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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  December 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> reporter: the 28-year-old from north carolina made his first appearance before a d.c. superior court judge. the judge ordered him held without bond until later this week when he can appear before a preliminary u hearing before another judge. this all started yesterday afternoon inside comet pizza in upper northwest washington. it began just before 3:00 sunday afternoon. the 28-year-old walked into come e et pointed it at an employee. the e employee was able to get away and call police. he fired once inside the restaurant. no one was injured. nearby businesses were locked down as police negotiated with welsh who eventually surrendered. he told police he was there to, quote, self-investigate what had been determined to be fake news reports linking the restaurant
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we have more information on what went on inside the restaurant from the charging documents. he fired at least three shots sbo the wall and also sbo a computer that was on a counter inside of that restaurant. he told police that he was there to investigate reports of child sex slaves being kept inside that restaurant. . that's all part of the fake news reports that surfaced during the clinton and trump campaign. he also said that he was t pizzagate. e he said. you'll hear from neighbors how this is all impacting them. that's the latest, back to you. >> could have been so much worse. . thank you. our team coverage is going to continue with a a closer look at fake news where it starts,
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outside comet ping-pong with that part of the story. >> reporter: chris, we're told for several weeks comet ping-pong owners and employees have been receiving threatening messages on social media and getting calls into the restaurant. what we're learning now is several other businesses along connecticut avenue have also been receiving threats. we talked to social media experts who tell us there's no factual basis to any of theoies. but that doesn't matter. >> it's terrifying. >> reporter: fictitious stories are circulating on facebook. on sunday d.c. police say edgar drove up from north carolina and firing an ar-15 rifle inside. he told them he was
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sites that police say just isn't true. >> the owner of comet was e-mailing. >> reporter: scott is a professor of communications at american university. he says this fake news story started when e-mails from hillary clinton's campaign were hacked and released by wikileaks. >> people reading e e-mails take nuggets of truth and then put that together with other things they have heard and come up with these new, fake conspiracy stories. like this. that there's a child sex that these fake stories are trou because a lot of folks don't trust government leaders or reputable media outlets. and even though the fake news stories involve comet, many local businesses on this block of connecticut avenue say they have it received several threats as well. >> it makes me sad that there were families here ask somebody who was so misguided and lost and thought an act of violence
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neighbors have stopped by. they are hoping simple acts of kindness will overshadow hatred and lies. shop own rs say they started a petition requesting more of a police presence in the area because quite frankly they are scared. e we reached out to metro police department and they tell us they are listening. they are out here, surveying the area looking for any suspicious activity. coming up at 6:00, we talked to our social media expert about what you can do and to fact check on your own to whether or not a story is true. reporting in northwest, meagan fitzgerald, news 4. who is ready for winter weather? i don't know how many hands went up, but some are, some not so much. but tomorrow probably the worst kind of weather. at least i think it is.
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to the south and west. temperatures tomorrow only in the low 40s. then we have rain. and potentially a lot of it. an inch of rain during the day tomorrow. it's going to be raining most of the afternoon. starting around 8:00 in the morning. rain tomorrow. nasty, cold and wet. then much colder late week. and i mean much colder. windchills only in the 20s. and they could be in the teens to start off friday and saturday morning. we're in for very cold air. we'll talk more about this at another surprising announcement from president-elect donald trump's transition team. ben carson has been tapped to run the department of housing and urban development. word leaked a week ago that carson might be chosen, but trump was silent about it until today. many say it's another example of trump's willingness to forego traditional policy expertise in some cabinet positions and to instead surround himself with
