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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 17, 2016 9:00am-9:30am EST

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>> that's good advice there. we do want to show you the traffic maps too. if you look at them, a lot of red and gridlock there. folks not able to get where they need to go. >> this is a pattern that started probably after 5:00 a.m. it was almost like an instant. >> when we were driving in we had no issues and then after that it seemed to hit at once. >> it can happen that fast, right? >> it did at around 4:00 this morning we started to see the rain pick up. we had a little sleet and snow before that, but it was after 4:00 a.m. that we started to see the rain falling. now that we're up to around 30 degrees but still below freezing. the damage has been done. most of the freezing rain tracking off to the north and east is breaking up a bit across northern virginia although we still have lingering light freezingn
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northern virginia, panhandle of west virginia and the good news is we'll see it drying out later in the morning and temperature addres will be getting above freezing. reagan national is at 30. milder air is beginning to move in from the west. we'll have these winter weather advisories until noon time on this saturday. an update on a chance for rain for the weekend in a few minutes. let's show you this traffic map. you can see the red that's highlighted. >> these are some of the big problems. derrick ward is live in montgomery county right now. >> the message is clear, folks should stay home. >> reporter: indeed. the rain has stopped now and the temptation might be to get out here and get into it, but these oa
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this road has been treated but you still have problems here. if you're going to be stopping or accelerating to get into traffic you might find you're compromised in terms of traction so you might want to take it easy. this is i-66. this is the backup from the multi car crash that authorities have been dealing with today. we have video from not far away from here, bradley boulevard, a car spun out and hit a utility pole. the driver is okay, but it gives you a sense of what's going on. even heavy equipment like fire trucks, a fire truck off the road here. you can see the issues they are having. you might want to wait a while before you come out, give the crews a chance to come out and make these roads more possessable. the advisory had been extended until noon from earlier. it was supposed to end at 9:00
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we'll have to hear whether that is still the case. you have to be careful. look at the sidewalk where i am right now. that's still ice. even though there's no rain falling on it the temperatures haven't gotten up enough to melt this and make it passable. you might want to delay that christmas shop ping or whatever you have to do and let the temperatures turn this ice into sleet. back to you. >> certainly still feeling it. because of those conditions the slick roads as we've seen this morning throughout the morning making for some tough driving. julie carry spent time with a driving instructor who showed us what to do when your car starts to skid. >> reporter: welcome to blacktop boot camp. they use
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what it's like to fishtail or spin out on a slick road. his first reminder about winter driving. >> four wheel drive does not equal four wheel traction. a car with four or all wheel drive can't stop or turn any better than a car without. >> reporter: if you're vehicle does start to fishtail, resist braking at least at dpfirst. >> you want to steer into the direction of the skid. applying brakes can sometimes cause the car, the weight transfer toward the front of the car and unload the back more. >> reporter: if you haven't controlled the kid aftskid afte rear of the car goes back and forth three times you have to use another approach. >> at that point both feet in where you mash the brake pedal to the floor and
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>> reporter: keeping speeds down in snow and ice, that's the key. >> good advice there. if you have the nbc washington app you can find more good advice. the storm team 4 weather alert comes up on it and you can have them come up as soon as you open it and set weather as your home page. >> the app is great because we're constantly updating it. if you are flying out of reagan national airport within the next week, officials are expecting heavy traffic on roads near the airport especially the george washington parkway. congestion is worse between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. try taking metro or give
