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tv   4 Your Sunday Viewpoint  NBC  December 4, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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because then you know how much money you have to spend on the number of peopleh@ give gifts to and you may decide some of those people don't >> i like that. >> susan, do you do that? >> i don't. and you know, i always get myself caught up. this year's the first year i actually did do a budget. the first time years because i have two kids going tough to college as you know so i had to and making the budget and sticking to it has made a world of difference. so i have definitely love it. >> i admit i don't do it.
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include things like food, decorations, the utility bills, entertainment. i've never included those things when calculatinging how much i have to spend or want to spend. i always include gifts. >> because you are going to spend a lot more on those things and the bills are going to come due in january. but part of the problem is when you're shopping, whether online or in person, you buy more two things he stuff for yourself, you iz party and you want earrings for it. but getting parties, going to parties, traveling. those things all add up and those aren't things we do the rest of the year. why you may have a certain idea how much you spend in september, you're probably spending a lot more on that in december just on groceries. >> it's tough to resist buying what you don't need when you're
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discounts and sales. they're not always sales. >> and what you really have to do is your homework because a lot of stores will -- if they have things on sale continuously, then they're really not discounted and you realize that a lot. and did a whole thing on retailers who were putting things on sale and when you show up that store you think you're getting a big discount but little did you know these so if you know you want a computer, tv or a coat or pair of shoes, know what they're always costing normally at other stores. and if you notice that one particular store at a retailer that it's always marked down then you're really not giving that bargain. you have to find the trends. >> and if it's marked down all year. and you're not getting the bargain for sure.
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studies. a few years ago stores tried to say we're just going to offer you good prices all the time and they failed because we've been so programmed to buy things on sale. the stores know if they say something on sale, it has respond to it. is it really a sale? maybe they marked it up and then down again so you think you're getting a deal and there's so many tools you can use to compare prices and apps and shop there's really no excuse to take their word for it. >> a problem with the app is there's so many. how do you know which ones you need? >> i have my favorite go tos and they have tried, tested and true. so retail me not, that's the coupon app, which is one of my favorites, where you can find coupon codes and you have to be careful with the apps.
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something called rad and they'll suggest apps for you as well. and you have to test them out and i will do -- i go to my friends and say what do you have? what are you trying? and you just for to test them out and try them out to see which work best for you. >> do research to do research. we got to take a break.
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so, sandra and susan, you have your own wish list, a shopping list and a budget. when should the buying start? >> i liking to shop all year. and a lot of people recommend that because if you do see something that is genuinely on sale and you know it's something someone will need you're way ahead of the game.
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own personal wish list? >> i shop with my shopping list but the wish list definitely gets involved there and that goes into my shopping all year because i shop for myself all year too. >> when i see a discount or sale, i think i want that, i need that, i can use that. that's not my shopping list. >> shame, shame. and it is so tempting and they make it super tempting and that's why shopping with a list is what you really need to have to have a list for christmas because i do keep an eye on what is for sale and we've done stories when is the best time to buy a tv, clothing, toys. toys, believe it or not, december is the best time to buy because they're heavily discounted. tvs, some will tell you the pest time is after christmas.
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and you have to it -- you can do those store alerts which are great but you might get inundated with the store alerts. but you can brand specific, price specific what you want and when the particular product goes on sale. stores will alert you via email. >> is that the stuff you want for yourself or buy as gifts? >> the season of giving. >> when you go into a store, which is the stores want you to do these always picks an envelope of cash. >> particularly if you need to stick to a budget because you'll be in trouble if you don't, a ton of studies show we spend less with cash even than debt cards. we hold on to crash much more carefully than credit. so if you're really trying to stick to a budget. you cannot spend more than you
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more and you're getting all these messages to tell you to do that. and for people who really need to stick to a budget, it's a good idea. security being one, if you're walking around with a lot of cash and you're trying to build up rewards and things on your credit or good credit score. but if you really, really need to stick to a budget, cash is the way to go. >> i agree and that's how i'm doing all of my christmas i gave myself a budget and put it aside. i will give a warning about credit cards. you can get really sucked into a credit card offer if you're looking for a big ticket item and you can do that zero percent or it deferred interest. it sounds like a great deal and you can pay this for 14 months, what you don't realize is if you
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>> and you lose your discount? >> and it becomes a promotional gimmick. most people though do actually pay off their balances and people like those promotions but you got to read the fine print because sometimes you'll get charged the interest rate for new purchases and the whole promotion goes down. >> january shops. >> it is the best time to buy any christmas decorations because they're going to be cut by 50% or more. your tree toppers, all that stuff, whatever are great things to buy in january. and because so many people now get gift cards, a lot of stores are trying to lure them in so they will offer special deals and discounts. january's a great time to shop.
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january. your wish list, your item, why not wait until january and you might get gift cards to buy things on sale. >> i want a laptop. january? >> if it's for you, absolutely wait until january. but the problem you might face is any of the special deals that were there, or a particular one could be taken away because they've been sold prior. that's something you always have particular item, buy it now because it may not be here in january. >> thank you both. happy holidays. and when we come back, we're going to go into the psychology of consumer spending.