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nism about the future of the country and as part of ensuring representing all americans. house leader nancy pelosi was quick to point out that carson has no credentials for this job and is a quote, disconcerting and disturbingly unqualified choice. the country deserves relevant experience to protect the rights of homeowners and renters. see donald trump today. his meeting was with ivanka. he wants to make fighting climate change a priority. but gore told reporters he spent the bulk of his time with her father. he called it an interesting meeting. donald trump has promised to e reveal president obama's climate change agenda and cancel the paris climate agreement in the first 100 days. and mayor bowser is going to
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president-elect. she's due in new york city for her meeting tomorrow morning. tom sherwood is reporting that bowser asked for this. donald trump got 4% of the vote in the district, but the mayor has to work with any president. two years ago then council member bowser welcomed donald trump to d.c. for his hotel project. >> so thank you and good luck. but as mayor in the midst of the election ed the trump hotel brand opening. she was supporting hillary clinton. trump only got 4% in this it democratic city. but nw bowser head to trump tower in new york tomorrow for a meeting she asked for with trump. bouzer's office declined an
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the city's growing economy but didn't mention other issues like statehood or trump already suing the city to lower its hotel tax bill. d.c. council members told news 4 they welcome the mayor's outreach to trump. >> looking at it from a local basis and purely local and not national, the district relationship with the president of the united states. it's our best interest to do that. >> it it would be useful for us to have a friendly ally in the white house preponderance remember that the president and family will be living here. >> all right, thank you very much, tom. he spent most of his time in new york city and now bill de blasio
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he's at his apartment in midtown manhattan nap amounts to $500,000 a day. total, $35 million from election day to the inauguration. >> he's the president-elect of the united states of america. i didn't vote for him. i don't agree with him but he's the president-elect. e he has to do what he thinks will allow him to put together the team to govern this nation. >> this issue certainly won't e resolve itself after the melania trump and the couple's son expect to stay at trump tower until at least the end of the school year. the president-elect says he plans to come home regularly to be with them. civil rights leaders are calling on trump to withdraw his nomination for attorney general today. the reverend jesse jackson joined other civil rights advocates at a news conference in d.c. this afternoon saying that the president-elect should withdraw the nomination of senator jeff sessions and
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session has a record of the voting rights act. >> these nominations that represent such a threat, particularly the sessions nomination, a threat to women's rights. a threat to organize, a threat to live wages and education must be challenged and resist issed. point to 2006 when the alabama senator voted to renew the voting rights act for another 25 years. you have seen it from afar from the freeway. the construction going up over the past several years. now we're getting our first look inside the restaurants, bars and gaming rooms at the mgm national harbor. he came to our country looking for peace and prosperity.
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robbery at this virginia gas station. the story, coming up. and the death toll is closing in on 40 and it is expected to go higher in that warehouse fire in oakland. a closer look tonight at the
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. we're learning more about a clerk's brutal murder. this happened during a robbery at a gas station on jefferson davis highway. pat collins spoke with the victim's son. he's live at the scene with new details. pat? >> reporter: chris, this is where he worked. this is where he was killed. behind these flowers and that candle, e a murder beyond death itself. a murder that's torn his family apart. we begin our story now with the victim's son. >> he came here looking for peace. looking for the best way to live. and then for him to die this way. i don't even know.
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>> reporter: he was a captain in the jordanian army. he came to our country in 1999 to find a better life for his family. for more than a decade, he worked the night shift at this gas station on route 1. it was here that it he was murdered during a robbery last weekend. beaten to death with a 2 by 2 board and left for d >> this is one of the most brutal, vicious attacks i have ever seen in my 40-year career. >> david washington was charged in the murder. washington was known to hang out in this area. he was 54 years old.
