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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 11, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> cover your face if you're doing that. tom kierein very busy in the storm team 4 weather center this morning track all lot of differt things. our viewers that live far north and west of the metro area seeing a light dusting of snow. that happened predawn this sunday morning. now it's long gone. we are mostly cloudy, looking at storm team 4 radar, that area of snow is passing up into pennsylvania but it's very fast moving and did leave a brief dusting far north and west of us. right now we are drying out as that system pulls away out of northeastern maryland into pennsylvania. temperatures are still cold, below freezing in the upper 20s in the nearby suburbs. reagan national right at 32, on the bay it's dlming into the low and mid 30s. hour by hour temperatures climbing into the mid 30s, another couple of hours, and they were hovering near 40 by midafternoon with a lot of cloudiness and then staying near 40 overnight tonight. some rain and maybe freezing rain moving in overnight. thank you, tom.
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county don't have a home to go back to this morning after this fire tore through their apartment building on richmond highway. the red cross looking to find temporary housing for those who live at the woodlawn garden apartments in the alexandria section of the county. one man tells news 4 that his sister was taken to the hospital because the smoke was so bad. she is expected to be okay, but he describes what happened just the minutes after the fire broke out. >> the neighbors right there they were like -- i don't know what they were doing but they didn't notice it, so i knocked on the door and then we not out. >> a bus was brought in to help people keep warm as the fire crews battled the flames last night. investigators are looking into what caused the fire. we continue to work to find out more about another fire, this one started inside of an apartment in prince george's county, it happened on dean drive in hyattsville. one person was taken to the hospital and they are being treated in the burn unit. another per w
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crews they were okay. the cause of this fire still hasn't been determined either. alexandria police are trying to determine what caused a man to fall from an apartment building on four mile run road. that's near mt. vernon avenue. at this point they are just calling this a death investigation. they say it may be an accident but that is still under investigation. we do have breaking news to tell you about coming out of nigeria this morning. 160 people killed after a church collapsed while worshippers were inside. we are hearing from officials that that number will most likely go up. the state department sayinghat it will continue to investigate to see if standing standards were compromised. 38 people are dead, nearly 200 hurt after a series of explosions in istanbul
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night. several police officers are among the dead, the white house just released a statement in the last hour calling this a terror attack. the two blasts happened outside a major soccer stadium after fans had gone home. now, so far ten people have been arrested in connection with those attacks. president-elect donald trump's highest profile cabinet position could soon be filled at least we will know the nomination. sources telling nbc news he is expected to tap exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson for secretary of state. nbc's chris palone shows us why this pick is drawing fire from both sides of the aisle. donald trump in baltimore for the annual army navy football game sitting alongside top military brass. next month he will be their commander in chief. earlier trump met in new york with exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson. nbc news has learned he is trump's pick for secretary of state. to give trump credit he said he was going to try to
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himself with really successful people who did well and what do we find, ceos, people at the top of their professions. >> reporter: but the tillerson pick is drawing criticism from democrats and republicans. tillerson was his company's liaison to the kremlin and has been awarded russia's order of friendship. casey hunt asked republican senator john mccain for his thoughts on the pick. >> i believe that vladimir putin is a thug and a bully and a murderer and i believe that the relationship between mr. tillerson and vladimir putin needs to be examined. >> this comes a few hours after the "washington post" reported the cia believes russia interfered in the presidential election, hacking and leaking democratic party documents not just to cause chaos but to actively help trump win. >> so you are looking ahead to an early part of the trump presidency where russia is very much going to dominate the conversation and certainly you can expect to hear a lot of tough questions at this confirmation hearing. >> the trump team immediately
