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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  December 5, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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right now, fire crews say this row house is unstable. making their job even tougher this morning. a two-alarm fire what investigators are doing. new information on a meeting taking place in new york city, how d.c.'s mayor will look for common ground with president-elect donald trump. a more rain on the way, i've got hour-by-hour timing. good morning and welcome to "news4 midday," i'm eun yang. >> and i'm barbara harrison. d.c. fire crews want to know
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iowa avenue in northwest d.c. but they're having problems getting access to that house. news4's derrick ward is live from the scene in petworth to explain why. good morning, derrick. >> good morning, well you just take a look at this, you can see the fire started of the house on the far end there. and it was vacant. under renovation. now the house next door, eight people got out of there okay. but they got to find someplace else to stay for a while. it's this one is completely uninhabitable. it's gutted. they can't get in there to search to see if there was anyone inside and exactly why this fire started. they've got a lot of work on their hands. take a look. >> flames were engulfing this home on iowa avenue northwest just before dawn before anyone had dialed 911. >> ambulance 24 was hurricaning to the firehouse, they noticed this fire.
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it was becoming evident to the people next door that they were in danger. they smelled smoke. >> my wife said hey, something's burning. we got up and checked, when i turned on the lights, all the smoke was coming through the cracks of the house. >> he and seven other people got out. a second alarm was called, next door the house where it started, the basement, first floor, second floor and roof were burning fast and things were getting worse. >> we did have a partial collapse and that partial collapse resulted in firefighters moving from an interior attack. of attack. >> alarm was spreading down the block, neighbors were awakening in fear and royaling smoke. they got themselves out and made sure that others not aware of the danger got the word. >> we knocked on neighbors' doors to get people out of the house. >> they did an excellent job by containing the fire and keeping it to the building of origin. >> the building had yet to be
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rescue dog brought from montgomery county to see if anyone was inside. it would have to be done from the perimeter of the unstable structure. while the house next door didn't burn down, smoke, water and intense heat means a family of eight has got no home. >> thank god my family is okay. now the red cross has been here offering some assistance to the residents of that house that didn't burn to the ground. but they say that's only going to be temporary. they just don't know what they're going to do next and the holidays a in northwest, derrick ward, news4. if you're driving south, i-95 in stafford is finally clearing at this hour. a truck crash this morning and it caused hours and hours of delays. look at those back-ups. part of the problem was a big fuel spill. we're working to find out whether anyone was hurt. i'm angie goff here at the live desk. we're tracking a water main break, this is out in the hyattsville area.
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street between 34th avenue and jamestown road. still not clear how long this repair work is going to take or if it is indeed impacting service in the area for anyone. we're going to let you know on the nbc washington app. updates as we get them. now back to you. let's have a look at our forecast now. hey, tom. >> hey, good morning, barbara. got a beautiful blue sky now, live view from the storm team 4 tower camera on morning. we'll have plenty of sunshine as we get into the afternoon hours. and that should warm things somewhat comfortable and actually getting a little above average. which is right around 50 degrees, we'll get a little above that late they are afternoon and the sky has quickly cleared out in the wake of the overnight rain that's pushed out to sea. our temperatures are well into the 40s. reagan national now up to 47 degrees. and hour by hour, into the afternoon, we'll see it hovering in the low 50s for much of the
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right after sunset, which today is around 4:45, it will start to drop into the 40s and more rain on the way tomorrow. the new hour-by-hour timing in few minutes. this just in, d.c. mayor muriel bowser will travel to washington, d.c. to meet with president-elect donald trump. mayor bowser has said that investing in infrastructure is one shared goal of the politicians. trump has un urban development. former rival ben carson. the president-elect is expanding his options for secretary of state. news4's tracie potts has the latest on that. >> it's official, president-elect trump will nominate dr. ben carson as secretary of housing and urban development. he called dr. carson brilliant and passionate about strengthening communities. dr. carson says he feels he can make a significant contribution. also today --
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general james mattis as defense secretary. today the green party will ask a federal court to intervene in pennsylvania's recount. after state courts canceled a hearing today in michigan, a judge ruled overnight that state's recount must begin today at noon. >> we will not be frightened by having to jump through all of these legal hoops. we say what is donald trump frightened of? >> president-elect trump is fighting recounts in all three states as he considers former ambassador to china, john huntsman and admiral james dve everyone des. >> more than four, who knows how many finalists. >> mr. trump continues tweeting out his foreign policy. defending a call from taiwan's president that angered china. >> the waters seem like a tempest in a teapot. >> and warning american businesses that move jobs overseas, they may be making a very expensive mistake.
