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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  December 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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paul ryan is calling it, quote, big decisionmaking at its worst while bernie sanders praises the decision. the decision is a victory for the standing rock sioux tribe. >> this is something that will go down in indigenous people. >> the tribe argued the pipeline would threaten the cultural sites. they reiterated its plan to complete construction without rerouting around the lake. it's 4:30 and donald trump is ee lektsing james mattis. he retired in 2013 as a four-star marine corps general.
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waiver from a 1947 law that requires the defense secretary to be out of the military for seven years. "news4's" tracie potts will have an update in just a few minutes. it's once again time to check our "storm team 4" forecast. tom kierein to tell our way. still some lingering sprinkles in our washington county as well as far southern maryland and on the eastern shore still getting the moderate showers. temperatures in the next several hours climbing into the upper 40s. beginning to climb into the 50s at the sunshine breaks out. more rain tomorrow could get up
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turning colder by the end of the week. melissa has an update on the early morning crash. >> again, we still have the ramp to the inner loom of the belts way shut down and have the crash blocking part of the right lane there this morning. that's not causing too much of a slowdown. i'm hoping it gets out of the way soon. otherwise actually looking quite good. 66 from fairfax county to the beltway, you're on time. it's going to minutes. we'll take a look at 95 and maryland coming up. all right, melissa. thank you. imagine you're sitting onnen a plane and then you hear this comment. >> there could be multiple impacts before the plane comes to a complete stop. you'll hear the command remain seated or evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. >> that was on board the
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pilots had to declare an in-flight emergency landing. the flight from houston was going to mexico before it diverted to san antonio. today a loudoun county judge will decide whether to set aside the guilty verdict to castillo. castil castillo's attorney. 47-year-old paula marshall is accused of kill her 75-year-old husband inside their duke street home. her husband had been ill ill and in and out of the hospital. 4:33. man is charged with the brutal murder of a spotsylvania store clerk.
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investigators say 50-year-old davids washington, walked in, talked with the clerk, and then attacked him with a 2x2 piece of wood. washington allegedly stole cash and took off. he's charged with first-degree murder and robbery. right now the police need your help in finding this 12-year-old boy. l yesterday morning. they believe he's in the woodbridge area or the dumfries area. police do consider him to be in danger because of his age and cold weather. call police if you know where he might be. police are searching for a man who locked a woman inside a business and assaulted her. this man went into zy massage on dynasty afternoon and asked an
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locked her inside and assaulted her. the woman was eventually able to get out and call police and escaped with minor injuries. call police if you fwhoe he is. a farewell standing ovation for the commander in chief. [ cheers and applause ] >> the kennedy center hd 39th honor gala. the president also spoke at the event. >> this is a vital interest to our democracy. we need song and cinema and paintings and performance to help us challenge our assumptions to question the way things are and maybe inspire us. >> it was a star-studded evening, of course.
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going all the way back to singing with her family. songwriter and performer james taylor was also recognized last night. his name was even trending on our twitter in our area. al pacino along with the surviving members of the rock band eagles and argentinian pianist. >> so wonderful. and miche >> first of all, it wasn't on tv last night. >> but you just saw it. >> i was reading the story. >> sorry. stunning. >> this will air in a couple of weeks. the redskins have an uphill road to climb after a big missed opportunity in arizona. sunday's loss was their second in a row. >> you just have to beat the cardinals. you just have to. playoff hopes are fading. something coach jay gruden does
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>> i don't want to talk about playoffs over here. we're trying to play the next game. we're not even close to thinking about it. a lot's going to happen these last four games. >> gruden said he was especially disappointed with how the team started. the cardinals had the ball first and were able to march down the field for p 5 yards and a touchdown. the final score, 31-23. we have to win these games because there are going to be tougher games still to come. 4:37 right now. you may need a little rain jacket on your way out the door. tom is tracking your bus stop forecast with whether these showers will wrap up by recess. >> developing right now, dozens killed in wildfires.
