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tv   Today  NBC  December 6, 2016 10:00am-10:59am EST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, . from nbc news, this is "today" with cathy lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio >> hello, everybody. it is booze day tuesday. it's december 6th. not only do we have "sweet clarl caroline" by neil diamond above us, but we have neil diamond with us. congratulations on the new cd, neil. >> thank you. >> and the man is going on tour, baby. it's his 50th year. he's going to be at a city near
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concert? ? santa claus is coming it's almost day ? ? it's almost day ? >> chickens croak at midnight, it's almost day ? >> that's an unusual lyric for a christmas song. chicken -- >> yeah, chickens croak at midnight. >> we love you, neil. when do you start the tour? we're going to hit 60 cities. >> hopefully you're going to take a little time off for the holidays before we get going on the road. i know you have a busy schedule. >> and he's going to sing, too. he's going to sing in our show. and how do you hint to your significant other that you would like a more sentimental gift this year? >> yeah. because sometimes they give you a toaster or an iron or a bissell vacuum. >> or a razor. that's bad.
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gives you a razor, it's not good. >> look at our panel. >> or a hair remover. >> oh, my god. nair. >> so our guys, dwlur not going to learn a dagging gone thing, guys, but you are going to have fun. no, come on. and guess what? bob ginney is here. he has the ring, the whole deal. we're all excited. then it's the time of year when sweet tweets and goodies are around every turn. we're going to talkut kids. one family shares their tragic story in the hopes of helping others, plus, what you should know if you know someone with an allergy. and we're going to show you how to actually use those epi pens. a lot of people have them, but they really don't know how to use them. earlier today, grammy nominations came out and it's a big one. the 59 annual grammy nominations. everyone knewby kwon say and adelle were going head to head.
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beyonce leads the pack with nine nominations followed by drake, rihanna, kanye all have eight and adelle has five nominations. >> i'm surprised she didn't get more than that, aren't you? >> yeah. her songs are amazing. so with her 2017 nominations, beyonce continues to run as the most nominated artist in history. >> unbva xwoers. record of the year category, let's figure out what those -- >> recognized as the artist performance as well as the overall producers. >> record of the year nominations are "hello." by adelle. "formation" by beyonce. oh seven years" by lucas graham. >> i don't know what that one
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kelly clarkson is nominated for a song. >> good. carrie underwood. >> the song "church bells" which is if you want to listen to that, it's like dateline were set to music, it would be the song "church can bells." you'll understand when you hear it. >> we should ask neil, how many grammys have you won, neil? one? for what song? >> it was for a song score jonathan livingston seagall. back in 1971. and i take very good care of that one. i polish it every day. >> you but he deserves about 20. >> thank you. >> he's one of the greatest performers. you have such energy, so delight, so connect with your audience. you love every minute you're up there, don't you? >> i do.
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generations. have you ever seen the movie "saving silverman"? it's a great movie. it's so funny how you understand different generations get to know neil diamond. >> do you find your concerts now are very generational? >> it is. we're on our third generation now and mowers bring their kids. mowers and daughters are the single most popular combination. >> and their third and fourth husbands. it's zi there's something for everybody at a neil diamond concert. love you, neil. >> guess what? there is a new milano cookie flavor. this is kind of like a smore. >> it's from pep ridge farm and these were sent to us by the milano folks. it's toasted marshmallow. so it's kind of like a smore. >> available on january 1st.
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try it because you're the sweetheart around here. >> i like those because they're not too sweet. >> they are so good. >> really good? >> mm-mmmm. >> you've been eating for the last two hours. >> i can't stop eating. i'm not kidding. >> every time hoda walked by me this morning. are you having a growth spurt? >> my coat wasn't buttoning and matt said something about a feed bag. i said what? and that stressed me out and i continued ea needlessly. >> so our dress sales started today. the dresses featured on those mannequins have sold out. but the sale is still active. a real deal, a luxury consignment retailer is hosting a sale and you can go to where we willing you to that sale. >> someone bought my dress? >> yes. it's a cute dress. it's old now, but it's a very cute dress. you have worn it for the last five years.