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time to move on. chris palone, nbc news, new york. "meet the press" will have more on trump's expected nomination of rex tillerson as secretary of state. this morning moderator chuck todd will speak with incoming trump chief of staff reince priebus. trump will join us for a live preview in our next hour. "saturday night live" poking fun at donald trump's cabinet picks. >> and having a good time at that. the show opened last night with a parody of cnn's jake tapper in the skit. trump appoints brian cranston's breaking bad character walter white to head up the dea. >> mr. white,qg= how did you ev get considered for this job? do you know donald trump? >> no. no. but i'm a big fan. i like his style. he acts first and then asks questions later. i also like that wall he wants to build. nothing comes in from mexico meaning a lot less competition for the rest of us. >> you mean
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>> sure. >> just too funny and the skit it featured kate mick kin nonas trump advisory kellyanne conway defending trump's cabinet picks. trump resurfaced in the weekend update when one of the characters says we know you're watching. >> they're paying attention, both sides. >> that's right. >> a montgomery county father who built an ice rink in his backyard to honor his late stepdaughter is now moving it. >> he says that the county told him he would have to shut it down. news 4's derrick ward joins us live from rockville to show us where that rink a now. hi, derek. >> reporter: how are you? we are at the bender jewish community center of greater washington. behind me here is home plate on the baseball diamond but if you look over here there is a hockey rink, a synthetic surface and goal. how did this all come to be? it makes perfect sense and it's actually kind of encouraging. this started back in december
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2015. that's when mark cohn built a hockey rink with the synthetic surface in his backyard in honor of his stepdaughter who pass add away. he built this rink and invited people to come and play. the idea got put into the penalty box because it ran afoul of some of the zoning codes in montgomery county. he lives on a land that is part of a agricultural reserve. the county said you can't do it anymore. fast forward to where we are today and we have this rink here at the jcc and with me now is mark cohn to tell us about how all this came to be. later on it's open house for anybody who wants to learn about the game and play on the surface. how did this happen? >> goods to see you again. >> you, too. >> it all came full circle. we had zoning issues in poolsville and i had to figure out a place to make it legal and i didn't want to run afoul
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one day to the bender jcc and i kind of asked and said, hey, i have a rink, do you want it? >> and it just so happens that susan fitcher is i believe from the boston area, a big hockey fan. it didn't take much twisting to get her to come out and see the rink and sign off on and say, yeah, let's do it. we built it a couple weeks ago, today we are having an open house from 11:00 to 4:00, people can come out, learn about it and we'd love to grow the hockey and we'd love to grow hockey in the d.c. area and be a part of it. >> excellent. the county is working with you as well because this is only going to be a temporary home, they're going to give you a permanent location. >> yeah, what's going to happen is this rink is the original mel's rink and this will most likely stay here, probably move to a more permanent location on the grounds here. the county has been wonderful. they are building a brand new rink in
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capitals in the town of poolsville, downtown poolsville, it's going to be bigger, it will have boards and the caps logo and it's going to be wonderful. >> you can come out and play on this surface 11:00 until 4:00, it's going to be an open house and soon you will able to play at an even better one. live at rockville. back to you. if you haven't found your hat and your gloves, your scarf, you need to look and dig that stuff out. tom is tracking a major temperature drop in the week ahead. much of the country dealing with bitter cold. take a look at this, the unusual site this is down south by the way.
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weather in the south has iced over a water feature in memphis, folks. this is quite a site to see. that's no rita's ice there. it's almost completely frozen over this fountain. the water has turned to slush as temperatures dipped into the teens and 20s, it still could freeze entirely by the end of the weekend. senator chuck schumer wants federal officials to move faster to require mass transit employees to be screened through federal terrorism watch lists. the recommendation was first made nearly a decade ago in a report by the september 11th commission. schumer says it's, quote, shocking that this common sense safety gap was never closed, end quote. records show the department of homeland security and the tsa have an action pending to require the screenings, but it hasn't been finalized. less crowded, more fun. i'm going to take you on a nighttime adventure to find out which local businesses stay open
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>> this is a good one to see, folks. and bitter cold temperatures, rain on the way that's what we're talking about. tom is watching it all.