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they bring goods back in to the u.s. and critics say the companies would just pass that on to consumers. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. comet ping pong will reopen on connecticut avenue. it's took a break after a gunman came into the restaurant and fired an assault rifle. 28-year-old edgar well much of north carolina is now in custody. police arrested him yesterday. police say he went to comet ping pong to investigate pizza-gate, a false online election-related conspiracy theory. a bartender described what happened when the man walked in. >> his demeanor was bizarre and that you know if you come into a place to eat you ask for a host or perhaps go to the bar. he didn't make eye contact. didn't talk with anybody. >> police say welch fired a single shot into the floor.
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now. the owner says quote i hope that those involved in fanning these flames will take a moment to contemplate what happened here today, and stop promoting these falsehoods right away. a virginia man is in jail this morning, charged with the brutal murder of a spotsylvania gas station employee. the sheriffs office has identified the clerk as salay abdul hyat. vools say 50-year-old david washington walked into the sunoco gasst with a piece of wood. they say washington then stole cash from the register and fled early saturday morning. he's charged with first-degree murder and robbery. prince william county police are searching for a man whom they say locked a woman inside a woodbridge business and assaulted her. police say this man went into zy massage and asked an employee for hug. they say she declined, so he left. but then came back.
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her inside and assaulted her. the woman was able to eventually get out and run away with minor injuries. call police if you know hoe this man is. starting today, you can visit bai-bai inside the national zoo. it closed after the 1-year-old panda had emergency surgery after eating too much bamboo. visitors will be able to see bai-bai again. the house is open every day until 4:00 p.m. glad you have to chew that food. >> we always say to our kids, chew, chew, chew when they're learning to eat. i guess she couldn't say it. another legal twist in the trial of dylann roof in south carolina. why he may be no longer acting as his own lawyer. inside the new mgm casino, we've watched every step of the construction and now the opening is just days away. the features that reporters got the first glimpse of this
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. a new death toll from the terrible fire in california. fire investigators now say they recovered 36 bodies from the ruined warehouse. >> it went up in smoke and flames three days ago. but there's still much to be done. nbc's steve luke has the latest from northern california. >> structural concerns put the search for more victims on hold
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>> we will not put our firefighters in dapger at this point and we will not put alameda county sheriffs in that precarious situation with us. >> fire officials are confident they've pinpointed the point of origin for the fire. >> we feel very strongly that we have the section of the building that was the area of origin of where the fire started. >> firefighters spent the weekend sifting through ash and debris in some places ten feet deep. >> we've had to deliver a lot of bad news to people. >> officials expect the death warehouse called the ghost ship. home to dozens of artists living a labryinth of cluttered wooden furn turn and a makeshift pallet staircase, not permitted for residential living. the fire department said the building didn't have a sprinkler system or fire alarms. the fire started in the back of the bidding. nearly 100 people were listening to a deejay playing music. residents said they just had moments to escape.
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to be a fireball coming towards me. >> the building's owner tells nbc news he was unaware anyone was living inside. the investigation continues. steven luke, nbc news, oakland. people are protesting against the construction of the dakota access pipeline and they're vowing to stay on federal land despite a big victory overnight. the army corps of engineers denied the current route for the controversial pipeline, night over that decision. it's a victory for the standing rock sioux tribe. >> this is something that will go down in history and i know that it's a blessing for for all indigenous people. >> the tribe argued the project would threaten the tribe's water source and cultural sites. the company building the pipeline reiterated its plan to complete construction he without rerouting around the lake.
