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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  January 4, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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tape it up. this is manassas mall. a good portion of the parking lot is blocked off. one person shot, another injured not related to any gunfire. this is where the focus is the woods behind me. we've seen investigators going back there with cameras and you may be able to hear above me, that is the sound of chopper 4. we can show that you live as they show you inside the woods there. investigators combing through trying to piece together some evidence. we're just off ricks lu lane not far from ashton, avenue. and on the other side here, you mentioned that school. it's stonewall jackson high school. i can confirm this is not related to the school. the school spokesperson telling me that students are safe. staff is all safe. they however had a momentary secure the building just as a precaution. i passed by and it looked like students are now leaving and so they are able to return to their
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normal duties for the afternoon. but i to want you to hear from sergeant who walked me through what they know as of now. >> shortly after 3:30 this afternoon, we responded out here to investigate a shooting. we have one victim who has been shot. another victim who had minor injuries. as of right now, we're trying to ascertain exactly what happened. we know an altercation took place. whether or not the victims knew each other, we're still working on that. we have an indication that they did, but still trying to piece it together. >> reporter: let me show you this video that is from chopper 4, as well. this is of a medevac landing at inova fairfax hospital with what we believe is the gunshot victim. you can see investigators going through the woods and trying to see what led up to the shooting.
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injured. a lot more details to come and we'll bring you them to you as we continue reporting. back to you to now. >> thanks, david. a strange dangerous discovery brought traffic to a halt near georgetown. a hiker found a violin case filled with guns along canal road in northwest. mark segraves is live outside of fletchers boathouse where there has been heavy police presence there. >> reporter: yeah, the woman found the guns about a few hundred yards from where we're standing here at fletcher's boathouse. in that violin case, she fwrout bag here to the parking lot and called police. it turned out there were lots most of guns back in those woods. >> the woman that found it just happened to be hiking in the area and saw a pile of debris. >> reporter: in that pile, the hiker found this violin case with several guns inside. she brought the case here to flet
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police. the woman then took police back into the woods between canal road and the towpath where she found the violin case. >> out of caution, we cleared the area to make sure there were no bombs or anything that would threaten anybody driving here. and we found multiple other weapons and ammunition. >> reporter: in the woods, police found more handguns and long guns as well as extra ammunition. all in bags and buckets. the search had canal road closed for hours. police say with the inauguration just days away, there is around important lesson to be learned from this incident. >> this woman saw something and she chose to come forward and say something. and giving up the stunt to make su opportunity to make sure that the area remains safe and is that important to highlight. >> reporter: while police are praising the woman's actions in calling the police, seeing something and saying something, they caution that if you ever find a weapon, device or any
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suspicious package, you should leave it in place, don't move it. coming up, what other clues police found and what is next in the investigation. mark sea grave, news 4. new to more breaking news where police have released body camera video from a deadly christmas day shooting involving an officer. from two different angles, you can see officers walking up to a home near d.c.'s maryland line telling the man to drop a knife before one of them opens fire. let's get right to pat collins live with the breaking detail. >> reporter: warning, some people might be upset by the pictures you're about to see. body cam video of a deadly police-involved shooting. cops encounter a man with a knife during a domestic violence call. >> put the knife away. put the knife away.
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11:30 in the morning, police called to this house on walnut street northeast. witnesses say a man is inside the house, that he has a knife, that he's beating his girlfriend. you're going to hears officer's warning and you will hear four shots. >> put the knife away. put the knife away. put the knife away. get out, get out, get out. [ gunshots ] >> reporter: later the mayor released the video in an effort to be transparent and nofrt c e forthcoming. >> it is in the public's interests to release the video. >> reporter: killed by applies, ja'van hall, he
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there was an argument. a fight. then that deadly encounter. some question where was the knife. it happened very fast. but if you watch the video slowly, you can see the knife in hall's hand as he stands in the doorway of the house. police say it had an 8 inch blade. >> did this appear to you to be justified? >> that's the determination for the u.s. attorney. but i will say there was a question if there was a weapon involved and clearly there was. >> reporter: now, at 6:00 we will hear from ja'van hall's other. she says she saw the body cam video last week. she see it is in a different way. i'll be back at 6:00. wendy, back to you. >> pat collins, thank you. let's take a look at our forecast. are you ready for some snow?
