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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 20, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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died in the world war. they helped track down his family in south carolina. ceo of goodwill personally delivered them to the soldier's daughter and great-niece yesterday. >> wonderful. "news 4 today" starts now. right now on "news 4 today," a deadly truck crash. a possible terror attack. new information about the suspect accused of driving into a busy market. your storm team forecast with a look at a slight warm up on the way just in time for the holidays. plus a rough night for the redskins but washington could still nab a playoff spot. we will break down what happened and what is still to come. first, it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> you decided to come back for the second day. >> absolutely. coming back tomorrow, too. >> one day at a time. i'm eun yang. melissa mollet with traffic but we'll begin with chuck bell. good morning, chuck. >> good morning.
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that's the case for much of the day. if you plan to be outside, we'll have a fair amount of sunshine, that won't be a warm up but a fair challenge. sunny and chilly, bordering on cold depending how cold ol tolerant you are. rain chances fortunately low thursday, friday, saturday. outside it is a cold one. 18 in martinsburg, 18 fairmont merrill maryland, 27 national airport, 25 quantico. to plan out your day, don't need the umbrella but you will need winter coat. temperatures will struggle mightily. tomorrow looks a little better. highs tomorrow mid to upper 40s. still plenty of sunshine. coming up in 10 minutes i'll give you a look at that travel forecast and a peek at the weekend, a holiday weekend. good morning, melissa. >> beltway right
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loop, everything rolling along pretty well. 295 northbound before benning, still have that work zone blocking right lane there. it should be out of the way in 45 minutes. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, everywhere else live picture robinson terminal. everywhere else, roadwork. wanted to update you on this, eastbound 70 after 81. one eastbound lane is open. we have pallets across the roadway. also hearing about a brand-new crash in maryland. we'll update you on that one coming up in just a minute here. right now looks like northbound 301 at 5. guys. >> melissa, thanks. 5:02. ongoing investigation in berlin. twelve people died in what is now being called a terror attack. a truck ran into a christmas market. >> looking at new video." the cab and trailer towed away overnight. angie goff live where we're
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learning more about the suspect. >> just in the last 20 minutes we got new video. this shows the suspect, suspected driver being arrested. take a look. german tv reporting the man was picked up a mile from the devastating scene and right now is apparently being interrogated. he's believed to be 23 years old from pakistan. investigators now saying this is likely a terrorist attack. as you mentioned, a dozen people were killed and 50 others were hurt. we also know a passenger in that vehicle was found dead. the owner of the truck saying he believes the truck was hijacked. no specific group i want to mention has claimed responsibility for this attack but we do know terror groups like isis have encouraged their followers to use vehicles to stage attacks. more as we get it. aaron. >> all right, angie, thank you. u.s. embassy in ankara turkey and
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istanbul after deadly attack on ambassador in turkey. he was shot in the back by turkish police officer. the shooter that stood over the body and condemned russia's military role supporting syrian government. the shooter was killed by other officers. russia is promising to retaliate. meanwhile the d.c. police have this to say about your safety here in the nation's capital in part they are monitoring and reviewing events across the u.s. as well as the world for their potential impact in washington, d.c. before you leave your house this morning, be sure to download the nbc washington app for all of the latest updates on breaking news from around the world and right here at home. president-elect trump tweeted today there were attacks in turkey, switzerland, german, and it's only getting worse. civilized world must change an
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this came hours after they certified his win. this came after protesters encouraged to vote against trump. the most generous family leave bill in the country will go for vote. >> live in northwest washington now with more information. despite the bill's positive aspect, the way it would be funded is causing some controversy here. >> reporter: yeah. and for that reason it's expected to be a close vote on this landmark bill that's taken a year to get to this point. let's break it down for you. the current legislation would impose a tax of less than 1% on city businesses. that sets up a new city agency. we could see a showdown of sorts today at the meeting from two councilmembers who want to offer a different plan to pay for
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of this. that does not include a tax. critics argue it weakens legislation. >> speaking in the best interest of small business owners when actually what they are doing is trying to find a way to pass a law that would be far more beneficial to large corporations. >> reporter: after the vote it goes to the mayor. mayor bowser repeatedly said she's against any tax on city businesses. latest from outside the building. >> thank you. angie goff following new developments in a story out of switzerland. angie. >> eun, just got this update to a mosque shooting in zurich. the man suspected of shooting three people as they worship. we just learned he's dead. police confirming his body found near the scene. on monday a gunman stormed into the mosque and opened fire. looking at video of the
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two of three shots injured. thank you. two games to go and redskins have an uphill climb, pretty steep. frustrating video of last night's loss to panthers. >> our new sports reporter has the story from fedex field. >> reporter: postseason play now in question. if washington wants to make playoffs they will need outside help. all summed up monday at the start of the second half. kirk cousins sacked, fumbled, recovered and scored two plays later. one of many misses by the skins who weren't sure what went wrong. >> they did everything they were supposed to do. we went out there and didn't do nothing we were supposed to do. >> everybody packing their bags and going to hawaii or nothing.
