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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 18, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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and it was a great night. >> new york won again today. the giants who have beaten you twice. they own the tiebreak. knowing that coming into this game, what was the mindset of this team? >> just win. stay focused. look for it and win. >> congratulations, dak. >> thank you. >> let's turn over to zeke. another big running night for you. but let's talk about your decision to jump into the salvation army pot. what made you decide to do that? >> i mean, just sitting there in the end zone. perfect celebration. but i mean, we should work the salvation army. they're one of our biggest partners. had to show them a little bit of love. >> would you do it again? didn't sound like your coach was really happy about it. >> he wasn't happy about it. with the penalty for special teams. him or the special teams coach were not happy. i can't keep making them mad. >> one person you can't be mad at or one group, is your offensive line. what is it like to run behind this group? >> it's a great group of guys. hard workers.
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every day, they come to work, no matter how sore you are. they get banged up. we play physical. and teams know we're going to run the ball. that's how they play. week in and week out, we rely on those guys. and i love them. >> congratulations on the win. >> thank you. >> bob? >> okay, michele, thanks. let's look at the nfc playoff picture. with tonight's win, the cowboys take a big step towards securing the number one seed. dallas needs just one win or one giants loss to lock up home fields advantage throughout the playoffs in the nfc. the lions are just a game up on the packers in the north. green why has won four-straight. they will play in detroit in week 17. and a game that will likely decide the division. the detroit loss also moved atlanta into the third spot. and the falcons are a game up in the south. tampa has lost control over the final wild card. if washington wins out, washington would be in. we turn to tony dungy. there were a lot of questions about dallas and tampa bay coming i
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what do you make of tonight's results? >> well, for tampa, bob, you see a team with a lot of talent, a lot of energy. but they're not quite ready yet. four turnovers. missed opportunities. really cost them the game. on the other side of the coin, the cowboys, one question got answered tonight. should dak prescott be the quarterback? obviously, he should. 32 for 36. he answered that question. but i think all of those nfc contenders that you read off there could take something from this game. prescot played as well as he could play. ezekiel elliott had a career-high rushing. tampa turned it over four times. they had the ball with a chance to win on the last drive. if the cowboys are the number one seed, people are not going to fear going in there. not to say it's going to be an easy game. but dallas is not unbeatable at home. >> let's switch conferences to the afc. new england has clinched the east. and oakland is also in the playoffs.
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thanks for the chiefs loss to tennessee today. miami controls its playoff outcome. if the dolphins win the last two, they will be in the playoffs. pittsburgh and baltimore play on christmas. if the steelers win, they win the division. the ravens would win the division if they win out. tony, what do you expect? >> that pittsburgh/baltimore game should be tremendous. both team knows each other very well. a lot of playoff experience. and they're really mirror images. they both are playing very good defense right now. they have super bowl quarterbacks. they both have big play receivers. but the difference, to me, is that the running back position. le'veon bell, i think gives the pittsburgh steelers an edge. should be a great game. i think bell could be the difference. >> tony, thanks. you're allowed to take the rest of the night off. busy few days. thursday in seattle. saturday in new jersey. tonight, you're done. for a while, at least.
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let's turn to mike florio. >> thank you, bob. >> a lot of news coming out of the jacksonville/houston game. the jaguars fired coach gus bradley. and the texans benched brock osweiler in favor of tom savage and went on to win the game. is that a change we can expect to see next week? >> after the game, bill o'brien refused to commit to any specific quarterback. but this is a shocker because brock osweiler was the big ticket off-season investment. $72 million contract, with $37 million guaranteed. he was supposed to turn the texans into a championship contender. and one thing o'brien did say, they're not going to make the decision based upon quarterback salary. it does open the door for savage moving forward. the door is closed, as you mentioned, on gus bradley in jacksonville. they made the decision, after last sunday's loss to the vikings. and they wanted to start the search.
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and they did not want to start the search while gus bradley was still the head coach out of respect to him. they decided time to move on. we'll end the relationship. we'll begin the search. and that's why the move happened today. >> a lot of people are wondering about this. they're on the road. they lose the game. is he on the charter back? isn't that an awkward situation? >> it's either that or give him a ticket to fly back on his own. they brought him back on the charter. he had to know that this was coming. they were very patient with him. and some say they give him more chances than they should have. now, when you go forward, should be an attractive job. to have a young defense. they get somebody to fix the offense, this is a playoff contender as soon as next year. >> you can catch mike tomorrow morning on pro football talk live from 7:00 to 9:00 eastern, followed by the dan patrick show, with matt ryan as a best. final score, cowboys 26, bucs 20. al and cris wrap it up after this.