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area. and what is moving in first is the cold. and this is a graphic that i think will shock a lot of you out there. temperatures starting to cool quickly across our reemgen on that. look at the current windchills. 50 in d.c., we don't even record a windchill. but look at this, 31 if hagerstown. that's how close to cold air we are. 14 right now in pittsburgh. so the cold air is right on our doorstep and it will be much colder over the next kooumg kxt hours. so the cold air moving in tonight. snow chances for tomorrow night, we'll talk about that. not expecting a lot, but it could have an impact on your friday morning commute. a frigid weekend. and when i say frigid, it's definitely the word to use. and we're still tracking the coastal system that will move in on saturday. that will bring snow, too. i have your forecast for you in about 15 minutes.
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northern virginia lawmaker is proposing restrictions on who can walk into a public building men's or women's bathroom. the acts would proceed hikt anyone from going into a restroom designated for members of the opposite zenks. it will require principals to out that a. child to that are parents or guardian if a child seeks to identify as a member of the opposite sex. prince william county delegate bob marshall says it's an issue of public safety. the bill will be considered next week. and in loudoun county, school board expected to vote on a controversial policy amendment. the district is considering changing student nondiscrimination and anti-bullying policy to protect the lgbtq students. american civil liberties union and dave
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views. larock says the board has no legal authority. today fee cuocus is the sige health care law. president-elect made his voice heard by twitter. donald trump says republicans should be careful because democrats own the problems with obamacare. trump also went on to tweet that the gop should not, quote, tell the schumer clowns out of this website -- or sell them out of this website. vice president elect mike pence made a visit to the hill to meet with gop lawmakers. and president obama met with democrats. >> the republican plan to cut medicare, medicaid, repeal the
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again. >> the american people want us to start over, to repeal obamacare and replace it with the kind of reforms that a will give the american people more choices. >> pence says they are working on a series of executive orders to ensure an orderly transition after obamacare is repealed. democrats are arguing that the affordable care act has provided 20 million people with insurance. virginia senator tim kaine says the goal is convincing their gop counterparts that repealing this law would be economic and health care malpractice. >> if you want to sirte down at the table to talk about reforms and improvements, we're ready. we're ready right now. but if you look to repeal something with no replacement, it's like we will jumpg off a cliff and figure out how to land later. >> in the past six year, house republicans have passed a repeal of
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dozen times. all sorts of proceed teprot expected during the inauguration one unique because they will be handing out marijuana cigarettes. tom sherwood has the story. are the last april protesters for illegal use of marijuana demonstrated in la fayette park carting around a 50-foot mock joints. adam one of the organizers grows marijuana legally under d.c. law. >> i've been supporting legal marijuana for about 20 years now. >> reporter: he and his supporters plan to give away as many as 4200 marijuana joints amid worries the new trump administration may crack down on legal marijuana in the nation's capital. he says the free giveaway will occur at 8:00 a.m. on the west side of due ponts circle inauguration day. >> it is legal for me it on give it to you, legal for you to possess it. so it's not just me,
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cannabis community. people are bringing their home grow up to 2 ounces pre-rolled in to joints and are going to give it away on the west side of dupont circle, not federal land. >> reporter: on city property, it is legal to moses minor amounts of marijuana, but on federal property, it's still a misdemeanor crime. and it's illegal anywhere to light up. >> lighting up in public is illegal. and i think it's a personal choice. >> reporter: he says he won't light up, but the planned protest drew interesting responses. >> that's -- that's great. i don't know what to say. >> just wondering what you think about that for inauguration day. >> very bold. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. high profile case of road rage following an accident on the beltway. tonight the man charged with beating up an elderly man learns his fate.