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every mother -- there it is. >> i've worn that so many times. but you know why? sometimes you put a dress on and you just love how you feel in it. so you just keep wearing it. look, it's even on my twitter picture. >> every mother counts is an organization that makes childbirth and pregnancy safe for all women around the world. so great for them. victoria's secret. bella and gigi hadid walked down e sisters have walked. >> and they were cute, adorable. >> oh, and this is bella walking by "the weekend" who is her ex-boyfriend. >> had she gave him a nice pat. that's nice. >> and gigi was there, too, and kendall jenner were among the group. >> they all took their ugly pills, didn't they? my gosh, they're gorgeous. >> belli and gigi, the first sisters to ever walk the show together. and they got kind of emotional
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and gigi won the international model of the year last night by the british fashion council. >> it's a big day for the hadids. >> and everybody, i want you to put your hearts at rest. some of you thought that taylor yesterday was telling the truth when he teased about he and me, right, dating. >> it's a joique, everybody. it's a joique. but thank you even for believing it for a second. i'll take that as a compliment. what is he, okay. look, we're looking for another everyone has a story. quick shout out to them. ? everyone has a moment ? >> neil? >> we lost him. if you have a story that is uplifting or inspiring orifice nating and you want us to know about it, especially if it has something to do with sharing kind, in the holidays, go to klg and
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chances are a child in your family or one of your child's friends has a food allergy. >> according to the food allergy research and education network, one in every 13 kids in the u.s. suffers from one. but if your child or a child you are responsible for suddenly had an allergic reaction, would you know what to do? >> well, one family wants to
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you what happened to them. take a look at their story. >> just two weeks ago, the detts family of west palm beach florida were excited for their thanksgiving vacation. >> it started off amazing. it was a wonderful, fun trip. we were visiting my sister-in-law at her farm and then on to maine for thanksgiving dinner. and a fun b weekend. and that was the plan. >> but the fun turned tragic when an 11-year-old from asthma and a mild nut allergy ate a piece of pound cake covered in what he thought was chocolate. >> there was extract along with roasted walnuts on top of it. which looked like chocolate. >> we took our usual precaution and gave him benadryl. an hour and a half to two hours later he came up and said his stomach hurt. >> i went to sleep. my uncle woke me up at 4:00 in
10:14 am
he goes to the hospital. >> that night, oakley vomited and his parents called 911. the ambulance arrived, but oakley had gone into anaphylactic shock. his airway closed and his heart tragically stopped. >> it feels like half of our life is gone. >> he was the best kid a parent could ask for and i keep struggling with the fact that, you know, his life was taken so soon. >> i just was crying because i knew that he was gone and i -- that was just not --it >> i realize in my heart of hearts, my son was put here for a reason. he always was spreading his big smiles and his athletic ability. and his friends were all very important to him. and this is the way i can pay back the loss of my son is to teach other people not to be in my shoes. >> just days after their loss,
10:15 am
that inspires the debbs to start the red sneakers. >> we need to figure this out and use my son as a way to help promote awareness. we don't mow the difference between anaphylactic shock and an allergy reaction and that's unacceptable. >> their hope is to save lives and educate others about nut allergies and the use of epi pens. >> oakley always wanted to do good. we think he's looking down and think about how this red sneaker movement is going to change and help other families. >> that family is so strong. the debbs family has received a note from a family in the uk thanking the debbs for sharing the story about oakley which helped saved the lives of one of their own children. in honor of the debbs, the miami
10:16 am
their dolphin's game. >> here is nbc news medical contributor dr. john torres. >> you hear about nut allergies and you know they can be tragic. you can't drive this home hard enough, can you? >> exactly. sometimes people say there's a child in the classroom with nut allergies. affair planes might not serve nuts any more and people get concerned about that and they want to have those nuts. but even nut dust, even the dust of nuts or people to have these reactions. and in this case what happened, which a lot of people don't realize, you can have a delayed an ta if a lactic reaction. they seem fine, things are going great and all of a sudden they start deterioradeteriorating. >> the true tragedy of this is these are wonderful parents who would have had an epipen who had known the allergy he had was serious. years before, he had had a mild
