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tv   Today  NBC  January 24, 2017 7:00am-9:58am EST

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good morning. good morning. a powerful nor'easter slamming the east coast this morning. heavy rain and near hurricane force winds causing wide spread damage and flooding. the threat not over. facts and falsehoods. during his first meeting with congressional leaders, president trump repeats a widely debunked claim that millions of illegal voters cost him the popular vote. this as his choice of secretary of state clears a major hurdle and his pick to run the cia is sworn in. can he calm the tension between trump and the intelligence community? we'll ask former cia director and defense secretary robert gates in aiv
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frightening moment. minnesota's governor begins to slur his words during a speech. and suddenly collapses. people quickly rush in to help. this morning the latest on his condition. all eyes on will willland. this year's oscar nominations are set to be revealed. live "today," tuesday, january 24th, 2017. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to day two of natalie's
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you are my inside source on oscars. >> you'll hear "la la land" and "manchester by the sea." the punishing nor'easter causing major problems up-and-down the east coast. we're going to get to al's forecast in a moment. but, first, nbc's blake mccoy is on long island. how is it looking there, blake? >> reporter: good morning. a sleepless night here for many with the wind howling and the rain pelting down. you can see giant sand berms have been built here on long island and into new jersey to protect against flooding. with high tide now near, this is the moment where everyone holds their breath and hopes the precautions hold. this morning a nor'easter slamming into the northeast. dumping heavy rain and high winds up to 45 miles per hour. overnight neighborhoods reduced to rivers and roads barely
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passable. umbrellas? useless. 23 million americane in pa th storm. in pennsylvania, flying debris killed a 59-year-old philadelphia man. police say a sign flew off an auto dealership and pinned him to a car. in new jersey, winds so strong they almost blew people over. >> getting blown forward. i was getting scared. >> reporter: this window washing rig tossed around like a toy. powerful wind gusts slamming into a building. on new york's long island trees toppled on to cars and knocked down power lines. susan emmerson came home to find a tree on her roof. >> and the building inspector came and said you can't be here. >> reporter: now she has to find somewhere else to go. getting there could be tough. >> i'm frustrated. >> reporter: power outages crippling amtrak service in new jersey late monday. parts of the train tracks flooded. >> reporter: this morning the trains are faring much better so far. there are thousands of power
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outages being reported this morning from new jersey to connecticut anmassachusett which could impact travel as people head out the door. >> blake, thank you very much. >> mr. roker, how long will it last? >> another 12 to 18 hours out of this. and then things finally start to calm down. in the meantime, we have 18 million people under winter weather advisories from pennsylvania to new england. and the moisture from this stretches all the way from bermuda and beyond to the northeast, new england. a ton of moisture available. you can see snow in the upper elevations. upstate new york and parts of new england. the rain ending down near in the northeast. the winds are still howling. look at the wind gusts now. islip 33, boston 46 miles per hour. nantucket 15. and the system gets closer. those will increase. rain, snow, and wind for most of new england along new jersey and new york city coastline. things will start to get better in the next several hours, but for our friends to the north,
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and massachusetts all the way to providence, rhode island until 10:00. anywhere from 1 to 2 inches of rain. we have ice to worry about. icing from new jersey up to a quarter of an inch. and devastating amounts in new england up to a half an inch of ice. and snowfall through wednesday we're talking 8 to 6 inches of snow from northern new england to central new york state. good news, once we get through this, things calm down into the weekend. >> that's good news. al, thank you very much. let's turn to politics. president trump welcomed congressional leaders to the white house last night and stirred up controversy immediately by repeating a widely debunked claim about the push election. this as lawmakers begin the process of confirming trump's cabinet nominees. in a moment, former defense secretary and cia director robert gates weighs on mr. trump's opening days in office. first, to reports from the white house beginning with nbc's peter
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>> reporter: hey, matt. good morning. it was president trump's first official meeting with congressional leaders here after what aids view as a strong opening day. more than two months after winning the election, mr. trump is dwelling on having lost the popular vote. and again repeated a bogus claim. president trump opening his new house to congressional leaders, both republicans and democrats. happy hour for food and drink served. during the bipartisan reception, sources tell nbc news the president revisited the campaign claiming without evidence that between 3 and 5 million undocumented voted in the election causing him to lose the popular vote to hillary clinton. according to the "washington post," the number of documented cas cases in voter fraud including a woman in iowa that voted twice
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law makers in the state dining. ceos in the roosevelt. leaders in the oval office. >> they're happy with the meeting they had. what do you think? after campaigning on more than 20 promises. >> many my first day in office i'm going to ask every republican congressman to send a bill to immediately repeal and replace obamacare. >> on day one, we'll begin working on an inpenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful southern border wall. >> a more modest opening day. just three executive orders. instituting a hiring freeze for federal workers, not including the military. reinstating a policy to ban
7:08 am
from providing or promoting abortions. most notably, pulling out of the pacific trade deal. a obama project intended to check china. >> great thing for the american worker. >> reporter: the move triggering a political role reversal. praised by bernie sanders but blasted by john mccain after sean spicer's combative weekend debut making inaccurate claims about inauguration crowd size, spicer tried to smooth things over. also raising eye brows spicer's refusal to say the unemployment rate almost a year after this trump's claim. >> the numbers probably 28-29, as high as 35.
7:09 am
42%. >> spicer's take? >> i think for too often in washington we get our heads wrapped around a number and a statistic. >> reporter: for the record, the current unemployment rate right now is 4.7%, as of december. back here at the white house there's a noticeable change in the way that.trump is going to conduct business. president obama would typically le leave the west wing by 6:30 for dinner with his family. mr. trump is here this morning. kellyanne conway said his schedule will include many working dinners, including dinners with members of the media, matt, that he repeatedly targeted. >> peter, thank you very much. >> as we mentioned the president's new team is starting to take shape and last night his director of the cia was sworn in. and secretary of state rex tillerson moved closer to his own confirmation. hallie jackson has that part of the story. good mornin >> pr:ooin a busy day not just
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hill the president's pick for transportation secretary is said to get a full senate vote later today. as more of his nominees now get the green light, more scrutiny on some of the topics they're said to oversee like foreign policy, intelligence, and national security. a cabinet coming together. cia head mike pompeo successfully sworn in. rex tillerson clearing his biggest senate hurdle. all but sirn to be named secretary of state next week. new leadership for the trump administration's intelligence and foreign policy teams. both of those topics in the spotlight. natch national security advisor mike flynn getting attention for his interactions with russia's ambassador to the u.s. on december 29th. the same day that the obama administration announced sanctions against moscow for interfering in the election. sean spicer describes those discussions as routine. saying flynn made another c
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three days ago. >> one call talked about four subjects. >> reporter: a u.s. intelligence official tells nbc news overnight there was never an investigation of flynn and the calls were briefly scrutinized after being picked up as part of routine monitoring of the ambassador adding the matter has been concluded. the backdrop to all of this? broader questions about the investigation into russia's meddling with the u.s. election. one former intelligence official briefed on the matter said that inquiry is looking whether certain former campaign aids had improper contacts with the russians. the senate intelligence committee looking into any possible connections. at the white house, the press secretary down playing any feud between the president and leaders of the intelligence community. pointing to the response president trump got during his visit to the cia saturday. >> they were excited. they were clapping. they were cheering. >> reporter: that cheering audible for
7:12 am
staffers in attendance. not from senior agency leadership staying silent during parts of the president's remarks. john brennan not in attendance calling the presidential appearance a despicable display. almost overshadowed? these remarks. >> probably wouldn't have isis. that's where they made their money in the first place. we should have kept the oil but okay. maybe we'll have soot chance. >> we want to make sure our interests are protected. if we're going in to a country for a cause -- >> can you state this administration will not send more troops into iraq to, as the president put it, take the oil? >> i'm not going to talk about what we may or may not do. >> reporter: and press secretary sean spicer will hold his second briefing here today at the podium behind me as the president starts his day with that auto meeting. it includes a one on one with top senate republican mitch mcconnell. matt, you know the topic of supreme court picks will be on the agenda.