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>> reporter: strong words for metro's union members like much of the public, they say they don't feel safe either. what they had to say at a heated press conference coming up. and a baby for singer january net jackson at the age of 50. what are the risks for women who get pregnt when they're older?an y27mky y16fy
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please if you can try to understand that it's important that i do this now. >> that was janet jackson's social media announcement in april of her plans to stop touring and to rest so she could start a family with her husband. yesterday she gave birth to a son at the age of 50. news of jackson's pregnancy came as a shock to some people. but there are new numbers that show more women are choosing to get pregnant later in life. kristen dahlgren joining us with details. you know, i think the first thing we all say is was that really her egg, did she use a donor egg, did she harvest eggs when she was younger. 50, do it naturally, you had to have some help, am i right? >> well, not necessarily. we don't
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janet jackson went through in order to have this baby. what we do know, though, are the statistics, what you alluded to. and theres say there is really only about a 1% chance of getting pregnant naturally at 50. it does happen, but more women than not do go through technology and donor eggs, taking eggs from a much younger woman in order to help them have beens sflp but t beens. >> but numbers are showing that women are waiting much later to ge get pregnant, correct? >> right, we're definitely seeing a trend women putting career first, perhaps not settling down, and many know or at least that technology can help them. and so let's take a look at some of the statistics. in 2000, just 7.4% of women had their first child at 35 or older. and in 2014, the number went up to
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first child at over 50 35. and another 50, women doing it through donor eggs or naturally. into 14, 743 women had babies other than 50. that number back in 1997 was just 144. so we're seeing many, many more women who are having babies later. >> okay. kristen dahlgren, thanks so much. she will have more on women waiting longer to have beens for the first time on "nightly news" with lester holt at 7:00. some say metro's biggest track work closure so far is coming at the worst possible time. on super bowl weekend, you won't be able to use parts of the blue, orange or silver lines. metro announced rains will not
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eastern market stops. metro will offer shuttles to try to offset the inconvenience. the agency tells us it needs to do track work and fix the ceiling tiles. and reminder this weekend blue, orange and silver line trains will not run between the rosslyn and mcpherson square stations because of track work. meanwhile leaders of metro's union are accusing metro of mismanagement. they voiced their concerns this afternoon and kristin wright is in northwest d.c. with what is making workers so frustrated now. >> reporter: they sure had a lot to say inside here at the press conference about everything that has been going on with metro. and they say they always feel like there is just another disaster waiting to happen and that they always are taking the blame. trap thomas was fired from metro today, he was a track inspector, almost 20 years on the rails. thomas says he and other workers are be
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wmata management. >> there is a culture of retaliation. they do it in such a way where it can't be approach exactly as retaliation most times. >> reporter: thomas' union leaders backed him up at a press conference. thomas says he found mechanical defects before the derail the last year and got punished for putting in speed restrictions. uppresident says the derailment and deadly l'enfant plaza smoke incident are examples of the rampant dysfunction at the top. >> the decision makers at wmata are being shielded and protected by while our members are scapegoated and silenced. >> reporter: the panel of union leadership and safety experts describe unsafe conditions for metro workers and riders. a troubling management style using workers as scapegoats for the systemic safety problems. >> wmata
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firings of low level employees is serving mostly to silence all the employees from speaking out about what is really going on with the safety at wmata. >> reporter: responding to the union's press conference in a statement, metro general manager paul wiedefeld says in part we cannot condone falsification of documents and i stand by the actions we have taken that hold both front line and management employees accountable. now, metro's general manager paul wiedefeld also want to go emphasize that they let go both workers on ground in the trenches and as well as as management. we also got word that around 3:30, two metro workers making repairs to the green line on the tracks were injured. we are told that those are nonlife threatening injury, but certainly an interesting note
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that we listened in on today. wendy, back to you. >> thank you, kristen. there are new developments in the sentencing phase of dylann roof. his chilling mess agmessage. plus two snow chances in the next couple days. doug will be back with the latest time line.