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a lot of clouds around on this sunday morning. still below freezing. in this zone in color upper north and west of the metro area late tonight and into
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morning we could get some freezing rain, rain falling falling on untreated surfaces so create some icing, could get up to a tenth of an inch of ice in those zones, northern shenandoah valley, western maryland, that's late tonight into tomorrow morning. and a look at our next chance for snow is coming up in a few minutes. thaw, tom. at least 20 dead after a bombing at a christian cathedral in egypt. another 35 people hurt. these are the numbers still coming in. this is the second deadly attack to hit the egyptian capital in two days. so far there has been no immediate claim of responsibility for this attack. we know that a lot of people will be taking their way to the mgm national harbor in the wee hours of the morning and the night all to beat the crowds, but it is not the only 4-hour business in our region. i pulled all-nighter to discover what you can get done if you are out and about overnight. >>
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overcaffeinated photographer, check. to-do list, check. our middle of the night mission to see what's open is on. >> looks like we've got a crowd. >> the first stop, this 24-hour tire shop in northeast d.c. >> we are very busy overnight in some cases. basically we will have customers coming in, you know, if they need a plugged tire or they need to have a tire repaired. >> mack's tire service changed our wheel in ten minutes. karen hefner got her flat fixed next. >> i am so grateful you guys are here in the middle of the night. you just don't know. >> after all that i'm a little hungry. >> now, time for a snack. >> too early for tacos. >> in dupont circle we hit the happening 24/7 surf side taco stand which turns out to be perfect on the go. >> that's what i'm talking about, hello hash browns, eggs and a
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i might save you some. >> for the most part the drive into maryland is quiet. we roll up to rockville just after 2:00 a.m. >> so do you ever do anything wild and crazy since nobody is looking and watching? >> i do like more squats, i do my -- my form gets better. >> for geraldine perez working out before others wake up means freedom. >> not waiting for machines. i can do any type of workout i want, i can jump from one to another. >> this anytime fitness is one of dozens of gyms open around the clock. it's small but has weights, equipment, security and convenience. >> it's a club for busy people, you know, we have moms working out, people that are working in hospitals, cops. >> time to get clean. >> -- we find for a fall fee we can clean our wheels at flagship car wash at any hour. three maryland locations offer this self-serve option but at this stop something extra. >> free
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>> okay. >> clean machines, tire change, tacos and treadmills, but how about some time to relax? in centerville, virginia, on heated floors people in lounge wear resting in all hours of the night at spa world, the traditional korean spa has seven rooms filled with elements that claim to heal, salt, charcoal and oak. most of the chambers are really hot. >> this is one of the most beautiful rooms here, it's the amethyst gem room. >> the one filled with the red clay balls one of the most popular. >> we're all good and rested, sun is not even up yet, we have more places to go. >> we arrive in manassas. >> this is one of many 24-hour laundromats in the area. where we find plenty of room to wash clothes at liberia laundromat. always staff on hand and free wifi, too. while in town a quick stop at this 24 hour starbucks.
9:20 am
watching the sunrise on the way back. >> great. >> that was a whirlwind of a shoot but it is amazing to see all the things that are open other than your pharmacy or all the restaurants and the bars. cramer's books if you want to go read on fridays and saturdays you can go there until 3:00 a.m. >> or see a meteorologist coming in early in the morning, too. we're 24/7. as the weather is 24/7 as well. we have cloud cover over the region now over looking montgomery county in the distance. we will have the clouds into the ayei0loon hour by hour temperatures by noontime into the upper 30s. might have a little sun trying to peak through, hovering near 40 the rest of the afternoon under the cloud cover and staying near 40 overnight tonight as well. and we had a little dusting of snow this morning. this was predawn, northern montgomery countin
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twitter and instagram. as we look at the storm team 4 radar, that snow came on through, now it's in northeastern maryland and pulling away. now, hour by hour as we get into the overnight hours 2:00 a.m. we could have some rain moving in, north and western areas, panhandle of west virginia, north shenandoah valley, western maryland could be icing there. the rest of the region it's rain. rain moves in for the morning commute tomorrow then it exits by 9:00 in the morning, sunshine breaking out after that and we will get into the afternoon hours on monday with temperatures in the low 50s as the sun comes back, partly sunny tuesday, wednesday, the upper 40s. and getting cold into the week. and next saturday morning we could get some snow, some light snow on grassy areas, changes to rain in the afternoon and ends on sunday midday. that's the way it looks. you would y:r expect to have a deer dodge this spot. the das
