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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 8, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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that you might not expect. special coverage on news 4 at 6:00 starts now. >> years of planning and construction and more than a billion dollars. now the mgm national harbor is only five hours from opening its doors. >> good evening. the anticipation is building. it's the first casino to open so close to the nation's capital. it's probably going to impact are going. >> chris gordon has a look at what there is to see for those who don't gamble. >> we begin with tracy wilkins. she's been covering the casino since the beginning. what a beginning this is tonight. >> i was just thinking when we talk about this being a $1.4 billion casino we are not talking about the more than 40 million mgm spent to try to make it happen through ads and the political work that had to be
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reality. here we are on opening night. we are in the atrium. right over this balcony you can see folks making their way in for the vip party that's about to get under way. people here are very excited. preparations are under way. >> they have under promised and over delivered. what they have built here is phenomenal. >> reporter: after years of anticipation, highs and lows, >> it is all first rate. it's so exciting. we live in the neighborhood. >> reporter: it's the star power mgm promised. sarah jessica parker here in person for the opening of her new boutique, sjp by sarah jessica parker. >> i found this place to be absolutely fabulous. >> reporter: residents are taking it all in. so are the people who fought to make this casino resort a reality. >> this says to businesses, you
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place to be and the economic engine. it's just the start. >> reporter: the luxurious $1.4 billion resort is expected to be a major draw, not only for prince georges county but the entire state of maryland. >> it's going to bring a lot of revenue, a lot of money from virginia and d.c. it's really a project that the state can be proud of. >> this is about growing gaming revenue in maryland and bringing more people into maryland to here. >> reporter: mgm's ceo fought expensive and often bitter battles to get national harbor here. he has this to say about the five other casinos operating in maryland. >> i think we will be the most successful resort in the state of maryland. >> reporter: now again this has been a long road to get here. there are still plenty of residents who live near this
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what tonight is about is celebration. and mgm and the folks who helped make this happen enjoying the doors opening at 11:00 p.m. the garage opens at 10:30 p.m. behind me, this is the scene. lots of bars for people to drink and enjoy tonight's celebration. reporting live in national harbor i'm tracy wilkins. back to you. >> thank you. our team coverage continues now with traffic concerns as the big crowds make their way to the transportation reporter adam tuss is watching from above. he joins us live from chopper 4 with the latest. how does it look out there? >> reporter: so far so good. it's looking like a typical rush hour. let me show you what we have out here. you can see the washington monument in the distance. great shot here from chopper 4. as we pull out you will see some of the roads around the casino. this is where we are really
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all the traffic headed southbound. none of that's going toward the casino. in a couple of hours we'll see the vehicles going toward the casino and prince georges police did a good job staffing the intersections here on 210 all the way up to the casino. they are definitely keeping an eye on traffic. we talked to prince georges county police chief hank stewinski about what he thinks will happen from a transportation perspective going forward. there will never be a time where as many people want to be a part of the beginning of something this unique again. after this first 72 hours we expect things to stabilize during the course of next week's work week. >> reporter: taking a live look from chopper 4 this is the wilson bridge. both the inner and outer loops moving well.
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so everything looks good at this point in time. we are doing more of a regular rush hour at this point. but we have to wait and see how everything develops as we get closer to 11:00 tonight. we'll be up in chopper 4 keeping an eye on everything throughout the rush hour. tonight we'll let you know if big problems develop. back to you. >> adam, thanks. our coverage of the mgm national harbor is just getting started. we'll tell you about the w more than a casino and the story of a woman whose life was changed when she got a job at another mgm casino and the i-team learns why it may be harder for you to win not just at mgm but casinos across maryland. >> now to weather. it's about to get cold out there. how cold? >> you will notice a difference even when you walked in a few hours ago to when you walk out after the show tonight.
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they will continue to fall through the night. look at the wind chill now. these are wind chills, 39 in d.c. 22 in hagerstown. 16 in pittsburgh. 11 in columbus. that's the cold air moving in. frigid air tonight into tomorrow. wind chills in the teens for most of you early tomorrow morning. a cold start tomorrow and a cold day through the day on sunday. rain on monday. we are tracking the storm and another big yeah, even chances for snow flake action. more about that. see you at about 6:25. >> thank you, doug. donald trump is getting the strongest pushback yet for a hemoglobin level hire. he tapped oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt for the epa. steve handelsman joins us with the latest.
