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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 8, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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your thursday forecast, a look at the day ahead and the cold blast that's coming for our weekend. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we are getting you ready to get out the door. melissa is keeping an eye on your commute. >> and amelia draper is in for chuck bell with that forecast first. >> aaron, i want to start off with storm team 4 layered, i'm tracking light snowshowers back in far western maryland into west virginia. as this moves further east it could touch off a few sprinkles in our area, most of us will stay dry today. if you do see a few sprinkles having a pretty low impact on your morning, the timing would be from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. otherwise a cloudy start. we are at 39 right now, by 9:00 a.m. we are in the low 40s. once we work our way toward the midday hours we will start to have increasing sunshine and at that point temperatures in the mid 40s. now, coming up in ten minutes i'm going to be walking you through you your afternoon letting you know how the weather will impact your thursday
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the toll road this morning. >> still have this section of the toll road shut down, westbound toll road just after fairfax county parkway, that's where the crash happened with an overturned truck, all lanes being pushed on to fair fashion county parkway. overall beltway looking okay. you can see no major problems on the beltway. into town and out of town looking good. 66 here, live westbound no worries. edgar welsh will be in sort again today. this was him in court yesterday. he was accused of firing a gun inside the pizza restaurant comet ping pong on sunday. he claims he was self-investigating a fake news story called pizza gate which spread online. "the new york times" published a story based on a jailhouse interview with him. >> news 4 spoke with the rorner and megan mcgrath is live
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good morning. >> reporter: adam goldman is a reporter with the "new york times" and he recently spoke we had gar welsh who is in jail for that shooting. he said that he came to comet ping pong to self-investigate something he had read online. it was a fakes news story, a hoax which falsely claimed a child sex ring was being run out of the restaurant. he sahe restaurant to do harm. reporter adam goldman explains. >> his original plan was not to do what he did, he said he was just going to go up there and check it out and come back on that sunday, but something -- something flipped. >> reporter: and welsh is accused of opening fire inside comet ping pong, no one was hurt. he is due in court again today. he is facing a variety of
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deadly weapon. >> megan, thank you. president-elect donald trump is headed to ohio state university today. he is expected to meet with the victims and first responders involved in last month's attack there. 11 people were hurt when a student drove his car into a group of pedestrians and later stabbed several other people with a butcher knife. he was shot and killed by a campus police officer. meanwhile, trump was back on twitter late last night this time with harsh words for a at 5:50. the michigan ace recount is over. a federal judge lifted a ruling that forced a series of ballots. he said he must follow a decision that found that green party candidate jill stein had no legal standing to request the recount. stein is vowing to appeal the decision. hillary clinton will return to capitol hill today, she will
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leader harry reid, he is retiring at the end of this session of congress. clinton's public appearances have been rare since she conceded the election to donald trump last month. ready to roll. in just almost 18 hours, a little under 18 hours the mgm national harbor casino resort will open for business in prince george's county. officials expect 30,000 visitors in the first 24 hours alone. >> a lotof to help you get ready, working to ep could you prepared for the traffic impact outside the casino. >> this morning we are taking you inside to show all of the billion dollar facility that has to offer. news 4's justin finch is live inside the lobby in morning. look at all that, justin. good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, there, eun, good morning. it's kind of like being an elf in santa's workshop on christmas
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tonight. from construction crews outside to floral artists they are on the ground working here, everyone trying to make this grand opening tonight a big billion dollar impression. now, just yesterday it became real. maryland's top lottery and gaming official signing off on mgm national harbor's operational license, that much needed piece of paper helps make way for tonight's opening. now a few facts about mgm national harbor. we know that 46% ofsx? casino employees are from prince george's county, square feet plus of gaming space that includes several dozen table games like poker and blackjack to more than 3,000 slot machines. if you are not a gambler no worries here, there are more than a dozen restaurants from fine dining to fast casual. chances are you will find something here to do. >> if you want to play in the casino, we've got a great casino. but if you are not interested or if you are interested in other
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great dining, beautiful art, this is a place for you to come as well. >> reporter: and back live here looking at the holiday display here in the lobby here. once you arrive here tonight or in the next few days you will see a lot of local touches, lots of local art. you can see over at that wall, those are cherry blossoms by a local landscape artist. morning. coming up all morning we're taking you all around the lobby here, all around the restaurants talking to key players here about what's going on and what to expect when you arrive here. back into you. >> i like that local touch putting the cherry blossoms incorporated into that lobby. very nice. >> we will check back in a bit. thanks. six minutes after the hour. paramedics had to take ten people to the hospital after a metrobus collided with a car,
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about us was turning on to south capitol street from malcolm x boulevard. police say no one was seriously hurt. this morning we are working to learn whether a truck driver will face charges in a deadly crash in frederick. first 4 traffic brought you this scene as breaking news yesterday morning. 40-year-old ross michaels died after a tractor-trailer driver lost control and crashed into his car. it happened where i-70 meets i 270. maryland state police said the truck driver abruptly. michaels was a father of two. he was headed back home after picking up a computer from his office. a local soldier is dead this morning more than three weeks after he was injured in a sue id a attack in afghanistan. sergeant first class allan brown died on tuesday at walter reed national military center. he was from tack mow park. he was injured when militants attacked bag gram airfield.
