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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  January 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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now at 11:00, investigators working through the night in a northern virginia home. three people found dead inside. the discovery made by a family member. a legal challenge already brewing for president trump's newest executive order.
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muslim ban. the president says he's keeping us safe. and new video of the man suspected in a zadaylight kidnapping case. tonight he's on the run. good evening. an active investigation tonight at a mcclain, virginia, home. police found three people dead inside this afternoon. >> and right now they are calling it a domestic incident. there's no threat to the public, but neighbors along windy hill road are still in shock. they spoke to our shomari stone tonight. shomari. >> reporter: good evening. they are still processing the scene behind me. as you can see, there's tape surrounding the property. a police cruiser is parked there to make sure no one crosses the tape and contaminates the scene. people tell me this is a retirely quiet neighborhood. and they were shocked to sea the tape.
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tragic? >> reporter: candace has walked loommy on windy hill road in mclane for more than a decade. it's the first time she's seen yellow crime scene tape in front of this house. >> i know the house. i have seen that house for 25 years. it's like everyone says when you interview people like me, it doesn't happen here. >> reporter: a relative walked up the driveway, looked in the front window, saw a body and called police friday afternoon. investigators found two more bodies inside the house. detectives say the deaths are suspicious and domestic related. >> we don't believe there's a threat to public safety. and there is -- we do not believe this was a random act. >> reporter: police say they must first notify the victim's relatives before they release the names. an adult woman, a high school aged boy and an adult male live here, but we do not know who was found dead inside. >> the victims, is there a man, a teenager and a
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investigating and we don't have that information for you. >> reporter: while police investigate, candace kovacik hopes they release more information. >> to know whether it goes beyond this house, but from what i've heard, it's limited. and very tragic. >> reporter: now fairfax county police are expected to be here overnight. hopefully they will release more information within the next couple of days. as soon as it is released, we'll put it on our nbc washington app. live here in mclane, virginia, shomari stone, news4. thank you. to the white house now, donald trump is wrapping up a very eventful first week with another controversial executive order. >> it's exactly what he promised on the campaign trail. new measures for vetting refugees from certain countries. and a top-to-bottom review of the visa process. >> tonight we learned a legal challenge is already underway. our team coverage begins with nbc's kurt gregory. >> reporter: president trump went to the pentagon for
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first time as commander in chief. he was there for the swearing in of defense secretary james mattis. and for the signing of two executive actions. one of which temporarily suspends the issuing of visas to people from several predominantly muslim countries. and implements an indefinite ban on refugees from war-torn syria. >> we want to ensure that we are not admitting into our country the very threats our soldiers are fighting overseas. >> reporter: the administration is pushing back against critics that say the order amounts to a ban, aiming specifically at screening for potential terrorists from nations where terrorism thrives. >> we only want to admit those into our country who will support our country and love deeply our people. >> reporter: opponents of the policy say refugees to the u.s. are already heavily vetted. civil rights groups and muslim communities are expressing
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discriminatory and unconstitutional. >> he's sewing seeds of hatred and division. >> reporter: president trump campaigned on the issue, calling the policy extreme vetting. now as president, he signed the order ushering in sweeping changes in how the united states handles refugees from war-torn nations. kurt gregory, nbc news. this is jackie benson within hours of president trump signing the executive order planned for a constitutional challenge were already underway. >> based on the thrust to block people from the united states based solely on their religion. so we'll be looking at that and people impacted by this. >> reporter: ibrahim hooper on the council of islamic relations says his organization is working to find out details of the president's plan, to include a temporary h
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followed by extreme vetting of refugees. >> we see this unfortunately based mainly on bigotry. it's not based on facts. because the facts show that particularly refugees are already extremely vetted. >> reporter: the aclu was also quick to respond tonight saying extreme vetting is just a euphemism for discriminating against muslims. any effort to discriminate against muslims and favor other religions runs afoul of the first amendment. the council on american islamic relations plans a press conference monday to announce the lawsuit. live in northwest, jackie bensen, news4. here at the live desk, we just got our first look at the surveillance video that adds another layer of mystery to a kidnapping in georgetown. d.c. police are searching for the man who grabbed his victim off the street and forced him into a
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apparently shows the two of them together inside the store on wisconsin avenue. investigators say the man was kidnapped just after 3:00 in the afternoon on thursday on 34th and o street. that's down the block from where former secretary of states john kerry and madeline albright both live. the kidnapper drives him around to several locations in d.c. and maryland trying to get money out of atms and buy stuff at local stores. now police say none of the purchases went through and he let the victim go. you can watch that full surveillance video and our story on the nbc washington app. i'm chris lawrence. thousands turned out for the march for life today. anti-abortion activists marched from the washington monument to the supreme court. the annual protest marks the anniversary of the supreme court's decision in roe versus wade. the crowd rallied near the white house where mike pence became the first sitting vice president to address the crowd in person.
