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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> good evening. right now at 6:00, a developing story. a dc police officer shot a man after police were called out to a domestic-related disturbance. darcy spencer joins us now live from the scene in northeast washington. darcy? >> chris, we are here on walnut street. neighbors told me they heard a woman screaming this christmas morning and they heard shots. police are no longer here but weigh want to show you video. we were here much earlier today when this scene was still unfolding. now, dc police confirm one of their officers did
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it happened about 11:30 this christmas morning in the 3200 block of walnut street. that's in the woodridge neighborhood. police say they responded here, like you said, for a domestic call. when they got here there was a man armed with a knife. police say he ignored orders to drop the knife and that's when at least one officer opened fire. the wounded man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. the officer was placed on administrative leave. the officers involved we understand were wearing body cameras and so that footage from the body cameras is going to be reviewed as part of the internal investigation. and the officer who fired is now on administrative leave. chris, back to you. >> darcy spencer, thank you very much. terrorism is not being ruled out in a russian plane crash that is believed to have killed all 92 people onboard. right now thousands of rescue workers are out in ships, on kell hospitalers and flying drones searching for victims. the run
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the sochi airport and crashed into the black sea shortly after takeoff. it was carrying more than 60 members of world famous russian army choir who were heading to a new year's concert at its military base in syria. well, cardinal world's message to catholics this christmas, peace and hope to create a better world. at a new mass at the shrine of the immaculate conception, d.c.'s archbishop talked about this pastier being a year of peace. they told worshippers not to let bad things change them or empathy them of hope. the cardinals stopped in to visit the christmas dinner where thousands of people who are alone or in need enjoyed a christmas meal. pope francis delivering his christmas blessing at st. peter
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community to negotiate peace in war torn parts of the world. and francis sent wish we of peace to those who lost loved ones in act of terrorism. security was tight in bethlehem after recent attacks on christian targets in egypt and else where in the region by islamic extremists. but that didn't stop thousands of visitors from flocking to the biblical birth place of jesus. the top roman catholic cleric in the holy land led worshippers in the morning mass at the church of nativity built on the spot where christians believe jesus was born. queen elizabeth is still recovering from a heavy cold. she didn't attend christmas morning mass near her county estate in england today. but the queen did send her annual televised xhasz message. she spoke about being inspired by the people she meets. >> i oftenra
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meeting ordinary people doing extraordinary things. volunteers, carers, community organiz organizers. unhung heroes who quiet dedication makes them special. >> the message is prerecorded. queen elizabeth is 90 years peld. she has been in good health keeping an active schedule this past year. president-elect donald trump and his wife milania got a standing ovation when they walked into a church last night in palm beach, florida. the incoming first couple attended christmas eve mass at the church where they were married in 2005. they're staying at their florida estate mar-a-lago for the holidays and holding meetings with staff advisers and business executives. inauguration day is just 25 days away. and for today we had plenty of sunshine on this
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as we look at storm team 4 radar right now it's still dry across the area but here's the thing. clouds are going to build in overnight tonight and after midnight and throughout the day tomorrow we can't rule out some patchy drizzle. but right now as we look at storm team 4 radar again, we're looking at completely clear skies. temperatures currently coming in for the most part in the low to mid 40s across the area. you've been seeing washington we're at 45 degrees. by 7:00 p.m. we're going to dip down to 41. again, cloud starts to move in as we work our way toward m midnight and then after midnight there is a chance of drizzle. coming up i'll walk you throughout your day tomorrow, on monday. hour by hour letting you know what you can expect and also taking a look ahead to new year's eve. as fans around the world show their support for carrie fisher, tonight we're hearing from her family about the "star wars" actress's condition. the latest ahead. a police and fire response id
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county on christmas day. don't worry, it's a good thing. and christmas in space. how the astronauts onboard the international space station are celebratinghis holiday. t
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actes carrie fisher is now in stable condition at a hospital in lng
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after suffering a serious heart attack. her mother actress debbie reynolds tweeted out an update today. reynolds also thanked fans and friends for their prayers and good wishes. fisher's best known for playing princess leia in "star wars." she was on a flight from london to los angeles friday when she suffered the heart attack. well, we're getting our first look at some of the damage left behind by a powerful earthquake in southern chile today. quake created large cracks along this road. the 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck a sparsely populated part of the country. at this point there are no reports of any serious injuries. in new york extra security outside st. patrick's cathedral during christmas mass today. additional officers were called in for security after reports that isis called for sympathizers to attack u.s. churches. federal authorities said there were no specific threats but