10:17 am
drill and he was fine. so of course they would think benadryl would help the next time. >> when do you know you need an epipen? >> if they've had a reaction before. usually those reactions get worse and worse as time goes on. so they have one, it's mild. the next one moderate. the third one could be severe. so you have to be aware of that. >> i didn't know that. >> especially anything around the mouth or the lips or the tongue or the throat, that's worrisome. that's when you want to talk to your doctor about carrying an epipen. >> when they go for sleepovers. >> exactly. >> and there's two different kinds. there's the adult epipen and the green one is for the child. child is 3 to 66 pounds. it's a little bigger than the one we're demonstrating here. basically what you do is you pop the top. when you look at it, the saying may have -- there's a blue cap and an orange cap. the blue cap goes up, you take
10:18 am
blue to the sky, orange to the thigh. >> and it's not in the arm. it's in the thigh muscle. >> you want to do it in the big muscle of the thigh. so you take off the blue cap. with children, they just came out with a warning. they want you to hold the child's leg still. it's a needle. it's going to hurt. hold it like you normally would. hold it there. >> and you have to look the child in the face and count, right? >> talk to them anda holding that in? >> it used to be ten seconds. three seconds is what they just came out with a few months ago. but three seconds is still a long time. >> and then take it out? >> then take it out. when you take it out, the needle will retract and go away.. >> now what happens? >> now call 911. the confusion is always do i call 911 before or after? >> epipen first and 911 after. >> how much time is there for a
10:19 am
into shock? >> seconds matter. you want to do this right away as soon as you can. and some people try to call 911 first and have 911 tell them what to do. give them the epipen right away. >> and you can't do it wrong, right? >> no, you can't do it wrong. take the blue cap off. there's no needle in there. blue to the sky, orange to the thigh. do it on yourself. just do it on your thigh. there's no needle in there. >> oh. >> show you how much you have to hit it. >> no, i'm kidding. okay. >> that's the main thing. if they're a child, they're going to move. >> we have to run. thank you very much. we're going to check in with our guides for holiday advice after this. there are some people you should give underwear to this holiday. and there are some people you shouldn't . people you should. shouldn't. janice! should. shouldn't. yes. no. should.
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again, a single father and the author of "the gentleman's diet." >> next, dad and actor rick hunger and back to visit us from "manzo with chirp." and chris manzo. and last but not least, the previously divorced long time engaged and now newlywed, yay! >> bob -- >> there's a picture of bob and his lovely bride. >> how did you talk that gorgeous woman into marrying >> it wasn't easy. >> can wedding ceremony? >> in mexico. >> thank you very much. >> let's go across the street, kids. >> okay. hi. i'm lori from omaha, nebraska. i just wanted to ask, my husband and i agreed that we weren't going to exchange holiday gifts this year. do you think i should still get him something? >> yes. >> don't. don't do it. because he's agreed not to give you a gift. he's not getting you anything.
10:24 am
always buy gifts. i want to be the one. >> won't she feel terrible? >> that's the point. >> the doctor says you're all wrong. >> at least something small. that's kind of cold, to me. >> if it's like a dinner reservation or something like that? >> maybe it's kind of -- >> a loophole right there. >> i don't think it's necessarily cold. in my family, we focus on the kids. and then the adults, we're like, don't buy me a g don't get you a gift. >> everybody gets me like a beef or summer sausage. i'm happy. >> or a -- >> that was just our tease. we're coming back after the break with more from our guys. >> didn't i tell you, you wouldn't learn a thing. neil diamond is going to sing for us, everybody. open my eyes open my eyes came through ?
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?? ?? ?? ?? ??
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oh! it's a baby! oh. >> it's also booze day tuesday. don't tell the baby. we're ready for round two of "guys tell all." >> single dad larpy burchett, married dad and newlywed and a bachelor. >> it's a a christmas miracle. >> let's go across the street for a question. >> hi. beth from charlotte, north carolina and i was wondering how long should you be baiting someone before you take them home for the holidays? >> oh. good question. a great question. it's a big one. >> i will say this. a couple schools of thought. what i did, i took her home for new year's instead of christmas or thanksgiving. >> after how long you had been dating? >> the jury was out on that. i was saying two weeks.
