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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 25, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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thomas, 3 for 20. longest of nine yards. >> cris: he is a running guy. they don't have their fullback. they don't have the two tight ends in here. and now, they don't have the starting running back. they're not a running team right now. haven't been for weeks. and vernon taylor makes the catch. in chief's territory. >> cris: we talk about trevor siemian. but look at this throw. young man that's been playing awfully well for them, jordan taylor. they call him sunshine. but he's been making some plays down the field really red-hot. >> al: that was a duane of 27. 15-36. back pedals. just throws that one into the ground. dee ford w t
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and a big night, 55. second and ten. >> cris: running the screen underneath. and running everything off. ramik wilson made the play. these linebackers, now, starting to figure out things on their own. terence smith did okay. ramik wilson. a broncos never challenged them running the football at those linebackers. >> al: will throw on second and ten. and booker, picking up close to eight. it will be third down and short. >> cris: they've done so much. but devontae booker will have a lot of tape to watch this season. how do you watch the plays, the stretch zone plays, that are a fundamental part of gary kubiak's offense.
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and thought maybe bringing in justin forsett, he would understand it. but just takes a while. >> al: third and three. you have a flag. oh. poor donald stephenson. we already know. >> referee: false start, offense, number 71. five-yard penalty. remains third down. >> cris: you would probably flinch if you had chris jones over you, too. >> al: third false start of stephenson tonight. third down and eight. from the 41. siemian fires.
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the open man is there. loses the ball. booker. and it's juggled away by the offensive linemen. donald sorensen created it. at the bottom of the pile. schofield had a chance. kansas city recovers. schofield had his hands on it. he couldn't corral it. and the chiefs line up with the football. >> a >> cris: just got it out by daniel sorensen. and lookedike schofield was going to run for the first down for a minute. and he lost it. and here we go. that will be a little tighter
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with the football than that. >> al: flag down after the play. >> cris: nicely done by daniel sorensen. >> referee: after the conclusion of the play, unsportsmanlike conduct. denver, 71. 15-yard penalty and a first down. >> al: we don't want to mention his name because it's christmas. poor donald. second denver turnover tonight. >> cris: it will get ugly from here. >> al: the reigning champs will it will not mean anything. >> cris: it will mean to kansas city if they win next week.
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if denver knocks off oakland, kansas city jumps to the two spot and oakland to the five. >> al: you know what that means if you look at the playoff structure. carried by poe. sylvester williams right there. two flags on the play. a little sloppy. >> referee: personal foul, grabbing face masks, 92. 15-yard penalty will be added to the end of the play and a first down. >> al: that's sylvester williams. >> cris: matt mcgloin with a big opportunity. we'll put it that way. >> al: very big. he has to be the guy because of the broken leg incurred by derek carr, shelved him for the season. two is the difference between the two and five in the playoffs? if you're the two seed, you're off the bye week. you're home. you have a home game. and it's the number one seed gets to the championship game, you go there. otherwise, if they get beat, you
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to get to the super bowl. number five team, you get no home games and playing three. charcandrick, if you get five, you have the home game. but the five and six go to the championship game. but don't count on it. it's never happened. >> cris: you have to feel for a young man like derek carr, don't you? here, just brilliant all year. and taking over a great leadership position with that raiders team. and jack del rio has done a remarkable job out there. tough on that organization. >> al: he suffered that pinkie injury. and that looked like that would shelve him. and then, came back and won the game. and then, a broken leg of all things. second down and seven. and west, burrows his way to the 20 yard line. we tick down to five minutes to
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go. and denver calls a time-out. one of the greatest games ever played was played in 1971, in kansas city. old municipal stadium. the doll vphins against the chi. lynn dawson. and ed podolack an amazing day. the game went 82.40, the longest game in the national football league. that's halfway through the second overtime period. 16 future hall of famers in the game. podolack was insane that day. won on a punt return. apart from that, he didn't do anything. >> cris: i remember it well. >> al: what a game.
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that's a first down here for west. they missed a field goal that would have won it. and kicked the game-winner eventually. >> cris: a field goal blocked in that game. lenny dawson, the quarterback on the other side, still doing radio here. and i did a lot of television with those guys on "inside the nfl." i heard a lot about that game. >> al: that was -- that was one for the books. that ended the stadium part of the chiefs' history. the following year they moved in here. west. stewart can't take them down with one arm. and the judges, give way for a nice gain. seven yards. there's cement thomas. long-time assistant in the nfl.