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welcome back to "the volkswagen golf alltrack postgame report." here, now, al michaels and cris collinsworth. >> heading to the penultimate week, the 16th week. start thursday night, the giants and philadelphia. the giants start 2-3. win six in a row. get beat. now, they've won two in a row. beat dallas and now beat detroit. the giants in good shape in terms of the playoff situation and maybe have a chance to win the division. >> what you pay attention to, come playoff time, is who is hot and who is playing great defense? that category is filled on both counts by the new york giants right now. steve spagnuolo has done a fantastic job. i nope janoris jenkins is okay. drc was tremendous today. that's a giants team to keep your eye on. >> they face the eagles on thursday night.
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and christmas night, you can end your day with us. denver and kansas city. denver would have to win out to have a chance. they dug a big hole losing to new england. and oakland is now on top. if oakland and kansas city wind up with the same records, since kansas city won the season series, they would win the divisions. a lot at stake in this game. >> all i know is the denver/kansas city game we did earlier, was fantastic. came down to a doink off of one upright. almost hit the other upright at the end of overtime. and it was terrific. we hope we get one just that good. >> it's philly and new york. and it will be denver and kansas city. nose are our two games next week. meanwhile here, the dallas cowboys go to 12-2. tampa bay's winning streak is snapped at five. as dallas wins the game. final score is 26-20. al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya.
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george hill, andy freelen, melissa horton. our entire gang. we'll see you thursday and sunday on nbc. nbc sports thanks you for watching this special presentation of the national football league.
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temperatures. and the loss of a legend. we will take a look back at the life and career of zsa zsa ga r gabor. >> news4 at 11:00 starts right now. >> you are looking at union station, and the winds are not as strong as they were before, but they are still with the falling temperatures. and here in d.c. the temperatures in the 30s and for some of you, colder tonight, and looking ahead tomorrow as well. and good evening and thanks for staying with us after the game. i'm erika, and we have team coverage on the drastic drop in temperatures. we begin with storm team 4 meteorologist amelia draper. and what is the biggest concern here with the weather and the topsy-turvey pattern. >> just how cold it is out there, eric car, and talking about the temperatures in the r
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a light wind, it will feel like the teens. this is how cool it is feel ing in your neighborhood any where from 5 to 10 degrees below what the thermometer is saying. 24 in gaithersburg and 24 in the areaer here. make sure for the kids a warm coat, hat and scarf is a good idea. right now in washington, 37 degrees, and here, not talking about the widespread slick spots tomorrow morning, but a very little bit of rain moving through, but there could be some isolated slick spots and pud mls the driveway and the neighborhood that will freeze up overnight tonight. and keep that in mind tomorrow morning and you can see right on through 8:00 a.m., and we are below freezing and not until 10:00 a.m. that we get below freezing and with that, i go to darcy spencer at dupont circle, and what is it like out there, darcy? >> well, in one word,
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i can tell that the cold air has come through, and we like to see the time and temperature, and two hours ago, it is 36 degrees, and right now, 33 degrees and the temperatures are falling, and we have talked to some folks out braving the cold the night. >> reporter: the bazemore family traveled from alexandria to d.c. to see the national christmas tree and it is a family tradition. >> it is a good time to get the family together, and they are in college and they have a chance to come home, and the nest is full again when they come home. >> reporter: and they picked a cold night to do it, and fortunately, they came are prepared with hot chocolate. >> that looks good. nice and hot. >> it is not too cold out? >> absolutely not to come out to enjoy such a wonderful festivity. >> i did not bring any glove s orrer a scarf, and i am roughing ut right now. >> reporter: the temperatures have dipped double digit since the 60s, and add to it, 30-mile-an-ho
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it did not stop the ice skaters from getting on the sculpture garden. >> we are crazy first of all for doing this in the winter, and i don't know who in the world would do that, but with we are doing it. >> reporter: even santa made ap appearance. i guess that beard helps to keep you warm? >> yes, and the belly. >> reporter: it helps to keep you warm? >> and protects me from are the falls. >> reporter: so make sure you are prepare early to et get there on time tomorrow morning. the bazemore family was kind enough to share their hot chocolate with us tonight, and that helped us to brave the cold a little bit as we were gathering the news tonight. if you are heading out tomorrow morning, work and school, bundle up, because it is quite chilly out here. back to you. >> lucky you and the crew. thank you darcy spencer. and don't forget that the app could make your winter so much ea