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>> reporter: at 6:00 we're going to hear from the victim's widow and talk to a man who saw the suspect around here behaving strangely. a $25,000 reward this evening for anyone with information leading to the arrest of the person who shot and killed a man o it was saturday is police say the victim was 23-year-old deandra hodge. hodge was shot in the chest, died at the hospital and they do not think this was random. supporters have been camping out
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denied a permit for construction under the missouri river, but supporters of the pipeline hope trump will reverse that decision when he takes office next month. in the last hour, a mistrial declared in the trial of a former police officer in charles ston, south carolina. he was charged with the murder of a black man. the jury said it could not come to a unanimous decision. michael slager shot walter scott after a routine traffic stop in north charles run away. a bystander caught it all on cell phone video. this case is not over yet, however. nbc has more on what comes next later this hour. 36 people are now dead after that massive warehouse fire in oakland and that number is expected to rise. there's still key questions out there including how the fire started and who a lot of these victims are. firefighters are still trying to
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people were atended a friday night electronic music festival. >> two artists who lived and worked in the building known as the ghost ship say it was no secret that 15 to 20 people made this warehouse their home. they are revealing what it was like to live in this 24-hour art studio and the terrifying moments before it was destroyed. >> the grabbed a fire extinguisher. >> reporter: max was one of the last to leave the ghost ship warehouse alive. >> the ceiling was on fire and it was like a sheet of fire that was rolling towards the door. the power cut out and was pitch black. he believes the fire started down stairs in an area of the
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dancing. >> there's more than two minutes from the point of someone screaming fire to being e evacuated and just knowing that people probably weren't going to make it out. >> now after the initial terror or questions whether faulty wiring inside the building may have sparked the inferno. >> the power was a big issue. as it was on. >> fellow artists say it was common knowledge people were always occupying the building. he says even law enforcement visited more than once. >> multiple police officers and firefighters that had came through our space and had been like this place is amazing. the amount of work that you've put sbo this place is unlike any place i have ever seen. >> city records confirm inspectors received complaints
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decade. they responded to new complaints. >> we received recent complaints about light and unpermitted construction at the property. we had opened an investigation and that it investigation is ongoing. >> the once eclectic space used for music, art and making transformed into the scene of a recovery mission for dozens of creators now gone. >> our bright andir investigative unit show the owner of the building and dozen others in the bay area. we reached out for a response to these allegations, but we have not heard back. >> you can hear their shock and grief in the voices of the folks who live there. still a lot of unanswered questions. lester holt is going to try to get some of those answers
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right after news 4 at 6:00. she had the best hugs in virginia. that's how patrons of some restaurants in a community are remembering a woman who was hit and killed by an suv. those businesses are coming together in her memory this week. storm team 4 is tracking the rain that is expected to come into our area tomorrow.
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outside today a great way to start off monday. boy, do we have changes over the next couple days. tomorrow, not just any rain. we're talking a cold rain. temperatures have been in the mid-50s now down to 51 degrees. the wind will bring things a little bit way through the evening hours. not all that cool. the reason the cloud cover. 45 in winchester. storm team 4 radar is dry, but down to our south and west, you can see the rain. down towards the panhandle and track tornadic activity. now we're watching this area move up to the north and east. by tomorrow, we're going to
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just the clouds acting as a blanket and don't allow temperatures to cool all that much. that is key for tomorrow morning. because if it got close to freezing, we could be dealing with freeing rain or sleet. i don't think we're going to see much of that. the computer model is starting to pick up. 7:00 a.m. not much going on. we get through the morning rush okay. the end of the rush, 8:00, that's when it starts to move into the metro region. if you get too switch over. most areas all rain, but to the north, maybe a mix early on. by noon, we're just e seeing that rain. notice it's raining all day. the heaviest rain around 1:00, 2:00. 5:00 the heaviest rain shifts to the south. then there's more right on in
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be problematic for sure. 40 degrees, cloudy at 7:00 a.m. 44 and chilly rain. we're going tor a high impact tomorrow. that's why we're calling tomorrow a weather alert day here at nbc 4. rain steady at times. quite chilly and damp. coats and the umbrellas both of which will be ed bit. maybe a chance of a shower. 51 on wednesday. isolated shower on thursday and then just plain cold. another weather alert. lauryn ricketts will be in to talk about our next weather alert day. she's working now and has her weather alert red on right now. just so you know. she's ready for it. >> looking good.
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this could be the future. a major company is already testing it. >> we're taking a look at amazon's new concept store and how it's challenging traditional supermarkets. front line metro employees who operate trains, buss not happy with one another. that could be leading to quite the divide. i'm adam tuss. i'll explain it all, coming up. it's a look at the views at mgm's been bragging t.
