm tracking the coldest air we've seen since february. when it arrives in my full forecast at 11:18. now at 11:00, we know what caused a house fire that claimed the life of an elderly man. good evening and thanks for joining us tonight. i'm erica gonzalez. a neighbor desperately tried to help after seeing smoke pouring from that home today. news 4's darcy alexandria section of fairfax county with new details about how all of this unfolded. darcy? >> reporter: well, erica, investigators left the scene late this evening after determining the cause of the fire was electrical in nature. if you take a look behind me, you can see a restoration crew came out and boarded up the windows of the house. but we begin our story tonight with the man you mentioned, the
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>> i knew that there was an older gentleman living there. so i was concerned for his life. >> reporter: elias martinez was working in his yard this afternoon when he saw smoke coming from his elderly neighbor's home on logan court in fairfax county. >> quickly ran to the house and started slamming on the screen door. i immediately felt it was really hot. so i ran back to the house, had my wife call 911. >> reporter: when firefighters got here, they found pouring from all sides of the house. >> as they were putting out the fire there in the home, they located one adult male who they pulled out of the structure and they started cpr on the way to the hospital. >> reporter: but the 82-year-old man didn't make it. his cat also died in the fire. investigators spent hours digging through the burned-out debris. they determined the cause was electrical in nature. they also found what was described as slight hoarding
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neighbors told me they didn't see the man leave his house very often. >> i only see him to say hello, and i spoke to him just briefly from time to time but not frequently. he stayed in most of the time. >> reporter: now, officials tell me that they did find a smoke alarm inside the home. they're still trying to figure out whether that smoke alarm went off. and they want to know why this elderly man was unable to escape the flames. erika, back to you. >> darcy spencer in alexandria for us. thank you. developing right now, investigators also trying to figure out what started two massive fires. one today near boston. nearly a dozen homes engulfed. meanwhile, on the other side of the country in oakland, california officials think there may be a couple of dozen victims after a fire at a party inside an old warehouse. nbc's chris polone has new details tonight. >> reporter: nearly a full day since fire swept through an oakland, california warehouse
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investigators still haven't made much progress in finding victims. they say the roof and part of the second floor collapsed in the inferno. >> this is very bad wreckage. very twisted debris in there. it's very, very -- it's actually very hard to describe. it's like a maze. there's wires and beams and metal and wood. it's all fallen on top of each other. >> reporter: those who escaped the fire say there could have been more than 50 people inside when it broke two dozen are still missing. >> we expect the death toll from this event to rise. >> reporter: people like daniel vega have had an excruciating wait for information. he fears his brother is among the victims. >> i called my mom and she was like, hey, and i said, where's my little brother? i said, mom, where's my little brother? >> reporter: the warehouse is known as the oakland ghost ship. studio space for artists. fire investigators say it was cluttered with furniture, wood,
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pallets. he tried to pull another man as he escaped but the fire was too intense. >> there was a lot of stuff in the way of the fire. the flames were too much. too much smoke. and i had to -- [ bleep ]. i had to let him -- >> reporter: investigators say the warehouse did not have a sprinkler system and probably didn't have smoke alarms either. public records show the city opened an investigation last month to determine whether the ghost ship was operating legally. but it appears that investigation came too late for possibly dozens of people. chris polone, nbc news. now, the other big fire that we are following tonight is just outside of boston. that was 10 alarms. and to fire crews that is the sign of a massive fire and one that is also really difficult to contain. thus far no reports of serious injuries in this one thanks to the swift efforts of firefighters. but the damage is extensive.
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including a church. authorities think it may have started in a building under construction this afternoon. a person of interest now in custody in connection with the brutal murder of a spotsylvania store clerk. police have a break in the case tonight, but there's still a lot of questions surrounding this case. david washington was taken into custody in the city of fredricksburg. he's now being questioned. a 54-year-old store clerk working at the sunoco station on killed early this morning. it was a customer that discovered the body. the sheriff's office is calling the attack particularly vicious. washington has not been charged at this hour. also new tonight a man fighting for his life after being hit by a car near the leesburg corner premium outlets this evening. he was trying to cross the leesburg bypass when an suv hit him. a helicopter flew the pedestrian
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the suv driver is a 71-year-old man from culpepper who is cooperating with the investigation. new problems with one of those presidential election recounts. we're going to tell you what happens now. a controversial figure with a rock star status memorialized tonight. we're live as cuba gives a final tribute to fidel castro. and we are tracking arctic air heading our way. it's but when you see these
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jill stein and the green party dropped its court case today for a recount of the votes cast for president in pennsylvania. the party wanted to know if state voting machines were hacked resulting in a skewed election result. today's court filing stated that voters are "regular citizens the $1 million bond ordered by the court by monday at 5:00. meanwhile, a recount could begin next week in michigan. one already began thursday in wisconsin. meanwhile, it's the phone call that is sparking conversations around the world. president-elect donald trump speaking directly by phone with taiwan's president. the u.s. broke off formal relations with taiwan decades ago as part of its recognition of china.