7:13 am
thank you very much. robert gates served as secretary of defense under presidents obama and george w. bush and the cia's director under president george h.w. bush. and author of the book "a passion for leadership." rex tillerson was approved last night. the vote was 11-10. despite some senators' serious concerns about his ties to russia. this is the guy you suggested to then president-elect donald trump. are you worried as he gets confirmed and moves forward in his job there will always be lingering doubts about him any time he deals with russia or putin? >> i don't think so. i think that once rex is confirmed and in office that his actions will prove he's basically totally focussed on looking out for best interest of the united states. frankly, i was disappointed it was a party line vote. i had hoped that a few dmo
7:14 am
>> let's stay on russia for a second. you're aware of the things donald trump tweeted and said about russia and vladimir putin calling him a great leader. calling him an asset. saying he wants a closer relationship with him. you four months ago said trump's expressions of admiration for putin and his authoritarian regime are naive and responsible. you're the guy who once famously said i looked in vladimir putin's eyes and i saw the eyes of a stone-cold killer. when you met wh then president-elect trump a couple of months ago, did you personally say those things to him? did you warn him about putin? >> i did. i told him about that story, about looking into putin's eyes. i also told him that i thought that the challenge for his administration was going to be to thread the needle between figuring out how to push back against putin's aggressions and meddling in interventions and
7:15 am
thugery. and at the same time figure out a way to stop what i regard as a dangerous downward spiral in the relationship. you have to do both things. >> you know the fbi and cia and other intelligence agencies are investigating possible improper contact between three of mr. trump's former campaign associates. the "new york times" goes as far as saying looking at intercepted communication and financial data. you've got an experienced gut. you were this nation's top spy. does it make you kweesy? >> i don't know anything about the investigation. what i have some confidence in based on experience is i have no doubt that the russians tried to intervene in our election. that they tried to discredit and delegitimize the election. they're trying to do it in europe now in elections there. this is a part of the way the russians do business. >> let me move on to the cia. when president trump went to the cia a couple of days ago and stood in front of the wall of stars, which represent the
7:16 am
this country in the intelligence community. he chose the opportunity to fight with the media and did self-promoting. did you feel he was disrespectful to the agency and those people who gave their lives? >> well, i think there was sort of -- seems to be sort of a stream of consciousness that goes on. first of all, i thought it was an important gesture of respect to go there in the first place. even before mike pompeo was confirmed and basically say to the people at the agency he respected them and willing to work with them. >> is there still a rift? >> well, i think that to the degree there is -- and, you know, there's always -- >> you're in contact -- >> first of all, there's tension between cia and presidents. because cia says things presidents don't like. and so, you know, i think mike po pompeo, i talked to him several times. i think he'll be successful in mending this. more importantly, fin
7:17 am
>> president trump made a comment at langley saying we might get another chance to steal iraq's oil. he said if we kept the oil -- maybe we'll have another chance. >> as the former head of the defense department. i want your reaction. >> i have no clue what he's talking about. >> if the u.s. military were to go in now and try to steal iraq's oil, wouldn't it be an international crime? >> i think that's not going to happen. >> let me ask you about another comment. during the inaugural address he said a new vision will govern or land. from this day forward, it's going to be only america first. you're a student of history. historically speaking, how do you think it sounds to our allies? >> i think it reenforces their impression already that the united states is pulling back from engagement around the world. and i think it's leading alo
7:18 am
election under the obama administration, and i think it just reinforces their view that they may be need to recalibrate their relationships with other countries, including russia and china. if they think the united states is basically pulling back from the leadership role we've had over the last seven decades, other countries are going to fill that. >> in your book, you write this about important qualities for a leader. you said they have to have the right temperament. they have to keep their ego in check, and treat people with dignity and respect. having written that, are you confident that donald trump will be an effective leader? >> i think that you have sort of two parallel universes, if you will. you have the public commentary, tweeting and so on and so forth that is a little mind boggling sometimes. but then many people talk about
7:19 am
private and having serious and thoughtful conversations. that was the case when i met with him in december. so i think when i look at the team that he's putting around him in national security, tillerson and mattis and kelley and so on and i hear about the meetings in price priva-- priva >> i like how you bring the two sides of the personality together. >> the problem is the first impacts the second in terms of perceptions around the world. >> former defense secretary robert gates and cia director. it's great to have you here. >> thank you very much. >> appreciate it. let's swing over al. >> hello! you're right there. sorry. i didn't mean to sneak around the former cia director. [ laughter ] >> he knew you there were all along, al! that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods.
7:20 am
good morning everybody. i'm storm 4 meteorologist chuck bell. a lot of clouds outside this morning. they're racing across. they're leaving the occasional rain drop or two. a couple of wet snow flakes in higher elevations. not expecting a lot of rain today. it is colder outside, too. temperatures now in the mid to upper 30s but windchills back in the upper 20s to around 30s. get your warm coat and be ready for a chilly day today. milder tomorrow. another chance for a sprinkle early thursday >>well, done. >> thank you. the c
7:21 am
of his state of the state address. we'll tell you how he's doing this morning. >> scary moment there. new evidence in a murder case made famous by a miniseries. does it prove a former green beret convicted of killing his own family innocent? first, this is "today" on nbc.
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cause at hellmann's, we're on the side of food. 7:26 is your time now on this tuesday, january 24, 2017. >> good morning. we're working to get more information about a crash in fairfax county. a pedestrian was hit on route 50 at the intersection with stafford drive. it's not clear how seriously the person was hurt. we have calls into police to find out whether any lanes are closed. today you can meet al sa alexandris w of po there's a public reception for michael brown. brown officially started yesterday. he spent most of his career working with the california highway patrol. now a check on the roads with first 4 traffic. good morning. >> good morning. inner loop
7:27 am
we have plywood in the right lane. the rest of the beltway looks pretty good. big warning here. big pothole reported in the left lane. several people have gotten flat tires from that one. beware there. westbound duke street after north quaker lane water main break with the right lane being shut down. >> thank you. we'll take a quick break and check your forecast next. stay with us.
7:28 am
a quick look at the five-day forecast. you can see today you can expect that things will be drying out. a high temperature of about 50 degrees. a little breeze through the day. maybe a little sun coming through. things getting better as we get later into the week. 60 degrees tomorrow going to feel nice out there compared to the weekend where you expect things to be quite a b
7:29 am
[ applause ] >> a little extra pay for that. another look at your local news in 25 minutes. >> for now back to the "today" show after this short break. have a greada
7:30 am
♪ 7:30, now, on a tuesday 7:30 on a tuesday, 24th day of january, 2017. another morning of wind and rain. we'll try to get out and say hi to those people on the plaza in awhile. >> come on, matt! >> i have no hair to worry about. inside studio 1a i'm matt lauer alongside gn alde natalie morrellis in for savannah today. during the meeting mr. trump repeated a widely debunked claim he only lost the popular vote in the election because millions of, quote, illegals, voted. a scary moment in
7:31 am
in monday during the state of the state address when the governor collapses. address. [ slurring ] [ slurring ] >> get him to the ground. >> it's hard to watch. officials say governor mark dayton appeared to faint but regained consciousness moments later. a spokesperson said he walked out of the capitol under his own power and returned home where he was checked out by emts. the governor is expected back to work today. more rain is falling in california this morning. record downpours over the weekend are now blamed for at least four deaths and wide spread flooding across the state. prompting to the governor to declare states of emergency in 50 counties. >> and also this morning. president trump is now formally turning over his business to his two adult sons. the move is aimed at ending questions about potential conflicts of interest. does it go far
7:32 am
nbc's kristen welker is at the white house. >> reporter: good morning. trumk office, questions about his extensive business ties loom large. the administration says case closed, after the president officially transferred his business to his sons. but critics are saying -- >> this is a ballroom -- >> reporter: after serving as his real-life apprentices, donald trump's sons are taking over his businesses. a 19-page resignation letter, signed the day before the inauguration reads, i, donald j. trump, hereby resign from every office and position i hold. and a document miled with the florida secretary of shows that he's the manager of trump hotel management. >> he has resigned from the company, as he said he would, before he took office. don and ec
7:33 am
>> reporter: but conflict of interest questions are still swirling. president trump first announced his intention to turn over his business to his sons during a press conference in january, when he was still president-elect. his business ties long a flashpoint. mr. trump insisted he would not take any actions that would >> i could run the trump organization. great, great company. and i could run the company -- country. i would do a very good job. but i don't want to do that. >> reporter: the just-released resignation letter doesn't meet the standards of some independent experts who urged trump to liquidate holdings. on monday, a group of lawyers and ethics experts some with democratic ties filed a lawsuit against the president. the suit suggests the president is breaking the e moulmentes
7:34 am
clause. his adult children often by his side for major events at home and abroad. but will handing control to his adult sons while maintaining ownership be enough now that he is president? >> eric trump formally taking control of parts of the company, will not silence ethics critters who say that die vestment is the only way to ensure that donald trump is not being enriched by the fact he's president. >> another check of the weather for us, mr. roker. >> another storm system, one that caused the last round of problems for california is making its way into the plains. you can see the snow already starting to fire up. we have winter storm watches and winter weather advisories and warnings stretching into the plain and the upper midwest. we're looking at that round of snow moving into the plains today. gusty winds and low visibility. almost blizzard-like conditions but not quite. ed
7:35 am
great lakes. it will make for air and road travel a problem. wednesday anywhere from 4 to 8 inches of snow. stretching from wisconsin all the way back to the dakotas. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good tuesday morning. no snow here but temperatures are feeling below freezing. here is the feels like temperature when you factor in the breeze we have around this morning. 30 degrees in the district. fredericksburg feels like 31 degrees. a cold start to your morning. as we get closer to noon, we'll get into the 40s, i should say. low 40s and through the afternoon some clouds starting to break. but more sunshine as we go into tomorrow. tomorrow unseasonably warm 60 degrees. >> get that weather any time you need it. check out the weather channel on cable. >> al, thank you very much. coming up complete coverage of the morning's oscar nominations. a new twist in the infamous
7:36 am
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7:41 am
decades for the brutal killings of his wife and two young daughters. this week he heads back to court pleading for an appeal with what his legal team says is new evidence on his side >> i did not assault them. i did not -- >> for nearly five decades, former green beret surgeon dr. jeffrey mcdonald never wavered in his claim that he has nothing to do with killing his family. >> what happened to this family was so horrific. it was something out of a horror movie. >> reporter: february 17th, 1970 mcdonald's pregnant wife and two young daughters were brutally murdered at their fort bragg apartment. mcdonald claimed he was attacked with a severe head injury and 17 stab wounds. one deep enough to puncture his lungs. >> the crime made national headlines becoming the subject of a best
7:42 am
vision." later turned into a miniseries. the army originally investigated the murders before clearing mcdonald as a suspect. four years later a federal grand jury indicted mcdonald alleging he staged the crime scene and alleging he inflicted his own wound. >> because mr. mcdonald was a surgeon he knew how to look bad but not kill himself. >> reporter: mcdonald was tried and found guilty in 1979 and given three life sentences. now mcdonald's defense team said they have proof that the crime scene was contaminated from the start and critical evidence was held from the defense team including bloody footprints, unidentified hair, candle drippings throughout the home that don't match any candles in the apartment, and a bloody syringe found at the scene. >> certainly there was no evidence that jeffy mcdonald or anyone his household was
7:43 am
user in any way. the half-filled bloody syringe could be evidence that there were drug crazied hippies in his house. >> reporter: they are insisting new evidence proves he's innocent, prosecutors are just as confident he remains guilty. u.s. attorney declined comment on the specifics of the case saying in a statement to nbc when cases are pending court proceedings, it's the practice of our office to litigate the case in court through evidence and argument in hearings and in written filings with the court rather than through the news media. >> for the past 46 years, dr. jeffrey mcdonald had been fighting to clear his name. he has never strayed from his story saying he did not kill his pregnant wife and two daughters. >> reporter: mcdonald said the only way he wants to be released from prison is exonerati
7:44 am
attempt may be his last shot. the appeal hearings takes place in virginia this thursday. you can see more tonight. >> thank you. coming were tomorrow on our series. we'll hear from the mother of george hughly. the former college lacrosse player. still ahead on this tuesday morning, one couple's explosive baby announcement that is landing them in hot water. right after this.