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a mother of four was hit ask killed at a crosswalk. it is a big week for prince georges county. the grand opening of the national harbor casino resort. we have been following this story since the concept first came about and look how far it has come. 2013 after a year of political fights, proposals, millions of dollars, mgm got the license to build. 2014 and the early days a detailed site plan. by the second half of that year, construction begins. there was no ceremonial ground breaking. no politicians with hard hats and no speeches to mark the
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2015 and this past june workers started putting the finishing touches and that brings us to today. just three days away from the grand opening. tracee wilkins is there live and has been cover this process for the last four years. >> it has been a long road listening to that time line again. we have been watching this building take shape. you can see how magnificent it is from the outside. today with an opportunity to take a look at >> once our ad campaign hit this market, the phones have been ringing off the hook. >> reporter: seats are filling up and not these tables but these tables. and hotel rooms are booking up too. it's proof that mgm is more than a casino and guests are
5:32 pm
>> it's something we have been trying to convey since we first arrived in town. we don't build casinos, we build destination resorts. >> reporter: mgm gave a tour of the resort including the celebrity chef restaurants. >> it's amazing to see a promise fulfilled. >> reporter: the atrium is very similar to las vegas. there are no slots or games here. you have to go to the casino for that. climbed for stories toward the glass ceil wrg you get a collier view of the 24-story hotel with its more than 300 rooms and suites. >> how do you describe the undescribable? you need to come and experience this. >> reporter: as you enter the ka e see know, the first sculpture called portal encompasses the entrance. there's 125,000 square feet of
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machines and 124 table games. there's a high rollers room. but mgm spokesmen stress that gambling is is only a portion of their business here. >> if you want to play in the casino, we have a great casino. but if you're not interested, or if. you're interested in other things like great entertainment and dining, beautiful art, this is a place for you to come as well. >> everyone who lives near this ka traffic. mgm is talking about it too. what you can expect when you're trying to get here on opening day. reporting live, tracee wilkins, back to you in the studio. so are you planning a trip o the new casino? in a few months or no? go to on facebook page and vote in our flash survey. most are not really interested in right now. .
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the river, they will notice an oily sheen on the water and now we know where it came from. today the nrg plant says it. accepts responsibility for that it spill and it's working with the epa to clean it up. the sheen was found at gravelly point and tested positive as petroleum fuel. about 150 gallons spilled into the potomac and caused by an equipment malfunction within its plant. a man who was of a supreme court decision 159 years ago is now at the center of a controversy this afternoon in frederick, maryland. justice roger tauny denied slaves the right to be citizens. officials decided to remove the statue of him because some people find it offensive. three people au peeled that removal and filed a petition to
5:35 pm
before he became a supreme court justice. help is on the way for customers after their dry cleaner unexpectedly closed. sunny cleaners was evicted from the strip mall last summer. the landlord changed the locks and customers weren't able to get their clothes. now they can. the landlord is is opening the cleaners from 10:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon through saturday for customers so they can pick up their stuff. to have the ticket to claim your items. there's a push tonight to throw out the head of metro's largest union. some front line employees are upset at the direction that their union leadership is taking. and this could have a direct impact on their work culture. transportation reporter adam tuss is looking into the deeper rift that exists at this transit agency. >> the front line metro
5:36 pm
happy with one another and that could be leading to quite the divide. a deeper frustration at metro. this is the person someone voted out as head of metro's largest union. current union members accuse her of putting her own interests ahead of the union, which is is affecting front line workers. >> part of that is contributing to the way people are treated. treatment kmkts the workforce. >> joining us on facetime talking about the union's impact on metro employees. >> they talk about metro management, but the morale through the membership at metro that the union membership the morale has never been so low. >> reporter: they will vote in the coming days to remove jeter, but they claim she has rigged elections to stay in office. an investigation is actually ongoing from the department of
5:37 pm
claims. jackie was not available for comment, but the union did respond. they say there's no proof that anything has been rigged and they claim the current and former employees are simpy disgruntled. >> certain people have a right to feel the way they choose to feel. but the election has come down. there's a a legal process going through the election. we're still dealing with the legal process. >> reporter: for now as metro deals with its issues, fighting with the largest union creating even more unease behind the scenes. adam tuss, news 4. a suspected heart attack and then chaos. the scene that unfolded on a plane from d.c. as it tried to makage emergency landing but encountered severe turbulence. she was a wife and four mother of four. how her community is helping her family after she was hit and killed by an suv. >> she was such -- she would
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passengers had a rocky ride on a a flight as it left washington. it was head toddy investigator due to a medical emergency. passengers started tumbling out
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to sharply plummet. three people ended up in the hospital. donald trump took a few swings at china today on twitter. the fallout from his controversial call from taiwan keeps on growing. it's opened the door to potential trouble with china, which has long refused to recognize the island as a separate nation. the front page editorial said that the call could mean trouble for u.s./china relations and the u.s. itself. there have been disputes between the countries over things like trade, currency and the south china sea, but donald trump's tweets about those issues are giving the sense that this is going to form his new china policy u. there's no twitter available. it's blocked here.