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temperatures are starting to fall quickly. and the wind is picking up. right now at 20 to 25 miles per hour, even higher in some locations. and the temperatures are quite cold. take a look at the current in that out there right now at 50 degrees. winds out of the west at 13 miles per hour, gusting to 25 right now. and take a look at the rest of the region, temperatures are falling and they will fall quickly tonight. 37 winchester, 46 leesburg, 47 right now in warrington. but here are the latest winds. 32-mile-per-hour in hagerstown. these winds are ushering in the cold air. we are not seeing any rain or snow right now. we did see a couple showers earlier today. back to the west, take a look at the cold air moving across the great lakes. that is the cold air that is coming into our area right now. places around the buffalo region could see ur
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snow. that is all lake-effect. we won't get in on that. what we are getting in on is the cold and look at the current temperatures. 50 in d.c., nearly half that in pittsburgh. right now 17 chicago, 3 this minneapolis. the cold air racing in. so let's talk about that. first off, cold air is here tomorrow. snow moves in tomorrow night. so here we are on future weather. 7:00 a.m., just some cloud cover. we will be dealing with mostly cloudy skies tomorrow. notice around 2:00, already a couple of snow showers in to parts of our area, but it's really tomorrow night, here we are at 7:00, not too much yet, but after around 7:00, 8:00, it starts to develop and by 11:00, snow area wide. we are not expecting a lot. by around 3:00 in the morning, most of it to the north of the d.c. area. to the south, we won't see much out of this. by 8:00, items aul it's all out. so biggest impt
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west. to the south, maybe a half inch or less including the d.c. area. to the north and west though, half inch to and inch. and if that is on the roadways, there could be some delays in the morning. but martinsburg, thurmont, fred rig, urbana, heads up in those locations. i wouldn't be surprised to see a few over an inch, but that will really be about it. not a big storm, but the impact that morning commute impact could definitely be a problem early on friday. but not tomorrow. tomorrow 39, mostly cloudy. the evening snow showers tomorrow just a chilly day, but then it gets really cold and we're calling tomorrow fight into friday morning weather alert days. and look at this, very big time cold, 31 on saturday, 29 on sunday. 29 on sunday? yeah, perfect day to be indoors at the health and fitness expo. we'll be down there all day. temperatures will be on tol
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side for sure. a frigid sunday. next week temperatures start to warm a little bit. i'll be down at the convention center on saturday. after weeks of overindulging, it's the perfect time of year to get back to helg any eating. still ahead, what experts say are the best diets out there. plus d.c.'s mayor taking action to close a gap in what she called a broken system involving gps monitors. >> reporter: a road rage incident ends with a man lying unconscious on the side of beltway during rush hour traffic. coming up, hear from the victim.
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coming up, we're waiting for a sentence to be handed down in a high profile case, a road wage that involves an elderly man. but first, a new law to help keep tag of people with gps monitoring devices. >> those devices are supposed to help law enforcement keep track of dangerous criminals. but two recent cases highlights gap in that system. and today d.c. mayor bowser signed legislation to crack down on people who take them
5:32 pm
mark segraves explains. >> reporter: part of the criminal just sis system mayor bowser says is broken is the placement and monitoring of gps ankle bracelets. until today, it was not a crime to remove their gps devices. >> today we are closing that significant gap with the signing of this law. >> reporter: while that gap is closed, bowser and federal prosecutors acknowledge other gaps remain. in the case of antwon pitt charged in a beating and rape, he had taken off his gps guys. in the case of dwayne johnson charged with killing trisha mccauley, he never showed up to get the device ordered by a judge ten days before the murder. but officials say even if the gps devices had been in place, they may not have prevented those crimes. >> even if he had the gps device, that didn't mean that he and mis-mccauley would not have crossed paths. >> reporter: but frs
5:33 pm
saying johnson never should have been on the streets. a judge said the reason johnson was released just days before mccauley's murder is because federal prosecutors were not ready when they appeared in court. so the judge had no choice. today the u.s. attorney said he's looking into why prosecutors weren't ready. >> there was a quick turnaround in terms of the case that was in the court and communications were are made to try to get the witness that was available or needed rather for the detention hearing as to whether the communications were actually received sun cleis unclear. but we feel a huge loss and we stepped our deepest sympathies. >> both johnson and pitt remain behind bars today. law enforcement agencies say they are working to immoprove communications between agencies. in
5:34 pm
news 4. a good samaritan on triman up a man. prosecutors call it a road rage incident. but in court brandon reynolds argued it was slelf-defense. meagan fitzgerald is live as we wait for a conviction. >> reporter: jurors have been deliberating for the last four hours, trying to figure out if reynolds is guilty of attacking a man on the beltway right near the connecticut avenue exit just behind us here. this is a case that could potentially send reynolds to prison to more than two decades. for the last two days, a jury listened to testimony and saw evidence from a road rage incident during a rush hour commute on the beltway in june. prosecutors say 28-year-old brandon reynolds cut in front of martin before slamming on his brakes right near the connecticut avenue exit.