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they fight. they don't quit. so we got quitters, that's when you should be worried. >> best thing put it behind you, a performance like this, play again quickly. get back out on the field. hopefully that will be a remedy for us come saturday. >> that opportunity coming in chicago on christmas eve against a bears team that doesn't have much to play for while redskins have everything to play for. sheree burruss, news 4 sports. battle of the sexes in the doctor's office. a new study says one gender outweighs the other when it comes to health care. should you go for male or female. we'll tell you ahead. a closer look at the tuesday forecast and what you need to know about the rest of the week. bright lights and bold design. a new transit hub ope
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. >> listen to him, tony bennett, 90-year-old. honoring him in a special tonight called "tony bennett celebrates 90." :on john, on daiya bocelli. actors including bruce willis. set vcrs if you can't
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live. 9:00 on nbc 4. to sound that good at 90. >> he keeps going for it. nice to see. him and lady gaga good together, too. we want to turn to traffic. we've been talking about -- what have we been talking about. >> cold weather, windy time. >> sort of a given. >> he hasn't been listening. that's what that means. >> he has too much going on. >> no attention to forecast. doesn't think winter is started. very cold for sure. pretty good travel weather. a lot of people zipping out of town and go through the woods to grandma's house for a big holiday weekend. hanukkah on christmas day. fitness forecast for the day. got to keep working pounds off because there's a christmas turkey around the corner. exercising today, frigid outside in the teens and 20s. near 37 by noontime and mid-30s by early evening time. traveling, a lot of people ready to get on planes. airport delays expected.
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diego, phoenix would have trouble. friday, nothing major. portland and san francisco some issues. saturday impactful, los angeles, memphis, atlanta. christmas day may be the toughest of the bunch. a lot of unsettled weather everywhere but not here. our christmas weekend this way, a lot of clouds around, not much of rain threat. a few drops late saturday evening and sunday morning. they will be raindrops not snowflakes. forecast coming up in 10. brand-new problem. take a look, northbound 301 before 5, we have this crash left side right now in brandywine. we're not seeing a big delay but wanted to mink that because it could add up as it sticks around. northbound 295 before benning work zone blocking right lane still this morning and 66 and 95 overall no big problems right now. a reminder safe track 11 wraps up today and then we'll start our next round. eun. >> thank you, me
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metro riders as the transit system ends its latest surge on the orange an silver lines will wrap up today one day ahead of schedule. work between east and west falls church started november. metro riders will also get a break from safe track work through february because of inauguration plans. commuters in prince george's county have a new place to catch a bus. >> a major transit hub that's been years in the making is set to officially open to the public on thursday. news 4's justin finch live with more on the dedication said to happen this morning. good morning, justin. >> hey there. good morning. yes. work began on this back in 2013. this big and bright transit hub that will open later. right off university avenue and busy new hampshire here. this was deliberately tucked away to safely serve 12,000 passengers a day. we can t
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convenience was key at the crossroads transit center. they deliberately built the area away from busy streets at the side with canopies overhead to keep passengers safe. also there is design access for disabled wires including buttons to press so they can hear the alerts for their buses here. lots of screens overhead so wires can block buses from montgomery county, university of maryland as well as metrobus as well. want to bring you back out live here as can you see. very big, bright station here. cameras over here to keep riders safe. an opening ceremony set for today at 10:00. we will be there for that. riders will be here on thursday to take advantage. back to you. >> all right, justin, thank you. 5:15 in news for your health this morning, the government is penalizing a virginia hospital for the third year in a row. government data shows university of virginia medical center has higher than aver
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complications. rates of in fedex higher than average for certain in fedexes. as a result the government will provide $2 million fewer dollars in medicaid reimbursement. hospital officials say the government has old data. they say internal numbers show a safety improvement. some say hormones women develop during pregnancy actually changes 11 locations in the brain. that's a lot, right? they presented the results yesterday in the journal of neurosooibs saying the changes may help a mother better understand the need of their baby. so it's not a bad thing. pregnancy brain makes you forgetful but you're honing in on whaur baby needs. >> how about that. gender play a role in what kind of medical care under the circumstances? >> it might if you're an older patient. >> women doctors who care for elderly patients in the hospital often get better results. thoseat