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president obama will meet in pearl harbor at end of the month. marking the first time a japanese leader will visit the location. he'll hold a final summit meeting with mr. obama before his presidency ends. it comes two days before the 75th anniversary of the attack. voting rights in alabama are taking center stage. the justices will hear arguments from black african-americans into a small number of democratic districts, making neighboring districts more republican. the supreme court will hear a similar case out of north carolina. the court will announce its decision by late june. the georgia man found guilty of leaving his infant son in a car to die will be innocenced today. justin ross harris was found guilty on eight counts of murder last month. his 22-month-old son, cooper was found dead in the back of
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in prison without parole. plus 42 years. prosecutors did not seek the death penalty in this case. in south carolina, we're following two cases with developing twists. first, jurors are back to deliberate in the case of michael slager. the former police officer is charged with shooting an unarm black motorist, walter scott, during a traffic stop last year. the incident was captured on a cell phone video. in an update to the court this morning, a majority of the jurors sai about a verdict in this case. the update written in a note also asked a number of questions of the court, including why was voluntarily manslaughter added as a charge. and also in charleston, the guilty phase begins today in the federal death penalty trial for dylann roof. he's charged in the shooting deaths of nine black parishioners at the emmanuel a.m.e. church in june of last year. yesterday roof filed a request asking the judge to bring back his lawyers for this phase of
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that request. imagine you're sitting on a plane and then you hear this announce. >> there could be multiple impacts before the aircraft comes to a complete stop. you will hear the commands, remain seated or -- evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. >> that was on board a sky west united flight yesterday afternoon. you can see right here, the landing gear failed, and the pilot had to declare an in-flight emergency landing. the plane. the flight from houston was going to mexico before it diverted to san antonio. a little bit of a different scene on this plane, it was a special delivery on board a southwest airlines flight over the weekend. a woman gave birth to a baby on a flight from philadelphia to orlando. this is footage recorded by a passenger on the plane. the plane diverted to charleston
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baby and the new parents to take them to the hospital. >> well quite the story to tell, right? yeah. >> it only took about an hour for that diversion, they worked quickly that plane. our skies are clearing this morning. we will only get a short break, though, from the clouds and the rain. tom kierein is back with when the wet weather returns. >> the redskins coach is mad at what the team did and didn't do in arizona, that has jayruden g
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?? ?? ?? ?? ?? stronger is blasting her tumors...
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new hope, more fight. it's doing everything in your power, and everything in ours. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. and with your support, they will.
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efforts are taking place out in tennessee for the families forced from their homes by the widespread wildfires. the death toll from the fires has climbed to 14 people. the biggest fire is just 42% contained. the american red cross has its disaster line open and ready to help whoever needs it. dolly parton says her mypeople fund raised $1 million for the victims so far and she's holding a telethon next week. doing. she's very lucky that dollywood was spared. >> there were evacuations all throughout that area. >> they had some good rain over the weekend, and more rain will help to extinguish it. but too late from the damage that occurred there we're dry here. we could use more rain. it looks like we will see some by tomorrow. later in the morning. but look at that sky over washington now. bright sun is pouring down. just a few hours ago, it was
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beautifully now. live view from our tower camera and as the sun is shining, great day to get out and get some exercise, our temperatures by noon time will be around 50 degrees, we ought to be in the low 50s by 3:00. great afternoon to get out and get in a run, brisk walk, maybe a bike ride. temperatures by 6:00 p.m., back to the upper 40s. we'll have clouds closing in this weekend. storm team 4 radar. all in the vicinity. there's rain pulling out of the gulf, it's into alabama and mississippi, riding right over the wildfire zone there in eastern tennessee. then coming up our way during the day tomorrow. near's new hour-by-hour timing. by 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, leading edge of the rain is coming into virginia, fredericksburg to luray and then rain moving into the metro area, it could be moderate around noon time.
