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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 15, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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concussion protocol. >> al: third and 20. and wilson, going for the end zone, and picked off at the 1 yard line by ogletree. we'll take that back to the 9 yard line. the refs can't be thrilled about that. they wound up with the interception. >> cris: they end up with a good shot on russell wilson, too. >> al: they did. by aaron donald, with 3:08 left. >> cris: watch the end of the play. aaron donald, coming right through there. right. as russell wilson throws it, a shot, nothing illegal. i don't want to say that. but i just know how it sits with defensive players sometimes, when thefe
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had been slighted. and of course, pete carroll will tell you, i'm trying to win the division. i'm trying to lock this whole thing up. but there's been some back and forth. and the rams have had huge special teams plays in the past. there's been a little chip byness going back and forth. and the punter took a shot one time at one of their defensive linemen. and they almost came back and got him. there's some history here. >> al: there sure is. case keenum is the quarterback, with goff back in the locker room, getting checked out. keenum throws. short gain. caught there by brian quick up at the 13, tackled by jauron johnson, second down. >> cris: you don't take the first overall pick and go quarterback and think you're going to hold that job forever. you did an okay job for this franchise as a backup
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quarterback. >> al: to the 25 yard line. brian quick making the catch. thorpe with the tackle. first down. >> cris: and it works both ways. pete carroll has been around the block a couple of times. what are the seahawks doing? they're firing blitzes left and right at case keenum. >> al: taken in by michael thomas. second down. >> cris: i'm sure for john fassel, not the result he dreamed about. but this certainly has to be the thrill of a lifetime to get an opportunity to be the head coach. and i still go back to that first drive, al. they have one of those two touchdowns. don't miss the wide-open guy. and convert on the fourth down. it's a different game. >> al: no question.
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second and four. and that's incomplete. over the middle. intended for austin. the rams, their final road game of the season. been better on the road than they have been at home. and they will go home. and end the year with two divisional foes, in arizona and san francisco. >> cris: you have to like where seattle is sitting right now with their remaining schedule and their chances of getting that bye, one home game. and then, hopefully for them, one shot of the championship and a return trip to the super bowl. >> al: they don't need a tiebreaker because it's a half-game they're behind, because of a tie with arizona. and the pass floats. it's incomplete. todd gurley makes it fourth down and four. >> cris: that was a big miss. and the rams have just missed opportunities.
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gurley was going to have a chance for a big play, if not a touchdown here. and the ball was at least seven yards underthrown. >> al: fourth and four, the rams down by 21. it's the fourth time tonight they've gone for it on fourth down. haven't converted any. still haven't. austin makes the catch. seattle will get the ball. and we go to the two-minute warning with 1:57 on the clock. and seattle, on the cusp of clinching the nfc west. on "thursday night football."
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ect? thick. cheesy. and golden brown. papa john's new pan pizza try a three-topping for $10. add a 2-liter pepsi for $2. papa john's. the official pizza sponsor of the nfl. >> al: on the volkswagen postgame report, heather on the field. the star of the game. and we'll look ahead to "sunday night football." tampa bay at dallas. ght.ury link field, a beautiful at the southern edge of downtown
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tomorrow at 9:00 on nfl network, the passion that helped carry him to canton. kevin green, "a football life" tomorrow at 9:00 eastern on the nfl network. holly collinsworth not here. unless you stayed off of the ferris wheel on this trip. this is the -- this will be the second clinch for seattle this week. the sounders soccer team won the mls cup and they had a big parade here, downtown on, i think, it was wednesday. and the seahawks will, tonight, clinch the nfc west. >> cris: it was a good win, too. it was a slugfest out there, when thomas rawls only rushes 20 times for 34 yards. you know, it was a tough night. but russell wilson, bouncing back, as everybody knehe
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which people don't get overly excited about in this town anymore. but that's the first step in the process. >> al: one more kneeldown will do it. seattle will go to 9-4-1. the rams will go to 4-10. john fassel will get a couple more games as the interim head coach. pete carroll gets another nfc west title. and the seahawks win it by a score of 24-3. coming up next, the volkswagen postgame report. this has been hu
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welcome to "the volkswagen golf alltrack postgame report." >> the seahawks bounce back from their loss in green bay, to beat lo
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for the third time they clinch the nfl west. and in so doing this year, they eliminate the arizona cardinals from playoff contention in the 2016 season. heather cox is with russell wilson right now. >> russell, coming into this game, you, in your career, hadn't had a ton of success against this defense. how did you turn the tide around tonight? >> their defensive line is unbelievable. all those guys up front. but the offensive line came through. we made some big, big plays. thomas ran the ball really hard. weren't getting big yards. but when we did, it was a key moment. and guys make great plays. luke wilson's touchdown. other guys make great catches. and tyler lockett, running down the sideline, going with the ball that's unbelievable. a lot of great plays. the defense played lights-out. a great game. great enthusiasm. and to win the nfc west is not an easy challenge. to do it here at home, it doesn't get any better.