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die or get readmitted. researchers estimate 32,000 lives could be saved a year if male doctors have the same result. >> the study really makes very clear that women are achieving not just the same outcomes as men but, in fact, doing better. >> the study found female doctors are better at communicating, providing preventive care and sticking to clinical guidelines. >> people who deliver my mail, pick up trashish newspaper. >> housekeeper, get a gift for bus driver, teachers. >> what about trash man, that kind of thing. do you draw the line at that point? >> yeah, no trash men. i don't have a personal relationship with them. only people with a personal relationship. >> food servers. anybody providing a servers. i've never had the
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tipping my trashman but that's a good idea. >> it's a question a lot of people have this time of year, who do you tip for providing service and the question how much. kiplinger's personal footballs recommends giving your mail carrier a gift card up to $20. the postal service won't allow them to accept cash. if you get daily newspaper deliver y, $10 to $30 is appropriate there. the same is suggested for each of your trash and recycling collecto collectors. if you live in a building with concierge, $25 to $100. >> we have teachers. i realized i'm quite cheap. they said for a babysitter, a month's pay. >> up to a month. >> your hair stylist. >> i took her a vase the other day. she probably wanted to chuck that thing at my head. >> where is the line? suddenly these tips are no longer to be nice,
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obligatory. >> you make your own line. >> he goes like three times a week. >> your barber is required. i think that's obligatory as long as you see him. >> i'm going to graduation. a piece of that. >> you practically paid for his college. >> exactly. >> we want to throw something at somebody we don't use the word chuck. we're not going to chuck it at them. >> sorry. >> next time i get mad. >> melissa. >> i'm not the world's best tipper. i wish i were. at restaurants but not as much for the rest. >> takes a little more thought. >> in case you're wondering if we had any cold weather, this is what my yard looked like saturday morning with freezing rain dripping over the branches. my climbing hydrangea not a happy camper. hard to believe winter isn't here yet. >> it's coming. >> winter is here. i felt it. >> you
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he was on vacation i think in hawaii. so far an undisclosed location for his latest vacation trip. 27 now in washington. so it's a chilly start this morning. teens in most of the outlying suburbs. hourly temperatures, teens and low 20s for most everybody here early on. plenty of sunshine. we'll get temperatures well in the upper 30s to right around 40. 41 in washington, 40 in winchester, 42 in luray. unsettled weather for travelers across pacific northwest and snow showers across parts of the upper great lakes. but next couple of days up and down much of the i-95 corridor is going to be nice and quiet. by this time tomorrow morning, cold but not as cold as this morning. i don't think we'll have any teens on the map tomorrow. mostly 20s to 30 degrees. for tomorrow a touch warmer once again. up to upper 40s. a few spots in central virginia m
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there's your five-day forecast, 40 today, 50 tomorrow, thursday a lot of clouds around. i had a little precautionary rain shower around. i think i can take that one out. i did have to put a little chance for raindrop in late on saturday night. that does not look like an impactful amount of rain. let's go over to the big tipper herself. >> i was going to say i accept in traffic. >> there's a tipping jar at her desk. >> obviously tip your traffic lady. 270 and shady grove, no problems, moving along pretty well. 95 in maryland from 32 down to the beltway take you about 10 minutes right now. same thing if you're headed northbound, don't have big worries headed northbound. right now all the roads looking pretty good. 301 before 5 crash along left side. aaron, it says tips on the front, so when you come back in at 7:00 a.m. >> it wille
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thank you, melissa. 5:22 right now. mystery donation dropped in the salvation army kettle days before christmas. ahead at 5:30, how much a special gold coin could be worth. first olympians honor the hometown heroes we rooted for in rio. next we'll show you how they were celebrated in montgomery county. and if you're up this early, can't stay up most nights to watch jimmy fallon. here is your chance. we are giving away a trip to new york city complete with tickets to see him. all you have to do to enter is following nbc washington on instagram, a comment w
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for us, home is wherever we're together. i look forward to being home with you soon. >> oh, my gosh. nothing gets me like these reunions.