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i'm mark murray of nbc news. a month after his surprise victory in the presidential contest donald trump's cabinet team is starting to take shape and so far it's a mix of retired generals, billionaires and multi-millionaires. the generals are james mattis for defense secretary and john kelly for homeland secretary. the billionaires, well, try wilbur ross who is slated to head the commerce department and betsy devos for education, the multi-millionaires are steve mnuchin, jeff sessions who is a u.s. senator, transportation secretary pick elaine chao and ben carson trump's choice for urban development. it all points to a key trait that trump values, success. the one vacancy left for secretary of state with the major contenders being former new york city mayor rudy guiliani, for
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presidential nominee mitt romney and even exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson and trump says e pick iths
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this is in arlington yesterday. this was all so that police could donate to kids in the community. the department gave away free bikes and toys, all of the gifts were donated through toys for tots and other community drives. thank you to everybody who donated. that's wonderful. >> santa is a good dancer. >> reindeer not too bad, either. every now and then we all need a spa day and speaking of deer, a pair of deer in pennsylvania took it a step further. check out this video. they were caught on camera doing this, making their way -- >> there they are. boom. >> oh, my goodness. this is at a car wash. okay? it was posted on facebook. you can see that the deer enter one of them entered the plastic barrier and the canvas was damaged. we don't know how the deer is doing but it looked like they made off okay, went through another exit. some people mentioned they get cold,
9:27 am
they were just looking for someplace maybe to keep warm. >> i'm hearing the song "car wash" in my head. >> me, too. right after that. >> go ahead. >> okay. baby, it's cold outside this morning with temps in the 20s and the 30s. tom updating his forecast right now with how you can plan for the day ahead. close to 10,000 -- 1,000 close to 10,000 -- 1,000
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coming up at 9:30 now, the red cross looking to find temporary housing to dozens of people after an apartment hire in the alexandria section of fairfax county. that fire broke out just after 6:00 last night at an apartment building on richmond highway. a woman was treated for smoke inhalation. 38 people are dead after a istanbul.ñ o close to 200 were hurt. the blast happened outside of a major soccer stadium after fans had gone home already. so far ten people have been arrested in connection with the attacks. sources close to donald trump's transition tell nbc news he is expected to nominate exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson as secretary of state. "news 4 today" starts now. everyone. i'm molette green. >> and i'm angie goff. so glad that you're here joining
9:31 am
you probably -- coming in so early on stuff a cold morning. >> it was tough getting up this morning. you just want to snuggle up in your bed. >> the extra chill in the air doesn't make it any easier. tom kierein, we're sorry, but we sent you outside. how does it field? >> you just have to layer up, that's all. i kind of enjoy the cold weather, you just have to be prepared for it, dress accordingly, you can check the weather wherever you are when you are away from your tv, latest storm team 4 forecast with the nbc washington app. we have a blket of gray clouds covering the region and that we're seeing, too, from our live tower camera overlooking washington on this sunday morning. a little bit of sunshine off to our far eastern suburbs. we did get a little dusting of very light snow north and west of the metro area overnight. that's now heading up into pennsylvania. hour by hour temperatures will stay in the 30s to just near 40 degrees by midafternoon. then hovering upper 30s near
9:32 am
overnight tonight. rain on the way, we will take a look at that, the hour by hour forecast, that's coming up this half hour. a bitter blast of winter weather is taking a toll on the northern part of the u.s. just take a look at what some folks are dealing with this morning. morgan radford shows us where temperatures are dropping and where the snow is piling up. >> reporter: residents in the midwest desperately digging their way out of almost//:s 3 f of snow. >> yesterday i did my driveway three times, then i woke up to another foot of snow this morning just to do it all over again. >> reporter: in parts of ohio mother nature landing a one-two punch, freezing temperatures and whiteout conditions. >> the older i get the more i hate this weather. it's a young person's weather. >> reporter: and a nightmare for commuters. tens of millions under a winter weather advisory with more than 30 inches of snow falling near cleveland and buffalo. another 6 inches expected off the great lakes. that storm system coming from the west where
9:33 am
entire neighborhood was left in the dark after this tree snapped, bringing down a power line. others trapped on a dark train for hours when another high voltage line ripped. first responders escorting them to safety. cities and towns across the northern plains feeling well below zero. still not enough to stop these tailgaters in north dakota or shoppers in chicago. >> i get excited. i love it. >> where some say the worst is yet to come. >> i keep saying we're going to be in for a whole world of hurt because we have had wonderful weather up until the beginning -- middle of december and now here we are, it's going to be negative 10 next week and we're in trouble. >> that was nbc's morgan radford reporting. this winter storm taking a toll on travel throughout the midwest. nearly a thousand flights canceled at chicago's o'hare airport today. that's roughly half the arrivals and half the departures.