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>> with this win, you capture the division. what kind of confidence does that give you in this team to make a deep run in the playoffs, russell? >> we always have great confidence. not just winning this game or even losing a tough one. we have great confidence. we have great confidence because of how we prepare. and i think that coach really gets us prepared. all of us players were dedicated to the game. we're going to continue to be better. i think just continue to grow. we got a lot of great things happening. obviously, a check mark to win the nfc west. but a lot more to get out of it. every game counts. >> russell, enjoy this one. >> go, hawks. >> al, back up to you. >> thank you, heather. it's on to arlington, texas. the tampa bay buccaneers against the dallas cowboys. we saw the bucs lose at home against atlanta. how in the world would they win five games in a row after that. but they've i
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they were not impressive on that thursday night. and then, they just started putting things together. and i think the real key has been the play of their defense. they have been able -- they shut down this offense. but we'll go into dallas with the same enthusiasm. russell wilson, clinching the division. that guy just loves playing football, doesn't he? >> he does. they win the nfc west. and the dallas cowboys will try to win the nfc east. and hold on to that number one seed. only in cowboy land can you win 11 in a row. there's always something going on. and of course, we have plenty going on this weekend. >> but remember, they went on the road, back-to-back, against minnesota, a tough defense. against a new york giants defense. this is three-straight tough defenses. this will be challenged again. >> bucs at cowboys. on "sunday night football" we'll be back here in seattle after this.
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right now on news 4 braving the cold. why things might be better on friday, and what you can do to prevent disaster at your house when we drop below freezing. president-elect donald trump takes aim at the white house press secretary tonight while his daughter ivanka starts making calls to congress. four months after a deadly apartment building explosion, one teenager who survived is sharing her story. how she lost everything on this day she moved here. news 4 at 11:00 starts now. we are counting the hours until we warm
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thanks for staying up with us. i'm jim handley. >> i'm door even gensler. the wind is beginning to die down a little bit outside. we saw lots of people bundled up tonight in coats and hats and scarves. no doubt, we'll need all of those and maybe more again tomorrow. >> let's get to chief meteorologist doug cammer. he is in the storm center. doug. >> you know, winds still gusting 15 to 20 miles an hour, but nowhere near the 30 to 40-mile-an-hour wind gusts we have across the area a little earlier. even higher than that. we're still dealing with the wind and the wind chill. even with the 10-mile-per-hour wind right now, look at the wind chill factor in d.c. hagerstown, 1 degree, and well below zero just to the north up towards pennsylvania. what are we going to be seeing? one thing wear watching for tomorrow night is it's going to be cold enough that we could see some ice in locations just to the north. frederick county, maryland, frederick county, virginia, and points to the north and west all under a winter storm watch right now. a little bit of snow,
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possibility. changes to all rain. we'll talk much more about this and when it moves in, what to expect tomorrow, and just how warm we get this weekend and how long that warmer weather lasts. there could be issues with your faucets, furnaces, and pipes too. we are in rockville tonight with what you need to watch out for. >> reporter: for the first time in a while our heads are cold, our hands are cold, but this weather can also cause you problems inside the house. deep in the basement of chris's arlington home furnace tech calvin williams works with the precision of a surgeon on the tangle of wires. >> the heat went out today and just abruptly went out on the coldest day yet of the
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for michael and son's heating and cooling is keeping busy. >> i'm here to save the day. either they don't have heat or they don't have a.c., and i'm her to fix it. >> reporter: the first sustained cold weather of the year keeps plumbers busy and the most common cull riprit is the outsi faucet. forgetting to drain it after shutting off a valve located inside the house could mean a burst pipe inside your walls and extensive repairs. it was so cold people ran and in with uncase screamed as they went in and out of shops and restaurants in rockville. >> i was born when it's really warm at that time of year from columbia. this is awful. hate it. >> reporter: we're not the only ones who suffer in this cold. if you want to know more about how to keep your pet safe and
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you can download our nbc 4 app. it has more information. rockville, jack why i benson, news 4. the family of a man shot and killed by d.c. police is suing the department for $50 million. terrence sterling was shot by an officer back in september. investigators say sterling was riding his motorcycle erratically in northwest d.c. the officer says he believed his life was in danger. sterling's family says sterling was shot while unarmed and posed no danger to anyone. the washington post reports several witnesses have testified to a grand jury about that shooting. in the lawsuit sterling's family says he was shot twice. prosecutors will decide whether to file criminal charges against in a officer. former prince george's county executive jack johnson will spend the next seven months in a baltimore area halfway house. he was released from prison today after doing time for a public corruption scandal. johnson pleaded guilty to shaking down contractors for large sums of money. news 4 captu
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of his arrest in 2010. his wife, leslie, was also arrested for hiding evidence. in a phone conversation johnson advised her to hide some of the money in her underwear while investigators were outside the home. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk where tonight the president-elect pushed back at the white house criticism and warned american companies against moving jobs out of the u.s. >> it's going to be that they will have consequences when they leave our country and think they're going to sell the product right back over our border, no tax, no nothing. >> reporter: donald trump did address the new reports personally tying russian president vladimir putin to the hacking of democratic emails. in an interview that's going to air later this morning on npr president obama says we need to take action and we will at a time and place of our own choosing. earlier in the day thursday the white house press secretary chastised president-elect trump for mocking u.s. intelligence