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7:49 am
tamron is in for carson in the orange room with a baby announcement getting a lot of attention. >> this is quite a talker this morning. good morning! nebraska couple john and ashley wanted to reveal their baby's gender with a bang, and we mean literally. here we go. they went to an open field and using a rifle shot at an exploding target and video shared on facebook. you hear john shouting "it's a boy!" not everyone in the area was celebrating the news. police received several calls worried that a house or car exploded. the couple learned of the condition on the radio and called police to apologize. that didn't do the trick. while it's legal to purchase these exploding targets, you need a permit to shoot them. so they were issued a ticket punishable up to $1,000 fee. one year
7:50 am
they expect to learn their punishment in the next few days. they've confirmed when their son is born, that's in june, they'll keep that celebration a bit more low key. maybe that will ease some of the pain in the event they get fined there. $1,000, prison, or both, guys. >> at least they'll be out of the slam. >> i don't know. depending on when they get suspended, if they do. they wanted people to know the reason why they shared the video is to warn others in case you're thinking about doing something similar. >> yeah. >> balloons. >> there are easier ways. >> thank you so much. our countdown to the super bowl commercials. we have a special sneak peek. and a first look at a candid new interview with michael jackson's daughter paris. we'll break down this morning's oscar nominations. that's co u
7:51 am
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♪ >> o oh, yeah.
7:56 am
7:of a is your time now on this tuesday, january 24th, 2017. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. we want to get to melissa and your first 4 traffic for a look at your commute. >>. outer loop after university boulevard a c ithe centereltway awful. southbound bw parkway afterhave lane. a warning for you there. in charles county, saint charles parkway at billingsly reed crash all lanes blocked. >> thank you. sheena will be back with a look at your forecast. stay with us. it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation.
7:57 am
a job if something doesn't seem right. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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7:59 am
good tuesday morning. still feeling at or below freezing. as you walk outside it feels like 30 degrees in the district. actual temperature 39 degrees. northwest winds sustained at 18 miles per hour. it's breezy out there. mostly cloudy skies. a little bit of sunshine trying to peek through now. for today 50 degrees. damp and cold this morning. by the afternoon we'll start to see a little bit more clearing. milder temperatures tomorrow about 10 degrees warmer than today. >> thank you, sheena. another local news update in 25 minutes.
8:00 am
♪ ♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up nasty nor'easter. powerful storm system slamming the east coast. heavy winds, rain, ice, and flooding. as millions wake up to a very messy morning commute. plus, breaking her silence. michael jackson's daughter paris opening up for the first time about the loss of her father and the struggles that followed as she shares details of living with her famous family. ♪ >> and the nominees are -- it's all eyes on hollywood. we're bringing you this morning's oscar nominations as they're revealed. with complete coverage of what
8:01 am
show. today, tuesday, january 24th, 2017. ♪ >> good morning to our family back in south carolina. go, tigers. >> all the kids, we made it to the "today" show. >> a big shoutout to all of our friends and family. ♪ celebrating my 11th birthday in nyc! ♪ >> we're back now 8:00 on a tuesday morning. the 24th of january, 2017. al has been talking about this nor'easter for the past couple of days. it arrived yesterday. it's still here.
8:02 am
as a result, can we point to those kids there? they were here first this morning and has been standing outside for about an hour and a half in nasty weather >>well, done! >> happy to have natalie with us this week. especially this morning. because we're talking about the oscars and you are an aficionado on all things oscar related. >> i've seen a lot of movies. i'm well prepared. we have the live announcements coming up. but coming up three amazing foods rolled into one. we're talking pasta, cheese, and barbecue. >> oh, my gosh! >> bang! >> one of a kind lasagna. >> we love the name of his restaurant, too. pig beach. first, the morning's top stories. here is the news at 8:00. we begin with a nor'easter no
8:03 am
northeast. i'm kristen dahlgren in cape cod. many of the commercial fishing boats in port this morning. hitting new england overnight. ice pellets and harsh winds. >> it's brutal. winds slapping you in the face. ice slapping you in the face. >> reporter: slippery roads making for dangerous driving. as the storm beared down on the coast of massachusetts overnight, thousands of residents without power. in new jersey thousands more left in the dark. along the east coast, fierce waves pounding the jersey shore. roads flooding in atlantic city. winds knocking down street lights. >> i almost fell down. this is bad here. >> reporter: the fast moving nor'easter packing wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour. 23 million americans in the storm's impact zone. >> it's pretty bad!
8:04 am
getting blown forward. >> reporter: in philadelphia, a 59-year-old man struck and killed by a sign blown off a wall. the high winds also blowing this window washing rig around in jersey city. trees snapping, falling on to homes. >> it's not safe. a tree could topple you at any time. >> reporter: hundreds of flights in the region delayed or cancelled. >> not looking good. >> high winds severely disrupting train service in the new york metro area on monday night. new jersey's hoboken train station flooded. late january known for the snowstorms in the northeast, now packing a slightly different punch. >> it's better than snow. it's been than 3 feet of snow. >> reporter: a little bit of good news. we are getting the train service back up and running. also, matt, the power crews are out in force trying to get power restored. this is going to be a very messy commute for millions. >> all right. thank you very much. in
8:05 am
president donald trump is hosting a breakfast meeting with auto industry ceos. he's asking for their ideas about bringing more jobs back to the u.s. president trump has threatened to slap a big tax on cars made in factories abroad, but for sale in this country. on monday night, the president held a reception for leaders of congress from both parties. sources tell nbc news he repeated a widely debunked claim without evidence he lost the popular vote in november because of ballots cast by undocumented immigrants he called illegals. >> meantime, the obamas are enjoying their first post white house vacation arriving overnight in the british virgin islands. they posed for a picture with immigration and police officials. the obamas flew to the caribbean aboard richard branson's private jet after a weekend relaxing in palm springs, california. coming up next michael jackson's daughter making a surprise claim about her father's death. we'll have more on tha
8:06 am
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8:09 am
we're back now with michael jackson's daughter paris like we haven't seen or heard her before. >> she's speaking candidly about growing up as a child of music royalty. hoda is here with the latest. >> good morning. in a rolling stone exclusive. paris jackson didn't know her dad was famous until she was 7. at 18 paris is ready to discuss everything from her troubled teens to explosive claims about her father's death. paris jackson breaks her silence. sharing intimate details about her famous family in an interviewing with rolling stone magazine. paris now 18 years old and aspiring model sheds light on overcoming her darkest days following the sudden loss of her father nearly eight years ago. she says, quote, they always say time heals, but it really doesn't. you just get used to it. >> ever since i was born --
8:10 am
you could ever imagine. >> we first heard from paris as a brave 11-year-old girl who spontaneously paid a tearful tribute to her father at his memorial service. paris' life seemed to struggle out of control. she said, quote, i was crazy. i was actually crazy. i was going through a lot of teen angst. >> in a way paris jackson is a pure child of the 21st century. like a lot of kids face cyber bullying. she faced it a whole lot more because who she is and whose daughter she is. >> she claims aeg live the promotors behind the michael tour overworked michael. the jackson family lost the wrongful death suit against the concert promoter. a jury accepting
8:11 am
that jackson alone was responsible for his own death. par paris to propofol on dr. conrad murray, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. murray's in a shocking and separate allegation, paris believes someone murdered her father saying michael would, quote, drop hints about people being out to get him. >> she wouldn't say who she thought, you know, might be responsible for michael's death. it sounds like she has thoughts in her head of who it might be and she would like to work to find justice. >> for what she says will be the only time, paris also addresses whether michael jackson is her biological father. >> as far as she's concerned, she wants people to know she is michael jackson's biological child. and that he told her so. >> paris also telling rolling stone s
8:12 am
black and her father encouraged her to be proud of her roots. and while michael protected his children from the public eye, paris says growing up jackson had its challenges. especially when her father came under fire for multiple allegations of child molestation. >> her dad would come to her, you know, at night and her dad would be crying and saying how can the world do this to me? why would they say i did these things? for her it was heartbreaking. >> now as paris steps into a spotlight passed down to her by the king of pop, she hopes to carry-on the legacy she simply knew as dad. paris explaining nobody experienced him being a father to them. and if they did, the entire perception of him would be completely and forever changed. >> we did reach out to aeg live concerning paris' claims and the concert promoter declined to comment. an heir to $1
8:13 am
she's earning her own money. she has 50 tattoos and a number of them honor her father. it's a fascinating read in "rolling stone." you feel like you get to know her better. >> she's been through a lot. she's sticking arou. ta tndg. al, a check of t weather. >> all right. >> got to have your vegetables first and then we'll get to the fun stuff. anyway. staying cold out west. mild highs in the eastern two-thirds of the country. chicago 41. 72 in oklahoma city. new york city 42 degrees. and six degrees above average. the warmth continues as we get into wednesday. but by later this week, it'll feel more like winter. thursday 54 in new york city. minneapolis stays in the upper 20s. even tampa, florida 77 on thursday. down to 65 saturday. that's what's going on around the country.