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had 12 interceptions in 1974. playing for hank stram. >> cris: the other thing i liked about that is andy reid when he came here, he was having a conversation with his defensive coordinator, bob sutton. and talking about that game in '71. he says, i remember it so well. miami. and i was a big dolphins fan. who was it they were playing again? he's head coach of the chiefs. he took a little heat from bob on that one. >> al: second and three. dunn. that will be third down. >> cris: i want to talk about bob sutton a little bit. they have lost so many guys off of this defense. and the defensive line, bailey and jaye howard and lose derrick johnson. the other starting linebacker, mark lillard in there, justin houston, in and out for much of the year. and yet, game after game, time after time, they have done exactly what they've done here tonight. come up with big plays to win football games.
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>> al: third and one. and to the outside. to the one yard line goes west. that will be a first down. more time off the clock. >> cris: they are playing good, sound, tough football. west, trying to get that thing in there so desperately. good balance, though. they've hit on the right formula here. stay with your guys. stay with kelce. stay with tyreek hill. run the ball well. alex smith in the backfield, running the ball some. this looks like a formula of a team that may make a run in the playoffs. >> al: harris. gives it to west. he trips. he is stopped at the 3 yard line. this is the number two
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of the league coming in denver. houston, number one overall. kansas city, 81 yards ahead. almost 250 in the first quarter, when they scored 21 of the 27 points. >> cris: that incident in the locker room last week may have been no big deal. but was a little indicative of maybe what's happened to this team here at the end of the season. until that kansas city game, until that kansas city game, they're 7-3. and really, it has not gone well for them after that game. >> al: no. 62-yard field goal. that didn't work. we come to the two-minute warning. and the kansas city chiefs, have cemented a playoff berth, will have a shot at the division title. ♪ oh, sunday night
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go to the nfc next week, you got those games. dallas would go to philadelphia. dallas already has the one locked up. seattle and san francisco. could be impactful in terms of seeding. giants and washington, as well. redskins with a shot to get into the playoffs. and the big one is on sunday night.
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we'll be there for green bay against detroit at ford field. 7:00 eastern. "football night in america." the nfc north tight. >> lee: be at stake in that one. regardless of what detroit does tomorrow night in their monday night game against the cowboys. second down and goal from the 3. here's west, on his way to the 1 yard line. and it will be third down and goal. and the denver broncos, are going to stop the clock. >> cris: how about the quarterback match-up next sunday night? not bad. >> al: we know about rodgers and stafford is having a great year. >> cris: when aaron rodgers gets it going, there aren't many people can match what he's doing right now. and so many times, his relaxed sp
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this year, as well. >> al: the kansas city chiefs are going to win their 11th. denver, who started 4-0, is going to lose 7 of the last 11. >> cris: guess who is going in. their version of the fridge. dontari poe. >> al: he's no stranger to the end zone. crowd loves this. >> cris: the biggest man to score a touchdown in a long time. uh-oh. here we go. >> al: it was a run. he's going to take it. he's going to throw. touchdown. >> cris: oh, my. oh. look at the players. poe to harris. if he had dropped that ball, would have killed him. what a play. you may see that one
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million times the rest of your life. >> al: dontari poe, 360 pounds or whatever. run for a touchdown and throw for one this season. the broncos will store that in their memory banks for next year. >> cris: yeah. we'll see how the handshake goes afterwards, too. >> referee: kansas city, number 84. using the football as a prop in a demonstration. 15-yard penalty will be added on the kickoff. >> al: all right. that's harris. but the damage has been done. junior right there. >> cris: dontari poe looked like he was shooting a free throwen that one. and aqib talib has a thought or two on that one. when the world champs get knocked out, you don't necessarily want to have it rubbed in your face. i'm sure that's how they're feeling that right
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this is going to make it 34-10. 33 1/2. no good. a little jump pass here. >> cris: this is a free throw. this is a jump shot. going to come up. oh, yeah. a little followthrough. okay. the broncos may not like it. >> al: they got him listed at 346. what do you think? >> cris: i'll take the over. >> al: speaking of that -- not there. 33-10. kansas city. the chiefs have been to two super bowls. they were at super bowl one back in jan
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and won super bowl iv the year after the jets stunned the colts. kansas city beat minnesota opinion the leagues merged in 1970. been that long since this team was in the super bowl. >> cris: they have enough. they do. they have enough weapons to make a legitimate run. obviously, that run gets a whole lot easier if they get to play a few games right here in this stadium. they were tough to handle here. good bounceback game for them, after blowing that lead a week ago, to come back here, the same sort of situation. and they brought it home. >> al: they've lost two games in this ballpark in the last month. one to tampa. one to tennessee. righted the ship tonight. tipped off after the penalty. and this will be -- coming up, the postgame show. michele with the of the game.