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or more. you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. 4:40,ur tom kierein checking out the radar. how's it looking, tom. >> the rain is now exiting our region crossing the bay heading ore toward the eastern shore. still a few lingering showers here and parts of southeastern st. charles county. these patches, the panhandle of west virginia, all of that going to be ending shortly and we'll be drying as the day goes
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you'll need a coat. it will be chilly. may have a little sun breaking up by then. then by 9:00, temperatures into the low 40s as we'll have increasing sunshine, but still a chill in the air this morning. we've got wet pavement, fender benders, and now melissa has an update on one of those. >> one of the crashes is now gone. that's a good thing. westbound little river turnpike, the ramp to the inner loop, everything has reopened. that has route one there at mount vernon memorial highway, we do have a bit of an issue there. police are aware. top of the beltway, 95, route 1, b.w. parkway, everything rolling along and prince george's county also looking good. i'll see you back here in a few minutes. >> thank you, melissa.
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be expanding his pool of candidates. >> it comes one week after trump had a dinner meeting with mitt romney who is reportedly under consideration for that position. "news4's" tracie potts is on the hill. what are the new names and is this a sign that the romney star is fading? >> that's what we're hearing. the new names are jon huntsman,
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candidate in 2012. one of the others that we're hearing is admiral james. kellyanne conway, the senior adviser for the transition said they could expand even more. as she put it, there's no word on how many finals there will end up being. the four they're considering are romney, rudy corker and general petraeus. >> what is he having to say about that now? >> he's been tweeting about it, sign chally saying this is silly. he took a phone call. it lasted about 10 minutes. of course, the controversy is we don't have formal relations with taiwan. even though we haven't seen the military equipment, we have a relationship.
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mike pence called it a tempest in a teapot that he's been taking phone calls, the president-elect has been taking phone calls from all over the world, taiwan being one of them. it sounds pretty clear, it sounds they might want to go in a different direction with how we deal with china and taiwan. >> all right. tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. michigan must begin its recount today at noon. that's according to an order from the federal judge. that judge rejected an hand counting of about 4.8 billion ballots. donald trump defeated hillary clinton by just 10,000 votes in that state. the u.s. senator tim kaine will be in alexandria today visiting with staff at the alexandria community health center. he is expected to talk about the future of the affordable care
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administration. president-elect trump is making sure. 4:47. nine days of mourning are over for cuba. fidel castro's remains were interred. his brother raul placed his brother's ashes into a boulder and placed it into a tomb. >> the leader. we want to also remember there was fidel the murderer. >> meanwhile in d.c. a vigil was held for the people killed during fidel's regime. the nonprofits executive director said 10,000 people have been killed in cuba since 1959 or spent time in prison for political reasons. today will be a historic day
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church. bishop michael bur bridge will be installed. he's served since 2006. he will succeed paul s. laverde who is 76 years old. the church requires bishops to resign at 75. it's home to more than 600,000 catholics. >> new developments on those wildfires still burning right now in ne people. the biggest of the fires is just 42% contained. more rain is in the forecast today. investigators say the most recent fire victim is an 81-year-old woman. she died in a crash while trying to escape the flames. today a massachusetts teen will face charges. he beheaded a teenager. you see his picture here.
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this point but investigators say he was reported missing after leaving his grandmother's house on november 18th. his decapitated body was found along the river last week. investigators are working to determine the cause of a serious crash on the d.c./maryland line. a total of three people had to be taken to the hospital. two of them had serious injuries. firefighters from prince george's county helped out the d.c. crews to clean up the vehicles. a woman in alexandria has died after being hit by a car last thursday. police are hoping witnesses will help them piece together what happened. the crash was on mount vernon avenue and west glebe road. rosemary cruz was crossing the street when a 77-year-old driber hit her. they say the driver stayed on the scene. the georgia man found guilty of leaving his infant son in a car to die will be sentenced today.