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nypd officers stood guard outside the packed church as cardinal timothy do land celebrated mass inside. well, here in d.c. they call it the world's biggest menorah. ♪ this evening on the elips here in washington they held the national menorah lighting to celebrate hanukkah, the festival of lights that lasts eight nights. it's in president's park right across from the white house. well, there were songs, potato lakkas, spinning dreidels used to play games ga for coins and chocolate. the menorah is located next to the national christmas tree and attracts visitors from around the world. well, today was a day of service for the d.c. jewish community center here in the district. it's their largest volunteer event of the year where over 1,000 volunteers deliver meals, sing carol, visit homebound
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holiday cheer across the district. this is an annual event and it has been going on now for 30 years. up next, we're tracking a warm-up. when it arrives and howain may r stimronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is seeking answers and not giving up until you find them. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. with your support, we can find more answers faster. make a gift today at
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they are away from home and family serving our
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today u.s. soldiers celebrated christmas with their military family. soldiers at an iraqi army base near mosul sat down to a traditional christmas dinner. about 5,000 american soldiers are currently in northern iraq. they are advising iraqi soldiers who are fighting to recapture the city of mosul from isis. two brothers ages 2 and 3 years of age were the victims of an uninmanageable crime. their father attacked them in their district heights home last month. today they got lots of help with their healing. as derek ward reports, it came from some of the first responders who helped save their lives. >> whoa! >> reporter: a moment like this kids opening presents on christmas morning. it's happening all over the world, but this moment almost didn't happen. >> i'm very happy to see that they are doing much better than th
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month ago he and his younger brother jordan were fighting for their lives, stabbed by his father during a domestic incident at their home in district heights. medic lieutenant pamela graham responded to the call. it's a kind of call that troubles first responders. >> of course we always think that it can't be right, so it was indeed. >> reporter: graham's response didn't end at the hospital. >> do you want to get some toys? >> reporter: she befriended the children and their mother as they are recovering from the trauma of that day. >> we talk frequently. she asks how i'm doing, i ask how she's doing. she's a really good person. >> reporter: this christmas celebration was graham's idea. she opened the home for them all and invited a few friends this work. the man in the red suit was actually in the call center when the 911 call came in. the hardest part is was answering like this, no we clo sure. so we run a bad call and it's hard for us to ever find out the outco outcome. >> reporter: the outcome here is easy to see, f
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biggest challenges is to find out what to play with first. they delivered a gift without even knowing it. it's wrapped in the warmth radiating from the hearts of those who came to this home on christmas morning. >> i'm happy. i'm excited for them. i'm grateful. >> we just to see them happy and healthy. that's the main thing. >> reporter: in upper marlboro, derek ward, news4. >> very nice. well, the astronauts aboard the international space station sent a hot day greeting back home to earth today. and they talked about what it means to be in space instead of back home on christmas. >> being onboard the iss gives us a slightly different perspective of christmas. it actually re-enforce, i think, that the fact that we should live as one people and strive for peace. >> the crew plans to enjoy a dehydrated feast of traditional food from each of their hometowns including turkey, pota
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cider, and cocoa. just add water and a little heat and you've got a feast. >> doesn't sound too bad. >> you gave us a gift today with the weather. >> it was a beautiful day out there. plenty of sunshine. it was kind of chilly and crisp. we had highs today, chris, in the mid 40s to around 50 degrees. the official high at reagan national was 51. here's the thing. similar temperatures tomorrow but we have plenty of clouds in the forecast. if we have any sun tomorrow it's going to be during the afternoon hours. and there could also be patchy drizzle around tomorrow as we look to tuesday it's mild. we have highs tuesday in the low 60s. that's your second weather headline. and then looking ahead to new year's eve it's stilling looking dry and it's still looking cold. kind of what we would expect as we close out 2016 and head into 2017. right now we're in the 30s and 40s. gaithersburg down to 36 degrees. hagerstown at 39. district coming in at 45. and currently still mainly clear skies out there. but the clouds build in overnight tonight and they're there tomorrow
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7:00 a.m. potentially some patchy drizzle as well. we start off the day at 39 in washington. outside of the beltway, we're in the mid 30s. and throughout the day notice plenty of clouds on your planner here. by noon, upper 40s. and once we hit the upper 40s we hang out there for the afternoon and evening hours. 49 degrees will be our high tomorrow. tomorrow evening your monday, looking dry and around 48. so all in all, the weather having a pretty low impact on your day tomorrow if you're heading back to work or enjoying time off from work with family and friends. travel looking good. mainly dry roads. outdoor, if you're heading to the outdoor ice rink, you will probably want the warm jacket. outdoor exercise, cool and cloudy. probably long sleeves. i don't think you need the gloves or hats tomorrow if you're planning on getting a jog in but maybe if you're bringing out the bicycle. if you're heading to brunch, anticipate temperatures in the 40s. jump ahead to future weather on toours and time out the rain for you. it looks like rain will favor the morning and midday h
