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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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and right now off the top at 6:00, i'm tracking rain, but more importantly, it's all about the falling temperatures. coming up, what we'll be waking up to tomorrow morning and what you can expect throughout the day hour by hour on your monday. sxwl we are just hours away from donald trump officially being elected president of the united states. and tonight, a new poll reveals just how voters feel about russia's meddling in our election. and a sporting event in maryland takes a terrifying turn. nearly two dozen people thrown into the water. wild weather. tracking a huge drop in the
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thanks for joining us. the temperatures have tumbled from the 60s this afternoon to the 40s now and ameila draper says they're going to fall even more. >> what an interesting weekend it's been weatherwise. we talk about the freeding rain friday night and with we were dealing withize in spots. today, we were near 70 and now, we're falling into the 340s and eventually, 20s overnight tonight. all of this the temperature drop today due to a cold front and here, you can see on storm team 4 radar, most of the area dry. still tracking some rain showers down in southern maryland and off toward the eastern shore. melissa tweeting me, snow pel t pellets hitting me right now. as i take you down to southern maryland, calvert beach, this rain moving in the ooempk hours, but for motive
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it's all about the keerl air moving into the region. 41 now, showers over by 7:00, 8:00 p.m., but by 11:00, we're in the mid-30s and tomorrow, we're waking up with temperatures in the 20s, so you want to dress the kids in the warm coat, hat, gloves and scarf. i'll be walking you through your monday coming up in b about 15 minutes. >> what a day. thank you. we are tracking a developing situation in annapolis, maryland. two dozen people thrown overboard after their boats overturned in the river. the boaters were taking part in a sailing regatta this afternoon. national resources police say 16 boats overturned. a total of 22 people had to be pull frd the water. none needed medical attention though. at first, the winds were really calm this morning, but then think started whipping up to 40 miles per hour, kicking up four foot waves.
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the election is over. but tomorrow, the electoral college will officially elect donald trump president. this as a new poll shows more than half of americans are concerned about russia's interference with the election. jennifer johnson has the latest. >> with just over a month to go before the inauguration, immigrants and their supporters sent a clear message to president-elect donald trump they would fight against his antiimmigrant policies. trump wrapping up a thank you tour in the south is expected to be officially elected by the electoral college monday, but his team says democrats are trying to delegitimize the election. >> now they're going forward tomorrow with with this attempt to intimidate and harass elec r electo electors. we've got electors receiving 200,000 e-mails. >> hillary clinton's campaign manager questions whether
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the russian intervention. when did they know it? were they the touch with the russi russias? >> a new poll shows 55% of americans are concerned about russia's interference, but trump's handlers say there's no evidence the hacking swayed vottoers. >> at one point, $2.1 billion lost an election they shouldn't have won and got a lot of help from people in the media who are still trying to fight the last war. >> but some democrats and republicans are still calling for a special committee investigation into how much influence russia might have had on the election. on january 6 fth, members of the house and senate will meet and count the electoral college votes and a winner will be declared. it's expected to be donald trump. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. >> a 3-year-old shot and killed in the car with his grandmother on their way to jc penney. police in little rock, arkansas, are
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think is responsible. they say the shooting starteded at road rage. the boy's grandmother was going too slow. so police say he fired into her vehicle killing the boy. in the backseat. now to developments in aleppo, syria. the u.n. security counsel agrees on plans to evacuate the rebel held parts of the city. at first, russia and china have proposals. today, the counsel agreed on plans to allow u.n. officials to monitor evacuations and to deliver -- religious leaders from dimpbts -- pilgrimage walk through the streets of d.c. as derrick ward shows us they're calling for unity and understanding following the recent uptick in hate speech and attacks in ethnic and religious minorities. >> a muslim call to prayer outside
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congregation in northwest d.c. where there was a gathering that crossed lines. >> as people of faith, we want to choose faith over fear. >> these clergy leaders and the faithful from their flocks first held one of these walks last year amid rhetoric about the presidential campaign. >> i know in fact that this is. this chaplain runs a shelter for homeless muslim women and children. a demographic that's growing. >> before, they could be treetd kindly. they're now being openly mistreated, discriminated against and harassed. >> we felt it was critical to come together and remind ourselves and remind the nation that as people of faith, we have far more in common that divides us. >> that's what we're called to do. the it's a part of our, all of our faith traditions. it's fundamental to our scriptural tradns
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it, but by walking together, ooempb if just for a mile or so, the message may get out to those and may question whether the things that divide us may be overcome. >> you're going to have some of the strongest religious leaders of the city making a statement that we want to come together. >> derrick ward, news 4. cardinal donald whirl who you just saw there in the story, is holing a christmas food drive. the archbishop is using the fiat to collect donations. they're using it as a reminder as emphasis on chartable works. he's celebrating 50 years in the priesthood. whirl says as he reflects, he says he is grateful to god to serve and grace to pursue that calling.