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>> he was a powerful witness of this administration's support of life. >> i just think it is really important to come out to show support for this issue, especially in the wake of the so-called women's march, which seemed to exclude pro-life in it. >> i believe that every girl and every woman has the right and responsibility to make a choice on whether or not they have children. and the news4 i-team broke this story, deante caroway has been in prison since last winter facing more than a dozen counts related to accusations he sexually assaulted students and played recorded imag
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he was an aid at judge sylvania middle school before his arrest. the plea is only on the federal counts. he still faces 270 local charges. we're working to find out more about a crash in capital heights. the debris is still on the road tonight after the crash on east capital street just over the d.c. line. prince george's fire and ems says two people had life-threatening injuries. capital heights police are handling the investigation. nearly 20 businesses have been robbed across several maryland counties in the past month. and tonight police tell us one armed thief may be behind all of them. take a look at this map. we're talking about heists in prince george's, montgomery, howard and anne arundel counties. authorities are investigating 17 total crimes, many of them at 24-hour pharmacies and convenient stores. a cbs in greenbelt was hit early this morning and tsd
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and one 7-eleven started locking hits doors in the early morning. a suspected serial groper in d.c. arrested more than 70 times will not be released from jail before he goes back to court next month. last night we told you about michael hilliard's lengthy criminal record including 20 sex offenses. police say he's difficult to keep in jail because most of his crimes were misdemeanors. this time he's facing a felony kidnapping charge and will undergo a mental health evaluation. it's gone around our newsroom, maybe it's gone around your house, too. still to come tonight at 11:00, how the flu is impacting our area and when it could peak. plus, a ruling from a judge today about the first lady's lawsuit against a maryland blogger. doug? all you have to do is take a look at this radar picture and see all the snow coming our way. it's not going to get here for the most part, but what is is the cold air. it's a cold night with windchills in the low 20s in some areas. i'll show you justw
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some important news from the center for disease control. the flu season is far worse now than it was this time last year. it's 37 states including maryland, virginia and d.c. are dealing with widespread flu outbreaks. that means more than 25,000 cases reported in each state. sadly, eight children have died across the country. the number of flu cases generally doesn't peak until february. if you haven't had your flu shot
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still get one. >>s the very contagious because it is an airborne virus. someone sneezing in your vicinity can air the droplets and you can pick it up that way. >> and here are the familiar symptoms. high fever, intense headaches and body aches. if you develop those symptoms, take tamiflu within 48 hours. this year's flu vaccine is actually a good match for the strains going around right now. and the entertainment world has lost another acting legend. john hurt died today at the age of 77. hurt appeared and "the harry potter" films and in an "indiana jones" movie. he would best be known for his role in "elephant man." in a tweet tonight, mia farrow called him one of the finest actors of all time. his cause of death has not been
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released. representatives for mary tyler moore are worning on a celebration of life to honor the actress. meanwhile, her fans today paid tribute to moore in their own way. they gathered in minneapolis to toss their hats up into the air just like they did at the opening of her first titled show in the '70s. the tributes for moore will continue on sunday where she'll be featured in the memoriam segment. moore died after fighting pneumonia. she was 80 years old. first lady melania trump's defamation suit against a blogger will move forward. she said mrs. trump once worked as a high escort. that's like calling her a prostitute and the defamation case can move ahead. the man says he was within his rights to publish rumors that could have affected his presidential campaign. for half
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broadcasting icon tom brokaw has called nbc news home. >> yes, and sunday nbc4 will air a two-hour special featuring tom's conversations with prominent americans about important issues over the last 50 years. >> in 1966, my dream came true. at the age of 26, i came to work for nbc news in southern california. just as this state, the nation and the world were undergoing momentous change in every conceivable way, politically, financially, scientifically, culturally and socially. los angeles in the mid-'60s. i was here at a time of explosive change and upheaval. vietnam was a flame and beginning to employ divisions at home. racial divisions were everywhere. afraid and reluctant to shoulder any of the blame for their crisis in los angeles. this i
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>> was there a more tumultuous time than 1968? i remember it was a horrible, horrible year. >> no. one year the president bows out, to assassinations, a calamitous, costly war divides the country, a divisive campaign. for example, on just one day in april in just a few moments on the news in los angeles, tom brokaw has details -- three momentous stories. king -- the fbi has found the man suspected of killing dr. martin luther king k. and the men are in vietnam within rocket range. and senator robert kennedy brought his presidential campaign to southern california today. >> in addition to recounting his career, brokaw and his guests will discuss the key issues facing our country today. you'll see that special s