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fun run. two u.s. contractors were also killed. today the man kicked to run d.c. schools will try to win the approval of the d.c. council and the public. muriel bowser nominated antoine wilson to be chancellor of d.c. public schools last week. wilson is from california where he was superintendent of the oakland unified school district in california. he visited tubman elementary school in northwest yesterday morning, the council must approve him henderson. today you will have a chance to with a he in on the future of the superintendent for false church schools. the school board wants parents to explain what qualifications and characteristics they're looking for in a district leader. that meeting is at 7:00 become p.m. at thomas jefferson elementary school on oak street. part of northern virginia still under a water warning, still ahead where you can stock up on your bottled water supply for free. plus closer to the weekend
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the national zoo is a true spectacle to see with this year's zoo lights under way. it's always pretty every year, it runs every night from 5:00 to 9:00 through january 1st except for christmas eve and christmas
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snowless tubing for the kids and adults, too. >> the event is free and amelia, as the zoo transforms into a winter wonderland so is to weather so to speak. >> appropriately so. it's going to be the coldest it's been since february, starting tomorrow through sunday and then a heads up, guys, next week we're talking about a really serious chill, highs only in the low 30s and upper 20s, that cold a high of a7 sunshine as we head into the afternoon hours and the cold blast that we will be dealing with tomorrow mo fs in overnight tonight. throughout the day today the weather having a low impact throughout the day. a few isolated sprinkles but for most of us dry and chilly. recess for the kids will be outdoors but you want the winter jacket. if you're getting the christmas tree tonight a good night.
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kids friday and saturday evening but tonight we will keep it dry and cold. melissa, you are just getting new information on updates on the who will road. >> the westbound toll road after fairfax county parkway we still have that problem with the [ inaudible ] lanes being shut down. a tow truck is on the lane. the airport access lanes are now open. if you're headed to the airport you don't have to get off and get back on. that is good n rolling along this morning, the ramp to gw parkway still shut down for the bridge inspection, we will look at 270 coming up. it is 5:13. here are the top stories. edgar welch is due in a d.c. courtroom today, he is the man accused of firing a gun inside a northwest d.c. restaurant as he self-investigated a fake news story referred to as pizzagate.