5:42 pm
tweets. one commentator also said that donald trump was making a mistake believing china had to ask america for permission. the foreign ministry didn't say much about the tweets, but there's the growing sense that trump will be taking a tougher stance on china. that has stressed cooperation. beijing expected the status quo with the new pr there are many signs that there are rocky relations ahead. it is not your average grocery. online retailer amazon is testing a new brick and morter store and its challenging the way you think about shopping. a mother of four headed home from work, she pushes the walk button. when it's her turn to cross, she's run over in that crosswalk. the victim well known in the
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she was a favorite u to her many customers at the rr she worked. the after an suv hit and killed a beloved mother of four as she walked home from work. julie carey watched video of the accident. she's at the intersection tonight where it happened. >> reporter: she could see her house at this intersection. she stepped into the crosswalk and was hit by an suv. she died from her injuries
5:46 pm
together to raise funds to help her family. the victim's husband and two youngest daughters wiping away tears, but still determined today to talk about why they loved rose cruise so much. >> what you see is what you get. she's natural and genuine and a perfect mom. she loves all her children. >> reporter: qualities that brough s restaurant where is she worked for the last decade. >> that's her handwriting. at the coffee shop next door, some customers dropped off flowers. . >> her number one thing is just her attitude and she brought so much love to all of us and the customers. >> reporter: she was on her walk home last thursday. today we watched security camera
5:47 pm
where she stopped to get a snack for her daughter. at the busy intersection, it's clear to see she presses the walk button, waits and when it's her turn it go, she began to cross and was struck by an suv. the owner watched the video with us. >> he didn't give her a chance. >> reporter: the driver, a 77-year-old woman, staid on the scene. now those who love rose are left to mourn and to try to support her family. this page set up by the restaurant owners has already raid >> we set a goal at $100,000 because it's going to take a lot of money for them and to make sure these girls get opportunities that rose would want them to have. >> reporter: just a short while ago, we learned that the driver of that suv, a woman from montana, has been charged with
5:48 pm
pedestrian. . if you'd like to learn more about the fundraising effort, go to the nbc washington app and search under "fund for rose." at 6:00, this putting a spotlight on the issue of pedestrian safety. what the vitim's husband and other who is loved her are saying they hope happens so this kind of tragedy doesn't hit another family. back to you in the studio. >> hopefully something can get improved there. thank you. chopper 4 was over the scene of a serious crash today. an road and bradley boulevard. police say she did survive but has serious injuries. right now a reconstruction team is trying to figure out what led up to the crash. officials in frederick are moving to seal a deal that would put more flying dog beer on the shelves. they could close on the sale of 31 acres of city land so the
5:49 pm
flying dog says the new plant could create 150 new jobs. imagine a grocery store that lets you grab what you want and just walk out. amazon is testing a new brick u and morter concept that would completely eliminate lines and cash registers. here's how it works. you use the app to shop. anything you pick up is automatically added to your virtual court. grow change your mind, you can auto when you leave, the technology adds up your virtual card and charges your amazon account. it's going to open up early next year. >> i love it. that makes so much sense. >> sold already. the redskins on the outside looking in when it comes to the playoffs.
5:50 pm
season. >> that yesterday's game was not a must-win is flat out wrong. with four games remaining on their schedule, they not only have to win, they need tampa bay and a few other squads to tumble down the stretch. the redskins lost to the cardinals and that puts them out of the playoffs. they fall one game behind tampa bay in the final flauf spot. there's been a lot of talk about the post season. jay gruden says that was not a distraction. >> whether it's week one or 13, i have always felt attention and need to win. whether we had won or lost, we would still go to philadelphia with the same approach. >> just got to try to find a way to beat philly. we're down in the dumps. but got to find a way u to win
5:51 pm
>> look away nationals fans. the nats are reportedly planning to be without bryce harper when he becomes a free agent after the 2018 season. the club is taken aback by his contract demands, which according to can the report, is over ten years for $400 million. the major league winter meetings taking place in national harbor. the nats gm addressed the harper report. >> with it you may lose them in a specific time frame. so with bryce harper and every other player that has a contract expiring, you better make plans. and it's not just bryce harper. it's everybody on the roter. >> harper's agent did refute this report to yahoo! sports. he will be 26 years old in two years. >> wow.