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that had first responders racing to the scene and a powerful senator taking on e
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. a message today of support in prince george's county. local advocates held a know your rights seminar to ma
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people know how to act around immigration officials and protection themselves against an illegal arrest. the seminar is especially important because of the election of donald trump. as part of international migrant's day. a u.n. initiative to recognize the struggles and contributions of immigrants across the world. this weekend, dozens of shelter animals found forever homes. this was part of montgomery county's holiday adopt a drive. the shelter has gotten overcrowded lately, so this weekend, they wound up waiving all adoption fees and people had the chance to adopt everything from guinea pigs to dogs, cats and bunnies. >> i believe yesterday was one of our busiest days ever. i've never seen the lobby so full, so it was exciting to watch. >> many of these animals had been rescued from some abusive home, but thanks to this drive, they will now be going home no new, loving families. a local family doing its
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>> i'm darcy spencer live in northwest washington at a homeless sheller where a virginia family donated hundred of sockss so, mr. harris, we have your fingerprints on the safe.
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tragedy as newlyweds pose for pictures. a tree fell on the wedding party and it killed one person. this was in los angeles. five others are hurt, including a 4-year-old girl who we're told is in critical condition. rescue crews cut the tree back and had to rescue a number of people from beneath the huge tree. a top u.s. senator says it's time the to crack down on e cigarettes. chuck schumer, the incoming minority leader, wants the fda to consider recalling them. the feds have identified more than 60 e cig explosions in 2015 and part of 2016. schumer says the feds need to figure out why they are exploding. the tobacco industry says the devices are safe when used properly. one local family is hoping to inspire you to to give this season. it collected thousands of socks to give to the homeless. darcy spencer was there today when the family dropped them off.
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darcy? >> we're here at the central union mission in northwest washington. this is where they dropped off hundreds of pairs of socks. they're all in these bags. this is just one xexample of ne pairs of socks they've been clegting and they've been hoping they can inspire others to give. julie and her boys dropped off theodis stocks in northwest d.c. it's what the family calls the warm piggies project. >> we found out that socks are the most needed, but least donated item at the shelters. >> the family has collected more than 1600 pairs of socks, new and used since thanksgiving. her boys, jack and ben, were big helpers. >> driving through, we saw a lot of people who might need them and because it was kind of touching. >> i felt good to help the community out. >> did you realize there were people out there needing socks?
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>> so kind of surprising. >> nice thick little socks, which are one of the most high demand items. >> they collected in their neighborhood, with the help of friends and family and social media, a second load the going to missionaries of charity also in d.c. >> whether it's socks or blankets or toiletries are another big item in demand they asked for here, to make sure you are finding a way to give back with your family as well. >> now, folks here at the central union mission say they get about $5 million worth of walk in donations every year and these stocks are going to go a long way in helping to keep folks warm on these bitter cold nights we're expegting ahead. >> thank you so very much. and now, your storm team 4 forecast. it's already feeling bitterly cold outside now. take a look at the feels like temperature in your neighborhood with the winds. feeling about 31 in
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27 back in haguers town and 34 in culpeper as we head to union station now and look at the flag, it's blow ng the wind. gusts right now, anywhere from about 20 to 35 miles an hour, the good news, the winds come down overnight tonight. but the other good thing about the winds right now, any rain we have today, the winds really helping to dry up the pavement. so tomorrow morning, we're looking at mainly just dry roads out there, but if there are puddle, heads up, likely ice tomorrow morning. not a huge or widespread krp, but something you need to be aware of. it's a cold start to the week. not just tomorrow, but thursday as well. next chance of a shower comes on thursday. there's a small risk there and as we look ahead to christmas day, right now, looking mainly dry with a high around 50 degrees. currently, we're in the 30s and 40s after the high today in washington. 67 degrees.