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national harbor, the casino resort official opens for business tonight at 11:00. we are hours away from the opening of the mgm national harbor casino. we are looking at how this could affect the national economy. >> chris lawrence is back in his hometown for an in depth look at how mgm grand detroit has impacted that city. >> reporter: we will get our first look at the mgm grand national harbor this morning but we've got a pretty good idea of the mgm grand detroit. we saw some of the latest slots, including one with he will en degeneres but we also good a good idea of what it means to be a local casino, starbucks has been switched out for a local coffee shop, some of the whiskey they serve is from a local distill ri, more than half of the employees that mgm grand detroit hires have to be from the city and nearly a third of
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business with also has to be local. this is not vegas but it is going to be something on a scale that we have not seen in our area. new developments at 5:00, police just increased the reward for a man accused of killing a cop. together several departments are offering $50,000 for minquell lembrick's arrest. state investigators say he killed officer nicholas smarr yesterday. smarr was only 25 years old. investigators salem brick in critical condition right now. an escaped inmate accused of stabbing a police officer and he is on the run right now. investigators say michael williamson attacked the service inside a wall mat in columbia, south carolina, he is reported to reports of a shoplifter. she is expected to recover. it was a rare show of bipartisanship in the senate yesterday as lawmakers on both
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president joe biden. it included virginia senator tim kaine who told a story how in 2008 biden helped an 18-year-old man vote for the first time. the man was struggling with cancer and was too sick to get out of the car. the fact that you took your time on that day of importance to you to shed some light and offer some joy to someone who was biden that has us here for two hours offering these tributes. >> you could just hear the emotion in the senator's voice. biden himself wiped away tears as the tributes continued. he represented delaware in the senate for 36 years. meanwhile, maryland senator barbara mikulski reflected on her legacy on the senate floor yesterday, she is retiring after 30 years in the senate. she called for return to
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broadway hit. when you sing live, do you know how hard that is to sound that good? >> do you? >> not me, you. erika gonzalez is here. >> i will not sing live. jennifer hudson -- >> it was a hit. >> you just heard jennifer hudson, spectacular. at 8:00 last night so many people were on their phones live tweeting the tv debut of hair
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grande and matty balleo a texan who is a newcomer to the scene, never been on broadway, never been on tv. i think one of my favorite one was was jennifer hudson good? i collapsed out of pure euphoria the moment that she started singing. that was great. in my dreams i dance this well and my wigs look this good. i mean, this is all over social media last night. really, really f you know, matty balleo the star of the show was here on news 4 midday and i got an opportunity to interview her. she is from texas and she had never auditioned before, she had never been on broadway and she was so jittery that she even thought probably not to audition and she had a fabulous life. >> kprc had reporters at her
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talent. her talent speaks for itself. >> absolutely. back to you guys. a fun fact about "hair spray" for you the creator actually lives in baltimore, the original creator. mark seagraves spoke with john waters about his brain filed, its future and why he didn't watch the live version last night. we will hear from him coming up a little bit later in our newscast. sometimes you can't watch your own work, it's too much. >> do you remember rickie lake was in the first '80s. >> of course. >> it's changed a little bit since john waters did his original piece. >> it's like we can't watch our onus cast. >> i watch it everyq >> lovingly, look how good i am. >> no. >> amelia, how about our forecast. >> right now, guys, we're coming in in the 30s across the area, still holding at 39 in washington, the suburbs obviously a little bit school cooler. you can always download our nbc washington app to get the latest forecast on your phone.
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mostly cloudy skies right now, the winds for the most part calm. as we head into the afternoon hours you can see with the wind forecast it will become a little bit breezy and tomorrow blustery throughout the day. when you factor in the winds it will feel like we are in the teens and 20s for the majority of the day because of that. it is the storm team 4 weather alert day. the winds come down a little bit on saturday, a bit breezy and still going to be cold. now, a high tomorrow 41 but it's feeling much cooler, especially during the morning and the evening hours and we will have mostly to partly sunny skies tomorrow as we close out the workweek. here is a look at the next ten days, again, tomorrow storm team 4 weather alert day but still cold on saturday with a high of 39. saturday evening day indoors and stay warm and check our tracking winter special that will be airing at 7:30 in the evening. all of us have contributed
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forecast on monday and it's the warmest day out of the next ten days. after that we start to track another cool down. really arrives next wednesday with a month, 40s, but then low 30s and upper 20s next thursday and friday. so we're dealing with this first arctic blast, melissa, tomorrow through sunday and then another big cooldown next week. but right now any issues on the roads? >> still have this problem on the toll road, westbound after fairfax county parkway, so the main lanes there are blocked, you will have to get off on to fairfax county parkway. we spoke with police, tow is on the way and those airport access lanes are open. so hoping this doesn't stick around too much longer. something new here southbound 270 as promised after 80 we have a broken down vehicle blocking the left lane, eastbound southeast southwest freeway that ramp to northbound 12th street tunnel right now the tractor-trailer there is stopped at the tunnel in the right lane
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ramp to gw has cleared out of the way. a new flying frustration, a major airline cracking down on carry on's, still ahead the new rules that are sure to cause more travel trouble. a family feud for a modern
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"news4 today." >> the national transportation safety board has released a report on that deadly school bus crash in baltimore. this happened back on november 1st. the driver -- the report, rather, says the driver had been in at least 12 crashes in the past five years. it also said that he had a history of seizures. he was among six people killed when his school bus slammed into an mta bus. he worked for a company called affordable transportation which had a contract with the baltimore city public school system.