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this one will definitely be filling up your news feed and maybe return. the return didn't leave a dry eye in the pavilion last night. his brother mike plays for notre dame basketball team. bo was supposed to come home in february but instead made it home for the holidays to see his brother play. look at that happy reunion. his brother couldn't even contain himself. >> always good to see. i love those stories. >> yes. >> a celebration fit for maryland's olympic athletes. >> four rio olympians who call montgomery county home were recognized last night. swimmer katie ledecky, canoer, attended ceremonies at silver springs civic center. lewis was honored but could not be there. all of them were given proclamations. after the ceremony, asked about the
5:27 am
swimmer's report. >> you keep moving forward. >> montgomery county announced it started to create a sports hall of fame. the four athletes recommended to its first four inductees. couldn't ask for better inductees for hall of fame athletes for montgomery county. >> for sure. >> you are up early with us. thank you for being with us. we're getting you ready to go out the door. next with storm team 4 forecast. a glitch with metro forecast. if you use ito check t
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investigate. more than a dozen killed when a driver plowed into a christmas market. new information just in from germany. >> met lo website glitch. why you may have trouble checking the time your train or bus arrived. a health battle from a man who had to cancel a popular christmas display. >> announcer: "news 4 today" starts now. >> good morning to you, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. quiet days and cold nights will be sort of the mainstay for the next few days. looking
5:31 am
bell with four things we need to know about the forecast. >> good morning, everybody. quiet start to the day. cold and dry outside early this morning. unlike yesterday everything had a chance to dry out. so no frozen puddle alert this morning. feeling like winter for sure. yesterday's high only 39. we can probably be 2 or 3 degrees warmer today but still plenty chilly. the winter solstice is tomorrow. that's right. 5:44 a.m. the sun reaches its southernmost point below the equator. after that, days start getting longer. you may not have noticed it but we've picked up a minute and a half on our sunset time. the mornings are still getting shorter but we have been picking up a few seconds of daylight there at the tail end of the day. it will be a cold one today in the teens and 20s. only near 40 later this afternoon. give a check of the ten-day forecast at 5:51. anything on the road sthf a couple of things happening.
5:32 am
the left side of the roadway right now. taking a look elsewhere, eastbound 70 after 81, one eastbound lane open because of the pallets across the roadway. they are trying to get that cleared out of the way. wanted to mention that because we did have everything shut down just a short time ago. 295 before benning road northbound, blocks right lane, does not seem to be affecting things too much this morning. this is from yesterday. that is not supposed to be there. excuse me. 66 is fine. 95 northbound through win bridge. we'll have travel time in 10 minutes paragraph thank you, melissa. a man is now in custody in germany. police believe he drove a tractor-trailer into a christmas market. this is new video of a man only identified as naviyd bee. slammed a
5:33 am
angela merkel said she assumed the killing was a terror attack. this morning they began flying flags half-staff. more coming up. u.s. embassy in turkey tweeted saying closed today with consulate after deadly attack on russian ambassador. he was speaking at an art gallery when he was shot in the back by a turkish police officer. witnesses say the shooter stood over the body and condemned military role supporting syrian government. the shooter was killed by other officers. we'll have what russian leaders are saying about this attack coming up at 6:00. some evacuations under way overnight in aleppo. we just learn
5:34 am
so thousands have been able -- 25,000, in fact, have baseball able to escape the besieged syrian city. dozens of buses like these carrying evacuees can be seen. many of them, by the way, carrying orphaned children, at least 506 them. international committee of red cross releasing latest number. still many left behind. thousands are reportedly in the city, some in the street with freezing temperatures waiting to get out. back to you. 5:34. rahami accused of setting off home made bombs earlier this year. he's in court on charges he tried to murder police officers when he was captured three months ago. he could face life in prison if convicted. a developing story prince george's county, investigators trying to figure out how a man's body ended up at ther
