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tv   Today  NBC  December 6, 2016 7:00am-9:58am EST

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good morning. breaking news, the fbi investigating a potential terror threat against a subway system in los angeles. security being increased across the city. why officials say they're not
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four years. >> i learned along time ago, fate has a strange way of intervening. >> while president-elect trump gets set to make it official, mad dog mattis will be his pick for defense secretary. and grab and go. the new amazon grocery store set to revolutionize the way you shop. no lines, no checkout, and the wait for a store near you could be shorter than you think today, tuesday december 6th, 2016. >> from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller center. >> happy to have tamryn hall here again. does this mean this new amazon grocery store, you no longer have to stand behind that person -- you know who you are -- who has 40 items in the 10 item or less line?
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is there someone there to slice it? >> they have some employees, but just no checkouts. >> so many questions. breaking news in los angeles. an anonymous tip about an imminent terror attack that has officials ramping up security this morning. pete williams is the justice correspondent what can you tell us? >> reporter: cities don't normally respond like this telephone threats, and it was a call from a pay phone in a western country, but because there was so little time to check it out they decided to go public. >> this morning commuters on the rail system are urged to be vigilant. authorities received an imminent but unconfirmed threat monday against the subway station in universal city. the caller indicated that something would happen today at the station across the street
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authorities called the threat very specific. >> because of the specificity and the immanence of the threat, we felt it was important that we provide this information to the public. >> reporter: the fbi declined to specify which country the tip came from but said it was delivered in english. >> we're looking at the credibility of the threat, we're continuing to work this investigation. we're coordinating that along with our local partners here in international partners who provided the initial information. >> officials in los angeles are urging residents to use caution but urged the public to go about their normal day today. >> there will always be a little lingering feeling of fear. i have to go to work. >> this could be real. this could be a hoax. we must remain calm but vigilant. we're asking the public to take the same precautions they would take on any other day.
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undercover officers will also be on the job. matt? >> thank you very much. new developments in the investigation of that deadly warehouse fire in oakland, california. last night an emotional vigil was held for the victims. we'll talk to the man who ran that warehouse in a moment. first miguel almaguer is at the scene once again. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. with most of the b we are told by the sheriff's department they're optimistic no more bodies will be recovered. this is now a criminal investigation. many are looking for answers, but are also grieving. ?? >> reporter: overnight, hundreds paying their respects. unlit candles and flashlights, a flameless symbol of solidarity for so many lives lost. many of the victims young. in their 20s and 30s, their
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fire quickly spread during a late night party. >> derek almeida leased the warehouse, calling it an artist collective. >> everyone lived there. >> he said he and his family and dozens of others lived there for the past three years. >> the lease is basically i'm renting it to be a school, dance, cultural, visuals, and build to t. as is to city standard. >> reporter: but the city said this warehouse which fire officials say was jammed with flammable materials, was never up to standard or zoned forever residential living. documents obtained by nbc news show a history of complaints for garbage piling up and illegal interior building structure. the owner of the warehouse has not responded to requests for comment.
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times that the building was leased as a studio space, not a dwelling. >> the reason i chose there. >> reporter: he says over the years he was forced to makement improvements, installing an electrical panel and a heater. >> you said the building wasn't up to code, did you then make modifications to the building that shouldn't have been done? >> this is where -- >> he he can't say that stuff right now. >> reporter: his partner wanted to stop our interview. but almena wanted to go on. >> do we modify? that's the question. did we make changes? i would like to say we made improvements. >> reporter: alison says the family did the best they could. >> we didn't have enough money to do the things that needed to be done there.
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>> reporter: are you worried you may be blamed? >> i'm worried. i'm worried that my kids will be taken away from me. >> and as a mother i am having a terrible time. i'm having terrible time. i'm so sorry. i'm so sorry that this happened. >> reporter: this morning there is no cause for this fire. no criminal charges have been filed here. if they are, they could range all the way up to possible murder charges. >> miguel almaguer, thank you very much. >> as you saw in that piece, the man who ran the so-called ghost ship is at scene of the fire this morning.
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>> good morning. it's not a good morning. it's not a good morning. what am i doing here? can i just say i'm sorry? can i just say -- the only reason i'm here is to put my faith and body in front -- >> let me ask you a couple of questions. 36 lives were lost in that building over the weekend. the family members of those lost want answers. held accountable for the loss of their loved ones. are you the man who should be held accountable? >> am i the man who should be held accountable? >> did i build something that -- with the -- what am i going to say to that? should i be held accountable? i can barely stand here right
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obviously there were some conditions in that building that may have led to a dangerous situation and led to what happened. >> i -- i laid my body down there every night. we laid our bodies down. there we put our children to bed every night. we created music, art. it became our home. it didn't start off as our home. it started off as a dream, an e everything from at-risk youth to the gay community, to artists that couldn't perform anywhere to -- to performance art, alternative arts. eventually when you can't pay your rent because your dream is bigger than your pocketbook, when the need for housing and the need for people to be able to sit down and be warm and make food and take a shower and take
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something together. this stopped being me. this wasn't about me three years ago. i signed a lease. i got a building that was to city standards supposedly. i was lured into something i had to constantly -- >> it may have been a dream, all of that may be true. you provided a space for some people to live. but according to the city it was not under code. we have som w an artist who lived there for two years, shelly mac. she said she rented a space from you. that you knew it was dangerous, you profited from this, you never spent a dime on anything but partying. >> i don't want to talk about it. i don't want to talk about me or profiting. this is profit? >> what can you tell me you did to ensure the safety of those people who lived there? >> i laid my three children down there every night.
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this is loss. this is a mass grave. >> for the families, can you -- >> i'm only here -- i'm only here to say one thing, i'm incredibly sorry. that everything that i did was to make this a stronger, more beautiful community, and to brick people together. people didn't walk through those doors because it was a horrible place. people didn't seek us out to perform and express themselves because it was a horrible place. >> nobody is -- >> i'm 4 i'm the father of this space. >> no one was saying it was a horrible place -- >> on the night of the fire -- on the night of the fire, i did know there was going to be a fire? did i remove my children from the space and get a hotel? because i wanted to avoid this? because i wanted to cast blame on other people? no, because i wanted to get a good night's sleep with my children. i wanted to let the young people do what they needed to do. i'm not going to answer these questions the way you're
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life that would lead me up to this moment. >> can i ask you a -- >> i'm a proud man. no, i'm not going answer the questions on this level. i would rather get on the floor and be trampled by the parents. i'd rather let them tear at my flesh than answer these ridiculous questions. >> we'll -- >> i'm so sorry. i'm incredibly sorry. what do you want me to say. i won't answer these questions. >> we'll call this -- >> we'll end the interview there. >> if you have to hold my soul accountable for believing in something -- >> we appreciate your time this morning. >> other artists and beautiful people believed with me. >> we will continue to follow this story and its developments. thank you for your time. >> thank you. now to politics. today president-elect trump is
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pitch for defense secretary official. the question out there this morning is vice president joe biden already thinking about 2020? nbc's kristen welker is at trump tower with more on all of it. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. president-elect donald trump is set to meet with former secretary of state henry kissinger today, just back from a trip from china. it comes on the heels of mr. trump's controversial phone call with taiwan.
7:14 am
dog. >> mad dog mattis. >> while mattis largely has bipartisan support, mr. trump's pick for secretary of housing and urban development, ben carson s drawing fire from democrats who are slamming his lack of experience. senator chuck schumer writing i have serious concerns about dr. carson's lack of expertise. senator brown, this appointment raises real questions about how serious he is about getting anything done. the trump team insisting the neurosurgeon is the right carson as our intended nominee. >> more fallout after president-elect trump took a congratulatory call from the president of taiwan. transition officials say it was in the works for while and arranged by presidential nominee bob dole, the apparent goal, sending a signal that trump will get tough with china.
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>> reporter: during a foreign policy forum last night, former secretary of state and clinton supporter madeleine albright said there could be diplomatic fallout. >> it is not negotiating for a hotel. >> reporter: all bright sat with henry kissinger who is meeting with trump today and crafted nixon's china policy. >> i really hope that my good friend, henry kissinger, has a very strong influence on flekt trump. >> trump tower got onef most surprising visitors monday. former vice president al gore, there to discuss climate change. >> it was very interesting. i do think it was productive. >> reporter: the current vice president, joe biden, raising eyebrows last night during an event on capitol hill saying he was considering another presidential run in 2020. and when asked if he was joking -- >> i'm not committing not to run. i'm not committing to anything. i learned a long time ago, fate
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that the focus at trump tower today will be on secretary of state. mr. trump will meet with rex tillerson, the ceo of exxonmobil and a possible contender. he'll meet with a possible candidate for his press secretary, conservative radio host laura ingraham. >> thank you. prosecutor in charleston, south carolina now vowing to retry the former police officer charged in the fatal shooting an unarmed black money. on monday, a judge ordered a mistrial for michael slagel. the mayor of charleston, community leaders and south carolina's governor are urging for a calm response. i wonder if we can go back to the interview we had a few
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questions that investigators will be asking over the coming days. >> true. >> either of him or of other people about the conditions inside that building that may have led to a dangerous circumstance. >> some of those allegations come directly from people who lived in that building. we spoke with women yesterday who said they slept with an extinguisher. there were concerns about the safety. he leases the building, someone else owns it. when asked about modifications he made or safety he's been unable to answer those questions. >> we understand with a lack of resources and money, it's not possible to do things you want, but there are building codes, inspections and permits for a reason. that's what investigation will focus on. >> we hope he will provide those answers, there are families, 36 of them and more who want them. the transition to the forecast.