8:14 am
>> good morning. it is a cloudy and breezy start to the day. it will stay breezy all day long. we'll get a little sunshine back later on this afternoon. windchills are below freezing. grab your jacket here early this morning. afternoon highs today upper 40s to around 50. noticeably milder tomorrow. tomorrow's highs near 60 degrees. a risk of a quick little shower early thursday morning before we turn colder and drier for the weekend. >> that's your latest weather. check us out on "today" show radio, on siriusxm 108. now for what's trending. the gang's out here. those with children, are you careful about what movies they get to see? >> try to be. >> pg-13, versus "r." this is a sobering finding from researchers. they looked at gun violence in
8:15 am
movies. and found that movies rated pg-13, were more violent than those with an "r" rating. the study in the journal "pediatrics." researchers say is what's more troubling is films remove the consequences of that gun violence. so parents and kids are being desensitized to its effects. >> interesting. >> our movies may be more sexual in content. >> nudity. >> but there's a lot of random gun play in pg-13 movies. >> a lot of cursing, too. they get away with a lot. curious to see what you think of this video. when you're a firefighter, time, of course, is of the essence. check out with firefighters in dubai are doing. they're sick of getting stuck in traffic. they're turning to jet skis and jet packs. dubai's firefighters posted this to see how it works.
8:16 am
rides on the jet ski. at the scene of the fire, he uses a jet pack to propel himself over the smoke, dousing the flames. >> and he takes it off and is wearing a tuxedo. >> officials call the method the dolphin. they hope it can help cut response time. >> it doesn't work as well when the fire is in the middle of the city. but when in the right-hand lane of a causeway, conveniently located. >> you get enough momentum. >> isn't that hard to do? i've seen people do a face plant on those things. >> i thought it was a joke. >> i still wonder. >> you get to the bottom of it. we've seen alligator videos. we're in love with alligator videos. wait until you see this one. a group of tourists were visiting the florida everglades, when the guide let the boat drift towards this guy, resting
8:17 am
he looks peaceful. things don't remain calm for long. take a look. >> yeah. yeah. >> whoa. >> oh, my god. >> case in point. >> oh, jeez. >> the scariest part is you don't see what is happening. >> what did happen? >> the alligator stayed on the boat for a short while. and somehow, managed to find its way squeezing through the rail. i would have already been in the water. >> the other alligators. >> get me out of here. >> they move fast. >> they do. >> they are -- >> 30 miles per hour. >> really? >> yeah. >> a change of clothes for the tourists, too. mel gibson and his latest reason to celebrate. he just welcomed his ninth child. mel
8:18 am
the news to e! this is the first child for mel with his girlfriend of two years, rosyln ross. the baby weighed 5 pounds, 5 ounces. congratulations to them. the force has awakened. now what? disney released the title of the next movie in the "star wars" franchise. here we go. it will be called, "star wars: the last jedi." >> there's more than one "star wars" movie? >> we're not talking to you about this. a lot is still under wraps. there's three things we know. the new movie, is released december 15th. matt will be first in line. it will pick up where "the force awakens" left off. and mark hamill will be in the movie. and carrie fisher finished scenes before she passed away. this will be emotional for so many reasons.
8:19 am
resolutions. if you're channing tatum, pretty good. he promised he would learn new things like playing the piano. own on twitter, channing shared his progress. ♪ >> wow. very good. ♪ >> so, that's just 2 1/2 weeks, right? >> amazing. >> channing doesn't say how he taught himself. but he says he's going to start getting actual lessons very good. we were speculating, did he do youtube video? there's some -- >> you can learn a lot. >> software programs that will guide you through. he's not gone to an actual teacher yet. >> wow. >> that's your "pop start." how do you feel about your resolutions? >> what resolutions? >> we should invite him in here for a summer concert. >> that would be nice and different. oh, i have one more. guys -- >> i was stalling for you. >> you're so sweet. i was all in channing land. this morning, we're kicking off a countdown to
8:20 am
at the commercials hoping to make their mark during the big game. hopefully it's not that puppy -- what did we see, al? puppy baby monkey. from skittles. what do you think? >> katie? katie? katie? katie? katie? katie? katie? >> granny. >> katie? katie? >> that got dark. >> katie? >> romance the rainbow. taste the rainbow. >> that's a winner. >> that's a good one. we'll have more exclusive commercials this week and next, leading right up to the super bowl. a thumbs up on that one, right? that was cute. >> what are you pointing at? tamron. tamron, thank you very much. this morning, on "start today live to 100"
8:21 am
downsizing r.v. edition. could you sell nearly all of your possessions, buy an r.v. and work seasonal jobs? it's known as work camping. and it's growing popularity among people like doug and lisa. >> workamping was set up for people who travel around in their r.v., motor home, pop-up camper and are willing to work seasonal jobs. >> and the employer provides a living space for you. we wanted to retire early. we needed to supplement our income. and workamping really fit our needs nicely because we can travel. we can go whenever we want. and we can look for the seasonal, temporary jobs out there by the hordes, really. we spent the summer in idaho. red fish lake area. beautiful scenery. >> don't tell everyone, or they will come. >> forget you heard that.
8:22 am
arizona, and worked at red rock state park for 2 1/2 months. now, working the spring training jobs. it's a good opportunity to keep our minds busy. but to fill the financial hole we need, until we're retirement age and can tap our retirement income. >> and we get the opportunity to only pick the fun jobs that we want to do. it doesn't sound fun, we're not going to do it at this point in our life because we can. we wake up every day and pinch ourselves. >> who knows where we're going to go from here. the sky's the limit. and we'll determine that when we make up that day. >> for more on workamperes and how to downsize like one, we say good morning to jean chatzky. good morning. >> good morning. >> that's in the category of not for everyone. who does well? >> people that want a real change and have a serious sense of adventure. the nice thing about being a workamper, you go from place to place to place in the country. you r
8:23 am
you own. and it lit up for me that some of the workamperes are working at spring training. >> sometimes they work for a wage. >> some of the jobs are minimum wage. >> whether you are downsizing because you want to do this, going about selling off a lot of your possessions, especially in your 50s, isn't easy. where do you start? >> let's start with a vision. you need to understand where you're going. try to imagine yourself in that next place. and ask yourself when it comes to everything in your home, where will i put it? you want to shop in your own home. if you don't answer the question with would i buy this again? it goes. duplicates, things like multiple sets of dishes. multiple sets of pots and pans, they can go. books. a lot of people take those things very personally. but if ye
8:24 am
it again or have a child or a grandchild read it, it goes. and we have the ability these days to digitize our memories. take pictures of things and bring the pictures instead of the things. >> you asked yourself a lot of important questions. you like the four piles. how do you separate things? >> we're going to sell, donate, trash it or keep it. when you're looking to sell items, there's a lot of different ways to get rid of things. things like apps, like offer up and five miles, where you get rid of big pieces. >> how do you know how anything is worth? you look on a site like ebay to see what it sold for. you can track those prices. start at 50% or 70% of what you originally paid for it. >> okay. >> when you're donating, sites like goodwill, salvation army. it's deductible.
8:25 am
items based on their condition. but you have to get a receipt from the charity that you give it to anything worth over $250. >> some things you take a deep breath and throw it away. >> if it's a electronic, do it carefully. wipe it clean. if you have more things than you can take with you, it's okay to get a storage unit. only for six months and a year. otherwise, you can be in the trap of paying for storage forever. >> you have these things. you have to have other things to remember. give yourself time to downsize. it takes time. >> you want to go room by room by room. and transaction costs. this is important. a lot of people don't think about the fact that moving actually has a cost. there's a cost to listing your house, to selling your house, to actually moving to storing the items, factor that into your budget. >> all right, jean. thanks. appreciate it. nice job. you can get her tips just ahead complete coverage
8:26 am
nominations. first, your local news. coverage of this morning's oscar nominations. but first, your local news. 8:26 is your time on this tuesday, january 24th, 2017. good morning to you. eun yang. we get to a look at the roads now. >> outer loop after the toll road crash in the right lane. that's a new problem for us this morning. outer loop before connecticut work zone along the left side. that will start at 9:00 a.m. you have another 30 minutes. that will start and start to, of course, slow things. southbound bw parkway. a crash record there had. and northbound 270 ramp to shady grove a crash. >> we'll check your forecast next. stay with us.