9:34 am
seeing some trouble there, issues with southwest canceling all of its flights there. you need to check with your airline, especially if you are traveling through one of these destinations. folks looking to seek rech huge from the cold and going inside the mgm national harbor are still being asked to come back another time. since its grand opening on thursday the resort and casino has reached capacity at least twice. despite the cold, though, it's pretty much business as usual on the national harbor side of things. we caught up with some folks out and about heading to the shops and also restaurants. >> i kind of like the cold. i'm a ski instructor so i love the cold. my wife, not so much. >> she's like you got that right. she's like hurry up let's get inside and eat. we're told parking was not an issue at national harbor yesterday, either, so holiday shopping should be a breeze as the season continues on. and some doors have opened up for people who live on the streets in montgomery county. progress place is
9:35 am
opened a brand new place in silver spring, the county owned center gives homeless men and women a place to get a meal, receive medical treatment or find someone to talk to. >> individuals who have experienced homelessness will leave their homelessness behind and stabilize their lives. >> they're going to help out a lot of people. that's one thing for certain. now, progress place also has transitional housing available as well. recent estimates show nearly 1,000 people are homeless in montgomery county. that's down about 11% from last year. it's now legal to rent your home in arlington county through services like airbnb. the county board voted saturday that people who want to do so, they can apply for what's called a newly created accessory home stay permit. it's free, but it does limit the number of guests that a renter can host overnight. also requires that renters live in their homes at least half o
9:36 am
available at the end of the year. d.c. police have now charged saeve evans with the d.c. teen's murder. 16-year-old breyona mcmillian was hit by a stray bullet the day after thanksgiving. this happened at the potomac gardens housing complex in southeast. breyona had just returned home from boarding school for the holiday. evans has been in jail since last wednesday on a firearms charge related to the case. and this?é0 morning police linking two gun shot victims to the same shooting that happened in prince william county. it all started friday night when someone called on a shooting on forestdale avenue. officers didn't find anything there -- anyone there, but during the investigation they ended up getting a call from prince george's county police. a man from manassas had turned himself into a hospital for treatment, in maryland, he had a gunshot wound they say. then there was a second man from dump frees, he was being treated for a gunshot wound
9:37 am
hospital. detectives tell us they are still trying to figure out exactly what happened. the redskins, they are looking to bounce back from their loss last week with a win against their division rival philadelphia eagles today. it's a chance for desean jackson to play against his former team. now, it comes after reports during the off-season that jacking could return to the eagles but coach gruden has a thing or two to say about how important jackpot is to the redskins. >> he has been a major -- has had a major impact on this football team whether he catches three balls for 80 yards or one ball for 69. he doesn't have to be a guy who catches ten balls for 90 yards to have an impact on this team. his deep threat has an impact on the defense, it opens up areas for jordan reed and jake son crowder in the back sometimes. >> kickoff is at 1:00 and of course the game is going on in philly, happening in philly. louisville quarterback lamar jackson the youngest player to
9:38 am
19 years old, he brought out that red jacket, folks. he won college football's most prestigious award last night in new york. jackson put up over 3300 yards in the air, more than 1,000 yards on the ground, a jaw dropping 51 touchdowns this year.j 51? >> sophomore. you talked about being the youngest. he is a sophomore. >> he has a future. >> we are going to see a lot more from him for sure. fpt down and cause a mess of tomorrow's commute. tom's tracking the timing. developing right now, dozens dead and a tanker up in flames. the run away crash that slammed
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
>> okay. yeah, right there, it seemed as if singer patty smith stumbled over some of bob dylan's lyrics during the nobel prize banquet. she was fill in for the musician who couldn't attend the ceremony in sweden. the audience gave her a round of applause, a statement from dylan was read aloud in which he said he was very honored for this well, a jury could begi deliberating today in the fatal shooting of a new orleans saints star will smith. closing arguments are expected in the trial of cardell hayes, he's facing a0 mandat sentence if convicted of second degree murder. he says he shott.té in self def. prosecutors say that a loaded gun remained untouched inside smith's damaged car. we have this for you this morning, this is new, a surprise visit to baghdad.