5:52 pm
hitting the table. >> $400 million. >> we're in for a a rough morning. >> i think most of the morning commute around the d.c. beltway is okay. towards the tail end that's when we see a little rain. we're getting into the pattern. . i hope you like the cold weather. by the end of this workweek windchills, which is the worst kind of cold. you have the wind that cuts right through you. this evening is nice out there. it's so beautiful. the temperatures made it into the 50s today for a lot of our reporting areas. it was a a great monday. now we have the clouds rolling in overnight tonight and then we have rain showers through the day tomorrow. even a little bit of a wintery mix north and west of town.
5:53 pm
we're going to fam into the 30s. as clouds are increasing minute by minute, nothing happened on the radar right now. we continue to be dry through this monday. all of this headed up to our area, an area of low pressure that's going to transfer the energy off the coast. that area is goio the north. but maybe go ahead and download the washington app. in case the timing changes on this. . most of the showers will still be south and westby the morning. but we're going to have steady rain throughout the day and it's going to be a rain. look at those temperatures around 40 degrees. that's it. topping out in the 40s. it's a a storm team 4 weather alert day u. hour by hour, a 5:30, you can
5:54 pm
charlottesville. then it starts to fill in. by 9:00 a.m., you can see a wintery mix through washington county and the higher elevations through eastern panhandle. we all change to rain. most of us will all have rain throughout the day. half an inch to an irvelg of rain. even the commute home will be a a wet one. we don't expect it to rain until late tomorrow night. the impact will be high through day tomorrow. we are looking at a the day. not only a weather alert day on tuesday, we also have one on friday. that's after a pretty strong cold front comes through on thursday. friday's high not making it out of the 30s. doug kammerer will have a little more on that weather alert coming up just after 6:00. but the weekend looks fantastic. as i said, doug talking more about the cold friday coming at us. >> thank you.
5:55 pm
verdict in the police officer accuse of shooting a man in the back. >> what is next in this case. then all new at 6:00, catching casino chooeters. the team takes a closer loi-ok heart... and restoring a father's faith. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is seeking answers and not giving up until you find them. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. with your support, we can find more answers faster.
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a judge declares a mistrial after a jury cannot reach a verdict in the case of a white
5:58 pm
unampled black man as he was running away. >> the shooting gained national attention when it was caught on video. sara ro czar owe is in south carolina with new developments. >> reporter: after four days after deliberations, the jury in the trial of former cop announced they are unable to reach a unanimous verdict. >> the court must declare a mistrial in this case. >> reporter: friday there a i peered to be an 11-1 dead lock. but today the jury came back indicated more jurors were undecided. slager is charged with murder in the death of a 50-year-old. for him this case is far from over. >> we have two more rounds to go. the solicitor is trying it case again. >> reporter: the incident thrown into the national spotlight when cell phone video showed the officer shooting scott eight times in the back as he ran away. slager emotional during testimony said he didn't know
5:59 pm
he said he pulled scott over for a broken tail light and was preparing to write a a warning before he bolted from the car. video shows the two struggle where scott tried to grab his stun gun after he tased him three times. managing to get away, the fatal shots are fired. he moves the taser closer to scott's body which prosecutors said altered the crime scene. with the scott family waiting for first at 6:00, it's starting as a fake news story. then it got really ugly and morphed into something criminal. a north carolina man is locked up and accused of traveling more than 300 miles to d.c. this weekend to self-investigate the conspiracy theory known as pizzagate. mark segraves is outside the court with more on the man
6:00 pm
inside comet ping-pong. >> reporter: it all unfolded inside this courtroom this afternoon where he was charged with three felonies including assault with a deadly weapon and a misdemeanor gun charge. charging documents in court give us a a better pitu from his ar-15 assault rifle and then pointed the gun at an employee. it began just before 3:00 sunday afternoon. police say 28-year-old edgar welsh walked into comet pizza with an assault rifle and. pointed it at an employee. that employee was able to get away and call police. nearby businesses were locked down as police negotiated with welsh who surrendered after a


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