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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  February 8, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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democrats are at it again. you're looking at live pictures now from the senate floor. this is where for the second night in a row they're pulling an all nighter. this time they're speaking against jeff sessions for attorney general. and right now it appears he has the votes to be confirmed. overnight senator cory booker explained why he thinks sessions could not be confirmed. >> it doesn't matter how senator sessions may smile, how friendly he may be, how he may speak to you, but we need someone who's going to stand up, speak up, and speak out for the people that need help. >> the vote on sessions' nomination is expected to take place just before 7:00 tonight. but it is what'sa
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senator elizabeth warren that is getting attention this morning. >>. >> a lot of attention and a lot of talk. right now in the washington area, just checked in the #let liz speak. this after senator warren was barred from finishing the rest of her objection of jeff sessions on the floor. warren was here quoting a letter from gretta scott king that was written three decades ago opposing the confirmation for a federal judgeship. that is when mitch mcconnell stepped in arguing she broke the rules of the floor. something that warren took issue with. >> mr. president, i am surprised that the words of coretta scott king are not suitable for debate for the senate. i ask leave of the senate to continue my remarks. >> the
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concern to continue. by the way, just learned she did finish that letter. she did it on facebook live and it already has millions of views. >> thank you. in just a few minutes we'll go live to capitol hill for a look at what happened on the court hearing on president trump's executive order. on monday the house oversight committee will take up a bill to block d.c.'s death with dignity law. they plan to pass a disapproval resolution. congress has the last say. >> it is the right of every american to have their representatives elected direcy,
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representatives make decisions about the laws under which they live and that's not the case in the district. >> the statement released by d.c. delegate reads in parkts d.c. is neither an outliar nor a pioneer and it is entitled to the same respect. the city's former mayor was arrested in a sex for drugs bust. today he is in court. he was arrested last year after police say he tried to trade meth for sex with an undercover detective. he resigned shortly after that arrest. we'll be in the courtroom for the hearing. hearing comes after voters in fairfax elected a new mayor. david mier won t meyer won the
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he plans to focus on establishing a citizen's commission to come up with recommendations for local housing needs. we have a sad update to a story that we covered last month. elijah young lost his battle with stage 4 brain cancer yesterday. that's according to his facebook page. he was diagnosed in 2012. he served as an honorary prince george's county police officer last month. his mother says he had always wanted to be a police officer. well, after months of unanswered questions, police are hoping a cash reward will help find the person who killed a local college student. today we expect the fbi and baltimore police to announce a $20,000 reward for information on the stabbing death of marcus edwards. he had dreams of becoming a police officer and was stabbed in september while walking about a mile off campus. in the district now, it is the fi
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school students. they will head off to their new temporary school for the next several weeks so their school can be cleaned for bedbugs and rodents. buses will be outside savoy to take students to the ferebee hope school campus. those buses will be arriving just before 7:30 this morning. we'll be live with how the school is moving all of those students. you can also head to the nbc washington app to find out all the transportation information you might need to know. we have new information on work planned for the arlington memorial bridge. the national park service is done with the planning phase and will now work on the design for the bridge rehab. the project is needed after rust and deterioration was spotted on that bridge. it carries about 54,000 cars every day. even before the work begins people are worried about traffic backups. >> i try to make my work day as
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short as possible so i can get home to them knowing that something potentially is going to extend the amount of time i'm away from home, not my favorite thing. >> aaa says drivers can expect traffic backups for up to a year and a half. the sidewalks will also be closed. this morning we're counting down to the 2018 winter olympics exactly one year from now. we'll be bringing you reports from south korea for the opening ceremony. it is also 14 hours ahead in time. four new sports will debut at these olympic games. we'll keep an eye on the bobsled team as they go for gold. everyone will be watching lindsay vaughn as she competes in her final olympics. >> you know, i felt like vancouver was the first time i figured out the olympics and how to deal with it mentally so i think this is going to b
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>> lottery tickets for the opening ceremony and sporting events will launch tomorrow on the olympics official website. it's now 4:37. we want to get another check on your weather and traffic. >> start off with chuck bell, all smiles because of this great forecast. >> love it. you know me, a little hint of winter finally coming back and don't get me wrong. i loved yesterday afternoon. 73 record shattering degrees yesterday. the old record was 64 so we not only went by, we went sailing by it yesterday. here's the leading edge of the return to winter. it's not going to last long, but it might pack quite a punch. already winter storm watches are issued for northern maryland. no advisories for the immediate d.c. area just yet. that is likely to be changing. i fully expect the weather service to issue a winter weather advisory that will include most if not all of the d.c. metro area as we get