8:27 am
there are times when it's nice that things go up. and it's sometimes even better when things go down. novec, a not-for-profit electric cooperative, provides wholesale power to its customers at cost. any changes in that cost are passed along through an annual power cost adjustment on bills. the average home's power bill from novec will again go down in 2017 by nearly $11 a month. making down a very good direction for power bills. there are times when it's nice that things go up. and it's sometimes even better
8:28 am
robert: i've always had high blood pressure. but now i was getting these terrible headaches. and i was tired literally all the time. something wasn't right. most people don't find out they have chronic kidney disease until it is very advanced. in fact, my friend ron paul was one of those affected. but a simple test can help save your life. talk to your doctor or contact the gw ron and joy paul kidney center to find out how you can get tested. before you find out that way, find out this way. good morning everybody. still mostly cloudy out there. there are slivers of sunshine trying to get their way through otherwise mostly cloudy sky. couldn't rule out a sprinkle or wet snow flake or too. not looking for a lot of anything. wheelchai windchi t2
8:29 am
sure. it'll chilly today. milder and near 60 tomorrow. >> chuck, thank you. get the latest news and weather any time in the nbc washington app.
8:30 am
♪ it's 8:30 on a tuesday morning. the 24th day of january, 2017. it's a rainy day on our plaza. it's a big day out in hollywood. nominations of the 89th annual academy awards are revealed. >> the academy is doing things a little bit different. they're using videos featuring nominees. >> they are rolling them as we speak, and as we watch let's bring in dave carter special correspondent for imdb. a couple of big categories have been announced. >> it's a great group of five. five. casey affleck, "manchester by the sea." and denzel washington.
8:31 am
andrew garfield. and ryan gosling, "la la land." and natalie and i love vigo morganson. >> anybody snubbed in that category? >> tom hanks didn't make it in for "sully." that's one that people were hoping for. i like those five. that's a great list. >> that's a hard one. >> back to best supporting actor nominee. how did that play out? >> herschel ali for "moonlight" is someone that a lot of people are talking about. jeff bridges for "hell or high water." lucas hedges, a great young actor in "manchester by the sea." my favorite movie of the year, "lion," starring dev patil, is in there. and i thought someone from "nocturnal animals" would be
8:32 am
nominated. aaron thompson won. but michael shannon got the oscar nomination. he's a great actor. >> an interesting group. it's a tooss-up in your mind? >> any of those guys can win. >> if the golden globes, it was "la la land" over and over. do you expect them to have a big oscar season? >> they have gotten nine in the categories already announced. there's a decent chance. we'll see when the final tally revealed, it will tie the all-time record for most nominations ever, with 14. all about even "titanic" got 14 nominations. i think "la la land" will do the same thing. >> what else will we be talking about? >> "arrival." that's a movie getting a lot of nominations across the board in a lot of the technical categories. i think that will have a double-digit nominee count, as well. that's a great film. it fakes the audience t.
8:33 am
as you continue to watch it, you realize it's a great love story and a great mother/daughter story, as well. amy adams is so strong in that. >> for people watching, we should tell you the academy is not doing things in the traditional way. they've released a tape. we're going to a portion of that right now. >> octavia spencer, in "hidden figures." and michelle williams in "manchester by the sea." >> no surprises. >> film editing. "arrival." "hacksaw ridge." "hell or high water." "la la land" and "moonlight." >> my phone rang. it was my father. and we both just started crying. and neither of us could finish a sentence. it was one of the greatest moments of my life. and two years later -- >> why are they doing it this way? >> i miss the old way. the breakfast and the scrambled eggs. >>
8:34 am
messing names up. >> they're going for a social media thing. i saw just ruth negga get nominated for "loving." >> and ""natalie portman for "jackie." >> and i talked about amy adams. and she didn't get nominated. >> you would have known that. let's pay attention to the fact that mel gibson got nominated for "hacksaw ridge." that's very impressive. a lot of people wondering, would the community welcome him back. and they sure did. >> all of these, i think everybody expected those directors. >> exactly. the only category left is best picture. >> we should mention jimmy kimmel is the host this year. he's going to have some fun. >> the thing about him, he's like jimmy fallon, where he will have a great spirit. i think he will rib some
8:35 am
i'm looking forward to seeing what he does. >> they're about to do best picture. back to the tape. >> okay. >> "hacksaw ridge." >> "hell or high water." >> "hidden figures." >> "la la land." >> "lion." >> "manchester by the sea." >> "moonlight." >> all right. what's the odds-on favorite there? >> it's "la la land." >> got to be? >> i think that's just a film that really speaks to the academy. it's about following your dreams in hollywood. trying to balance all the different parts of your life. it's beautifully shot, incredibly well acted. the music is gorgeous. the cinematography is terrific. that's a movie to look out for. i want to make the point that oscar so white is going to be put on hold. there's a lot of performers by color. 6 among the 20 acting nominees are performers of color.
8:36 am
herschel and naomie harris, and dev patil for "lion" and octavia spencer. and many of the films for best picture, have nonwhite actors in the lead roles. hidden figures. "lion" and "fences." >> after years of controversy, that's welcome news. speaking of odds, what are the odds they go back to the old format next year? >> we'll have to see. the jury is maybe out right now. >> yeah. >> all right. >> well, the control room loves this also. dave, thank you very much. the 89th academy awards on sunday, february 26th. head i'm getting the best -- [ laughter ] >> okay. anyway. let's show you what we have. here is the next storm coming in through the plains. bti
8:37 am
fanl drying out on the west coast. strong winds through texas. the nor'easter will be pulling out. for tomorrow unseasonably mild conditions along the sea board. a snowstorm in the upper midwest. wet weather through the lower mississippi river valley and plenty of sunshine. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning! we actually have temperatures still feeling below freezing this morning. feeling like 30 degrees in the district. 29 in gaithersburg. 32 in lees burg. a cold start this morning. more peeks of sunshine through the day today. the clouds gradually breaking up this afternoon. high around 50 degrees. damp and cold this morning but afternoon clearing will be taking place. look at tomorrow! 60 for your wednesday. unseasonably warm. we stay mostly dry the rest of the week. >> best foreign subject. >> it's going to be a long morning, al. ha
8:38 am
trying out the coolest new beauty gadgets of the year. first, this is "today" on nbc. gadgets of the year. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:39 am
bp gives its offshore teams 24/7 support from onshore experts, so we have extra sets of eyes on our wells every day. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
8:40 am
♪ back, now, at 8:40. back at 8:40. this morning on today's style. we have the latest and greatest must have gadgets. augusta, good morning! >> good morning. >> how are you? >> great. >> thank you. you went to the consumer electronics show and scoped it out and found the best of the best for beauty gadgets. let's start with the fantastic five-in-one curling iron. >> we have all the curls represented today. in is one single barrel and it has five attachments to give you all kinds of curls. >> spin her around so you can see. >> we have the tighter on this end and as we work our way
8:41 am
>> you put the tighter wand over here. if you apt looser wave, you can do a medium barrel. if you have longer hair and want a nice, like, undone done situation you can do the wider barrels. which is what she has on this side of her face. and the whole thing is just $55. >> that's a good deal! >> thank you! >> come on over here to the facial steamer. >> yeah. this is from panasonic. it turns on with one button. you fill it with water. it's like a facial at home. put your -- >> oh, nice. the hair is going to go poof! this you can use right before your cleans your face. at night to just kind of melt the makeup off your face to have it come off easily and open up your pores and have your cleanser work really well. it's works for six minutes. it's like a facial at home. how much? >> a little over $100. it can replace, like, a facial you would get maybe at a spa. >> it's going to cost you more than that at a
8:42 am
are excited about this. the make up brush cleaner. >> yeah. this is from stylepro. it's these orbs that are filled with water and make up cleanser. you can use soap at home. you can see how it's used on the video. super easy to use. >> the solution is inside. >> yeah. you dip your brush inside and it cleans it. >> like a washing machine for your brushes. >> exactly. we'll show you how you use it. it dries in seconds. that's a difference. it's pain to clean your make up brush because you have to let them dry overnight. no one actually cleans them. you tap into the thing that spins it like a drill bit and put your brush in here. it has all sizes so you can clean any size brush. what you do is dip it in the water, you turn it on and it spins all the dirt and make up off there. >> that's cool! >> once it's clean, you
8:43 am
and drying. and then after a couple of seconds you're done. and it's dry and ready to go. >> that's impressive! that's cool. >> how much? >> this is $55. the only thing that you need to use is water and soap. >> you can use any sort of solution. >> exactly. >> i'm fascinated about this. >> everyone is. >> it's like a giant head band. >> this is a hair mask. it uses low-level light therapy. try it on. >> what does it do? >> this is for thinning hair. >> like this? >> yeah. >> roker, we need you! what about if your hair is gone, it's not going to bring it back. >> no. it's not bringing anything back. if you have thinning hair, post pregnancy thinning hair or anything like that. you use it on each section of your head for 30 seconds to two minutes. consistently. so every other day of the week. it has these little teeth or combs to push through your hair.