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rain coming from the west around 5:00 p.m. so a wet day pretty much all day long and then we start to dry out by 11:00 tomorrow night. temperaturewise, we'll be up and down here. up today, down tomorrow. only in the 40s with the rain tomorrow. then we dry up, back up into the low 50s and it starts to get chilly again on thursday. cold wind blows in on friday. it will be just the winds could be blowing, 30, 40 miles per hour. wind chills in the 20s on friday. december saying how do you like me now as we get into the weekend. 20s on saturday morning. saturday afternoon only in the 30s. it will be dry, a bit milder on sunday. still cold, highs only low to mid 40s. into the following week, might get more needed rain. that's the way it looks. right now baseball execs from around the country are here
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gaylord national convention center in national harbor. this is when the big trades of the off-season happen. there's a giant job fair, but it will cost you a couple hundred dollars to get in. we'll be sure to let you know if the nationals make any big moves. football, it is looking less and less likely that we're going to get a playoff game in washington. the redskins have now lost back-to-back games and they're deep in third place in the philadelphia. coach jay gruden says they're taking it one game at a time. >> we're trying to win the next game. we're not even close to thinking about the playoffs right now. a lot is going to happen the last four games. >> gruden sounded real serious, he said he was special will i disappointed with how the team started yesterday's game. the skins will be back home again on monday. december 19th two weeks from
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former nfl near new orleans in a road rage case, he's not been charged with a crime and that has family and friends of the victim demanding an explanation. many of you have watched as the new mgm casino was built from the ground up. today we get our first look inside days ahead of the grand opening.
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we've been talking about it for a long time. the new mgm resort and casino at national harbor is opening this week. news4's justin finch is live there where he had a peek inside. how is it looking? >> hey there, part of the peek began outside with the metalwork piece behind me by a d.c. area sculptor. one of 70 pieces of national harbor. let's take you inside, much of the art here is by local artists or the art itself has local ties. in the lobby, a grand display called holiday reflections by artist ed lib by it features 70,000 flowers from here in the prince george's county. behind the desk another nod to the county and its history. 19th-century inspired map.
11:29 am
it's from a local artist. as you make your way around the first level there are dozens of restaurants, some by familiar names like the boltaggio brothers and one by marcus samuelsson. a famous chef launching his first restaurant in our area. gamers you will be busy. we saw the casino floor there are 3300 slot machines and dozens and dozens of tables for poker, blackjack, roulette and more. back live, i can tellou news4's tracee wilkins is still inside, taking the tour and speaking to staffers about what to expect on thursday for the grand opening. back to you. >> you also had a chance to see the lounge areas, the club areas, what did that look like? >> one is called felt, the other is called blossom. blossom features a restaurant inspired by japanese cherry blossoms. it's also pink and cool and
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>> a destination place for sure, justin finch live at mgm casino in national harbor. loved ones are remembering a woman who was killed in alexandria rose cruz was struck bay car at the intersection of mount vernon avenue and west glebe road last week. she died. there's a gofundme page for cruz's family, that's raised $21,000 so far. we put a link to it inhe in louisiana new details are emerging about the suspect in the fatal shooting of a former nfl player during a road rage incident. we report on joe mcknight's search for answers. >> it's been a longer, this morning as a community mourns, new details on the man who shot former nfl player joe mcknight in an apparent case of road rage. >> let's make it clear. we are looking for answers.
11:31 am
custody early friday with no charges filed was arrested at the same intersection a decade ago for another road rage incident. according to the jefferson parish sheriff. the alleged victim told investigators them gasser followed him to a service station after he tried to report him for unsafe driving and punched him several times. the charges were dismissed. a source close to the gasser family tells nbc news we send our thoht we pray all will be patient and wait for the facts to come out. >> people can monday morning quarterback what we've done. mr. gasser has not goner in. he has been completely cooperative. >> the news comes amid new details of the shooting. the sheriff saying mcknight was shot after he got out of his car and walked over to ronald gasser's passenger-side window. >> the three casings were located within the vehicle.