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confirmation on capitol hill where democrats today warned they won't let him and may stop it with parliamentary maneuvers. they won't let him, they say bring epa to its knees. >> reporter: most republicans love donald trump putting scott pruitt at the epa to roll back efforts to fight climate change. but trump faces a fight with democrats over pruitt. >> he'll try to turn the epa into standing for every polluter's >> reporter: he supported oil companies. in a trump transition release he said the american people are tired of seeing billions of dollars drained from the economy due to unnecessary epa regulations. trump tapped for labor secretary andy puzder who opposes minimum wage hikes. puzder, pruitt, tom price going to hhs, school voucher
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democrats charge the trump team has one mission -- >> to dismantle and under mine and destroy the agencies they are now hoping to run. >> reporter: trump went to ohio to stand by victims of a student expected to be inspired by isis. 11 injured. >> the families have done well to come through it. a lot of respect. >> reporter: trump pledges to democrats on the hill meanwhile are pledging to stop scott pruitt from heading the epa. they say they are considering trying to force every senate republican to declare publically if they believe in climate change. >> thank you, steve. now several states changing their laws on sexual assault. specifically when it comes to the statute of limitations.
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time constraint. but that legislation may be in trouble. mark seagraves is talking to people on both sides of the issue. >> reporter: charlotte fox said she was the victim of sexual assault at the hands of comedian bill cosby. she and her attorney have been trying to get the d.c. council to pass legislation eliminating the statute of limitations on civil and criminal sex assault cases for well over a year. >> it's bad justice is closed in the face of victims right now on gender violence. but it is also bad that there is not even a hearing where we can make our arguments. >> reporter: the d.c. council hasn't had a hearing on the bills because the chairman of the judiciary committee said his committee has been too busy over the past two years. mcduffie is sympathetic to victims but has concerns about the legislation. >> we need to make sure we are focused on protecting the rights
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party who is involved in a criminal proceeding. >> reporter: for supporters of the legislation mcduffie's position is frustrating. >> why have a bill that sits there for a rear? people are raped in d.c. >> i hope we can move it and get a rearing and get more. >> reporter: we asked the council man if he supports the legislation. >> as a former prosecutor i am keenly aware of the pain and abuse have to endure. >> reporter: fox is grateful mcduffie took time to meet with her today. as for her feelings about cosby, she's forgiven him. she even likes the mural outside ben's chili bowl. >> i can separate cosby the actor from cosby the man. a picture on a wall doesn't mean anything to me. i love it. i love ben's chili bowls. >> reporter: the council member
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will be back in d.c. putting pressure on the council members. >> mark, thank you. back on capitol hill. hillary clinton pays tribute to a colleague and also weighs in on the controversy surrounding fake news. changes could be coming to how towing companies operate in arlington county. ahead on news 4 at 6:00 we walk through the proposed restrictions and how soon they could take effect. >> al we'll report how washington and the world are remembering john gln.en stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. stronger is less pain, new hope, more fight. it's doing everything in your power, and everything in ours. because we don't just want kids to grow up.
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ort, they will.
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hillary clinton returned to capitol hill for her first political appearance since her emotional concession speech last month. she spoke at the unveiling of portrait of retiring se she talked about the responsibility to guard democracy and the threat pose bid misinformation. >> it is now clear that so-called fake news can have real world consequences. this isn't about politics or partisanship. lives are at risk. it is imperative that leaders in both the private sector and the public sector step up. >> now to the portrait painted
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glakis who lives in mclane now. he once worked for senator reed but became an artist several years ago. >> some people in georgetown are concerned about a series of sexual assaults there. one of the incidents happened at waterfront park. police have new clues in the case and community leaders are talking about actions to keep eo kristen? >> reporter: what's interesting is this part of town, as you know, is always so busy, especially at this time of the evening. there are lots of cars going by, lots of people, joggers, people walking, skateboarders and an outdoor art exhibit going on now. this sexual assault happened just an hour from now back on october 19. this woman fortunately was able to get away.
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>> police say this man sexually assaulted a woman at georgetown park october 19. the crime targeting women is making many nervous. >> it does make you think twice. >> what struck me in georgetown this year from last year. people feel less safe. >> evans points out how dark parts of georgetown are. he said there is a proposal identifying almost 60 locations for new light poles. >> last night there weren't any lights on. can we get the residents to turn on lights? >> evans is reminding people to avoid walking alone at night if they can and to pay attention.