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radar to see what is happening in your neighborhood as well. she was once called glamour personified. today, zsa zsa gabor died at the age of 99. her husband says that she had a heart attack. the hungarian born hollywood socialite was known for the numerous marriages as much as her roles on the silver screen. you will look at her legacy lateer in the legacy. new tonight, an update to the data breech that we told you about. frederick county public schools are outline iing of the steps t are taking to keep students' information safe. they say that the information for about 1,000 students was compromised. the students whose attended public schools from 2005 to 2006 were affected, and now the district says that the information may have been taken from the maryland state education department. they are offering those affected with free identity
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for a year, and the district will contact everybody who qualifies for that. >> we are learning more about a road rage incident that killed a toddler. the 3-year-old boy was in the car with his grandma on saturday. officers say that the driver behind them became frustrated, because they were not driving fast enough, and the man shot at the car, and killed the little boy. police in arkansas are looking for the shooter tonight. the pastors gathered to dday to talk about the recent violence there. >> we see the warning signs in our children's clothes, in their conversations, in the people they run with, and we can change this. i challenge you today to helpp make a change in our community. >> so this is in fact the second time that a toddler has been killed in a car-related shooting in little rock, arkansas, this month. now, to the presidential transiti transition. a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows
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divided the country is on the issue of russia's mettling in the election. as kelly o'donnell reports, there are new calls for an investigation, and they are coming from capitol hill. >> reporter: after soaking up the last of his thank you tour, the president-elect will spend his working holiday in palm beach. new today, the trump transition. >> and now, the hard work begins. >> reporter: 50% approve of the way he is handling the transition, and 41 disapprove accord ing to the nbc/wall street poll, and he however trails how president obama and president clinton were judged. and still looming is the shadow on the kremlin. 55% say they are bothered by russian hackers attempting to influence the reaction, and that falls sharply on the party lines with 86% of democrats like willy to
11:50 pm
the outcome. >> that is serious, serious stuff. >> reporter: and now, today, top democrat chuck schumer. >> we want to find out what the russians are doing to the political system, and what other foreign governments might do to the political system, and then find out way ts to stop it. >> reporter: and then the republican john mccain. >> we need to get to the bottom of this and a find out exactly what was done. >> reporter: today, the former clinton campaign chair john podesta whose own e-mail was hacked cast doubt on the trumps. >> it is important to know what trump and trump, inc. knew. >> reporter: kellyanne said that it did not happen. >> i have discussed this and it did not happen. how to strike back will be a challenge according to the
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secretary of state. >> once you get into that kind of escalation, we are in truth more vulnerable than they are. >> that is kelly o'donnell from nbc reporting, and you can open up the app for a link to the the complete nbc news and "wall street journal" poll. and the police are looking for three men and the vehicle they were in when they assaulted a young woman. the woman says she was near monroe street around 3:30 sunday morning and says that one of the men grabbed her and threw her into the back of a white work van. police say that the men assaulted her and rob bed her ad threw her out in woodly park. >> a can cutting torch is to blame for this fire in the district sunday. this happened on the building on riggs road. and one firefighter had to be taken to the hospital, and we are not sure what the extent of the injuries were and the fire is being ruled accidental at
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>> we have new video about from the boating accident on the z sevron river. they were taking part of a regatta of sail iing. and a total of 22 people had to be pulled from the water, and the good news is that none of them needed medical attention. if you remember at first this morning the winds were calm, but then they picked up and fueled some four-foot waves in that area. uber driver shoots and kill s a would-be thief. why the driver could be in trouble with the company, but not with police. before the kardashians, she was famous for being famous. after nine husbands and 99 years on this earth, the world says good-bye to zsa zsa gabor. a local icon looking back on to a half century of service to
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tonight, cardinal donald worrell. the playoff picture cleared up a little bit for the redskins. we will look at it. and they hint on the linebacker making a first start with the post-season on the line. and plus, former enemies and now teammates and why josh norman and trent williams almost fought last year. all that and much more on
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would you talk about a wild ride and uber driver shot and killed a would-be robber with the passenger in the back seat. police in south florida say that the robber approached the driver this morning armed and demanding money, and that is when the driver pulled out of his own gun. the driver had conceal and carry permit and acted in self-defense, but uber says it is against company policy for to a driver or passenger to carry a firearm. she was famous for her glamour and her many marriages. tonight, we are mourning actress zsa zsa gabor, the hungarian-born celebrity died at home of a heart attack. she was 99. mark barger looks back at her career and life. >> reporter: zsa zsa defined the world celebrity and the actress appeared in more than 40 films and tv shows, but she achieved