5:35 pm
more or less with nowhere to go. >> reporter: we spoke with him over the phone. he says he tried to swerve but ended up hitting the back of reynolds' infinity causing minor damage. >> next i think i knew, his hands was around my throat and that's the last thing i remember and so i woke up on the ground. >> but a good a sa mayor tmarit quickly called 911. >> he's choking him on the road and has him on the ground. >> reporter: police arrived. and these pictures of his injuries were taken at the hospital. a jury saw the images used by the prosecution to build their case. but reynolds says it was sider who hit him first and that he was only defendi ining himself. sider says it isn't true. >> i never had
5:36 pm
position about hitti think about hitting the man pft. >> reporter: jurors will be back in the courtroom tomorrow. coming up, you'll hear about the message he has for the reynolds. and the message he is hope thagt the community takes away from this incident. back to you. and in the next half hour, family and friends plan to hold a vigil for a woman who was killed in a hit and run in the district. the vigil is planned near the crash site at 14th street and pa parkwood place. an suv struck and killed jacqueline cole as she tried to cross the street. they have not been able to track the vehicle down or identify the driver. the victim who was deaf lived just one block away. and tonight two people are facing murder charges in connection to a body found in montgomery county. officers arrested the two
5:37 pm
maryland. investigators say the pair lured their victim from new jersey to maryland by posing as a woman on facebook. they say when the victim went to visit the woman he had been talking with, marino killed him and put the body in a shallow grave in gaithersburg last fall. the widow of a pastor and state senator killed by dylann roof in south carolina is describing for jurors that horrifying night that is just one of the new developments in the sentencing phase of roof's trial. >> reporter: pinckney is the first witness to testify in this part of the trial. she is the reverend's widow and a told jurors she was in her husband's office with their daughter when they heard the shots. she locked the door and shoved her daughter under the desk. roof killed nine people and today he explained why he's defein
5:38 pm
doesn't want any mental health evidence. he said there nothing wrong with me psychologically. >> i wear a smile and the reason i wear the smile, because you look at the pictures of the nine, they all wore a beautiful smile. so even though i've been through all that i've been through, i still wear a smile. >> reporter: roof does not plan to cross-examine any witnesses. he hasn't shown any remorse or explained why he did it. you receive a phone call threatening the death of a loved one. it's a scam and it's happening more often these days. how police say you should handle these calls. and a new procedure that researchers believe offers new hope for patients who are
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it was picture day on the hill as 65 democratic members of congress posed on the steps of house capitol. but it was for the ladies only. democratic leader nancy pelosi gathered with the new women to mark their swearing in for the new class of congressional members. the total number of women in congress now stands at 104. ♪ military
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obama as the country prepares for the transition of power here in washington. during the farewell ceremony in northern virginia today, mr. obama received the department of defense medal for distinguished public service along with honors from the army, navy, air force and coast guard. mr. obama also thanked members of the military for the service to the country. you're sbigentitled to free credit reports once a year, but that's not what some got. what you need to know about a finding that they ripped off customers. there has been an increase in telephone and text extortion threats. ahead we'll hear from a victim who was threatened just yesterday. and after a mild day, cold air moving in right now and then some snow later tomorrow. i'll have my daughter wants to stay organic. my husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. my whole family wants to stay free from artificial preservatives. and my debit card wants to stay on a diet.