11:56 pm
election, and tonight trump fired back. >> this foolish guy, josh ernest. i don't know if he is talking to president obama. you know, having the right press secretary is so important because he is so bad the way he delivers a message. >> reporter: president obama is hoping to release a full report on that cyber attack before he leaves offense next month. >> chris lawrence. chris, thank you. it is a showdown that's caused a spirited back and forth on social media. donald trump supporters targeting an arlington nightclub after he chose not to book their group for an inaugural event. that group wanted to co-host the skaultd deploreball. an event open to everyone the night before the inauguration. she say the clairen done ballroom canceled their reservation because of negative reaction on social media. >> they
11:57 pm
regarding our event and that was negative. the clarendon ballroom canceled our engagement. >> they kaebsed after knowing that a contract had been signed. the decision created a battle on social media and on-line review sites about the nightclub. an update to a story many of you have been reading on the nbc washington app. the apparent derth of d.c. area marching bands applied to perform in the inaugural parade. today we learned a band from north carolina has applied, a band from -- is hoping to perform. the deadline to apply was december 5th. the inaugural committee will make its decision soon. for the first time in 20 years no d.c. schools applied for consideration. soon to be first daughter ivanka trump is already getting to work on her political en
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she's lobbying republican congress members on child care and family leave. a high level transition official tells nbc news ivanka has been calling lawmakers and the main focus of her advocacy will relate to women's roles in growth of the economy, jobs, and small businesses. president obama will hold his end of the year news conference tomorrow before the first family departs for their annual holiday vacation in hawaii. we'll have live coverage from the white house briefing room starting around 2:15 in the afternoon right here on nbc 4. the man who killed nine african-americans at an historic church in charleston, south carolina, is putting his life in his own hands. dillon roof was convicted this afternoon for that hate crime. now he will represent himself during the next phase of the trial, which could end with the death penalty. nbc's gate gutierrez picks up our story. >> reporter: fueled by racism, he walked into their sanctuary and opened fair. >>
11:59 pm
found dillon roof guilty of 33 federal counts, including hate crimes. >> reporter: police say there were just three survivors that awful night that testified during the trial how he watched roof take her 26-year-old son. >> that was very painful to me. >> reporter: during his closing arguments prosecutor nathan williams raised his voice in anger calling roof a man of immense hatred and tremendous coward eswho shot his victims while they prayed and had their eyes closed. these nine people exetch fewed a goodness that was greater than his message of hate, he said. the defense conceded the horror of the rampage, but toern david bruk tried to bring up his client's mental state. >> he's still in here. i'm afraid he's still in here. rirchlt this 911 call was among the evidence that prosecutors laid out for
12:00 am
churches. >> i wanted to do everything i had to do to make sure -- >> and she did. where dylan roof failed to start the race war he wanted, she succeeded in honoring her son's memory. >> i wear a smile, and the reason is we look at the -- they all wore a beautiful smile. >> that was gabe gutierrez reporting. visitors will pay their respects to glen tomorrow and saturday before public memorial saturday afternoon. glen died last week at the age of 95. prosecutors have dropped charges against a hospital employee accused of sexually assaulting a patient. we first reported this story last week. 51-year-old prmarco simon works at united medical center in southeast. a patient said simon sexually assaulted hert
12:01 am
today we learn the charges were dropped. the u.s. attorney's office didn't comment about why. next at 11:00 she survived a deadly apartment explosion back in august. but she lost everything. it was her first night staying in that building. now this teenager is on the road to recovery. >> two years they're going to be difficult. that's what d.c. says about metro cutting its late night hours. why leaders say it had to be done. >> two army service medals show up at a goodwill donation bin. can you help find the family of a world war
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>> it's been four months since a deadly apartment explosion killed seven people in silver spring, including two children. >> one teenager who survived the blast had just arrived in this country for school. she lost two family friends, all her belongings, and all her money in that explosion. >> news 4 shamari stone has more on her physical and emotional recovery. >> reporter: good evening. tonight this teenager shares her story about what happened in august. take a look at the building behind me. it's demolished where, she lived here for just one day. >> it was my dream for two years to come to the united states. >> reporter: 17-year-old mi miss american drome turned to a nightma nightmare. i was very excited to come here, and then this accident happened. >> reporter: scars cover her body, including on her arms,
12:05 am
but she doesn't allow it to bring her down. >> i'm happy because i'm alive. rincht she flew to the united states from ethiopia on august 10th. she was going to stay with a family friend in an apartment here for a few weeks. then she was going to move to oklahoma to enroll in the 12th grade at a boarding school. on the first day she moved in, she went to sleep and woke up to the fire. she got out. the couple she was staying with died. >> is they were so nice to me. i met them, like, only that day, but they were so nice to me. like, oh, my goodness. >> reporter: the explosion destroyed several apartments, killed seven people, and displaced more than 50 families. the tuition money she needed $2,000 in cash, clothes, books, went up in flames. >> i want to continue my life. >> reporter: she says she plans to continue to approximate you


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