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persons that cause concern, walk out in the middle of the street. >> reporter: police say there were 328 sexual abuse cases reported by this time in 2015. the exact same number so far this year. that's almost an average of one sex abuse case reported a day. >> one sexual abuse case is troubling to the community. three or four, that's a concern. >> reporter: ed solomon was at the meeting last night and said poe in george township. >> the frools are more visible. we are getting more for the christmas season as well. >> police hope someone recognize this is face. >> it's something concerning to a number of students on campus. a lot of students walk out and about in the area. >> council man evans reminds people of the importance of
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soon as they happen. >> a set-back for the government on one of the major redevelopment plans. it involves the macmillan reservoir site in d.c. a federal three-judge panel ruled in favor of citizens who sued the city. the citizens complained it failed to address zoning, preservation and environmental issues. citizens want more open parkland on the site. citizens said they would address the issue. >> chances are high that you or someone you know had that sinking feeling of going outside to find your car towed. david culver says arlington county leaders are considering
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enough, watching someone carry your car you have off makes it sink in. >> they have a right to keep people from parking in the lot. >> reporter: matt's experience in april has him focused on consumer rights. he said a local tow company did this to his jeep. >> i went to pick up the car and noticed damage. >> reporter: he's studied up and joined the county's trespass towing advisory board. >> the state allows the locality to set up a board. >> the problem is they require us to have an equal number of towers, equal number of police and only one citizen. >> reporter: they are pushing back against restrictions like requiring photos before the tow. they are against a proposal called second signature. >> this allows at the site at
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about on site confrontations. residents like matt hope some regulations go into place. >> whether you have been towed or not this legislation is very important to consumers in order to protect them if they ever get towed in the future. >> the board is set to vote on
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they could go into effect next year. >> thank you, david. temperatures are about to take a serious tumble. doug tells us how cold it will be and how long it will stick around. >> before the mgm national harbor there was the mgm detroit. we'll meet a woman there who says the casino helped turn her life around. >> i went from having the ability to walk into a grocery
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snowy weather caused a pile up on interstate 96 in michigan east of lansing. drivers say well, hopefully we don't have anything like that coming our way. >> nope. the cold sounds ominous. >> the fist real ott of arctic air making its way across the region now. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s in d.c. hitting a high of 48 earlier.
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winds out of the west at 9 miles per hour. put the wind together and look at the wind chills. to the west with where the cold air is moving in. hagerstown at 22 degrees. this is the hour by hour forecast. 36 degrees. dropping into the upper 20s by around 1:00 tomorrow morning. so you know we'll wake up to cold numbers for sure. lake effect snow around cleveland, erie, buffalo. they are expecting a lot of snow from this. this won't bring us snow. you can see the flow here coming down across the lakes giving them snow, giving us cold. boy, we are talking cold. look at the numbers. 27 the current temperature in pittsburgh. 44 in d.c. that's where the cold air is.
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11:00 tonight. teens already to the west. tomorrow morning everybody waking up on the cold side. 15 to 22 for the morning feels like temperature. that's the morning wind chill around 7:00 and tomorrow afternoon with sunshine. only getting into the mid to upper 20s. an extremely cold day tomorrow for sure. maybe 39 degrees but that's it. a high of 38 on saturday. a little bit less wind on saturday. not quite as bad there. 41 on sunday. not bad. sunshine, 41. light wind. not bad. more clouds as we see rain on monday. highs around 54. a chance of a mix late wednesday night and then another chance of a mix. some areas seeing snow coming up next saturday. more about that coming up
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make sure you tune in to that. 7:30 on saturday. >> thanks rg doug. a space pioneer. a member of the united states senate, a true american hero. the world remembering john glenn. >> the mgm national harbor opens in a few hours. what the iteam has that could make it difficult to >> reporter: we are here inside the at rum and the conservatory. guess what, there is a party going on at the mgm national harbor. we'll have a preview of tonight's grand opening ahead on
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>> announcer: you're watching news 4 at 6:00. >> here's a national harbor casino. it looks pretty, doesn't it? set to open less than five hours from now. you can bet traffic in this area is going to be heavy. the new mgm casino brings a big economic boost to prince georges county. >> indeed to the estate. chris is at national harbor now with the story. chris? >> well, prince georges county's got game.