10:30 am
both agree you're in a relationship. you know? it's like -- ah, i don't think it's a specific time frame. >> too soon for me and taylor? >> it is a little too soon. >> bring people home quickly, some people do. i think it should be something meaningful, right? >> it's a statement. isn't it? >> it's a statement. >> when you're both ready. bob is saying, maybe too much to do christmas and the first meet. have you been introded >> what do you think, with your mother -- >> you can't start with a holiday in my family. you got to -- >> lucky to have sunday dinner. >> you like a family karaoke night. how we did it. it's like -- my brother used to have a karaoke machine. bring them over while everybody's having a good time, and then just let it -- flow. >> organic. >> yes. >> a question from lisa from pasadena, california. now that christmas is upon us,
10:31 am
sentimental gift as opposed to something else. >> we don't want an irish. >> iron. >> how do you suddenly tell your man that? >> just say -- >> just say, "don't want an iron." >> do not give me a gift that means you want me doing some work. >> same for you? if you got tools and you love brand new, shiny tools? >> see, i don't love brand new, shiny tools. >> does anybody here? it's only lou manfre >> give me tolls every year. >> -- tools every year. >> the good doctor. >> bring movie stuff to cook or bring me actual food. >> okay. >> i feel like this is one of the similar says we say in a lot of these. just talk about it. why can't you just -- >> people don't -- obviously bob and his wife don't talk. >> sometimes you don't want to ask for something. you want him to come up with something. say, honey, i want that bracelet. what's the point? that's not --
10:32 am
things you like and be surprises when you -- the one he actually picked out. >> i think it's something that develops over time. year after year you're getting -- gifts you don't like and it's, like, okay. christmas is becoming a source of tension and fighting, because you keep giving me stuff i don't want. >> socks. >> we got to have a talk. other than that, some people are simple. socks and underwear, i'm happy with socks and underwear. >> let's go across the street. >> jenny from or use subtle hints? >> no, but that's -- >> a starting point. >> still on the same vein. >> i like subtlety. point me in the right direction. we're not mind readers. >> a little from column a and a little from column b. make sure the message is in there. gets closer, just do a little test to see if -- then -- >> go to smib think maybe that they love and are close to and tell them what you'd like and
10:33 am
larry? >> by the way -- she solved the whole thing. instead of going directly, feels not great. tell a friend. >> tell a friend. >> a little birdie. >> kathie lee, the questions -- it's exhausting! >> you guy, thank you so much. >> we love you. happy holidays to all of you. have you have a question for or man handle head to klg and hoda -- this woman, and hit connect putten. connect putten. button. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me... with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do... release its own insulin.
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something to turn her attention to do fill the void of her loss. >> with the help of her adorable son and co-author, gathered tried and trued recipes and turned to kick-starter raising $27,000 in 30 days to publish her debut cookbook called -- >> all: "italian moms: spreading
10:39 am
>> how terrific is this? >> a great ride. >> able to raise the money wicky quickly? >> a 30-day campaign. i didn't know about kick-starter. her friend told me about it. within days, up to six, seven, then eight, then nine, eventually $27,000. 810 supporters. >> do they get free cookbook? >> a lot of them ordered multiple cookbooks. >> now we know your secret recipes. >> >> your secret recipes are out. right? >> for the whole world. >> what are we going to make today? >> chicken. >> what kind of chicken? >> prosciutto and -- >> and mozzarella. >> and some parmesan, some -- pepper, parsely. this recipe came about later in life. when i went away to college, i'd come home and kind of complain,
10:40 am
different. >> yes! >> she did this for me. >> let's make it. >> and so you made it yourself. what do you do? you take a piece of chicken. >> all of this, explain all of this. >> we got all that. so we pound the chicken. we like doing that. >> basically a pillard, and then what? >> comes out nice and even. [ laughter ] >> what do you put that in? >> that's chicken broth. >> then what? >> going to let it sit. >> let it sit. >> make our stuffing. olive oil. >> olive oil. >> bread crumbs. >> bread crumbs, olive oil. >> put this in for you? >> okay. >> hold it, and you can -- >> okay. you do it. >> she doesn't like anybody else
10:41 am
>> safety zone in the kitchen with mom. >> garlic? >> red pepper. >> salt, pepper. >> only putting half of all of that -- >> yeah. doesn't want a lot. >> and come down here and we'll make it. mama is doing it her way and she will not be rushed. okay good for her. good for you! good for you, alissa. >> when you're done -- do you cook it? >> no. it's going chicken. mom, you ready? >> mom, we got to move on. >> you got to move fast. >> you put it in the middle? >> put it in the middle. >> i'm watching what she does. take a spoon, put it right here, in the middle. then e go like that, okay. and then you -- >> roll it and stick in the do-dads. >> who what she does. look what's happening. roll it, roll it, okay. like she does. >> take the plastic off. >> oh, you take the plastic off? >> look.