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y27mly y16fy
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a warning about a new phone scam. victims are receiving death threats. they're being told over the phone to send money or someone will die. chris gordon spoke to a recent victim in loudoun county. >> reporter: fairfax county police responded quickly when a west springfield man reported receiving a call yesterday that his wife had been abducted. >> this is a common cam. they will tell you to wire money. >> fortunately one of our officers actually found the wife's vehicle and loebts
5:46 pm
located her and found her to be safe before any transaction took place. >> she's alive and well she's working out. >> reporter: in neighboring loudoun county, the sheriff's office is investigating a similar scam. an abduction threat and demand for money occurred here yesterday afternoon.homeowner says it was upsetting. >> it's really scary. i shut down. >> reporter: she agreed to talk to us to warn others how the scammers work. >> it's a young girl, she call me and she yell mom, please help me, mom, please help me, someone kidnap me and they will kill me. i said who are you, i cannot -- i don't know who are you and i don't have any tout. >> she said you have the wrong number, i don't have daughter. and he said i don't
5:47 pm
kill this -- she xroo buse bad and happening up. >> reporter: ahead, what police advise you do if you get kind of call. in northern virginia, chris gordon, news 4. nmillions put their tres trust into credit reporting agencies and now two are under fire for be traying that trust. sus susan hogan has details. >> the feg says equifax and trans union deceived consumers when it came to marketing credit scores and other credit products. the consumer protection bureau has ordered them to pay more than $70.6 million in restitution to consumers and more than $5.5 million in fines. equifax and trance upas union a accused of gee september differencely
5:48 pm
and products and enrolling them in a subscription program. the violations allegedly occurred between 2011 and 2014. of course we reached out to both companies which confirmed that they have settled after three years of investigations. both credit reporting agencies tell us that they don't believe they have violated any laws and have not admitted any liability. both though are required to send notification letters to affected consumers. in the newsroom, susan hogan, news 4. family, friends pauses to remember the longest serving member of the virginia senate today. charles colgan a democrat who represented prince william county tied tuesday in hospice care. he was first elected as state cent senator back in 1975 and retired it at the beginning the last year. maybe you have a s
5:49 pm
he founded colgan air. he was 90 years old. in news 4 your health, there is a good chance many of you are resolving to eat healthier in the your year. what is the best option? a new study found the med med ter mediterranean die the helps prevent brain shrinkage. and u.s. news and word report ranked the dash diet best, that also rich in fruits and vegetables with lean proteins and low fat dairy and that aims to lower hypertension. you can see the video of an expert on our app. and a new procedure could hope hoep ffor recovering strok pictures. the procedure is called deep brain stimulation or dbs. it involves implanting
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provide small electrical pulses in an effort to help patients regain control over their movements. after several weeks of recovery and rehabilitation, doctors will turn on the dbs device and continue to monitor the patient for movement. and we'll be working for you at the health and fitness expo. join for us medical tests and screens apz all kinds of wellness and fitness information both saturday and sunday at the washington convention center. we'll also have a few special guests. charlie the "today" show service dog, a lot of athletes from our area sports teams. and brian who plays lucas on "days of our lives." so head to our website and our app for more information and all at once we'll see you there! >> amelia, everybody wanting to know after friday, what will the weather be like saturday? a good day to be indoors. >> yeah, it will be cold.