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bob costas, wraps up the game. and we look ahead to next sunday. hank stram, that christmas day game in 1971. hank gets fired here after the '74 season. he was the coach for the first 15 years. he goes to cbs to be an analyst. i did a game in this stadium, with stram, the year after he got fired. the town is going crazy. people are in the stands yelling. hank, hank, we miss you. and paul wiggen took over as the coach that year. this is thompson. he will run the clock out. the other way we meet with the coaches. hank would not go to the meeting with paul wiggen here at the stadium. and hank's office was in the stadium. this is where the chief's offices are. and hank was a meticulous dresser, loved to decorate his offense. he doesn't go. i go and meet with wiggins. and i go back to the hotel. see hank.
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this is bounced, incomplete. did hank ask me one thing about what wiggins said? no. he wanted to know what wiggen had done with the tiffany lamp and the credenza. he wanted to know what wiggen had done with the furniture in the office. >> cris: i've heard a lot of stories. lenny dawson has a whole bunch of them. and he said, wherever you may go, there was an extra bar of soap around or a bottle of shampoo, hank threw it. >> al: he liked to work on his sun tan or what? third and 12. run the draw with thompson. takes the first down. and to wrap up henry stram. in the years before we knew how bad the sun was, he would put like bear grease and sit with a reflector.
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>> al: maybe it was baby oil. >> cris: what's bear grease? >> al: the whole thing. pass incomplete. >> cris: oh, boy. >> al: what a beauty. >> cris: you go back and you watch a little bit of that game. we're reflecting back on that '71 game. but so many guys that were idols of mine. you know, you just, as a kid. they were larger than life to hear the stories from all those years was great fun for me. >> al: trying to matriculate the ball dn the field. power trap. henry. henry stram. tom pratt, still coaching for the arizona cardinals, was a coach under hank in super bowl i. and hank would not only scout
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he would scout out where the cameras were before the game. >> cris: work that close-up. >> al: third and three. that pass is incomplete. the broncos will hop on a plane and go home. wrap it up against oakland next week. kansas city ends its season at san diego. >> cris: i talked a little bit about what they're doing on offense, to give them a chance for a super bowl run. but what i'm seeing on the defensive side of the ball in this secondary, and with this pass rush, that's a big part of it, too. they have had big nights across the board in that secondary. and it looks pretty good. >> al: pretty amazing, that last graphic, since 2000, that we've had a season sweep for kansas city over denver. denver just called a time-out. and this is a little tit for tat
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you had poe throwing the touchdown pass. the favor with a touchdown at but you will see a lot of that play. i love the release. he had to play basketball at some point. >> al: can siemian get it into the end zone? instead, it's intercepted by eric berry. will take a couple of swipes at him. and that will wrap it up. just for the record, dontari poe is the first guy we know of with a touchdown pass and a sack in the same season. at least since 1982. we don't know what happened before that because they didn'
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he may be the first guy ever. this will be an interesting handshake here. as we have the volkswagen postgame report coming up next after these messages from your local station.
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welcome to "the volkswagen
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golf alltrack postgame report." bob costas. >> kansas city is in the playoffs. 33-10. some of the gamesmanship at the end of the game. you might have wondered about the handshake between the veteran coaches. but it's cordial, even warm between gary kubiak and andy reid. the stars of the game are travis kelce. he had to be one of them. he caught 11 passes. one was good for an 80-yard touchdown. eric berry had an excellent night on defense. that interception was the last play of the game. alex smith, ran for a touchdown and threw for another. kelce and berry are down on the field talking with michele. >> bob, thank you. trav travis, before i get to your performance. what did you think of dontari poe's touchdown pass? >> he might be the first 300-plus guy to throw a touchdown in the league. i might stand corrected. but that was fun.