10:42 am
toothpicks. >> say i did it. okay. all right. come on in the back. >> so you cook it, and let's taste it. >> this is -- >> beautiful! can we taste it? >> yes! >> yes. >> are you sure? >> one without the cheese. this is for me. >> can i give you a taste? would you like to taste it? >> yeah. >> okay. okay. here. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> hmm! >> oh, my gosh. it's good. >> is it delicious? >> really delicious! excellent, and then tell us abt got it done and usually just -- just usually give it is a quick little -- >> beautiful. >> all of these recipes are on thank you very much. merry christmas. the one and only neil diamond is in our studio, right after this. >> oh, this is so delicious!
10:43 am
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series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. there's no end to the list of accolades for the great neil diamond, but if there's one thing we know for sure, the man is a living legend. >> so glad he stopped by to create memories called acoustic christmas. here is our friend, neil diamond. >> thank you. be a sad, even painful time of year. when someone they love is not there to celebrate with them. this song was written for them. ? you're in my christmas prayers ? and in my christmas dreams ?
10:49 am
and every song i sing ? in every song i sing ? i see you standing there ? ? smiling down on me ? as beneath our christmas tree ? then every christmas day ? ? i know i'll find you there ?
10:50 am
my every christmas prayer ? grandmas, grandpas, fathers, mothers friends i've loved dear ? ? sisters, brothers sons and daughters ? ? i once uncles ? ones i stayed with ? the story will be told ? ? as long as love recalls ? it's christmas up in heaven, too ?
10:51 am
the greatest gift of all ? don't need to read the book of life behind a veil of tears ? ? you'll always be right here with me ? ? and in here in my christmas prayers ?? >> beautiful. >> that is beautiful, neil. love that. you can catch neil on his 50-year anniversary world tour which kicks off next spring.
10:52 am
gooies to giver for kids. >> but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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we warrant to make this holiday season one to remember for all the kids across the country through our 23rd annual toy drive. >> and grateful fordonors ma who is behind -- >> all: kay jewelers. >> kim canary. >> two special guests from st. jude's hospital. john and jakayla, ? j akayla and john ? >> puppies and teddy bears available at kay jeweler across the country. >> did you say -- $100,000? >> i think she did!
10:56 am
organization. tell us why it is to you. >> absolutely. this is our 18th year partners with st. jude, we've donated and raised $53 million to date for st. jude for the services in provide for children like jakayla and john. >> how about you? >> 10. >> 15. >> what do you want for christmas? >> money. [ laughter ] >> woman after my own heart. god bless y'all. merry christmas. >> plaza or on our website has the details. and behind the hit show "nashville." >> had a ball with them and keeping it country way performance. >> and a bag full of
10:57 am
10:58 am
?? ?? ??
10:59 am
weather alert -- after some morning sleet, you can expect heavy rain this afternoon. a look at conditions now and what you can expect as the rain picks up. >> president-elect donald trump says he is meeting rightow things that matter to people. news 4's mark segraves is in new york for that meeting and will have a live update. >> i don't want to talk about it. i don't want to talk about me. >> tough questions for the manager of the warehouse where 36 poem died in oakland. good morning, everyone. welcome. i'm barbara harrison.


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