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comment. actress sofia vergara is being sued by her own embryos, she is in a legal battle with her formerz.?? fianc?e nick lo concerning the embryos' custody. the couple had planned to have kids through a surrogate and fertilize four eggs together. after two unsuccessful attempts the couple split in 2014. the vergara wants the remaining two embryos destroyed. loeb has too ties to the state of indiana lawsuit was filed on behalf of the eggs. lisa bloom says this may be his last resort. >> if the last court dismisses this, and i'm sure that sofia vergara's attorneys are going to ask for that as soon as possible, i don't see what remedies nick has left. he already tried in california court, that didn't go the way that he wanted, so i think his legal options would then come to an end.
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interview on "today" following news 4 "today." 527 on your thursday morning. it will be a cool day outside but it's nothing compared to the weekend ahead. we will have another look at your forecast. plus you could have a holiday hazard in your home. still ahead an important warning from a woma?=? lost six
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here are four things to know before you head out the door today. edgar welch will be in a d.c. courtroom, he is accused of firing a gun inside the comet ping pong restaurant while self investigating a fake news story. megan mcgrath has what we're now learning about welch. president-elect donald trump will visit ohio state university today, he is expected to meet with the victims and first responders from last month's attack there. hillary clinton will be back in the public eye, she will speak at the portrait unveiling hill. and today is the day the mgm national harbor casino opens in oxen hill. justin finch will take us inside the casino for a sneak peek before the doors officially open. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. a busy thursday ahead. it's 5:30. melissa will have a look at the roads. >> first we want to check in
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good morning. >> good morning. happy thursday. i want to start you off with storm team 4 radar. i'm continuing to track light snowshowers but not in our area. these having difficulty making it past the mountains, past i 81 right now, you can soo he this activity, here is a distinct line, most of this back in west virginia. as this tries to push towards the east might such touch off a few sprinkles for the morning hours, for most of us it's a dry day and highs in the upper 40s, as we look ahead to the weekend looking dry. if you're getting the christmas tree in weekend i think it's going to be a little bit better on sunday, not as cold and the winds not as bad. if you're heading to the holiday parties this weekend the evenings are looking dry. coming up in ten minutes i will be walking you throughout your day today letting you know how cold it will feel when we factor in the winds. still have this closure westbound toll road after fairfax county parkway so, again, the main lanes are shut down about you if you're trying to get to the airport you're
5:32 am
are nice and clear. tow truck there and going to get that out of the way hopefully soon. southbound 270 after 80 still have that broken down vehicle blocking the left lane and it is slowing things as you're heading into town. the ramp to northbound 12th street tunnel tractor-trailer stopped in the tunnel. bottom of the beltway in prince george's county overall looking pretty good. a look at 270 looks like it's frozen for the moment but overall no problems northbound or southbound. travel times in i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk with new video that's come in from a viewer of a car on fire in gaithersburg, dangerously close to the gas pumps. take a look at this video. this is on muncaster road in gait erring burring. this was the scene at 11:00 last night.