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right before our 11:00 broadcast. >> so interesting. >> you look back to then -- wow. i know. the weekend is here and we're off to a pretty cold start. >> you walk outside, you really feel it. this is what we're spoupposed t be feeling throughout the entire month of january. it's incredibly warm. we had a couple months pretty darn cold but not like this. as far as the extended period of cold, that's what we'll see for the next seven to ten days. take a look outside right now, we'll show you what is happening out there near the cathedral. a very cold night with temperatures down to 39. but look at the winds. it continues to give us even colder weather. winds out of the west at 18 miles an hour. and we're still seeing gusts over 25 in some areas. 36 is the current temperature in leesburg. 32 in winchester. 38 right now in lorton. but watch what happens when i add the wind in. you get temperatures or windchills down to 25. winchester, 23. 30 in d.c. 35 in gaithers
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morning. i expect temperatures or windchills similar to this. we have been tracking snow showers all evening and afternoon, back to the north and west. winchester, martinsburg, hagerstown reporting snow showers. they continue to come on in here. just look at this flow coming right across the lakes here. a lot of moisture coming in. the mountains back towards gary county down to snowshoe and boone, north carolina, getting snow out of this system. we won't see any to the east of blue ridge. tomorrow morning at 7:00, 21 in culpeper. if you're up early on saturday, it will be a cold one. at 2:00 in the afternoon, we're still on the cold side. the windchill tomorrow is 37 in d.c. 36 in leesburg. 34 in gaithersburg. so that is tomorrow afternoon when many of us will be out and about. now temperatures tomorrow will get into the lower 40s, i think, at least around the i-95 corridor. 45 degrees is what we're going t
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we'll see increasing clouds as well. and the breeze will be gusting upwards of 20 to 25 miles per hour again tomorrow. something great to do this weekend would be to go skiing. it would be great. they are making snow and they love the cold. believe it or not, they would rather have cold than snow. yes, that's true. they can make it themselves. whitetail, 23 trails. winter green looking good. wisp and snowshoe, they have gotten natural snow over the last 24 hours and will see more over the next 24. for us, when is our next chance for snow? 43 on sunday. that's another cold day. 39 on monday. and i'm tracking a system on monday, this is a very small system. it's a clipper system. this one not going to bring a lot of moisture but it will bring flurries or snow showers. there's another on wednesday. then the next try is all the way to next weekend. and that one does look like it has a chance for that, but that is ten days out. and i do not go on the record this far out to tell you we're going to get snow. right now it looksik
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of snow to a mix, but a lot can happen until then. >> we have plenty of time to get to the grocery store. >> plenty of time. that's exactly right. >> thank you, doug. coming up, the wizards have just six wins on the road this season. could they make it seven as their road trip takes them to hot-lanta? first, here's jimmy fallon.
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all right, chris. it seems like the wizards are
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these days. >> it really does. the wizards have the best record in the eastern conference since the start of december. the issue is, most of those victories have come at home. and tonight's game was in atlanta. the wizards need to prove they can be just away from the verizon center. of their 25 wins, only 6 have come on the road. the wizards head coach scott brooks dawning a bow-tie to honor the director of the nba association who passed away last weekend. the wizards scored 24 points in the first 6:00 in the first quarter. john bradley getting the job done there. second quarter, the guys in the second unit building on the lead, kelly has a great effort to get the steal. the wizards jump ahead by 15. into the second quarter, auto porter, 11 points, 23 rebounds. the wizards ahead by 25. u
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still cruising. another steal, his third of the night. that's the 100th point. the wizards win their 13th straight game, 112-86 was the final tonight. >> the guys are playing well. we're confident, but we're not overconfident. we understand that we have to keep plugging along and keep playing for each other. and our offense has been really good. >> so many games in the season, i wonder if it will make a complete turnaround. we found our identity and keep moving on. tonight the nhl announced the top 100 all-time list. only six active players made the cut. and that guy was one of them. alex alex ovechkin. >> obviously, hot shot, i don't have a shot to beat weber, but
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i'm going to try to head there right away. my wife is here, my family, my brother and some friends, so we are going to chill and enjoy the time. four-star running back anthony mcfarland will be at terp in the fall. he missed his senior season with a broken fibula, but led the stags in rushing as a sophomore. he announced via snapchat he chose the university of maryland over miami. congrats to him. big road games on saturday. georgetown plays butler tomorrow night at 8:00. maryland men play minnesota at 2:45 tomorrow afternoon. jim, doreen, doug, time to get excited for a sensational run of spring basketball with the terps and the wizards looking ood. g
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hey, it's going to be a big weekend down at the washington convention center. the washington auto show celebrating its 75th anniversary now through february 5th. if you can't make it down there yourself, we've got you covered. join chuck bell, he knows cars. for an inside look at the hottest new rides in our drive time special at 11:30 sunday morning right here on nbc4. right now you're probably all cozy and warm on this chilly night, but just a few hours ago, hundreds of people jumped into the ice cold chesapeake. the annual polar bear plunge weekend is underway at sandy point state park. hundreds will jump into the frigid wr
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tomorrow. but there are some overachievers who start today. they are taking a dip every hour for 24 hours. could you imagine? state police organize
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creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- drew barrymore -- tom brokaw --


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