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what happens when you have a snowy road in montreal and you don't salt? hello. catch that bus. okay. just keep moving along. then there's that. oh, my golly. >> okay. >> let's get the police out there after this bus. see what happens then. the police can maybe get some order involved. not so much. let's get the snowplows out. that didn't work out so well either. >> my >> exactly. >> if they can't handle it in montreal what chance do we have? you can see also we're looking at wet weather making its way out of the southeast. we have a risk of strong storms today. 2 million people under a risk. gatlinburg, there could be flash flooding with a half inch to an inch of rain in there, that burn area. this moisture all makes its way to the north. look for rain continuing into
7:19 am
snow, some of the snowfall we could be seeing repeats of montreal in central p.a. there could be six inches of snow one to three inches in new england. your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. >> weather alert day. we have some rain getting closer to the metro area. the leading edge in the green, prince williams county, fauquier.
7:20 am
heavier area of rain is off to our south into tennessee and kentucky. that will be arriving later this afternoon. the afternoon commute could be wet. temperatures in the 40s all day. drying out on wednesday. small chance of a sprinkle on thursday. colder on friday. >> that's your latest weather. all right. thank you very much. just ahead, house hunting in d.c.? what could be a new clue about potential roles for ivanka trump and her husband in president-elect trump's administration. and a drowsy driving can be just as dangerous as driving drunk.
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coming up, uber concerns. why the ridesharing service wants to track your location even after you leave the car. and inside amazon's new grocery store without checkouts.
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ford smart bonus cash on select models, on top of all other great offers. see your local ford dealer today. 7:26 is your time on this tuesday, december 6, 2016. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. mark segraves just got on a the mayor's meeting with donald trump. she requested the meeting to talk about the city's growth. we want to get to traffic and some breaking news on the roads. >> big problem this morning. chopper 4 over this problem north of brook station because of this vre situation, look here. this vre, fredericksburg line train collided with this suv. so right now we're facing some
7:27 am
fredericksburg line. metro option is open, two-hour delays. some of those training are turning around. also looking at cancellations. 270 south at 80 a crash there. >> thank you. we'll take a quick break and
7:28 am
weather alert day. afternoon. right now light rain, this area of green coming out of fairfax, prince william, there is wet snow there along skyline drive and higher elevations out in west virginia and western maryland. the main area of rain, virginia, tennessee, that will be moving in our way here during the afternoon. the afternoon commute will be a problem with downpours.
7:29 am
cold saturday, lighter winds. sunday up into the mid 40s. partly sunny. back to you. >> another local news update in 25 minutes. >> back to "the today show" after this short break. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? all the care your family needs.
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?? ?? 7:30 now on this tuesday morning, december 6th, 2016. a little camera time, face time for the people out in the cold this morning. don't forget, we're gearing up for a big concert on pharrell will be here on friday. we expect a good crowd for that. inside studio i-a, let's look at some of the stories making headlines. hundreds gathered in oakland, california last nigt to honor the victims of that devastating warehouse fire. more vigils are planned later this week. investigators are trying to determine how the fire started
7:31 am
stepping up security at subway stations across the city this morning after an anonymous phone call to a public safety line. the caller claimed that a terror attack was planned for today. officials say they're not taking chances as they work to determine the credibility of that call. and president-elect donald trump heads to the next stop of his post-election thank you tour. tonight he'll hold a rally at a coliseum in fayetteville, north carolina, where mr. trump will mad dog mattis is his choice for secretary of defense. similar events are planned for thursday night in iowa and friday in grand rapids michigan. here's a question for you as you get ready to head out the door, how much sleep did you get last night? new research from aaa suggests if you missed just one hour of sleep, your concentration and reaction time on the road can suffer. sometimes with terrible
7:32 am
that story. good morning. >> reporter: we've all done it, zoned out as we drive down the road. we miss our exit. new research from aaa suggests if we're operating on four to five hours of sleep, that can have the same effect as driving under the influence. watch these teens drifting off. some catching themselves the moment before impact. others not. but it's not just teenage drivers, a sleep-deprived nation, too often wheel. aaa warns too many of us are not getting enough sleep. even seven hours isn't enough, significantly elevating the risk of a crash. the cdc says more than a third of us don't get that much rest. sleep just five to six hours a night, aaa says you're twice as likely to crash. >> getting only four to five hours of sleep a night is the same as driving while legally drunk. if you sleep less than four hours in a given 24-hour period,
7:33 am
be if you were twice the legal limit of alcohol. >> reporter: it's happened to carey warren. >> i did that a lot. >> reporter: it was her son, 18-year-old tyler, who in 2010 veered off this interstate, flipping his car four times. witnesses said he never hit the brakes. so tired at 2:50 in the afternoon he didn't realize he was in the wrong state, illinois, not missouri. a graduating senior, tyler was hoping to walk on to his c football team. >> it's hard because his friends are all starting to buy houses, get married. he's 18. >> tyler's parents on a crusade warning others of the sleeping danger. aaa says one hour less than your normal rest can raise the risk of a crash, sleep fewer than four hours, your risk increases ten times. >> we all said it, i don't need sleep. i'll sleep when i'm dead. >> i'll sleep when i'm dead.
7:34 am
you don't sleep. >> reporter: an important wake-up call with so much riding on it. experts say most of us need 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night. teens and young adults sometimes need more than that. again, four to five hours and you can be considered impaired. back to you. >> thank you very much. how much sleep did you get last night? >> 5 1/2, 6 hours. >> i -- it's happened to me. it's a frightening thing. it's a real wake-up call. >> how about a check of the up? especially in the pacific northwest and parts of the plains, open the window. it will be getting cold. that cold air will be spreading east. chilly air. it's going to feel colder than usual. missoula, montana, 20 degrees below average. scotts bluff, 10 degrees below average. wednesday, temperatures anywhere
7:35 am
average. thursday morning, chicago, your windchill 6. louisville, feels like 23. oklahoma city, 15. as we head towards the weekend, new york city, by saturday, 37 degrees. charleston 53. 60 in jacksonville. memphis, a high of 45 degrees. 58 in dallas. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> that cold air is coming our way friday into the weekend. right now we have rain. this area in gr just now coming into western southern fairfax, southern loudoun county, out of prince william, fauquier, spotsylvania. up along skyline drive. some wet snow there. some higher elevations in west virginia dealing with sleet and freezing rain. staying in the 40s.
7:36 am
weather, go to our sister network, the weather channel. >> what will be it like for pharrell on friday? >> you'll be happy. >> that's good. >> we'll take that. >> up next, is ivanka trump going to follow her dad to d.c.? what her family could be planning, right after this. hi hey you look good.
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we're back at 7:40 we're back at 7:40 with reporting that donald trump's daughter and her husband may be house hunting in our nation's capital. this is leading to speculation over their potential involvement in the trump administration. peter alexander is in washington this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. ivanka trump and jared kushner are planning a move to the nation's capital along with their three young children, but sources she still evaluating options. barely six weeks until inauguration day. >> reporter: here in america's power center, washington, d.c., they could soon be the newest power couple. ivanka trump and jared kushner joining president-elect trump for a family dinner monday night played a big role in his election and are now both key advisers on his transition team.
7:42 am
daughters in history. already meeting with high-profile guests at trump tower, the latest, former vice president al gore. >> it's no secret that ivanka trump is very committed to having a climate policy that makes sense for our country, for our world. i appreciate the fact that she is very concerned about this. >> reporter: so concerned that ivanka, whose father formerly di hoax, recently discussed the issue with leonardo dicaprio, the oscar winner actor giving her a copy of his new documentary "before the flood." >> this is the most important issue of our time. >> reporter: just last month both ivanka and her husband raised eyebrows attending trump's private visit with the japanese prime minister where the u.s. press was not present. another example, critics say, of potential conflicts of interest for america's next first family.
7:43 am
times," ivanka trump is nearing a licensing deal with a japanese apparel company who is owned by the japanese government. >> i love and respected him my entire life. >> reporter: her father's strongest surrogate, ivanka says she will not take a formal role in the white house. >> no. i'm going to be a daughter. >> reporter: but kushner appears poised to be a political power player, already gracing the cover of making it that much more likely even if trump's wife and youngest son stay in manhattan for a while, the president-elect is not the only member of his family headed to washington. >> they're rewriting the playbook. i don't think anybody should be surprised that they'll be here together in washington, d.c., whether they're living in the white house or not.
7:44 am
trump will likely face questions about his family, businesses and potential conflicts. how will that trump organization will be separate from his job governing, and another question, whether his daughter and son-in-law will follow him to washington, d.c. >> a lot of questions. we'll follow them. thank you very much. coming up, your most tweeted stories of 2016. first who you think should be named "time's" person of the year. we'll talk about that after
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all right. on monday w on monday we revealed the short list for "time's" person of the year. the list wasn't that short. so dylan has more on the >> speculation did run wild after we revealed the short list on monday. one of these people will be the person of the year. "time" chooses the person who has had the biggest impact on the u.s. we asked viewers who should it go to? hillary clinton came in with 58%
7:50 am
simoni biles came in at number three. matt and i think it will be donald trump, and al and tamron think it will be vladimir putin. of course we had to try this, don't we look fabulous? tomorrow we'll reveal tomorrow's person of the year exclusively on "today." tamron? shouldn't it be person or persons of the year? >> all right. all right. >> because you both dent want to take an individual picture. >> that's true. >> we're not those people. >> you go with putin. >> i'm going with putin. >> me, too. >> shirtless on the horse. i wasn't thinking that. people debate what influence he in the election. >> and globally.