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this under control. no word on if anybody was in the injured or anybody was injured in this. but this was in gaithersburg last night. everything seems to be clear this morning. at the live desk i'm erika gonzalez. thank you. developing now, a 14-year-old student is recovering right now after he was shot in school by a police officer. this happened in reno, nevada. that student is in serious condition this morning. reno police say student as that student was threatening other students with a knife. they are working to get video of this incident now. this morning a teenager is charged with making anonymous phone threats to schools in four states. the 17-year-old called schools in florida, new york, rhode island and massachusetts. he is being tried in massachusetts and will remain in juvenile custody until his 21st birthday. police say he was a leader of a group of online hackers who
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the country. the prince george's county courthouse should be back to normal today after it had to be evacuated. chopper 4 over that area yesterday following reports of a suspicious package outside the building. people inside the courthouse had to be moved to another section of the building and nearby businesses were also evacuated as a precaution. the bomb squad checked out that package, this he did not find right now people in the hay market area are waking up to another day of warnings about their water. a water main break on for residents living north of virginia gateway atlas walk. harris teeter is stepping in to help residents. at 6:00 a.m. it will hand out free water in gainesville, the stores on crescent park drive and heathcote boulevard will hand out sparks of water while supplies last. the advisory will be lifted sometime tonight. a house committee has approved the funding for a new
5:35 am
the committee set aside $834 million for its construction in one of three potential sites in our d.c. region. green belt, landover or springfield. no decision has been made on where it will be located. prince george's county executive baker released a statement after that committee authorized the money, it reads in part, quote, we are confident that our two sites in landover and green belt are superior by every possible measure to virginia's site. today more charges could be filed against two juveniles wildfire in tennessee. the suspects are from tacony-palmyra but authorities won't identify them because they're minors. they've been charged already with aggravated arson. officials say they're deciding on whether to charge them as adults. the fire started in the great smoky mountains national park and spread to gatlinburg last week. 14 people died and more than 1700 buildings were destroyed. there are more details this morning in that deadly oakland
5:36 am
officials say city building inspectors had not been inside the so-called ghost ship warehouse in 30 years. they say inspectors had gone to an adjacent lot two years ago in response to specific complaints but they don't enter a different property unless there is obvious physical damage seen from the outside. investigators are still working to determine the cause of the fire. a woman who lost six family members in a fire is warning others about a hidden danger in their ems who. sher sister-in-law and their four grandchildren died two years ago when their annapolis mansion caught on fire. a dry christmas tree fueled the flames. >> it was in the middle of the night and there was an electrical fire which caught the free and it went into flashover in less than three minutes. here are the four things grogg wants you to do to protect your family. water your christmas tree every day, don't just turn off the
5:37 am
or go to bed but unplug them as well, check the needless to make sure the tree is high grated, this he should bend and not break off and get rid of the tree as soon as the holiday is over. if you've been on social media this morning you already know that nbc's fourth live musical was a big hit. >> that's right. we are talking about "hair spray" live and if you missed it last night take a look ? oh, oh, oh, woke up today feeling theay famous opening scene featuring the song "good morning, baltimore". we bet you didn't know hair spray's original creator is from baltimore as well. mark see grave sat down with john waters. >> i want hair spray is space. i made a joke once i wanted to do hair spray on ice and the next day real producers called and said we will do it.
5:38 am
to be in the live version, he couldn't, though, because he is starring in his annual christmas one-man show, busy plan there. you can watch mark's entire interview on our nbc washington app. >> there was a big statement about race relation its, about body image, about all sorts of issues that people are grappling with today. >> ahead of its time. >> for sure. new this morning top safety picks, a report released overnight about the best rides to keep your find out whether your car made the cut. plus carry i don't know crack down, the changes united
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?? ?? ?? ??
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welcome back. we are talking about cold temperatures. >> amelia draper in with a look at the wind chills. >> yes. the wind chills. today is going to be our transition day to cooler weather. it's going to be cold friday on into the weekend. the coldest so far this season. not talking about any records but not feeling very comfortable outdoors, especially with blustery winds tomorrow. here is 7:00 a.m. feeling like we are in the teens and 20s, by lunchtime only feeling like we
5:42 am
very cold. in ten minutes i will be talking about an even bigger chill that moves in next week, but for now, melissa, you're updating us with issues on metro. >> hearing about delays on the blue line and also orange summer line days so wanted to let you know about that. westbound toll road at fairfax county parkway main lane blocked, airport access lanes open. southbound 270 after 80 broken down truck. 270 once you get to 118 german town and southbound you're fine. outer loop no delays. 66 looking pretty good. remember to listen to wtop when you hop in your car today. another twitter battle brewing for donald trump. still ahead who the president elect's frustration right side focused on this morning. and a major league move, what you need to know about the nats big trade before everyone
5:43 am
vegas style glitz and