5:35 am
neighborhood park in capitol heights the body badly burned and smoldering when police found it. they identified the man from landover. a $25,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. 5:35 now, metro transit police working to confirm the identity of a stabbing suspect arrested yesterday. surveillance cameras helped officers track down that suspect as he boarded a train at the rosslyn station. police say he stabbed a man outside the valuation in vienna. the victim is expected to be okay. the man arrested had several fake ids. some metro riders complaining about problems with metro's new website. buyers use search engines to access the website getting error messages. it might take several days for search engines to catch up with changes. it recommends going directly to the website,
5:36 am
life had gone dark at one prince george's county home famous for christmas decorations. the owner says he's taking a break for the first time in 26 years. the 77-year-old says he doesn't have the energy to spend 400 hours it takes to put up the display. over the years he's seen visitors as far as france and austria stop by. he said it was a tough decision this year. >> neighbors stopped by one night and said i don't know what's wrong but i know something is if you haven't put the lights up. >> he says he plans to bring back his famous display next year. surprised and blessed. that is how montgomery county salvation army captain said he felt after finding a rare coin in his red kettle. >> take a look, someone dropped this gold 24 carat canadian leaf coin into the bucket this past weekend. >> it has a
5:37 am
it may be worth as much as $1200. >> we were going through daily routine of counting all the dimes and nickels. when this came out we kind of stop and everybody kind of froze. salvation army plans to sell it to a coin collector and use that money to serve the community hopefully in time for christmas. what a lovely surprise. >> nice gesture if someone put it in there on purpose. >> it will go far this christmas season. holiday headache. an entire plane full of passengers reaches its destination but the passengers' bags are nowhere to be found. what's being done to reunite them with luggage still ahead. >> we are working for you as you work on new year's resolution. how you can make sure 2017 is your best financial year yet. another check on your forecast. a slight warm-up as
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zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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welcome back. it's winter. it feels like winter. chuck is going to tell us all about the winter. >> winter solstice does occur tomorrow.
5:41 am
year. today sure looks and feels like winter to me out there. temperature 19 in centreville, 19 in leesburg, 19 potomac, 24 george and martha's place in mt. vernon. a cold start for the day for sure. bus stop temperatures low- to mid-20s at 7:00 a.m., upper 20s by 8:00, near 40 today. the weather forecast, you bet you'll need coat, scarf, hat, leave umbrella at home again. chilly. outdoor recess weather so daily grade today is a b. ten-day forecast coming up in ten minutes. new trouble where we don't need it. >> highway 210 sounds like a broken down bus in the left lane. be careful of that. northbound 301 before 5 still had that crash along west side. we are starting to see a little yellow meaning a little slowdown. taking a look maryland travel time to 70 fine, top of the
5:42 am
beltway. 66 inbound okay, 95 northbound in virginia. remember listen to 103.5 fm when you hop in your car today. >> thank you, melissa. we continue to follow a breaking story, deadly drive into a german market being investigated as a terror attack. coming up donald trump's response to 30 days from his inauguration. why there could be a showdown today over paid family
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right now on "news 4 today," five days until christmas. a look at the warm-up that's coming just in time for the holidays. a proposal to expand paid family leave in the district coming down to the wire. the crucial vote and what it could mean for your family. reach long-term goals, go on vacations you want and stay out of debt. >> working for you, 2016 is winding down but we have the
5:46 am