7:51 am
news coverage over the last 18 months, no one's name was mentioned more than donald trump. >> that is true. >> thank you. coming up a couple of legends in studio 1a, we will take to annette bening about her new movies. and a special performance from neil diamond. first your local news and weather. daddy walks into the walls like he's a bumper car. i think dad gave all his beauty sleep to mom. she has one eyeball instead of two. even dad's beard has bedhead. they have a lot of energy for being in their 80s. your dunkin' doesn't make you, you... but it helps. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. pick some up where you buy groceries. people say,delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. let's just get a sandwich or something. "or something"? you don't just graduate from medical school, "or something." and we don't just pull smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia
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7:56 is your time. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. we want to get to breaking news on the rails. melissa? >> so, we still have this problem here on vre. fredericksburg line. we had that car hit at the brooke station. trains are turning around, at least two-hour delays and perhaps cancellations. avoid it outer loop, university boulevard, a crash there. southbound gw, near the sceic overlook, crash blocking the right lane there. tom will talk about some possible rain falling, not always hitting the ground. >> thank you. we'll take a break and check the
7:57 am
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good morning. rain just about to make it into the metro area, coming in from the south and west, mixing with some sleet on the leading edge of it. getting wet snow along skyline highlands of west virginia. we'll have this rain getting heavy at times this afternoon and ending tonight. sun back tomorrow.
8:00 am
?? it's 8:00 on "today." and coming up, no cash, no registers, no problem. and amazon announces a rev lieuary new way to grocery shop. just grab the plus, closet cleanout. >> new shoes are the curse of my life. i have so many new shoes. >> jill martin helps the women of "today" donate the clothes they no longer wear to raise money for a great cause. we'll showcase their favorite outfits which could soon be yours. and look who is coming to town. ? santa claus is coming ?
8:01 am
gets you in the holiday spirit with a live performance in studio 1a. today tuesday, december 6th, 2016. >> hello to everyone in florida. >> and our family in rhode island. >> today is going to be a great day. >> good morning, portland, oregon! whew. >> celebrating our 13th >> all the way from florida, three sisters. >> and a brother at the "today" show. >> we're back now, o'clock on a tuesday morning. the sixth 6th day of december, 2016. i was just checking out -- look at some of the outfits we've got here. look at this. >> hey, girl. >> it's very festive out here.
8:02 am
>> they told me they were going to be out here from west palm and the three sisters are here. >> and a brother. >> and a brother. >> and you're dressed in capes. it's all the rage this season. >> i thought it was a tree skirt. that's what i was thinking. >> they're wearing tree skirts. >> you have a little watering thing down there, too? no? >> okay. speaking of great styles and great clothes, we have something awesome in store for you. >> we certainly do. earlier this year, the men their closets for a special sale. as we said this morning, it is going to be our turn, the ladies turn. jill is going to show you what we are putting up for grabs, all the different outfites from our closets. and always going for a good cause. we have a lot to get to this in hour. first, though, some headlines. here is the news at 8:00. >> we begin with that deadly warehouse fire in oakland. i'm miguel almagair. the official death toll here in
8:03 am
the sheriff's department tells us they were cautiously optimistic that number will not rise. the investigation going on inside the warehouse behind me is now a criminal investigation. no charges skrb filed, no one faces any criminal charges at this hour. the district attorney's office saying they are simply watching this case very closely. the man who leads this property, derrick almena, sat down with us and talked with matt and hammond earlier today. here is some of what he has to say. >> i am only here to say one thing, that i am incredibly sorry and that everything i did was to make this a stronger, more beautiful community and to bring people together. people didn't walk through those doors because it was a horrible place. did i know there was going to be a fire? did i remove my children from the space and get a hotel because i wanted to avoid this, because i wanted to cast blame on other people? no. because i wanted to get a good night's sleep with my children.
8:04 am
gamut. in our sit-down interview, he cast some other blame. he also was angry and he was very remorseful for the lives lost. he said he lived here at this property for roughly three years. he started this warehouse as an artist collective and over time he tells us other artists began to live here and pay rent. the lease here costs $5,000 a month, according to almina. he says that money was raised by the 20 to 25 artists that lived here every month. the leaseholder here, that everyone shared a responsibility for collective living. that investigation still continuing here. again, matt, it's unclear if anyone will face which i ammal charges. matt. >> thank you so much. security has been ramped up across los angeles transit system after authorities got a tip about an imminent bombing at a subway station there. the local law enforcement agency and fbi says they are not taking
8:05 am
anonymous phone call through a public line. authorities say they don't know if that threat is credible. los angeles mayor eric garcetti urged riders to use caution but that he himself would be riding the subway today. some frightening moments during a christmas parade in north carolina last night. two teenagers were injured in a shooting ar along the an 18-year-old is in the hospital in critical condition and a 16-year-old has been released. police have a suspect in custody. just ahead, twitter review. see if you can figure out the most tweeted story in 2016. >> think about that at the break. then from amazon, revolutionizing the way you shop for groceries. could it mark the beginning of the end for those checkout
8:06 am
benning with two movies being directed by her husband, warren
8:07 am
? we wish you ? we wish you a merry christmas
8:08 am
well this here's a load-bearing wall. we'll go ahead and rip that out. that'll cause a lot of problems. hmm. totally unnecessary and it triples the budget. we'll be totally behind schedule, right? (laughs) schedules. schedules. great, okay. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? it lets you earn double cash back: 1% when you buy, and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double. 8:08, hoda's here, good time to trend. >> uh-oh. >> all right. >> here we go, hoda.
8:09 am
that'll allow them to track you, even after you've been dropped off. so the app will transmit your the app will transmit your location data back to uber for up to five memberships after the ride. the company says it's all part of this experience. you either have to say yes or lose location services this morning meaning you have to manually put in your address. i will be t absolutely not. >> why does it improve the rider experience? >> by rider experience for them. so what you can do, go to location services and then under -- you go scroll down to uber and it says allow location access. you can either do never or just while using the app and quit the app as soon as you get out of the car.
8:10 am
spot. >> but they don't need to know what i'm coining five memberships after i got out of your car. >> it's xwlikted because i downloaded that and if you hit don't allow, it takes a lot of extra work. >> if you do it while using the app and then turn it off as soon as you get out of the car. >> here is a strange story that has residents of a small english village baffled. or should i say absolutely >> england has become a popular destination for chinese tourists. they stream off giant buses and start taking photos of mundane things like one resident mowing his lawn. a newspaper claims tourists have been told it is harry potter's hometown while another explanation is that the tourists are being dropped off in the town because it is a cheaper destination than another town down the road. >> wow.
8:11 am
different answers. you need an entrepreneur to set up a t-shirt stand or something. >> they offer uber to drop them off. turn off the location, that's what happens. it's easy to look at teens with their heads buried in their phones and think oh, you misguided people. but maybe it's time we turn those selfie cams back on parents spend just as much time on their phones as your teenagers. so i want to know how much time have you accumulated on your phone this morning? here is how you do it. get your phone, go to your settings and look for battery. then you scroll down to usage. you can do it at home, as well. so mr. rok he r, how long have you used your phone this morning? >> i believe in abc, always be charging. so it doesn't show.
8:12 am
an the? >> it doesn't. >> from this morning, i've got two hours and 35 minutes. >> two phones. >> my personal phone, an hour and four minutes and my work four an hour and 34 minutes. >> mine says two minutes. >> mine is two hours and 14 minutes. >> that makes sense. that makes sense. >> that's true. >> it's amazing what you can do. >> what have you beo >> i listen to music on mine. >> social media and reading. >> find things during the show. >> this is business. come on. here we go. there is a new boss in town on the slepty apprentice. it's lead to go his action hero past. arnold schwarzenegger walking out of the flame wes a sign it's a whole new board room.
8:13 am
>> get to the chopper. >> get to the chopper. >> celebrity apprentice returns on january 2nd with a cast that includes leila ali, john lovitz and snooki. next up, pink is now pregnant with her second child posting this what laborious pic on insta gram showing her sitting next to the microwave. the caption, when microwaving your excuse to sit on the floor. >> relate to ta? >> i have to sit often, yes. 2016 has been a year to remember on twitter and this morning we have some of the biggest moments from the social network. the top retweet in news and politics came from hillary clinton. it was this tweet she sent out after conceding the election. to all the little girls watching, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world.