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yelling for it. >> meanwhile, a career-high night for you in terms of receiving yards. you said you love to go against this defense. go against the best to prove you're the best. why are you so effective against these guys? >> you can't just put this on me. we were a team effort. alex, and the offensive line held the ground against a good defensive front. and making plays for the guy behind there. and everybody else on the team. >> the division title is still on the line. you immediate some things to break their way. but what do you like about the position the team is in? >> we play hard and we finish. we give ourselves a chance. >> i was expecting a christmas-type dance? >> that was the feliz navidad. ♪ feliz navidad >> i'm glad you clarified that. >> taking this back to the house, baby.
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had the interception to ice things. a lot of different plays from a lot of different guys tonight. what do you like about the way this defense is playing with one game left? >> we are just playing as a unit. playing together. that's what we talk about. it's exciting to be out there with our teammates. making plays for each other, man. that's who we do it for. shoulder-to-shoulder, back-to-back. >> another christmas means a lot more to you than it did two years ago. two years ago, christmas in the e.r. you were battling cancer back then. and now, things are much, much different. we saw you kneeling in the end zone before the game, sort of reflecting. what were you thinking about? >> you know, i always do that before the game. just to -- just to give thanks, man. at the end of the day, it's a great opportunity to be out here. an i don't ever want to forget that. and for all of the kids and everybody in the hospital tonight, i just want to do it for y'all, man. i know that feeling. i know how it is. so, i just want to give
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everything i had today and ball out. >> you gave an inspirational performance. congratulations. bob? >> michele, thanks very much. now, as things crystallize, here's a look at the afc playoff picture. the chiefs remain alive for the division title. and the last year super bowl champions are eliminated. the miami dolphins return to the post season for the first time since 2008. all six playoff spots are clinched in the afc. but jockeying for position continues. the road to the super bowl would run through new england if the patriots win against the dolphins next week. but oakland can still claim the number one seed overall with a win at denver and a patriots loss to miami. while kansas city can win the west and the first-round bye that would go with it with a win in san diego, if oakland loses in denver to the broncos. and we know for sure that houston and pittsburgh, after winning last night and this afternoon, respectively, will
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host wild card games in two weeks. now, on to the nfc. there's plenty to decide there. we know dallas is the number one seed. they won't have to leave the state of texas for the postseason, as they hope to end their season with super bowl li in houston. atlanta has the inside track for the number two seed. while detroit and seattle have hopes for the first round bye. next week's packers/lions game on "sunday night football" will be for the nfc north tight. , while the loser will get a wild card spot. the giants are the number five speed. and washington and tampa bay are on the outside looking in. each needing to win and get some help, or in tampa's case, a lot of help. with denver and carolina eliminated, this is the first time since the 2003 season that the super bowl representatives, the buccaneers and the raiders
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welcome back to "the volkswagen golf alltrack postgame report." here's al michaels and cris collinsworth. >> we get to wrap it up. 256th regular season game, played a week from tonight, in detroit, ford field. so much at stake. the winner wins the nfc north. green bay and detroit. no matter what happens to detroit tomorrow with dallas. the loser could, could be out. could get a wild card spot. so, a ton at stake. you look at detroit first of all. started the year, 1-3. looked like another. what's going on over there? then, win eight out of nine. and a lot of dramatic come-from-behind wins. >> you have to give them
12:05 am
the course of the season that's found a way to win football games. jim caldwell has done a tremendous job. matthew stafford found a way without calvin johnson to get better in some ways with this offense. jim bob cooter. there's so many great things going within with that story in detroit. but you have to deal with the green bay packers. and it's the one team in that division that seems to have the answer. we saw the packers' last loss in washington, get clay matthews back. they look like a different team. r-e-l-a-x. rodgers, aaron, who looks like he's going to be on injured reserve half the time. and then, he's running for touchdowns. he's aaron rodgers. what else is new? >> nobody will be relaxing in detroit next sunday night. that will be a show. >> end the regular season. on to the playoffs. on to the playoffs for kansas city. out of the playoffs for the broncos. kansas city 33, and denver, 10.


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