5:51 pm
sunday highs only in the upper 20s. but before we get to that kind extreme cold over the weekends we will be dealing with a little bit of snow. our first snow event of the season. and we are not talking about much. i'll show you the accumulation map in a moment. but here are the temperatures. hopefully you got out today. it was beautiful out there. breezy, but mild. right now we're down to 50 in washington. 41 in hagerstown. and gaithersburg. still blustery, winds die down tonight. most of the day on your thursday is dry, but we do have mostly cloudy skies. and look at this high, only 39 degrees. almost 20 degrees cooler than today. snow showers move in tomorrow between about 8 :08:00, 9:00. doug will show the timing. but for the most part the weather having a pretty low impact. the commute to and from work looking good, looking drive. exercise a few layers. if you want to get outside for a run, probably too chilly for the
5:52 pm
bicycle, recess for the kids make sure they have the warm jacket. and if you will be driving later in the evening, we will be dealing with some snow. again, arrival around 8:00, 9:00 p.m. and biggest impact will be friday morning for areas north and west of washington. notice here the dark blue, this includes parts of fauquier, prince william, loudoun, montgomery, fairfax and frederick counties. in washington areas along and east of 95, half an inch or less. in fact parts of southern maryland and the northern neck down to fredericksburg might not get much at all. but areas north and west of washington including gaithersburg, leesburg, frederick, urbana, walkersville, could see even more than an inch and it's these areas most likely to see schooling delays on friday morning. so the commuter forecast, tomorrow evening again we're still keeping it cry, so tdry, are okay. early friday, roads will be snow covered especially on
5:53 pm
roads. 9:00 a.m., we will see big improvements. and most the day friday is looking dry, but plenty of clouds and a high of 37. look at the weekend, on saturday a high around 31. looks like we will have a storm system passing just to our south and east. maybe clipping southern maryland with a little bit of snow. and then on sunday, it's cold. a high of only 29 degrees. but at least we have splents of sunshine. by tuesday, we start to warm back up and if you look to wednesday, rain showers in the draft. temperatures not too bad. 53. after that, next weekend maybe a little bit of a wintry mix on saturday. but again right now, we're talking about about snow showers moving in tomorrow around 8:00 p.m. and moving out by 5:00 a.m. on friday morning. local gym is embracing a new trend in fitness. >> but this has nothing do with the latest wokkout. coming up, why one fitness center just applied for a liquor license. >> reporter: and coming up on
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frustrateded after her spial neeecds
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you may be out of luck if you wanted to see the national museum of african-american history during spring break. the smithsonian made advance passes for april availa
5:57 pm
but at last check of their website rgts ththey are sold ou. you can still try to get same day passes online every day at 6:30 in the morning or in person at 1:00 in the afternoon on weekdays. advanced time passes for the month of may by the way will be available on february 1st. if you're struggling to find motivation to get to the gym this new year, how about the promise of a cold beer or glass of wine? >> lifetime fitness in gaithersburg may soon serve alcohol beverages on sight. a look at the seemingly unhealthy trend at health clubs. >> reporter: after you hit the gym and finish your workout, your drink options usually water. but you could soon reward
5:58 pm
stronger. >> we wanted to provide a resort feel and part of that is a beer or glass of wine. >> reporter: they applied for a beer and wine license. the idea, creating community. it's already been done in new york and las vegas. >> it's a lifestyle destination. >> reporter: the gaithersburg gym is already a destination for some 235faces you might find familiar. >> i have a drink every now and then so whenever my career is over and i'm here gurduring tho months, i will pa par take. >> and i do promote drinking responsibly and i think they have done a good job in teaching members how to drink responsibly. hopefully i can do the same thing. >> reporter: and having a glass of red wine every snit one of h night is one of his secrets. an
5:59 pm
>> if i was here with my family and wasn't going to be driving home, then, yes. >> reporter: lch time says if all goes well, you should be able to enjoy a cold one by the pool after your workout starting memorial day. in gaithersburg, amy cho, news 4. three stories breaking as we go on the air tonight. in d.c., traumatic body cam video just released of the deadly police-involved shooting on christmas day. we'll tell you what we know about the moments before the shots were fired. >> and in virginia, shots fired near a high school, two people injured as the search continues for the gunman. first knthough a dangerous discovery in a wooded area near fletch fletcher's boathouse. guns hidden in a violin case. >> mark segraves has the latest on this investigation. what you c
6:00 pm
been a big deal on any day in our area, but given that it's just a few weeks before the inauguration, today police weren't taking any chances. >> out of an abundance of caution, we cleared the area to make sure there were no bombs that would threaten anybody. >> reporter: it was in these woods along this stone wall not far from fletcher's boathouse, thehiker found a violin case with several handguns inside. she brought the case to the boathouse parking lot and called police. >> and we brought out k-9s and checked for weapons, hazardous materials, anything that you could think of. >> reporter: police then found more guns in the woods where the violin case was. >> other weapons were recovered in multiple ways. i didn't get a chance to see exactly how they were before we began the recovery. but there were buckets and bags and other cases. but no actual gun cases.


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