9:42 am
secretary of defense as troops fight to push back the islamic state. it will be easy to spot all those folks who are not listening to tom's forecast. they will be the ones shivering outside because they didn't put on enough layers. storm team 4 tracking freezing
9:43 am
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don't let the cold keep you from getting some
9:45 am
exercise on this sunday. we'll stay cloudy the rest of the day but dry. temperatures by noontime upper 30s, hovering near 40 during the afternoon, remaining cloudy and then staying near 40 actually all the way into early evening. actually good day to get out and get exercise, just layer up a bit. a look at our chances for snow next weekend, that's coming up in a few minutes. new this morning, secretary of defense ash carter is in iraq, he made theso trip to the country overnight. you're looking at this video, this is from his trip to afghanistan on friday, carter is scheduled to meet today with american commanders and iraqi leaders to assess progress in the fight to retake the city of mosul from isis. he is sending an additional 200 troops to syria. there is an increasingly desperate situation in the syrian city of aleppo this morning as the government forces move to take complete control and thousands of
9:46 am
get out before they do. nbc's matt bradley has the latest. >> reporter: syria's government is tightening its noose around east aleppo. strangling the nearly 100,000 civilians thought to remain inside. the rest are fleeing by the tens of thousands. for fighting-aged men escaping aleppo can seem like jumping from the pan into the fire. the united nations said hundreds of men and boys disappeared once they reached government held west aleppo this week. >> what is the worry among human rights workers once aleppo falls completely? >> you have a huge number of people who may be exposed to reprisals of different kinds including being picked up and held in detention centers, interrogated and tortured. >> meanwhile a flurry of negotiations to end the slaughter has once again achieved little. secretary kerry urging syria and russia to protect the innocent. >> they need to provide guarantees and
9:47 am
to be put in place that make certain that people are not marching into a massacre. government forces say they've captured over 90% of what was once syria's largest city. they are determined to achieve a military victory and finally tip the war's balance in president assad's favor, but at a high cost. nearly six years of war and more than 400,000 dead. it's a civil war complicated by the ongoing fight against isis in the region in which u.s. troops are increasingly involved. 200 special operations troops will join the 300 soldiers already fighting isis in syria. another continuing war that donald trump stands to inherit. matt bradley, nbc news, london. and we have this other story developing out of kenya this morning. it is terrible. the death toll we know has risen in this run away tanker crash in the country of kenya. officials saying at least 39 people had now died, ten others
9:48 am
with dangerous gas slammed into multiple cars and burst into flames. a witness says that the tanker was going fast and lost control before veering into oncoming cars. republicans will have a bigger edge in their senate majority next month. that's because louisiana voters picked state treasurer john kennedy to fill the state's open u.s. senate seat. his victory now giving republicans a 52-48 seat edge in the chamber. kennedy defeated democrat foster campbell in the race. the seat was open because republican david vitter didn't seek reelection. okay. talking about our weather, everybody who is on our live feed here they're following us on nbc washington's facebook page, they're saying no snow. no snow. >> most people don't want it. >> they want it more along the lines of a white christmas. >> just to keep the roads clear but maybe just enough to cover the grass. we will maybe get a little bit this coming weekend. here is your hour by hour forecast for this sunday.