8:14 am
after he wrote his thank you to the academy and the incredible cast and rue of the rev nance. and finally, one of the most retweeted tweets was this when hoda gave final five to zach ed mondays. >> that was pretty excellence. >> so if you hate waitinging in the checkout line at the grocery store, you're in >> and just announcing its next biggest idea. >> are you intrigued? we have drones drivering packages, self-driving cars, and now a new way to shop for groceries in person. it's called amazon go. it could make standing in line for milk or butter a thing of the past. look at what shopping looked like if you could walk in a store, pick up a few items and just go. no lines, no checkouts, no
8:15 am
the online retail giant amazon unveiled their just walk out concept on monday. >> this is artificial intelligence at its very best. amazon is taking the best of every type of technology right now and stitching it together. >> how does it work? you'll need a smartphone and a free app. as you shop, the amazon go technology detects when products are taken from or returned to the shelves and keeps track of them in a virtual cart. when you're done shopping, you just leave the store. charge your account and send you a receipt. it's amazon's attempt to enter the brick and mortar arena estimated to take a bite out of the market for groceries. this new way of shopping starts instant reaction online. some poking fun at the idea took a soda from the gas station. cashier said, sir, you have to pay for that. i said, it's okay. i have amazon go.
8:16 am
and i know amazon go will charge my car, but i'm still going to dress up as a cat burglar every time i shop. >> it's sort of like -- you know when uber came along, you got in the car, had your ride, you got out of the car and didn't pay and you felt weird about it, but two or three rides in, you forgot that you ever paid in the first place when you got out of the car. amazon is trying to make shopping kind of like that. >> right now, they're open for business in seattle, but amazon employees. the goal is reportedly 2,000 similar amazongo stores in 2017, along those lines or in this case no lines. there are a lot of questions about how this new shopping experience will work. and also if this could mean a loss in jobs. according to the bureau of labor statistics, retail cashiers are the second largest occupation in the u.s. so there should be a lot of interest in how this pilot program progresses. but it's getting a little of attention, no question about it. what do you think?
8:17 am
and we go to the atm, you're not seeing anybody. >> at this store, they have every day on-site chefs so they'll make things for you. so you can still do that. they'll have artisan cheeses and chocolates. so there will still be people there, but it's one of those things where -- >> just the interaction, you see your favorite cashier or your teller, that's part of life. >> that's true. >> i misll >> what's a teller? >> and there you go. >> thank you very much. mr. roker. >> ooh, i guess the -- do we still need a weather person? >> come on. >> well, it's a moment. only a matter of time. but you can see we've got snow making its way wrapping around the storm system that's going to bring another 3 to 6 inches with some blizzard conditions in the upper midwest and the plains. we've got winter weather advisories including the denver
8:18 am
snowfall amounts generally fairley light, but just to the west of denver, we could see upwards of 8 to 12 inches of snow before it's all over. so good news for all those skiers. that's what's going on around the country. good morning. getting light rain in the metro area mixing with light sleet. we're all above freezing so nothing will be sticking. we're going to continue to see this advancing off to the north and east. it's all continuing to move out of virginia and west virginia. right now, right alo drive that pink zone and some of the higher elevations. wet snow and icing there, too. this rain could get heavy at times this afternoon and end late tonight. we'll stay in the 40s throughout the day. sun returns tomorrow. >> and don't forget, listen to us every day on sirius xm channel 108. matt. >> thank you very much. oscar nominee annette ben sg going back to the '70s in her new movie.
8:19 am
with the everyday challenges of raising a teenager. take a look. >> do you think you're happy? like as happy as you thought you'd be when you were my age? >> seriously? you don't ask people questions like that. >> you're my mom. >> especially your mom. look, wondering if you're happy is the great shortcut to just being depressed. give me that. >> annette ni back. good to see you. >> thank you. >> you know this guy, warren beatty? >> yeah, i do know him. >> he digs you. >> really? >> he may be submiten. he was here not long ago and he said incredible things about you. we were talking about rules don't afly which he directed and starred and in the middle of the interview, he said but she's the most amazing actress. you have to see her in 20th century women. >> that's very sweet. >> you like this movie, don't you? >> very much.
8:20 am
>> no on, in "20th century women." >> the story is directed by mike mills. that was more about his dad. this is more about his mom. so the point of departure for the character was his mom, who was an amazing woman. >> takes place in the '70s. >> right. >> does that help you? did you like that decade? where were you in life at that point? >> francisco, but i grew up in san diego. so the whole world, the people in the story, there was something about it that was very personal to me. >> i was watching the scene with you and that young man who plays your son in the kitchen there. and anytime you do a movie about moms and sons, moms and daughters, families in general, that chemistry has to be believable. >> yeah. >> how do you go about creating
8:21 am
like a mother-son relationship with an actor that you don't know that well? >> it's a great question. i was nervous. i didn't know this kid. i didn't know what it was going to be like. he's a phenomenal human being, has a great familiar, comes from the chicago area. so he hasn't done a lot of work. and mike also creates this. we did a lot of exercises, we danced together, we improved. >> why the dancing? >> in the movie, there's quite a bit of dancing, but it's also a way of loosening everyone upan an icebreaker. >> isn't that what they tell you back in acting school, that if you're willing to appear foolish, that it breaks down barriers? >> that's exactly right. >> did it work? >> it does work. and it somehow -- i don't know. it was just right for the movie. also, mike mills, the director, he's very specific ideas about music. there's a lot of muk in the story, music is very much a part of it as well as dancing. we all dance quite a bit in the
8:22 am
that there is talk about your performance here and people are saying this is an oscar worthy performance and that you will probably get a nomination. you've been honored that way in the past. does the honor -- would the honor mean a different things to you or something else to you at this stage in your career? >> well, i certainly -- if it happens, it's an incredible thrill. that's all i can tell you, ill really is to be in that world. it feels pretty the other movie we were talking about. warren is in the movie. it's his baby for, what was it, 10, 12 years? >> yes. >> he he talked about directing you. he said normally you direct him at home.. >> which is not true, by the way. >> do you take exception to that? >> yes. >> i don't think he meant it in a bad way. >> then i'll let it go. >> what was it like to be
8:23 am
thrilling. we were dying for him, his colleagues, his kids, so when i'm on the set and seeing him in my elements and doing his things, my kids had never really seen him make a movie. >> because it had been 15 years. it had been a long time. they were little. that's part of it. and also, he's just a great director. so i was thrilled. he let me improvise. it was really exciting. >> we got to talk. he and i got to talk about a bunch of different things and some point i said to him -- i asked him a question about the longevity and the success of your marriage in relationship. do i mind if i play what he said? >> no, i don't mind. >> take a look. >> thank you. >> it didn't really surprise me. i always felt that i wasn't trying to avoid marriage. i was trying to avoid divorce. i had no doubt when i met annette that it was time to --
8:24 am
what's made it work for 25 years? >> respect. >> oh. nice. >> what if i asked you the same question, what makes it work? >> i like respect. i'll go with that. but also, i think in some ways we're very different, some ways we're alike. but the differences, i think, help us. there's some fire there. do you know what i mean? >> give me an example of the differences. >> well, i'm more im he's always late. that can sometimes be a problem. never mind that. i shouldn't have gone there. no. >> i don't see that pulling you together. >> i'm goinging to something else. we want the same thing. we have four children and they're incredible human beings. they're young adults now. so i think having that shared purpose also is part of it, but i don't know. there is a fire and that's hard to describe, like, what that is
8:25 am
but there's that -- >> passioning fire? >> passion. yeah. >> so be able to say that after 25 years i think is an enormous gift. it really is. >> you know, i know we're very grateful. >> and it's great to see you. >> thank you. >> it's been ten years. >> i can't believe that. is it true? >> yes, it is. i checked. i counted. i went back and looked. it's great to have you here. >> thank you. >> "20th century women" hits new york in los angeles on christmas day and nationwide just ahead, an american icon, neil diamond is here ahead of his 50th anniversary world tour. aren't you tired?
8:26 am
good morning. it's 8:26 on this tuesday, december 6th. right now, we want to get a check on the morning commute. >> good morning. an update now on the situation on vre. again, on the 5u8 trains headinging northbound shortly. they've been on a delay for about two hours now. some cancellations headed northbound shortly. outer arena drive crash reported in the central lane. northbound fairfax county park way, all of that green means potential rain. >> we'll check on the forecast
8:27 am
8:28 am
right now, getting a little rain and sleet mixing in@krog the metro virginia area. higher elevations in the mountains getting some wet snow and sleet, maybe a lot bit of icing there. that will continue into the early afternoon hours. most of the region is going to
8:29 am
this afternoon. we'll stay in the 40s. sun back tomorrow. of course you can get the latest news and weather in the
8:30 am
?? ?? ? christmas is here again ? it's 8:30 now on a tuesday morning, december 6th, 20 16. look who our celebrity elf is this morning in our 23rd annual toy drive. that is former miss universe olivia copo. we're going to talk to her in a second. remember, you don't have to be had here to donate. head to for more information. we'll talk to olivia in just a couple of minutes.
8:31 am
he has a new christmas album. he's about to launch his 50th anniversary world tour. we're going to talk to neil. he is going to perform for us live. >> i said to him, i am looking forward to you performing. then are you looking for a unique xwift for the woman on your list? why not give them something from us. the women of "today today," we cleaned out our closets and jill martin we pulled out good stuff. this is not stuff that we kind of wanted -- no. that was the assignment, you did it. and we are happy to share it for a great cause. >> i'm worried mine has a stain or two on it. >> no, no. >> dry-cleaning, right? >> interpreter: looked over auld your stuff.