8:44 am
your hair is photo proof. you don't get a sunburn on your scalp. this is the before and after. it's pretty impressive. it works. and the trick with it with low-level light therapy is consistency. every other day you'll get the best results. >> you have to be rigid with the schedule. what are you testing out, miss hoda? >> it looks like a welding mask. >> yeah. >> oh, no! are you working with big tools today? [ laughter ] >> welding at home. >> okay. this is called the idemra it's a low-level light therapy treatment you use on your skin and low-level light therapy is known to -- >> oh! >> what are you feeling? >> i don't -- it feels bright. >> yep. you shouldn't feel anything. there's no heat. it's low-level light therapy. it signals the skin to start boosting collagen production. it's anti-ageing, it's to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles and things like that. the same as the hair max, the consistency of the use
8:45 am
>> right. >> help protect your eyes. >> how long do you keep it on for? >> ten minutes. it can replace if you go to the dermatologist to get a light therapy. it's replacing that. >> it's a little pricey. >> yeah. about $350. >> oh. >> but it lasts for around 10 years. so you're getting an investment. >> kathie lee is into that light therapy. >> yeah. the academy announced best screen play. [ laughter ] awesome. >> you can see it with your eye goggles. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> if you want even more on these items within heads to our website "today."com/style. a comfort food trifecta. combining barbecue, pasta, and, yes, cheese. first, this is "today" on nbc. nbc. oh, man. i'm coming over there.
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ know you can save today for what's important tomorrow. ♪
8:48 am
we're back at 8:47 with today's food. a hearty dish perfect for winter. take a few comfort foods, pass tha -- pasta, cheese, and barbecue, layer. >> that's right. >> matt is the executive chef of the newly opened restaurant here in new york city. we love having you here, matt. >> we love being here. thank you for having me. >> this is an incredible recipe. it's all the comfort foods i talked about. barbecue beef lasagna. >> pork. >> barbecue pork lasagna. >> look at the ingredients. there are a lot. i want to mention there are a lot of herbs and spices. >> any good barbecue or slow-cooked protein will take a nice rub which will give it the flavor and rub. we have pepper, garlic powder, chili pepper, cayenne. we're going to add it to the
8:49 am
bowl. >> okay. >> if you don't have an ingredient, is it game over? >> not at pull. if there's a barbecue rub spice mix, buy it. whatever you like. mix it together and rub it over the pork shoulder. this is 8 to 10 pounds pork shoulder. we're going to take this entire guy. we're going to put it in the slow cooker. a little bit of chicken stock, apple cider vinegar, and tomato paste. >> it will be in here 8 to 10 hours. it depends on the meat and how it's cooking. the great thing about these, put it in before you go to work and by the time you come home the meat is done. when you take it out and put it on the board there's a bone that you pull out like that and the meat should be falling off. >> al and i have been picking this apart. >> it should be nice and moist and juicy. >> we cheated a little bit. this one we did in the smoker. it got
8:50 am
next we have to make a besh mel sauce. we have a little bit of butter. we're going to add flour. equal parts. nix and cook it until it has a toasted aroma to it. it will take 3 to 4 minutes to do that. you can see the color has changed from white to a toasted blond color. now we'll add in the milk in thirds. we'll add -- >> why is that important? >> you don't want it to clump up. you want it to be nice and creamy. we'll whisk it and start to thicken up on you. once it gets smooth add more milk and repeat the process until you're done. an important step in working with roux. you never get the full thickening power until you bring it to a boil. >> it turns into this? >> it turns into this. the best waylayer lasagna is put it
8:51 am
>> you use a shallow pan. >> we're going to do something different. we're going outside the box or the pan with the lasagna and build it up to about that high. >> show me how. >> we have our pasta sheets. i'm using here you can use no-boil sheets or make pasta sheets and boil them yourself. any pasta sheet will work really well as long as they're nice and thick. smear a little bit of sunday gravy on the bottom. just like that. take the pork shoulder that we slow cooked and picked apart. >> you're a little skimpy, by the way. >> we're making like 16 layers. sometimes less is more. we'll sprinkle a little bit of parmesan cheese. why not? last but not least hit it with the sauce. zig zag it across the top. we're going to put that over the top. hopefully they're not ic
8:52 am
together. beautiful. repeat the process. press down slightly. repeat the process until you use up your pasta sheets. there are 16 in this recipe. >> let me take a look downstairs. >> oh, my gosh! >> it's amazing! we're not leaving from this table until the plates are clean, folks! >> we're now calling hoda toasted blond. >> it's my nickname. >> a bunch of us went to pig beach and we rolled out of the place. >> final product is this. the great thing about this lasagna it takes time to make it but it can be done the day ahead. it gets nice and crispy and top it with a little bit of gravy. put it on a plate. we have smoked ricotta cheese and garlic toasted bread crumbs. it's delicious plate of beautiful lasagna >>well, done. >> thank you, buddy. >> thank you so much. you can find our
8:53 am we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. to get . this is "today" on nbc.
8:54 am
♪ we could not tear ourselves away from the lasagna. al, you're going to do the birthdays here. >> that's right. put this in the smuker jar and take it home! happy birthday
8:55 am
devale. competition for opera singers. nelson kirby, celebrating 100 years. i have to tell you, this active guy is from central lake michigan. she was in a golf league until he was 98 years old. happy 100 birthday to natalie loomis. she enjoys staying active by taking a fitness class regularly. >> nice. >> mr. arthur davis from central valley, p.a. he is 100 years old. he says the secret to longevity is to go outside for fresh air, every day. josephine sams, also 100 years old. worked as a nurse, here and in the united states and in jamaica. and look who we have here. happy 100th birthday and happy 76th anniversary to lily and david cardin of
8:56 am
california. they met at a dance in london. if you know somebody that's celebrating a birthday of 100 or more, go to is john cena with you again? >> yeah, again. >> he has a huge surprise. huge like his shoulder span, i'm kristin here in the news room with breaking news at union station. right now we know that d.c. police are at union station responding to some sort of incident. not exactly clear what happened. but we are told that there is a victim and that he is an adult man. he was conscious and breathing when he was taken to the hospital. union station is open right now. news 4 is on the
8:57 am
right now melissa is keeping an eye on traffic. how does it look? >> inbound 395 you can see very, very slow this morning. southbound 29 after the beltway crash with just the left lane getting by. this road work outer loop before connecticut starting in just a few minutes. >> all right. thank you. a look at weather when we come back.
8:58 am
8:59 am
good tuesday morning. it's cold outside but we're slowly starting to warm the temperatures up. we feel above freezing in the district. feeling like 33 degrees. 41 is the actual temperature. we have a bit of a breeze out there. north at 16 miles an hour. going through the day today, peeks of sunshine. tempere 50 degre and it will be drier this afternoo bac t "da sw.
9:00 am
mean, it's just -- i'm so proud of everyone. in this morning on today's take. john cena our celebrity co-host. get ready to be amazed by weird science. and we'll pull back the covers to reveal the secrets of spicing up your marriage. [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's" take. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to tuesday morning, january 24th, 2017. i'm al, tamron, and wwe champ john cena who has a huge announcement. >> announcement time! >> not yet. >> you're not going to tell us now at the top of the show? >> not
9:01 am
we've got science bob here. >> hey, bob! >> he's dipping balloons in liquid nitrogen. >> what happens when you do that? >> you'll find out! tune in to facebook live to find out what happens to the balloons. imagine in your minds you're seeing balloons now. and you're dipping them in liquid nitrogen. >> wow. >> kind of like when harrison ford was dipped in the carbonite. >> yes. it's not just -- we're not just showing it on facebook live. we're doing it live on the show. >> yeah. we have two big surprises. another big surprise the way they announced the oscars. >> did you see it? usually there's a lot of fanfare with the oscar nominations. and, you know, you have -- you're an
9:02 am
well, they rolled out the nominations on tape and two people sitting on a sofa. >> we're live. >> it's digital video. but it just -- the immediacy of was kind of lost. >> the glamour lost. >> yeah. it was like -- by the way. >> especially since the nominations this year, there's some movies that bring the life into film. >> like here is one. >> glenn close is opening up on broadway. >> yes. i'm going to see her. >> it was very odd. >> yeah. >> but the big news will willland tieing for most nominations. 14 nominations. >> you know i have to admit, when the movie the buzz started, i hadn't seen it yet. it is fun to say but it's one of the critics' choice kind of movies that doesn't translate to
9:03 am
it. then i saw it and i thought this is magic. "fences." manchester by the sea. "lion." "hidden figures" and "hell or high water." >> let's pause for a second. look at the nomination there. >> if you look at across the categories, there is diversity. >> major. and we're not talking just black/white diversity. >> no. this is a agagenre and "moonlig focuses on a young boy and his evolution. there's not one in the category you say someone's friends they knew somebody. >> yeah. they had to put it in there. >> yeah. the lead acting category. you have denzel w
9:04 am
casey affleck for "manchester by the sea." andrew garfield for "hacksaw ridge." ryan gosling for la la land. i think it will be between denzel and ryan gosling. i think it's going to be denzel. >> you're ruling out casey? >> i'm not. that film is phenomenal. you need some hankies and have a cocktail. >> it's gut wrenching. >> it takes you there. movies can lift you up and take you to dark places, but in this magnificent way. and that movie takes you. >> what about best actress in a leading role? emma stone for "la la land." natalie portland for "ki