9:49 am
now temperatures are near the freezing mark and by noontime mid to upper 30s. might have a little sunshine trying to break through, then cloudy the rest of the afternoon and hovering near 40 degrees. all the way into the middle part of the evening we will still be near 40, in fact, going to stay near 40 all night long. did get a brief dusting of light snow this morning passing north of the metro area, that's pulling away up into pennsylvania. hour by hour as we get into the evening hours by 2:00 a.m. we will begin to see maybe a little freezing rain here in parts of the northern shenandoah valley, hand pannedel of west virginia, western maryland, rain falling, freezing on untreated surfaces there. elsewhere it's going to be above freezing. by 4:00, 5:00 a.m. rain moves right across northern virginia, much of maryland and the district and by 6:00, company a.m. in the morning you will have wet pavement, wet sidewalks, getting off to work and school tomorrow morning. that rain does track off farther to the east and ends in the metro area around 10:00, 11:00 in the morning, then we get sunshir
9:50 am
into monday afternoon. so up and down we go here over the next several days. temperatures tomorrow afternoon we get a little sun back, ought to make it into the low 50s, but that's going to be the warmest temperature over the next ten days. this will be in the upper 40s, partly sunny tuesday, wednesday. yesterday was looking like wednesday we might get a dusting of light snow, now that is off the table, looks like we will just be partly sunny on wednesday. then turning much colder thursday, friday, both of those days highs may only be near freezing and then a possibility of some snow on saturday. it does look like onh[ipx satur morning we could get some light snow, morning and midday, changing to rain in the afternoon and that rain may end, then, by midday sunday. that's the way it looks. >> thank you, tom. a week ago we saw how fake news led to a shooting at a popular pizza place. we are going to take a closer look behind those ♪
9:51 am
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♪ good morning, everyone and it's an all nfc east big game sunday. redskins making a quick trip up 95 looking for their fifth straight win over the eagles, trent williams set to make his return follow a four-game suspension for violating the league's drug policy. after plenty of pressure from the cardinals last week hopefully the pro bowl left tackle will provide added
9:54 am
the defense has been struggling, one of the bright spots ryan kerrigan, he will look to provide that spot. he leads the team with ten sacks including a season high two and a half against carson wentz and the eagles back in the team's first meeting this year. and sunday night football up in the meadow lands, cowboys versus giants, the giants will try to stop the league's leading rusher ezekiel elliott who has 12 touchdowns, but his season low in yards. came against these giants in that week one loss. it all starts with football night in america at 7:00 p.m. and kickoff from a chilly new york at 8:30. enjoy your big game sunday. that's good stuff. >> you can't get -- with that music you have to. >> it's good. >> you have to rock out a little. so the business of fake news came under intense scrutiny last week after false stories about what was going on at comet ping
9:55 am
police say those reports prompted a man to attack the restaurant and that led to nbc's jacob soboroff to take a longer look at the fake news phenomenon, it's impact and actually what's behind it. >> reporter: with fake news making real news headlines this week secretary clinton calling it an epidemic, the pizzeria attack in washington, the obvious question is why do so many people turn to phoney news sources. one answer to that question can be found in news rooms like ours all across the country, as gallop said americans trust in mainstream media sources is at an all time low. >> do you trust the mainstream media? >> no. >> how could you tell when things are slanted and when they're not. >> you can't but then i watch the mock news. >> are you getting better information from last week tonight or us at nbc news? >> last week tonight does more in depth research and sometimes they are actually teaching me something. >> do you trust me? >> yes. >> you do? >> because you have glasses. >> because i have glasses
9:56 am
emboldened fake news creators like californian justin collar. >> fbi agent suspected in hillary e-mail links found dead in apparent murder suicide. >> the motive behind the killing still being investigated but police say brown was a highly respected agent with the fbi. >> is any of that true? >> not a single thing. >> not a single thing. >> totally fiction. >> in the days before the election over 500,000 people on facebook shared the post by koehler who says he voted for clinton. 1.6 million people saw it on his website. >> how much am undid it cost make you. >> likely somewhere around about $8,000. >> is it worth it? >> this is one that i would probably take back. even to add to that google closed all the accounts that were running on the site. so even that money is gone. >> do you feel like the work that you did from this computer affected td results of the election in any way? >> i do not. it's something that, again, i'm glad you guys are here now talking about it you but you should have been talking about it years ago. >> what's the role of a fake news media in the democracy.
9:57 am
helps keep the real media honest. >> a fraying bond between the fourth estate and the american people, that's something the numbers say is true. jacob soboroff, nbc news, los angeles. it's cold now, but freezing rain could have a big impact on tom is updating his forecast with how you can get ready. the puck is going to drop here in rockville in just about an hour.
9:58 am
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"news 4 today" starts now. now on "news 4 today" first comes the cold, now rain and snow on the way. tom is busy tracking how you can plan ahead for all this freezing weather. staying on top of breaking news overseas, more than 100 killed in a sudden church collapse. the danger going on in nigeria as that roof comes crashing down. fourth in line to the presidency, donald trump's expected pick for secretary of state and the new concerns about controversial ties to russia. good sunday morning, everyone, i'm mom let green in for adam tuss. >> and i'm angie goff. two weekends to get a lot of your holiday shopping done. >> we have to get it done but the weather is a big factor, too, for the plan of action. >> do you know what the key is,


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