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on the phone call fallout. >> reporter: today in china -- millions watched government-run tv report on donald trump's controversial conversation. a ten-minute call that upended decades of careful diplomacy. taiwan's president seized on the moment by releasing photos of her on the phone with trump, provoking china to complain to the obama administratio t call. >> it does suggest that we have a president-elect coming in who is pretty unfamiliar with some of the diplomatic challenges that the united states faces. >> reporter: since the days when nixon opened the door to china, no issue has been more sensitive for china than the status of taiwan, an island territory that governs itself but the u.s. does not formally recognize. >> that was nbc's kelly o'donnell reporting.
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president-elect mike pence appears on "meet the press." you can see chuck todd's conversation with him right here on nbc 4 at 10:30. we know right now you're ready for a brand new "saturday night live." emma stone hosts, and musical guest shaun mendes performs his hits right here. stay with us. but first, coming up in a live report from santiago de cuba during what final tribute to fidel castro, final tribute to fidel castro, his brother makes some prizing no matter how the markets change... final tribute to fidel castro, his brother makes some prizing at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience
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right now cubans are gathered for the last time tonight to pay tribute to fidel castro, a man despised by many, widely praised tonight by the people of his hometown. knees 4's david culver is live in santiago government officials including fidel's own brother memorialized him. so david, what was it that he said that was so controversial? >> reporter: it was actually really interesting. raul castro, erika, took the stage behind me. he was the last speaker at what is the final public tribute for his brother fidel. and he painted a very humble picture of his brother, saying that in the last moments before his brother passed away fidel told him that he wanted no
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a sea of cuban flags as the people of santiago de cuba pay tribute to fidel castro in the plaza de la revolucion. "it was really a unique experience," this man tells me. he among the thousands attending this final public memorial. "he's our leader, today, tomo of santiago flooding the main roads, awaiting the remains of a man who ruled for nearly five decades, a man whose face still haunts cuban americans forced to flee following the 1959 revolution. this country's pride inked on the arms of their young. la bandera cubana. the cuban flag. after a three-day cross-country journey, this is the moment the folks here in santiago de cuba have been waiting for. the arrival of fidel castro's remains.
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a little bit of rain coming down. that's not stopping them. photographers climbed high to get the shot. the young on their parents' shoulders. even if they're not castro supporters, pure curiosity brings them here. early sunday the final stop of the procession. this nearby cemetery. fidel's remains to be interred next to this massive mausoleum which hold the remains of famed revolutionary jose marti. he announced his victory from the balcony in this main square. "every time there was a problem in santiago de cuba," enrico cisneros tells me. "he always wanted the best for the people." whether he actually delivered, history will decide. at times when raul castro spoke about his brother his voice was noticeably shaking. he did, though, tell this crowd
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erika? >> david culver live in cuba for us. and david is in cuba all weekend. you can see his next report tomorrow on news 4 today and you can follow all the events and all of the emotion on twitter @david underscore culver. so we have been talking about how we really have not had to put on the puffy coats but that is going to change in a matter of days, and lucky for me the new puffy coat came in the mail today. just in time. get this, only in the 30s. >> that's the high. >> yeah. so it hasn't been that cold since february. and when you factor in the winds on friday it will feel like teens and 20s. that's one of your weather headlines. but first we will have some showers around tomorrow night. it looks like they clear out by the monday morning rush. rain on tuesday will take the rain. we need it. and then on friday we're talk about highs in the upper 30s. right now currently across the
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in in the upper 30s and low 40s. from 32 in washington to 39 degrees in frederick. your planner tomorrow morning around 7:00 a.m. we start off in the 30s. 37 degrees. and plenty of clouds around throughout the day tomorrow. but the day is looking dry. chilly, though. temperatures only warm into the 40s. a high tomorrow of about 49 degrees. a few degrees cooler than today. and with all the clouds around it's definitely going to feel chilly outside. but all in all the weather having a pretty low impact on refreshing. if you're getting a tree you want the warm coat. hanging holiday lights you'll really feel the chill set in. you'll probably want the gloves and the hat as well. if you're headtion out to dinner tomorrow night, if you're going to be out i little bit later, we will be tracking some rain moving in. so a heads-up there. i want to time it out for you here with future weather. i'm starting off at 9:00 p.m. notice the d.c. metro area still mainly dry. but we have showers already in loudoun, faulk and prince