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in the district. 43 annapolis. mostly cloudy and mainly dry. take a look at the high today in your neighborhood. officially in the district, we hit 67. 68 in annapolis, even the suburbs, 61 in leesburg. a world of difference tomorrow. we start off around 28 degrees. plenty of clouds in the forecast tomorrow from start to finish. around lunchtime, in the mid-30s. a high of 39 and dry tomorrow evening at 31. weather having a low impact, but at the bus stop, again, any standing water will be ice, so just keep that in mind, make sure the kids are aware of that as well. if you want to go out and grab a quick lunch tomorrow, make sure you have u a warm jacket as you make a quick walk. layer, gloves. if you're still holding off trying to get the christmas tree tomorrow night, it's looking dry, but cold out there. here's the school day forecast on tuesday at the bus stop, cold again. 26 degrees, but in the
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afternoon, more siun, it will feel much warmer. around 43. then on wednesday, back to normal where you should be this time of year. 49 degrees, winter officially begins wednesday morning. thursday, there's that small risk of a shower later in the day, but the highs of 51, not too bad. friday, 47. christmas eve day, beginning of hanukkah, highs around 50. and then christmas day, looking good for travel, high of 51, monday after christmas, 54. with a chance for some rain showers. no snow showers. >> i know. >> you want to snow. >> i do. thank you, ma'am. >> i don't know. really. >> all right. it might be a lazy suny for theda r
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monday night football going to be particularly good because our guys are playing. >> it was all about scoreboard watching and finger crossing. the redskins are favored to win tomorrow night, but a, that's the same margin the odds makers had for the ns
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playing the brown, they're playing the defending nfc east, nfc champs and that's the team they expect to show up tomorrow night. >> regardless of whatever the numbers say, the penalty, they got a really good defense. you know, their front seven is wup of the top if not the top in the league and then they got some really good young guys in the back. we know going to be a challenge. >> they're a good football team. they're a dangerous team. you know, they've had mishaps this year, but they're still a very kang yous football team. like i said, they have weapons everywhere from cam to stewart to the tight end. they've got a lot of weapons. >> all are still capable we got to come out with our a game. we got to match our offensive attempts because our offense is rolling. if it can do the same, it would be crazy. >> the kickoff tomorrow night, 8:30. redskins trailing the giants and bucs in the wild card. new york hosting the lions today.
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eli manning. struggling giant's offense back on trap. this will help. the six-yard touchdown toered. to the fourth quarter, giants up 10-6 on third and one. manning. quick pass. to o'dell beckum jr. makes the catch. reaches over goal line. beckum with the one handed grab. the touchdown then, that's right. the dance battle. new york takes the 17-6 lead. lions looking to claw their way back in in this red zone. matthew stafford's pass intercepted by dominic rogers cromartie. giants win their tenth game this season. 17-6, the final. 50 degrees, to some rain, made for some tough skating gwen the eagles. picking up fourth quarter. up ten trying to put it away. joe flacco. is
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that's jordan hicks with the interception overturned at 34 yards. the eagles score field goal to get seven. the ram, three and out, giving philly another chance. eagles driving and carson wentz. going to go. left. he gets hit. he's in for the touchdown. eagles down by one. with four seconds left. now, instead of playing for overtime, head doug paiderson, no, the pass broken up and the eagles fall short. ravens hold on. exciting finish. 27-26. packers still in the hunt for a playoff. a very warm day. just about everyone and everything. check this out. second quarter. carrie with an innocent looking one-yard run, wu look closer. joe thomas' hit. it sent the -- off his helmet
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flyinging. his decal. honestly, this doesn't happen. i think it was the cold when it hit. safe skip ahead less than a minute, left in the game tied at 27, rodgers, he's going for it. he got it to jordy nelson. hauled it in. gain of 60. that set up mason kroz bi, who's like let's get out of here. i'm cold. 32 yarder. got it. and that ends it. packers win it. 30-27. meantime, the wizards, one of their toughest tests of the season facing the clippers. you see paul pierce, he came back from that one. all smiles though. fourth quarter, wisconszards do. highlight reel everywhere tonight, ties the game at 89. the monster game later in the quarter. moves down three. knocks it down. 41 points for bradley. ties it at 102. later on, ties at 104,
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guarding -- throws up. make him pay if they leave you open. little over a minute left to play and moving on a four-point lead. knocks it down. 23 points. nine rebounds. huge w for the wizards. they take 117-110. third win of season. won 5 of 6 a week ago. i think they look like a playoff team. >> holy smokes. >> what do you think about that? >> thank you. that's news for now. see you tonight after sunday night football.
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. on this sunday night of a big chill, melting ice causing treacherous conditions on the highways. the living nightmare left alive in aleppo nearly on the ground and the city and of desperate women and children battling for food. patriots day, we'll get an exclusive inside look how the case is solved for the boston marathon bomber. dead tonight at the age of 99. "nightly news" begins now. from


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