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right now your top stories at 5:46. a man accused of opening fire inside comet ping pong is due back in court today. edgar welch told police he was investigating the fake news story pizzagate. he expla m interview and we will have that for you at 6:00. hillary clinton will return to capitol hill today, she will speak at the portrait unveiling of senate democratic leader harry reid who is retiring at the end of this session of congress. we will have a live report from capitol hill with more political headlines in just a few minutes. chilly this morning with temperatures in the 30s. but look at tomorrow morning, we are starting off with feels like temperatures in the teens and 20s. what you can expect heading into the weekend coming up in my
5:47 am
orange silver line delays and also blue line delays because of track problems outside of foggy bottom. that delay to frank knee a springfield. this morning we are taking you inside the brand new mgm national harbor casino resort before it actually opens tonight. >> this billion dollar facility has something for everyone, it has a huge gaming section, slots and table games, but if you are like me and you not be disappointed. >> news 4's justin finch joining us live with a look at some of the dining options mgm national harbor has to offer. good morning, justin. >> reporter: aaron, eun, good morning. that's why a lot of people are not coming to gamble, they're coming for the resort experience. for many of us that means starting with food. showing you the lobby at mgm national harbor where your three
5:48 am
'tis ri, great coffee, great macaroons, all the food here is locally sourced from the prince george's and also washington, d.c. area. looking further to my left here ginger restaurant looking live at this restaurant it's a pan asian restaurant that features thai, street ma please. also marcus samuel son has market, much like his red rooster restaurant in new york it will be open 24/7, that means three square meals a day and also feature great food options, also live music and much more. there are also fast casual options including shake shack, other familiar names. there is a seafood concept, also
5:49 am
steak house here, a lot more to eat and see r;t?here. aaron, eun, back to you. get your money ready. >> you're making my hungry. >> almost too many options. >> so many. >> justin finch thank you, sir. you can also hit the stores when you visit the mgm national harbor casino resort. check out the nbc washington app for a list of all the shops there. also in the app a complete timeline of how this huge project all came t today the man picked to run d.c. schools will try to win the approval of the d.c. council and the public, mayor muriel bowser nominated an tron wilson to be chancellor of d.c. public schools last week. he was superintendent of the oakland unified school district. he visited tubman elementary school yesterday morning. the council must approve him to take over to kia henderson she resigned earlier this week.
5:50 am
to weigh in on the future superintendent for falls church schools. the meeting is at 7:00 p.m. at thomas jefferson elementary school on oak street. new this morning the insurance institute for highway safety is out with its list of top safety picks for 2017. 82 new vehicles made that list. here is what you need to know. 38 of those vehicles earned the even higher ranking of top safety pick plus. those vehicles evaluations and have effective features that can prevent crashes like automatic braking systems. toyota led the auto makers here with nine of its 2017 models, honda had five, several american made cars were given the plus award including the chevy volt, the buick envision and the chrysler pacifica. president-elect donald trump heads to ohio state university today to meet with the victims and first responders of last
5:51 am
unleashing a new twitter attack, news 4's tracie potts is live on capitol hill. tracie, this has to do with the deal he made with carrier. what can you tell us about that? >> he singled out an individual, the head of the local union mr., chuck jones, to attack on twitter to talk about the fact that the jobs he saved are legit and that the union isn't doing a lot to help. after that chuck jones says he's gotten some threats ases doing with president-elect trump on twitter. the president elect shot back that they need to lower their dues, the union said that the dues are used to fight things like this. it came after jones criticized whether or not the 1,100 jobs that trump is claiming were saved is actually legit because some of those jobs they had already decided would stay. it's interesting because as companies now fear being on the
5:52 am
least in this case is singling out individuals as well. >> tracie potts live on capitol for us. tracie, thank you. and president-elect trump ask filling out his cabinet as well. we will tell you who the new members are at 6:00. the nationals have a brand new outfielder, adam eaton will be roving center field next season, the nats acquired him during the winter meetings. he came at a high price, three top pitching pros jekts, one of the three prospect in the game. eaton is under contract until 2021. he's known for being fast and good on offense and they say that he can a i'm in for below market value. >> good get, though. let's turn now to the forecast. it's cold, no two ways about it. >> amelia segal, how cold is it? >> right now temperatures coming in the 30s but tomorrow morning
5:53 am
tonight it will feel like we're in the teens and 20s. cold air moves in tonight, is with us through the weekend. tomorrow will be a storm team 4 weather alert day, it stays cold over the weekend but we will keep it dry saturday and sunday. keeping a close eye on storm team 4 radar, continuing to indicate lie snow flurries west of 81. we're not seeing any of this hit the ground. but this all ahead of that rc continues to push toward the east it could set off a few sprinkles mainly in the form of rain in our area in morning between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. but most most of us it's a dry thursday, we are in the 30s right now, morning clouds giving way to afternoon sunshine and a high today of 48. a few degrees cooler than yesterday. as we look to friday, tomorrow, a high of 41 and then the weekended on saturday a high of
5:54 am
take a look at the ten-day. next wednesday maybe a few sprinkles, low 40s, after that really cold, thursday and friday highs only around 30 degrees. so get ready, but for now we will send it over to melissa. >> a couple problems here on metro right now. so on the orange and silver line we have delays to wiehle reston east and vienna. also on the blue blaise, delays to eastbound 66 after nuttily street a problem on the right side of the road kwa, a little bit of that slow down as you're approaching the beltway. westbound who will road after fairfax county parkway we still have the main lanes blocked, the airport access lanes are open. if you are in the main lanes you will be able to to get off on fairfax county parkway and get back on after the crash. southbound 270 after 80 urban in a broken down vehicle blocking the left lane. americans are not living quite as long as they used to.