11:32 am
with being shot from above, or while on the ground. >> facts that could call louisiana's stand your ground law into play. if the prosecutor does in fact decide to file charges. it says in part, a homicide is justifiable when committed in self-defense by one who reasonably believes he is in imminent danger of losing his life or receiving great bodily harm and that the killing is necessary to save himself from that danger. >> but for mcknig heartbroken family, so far, no consolation. >> i can't believe it. my child is gone. >> that was nbc's blake mccoy reporting. new information on another developing story right now. crews in san antonio are still on the scene of a 20-foot deep sinkhole that opened up last night. and we just received an update from the fire chief who says one person was killed in that sinkhole. the chief said two cars fell
11:33 am
one of those cars remains submerged. crews are trying to stop a sewage leak that may be connected to the sinkhole. today rain is gone, but more is on the way. up next, tom is back with when you can expect the heaviest rain tomorrow. and frankie grande is here with a gift guide that includes everything from wireless headphones, that have his
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?? ??
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?? ?? . guests and his own unique sense of stixt rickie grande is sorting through the latest fashion trends on amazon's new show, style code.
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bringing all that energy. >> yes! >> so great to see you. >> look how festive we look together. >> we're ready to unwrap some presents? >> we are the presents. >> you brought some great ideas, let's start with the face. >> let's start with the face. i'm absolutely obsessed with the eyeshadow palette. it has hundred of colors, it looks like a little clutch. but you open it -- wait a but we'll reveal it to camera second gasp. it keeps going. it's really -- unbelievable. it looks like -- like, there, oh my god, it looks like a transformer and it's like, right? it looks like -- camera above it, to capture the transformer action. >> eye shadow can be tricky but
11:37 am
single color. 0 if you're the kind of person that doesn't like to experiment, it's a great way to start. can you choose from eye shadow that has blushes, lip color as well. it's a great place to start and also like who wouldn't love to get this as a gift? >> it's adorable. >> cutest thing i've ever seen. it's $28. if i could do math i could tell you how many cents per color. but i can't. >> let's move on to the brushes, not, they're important. they can make all the difference from a mess to having that flawless look. >> look how beautiful the shany palette is. it's 100% vegan. you feel how soft this is. i'm going to do a live demo. isn't it lovely? you just want to paint yourself with it which is so great. >> if you have a big stocking you could throw the whole thing in there. >> take it out, wrap it in a bow. i love the packaging that it
11:38 am
>> speaking of open and close, clutch. that's crucial for this time of year. >> look how good it looks where this outfit. first of all. >> you are not clashing at all. i love this rebecca minkoff clutch. it comes in many styles and colors, i think it goes with everyone and the metallic clasp is really strong. so it's going to keep, nothing is going to fall out which is one of the things that i love about this b for a party. >> it has that sleek look, but can you throw your phone in there and fit a compact. >> you can put it inside a larger bag from go from work to work. >> so you got it, thank you. >> work work work. >> so what's next. >> stay on beat here. this is pretty awesome. >> so let's talk about family ties here, okay?
11:39 am
cat headphones. they chnge color, they light up. they can match your outfit. light up according to mood. you can hear the music on the inside. it's blue tooth, so you don't need the wire. and the actual speakers on the outside will play. can you use it as a portable >> the lights are going down. we have to play with it we have to play with it more, boom. now for something everybody has a person in their life that loses i don't know if you can hear me, that loses their keys, wallets, everything else. and the packaging is so fierce. i mean come on! sister love. >> she's perfect. >> next time you got to work on getting your face on the box.