financial year yet. >> luggage lost. an entire plane full of passengers scrambling to find their stuff after their flight lands with no baggage on board. 14 before the hour now. today the d.c. council will take a final vote on one of the most generous family leave bills in the country. >> live in northwest washington, good morning to you. this would fwint a lot of families. still causing quite a bit of controversy, though. >> absolutely. we do expect back and forth on this for those who offer a different way for working families. let's take a look at this. current legislation would impose a tax of less than 1% on city businesses in order to create a new government agency that would help make sure families get paid leave. it varies whether you take sick leave, have a new baby or need
5:47 am
ailing family member. at least two councilmembers have the backing of a lot of business leaders in the community who want to do this without a tax. but critics argue it weakens the legislation. we just feel we're in a much better position than the district government to determine how fast and how effectively we get that paid leave to our employees. >> doesn't create more beaurocracy which i think many of us in the d.c. business community are a little bit tired of. now, if it passesish it goes on to the mayor. mayor bowser has repeatedly argued she's against any additional taxes on businesses and she also argues many of these d.c. workers don't live in the city. that is the layest live from outside the wilson building. back to you. >> mollet, thank you. d.c. fire investigators trying to figure what caused huge fire
5:48 am
we broke the story on "news 4 today." this morning we have a better idea of the problems firefighters encountered when they arrived on the scene. the number of fire hydrants are limited in that area and water pressure is low. they were unable to get to the location. clubhouse and other buildings are complete loss. the south florida uber driver who shot and killed a robbery suspect will not face any charges. police say he acted in self-defense when he shot and killed the man sunday morning. the driver says the robber was armed and demanded money from him all while he had a passenger in the back seat. police say the driver has a conceal carry permit. regardless, uber says it is against company policy for driver or passenger to carry a firearm. changes are coming to the district's 529 college savings program. the city has hired a new administrator to manage d.c.'s plan. a new lineup and
5:49 am
in okay the eye team with 529 calculator found many people who lived in the district could save thousands of dollars by investing in another state plan because d.c.'s fees were so high. councilman charles allen says our report put a spotlight on the issue and hopes a change will bring a more competitive rate for parents. trying to find the special calculator and see what makes the most sense for your family, be sure to visit nbc washington app and click "investigations." 5:49 and the new year is around the corner. now is a good time to review personal finances and start fresh. >> one thing to do that, put a solid budget in place. are you a good budgeter? if you're considering that, first, commit. if you say you're going to make a budget, actually sit down and do it and then stick to it. also, adopt be intimidated by talking about money. there are a lot of resources out there for you. if you're doing
5:50 am
sure your account information is secure. that means a strong password that you change regularly and take advantage of budgeting apps and tools. >> they help the process a lot for you so they can aggregate all your different bank act, investments, loans into kind of one service. they will take a close look at your finances, separate things into charts and graphs. >> that was miriam with kiplinger's personal finance who helped us develop those ideas. while it may feel like a chore at first, having a good budget can help you reach your long-term goals and boost your bank account. i've tried some of these apps to help out. i do better on paper. i internalize it more if i write everything down. >> you're old school and you make fun of me for my day planner. you got me. >> imagine arriving home for the holidays with no clothes, no
5:51 am
with more than 200 passengers and none of their checked bags. baggage crews could not load the plane when it took off from los angeles international airport due to a power outage. the passengers didn't know about it until after they arrived in detroit. >> we stood at the conveyor belt watching six of them go by for a good 45 minutes until they came down and said, oh, by the way, they are not coming. >> not good news. the passengers were told their luggage would arrive later. a spirit airlines spokesperson said around 25 bags were left in los angeles. >> they knew. the airline knew they weren't on the plane. >> at least tell them. >> the flight attendants should have told them. >> sitting around. >> 5:51 is our time right now. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell with a look at your forecast. good morning to you, chuck. >> good morning to both of you. have a little science pop quiz.