6:31 pm
dinner party leading up to tonight's grand opening. this afternoon vip guests got a preview of all the mgm national harbor has to offer. it's not just a casino. mgm calls it monumental. a world class entertainment venue. >> you look at december. bruno mars, lionel richie, duran duran, the a list is second to none. >> reporter: the theater seats 3,000 offering a state of the art stage experience. >> we think it's the intimate ambiance we can create with a big number such as 3,000 people to have everybody feel the same experience. >> reporter: there are 15 luxury retail outlets and restaurants for every taste and price range. >> it is exciting.
6:32 pm
the atmosphere as soon as you accept in is just mesmerizing then there is the hotel, a full service resort. what impressed you the most? >> the hospitality of the staff was great. i loved everything. it was wonderful. >> reporter: mgm hired 4,000 employees, many from prince georges county. deborah brown has four children. >> i think it is a great place to work, great place to be if here? >> yes. >> reporter: once mgm national harbor opens tonight at 11:00 it doesn't close. it stays open 24 hours a day. that's the latest. back to you. >> all right, chris gordon. thank you. behind the scenes, maryland state regulators are making it easier for the casinos to win your money. the i-team's review of state
6:33 pm
recent months. scott mac far land has details. >> reporter: maryland allows players to hit on the soft 17. players know soft 17 is when the dealer shows an ace and a six and previously dealers had to stand on that hand which increased the player's odds of winning. now the dealer can hit which gives the house the advantage. the opening of mgm national harbor raised concerns about dwindling other five casinos. black jack earnings in particular dropped over the course of the year even with the new advantage for casinos. players speaking with the iteam noticed a difference. unclear how it will affect the high rollers which are critical
6:34 pm
must court aggressively. >> who can bring in the highest paying gamblers, the high rollers or the biggest ones are the whales in the parlance. you offer free hotel rooms or other amenities. >> they will have 17 state inspectors there to hon mor the they are required 24/7 at every state casino. scott mac far land. >> our coverage of the mgm continues online. we posted a guide to getting there by car, bus or water taxi. for more information, we invite you to search getting to mgm. during the break.
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today there was a letter of intent to allow apple to lease the carnegie library across the street from the convention center. the building will undergo renovation subject to historic preservation standards. >> the author tom wolf described astronaut john glenn as america's last true national hero. tonight the country indeed the he died today in his home state of ohio at the age of 95. he was the third u.s. astronaut to make it into space. the first american to orbit the earth back in 1962. he served as a marine corps fighter pilot and spent 24 year s as a democratic senator from
6:36 pm
to travel in space. hoar's a live look inside the air and space museum near the spaceship that john glenn piloted. we talked to a tourist who said he changed plans after he learned of glenn's passing today. >> when i got the breaking news earlier today or many the last hour i told my wife as we were touring other stuff. let's museum. we're closefully by. >> president obama released a statement. when john glenn blasted off atop an atlas rocket in 1962 he lifted the hopes of a nation. the first american to orbit the earth reminded us that with courage and a spirit of discovery there is no limit to the heights we can reach
6:37 pm
hero worshipper but i used to run into senator glenn at the football games. i would hand hank out with george michael in the owner's box. the only person i ever wanted to talk to was john glenn who was so down toeth and intelligent. is so curious. he wanted to know everything about anything that anybody else was doing. he and his wife were two of the most absolutely delightful people i have ever had pleasure to meet. >> so many reasons to admire john glenn. they were married 70 years. >> yes. >> i head it today. >> another heroic deed. he's a great american. >> indeed. doug? >> what's coming up? >> cold. we are not going to see these temperatures. we saw a high of 48 today. we won't get back there again for some time. we'll talk about the weekd
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good news for drivers in the ashburn area making it easier to get around areas of major development. the pacific boulevard extension is open now running parallel to routes 28 and 7. the four-lane roll adds a key connection between the dulles town center and a development that allows access to the ashburn north park and ride lot. >> we are six weeks now from t inauguration of president-elect donald trump. construction is under way and continues for that inaugural platform at the u.s. capital. as it has in past ceremonies guests on the platform will include former presidents and vice presidents as well as
6:41 pm
if you are a federal worker who wants to have a day off for the inauguration you might be in luck. it depends on where you work. you can have the day off in the inauguration area because that's a legal public holiday including workers in several communities including the district. montgomery, prince georges and fairfax counties. federal workers in louden, staint mary's and charles counties have to work that day. >> when a casino says it will boost the economy and put local
6:42 pm
my cancer started as ovarian cancer and it kept coming back in different places. cancer treatment centers of america gave me treatment options i didn't know about before.