8:32 am
we're starting with today, an arctic broadcast coming in from the plains, severe storm from the southeast, more snow in the pacific northwest and the rockies with sunshine through the southern plains. we're looking for sunshine through the gulf coast. tomorrow, that arctic chill gets chillier across the plains and sunshine through the southwest. that's what's going on around the country. >> good morning. around the getting wet with some light rain. a little sleet mixing in with that. and we have this area in the gray and white, a little wet snow in the sleet and freezing rain. some of the higher elevations, western louden county as well as the skyline drive elevations. all this advancing to the north and east coming in out of the south and west. heavier rains moving in this afternoon. sun back tomorrow.
8:33 am
much. look, our elf has made her way over here. olivia kopo is a style expert and former miss universe. how are you? >> i'm good. how do you guys feel? you can feel the holiday spirit around here and it's not that cold. >> where are you going to be for the holidays? >> rhode island with my family, yeah. >> i lived there for a long time. it's a wonderful state. >> i agree. i love it there. >> what have you really enjoyed about the holiday season this year? >> well, that was really fun. obviously, it's the spirit of giving around the holidays and getting gifts for friends and friends and secret santa. >> four years since you were miss usa and miss universe. >> yeah. >> and you really made the most of opportunities since then. what have you enjoyed the most? >> i have enjoyed everything so much. i would have to say traveling,
8:34 am
lot, too. but paris fashion week was really cool. it was my first time going this year and i'll be going again in a few months and i just just taking it all in been it's been a crazy year. >> it's been fun watching you expand and broaden your wore ridesons. it really has. >> thank you. >> good to see you. >> good to see you, too. merry christmas. >> tam ron. >> thank you, guys. and earlier this year, the men of "today" dove deep into their closets to sell their clothes for maybe you're home right now watching in matt's signature plaid blazers or one of al's stylish ties. they raised $25,000 to combat hunger. now it's ladies morning. jill martin is back at it helping the women of "today" cash in on our closets all for charity. >> who is it?
8:35 am
classic with a pop of color. >> this is monet and it's jumpsuit that has this lace back. >> i love this. >> ", this is a good one. i wore this to the golden globes. it's long, bright blue and there's that hint of edge. >> i wore all of these at one point or another and probably many, many, many times. i like easy. i like one zip, boop, like that and it particular about what you wear. >> she picks most of my dresses, anyway, and sends them to me in a box. so if you are getting any of these, you're get ago perfect dress because my mom likes perfect dresses. when you're in a perfect dress, you feel confident. i think that's what's on some of these hangers. so some of our viewers are going to look like you. >> i'm sorry. >> how would you describe your look. >> eclectic. i'm an actress so i like to act up. usually at home it's a scrunchy
8:36 am
all of these are dresses i've worn on the air. all of these. this is from my colorado days. isn't it cool? it's like velvet on the inside and suede on the outside. see how chic that is? >> i would say my style is fairley classic, pops of color when i can, solids when i can, but i like a pattern every now and then, too. a lot of must dresses tend to be similar, kind of very fitted from the waist up and they tend to go out a lle this red dress, i don't -- it was a staplel of mine and it's basically i'm giving it away just because it's time to retire it. >> come on in. you can see my closet. i have a lot of brights, purel, as you know, one of my favorite colors. i love white. i wear white all year around. nude shoes are the curse of my life. i have so many nud shoes. all right, ladies, let's make some money. >> ready to make some bucks? >> yes. >> let's do it.
8:37 am
>> time to sell. >> i'm excited. >> so who is excited to raise some money once again? >> we should point out all the money is going to be donated to every mother counts. but before we launch our sale, how about lightning rounds for our favorite outfits. we'll see. >> you're going to tell or i'm going to? >> you can. this is your gown. i believe only two exist in the world. this is one of them. >> whoa. >> it is one of the most expensive things i've ever purchased in my life. it's a mcqueen. >> beautiful. >>. >> you know what? i -- >> we didn't get the memo. >> you have to go big or go home. here is the other part.
8:38 am
because i had it taken in. >> of course you did. >> there are places you can have it taken out so it can be adjusted. >> and the size smp. >> i don't know. >> a 4. >> something like that. >> can you tell me what mine is? this is my dress. wait, does this look familiar? i wore this dress -- >> and i loved it every time i saw her in it. >> tell, jill, how many times. >> we went to twitter and we have a picture of all the times that you've worn them. picture. >> it's my twitter picture. you guys, it's a great dress. what size is it? 10. >> but this dress gives you curves can, too. that's the panel on the side. >> it's by dbfs. i want you to know, all of me is gone and they cleaned up a lot stains. get it and we'll take a selfie together wearing it, me and you. come and get it. >> this is so chic. >> this is a donna karen.
8:39 am
so old, but it's -- i've kept it forever because you never know when you're going to -- and it's perfect for the holidays and there's this gorgeous, gorgeous wrap that goes with it. >> beautiful. >> you know, i he just think it's elegant and it's -- >> klg. >> yeah. and i think it's a size 2. >> what are you people with your 2s? oh. >> so sad. i love this story. >> mine is not the most expensive thing i've ever bought, but this is kind of my first dress i got in boston when i made the can wear a dress with a waist and my arms can show. >> well, not now you can't. >> there is no waist to be had right now, but -- >> temporarily. >> this is an oldie but a goody. >> i love it because you can wear it to work and wear it casual, wear heels with it or put on cute little flats or blazer. i love it. >> next up -- >> and hi, savannah, if you're watching. you may remember this.
8:40 am
carpet. so you saw this in the piece, but this is an unbelievable dress and a one of a kind. >> gorgeous. >> and this is mine and this i wore when i turned 40. >> so cute. >> i wanted it to be like a crystal ball and i achieved it sitting in my home. >> the cutout. >> cutout here and cutout here to add a little sexiness. >> this is griffin, i think. >> that's beautiful. >> perfect for the holidays. >> yeah, with a peer black pants. so now i need everyone to count down. >> why? >> because we're going to launch our sale right now and it's first come first served on the site. >> there's no kidding, you just click and go. >> really? three, two, one, go! >> the real deal is officially open. head to and check it out. >> can we meet the people who buy our stuff? >> no. >> thank you so much.
8:41 am
party planning, this is "today" on nbc. charge it! yes. i'm going to buy yours. stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. and not giving up until you find them. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. with your support, we can find more answers faster.
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8:43 am
today's stress-free holiday is sponsored by pier 1. find what speaks to you at pier 1 imports. 8:43, we ar 8:43. we are back with today's es free holiday. lifestyle expert and "today" contributor elizabeth mayhue has some great time saving ideas. >> super, easy, great for kids, great for families. you have to look to good ingredients and have fun with some products that you find in dime store areas. >> and it's a great segment for me because i can snack while you're talking. >> you take a party hat, get it at any party store and use it to hold treats so they can walk
8:44 am
store and being inspired. all we did, you can take a stick if you want and it's so easy. everybody knows how to do this. it reminds me of mermaids where everything is better on a stick. you you thread things on and it's about using ingredients that look good together. a lot of it is about the presentation. here, i made a wreath, put the basil around and you can driz
8:45 am
the entire meal. >> i smell brownies. >> so this is a very easy hack. you make your brownies, line the pan, and then use a biscuit cutter or cookie cutter. press that in. it comes out. and then i made a -- like you can't use regular whip cream because it will fall apart. so you take whipped cream, powdered sugar and marscoponi cream cheese and you just do a dollop. pipe a little thing on and if you have a plastic bag, that will work, too, if you take the tip, pipe those on and add a whole strawberry to the top. then you cap it off with a little santa hat. >> that's really nice. >> so it's super easy. >> and i love strawberry and chocolate. >> this is a fun way to stipulate up a solo cup.
8:46 am
and you use a little bit of tape and just double stick tape and tape it on there and make a santa belt. i'm going to advise you, do not use a hot glue gun on this because the hot glue gun will melt the plastic. >> got some wine glasses that you've made fancy for the holidays. so you pick your -- these are window clings and they cling to glasses. take one and it' g kids, too, if you want to take one and pick whichever. i think you're probably a burgundy drinker or red wipe. red wine this time of year. >> so you'll stick that on and remember what your glass is. super easy. >> timely -- >> finally, this is a super festive thing to do. you basically take a bucket and you can use a two liter plastic -- you know, like a soda bottle if you cut the top off.
8:47 am
there. about an inch or so on of what. a little more than that. and then you'll put some cranberries. you can use mint leaves if you want. again, you're looking for red and green. go to the grocery store, rosemary sprigs. let that freeze as a pace, take another puck, stick it in there, put the rest around and freeze it again and viola. >> so cool. >> cheers. >> happy holidays. >> always nice to see you. appreciate it. up next, a live performance diamond. but first, on a tuesday
8:48 am
he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the
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?? the citi concert series is proudly presented to you by citi. the man the man standing next to us is a legend who sold more than 130 million albums over the course of his five decade
8:50 am
>> not at all. he's out with a you in holiday album called "acoustic christmas" and he's just announced a brand new world tour. >> we are so happy to have in studio 1a mr. neil diamond. you're hitting the road, huh? >> i'm hitting the road. it's 50 cities and i'm looking forward to it. >> this is your 67th album, your fifth christmas album. do you have a favorite all-time christmas song? >> well, you know, coming up is one of my favorites. it's bouncy, it's new, it's put together. i wrote a section of it because i thought, well, it needs something here. so i wrote a part. maybe this one is one of my favorites. >> this is one of your favorites, we've got to hear it. come on. >> well, let's start. >> ladies and gentlemen, neil diamond. >> thank you.