9:05 am
oscar nomination. it makes her the most nominated performer ever in the acting category. >> she's the queen! >> she's like the john cena of acting. [ laughter ] >> like john cena in "train wreck?" >> in wwe. >> oh. i thought he meant your acting. >> i'm humbled. >> i have seen meryl streep jump and she actually took down -- she -- boom! >> i love that. >>? a pile driver. >> see how it goes back to you. how great you are >> sunday i'm going to meryl streep them. >> the guy from atlanta might beat you up with that. >> you never know. >> best supporting
9:06 am
okay. if you haven't seen "nocturnal animals." i need a drink! >> what's with the drinking now? >> what are you on the fourth hour? >> i know. again, that category so hard but "nocturnal animal." such great performances. >> how about the actors in the supporting role. viola davis, naomi harris, michelle williams. >> yes! >> i'm telling you. >> why can't they use the suburban soccer rules which is "everybody wins"? >> no. >> i think that takes a little away from it. >> yeah. you and i could get one. >> guess we could never be in
9:07 am
figures." are you there? >> i am here! i'm laughing about that meryl streep. [ laughter ] >> it's the new comedy coming near you. in the meantime, congratulations! >> thank you so much! this is just quite the honor, and i'm just -- i can't believe it. >> this film has done so much, i mean, it has shattered so many misconceptions. the fact that a film starring women -- a film starring african-americans can't get a box office. or a story that has been hidden in history. it has blown everything away continues to break box office records. you must be so thrilled with this. >> oh, we are over the moon! and, you know, these nominations and all the awards stuff is, you know, frosting on the
9:08 am
receiving it and that children and families are responding to these women. so to be nominated for this role at this time in history is just really so humbling right now. >> it is so beautiful. and another thing just al and i love you and john, if he met you, would love you. a week ago you bought an entire theater out in l.a. so low-income families could see this movie. not just because you're in it. you want all of us to be able to appreciate this unknown story, as al pointed out. it shouldn't just be for the elite or for black people. it should be for everyone. it's an american history story. >> it is an american history story. and, you know, i know when i saw it i felt like i could just change the world. and that's what you want young people. you want families to come and you want young people who are faced with obstacles to know that it doesn't matter your
9:09 am
something to contribute. and these women had something to contribute. th we're still feeling the impact today. and, you know, i'm not the only one. jim parsons, pharrell, ted, our director we've been buying out theaters. we want that message felt by school kids. we want that message felt. >> congratulations! we're so thrilled. tamron, you hosted -- >> i mean, this movie -- >> yeah. i got to come down behind the scenes of it. >> guess what. we're not hanging up on you, but, listen, guess who we have on the other line? i will tell him. are you there? do we -- >> i'm here. >> hey! octavia spencer was on the other line. >> on a conference
9:10 am
>> are you still on the line? >> yes. i am. congratulations! >> i'll see you this weekend. thank you so much. >> take care! >> mahershala, don't hang up. congratulations. congratulations on this nomination. this is your first oscar nomination. how does it feel? >> wow. it feels amazing. i haven't really had a chance to take it in yet. i think maybe in a couple of days when i get a moment and get to kind of let everything settle and think about it in it'll hit me. it'll hit me at som
9:11 am
the whole journey and working on "moonlight" to shooting it and sharing it then to seeing people receive it and then that bouncing back and people recognizing us. it's all been a bit of a whirlwind. i'm grateful for the work and grateful to be a part of a project that has informed me on the real capacity of how story telling and how it can affect people and move people. we did the movie with nothing. little to no money. and we just showed up and we were there for the right reasons. >> it's absolutely beautiful. and you've had personally such a great year. al roker said you're pretty much going to be in every film. >> i'm okay with that. i think it's fantastic. >> you have the magic touch. >> he'll be in "little women." >> okay,
9:12 am
i'll do "little women." >> okay. congratulations to you. we appreciate it and we love this body of work you have created with that cast. >> thank you. thank you. >> and we love guys like that. here is this person you can see him in films and not quite know him and major films all in one year. >> i first saw him in "house of cards." every scene he was in. it was great to see that. coming up heed sheeran maki a surprise confession. find out what he brought along on a date. it has everyone talking. >> miss mom? >> this is his album. >> who did he bring on his date? >> it's what he brought.
9:13 am
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whfight back fastts, with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums i like this. >> this is the other album. the other single. >> ed sheeran. >> i like the title of that. back with more of "today's take." our co-host, with a huge excitement. >> still abig announcement. but not now. >> not yet. >> mr. cena has more for us. >> meryl streep will be on wwa. >> announcing meryl streep. >> ed sheeran, with a big moment. >> two songs out at the same time. >> now, on an appearance on "the graham norton show,"
9:16 am
childhood toy. >> any good parent will know. if a kid wants a lego set, you get them a small one. you don't get the big one that's i popped in the lego store and i went. i once went on a date and brought a lego set and made it and left it. [ laughter ] >> wow. [ laughter ] >> she was eating her dinner and you were -- yep, definitely happened. >> what did you make? id you mak? >> part cabin and pirate ship. >> you're a loser. i hope you gave it to her as a gift at the end. >> no. >> i couldn't u ? >> i couldn't understand what he said. >> we need british
9:17 am
the caribbean" ship. the thing i took away is matthew mcconaughey. >> graham norton, the big talk show host in britain, i want to go to his show. he has like every big star. >> and gets him to do stuff on his show they would never do in the states. >> talking about a lego date and he's like, hey, man. sorry about that. >> he had, first, the taco bell's brand new naked whichalu. we're going to day beau it here. >> there's no taco. >> the shell is a piece of chicken. >> right. >> made to look like a taco. it's formed. now i'm a huge taco bell fan. huge. from back when they had a little thing called the bell burger. that was in the '80s. >> yep. >> '70s. that's how long back. i used to take the sauce.
9:18 am
>> i once ate enough tacos to get a shirt. >> how much did you have to spend? >> it was $3 and i ate 7,000, i believe, for $3. >> way back. >> way back. >> a little more protein. >> i'm a combo burrito girl no onions and hot sauce. >> i liked it more than i thought i would. >> yeah. >> the chicken is pressed into being a taco. >> wow. >> here's a 50% chance of chalupa. >> it's not bad. >> it's like a late night -- >> it's good. >> 3:00 a.m. >> yeah. >> let's go to -- if you go to the map, i'll do weather. all right. they keep saying in my ear go to weather. so now the weather is
9:19 am
60 million people under a winter weather advisory from pennsylvania all the way to new england. as it pushes back up you'll see the showers and thunderstorms, also snow, ice, and freezing rain. as you get into northern new york and new england. so it's going to be windy, messy. but the good news it gets out of here in 18 hours. then everything is looking a lot better. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> right here at home it is indeed an improving weather picture outside. we're getting more and more sunshine here around the city. still more cloudiness out north and west along the shenandoah valley to the panhandle of west virginia. it depends on where you live. as far as any little chance for rain or wet snow flakes, that's confined far northern maryland and the northern tip of frederick county in virginia. temperature wise windchills in the 30s now. afternoon high today near 60. up to near 64 tomorrow and cold for the
9:20 am
bell. >> it's pretty good. >> that's your latest weather. up next slime time. we're celebrating the kids' choice award with a kid game and a huge announcement. there is brittany from our orange room. >> apparently brittany is cooking. what's for dinner? >> you'll like . and now with victoza® a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. lowers my a1c better than the leading branded injectable. the one i used to take. and better than that diabetes pill i used to take. (jeff) victoza® works with your body to lower blood sugar in three ways-- in the stomach, the liver, and the pancreas. and while it isn't for weight loss,
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9:23 am
>> happy birthday, trey! >> he's taking a turn in the hot seat answering a question. if they get it right, we spin the wheel and crank the jack in the box. if they get it wrong, no crank. obviously there's something planned. it's the reason we're dressed like this. >> here we go. who hosted last year's awards? >> blake shelton. >> boom! which performed at 1989 kids choice awards. new kids on the block or n sync. >> in sync. >> true or false over 20,000 gallons of slime were used last year. >> true. >>
9:24 am
>> happy birthday, trey! two, i'm hosting the nickelodeon kids' choice awards! i'm officially the keeper of the slime! >> all right! >> that's fantastic. >> fantastic. for being such a good sport, our friends at nickelodeon provided us amazing gift basket. just ahead what happens when you make popcorn with a bowl of
9:25 am
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9:26 am
good morning. it's 9:26 on this january 24th. we're following breaking news right now at union station. d.c. police are sorting out the details, but we know that a man has been hurt. it's not clear how it happened. he was conscious and breathing when he was taken to the hospital. union station is open. news 4 is on the scene. follow mollett for updates. we're working to get more information about a crash in fairfax. a pedestrian was struck on route 50 in stafford drive just before 7:00 this morning. not clearly how seriously that person is hurt. we'll get a look at the forecast when we come back.