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in case you're just joining us we'll mention the mgm casino at national harbor opens tonight at 11:00. that's tonight. we all know casinos make a difference in every community they are in. >> chris lawrence went to michigan to see the impact that mgm grand detroit is making on his hometown. chris joins us now with that. >> yesterday we told you about jobs and some of the opportunities to advance. tonight we are going to show you how one woman parlayed a job at the mgm grand detroit into an at-large seat on the city council. she's fresh off a win. nearly doubling her opponent last month in the election. >> i'm thankful. i'm a working person like everybody else.
6:45 pm
speak for 600,000 people. >> reporter: her mom was a teacher. her dad, a college grad who got addicted to drugs and sent to prison. she earned a degree in political science. >> but during that time it was not really open doors, no pathways to get here. it just so happens becoming involved and knowing what was going on created a pathway for me to be here. >> reporter: it was unthinkable to see one winding right through a casino. what did you learn here at the casino? not just about my co-workers. i learned a lot about myself. >> reporter: she had never set foot in a casino before landing a job downtown at mgm grand detroit. >> i was a substitute teacher and they closed my school. mgm afforded me the opportunity to keep a job and 40 hours a week. >> reporter: she was a cashier and one day got into a minor dispute with a manager. >> i had never looked at the actual union book.
6:46 pm
and after that people saw i had leadership qualities. >> reporter: she became a shop steward and joined the committee bargaining contracts for detroit's 6,000 casino workers. >> i know what it's like to sleep in a building until 2:30, 3:00 in the morning because you want to make sure working people are represented and they are taken care of. >> reporter: she parlayed good will into a seat on the council and easily won re-election. she said casinos kept the city afloat when the economy crashed in detroit when it we still had the smaller big three, all three casinos. >> reporter: the casinos send 12% of the revenue to the state which uses it to fund schools in michigan. an equal percentage goes to the city. last year that meant nearly $175 million in taxes, enough to pay for detroit's fire department
6:47 pm
capital improvement infrastructure, any of those things. >> reporter: the mgm national harbor won't work exactly the same. but she said her advice still applies. >> what i would say to all the folks in maryland is give it a chance. make sure you are monitoring it. that your city government is staying on top of where the money is going. >> reporter: ironically, she's now one of the people responsible for not only tracking but allocating the money from the very place she used to clock in as a worker. >> good story. >> yeah. good for her. >> yeah. it shows that with a little hard work, right place, right time, you can go a long way. >> all things are possible. >> nice to see that personal side. thank you, chris. so, doug, we've got really cold air coming in. >> feeling like detroit. i feel at home already. >> exactly right. you know how cold it get there
6:48 pm
the wind chills in the teens out there now take a look at the shot of the city. beautiful night tonight if you are looking from the inside out. again, very cold across the region. lots of traffic tonight on 395. wonder if they are headed to the mgm. 44 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 9 miles per hour. step outside. i bet you will think differently. look at the wind chills. 17 degrees in morgan town. 22 in hagerstown. not the best beach day but people weekend. going to be oak with sunshine but not getting to the beach any time soon. notice the snow. take a look. this is all lake effect snow coming off lake michigan here. right off lake erie, lake ontario, all of which have lake effect streamers and big snow to the south of buffalo. for us, the closest snow just over the border in pennsylvania. maybe flurries to theest with. we won't see that. we are seeing the cold. it is going to be one cold day tomorrow. one cold weekend.
6:49 pm
up a tree this weekend, either day but it's cold. everybody in yellow here. you can bundle up if you are at the army-navy game. no chance of precipitation but it will be freezing across the region. decorations a touch warmer on sunday. less wind on sunday. i would wait for sunday to put them up. i put mine up yesterday. they look fantastic. >> i hired someone. i paid somebody. >> i couldn't do it, man. i d to put them up tomorrow. it ooh es that cold. weather alert. 38 on saturday. 41 on sunday. our next chance of rain coming up during the day on monday with a high of 54. look at this. a little system on wednesday. a chance of a mix late wednesday night. this is a system we'll watch. even colder potentially next thursday and friday. another chance next saturday of a mix. not sure what we'll see yet. it is something to watch. the weather getting interesting.
6:50 pm
>> you have been waiting for this. >> aren't you happy? we have sports coming up. burgundy and gold. looking to the return. a couple of key players as a matter of fact. can jordan handle it? >> first here's a look at what's ahead on nightly news. >> ahead for us tonight the death of an american legend. tributes pouring in for former astronaut and u.s. senator john glenn. a blast of snow and bitter cold hitting much of the u.s., aldy highway pile-up. and the mumps making a big comeback on college campuses. what's behind the worst outbreak what's behind the worst outbreak in a decade whe wen did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps.