5:52 am
all right. take a look at the graphics. here is the question du jour. here in washington, the shortest day of the year is tomorrow from a daylight perspective, only 9 hours, 26 minutes compared to summer solstice when we have almost 15 hours of daylight. the question is do the days get longer or shorter at the equator. >> trick question. >> not a trick question. hate a real answer. be thinking about that. i'll ask it again and give the answer. >> google it. >> don't you dare google it. i will find out if you google it. i will search your history if i need to. outside temperatures in the teebs and 20s this morning. not much of a wind out there but what little breeze we have has windchill to 19 and 17 in culpeper. a cold start, temperature 18 in fairfax county. we'll be in the teens and 20s through 7:00, 8:00, 9:00h
5:53 am
temperature later this afternoon and back into the cold 30s by later on tonight. i'm going to put my question and the answer on my facebook page so look for me on facebook page at chuckbell4. tweet out locations you can search for the answer after i give it to you. otherwise no major storms coming our way any time soon. that's good news for holiday traveling. sunny, 41 today, 49 tomorrow, near 50 thursday and friday. clouds around thursday but i don't think we have much of a rain threat. there might be a drop or two of rain, not snow, late saturday into maybe early hours of sunday morning. next best chance for rain on tuesday next week. let's go to melissa mollet, smartest girl in class. >> he asked me that question earlier and i said, what, could you say that slowly. water main break. next couple of minutes to show us what's going on. they have lanes blocked and then of course some ice on the
5:54 am
bus broken down in the left lane. 401 before 5 crash in the left lane there. beltway overall doesn't look so bad. we have a silver line delay to largo town. more on that coming up. this is my america! this is my america! >> no rubber stamp! no rubber stamp!. that was the scene across several state capitals as anti-trump activists tried to urge electors to not vote for trump. they made it official ensuring trump would be the next president of the united states. both sides saw some defectors yesterday. >> good morning, eun, exactly. in fact, in texas donald trump saw at least one electoral voter vote for john kasich. in hawaii one vote for bernie sanders but still wasn't enough to finalize this election
5:55 am
make donald trump the next president-elect. donald trump also weighed in on the attacks in berlin and turkey. he condemned the incident blaming islamic terrorism. what are we learning about how trump and his team might handle incidents like this when he's in office. >> he's taking a very hard line. if you look at his cabinet, a lot of former military in his cabinet who could possibly take a hard line on this. in his statement donald trump says it will be his mission to eradicate isis and other terrorist locations across the globe. >> thank you. we are learning president obama used the so-called red phone in the days before the election to issue a stern warning to russia about its cyber attacks. christmas is sunday, this sunday. days the last day to send first class mail. wednesday is the deadline for priority mail. post offices will have extended hours for procrastinators. the postal
5:56 am
offer some deliveries on christmas day. how about that? >> good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. that's right. get your last-minute holiday shopping now as mentioned. walmart will close 6:00 p.m. oppose christmas eve, two hours earlier than last year. the retail allowing workers time to get home with their families is important. with this cnbc report i'm landon dowdy. >> landon, thank you. 5:56. a world war ii veteran's lost medals back with the family. >> they were found in annandale, virginia last week. >> they were awarded to lieutenant who died in the war. they helped track down his family in south carolina. goodwill in the area personally delivered them to the soldier's daughter and great-niece yesterday. >> that's such a wonderful story. when we share it on social media it's one of the powers of putting it on facebook and
5:57 am
and find this valuable, priceless memento. >> if you're good enough with social media, you can find anything. next at 6:00, a suspected act of terrorism. the devastation and new arrest as a truck plows through christmas market in germany. staying on top of bills can be hard. easy to miss a deadline. new app that will help you never miss a payment again. two games to go but will that be all for redskins? how the
5:58 am
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now at 6:00 plowing through a christmas market. dozens killed in what is now called terror investigation. what police in germany are uncovering about the suspect. a new way to get around travel options thousands of commuter can take advantage of starting today. >> tough loss but not out yet. how redskins could make the playoffs with a little luck. >> at least we're not saying they are completely out. >> cross your fingers. >> right, and your toes and everything. >> good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. have you been doing your studying? >> question. >> i feel i'm having a panic attack from science class all over again. >> give the the answer before e
6:00 am
is do the days get longer and shorter at the equator since tomorrow is our shortest day of the year, winter solstice. that is the science quiz question of the day. >> keep pondering. >> it's a fun experiment. draw a picture and diagram and makes perfect sense. it is freezing cold outside this morning. everybody below freezing. a lot of spots in the teens. plenty of sunshine later this afternoon but won't help a whole lot. only nine hours and 26 minutes of daylight, shortest day of the year. 27 at national airport, 28 by the bay in annapolis. afternoon highs even with all that sunshine, upper 30s, gaithersburg, frederick, 40


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