8:51 am
so be ready. ? santa claus is coming it's almost day ? ? santa claus is coming it's almost day ? ? the chicken escrow at midnight it's almost day chickens crow from midnight it's almost day ? ? candy contains and sugar plums it's almost day ? ? santa claus is coming it's almost day ? ? quit your peeping around the corner it's christmas day quit your peeping around the corner it's christmas day ? ? because santa claus is coming it's almost day santa claus is coming it's almost day ?
8:52 am
it's christmas day ? ? hang your stockings on the christmas it's christmas day ? ? santa claus is coming it's almost day ? ? santa claus is coming it's almost day ? ? and children all get happy on christmas day ? ? children all get happy on christmas day ? ? because santa claus is coming it's almost day santa claus is coming it's and this is a little something i contributed myself to this med can ley. ? make a joyful noise sing a happy song ? ? lift up your every voice let everybody sing along ? ? sing the song of love
8:53 am
for every gift that we receive ? ? we wish you a merry christmas we wish you a merry christmas we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year ? ? we wish you a merry christmas we wish you a merry christmas we wish you a merry christmas merry christmas, everybody. be kind to each other. it's all we really need. merry christmas. >> neil diamond and neill back with more music on a tuesday morning. but first, this is "today" on
8:54 am
? we wish you a merry christmas
8:55 am
? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. >> i agree, the medley is almost my holiday song. how about "sweet caroline." >> let's do it. ? sweet caroline good times never seemed so good ? ? so good so good so good ? >> yeah!
8:56 am
good morning. it's 8:56 now on this tuesday, december 6th. i'm aaron gillcrest. right now we want to check on the morning commute. >> good morning. trains are right now heading northbound that just happens on the fredericksburg line for vre. not terrible on the beltway.
8:57 am
left lane this morning. eastbound 66 at suddenly, broken down vehicle. >> thank you, melissa. we'll check on your forecast
8:58 am
8:59 am
getting wet across the metro area and northern virginia, as well. outset, sleet in this gray zone. a little snow in the higher elevations above 1500 feet heavier rain moving in this afternoon so it could be a problem for the afternoon commute with ponding of water. we'll say in the 40s all day. sun back tomorrow and maybe a intringel on rs you can get the latest
9:00 am
?? ?? this morning on "today," get ready for some hoopla with shaquille o'neal. .then if you love tamrom's style, you could love one of hurry hottest items. and holiday decor and gifts for the holidays, coming up from nbc news, this is "today's take." >> hello. >> tuesday morning, december 26th. december 6th, 2016. >> 26th? did we pass christmas? >> 2016, december 6th, 2016. so we have the thing going on right now, the women's cell.
9:01 am
we're kicking off -- it's already officially under way. our clothing for a cause. and so we went inside of our closets and found things that we loved, many of them that you recognize from events that we've done. and we put them on the auction block. and -- >> this is your work closet, not your real closet. >> i understand. >> but i don't want people to think that's your real closet. because it goes on for rooms. >> every single dol donated to every mother counts organization that makes pregnancy and childbirth safe for women around the world. so head to for items on sale. so we've been going on the website. that alexander mcqueen dress i wore to the golden globes, it's one of two and it's already sold, i'm told. >> awesome. >> the dress is already gone.
9:02 am
and a gucci handbag. >> if you want something for a bargain, you can go to my suv. >> no, no, we're -- >> every dollar -- can. >> this is not about bargain shopping. this is about a good cause. >> right. >> there is a disht price point, all dollar for dollar, when it's 1100 or 50, goes to a great cause and these items are less and that was a dress that i had gotten in boston. it was sort of when i first realized i could make that transition from business suits on tv all the time for women to, oh, i can show an arm or i can wear something with a waist. so that was kind of my transition dress. >> cute. >> i forget who makes it. bcbg, i think. >> and the thing about that dress, which i what i love, you can wear it with heels, with flats, you can put a jacket on. but what i really like about it -- >> a party dress.
9:03 am
that we love. because you know what? listen, we've all done that. i've given my cousin, erica, you can have this sweater and i've never worn that sweater. but most of these things are things we love because we wanted you to have something special for this donation. so these are not just throwaways. these are things that matter to us. >> not what erica hall, my cousin, gets. these are the good stuff from th today. >> yeah. he was so kind to invite me to talk about the fund that i've started to help families and survivors of domestic violence. we're talking about the loss of my sister. we're talking about people who have asked so many times how can they help, what will they do?
9:04 am
so it's a cause-cause. clothes for a cause, more for a cause. and it's so you can see who we are behind this desk. >> not that you actually want to, but we're going to help you. >> call me, i'll come to your house. >> wow, what did you just say? >> i want to do a christmas cookie contest and whoever wins our contest with the recipe, i want to go to their house. i'm in such a christmas cookie mood. >> guys, let's make that happen, right? okay. we're on it. >> i want to come to ur cook your christmas cookie in your kitchen with you and i want to have a cup of tea. >> can i submit myself? because i have a christmas cookie that's been in my family forever. >> yeah. >> you can always do that. >> can we start that as a contest? >> although you have to it before friday. >> i have to go to the grocery store. >> now, if she whips, it's not just because she lives a few blocks from me. >> no, we will exclude you from the contest.
9:05 am
universal and comcast. >> all right. grammy nominations. hot off the presses, they were just announced. no surprise, beyonce leading the pack with nine nominations. okay. >> absolutely. >> record of the year, hello. >> nominees. >> formation, beyonce, seven years, which is a good one. i'm going to let the audio >> and then it was adelle, which we just heard. >> and seven years, lucas graham. ? soon i'll be 60 years old ? >> i love that. >> i have a new place to go now. >> it is terrific. i've been there several times. it's spectacular. >> i want to go. >> what's great is on iceland, they have a lot of great connections. you stay if had iceland for a
9:06 am
europe. but it's great for a four-day weekend. >> are the grammys there? >> they are not there. >> "work" with rihanna featuring drake. >> when i saw that song was nominated, i thought go online. >> and dressed out by 21 pilots. okay. song of the year -- no, wait, song of the year. what's the difference between record of the year and song of the year? the record is the whole re >> okay. so formation, beyonce. >> formation. >> and i took a pill in a visa by mike -- >> i love that song, but it makes me think of what does that mean? >> crazy, it's a wildlife. >> love yourself by justin bieber. >> yeah. ? the way you look that much, baby, you should go and love yourself ? >> and i like the fact that they
9:07 am
>> this is where i get confused. >> yeah. this is the big one. "25" adelle. >> hello, it's me. >> lemonade, beyonce. purpose, justin bieber, fuse, drake. and sturgell simpson. i don't know that one at all. jamies hosted by our pal, james cordon. and by our pal, we've never met him, but we like him. >> we do a lot ofri >> he's not even on our network, so that tells you how much we love him. this album category might be the hardest that i can remember as far as music that i love. >> who would you go with? >> i'm ee personally afraid of the beehivi. and for me, lemonade, i sat in my house and just cried because it was so powerful. but you know justin bieber, how i feel about him. >> how do you feel about him?
9:08 am
best work he's done, but his personal issues distracted people. from top to bottom, you put that album in and it is phenomenal. 4 million copies. it may not be your genre, but i promise you, if you put it in, you will hear the voice of why that kid made it to where he is. it's powerful. >> you never answered the question. who do you pick? >> i can't. it's like picking my babies that i don't have. >> apparently i'm hearing from adam, our producer, that song of the year recognizes the write he. >> there you go. so, of course, you've got jimmy kimmel now going to be hosting the oscars. >> is he? >> yeah. it was announced yesterday. james cordon not hosting, but he'll be hosting the grammys, which will be interesting. >> jimmy kimmel, oscars, and golden globe is -- >> jimmy fallon.
9:09 am
>> jimmys or james. >> jimmy, jimmy, jimmy, jimmy. >> jimmy korer. >> that's right. each network is putting their late night guy on. >> i think al roker should have a prime time variety show where he comes out, he talks like music, he has his dance routine. that is your -- >> it's on prime time, it's just not on tv. i just do the show. i do it every day. nobody is coming up, are you ready? it's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's shaq-a-claus. >> wow. i thaw it was a balloon. >> i thought it was a little m&m. shaq. >> he's better than shaq and he's spreading some cheer and we're going to have some fun with the fans on the plaza and it's all for a good cause. that's the theme of our show
9:10 am
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they have their differences. but they make it work, most of the time. and at least they agree one thing. new tide purclean it's the first bio-based detergent... with the cleaning power of tide. so you can actually clean your clothes and still... your part. new tide purclean. the first bio-based detergent with the cleaning power of tide. if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide. we are back with more of "today's take." i don't know what i was doing. >> kind of like you were doing a line dance. that was the hamster dance there. >> oh, i saw the hamster. >> remember the hamster dance? >> everybody do the hamster dance. >> what do we have going on today? >> i'm very excited about this. our special guest, shaquille o'neal --
9:13 am
we've got the instagram thing in our green room. shaq, can you hear me? can you get in there? >> can you get in our instagram -- >> actually, that's the regular desk. >> i don't believe you can get in there. >> do you want to see me do it? >> yeah. >> we would love to. >> is that glass? >> he's so tall. >> really? i didn't know that. >> oh. he's shaq. he can pay for the who >> quite impressive. >> so the reason shaq is here -- >> is he in yoga? how can he do that? >> oh, and a little shoulder shimmy. >> the question is can he get out. >> wow. he was a little worried about that chair. nicely done. so he's here for a great cause. he's going to pick two people from the plaza. they're going to compete in a hoops challenge to raise money for toys for tots. >> oh, am i going to go down? >> you know i heart shaq.