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call today. comcast business.
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?? ?? ?? ?? ??
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> conference games matter or not. we have another coming and a couple of guys coming back. >> you don't want to lose three straight games to the redskins. they are going for their fifth this weekend. the winning streak has a better chance of if jordan reed can go sunday. the defense is struggling. it is up to the offense the last four weeks to put points on the board. reed did practice in limited fashion for a second day in a row. the good news, he was out there catching passes. the bad news, the injured left shoulder is still bothering the tight end. reed didn't play last against
6:54 pm
shoulder against the cowboys on thanksgiving. he did come back to score two touchdowns in the game after spraining the shoulder. it appears he's willing to play through the pain sunday versus the eagles. >> i don't know what percentage. i'm good. >> good to go for sunday? >> from an individual standpoint he has to feel good about it. we can't predict it or guess how he feels come game time or saturday afternoon. ultimately it will be his call. >> it's definitely worries a things like that. like i said before, i leave it in god's hands, go out and do my job. >> meanwhile, the redskins having issues on the other side of the ball. they ranked 23rd in total defense and are dead last in the league in getting off the field on the all important third down. in the last game the cardinals converted on third and six or longer. a whopping eight times for the season opponents are converting 38% on third down opportunities. players we heard from today say
6:55 pm
>> any defense, third down is called the money down. make the plays and get off the field. >> it can help in some ways but ultimately it comes down to executing us up front. guys covering the back. >> every third down whether the first third down of the game or the last. those are crucial: you know you have to win the match-up. >> big games this weekend on the high school level. maryland state finals, damascus looking to defend the 3-a title tonight. the hornets taking on franklin high school. it's annapolis. they are undefeated. 13-0 on the season. they are a power house going for the ninth state football championship. moving on to the nba now. the wizards are back on the court tonight against the nuggets. it could be interesting to see
6:56 pm
john wall following a career game against orlando wall wasn't happy. he was electric in the game though. 52 points scored. he dished out eight assists. it wasn't enough to avoid a loss. afterward wall had tough words for the team and questioned whether other guys were playing hard enough. the wizards are 7-13 on the season. just a half game out of last place in the division. if they don't gete they see the cavaliers in february when they come to town. lebron james and irving were bored so they were entertaining themselves. they took part in the water bottle flip challenge. they combined for 53 points in this game but they were 0-for on the water bottle flip challenge sticking the landing there. >> is that a technical? >> no. not a technical, but it is
6:57 pm
that much they had time for that. >> that's so cold, man. >> i tried to watch the game. after 15 minutes it was like, you know, there's something way better on. >> it was a scrimmage. >> i have to say the shirt jordan reed had on in the locker room, i have the exact same shirt. it looks so much better on him. >> did you notice? >> i didn't notice what he was wearing. >> did you take note of >> no. >> each one of them saw exactly what i'm talking about. >> what color was it? >> i'm color blind. blue, i think. >> that's right. i'm sorry. >> it's a nice color but it looks better on him. >> fashion commentary. >> such as it is. how cold am i going to get tonight? >> is that shirt long sleeved? >> yes. >> there you go. you need it. 39 degrees on friday.
6:58 pm
yeah, we are calling them weather alert days. it's the first time the weather hits us hard. 38 in january. that's not weather alert. right now, weather alert. get ready. >> thank you, doug.
6:59 pm
c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one. and i'm taking brilinta. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams as it affects how well it works. brilinta helps keep my platelets from sticking together and forming a clot. brilinta reduced the chance it worked better than plavix. >>don't stop taking brilinta without talking to your doctor since stopping it too soon increases your risk of clots in your stent, heart attack, stroke, and even death. brilinta may cause bruising or bleeding more easily, or serious, sometimes fatal bleeding. don't take brilinta if you have bleeding, like stomach ulcers, a history of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. tell your doctor about bleeding, new or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery, and all medicines you take.
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express, the deep freeze turns deadly in a huge highway pileup. treacherous conditions about to get worse, with temperatures set to plunge even lower. mumps outbreak, hitting campuses all across the country. cases sky rocketing on a ten-year high. a warning for families as college students head home for the holidays. and hatchimals hysteria, they're the must-have gifts of the season, and parents are cracking up, just trying to find them. "nightly news" begins


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