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you can enjoy the mild air. of course relatively speaking mild air. here we, are 6:00 a.m. notice spotty showers around. as we move toward 8:00 a.m. we start to see rain in parts of frederick, washington counties, the panhandle of west virginia. 9:00 a.m., isolated showers in parts of prince william, parts of the district as well. 10:00 a.m., notice some rain around washington and southern mas maryland. look what happens noon on tuesday. the clouds move out. rain moves out. sunshine breaks out. we will have highs on tuesday in the low 60s. right around 61 degrees. for wednesday it's cooler but it is a sun-filled day. a high on wednesday at 46. for thursday, there's a chance for some showers around with a high of 53. as we look to friday we'll have a mix of clouds and sun. friday, a high of 41. and then next weekend, of course we have new year's eve day on saturday. right now looking dry. 42. and if you're going to be out to ring in the new year, hers
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it's looking like we'll have temperatures in the 30s. clouds increasing but it does look to be dry for the evening and overnight hours. and then on sunday, january 1st, can't rule out some showers. very light showers maybe during the morning hours. but most of the day is looking dry next sunday and 52. but right now it is looking kind of soggy looking at the pattern for monday and tuesday. some showers around. look at the temperatures, not too bad in the low 60s. so if you're traveling on those days only dealing with we'd roads. no snow in the forecast. and then on wednesday, chris, next wednesday, ten days from now, i guess i should say, we'll have a high of 49 and mix of clouds and sun. but again, tomorrow, plenty of clouds around and maybe some patchy drizzle as well. >> thank you very much. straight ahead, the redskins get their gifts early this year. dave is up next to tell
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breaking news just in to our newsroom. singer george michael has died. he launched his career back in the 1980s with wham and was a huge success as a solo performer as well. his pubss
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passed away peacefully at home. michael was 53 years old. this is the xfinity sports desk. >> so we're talking playoffs. >> yes. playoffs. but we are talking playoffs. there's a realistic chance for the redskins. you might say there's joy this holiday season because the redskins are still walking the tightrope that is their path to the playoffs. drama awaits in the final week of the season and that means, well, national tv eyes are on us. the kickoff time for the regular season finale home against the giants has been changed to 4:25. and all the nerve jangling made possible by what happened yesterday in chicago. redskins fans, well, getting a little gift a little bit early yesterday. a huge performance against the bears. offense nearly 500 total yards and put up 41 points. the second most of the season for the burgundy and gold. the defense with a monster day. the story, five
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the game. two from brie land and two from josh. first time since 1992. the redskins have had five interceptions in a game. now the redskins focus shift to must win game against the giants. some other to fall right for this team to keep playing into the postseason. they're not concerned about that. >> if giants, i don't want to see nothing about tampa and all the monday night games. i don't care for that. we've got to take care of our responsibility, the jins. looking at the other teams to be pointless. >> me speaking as well as for everybody in this locker room, we're not ready to go home after next week. >> we know what's at stake now. we win the last game. we may be in. you know, so we're excited for this week. >> from here on out with just one-game playoff and hopefully the right teams lose to need to lose and getting our business against the giants and get a chance to host the lombardi trophy in houston. the drew brees and the
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giving spirit this holiday season. redskins in name of a bucks loss to improve their chances. the saints delivered, new orleans beat the bucs, 31-24. handing tampa their seventh loss on the season. so this scenario set up like this. ready? you plight do a quiz later. buccaneers dropped to 8-7 and below the redskins. the redskins are behind the packers who hold the final playoff spot. so, here's how it works. no matter what the redskins they must beat the giants next sunday. if the lions lose to coy bwboys tomorrow, the win over the giants on new year's day. now, if the lions beat the cowboys on monday the redskins still need a win against the giants, you know that. and the giants then you have to hope if lions beat the pack es sunday night football next week. all right. to the college ranks. d.j. durkan and maryland terrapins. terrapins taking on boston edge which at ford field in
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and durkan's. game time again tomorrow is set for 2:30. all right. to the wizards. they have christmas off and it's certainly could be argued they were way off on friday. you see, fear of the deer turned out to be more than a clever hashtag. the bucs delivered the wizards their worst loss of the season. that had to be delivered in time for christmas. we didn't need that. but the wizards, they have a chance to give back. they are home tomorrow against milwaukee bucks. again. now, today a busy day in the nba including a rematch of the final. yeah. you see this combination. the cavaliers and kevin durant, a new wrinkle to this. this one fast and furious. first quarter k.d., baseline jam. watch this. don't leave this guy open. yeah. lebron james. 31 points jams dunked the dunk. third quarter now. durant hoping to be the difference. he can drive. you know what? yeah. he
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game high 36 points. skip ahead. a little over a minute to play. we're tied at 105-105. steph curry, that's good. golden state takes the lead. final seconds of the game. cavs down one. kyrie irving, he didn't fade away. merry christmas, cleveland. cavs win a thriller, 109-108 over the golden state warriors. rematch of the finals. >> redskins have to beat giants and everything else has to fall into place. >> yes. >> all right. >> you say it better. >> that's the news for now. good night. see you again at 1 1:
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on this sunday night, holiday storm, snow and ice and rainmaking a white christmas for many. millions are bracing for travel headaches for the rush. no survivors as a russian jet goes down in crystal clear weather killing 92 on board and including a famous choir, was it terrorism? vladimir putin vows to get answers. >> you think you are safe but thieves are. >> -- snooping through your information. a baby born just 11 ounces given 20% chance of survival, wait until you see her now. "nightly news" on


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