11:57 pm
multiple marriages to wealthy men going to the altar nine t e times. >> find a man you love. >> reporter: her final marriage came in 1996 becoming princess von an bolt after marrying frederick van anbolt. she was born in budapest hungry and crowned miss hungary before moving to the united states with her sisters. she made a career out of playing herself, a socialite famous for being famous. with her trademark hungarian accent and colorful personality, zsa zsa consistently earned attention from the tabloids, but her
11:58 pm
slapping a police officer and served three days in jail and o ordered to perform community service. >> how was jail? >> i read a book. >> reporter: in 2002 she was in a is serious car accident in hollywood that left her partially paralyze nand the years since her health problems multiplied, but the lasting image is of a woman that merv griffin once called glamour personified. >> we put together a gallery of her in our app, just search zsa zsa gabor. one family in virginia is hoping to inspire you this holiday season. a mother and her sons collected thousands of socks to give to homeless. they got the idea after learning that socks were the most needed and least donated items at shelters. julie says that the thick wo
11:59 pm
after. news4 was there when the family dropped off the donation at the mission shelter in northwest d.c. >> driving through we saw a lot of people who might needed them, and because it is kind of touching. >> i felt good to help the the community out. >> reporter: did you realize that there were people out there who needed the socks? >> not really. >> reporter: what a teachable moment. and the spur lylins called thei project the warm piggies projec project, and they have collected more than 1,600 pairs of new and used socks to donate. and now, your storm team 4 forecast. >> what a heartwarming story, and currently the temperatures, guys, coming in the 30s and some of us below freezing including gaithersburg, and winchester and martinsburg, and the district in at 36. mostly cloudy skies out there and plenty of clouds around tomorrow, and it is going be a cold day from start to finish. 7:00 a.m., we are around 28 degrees, and there is going to
12:00 am
had puddles formed on saturday, and haven't been able to dry up. so, more of your driveway or the secondary roads, and i think that the main roads are going to be fine tomorrow morning and i would be surprised to see school delays and checking in with the highways in maryland and virginia, and virginia is going to be treating the roads and maryland is going to standby to see if they need to treat anything. looking at the rainfall amounts today, very, very light. and most of the roads are dry, but as you get into the rest of your planner, 3:00 is when we hit the high of 38 degrees, and 8:00 p.m., it is cold, 31. all in all, the weather is going the have a low impact on the monday and keep in mind at the bus stop, some frozen puddles out there. and if you are going out the get the exercise, you need a few layers and gloves and if you not gotten the christmas tree, it is dry and cold tomorrow evening if that is on tpl
12:01 am
redskins' game, multiple layers and bring the gloves and hat, because you won't regret it. the winds are not an issue, but when we have the temperatures around 30 degrees, a light wind will make it feel like we are in the low 20s and the sky s wiies be mainly clear down there at fedex field. on the school day tuesday, looking chilly and warmer, but here is the thing, more sun tuesday so it will feel warmer. at the bus stop around 26 and another cold start and recess in the low 30s, but by pickup on tuesday, low 40s and not too bad this time of year, and winter is going to officially begin wednesday morning and the temperatures are normal and 49 degree and a mix of clouds and sun. maybe a late day shower thursday, but i am not souper impressed with the chances there, and a high of 51 and cooler on friday with 47. as we are looking to christmas eve day and start of hanukkah saturday a high temperature of 50 degrees, and the evening temperatures
12:02 am
and right now, christmas is looking try with a high of 51 around a chance of rain monday and a high of 54 degree, and right now, are christmas eve day, and christmas day, dry and i know that there might be a late blast if you are hoping for a white christmas. >> a small blizzard? >> no. roger is saying no, too. >> and i would like it. all right. thank you, ma'am. we are days away from christmas and this week, the archbishop cardinal worrell celebrated a milestone, and here are some thoughts of his service. >> before the altar and preparing to be or dand as a priest is part of my living memory. >> reporter: celebrating half a century of service to the catholic church 50 years ago this week, cardinal donald worrell was
12:03 am
priest. >> i can remember sitting in chapel one day at the chapel and saying, no, i know that i u am absolutely certain. >> wuerl says that he is knost grateful to god for the grace to call to serve god and the ability to persevere in it. before mass this morning he le called one special memory. >> the arrival of pope francis to visit. a and that has to be one of the highlights of those five decades of service. >> that famous fiat that pope francis use ed d in the service used today, because people filled it with donation nors foe needy. and the archdiocese says it is a reminder of the pontiff's e emphasis on charitable work. >> all of those donations go to the spanish center of catholic charities. >> well, don't look now, but the happy days are back at the verizon center.
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abut the key foro he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad.
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that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.


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