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his son was found dead in the back of an suv. he face as maximum of life in prison without parole plus 42 years. the prosecutor did not seek the death penalty in this case. a driver accused of stealing a car and stealing away from officers is in custody this morning. take a look at the video. california highway patrol officers drove into the car to stop it. this was in orange county. the car spun into a curb. no one was at one point the car drove through an airport arrival area. a busy station has reached a major milestone. the cleveland park firehouse has hit its 100th anniversary. yesterday hundreds passed. it included local officials, neighbors. it was built in 1916 and has remained standing despite a lot
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the anchor for what has become the park. it's right there near porter street. it reopened in 2014. congratulations for all the service. 100-year anniversary. tom kierein, let's talk about the weather. a lot of standing water. >> it's going to take a while to dry out. it's going to be a fender benders. watch out for that and keep your speed down as you're going to be driving in to work and taking your children to school this morning. right now around the region we have clouds lingering over the metro area but they're breaking off to our west. the sky beginning to clear out. still rain in this green zone, the far southern area. that's pulling away. a few lingering sprinkles here in frederick county, southern
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west virginia. that's going to be breaking up as well as time goes by and the sunshine breaking out. will it be in the mid-40s by 10:00 a.m. by 2:00 this afternoon, low 50s with lots of sunshine and a light wind. so a nice recovery from where we are right now. but then clouds return tonight, back down to the mid-40s by 10:00 but remaining dry through the evening hours. then by dawn tomorrow, rain starts to move in to virginia. coming into the metro area by mid morning and raining day on tuesday and chilly. highs only in the low 40s tomorrow. we could get up to an inch of rain. it's needed. we're at a deficit here for the year is running almost 8 inches. we'll take every drop we can get. probably no flooding. probably about an inch of rain. then we dry out on wednesday and a fairly pleasant day with light winds. then a big change moves in.
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cold end of the week. windy on friday. highs only around 40. windchills. then next weekend you have plans for next saturday and sunday, it's going to feel like mid-winter. afternoon highs, only the upper 30s on saturday. sunday, you may recover a bit, back into the mid-40s. still cold. we'll start having a warming trend. the "to showing another chance of rain. no snow. that's what's missing. it's december. a lot of people, social media wondering when are we going to get the snow. not in the next ten days. stay tuned. >> it can wait. >> hold your horses. >> let's go on, melissa. >> good morning, guys. right now still having problems with the flashing traffic lights. again, it's route 1 at mount vernon memorial highway and no police direction there this
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nothing to worry about. you can see all the rain tom has been talking about has moved out of the area. we don't have to worry about that. at prince william parkway rolling along just fine and a safe mestach reminder. aaron? >> thank you. a hidden surprise in your christmas tree. how you can avoid an unwanted guest a many people make.
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sure, you could sit around all night waiting for a pizza to be delivered. but wouldn't making it yourself be a lot more fun? it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend.
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do you hear that crying? that's the sound of baby being born at 30,000 this southwest flight from philadelphia to orlando was diverted after a woman gave birth on that plane. passengers on board recorded the rare delivery. they took the baby and the new parents to the hospital. >> so maybe you brought a live christmas tree this weekend. i think they smell great. >> i think they smell great. >> i don't like any strong
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here's what they look like. they suggest looking at the tree all the way. vacuum the trum and remove it from your home. do not spray aerosol stray on a tree. they are flammable. the number is up to 200 er from decoration relate injuries. they suggest you hire somebody to decorate including the same guys. >> landscapers, lawn care companies are going have the know-how stand equipment. so ladders and special equipment like that, they will have on hand and know how to use.
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than hiring professionals who do design and decorate as well. be careful, please. >> smartd idea. domino's, japan, is pulling the reins on an idea that didn't go so well. >> check it out. they're ending a rein dear delivery program one week after it started. the rein dear were difficult to handle. shook their handles, refused to stop at deliv pitching pizzas, acting like reindeer. look. there goes the pizza. the setback isn't stopping the company. it has instead started to deliver via scooters to look like reindeer.
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the scooter idea, i can get on board. >> stay with us. "news4" continues at 5:00 a.m. now, at 5:00, a pizza place and an assault rifle and a dangerous encounter, what d.c. police are now uncovering about the man now in custody. good morning, everybody. it is 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> a check on our there. >> "storm team 4" meteorologist tom kierein with a check of the radar. >> we still have some other lingering sprinkles way off to our north and west. those may move into loudoun county, montgomery county over the next hour, but it's generally going to be breaking up. the bulk of the rain is now pulling east of the bay and north of the neck and continuing


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