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to deal with the rush. let's get to other headlines. today crowds are going to gather at the ohio state university campus to honor astronaut john glenn. yesterday we saw this, thousands coming to honor glenn as he lied in repose at ohio's capital building. for many it was a chance to say good-bye to a hometown hero. >> he had so much respect for the tusky airmen. i owe it to him. i had to come here. >> glenn will be buried during a private services at arlington national cemetery. a lot of us glued to social media interacting with you through facebook live this morning, but it's becoming a common way of course for folks to meet for the first time and this morning we know four people are facing charges after what police say was a dangerous set
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up. >> tracy wilkins explains what happened and what you need to do to avoid a similar situation. >> reporter: it started as an n encounter on facebook. this man wanted to meet a woman he met online in person. the victim parked his vehicle in this apartment complex thinking he was going to meet the woman when he was robbed. >> there were three armed individuals there to rob him. they stole several items from him at gunpoint be before fleeing the area. >> reporter: this unfolded on wednesday in district heights. the police say they went back to investigate the apartment after it happened. >> our detectives conducted a follow up investigation of that apartment and they spoke to a young lady who lives there and while they were conducting that investigation with her, they searched the apartment and found two males inside the closet hiding with a
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apartment that led to serious charges for everyone. >> it was a fully loaded 38 caliber resolve. >> reporter: preciossur precious charged and three men. the police have this tip for anyone who's meeting someone online for the first time. >> it might be wise to try to meet them in a public location where there are a lot of witnesses just in case something goes wrong. >> reporter: the police say they are investigating this group to see if they've done anything like this before. news 4. you can expect a crowd at the malls today. this is what they call super saturday or some of you might refer to it as panic saturday trying to get those last-minute gifts. according th
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federation, only one in ten of you actually have finished up your shopping. so today there will be so-called super saturday sales to target those last-minute shoppers and packed parking lots. please be carefully. >> an icy parking lot. it wouldn't be surprising if you are playing super mario run from your iphone. it jumped to the top of the charts within hours of release on thursday. the game is designed to be played one handed and is free but you have to pay $10 to unlock the entire game. an android version is in the wor works. so this is a meat and potato pie you see being launched into space. a team of space enthusiasts
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with a camera. the pie took a 1,000 trip. you may ask why? the group wants to see if it makes it easier to eat at the championship next week. i'm confused. >> i'm confused. take a look at this shopping frenzy that's turned shipping frenzy is under way this holiday season and we're going to give you a behind the scenes look at how packages get from your computer or mobile phone to your doorstep. a rn warning to the ladies there that prep for the holiday parties what you need to know about eyela
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this just in, the opening certify ma ceremonies for wreaths across
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believed was cancel but volunteers are there laying down wreaths in between breaks in the rain. we have video of the trucks arriving with more than 200,000 wreaths. across the nation 1,100 ceremonies are being hosted. many of you are volunteering across our region so check with the organization you plan to volunteer with to see if they're going to go on with the wreath laying ceremony. for the next few days you'll probably be standing in line at the post office trying to send holiday gifts. >> one worry is if the weather around the country is going to effect delivery. news four susan hogan is at a fedex processing plant with answers. >> reporter: so if you can see me, i'm over here. this is kind of like the heart where all of the packages are coming through and you got your hands loaded there. all right. this
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processing plant for this area. i'm coming through and this is their peak season. clearly, right. it will go from last monday through next we. we have our friend tony here. you have meteorologist literally on stand by watching the weather making sure the packages get there on time. >> absolutely, yes. we want to make sure that our flights arrive on time and that our packages get to our customers on time. >> reporter: last year there was a huge issue with shipping companies because of the bad weather. this year are we looking okay? >> i think we're in good shape, absolutely. we have our meteorologist down there telling us minute by minute how the weather is going to be. it effects us here and in our hubs over in memphis too. >> reporter: thanks so much. >> susan hogan in the midst of that chaos right there.