11:40 am
stocking stuff. perfect for every household. >> i was a little skeptical at first. do not be skeptical. this is so amazing, you put it under your keys and like a gps locater, like when you open an app on your phone like uber, it will show you where your keys are. it will ping them and it works in reverse. you can push a button on this and it will find your phone for you. >> that is so super cool. >> it's the coolest thing. >> can i put it on my kids? i are. 55% accuracy of closeness, it's funny. >> the shoes. >> talk about the shoes. >> let's show the other one. >> we turned the other one. you guys, can we get a shot of that -- look at that how cool are these? these are the domengo speakers, these are $40,ky not even explain to you, they come in
11:41 am
head phones on, you can be doing -- having your light-up shoes. everything matches. wait, wait, you got to pop it open and turn it to daylight. that's the camera. >> this is in style. by the way. the button right in the front. >> nailed it. >> and polaroid, right? >> which is super cute if you want to post the polaroid to social media, you take a picture of it. ready? here we go. >> that's so cute. >> what i like about this is this comes out with the soft lighting and that's almost a natural filter. you are fabulous, we appreciate you bringing us great ideas and trends, we're going to send it back to the other anchors.
11:42 am
christmas. >> i'm waiting to see if it posts on your twitter page. let's get an update on our weather and the rain that's coming our way. >> maybe you can shovel snow with those gold sneakers late they are winter. temperatures around the region warming up nicely. as we look at our sky over reston town center we've got a beautiful blue sky overhead. and the temperatures are beginning to climb now i upper 40s, we're going to be hitting the 50s later this afternoon. right now, 47 at reagan national. leesburg up to 50 degrees, low 50s into the afternoon. it going to be rather chilly for the next 12 hours and clouds close in back down to the low 40s by 11:00. all dry now, and the sky lass cleared out. here comes more rain coming into alabama, mississippi, tracking up our way during the day tomorrow. by 9:00 in the morning, here's
11:43 am
rain. into the metro area, it will be between 9:00 and noon, heaviest rains between noon and 2:00 tomorrow. another round of rain moves in during the afternoon and the evening hours, it will move away, could get over half an inch to as much as an inch of rain. drying out on wednesday/thursday. getting cold next weekend. tom, thank you. i think he wants those flashing light pair of those shoes. we aren't done inspiring your gift giving. more ideas for the hard to shop for on your holiday list. laughs and cheers at the kennedy center honors, how the audience welcomes president obama and the first lady and tell you about a if yosurprise
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we're not done with the gifts yet. we're counting down to christmas and you only have three more weeks to get your shopping done and that will go by like that and if you -- right? if you're like overwhelming to come up with great ideas. joining us is fashion and lifestyle expert, arian thompson, with something for everyone. where do we begin? we have family, teachers, co-workers, your librarian, hair stylist, everybody. >> it's never ending. that's why we brought all of this stuff for you. this should cover everyone. we have different price ranges here. we'll start with the under 50.
11:47 am
>> these are adorable. like the cutest ever. so these are bucket feet and it is a sneaker company that is all about artists. you'll notice that this design, this little monsters, what bucket feet does is enlist artists from around the world to design their shoes, so artist submit a design and it kend up on a bucket shoe. >> these are $35. >> we also have this necklace, elephant necklace from ann taylor, pretty. this benefits st. jude this is circle. >> it helps a good cause. >> it helps a good cause. st. jude is one of our favorite charities. >> sweaters and scarves. >> this is filson, a seattle-based luxury outdoor outfitter. this is 395 or 495. and it is super, super warm. feel how thick this is. >> it's a hefty feel this is a
11:48 am
filson, this wool and catch mooer scarf which is $115. >> i love this sweater, this is a unicorn how cute is that pattern? >> this is from loft and unicorns areally big right now. this is from loft, $89.50, perfect for the baby sitter or teacher or one of your girlfriends. >> or me. >> watch company. >> i'm wearing a shineola watch right now. this bag is 950. this bag is really great. >> we have the clutch here for your female friends. shinola as well. >> a lot of people don't realize they make leapt ever goods. and we have more bucket feet
11:49 am
women, men and obviously the kids. >> the patterns come in different shapes and sizes for everyone, right? >> yes, bucket feet has a number of patterns, fabrics, styles, lace-up, high-hop. slip-on. >> and what about the friend or person in your life who has everything and it's always hard to shop for someone like that you rack your brain, what do you get that person? >> you can get them an experience, can you get them something that you can give the gift of entertainment. tickets to a show. you have to think outside the box when it comes to that person, i think i am that person. my closets are full to the brim. people don't know what to get me. >> now you know what to get you. that sounds like a lot of fun. thank you so much for these great ideas, arianne thompson, thank you.