9:14 am
move over here. >> thank you. i was going to, but it would have been a whole process. >> no, you take it easy. while tamrom makes her way down to help shaq out, this was crazy. you're not old enough to remember the pet rock kras in the '70s. >> i've heard of it. >> it was around the same time people had hermit crabs. people bought a rock and it just sat there. as they perfect, so they say, holiday gift. it's a rock in a leather case. the medium stone goes for $85. there's a smaller stone if that's too expensive for $65. >> that's a bargain. >> on the website, it's a paperweight, a conversation piece, a work of art, something that says you're an idiot been it's up to you. >> it's interesting to me because it doesn't sound like a
9:15 am
online shopping, but to come from nordstrom, although, that being said, it's hard to find a rock in the city. >> you go to a park. >> well, yeah, but -- but like a good -- >> a good, solid rock. >> right. >> so maybe there's a market for it. >> did tamron make it down there? >> she had high heels on today. i love the size difference between shaq and everybody else. i remember one year he came -- he stopped his car. he was in traffic and he literally walked over the barricade and said give me one of the rap cds that he had done. >> really? >> yeah. we're told tamron and shaq are ready. >> i'm tolding shaq's hand because he can't walk as fast as do i with my heels on. he has this huge diamond ring. what is that? >> my hall of fame ring.
9:16 am
>> thank you. >> it's shaq-a-claus. so the plan is, we're going to pick two people from our plaza. hey! >> hello, hello. >> give it up! okay, shaq. let's see. let's see. let's see. oh! >> yeah, come on. around. let's pick one more guy. >> do you want to pick a lady? >> you're from louisiana. how about these had ladies? you and you. someone had come and get you. so we've got our two lucky fans and now they're going to play the competition after this. i guess that's how it goes, right, al roker? >> in the meantime, we are going to do weather while you guys get ready for that. starting off with today, we are looking at some wet weather
9:17 am
could be some severe weather down around florida into central georgia. and we're worried about the folks in gatlinburg. there could be some heavier rain which causes some flooding. we're watching that carefully. very cold air making its way now into the plains. teens and 20s as you move into northern new england. 70s and 80s down into the gulf coast. the wet weather moves into the northeast later today. plenty of sunshine through the southwest into southern california. that's what's going on around the country. here is what's happening in your neck of the woods. rain continues to move across virginia into maryland and the district, sliding from the southwest heading northeast. we're getting a little bit of sleet at the onset. elsewhere, this is rain is heavier now. west of richmond, some of that heavier rain will be advancing into the metro area by noon time. we may have some ponding of water for the afternoon commute. rain totals may be about an inch or so by the time it ends late tonight. sun back tomorrow in the low 50s. gets rindy and cold on friday.
9:18 am
>> good news and an update on the clothing for a cause. a lot of stuff is going, but we're holding stuff back for our friends of the west coast so they can a shot, as well. >> they could stuff, too. >> which is fun. >> thank you. so should you go fresh or not? how to keep it fresh for the holidays, up next. with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella adds a smile to any morning. one jar; so many delicious possibilities.
9:19 am
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? ? patti labelle?!? yep! patti pie!!! mmm-mmm! girl, that's $3.48! patti labelle sweet potato pie, only at walmart. $3.48 on rollback. save money. live better. walmart. ?? ?? all right. so maybe you don't have enough 94-foot spruce, but whether you go fresh or foe, your christmas tree could be just as beautiful. tom, with it's good to see you. >> great to be here. thanks for having me. >> i guess people fall into two categories. you either like real or faux. i love a fresh tree .noble fur,
9:22 am
tree you can. i recommend go and gut it down. you can order them online and you can have a farmer cut it down for you, ship it to you in a box. second thing, and you'll appreciate this, when you bring it in the house, that 50 degree shock can be a temperature shock. so warm it up. then the next thing, maybe sure you get a fresh cut on the tree. >> so right there. >> if it's been more than a cut and that helps the tree soak up the water and keep it alive. the key thing people don't necessary low know, that tree is still alive. the water gets sucked up in the morning. >> how about those packets of things, does that do anything? >> no, i don't think so. >> size, whether it's faux or real, how much room should you
9:23 am
at least six inches, maybe a foot. the average house has an eight-foot ceiling. so the average size tree is 7 1/2 feet. >> and people i think forget about the lights and the safety issue. >> you have to be careful. the ul recommends you don't have a real tree for more than four weeks from fire safety standards. if you want to put your tree up at thanksgiving, take it down after new we're's, artificial is probably the wo daughter, amanda, works here. last year, pat wrapped her entire tree, lights, ornaments and all, artificial tree, and stored it that way. what do you think about that idea? >> i think there's three things you want to do storing an artificial tree. one, store it in something that keeps it from getting dusty, a tree bag, a tree box. second, you spent all this time fluffing it and making it look good, but you want to compress it so you're undoing your work.
9:24 am
light strands that are pinched and don't put it somewhere too high. >> i always remember when we had a tree from -- i think it was from montgomery ward. >> aluminum one? >> no. it was supposed to look like a real tree. >> the technology, they really look a lot different. >> it's changed a lot. this is a new type of plastic and we use real clippings from trees to tree farms to make the molds from the artificial trees, so they're better . artificial tree last? >> a really long time. we warranty them for ten years so you can get a lot of use. it's how you care for it. >> thomas, thank you so much. coming up, shaq is back ready to have a ball with our plaza fans. raise some big money to help kids in need and you could win a big give away after your local news and weather. >> hall of famer, what you got?
9:25 am
you wanna see something intense? pantene expert gives you the most beautiful hair ever, with
9:26 am
all right. we're here to hang out with you. five, six. good morning. 9:26 now on this tuesday, december 6th. i'm aaron gillcrest. in our headlines, we will learn more about the traffic plan for the new mgm grand casino at national harbor which opens in a couple of days. there afternoon with privilege georges county and mgm representatives. the focus is on where the worst bottlenecks may pop up. today, ping podge is scheduled to reopen in northwest d.c. after sunday's shooting there. the man accused of firing a gun inside the restaurant will be back in court on thursday.
9:27 am
9:28 am
right rain in the metro area and some of these other areas in the gray spt pink getting a wintry mix, higher elevations off to our west. all ooh this advancing from the southwest heading northeast. some of the heavier rain moving northeast could pick up over an inch of rain by the time it ends
9:29 am
and weather at any time. open the nbc washington app for that. another update in about 25 minutes.
9:30 am
?? hey there. we're getting into the holiday spirit with one of our favorite seven foot friends because i only have one. shaquille o'neal, the nba legend has joined forces with toys r us to raise money .collect toys for 15 million children living in poverty through the marine toys for tots foundation. >> and since 2004, toys r us as donated over 4 million toys to disadvantaged kids. and shaq-a-claus is here to spread some more holiday spirit this morning. >> do you love christmas? >> i love christmas. my mother and i created shaq-a-claus a long time ago. it will be about 15 million kids that will wake up on christmas
9:31 am
toys, clothes. >> how does that feel for you and your mom to know that on christmas morning, all of these kids will be impacted with the marine toys for tots? >> the marine toys for tots does a terrific job or spreading cheer for children. we're going to do our part. >> we have stephanie sulfur. >> from sulfur, louisiana. >> i be sulfur.
9:32 am
is worth $10,000. the big man, go. >> all righty. >> wait, wait. >> oh, she made the first one! >> in, in! >> she's so hot right now. >> keep it going. you're hot, you're hot. >> and you did it again, stephanie! that's 20 gs for stephanie. are you feeling hot? >> oh, bad pass. my bad. an all-star occasionally. >> you're hot, girl. come on. >> oh, the louisiana connection. >> all right. >> now she's up to 30,000. >> yep. >> come on, girl, you can do it. >> oh, nasty. that was -- >> you see that slow motion smp. >> i'm being told by our producers you have to try this one on your open. you're money, baby. >> follow through. that's good.
9:33 am
>> all right. come on, big man. let's go. how do you feel about brian's chances? >> i'm not helping you out. ladies only, dude. >> come on, "b." >> oh, nice form. that's okay. your form is there. relax. breathe it in. >> the ref is in. breathe it in, brian. >> oh, bending the knees. that's good. >> come on, buddy, you can do it. >> okay. take a deep breath. >> there you go. there you go. >> come on, you're in the zone now. you're in the zone, buddy. >> that's okay. >> did you have any left? >> is this the last one? >> think of oregon whines, the cool, the calmness of it. don't think about shaq standing right there. >> yes! >> nice form. >> $70,000. >> that's 80.