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p.m. we have rain in the d.c. metro area, areas back to the west and also notice in far western maryland the pink here, potentially a little bit of a wintry mix in spots. but for most of us this is a rain-only event tomorrow night. you can see by 6:00 a.m. we're already starting to see the rain push out of the area. and by the time the morning rush gets under way we're going to be dry. so most of your monday is dry. as the kids are heading out for the bus stop the showers again are ending. so likely dry. 48 degrees, though. so make sure they have the warm coats. and by pickup we're around 52 with maybe a little bit of limited sunshine around. but all in all in week it features plenty of clouds, kind of chilly temperatures and some rain that we do need. rain looking likely on tuesday. chances of showers on thursday with a cold front. and upper 30s on friday and saturday, erika. and again, it will feel like
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>> get that puffy coat. thank you, ma'am. here's something sure to make you feel good this saturday night. over 100,000 cans of food will go to dozens of area food banks and shelters. thanks to a massive effort by local catholic church parishes in the archdiocese in washington. so volunteers left these empty grocery bags on their neighbors' doorsteps. and they asked them to fill them up with cans and non-perishable items. and the results, take a look. really, really impressive. of of our community. still to come, the capitals haven't lost three games in a row since february of 2015. could they avoid their third straight loss tonight in tampa? we'll tell you next sports. in he gets a lot of compliments.
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chris miles here from the csn studios. it's been nearly two years since the caps have lost three straight games in regulation. tonight in tampa bay they were in danger of reaching that dubious distinction. over the past two games the caps have been outscored so getting the offense going was a major priority. tonight caps currently sitting in fifth place in the metro division. this game still scoreless in the second period. tampa is on the attack. kucherov with the one-timer. and it gets past brayden holtby. bolts take the lead. capitals, they answer in the third. nicklas sbrak strom, he ends washington's 109-minute
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round. ryan boyle slips in right under holtby to give tampa the edge. marcus johansson, the last hope for washington. he can't get a clean shot off. caps fall in the shootout 2-1 the final. >> obviously, we're disappointed not getting two. but the effort and the mindset was correct. so we've just got to go forward. we've got to go back home. we've got to a little bit. to get a win and get our confidence going a little bit, too. >> it shows character that we were able to come back from 1-0. you know, they're in the same situation as us. we were desperate as well. a game like that can go either way, really. maryland trying to rebound from their first loss of the season, hosting oklahoma state tonight. the terps shot 36 three-pointers in their loss earlier this week
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idea. ok state not having issues with their outside shooting. jeffrey carroll leading the cowboys in scoring off the bench. ok state was up 10. but this gives maryland the lead with ten seconds to go. so here comes the cowboys. trying to get the win. the first shot. oh, it's no good, but they get a second effort but time runs out. maryland comes back and survives with the win 71-7 big test this weekend in arizona. the cardinals are the only team that has more interceptions with 10 than touchdowns allowed, with 9. they also give up the second fewest yards in the air allowing less than 200 a game. it will be strength against strength on sunday. and kirk cousins sounds like a confident quarterback up to the task. >> just good football players. and it's not just one area. they have a good pass rush, good interior, d linemen, great
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secondary that has playmakers. so they can get you in all different phases of the game, and it will be a big challenge for us. but the numbers speak for themselves with their defense what they're doing statistically. we'll have a big challenge in front of us. acc championship game also in progress. clemson ahead of virginia tech 38-27 right now. erika, back to you. >> all right, chris miles. good to see you. thank you so very much. and thank you for joining us tonight. that is our news. "saturday night live" is next. a new one at that.
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[ cheers and applause ] that is another example of how faulkner influenced latin american literature -- seth, i thought i told you to turn off
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think someone retweeted me. >> set, you're just some random kid in high school, who would retweet you? [ laughter ] >> kellyann, i just retweeted the best tweet. wow what a great, smart tweet. >> mr. trump. we're in a security briefing. >> i know but this could not wait, it was from a young man named seth. he's 16, he's in high school. and i really did >> he really did do this. >> well, sir, you're the president-elect so i guess you can do whatever you want. but we'd really like to fill you in on syria. >> seth seems so cool. his twitter bio says he wants to make america great again. >> that is cool, sir. >> it also says he loves the anaheim ducks. >> okay, see, there is a reason donald tweet sods much.


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