11:50 am
>> the president and first lady michelle obama received a standing ovation during the kennedy center's 39th honors gala. the president spoke about the importance of the arts. >> just how vital art is to our democracy, we need song and cinema and paintings and performance to help us challenge our assumptions. question the way thin maybe inspire us. >> five artists were recognized at the star-studded event. gospel rhythm and blues singer mavis staples has been singing for 60 years. songwriter and performer james taylor was honored for his charitable work as well as his music. he sold more than 100 million records during his career. oscar-winning actor and director al pacino was also recognized with a video tribute.
11:51 am
surviving members of the rock band the eagles and argentine pianist margaret agerich.
11:52 am
11:53 am
we have breaking news out of bethesda now, montgomery county police are on the scene of a
11:54 am
bethesda. an elderly woman was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. chopper 4 over the scene where the vehicle ran into a tree and overturned. watch the nbc washington app for updates on this story. and images mean everything in the world of advertising, but the images that typically sell a product are now changing. jolynn kent explains how one mom is working to break barriers. >> all mothers think their babies are beautiful. but mom megan about 16-month-old asher. >> when asher was little, we realized he really likes the camera he loves the attention. >> and the camera loves him. >> when nash spotted a casting call for carter's clothing. she decided to submit asher's head shots to a modeling agency in atlanta. it never occurred to her that asher's down's syndrome would prevent him from even being considered. >> the agency emailed me and
11:55 am
submitting him because the criteria didn't specify they were looking for a baby with special needs. >> did you feel angry at all? >> i did, yes. when i realized that this happened, in the world you know with advertisements, i was hurt because here you know, here's my little boy, you know, i look at him and nothing's wrong with him. >> not sure what to, do nash posted about the experience on facebook with this photo before long it went viral. advocates say the reaction shows that society's idea of evolve with it. >> the face of disability is constantly changing. we know more, we do more. and we ask for more. >> we are demanding more. you know, we're demanding opportunity. >> more brands are now using models with disabilities, including fisher-price, target and mcdonald's. and that opportunity came for asher, too, when his mom's facebook post caught the attention of the ceo of carter's and oshkosh.
11:56 am
who had captured so many hearts on social media. it wasn't long before asher captured his heard and the elusive modeling deal. asher the new face for oshkosh. >> i want people to realize that someone with a disability can do anything and everything they set their minds to, that does not define who he is. there are no limits to what he can do in his life. >> and that message the most beautiful of all. jolynn kent, nbc news, beauford, georgia. >> he's adorable. he could sell ice to an eskimo. every company should sign him up. let's check our forecast one more time. >> take the kids to a local park. temperatures are climbing, we're around the low 50s in the metro area. reagan national at 53 degrees. probably the high for the day. all dry on the radar now, but there's rain coming, alabama, mississippi, out of the gulf coast. it will be tracking our way during the day tomorrow and as
11:57 am
start and end by the evening. could get over an half an inch to an inch of rain. it will be chillier with temperatures in the low 40s. we dry out on wednesday and thursday, low 50s thursday and cold as we get into next weekend. temperatures may only be in the 20s in the morning, afternoon highs in the low 40s. 11 finalists for "time's" person of the year issue. the short list was revealed this morning on "today." among the finalists are ace facebook's chief executive mark zuckerberg, donald trump and hillary clinton. music icon beyonce is on the list, so are the whistleblowers who exposed the contaminated water in flint, michigan. the winners will be unveiled on "news4 today." thanks so much for joining us, we're back on the air this afternoon first at 4:00.
11:58 am
updates at any time on the nbc
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stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ? all i want for christmas is you ? >> natalie, she stole your outfit that you had on this morning. >> how did you know? >> i tried it on, a little too bubblish shus. i said forget it. that voice and style, we will talk about mariah carey. but that's her classic hit "all i want for christmas". >> it airs on vh1's diva holidays tonight. you watched her new show.


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