9:34 am
>> oh, okay. my bad. 70, 8el 0. whatever you say, we go with. >> we'll do 80. >> oh, my gosh, shaq, 80,000. show us some of the toys that the kids will receive. this is incredible. oh, my gosh. wonderful. >> you're such a class act, shaq. >> thank you. >> it's so awesome and thank you to toys r us and the marine donation. you have a chance at home to win a toys r us gift card. go to and don't forget to like us. >> oh, yeah, yeah. >> let's not start with the flowers. >> sorry. >> okay. coming up next -- >> you know what was happening at home. >> up next, check this out. we bet you've never seen a christmas tree on a car roof like this. what about a custom pancake
9:35 am
tech options. is that shaq's face on a pancake? i think that was al. >> al, shaq. good job, guys. enjoy our freshly filled pastas bursting with indulgent flavors. and perfectly paired with irresistible steak, shrimp or chicken. comfort and joy, love and laughter, happiness and cheer. served with all the salad and breadsticks you want. together this holiday... at olive garden. sometimes when brushing my gums bleed. no big deal. but my hygienist said, it is a big deal. go pro with crest pro health gum protection. it helps prevent gum bleeding by targeting harmful bacteria on your gums. left untreated, these symptoms could lead to more serious problems including tooth loss.
9:36 am
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9:37 am
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9:39 am
this good everyday? emerge and see. ?? still have a a few people left on your holiday list? you're in luck because we've got some of the coolest gifts of the year. >> tech expert katie lindendahl has something for everyone. >> love it when you're here. >> you look so cute with your >> i have to leave it there. my mom custom made my outfit. >> so cute. >> this is like holiday joy right history. this goes right on top of your car. >> is that legal? it is. >> it is legal. i talked to a police officer. check out al. he's driving around. this is a christmas tree on car. $129.99. 70 leds and as soon as you put
9:40 am
>> how fast can you? >> as fast as you want. i've been testing gadgets all holiday. this has been getting the most attention and it collapses, too. so if you have to get it in through the garage, not a problem. and there's suction cups. >> hey, katie? >> yes, buddy? >> minora for this, too? >> there indeed is a minora version. >> i love this. >> but you have to call the people when you're arriving at see. >> the only thing that can upstage a christmas tree on a car is the pancake bot. it's a robot that makes pancakes. it's actually cooking in layers. so this is actually going to be -- we have a camera of tamron hall right here. you can create these in just a few minutes. they're delicious. they have a special batter. >> how do you go the picture? >> there's a pancake painter program.
9:41 am
online. so pung bob, star wars, smily faces, you name it. >> is it a special batter? >> they have this custom recipe and i highly recommend using it because it's delicious. >> pancake bot your fait face? >> not really. i guess i will. >> these are from they're only $16.99. you'll see in a matter of five images and instantly they appear. so what a custom creation to make for mom or dad or grandma and grandpa. up to five different pictures. dishwasher safe, microwavable safe. >> under 20 bucks, not bad. here you go. hands on. >> very popper lar. >> everybody excited for "rogue one." this is an inflaable remote
9:42 am
and it has sound effects with it, as well. this will be hours of fun for the kids. my niece and nephew absolutely love it. >> i'm happy. he's crashing everywhere. okay. >> for the snow and the sand, this is something you can use year round. it's collapsable so it's easy storage. under $250. we used to go out with a pale and a shoving. now you have the comes with it to make an amazing snow cassel. >> .for the kids who are challenged at putting things together. >> perfect. i love that. and when you're plate playing out in the snow one needs to stay warm. >> alex is hooked up head to toe with some of my favorite heated gear. this is a milwaukee jacket from home depot.
9:43 am
here. three different settings and it will keep you protected from the elements. >> how warm does it get? >> i am toasty roasty. >> are you sear justice? >> sweating. >> why his hands are sweating, too, not only do we have a heated jacket here, but from thermacell, you can change the setting from your cell phone and they also have heated hand packs, so great for anybody with >> how long does the charge last? >> hours. 8 1/2 to 10 hours. >> that's amazing. >> and al is still driving around with the christmas tree? >> there, he's outside. >> hey, buddy. oh, you've got a tree growing out of your hair. >> oh, really? anyway, let's show you what we have going on for today. we are looking at plenty of sunshine here in the northeast.
9:44 am
wet weather making its way through the southeast where we could be looking at some severe weather, as well. and mountain snow is out in the plains. for tomorrow, we expect to see more mountain snows, also northern new england, upstate new york may be looking at snow, as well. and we are speccing plenty of sunshine on the gulf coast into the southwest southern california. that's what's going on around the country. here is what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> a cold rain, very light rain out in the metro area. temperatures gray in the white zone getting a wintry mix there. higher elevations along skyline drive and elsewhere out of the mountains. also, it's rain. we're going to have this rain get up in intensity by this afternoon. that could be heavy at times for the afternoon commute into early evening. watch out for some ponding of water. we'll stay in the 40s all day. later tonight, sun back on wednesday. and the best part of doing
9:45 am
>> oh, b you've been out there for about three minutes. oh, you've got to love this. got a ticket. >> i'm impressed you got one that fast, al. >> thank you so much. it's well worth it. coming up, you've swept the halls and now it's time to deck the halls to get your home ready for all those holiday gifts. ?? (squirrel chittering) hey! hey! (tires screeching) hey! is this yours? yes. thank you! happy holidays. (vo) the real magic of the holidays
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this scarf, all that's left to remember. what! she washed this like a month ago! how's a guy supposed to move on! the long lasting scent of gain flings. the christmas spirit like decorating the home for the holidays. >> from your door to your table and mantle, we're going thoep you deck the halls with festive and affordable ideas. always great to see you, chazzy. >> great to see you. it is time to get set. >> if you want to get in the christmas spirit, let's start right at the door. >> so instead of a traditional wreath this year, let's think
9:50 am
door hanger. this is from an etsy shop called need more heart and it starts at $17. so this is a fun idea that is super affordable. >> jumps out at you a little bit more. >> gosh, this is the cutest thing i've ever seen. i love him, i love him. so this is a faux deer bust. he is festive due to see quins on his antlers you can put him i want him on my wall all year long. $35. >> there's something a little odd about that. >> love him, al. >> this is a slightly more traditional. fashion for your door sequins. have an on-tren door. these are from pier 1. $2. festive, festive festive. >> and afterwards, you can play ring toss. >> okay.
9:51 am
feathers. >> right? >> but look, they're so easy. they're super affordable. these are pheasant feathers. we got them on amazon. they don't die like flowers. this are from ansy stop called stuffen feathers. and i love the gold and silver tips. ready made. these are from birch lane, $32 for the pair. so t >> yes. these are do it yourself cones. you can get these cones ready made for $3 at the craft store. wrap them with wrapping paper. >> yes. >> you guys are not going to believe this. this table skate, guess what's not just for wearing? faux fur is also for place mats this season.
9:52 am
>> can you wash them? >> yes. they're from pottery barn, $20 apiece. or if you want to do it yourself, get some faux fur, use scissors to make your own. >> love these trays. >> a movable piece. al, if you have a lot of people coming for the holidays -- >> nobody likes us. >> if you don't have a table big enough, why not try little trays? and these are from world market, $24. but, if you have a bunch of different trays, if you put a little ribbon on them, they all look the same and people can eat on their laps. how about that? room for a tree -- >> exactly. we've got tabletop trees with just as much impact. i saw this in country living. >> i love this. >> the easiest -- watch out. >> i know. i just touched the bottom one. >> this is such a cute idea and the easiest tree i've ever made. it's ornaments in a mason jar that we stacked. >> it's not jenga. >> it took a minute. >> butterfly tree.
9:53 am
house. and from tassel depot, the tassel tree which is such a huge trend. >> i didn't know there was a tassel depot. >> of course there is, al. >> thank you so much. we're back in a moment. but first, this is "today" on nbc. oh, look, they're actually glued together. thank goodness. >> thank goodness. agine a world where the holidays are about joy again. where days are filled with magic instead of madness.
9:54 am
it's why we never have crazy sales. never make you clip coupons. and always have amazing prices on popular brands and thoughtful gifts. it's time to bring back the holidays
9:55 am
that was so sweet. >> by the way i wanted to mention, we showed this ticket, our camera guy, jim, he's the one who took it from a truck and put it on the car. >> oh. >> jimmy. >> jimmy. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> you have to pay it. but you wanted it up al and threw it in the garbage.
9:56 am
9:57 am
good morning. it's 9:57 now on this tuesday, december 6th. in the news today, the d.c. council will vote on paid family leave. the proposal calls for 11 weeks of paid leave for the birth of a child, an adoption or placement of a foster child. and workers would get eight weeks to care for a sick relative. the measure will be funded by a new payroll tax. if if passed within this would apply to anyone who works in d.c. with the exception of any
9:58 am
federal. now let's get a check on the forecast with tom. >> hey, good morning. light rain in the areas in green across northern virginia into the metro area. the other colors off to our north and west are getting a mixture of wet snow and sleet and icing. more rain on our way. heavier rain this afternoon will stay steady throughout the day. late afternoon, could get moderate to heavy downpours. late tonight, the rain ends. tomorrow, l another weather alert day, aaron. coming up on news4 midday,
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, . from nbc news, this is "today" with cathy lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio >> hello, everybody. it is booze day tuesday. it's december 6th. not only do we have "sweet clarl caroline" by neil diamond above us, but we have neil diamond with us. congratulations on the new cd, neil. >> thank you. >> and the man is going on tour, baby. it's his 50th year. he's going to be at a city near


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