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to our nbc washington facebook page and we have a list of important shipping deadlines you want to check out. icy condition all over the place. we're monitoring the roads and weather conditions for you on this weather alert day. hee latest w
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lady, if you are thinking of putting on false eyelashes for
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be careful. doctors is seeing a rise in allergic reactions in formaldehyde used in the glue. the lashes can trap dirt and bacter bacteria. if you don't want to give up that beauty routine they say keep it as clean as possible. people who want to sign up for health insurance through the affordable care act you have until 11:59 monday night to apply for coverage. that coverage will start on january 1st. the deadline was extended because so many people were trying to sign up. tom with us now. you've been busy tracking icy conditions. folks on facebook live trying to figure out when it will be safe to head out. what do you think? >> i would say wait until noon time to make sure even though
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and traffic moving on the roads it's breaking it up, but still many side streets and your sidewalk, that may be the most treacherous part of your day is stepping outside your front day. it may look wet but that is ice. it's a weather alert day. i have our tower camera zoomd in on a tre. can see the branchs a being weighed down by a coating of ice and weaker branchs may break off and come down by later today. now looking at radar, we are seeing the last of the freezing rain moving out. all this area in pink still some lingering, northern virginia, eastern pennsylvania -- west virginia into eastern pennsylvania, most of maryland and the metro area it is starting to break up. we'll see it beginning to taper off. hour by hour for the rest of the day, by noon time maybe a
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lingering sprinkles of rain and then above freezing and then sunshine. the cloud cover breaks up and temperatures warm into the 40s so we'll see a lot of melting going on during the afternoon and then the evening hours partly cloudy to clear during the evening. temperatures are hovering near 30 degrees. we have a winter weather advisory in effect until noon time today. all around the region we'll have this slick road condition and icy glaze hanging in again until right around noon time. we'll be hovering near 50 in late afternoon and temperatures rise to 50 degrees and hover that way overnight. low 60s on sunday and rain showers likely sunday afternoon and then end by sunset. temperatures drop back into the upper 30s late sunday night. we might get a few sprinkles on thursday and christmas day next weekend. that's the way
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a look at metro this weekend. remember, this is the last weekend for safe track surge on the silver and orange line. still means single tracking this weekend and into the beginning of next weekend between east falls church and west through next wednesday. blue and yellow lines running every 24 minutes and same situation on the green line as well and on the red line a regular weeken schedule.d and let roomba from irobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home. cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba, from irobot. better. together.
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this week we brought the story of two military medals that ended up at a goodwill store that belonged to a soldier. >> reporter: when the employees were sorting through donations they noticed two items that weren't quite like the others. a purple heart and silver star, two of the highest honors in the military. the name inscribed robert enzmi enzmi enzminger. he was 22 when he died a hero. >> this is a brave soldier who gave his life for his country. >> reporter: nobody knew where his family might be. we got e-mails from several people including one from a man in south carolina. he is named
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remember the people in our family and the history and not forgetting what they did, the people that came before us. >> reporter: his aunt and uncle used to live in northern virginia aen and when they move the medals must have ended up in a donation pile. >> they're very happy they've been returned. >> i never expected we would find the family so quickly. i'm pleased, shocked, but pleased. it's a good day. >> reporter: he got to see those medals that had been lost for so long. >> i wanted to show you the medals. i've got them here with me and i hope that you can see these. >> oh, man. yes. very nice. >> we're excited to get them back to you. >> reporter: as it turns out the ceo of goodwill will be in south carolina next week so she plans to return these medals to the family in person. news 4. to the vatican where pope
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a special cake was baked in his honor by a pastry chef in rome. he told the cardinals that the scarey thought of old age was on his mind. >> happy birthday to him. you're telling folks to give it to noon to head out. >> we've heard multiple accidents that are causing backups. you don't want to get involved in that. stay warm and toasty with the nbc washington app. there's storm team 4 radar. that pink zone is the area where we're still getting light freezing rain. that's rain that falls and freezes up on the frozen surface creating ice so we're still getting that in the shenandoah valley and the panhandle and exiting northern
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the district. the damage has been done. later this afternoon we'll climb into the low to mid 40s here by early afternoon and we'll see maybe a little bit of rain around perhaps around noon time, but then sun breaks out later this afternoon and then we'll warm to near 50 degrees by late afternoon and stay near 50 overnight tonight and then by dawn on sunday we'll be right around the mid 50s, but still below freezing now so don't venture out until afternoon time. >> that's going to do it for this weather alert day and our coverage, but . . 6
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hi everybod welcome to nines on nbc4. i'm rick "doc" walker here at the annual skins santa workshop with the one and only santa at fedex field where the washington redskins charitable foundation hosted 200 elementary schoolchildren to join some of the players in fun holiday activities. while some of the team is giving back to the community, they're all fired up for the big prime time game against the panthers on monday night. jay gruden, the head coach, has the keys to the game brought to you by long & foster, proud partner of the washington redskins. >> jay, coach rivera h


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