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finance expert and money therapist. thank you for being with us. what's a money therapist? and do most of us need one? >> i feel most of us need one and maybe a therapist in general. i came up with that term after realizing their money issues weren't just i spend too much or i can't budget, it was deeper rooted issues from child hood and experiences as children with their money. and a lot of our sessions ended it's removing the money mind blocks or situations you've witnessed as a child and finally reach your financeal goals. >> ours is a world hooked on consumerism. why can't we buy enough and get enough stuff? >> there's always a want and need for more. and the point during the holiday season is to show and demonstrate to your children
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and helping others. so when you shift the focus from what can i get and what's the best deal and what's on sale to focusing on what you already have, you can move away from that. >> during the holidays, there's either a rush at the mall or a rush online. and i get that everybody wants to get the latest gadget. what i don't get is how the latest apple gadget or latest nikes will create in people a panic to get it first to the point where they will even stampede to get it. step on one another. can you explain that one to me. >> that's a hard one to explain. i think it has a lot to do with people want what they want and want it now and to be the first person to have it. and it's interesting that they feel as though they have to harm people to have it. >> it could come down to feeling
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something. and feeling like your child would miss out on something and the first thing to think about is what's the worst thing that would happen if my child did not have this specific toy? and you'll -- and thinking about that you'll realize nothing. so -- >> but you've got to stop and think about it first. >> you do. you have to stop and think what is the worst thing that can happen. >> can we do a one of the things children need to learn and they need to focus on is gratitude. you also say they -- we need to teach them the meaning of exercising restraint. what do you mean by that? >> it starts when you're even driving to the mall. so you have to look at the parking lot scene in a mall and think about having patience and not being aggressive.
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backseat looking at that and when you're going through and shopping and just tossing everything in and purchasing anything they point at, you're not showing any sort of restraint whatsoever. so they're going to model that behavior, cry about not having it and ask for more and it's whatever monster your creating. so the first thing is to look at yourself through their eyes. look at what they're seeing, how much you're consuming, >> that's a very important lesson to teach children, exercising restraint. because when you're trying to build personal wealth, it starts with discipline and restraint. >> i work a lot of millennials and a reason a lot of them are struggling financially is they're used to getting what they wanted as a child. they're almost trying to replicate the financial
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but they're like, no i'm used to getting what i want when i want and because of that they're over spending and replicating what they saw their parents do and provide for them. >> second is serving others and you touched on that too. somebody other than yourself. >> absolutely. in this season of giving and focusing on that, it's great to take your children to serve a meal and take them to a shelter, demonstrate that you can bring wrapped gifts to the family shelter and serving others. and when you're doing that as a family, your children will model that behavior and do it with their family. >> we'll get to the other two on
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happy holidays from crayola. so when do i start? chemistry, baby! ?air marker spraayer!!!? the holidays just got more surprising. each sold separately. welcome back. so we're talk about four things.
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you want to give them experiences, rather than gifts. talk about that. >> i think it's great from one, just showing your children there's more to life than just things and having those experiences are priceless. they last years and years. me and my family we went to mexico for thanksgiving last year and even this year me and my sister were thinking about all the experiences and memories. if it was a toy, she would not be thinking we now have as a family and it lasts so much longer. >> is it better than a toy? >> it's much better. i think that giving your children a day of ice skating as a family and making hot coco and havingxperience. they'll take pictures and remember that much longer. >> fourth item on the list is teach generosity. >> oh, generosity is key during
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gotten an angel off of a tree for a youth home for transitional housing. and you pick the angel off the tree, has the age of the child and the type of gift they'd like and have your children go and purchase the gift, wrap it and bring it there and that is really demonstrating that you always have to think of others as well as think of y demonstrate, you have remember that generosity is really something that will take you far in life. >> and dominic, this is the season of giving, so it's really teaching them what the season is about without attaching the consumerism and all the spending we've attached to the season. >> a lot of people get focussed on me, me, me. and they're getting the toy book
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blessed to have all these things but what are we going to do to give back? and we'll is a society of people more willing to give. giving will be a part of everyone's budget, whether it's your local church, homeless shelter or charity. >> why is it that millennials seem to get this maybe more thoroughly, completely, effectively than others? >> the things. >> i think that while millennials are categorized as being very selfish and in their smart phones. there's a great deal of generosity in that generation i think that there are times that millennials are self reflective and they're put in the category of being selfish unjustly. but i think perhaps they're realizing that being focussed on
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it's really better to look back and help someone else. >> most of the ones i know are not stressed out about the holiday shopping list. >> as a millennial, i can say i think we are probably the most giving generations. because we care a lot about experiences and things. we've seen our parents accumulate things and be very unhappy. >> your parnlts are very stressed. >> yes and to be able to go somewhere and give is probably and taking a child with them and showing this is how you become happy, helping other people. >> you started your career as a personal finance expert as a very young person. you were a child. tell us about the experience that helped you become the expert at managing money that you are today. >> i started my first business when i was 13. but i realized i didn't want to have to work very hard forever
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wealthier and realized it was through wealth management and investing and real estate and i started working with high networth clients and my friends were asking me for financial device. you still need access to financial information. that's what helped me to launch my career. there's a lot of giving back aspect where i help people who are low income to get that same financial and often do become very successful adults. >> exactly. so it's important to teach those virtus now and not feel you have to cross everything off the list. >> happy holidays to you. i'm thinking about experiences i can give for christmas this year. >> that's what life's about. >> thank you so much and that is for your sunday "viewpoint."
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a new break in the case after a customer found the victim. >> and massive warehouse inferno. wow. ok at least two dozen missing as searchers dig through the disaster. why the building easy to ignite. thousands say fairwell to fidel castro as the controversial leader arrives at his final resting place. first it is 6:00 on the dot on this sunday morning. hope you're having a good one so far. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm angie goff. glad you could join us. yesterday proved to be a sunny but chilly one. >> absolutely.


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