5:55 am
dropped from 78.9 to 78.8 in 2015. the death rate increased by about 1%, the ten leading causes heart disease still number one, followed by cancer and respiratory disease. the stock market is surging, the dow and the s&p closed up 1% at all time highs yesterday, in fact, it's been a remarkable month for the markets since donald trump won the presidential election. the dow is up ne during that period of course there is also an increase as we get closer to the end of the year and the holidays. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. apple is reportedly in talks with hollywood studio to rent new movies on itunes as early as two weeks after they hit theaters. it's likely you would have to pay a premium well above the
5:56 am
for the business report i'm landon dowdy. 5:56. apj german grocery store chain still has not built their first store in our area but is showing signs of expansion, lidl is hosting it's firing first event next week, next wednesday at the fair oaks mariot. expected to open no later than 2018. a lot are talk being a brand new affordable airline fare. >> it's pretty basic, the service is, you can join the conversation about the united airlines basic economy fare on our facebook page. here is how it works, you're only allowed a carry i don't know bag small enough to fit under your seat, like a backpack or a purse, no roller bag for you or anything that has to go
5:57 am
>> they will not. >> you still have to pay an extra fee if you need to check a back, 25 bucks for the first one, 35 for the next one. that is the question what happens if you try to put something in the overhead bin. >> they will probably make you check in and pay the bin. >> how do they know that the -- the flight attendant will know that you -- >> you have to enter the entrance, sometimes if the overhead cabins are already full they will make you check it at the door. this time they will make you opening day for mgm national harbor, we took a look at the impact it could have after a trip to mgm in detroit. >> and health ask a i remember, a former astronaut and senator john glenn just hospitalized.
5:58 am
from now until the end of the year, shopping at small businesses could be even more rewarding. because, when you shop small with your eligible american express card, you could get two times the rewards. so support the businesses that make your town a community. the people who make your community, home those insiders, with the inside knowledge, those friends with a welcome smile. and you could get twice the rewards.
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mgm is rolling out the red carpet for vips and guests on opening day. trump's cabinet, the new administration is stacked with former military leaders and millionaires. jailhouse interview, a man at the head of the pizzagate scare is telling his side of the story. "news4 today." starts now. coming up on 6:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist.
6:00 am
temperatures today. this is going to change drastically in the next 24 hours. as we look at the current daps, amelia draper is in to break it all down for us. cold air moving in overnight tonight and with the winds and how cold it is going to be tomorrow, tomorrow will be a storm team 4 weather alert day. radar showing maybe some flurries out there, it's so dry, though, these having difficulty hitting the ground. we could between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. but for most of us a completely dry day. pretty quiet, we are up to 41 degrees right now and by 9:00 a.m. around 42 and plenty of clouds around through the midmorning hours. as we make our a toward lunchtime in the afternoon increasing sunshine. by 11:00 a.m. temperature around 45 degrees. i'm going to be walking you through your afternoon. what you can expect throughout the day today and also taking a


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