9:27 am
9:28 am
good morning. we're getting breaks of sunshine here around town. a lot more clouds across northern maryland and the shenandoah valley and cloudy on the eastern s
9:29 am
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9:30 am
♪ today we're kicking off winter wow me week. all week long we're bringing some amazing magicians and performers. >> i'm ready for science. and today we have an elementary schoolteacher who is a rock star scientist. science bob! >> how are you? >> and this morning we are his students but kids, don't try at home. >> it's science fair season, you know. >> okay. >> these you can't try at home. i have experiments on my website. >> give the glasses to me to make it more serious. >> yeah. we need these. this is liquid nitrogen. on facebook live we fit 20 balloons inside this one bucket. when you put a balloon inside liquid
9:31 am
when it gets warm, the air expands and we end up with the balloon. >> how cold is it? >> about 320 degrees below zero fahrenheit. >> and the science behind it? >> this is why bridges are built -- when things get cold contract and expand. we contracted it so much it goes flat and expands. >> we'll have a little more fun with liquid nitrogen. this is regular popcorn. a nice sound there. it's dropping down to the same temperature. and, al, put your hands up like this. i'm going to put some in your hands. pop it in your mouth and eat it. you know how your mouth in the winter you get the mist out of your mouth? it's taking the air you're breathing out and then pop it in and chew it up. [ laughter ] >> lots of cracking. >> okay. >> you should walk in the ring withth
9:32 am
>> one more. ready. here we go. >> okay! >> it looked like you were smoking. >> very nice. >> it shows why you can see your breath in the winter. >> bottle rockets? >> yeah. we have the official -- >> oh, wow. >> yeah. fantastic. we're going to use real rocket science. you combine it and get a explosive reaction. we have a soda bottle here and we put a little bit of hydrogen in here. >> okay. hydrogen is number one on the periodic table. it's flammable. here is what we're going to do. we're going to get past these are guys. >> what can go wrong? >> whoa
9:33 am
>> sorry. we have to test the coil. al, as you know in lightning storms, you want to get in the car. people ask why is that? this is a tesla coil. it emits high frequently electricity. we turn it on and you don't see much. if you bring that close here's what we're going to
9:34 am
[ yelling ] >> can you feel anything? >> nothing. >> wow! you end up getting protected in your car. >> very cool. >> very cool. >> science bob, thank you so much! >> coming up how about a little chemistry? the secret of -- emotional chemistry. the secret to a better marriage and how to rekindle the spark! these messages. >> some barry white. ♪ say hi to xiidra, lifitegrast ophthalmic solution. the first eye drop approved for the signs and symptoms of dry eye. one drop in each eye, twice a day. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and an unusual taste sensation. do not touch the container tip to your eye or any surface. remove contacts before using xiidra and wait for at least 15 minutes before reinserting them. if you have dry eyes, ask your doctor about xiidra.
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9:39 am
♪ now, for now the secret to a better marriage or premarriage or whatever you're in. [ laughter ] because we're not married but you're engaged. and i'm involved. so whether you're a newlywed or in your golden years, there's things you can do to keep the love alive. >> so here are some tips to help you and us. co-host of "marriage boot camp reality stars." and the ceo of the body language institute. we'll start things off with doctor. good to see you. we're talking about maintenance things yoc do. >> absolutely. first thing, tamron. don't take it personal. the next time your partner does something so infuriating. they forgot to pick up the kids again. before you jump to the assumption that something is on
9:40 am
stop. take a beat and figure out and ask yourself this one question. it will save your relationship. what else could it be? what else could it be? nine times out of ten it has nothing to do with you. nothing to with us. you can move on and know you're okay. >> that's what you mean by not taking it personally. >> absolutely. >> the next thing is i got a beautiful advice from a couple. >> i love this. >> and they wandered in and they were like bless his heart. he's so cute. let's help this guy out. and they said, you know, they've been married for 64 years. they said the morning after they got married they woke up and promised to do one small, kind thing for each other every day. relationships are not about the grand gestures. they're about the consistent little things you do every day. >> that's so sweet. we approach valentine's day. i actually, believe it or not, not a fan of. it puts a lot of pressure on the grand gesture. >> right. >> rather than -- >> and focus your love and commitment to
9:41 am
one day. it should be every day. >> do a check up. you say every 3,000 minutes. >> every 3,000 minutes. i'm a car super freak. right. back in the day every 3,000 miles we had to check up and tune in the car. right. check it. same thing 3,000 minutes. every two days you stop, you check in. don't talk about the kids or work or your job or your family or friends. it's you and me. how are you doing? >> i love that. >> okay. you work out these issues. i'm going to walk over. thank you. i'm going to head over here. talk about the importance of body language. hi! >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> happy to see you. you say the number one predictor of divorce when it comes to body language is the look of contempt. >> what is that? >> it's moral superiority. john gotman has written books on it and done research. watched married couples argue. this is co
9:42 am
it's only unilateral expression. >> how do you fix it? >> it rents moral superiority. it's a tough one to fix the best tip if you argue walk and argue. you're going in the same direction you have the same goal moving forward. when we walk besides people we see them as friends. more confessions happen walking from the entire gracious room back to the cell than in the interrogati iti room. >> you can't see contempt on the phone. it's okay. >> okay. >> disappearing act. one minute you're here and the next minute -- >> we've heard forever there's extroverts and introverts. it's another category. you have a strong need to share and strong need for privacy. it's a
9:43 am
all of sudden we disappear. i'm slipped into my privacy mode. we have a strong need to share and share need for privacy. >> i have that! >> yeah, i'm not surprised. peanut butter together and jelly i slipped into -- no offense to you. if you think you are versatile. go to a movie by myself and very sharing. tell your significant other i mean no offense if i disappear. call me out on it. if you think you're going to have a time with your significant other where you're going to talk about stuff, bone up on privacy beforehand. don't hang out with your friends. >> honey, are you disappearing on us? >> no! >> we're out of time. not going to disappear. okay. doing the weather. >> oh! [ laughter ] >> sorry. >> wow, a disappearing wall! let's show youh
9:44 am
going on today. ne storm making the way through the plains. strong winds through texas. plenty of sunshine along the west coast. nor'easter pushing away. 18 hours everything will be fine. a snowstorm moves into the upper midwest tomorrow. and we have nice weather and finally drying out along the west coast. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. this morning temperatures are feeling colder than they are. feeling right above freezing. 33 in the district. 32 in the district. as we go through the day more peaks of sunshine. mostly this afternoon. a damp and cold start to the day. by this afternoon we'll see gradual clearing. 50 for a high temperature. tomorrow we'll be 10 degrees warmer. 60 degrees normal high 44. thursday early chance of showers. but clearing and drying for the weekend. and that's your latest we
9:45 am
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and because i recommend them as a pharmacist. nature made, the #1 pharmacist recommended vitamin and supplement brand. more of our secrets to a better marriage. let's talk about sex. >> this is going to be awesome. sometimes, you have to ask for what you really want. like this scene right here. what else could go wrong? >> come on. >> not sometng i do well. i'm not verbal. i'm more physical in how i communicate. >> you're going to be great. >> i don't want to sound stupid. >> clear your mind and say whatever pops in. just try it. say >> you are excellent in that film. >> yep. >> good morning, logan. >> good morning. >> in that scene, the character played by john cena does eventually try and fail. but there's
9:50 am
asking your partner to do certain things. >> definitely not. we really do need to share our needs. can you imagine if we had no idea. we're like mind readers. we think we know everything but we don't. sometimes our needs change. i'm not sure i need a full performance review after -- >> right. >> you know after the act. >> but you say there can be an affection gap between partners. what is an affection gap? >> the affection gap is an idea if you are a primary care giver, you work with young people, even if you're working, also. we're touched all day long. so when our partners come home and there's another hand on us, we don't read it as, oh, this is a person i love and want to be with intimately. we think, this is another hand that wants something from me. we tend to snap. sometimes we don't realize our partners have no physical touch or intimacy during the day. we have to do a little bit more explaining and less just saying no or get off me or maybe later. >> one thing i want to talk about. the numbers ge.
9:51 am
it shouldn't be a performance review. you should know what they like and what you like. couples flaunt we had "x" amount of times. is there a number? >> there's definitely not an official number. what do we know about people? people constantly lie about their sex lives. don't believe what anybody says in the first place. so there are a lot of things in sex and intimacy. the idea you have to hit a certain number seems silly. >> all right. i think that covers a lot. go for it, gang. thank you. those are great, thoughtful tips. >> thank you. we'll be back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. ay" on n. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. welcome to 8 and a half maple street. it's half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons. because they have fios, their half house has full internet,
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9:54 am
nicole kidman. >> congratulations. >> yes! [ laughter ] >> fourth oscar nomination, right? >> yes! my fourth. i have to say -- [ inaudible ] >> did you hear about it when you watched the oscar results on tv or did you get a phone call? how did you find out? >> caller: i got a phone call. my husband and my kids were just like whoa! [ laughter ] >> this movie -- also -- >> caller: my 6-year-old was like what does that mean? what does that mean? i was like, oh, it's just a big deal. >> it is. and this movie is so powerful. so moving. and we wish you all the best. because it's a movie that is really about something so
9:55 am
it mean even more? >> caller: yes! people responded with such emotional depth to it. i haven't had that in so long. i've done so many films but i haven't had that -- >> well you know, congratulations. >> congratulations. [ applause ] >> thank you so much. >> all the best, nicole. >> it's a beautiful film. >> yeah. check it out. >> who is important and wonderful and amazing? mr. cena is leaving us. >> joining him in wrestle mania. >> sunday! >> yeah. >> sunday.
9:56 am
9:57 am
good morning. it's 9:57 on this tuesday, january 24th. we're staying on top of breaking news at union station. d.c. police are sorting out details now. we know that a man has been injured there. it's not clear how. we know he was conscious and breathing when he was taken to the hospital. union station is open. news 4 is on the scene. follow for updates. your forecast. >> good morning. temperatures for today starting off on the cold
9:58 am
rest of the morning. topping out around 50 degrees and breaks of sunshine throughout the day today. garage clearing. tomorrow 10 degrees warmer. 60 degrees! way above normal for this time of year. we're nice and dry. we go into thursday early shower chance. friday dry but colder around 46. going into the weekend it will feel like winter with plenty of sunshine in the forecast. >> thank you. get the latest news and weather any time in the nbc washington app. we'll see you at news 4 midday at 11:00.
9:59 am
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live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> hoda and i are having a little fun right now because we have just been told ta spanky tuesday has been canceled for the day. >> it's depressing. >> come on. >> don't wait for it. >> we're back to booze day tuesday, everybody. january 24th. that's "kiss you in the morning" the number one single by michael ray. his debut album hit the top five on the country charts. he'll


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