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tomorrow. really mild and dry. staying dry for most of the day today as well, but again, heavy wet snow likely by this time tomorrow morning and friday will be windy and cold, may have a serious black issue to worry about on your friday morning commute. so we need to enjoy this quiet commute on a wednesday as much as we can. >> yes, enjoy it as much as you can, chuck, because i think a lot of people, if you really liked the weather yesterday, it was a record setting warmth and today you'll be in for a rude awakening come tomorrow morning. for the planner today, we're looking at nice conditions around 60 degrees by lunchtime. starting off in the 60s this morning. still looking at possibly mid to upper 60s this afternoon and if you compare today and yesterday to tomorrow, huge temperature difference. we're going from way above normal to just below normal for this time of the year. we'll take a closer look at your forecast and chuck will have another look at that snow coming up. >> so a bit of an update to the situation
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we now have the two right lanes getting by that's a good picture of what's going on. taking a look at 95 in maryland, from 32 to the beltway, you are on time. >> all right. thank you. well, it sounds so farfetched it's almost unbelievable. how a woman died after reaching into one of those clothing drop boxes. >> we are now hearing from the pilot that walked away from a crash in prince george's county. what he says was going through his mind as the plane's engine just stopped. >>. and hacking your home. how all
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welcome back at 4:42. now to a story you'll only see on news 4. >> a pilot walks away after crashing his plane into a tree on monday. he spoke with tracy wilkins about this ordeal. he says he doesn't remember everything but he knows what he was thinking when that plane went down. >> took off, i hadn't climbed out very far, and the engine just stopped. there's not much time to think. it happens very fast. so really, you're just focusing on a couple of important points like where am i going to land, how am i going to get there. >> wow. he says he had some minor injuries as you can tell. nothing serious and he's already
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good for him. well, it is the modern day cancelling of a check. the warning about a popular app before you use it. she and her baby have been missing for nearly a month now and new new details are surfacing about who she may be with. the latest on the search for a teen mom and her infant son. >> and a mild day today but that's all going to change tomorrow. get ready for a huge swing in you can't predict the market. tomorrow. get ready for a huge swing in but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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louisiana where thousands are without power this morning. more destruction because of tornados wreaking havoc on the southeast part of the state here. homes were ripped apart as you can see. you can see some video of the twister that was captured on cell phone video. trucks were flipped over. cars flipped over. some of the areas hit by hurricane katrina also some of the most heavily flooded. sean spicer saying that the president will reach out to local and state officials. now back to you. it is 4:46. tuning now to president trump's first 100 days where a ruling on the president's controversial immigration executive order will come down this week. >> federal appeals court heard arguments from both sides on this issue yesterday. we're live on capitol hill now. what's the central issue here. >> reporter: right now the three-judge panels
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whether the travel ban should remain in place. central to this issue is whether the president of the united states has the authority to pick certain countries to ban travel into the united states. now, the states of washington and minnesota are arguing that no, they don't have it because this affects people that have already been allowed legally into the united states and now they're being barred because of this travel ban. i so it's a constitutional issue. >> what are the chances it will reach the supreme court? >> reporter: it's a pretty good chance. the question is when will the supreme court take the case and if they'll take the case. it would be split probably down lines there on philosophy 4-4, but it takes six weeks for the new nominee to get confirmed so if the justices hear this within the next three weeks or so there would be just eight justices on the bench. >> all right. thank you. a new poll shows americans oppose the president's
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according to this poll, 51% of respondents don't support the president's order suspending for 90 days all travel from seven countries. the virginia senate has passed a law that protects religious institutions that oppose gay marriage. this includes the right of a state employee to issue a marriage license to a same sex couple. this may remind you of kim davis who refused to issue licenses. virginia governor is expected to veto the measure. police say a man charged with hitting and killing a beloved maryland woman has a history of drinking and driving. surveillance video shows the moments before a suspected drunk driver hit and killed the woman. she was crossing the
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10th and u northwest. the driver kept going but police kept up with him and they say he couldn't complete a field sobriety test. her great friend says a lot of people lost a mother figure. >> other people's children that she helped raise and support, helped put them through college, helped get them scholarship. >> david phillips jones is charged with second degree murder. he's been arrested for dui twice in the last five years. ellis was leaving a celebration where she was honored for her community service. fairfax county police need you to take a look at your screen. this 16-year-old and her five month old son have been missing for three weeks. detectives think they might be with the baby's father, 18-year-old jose rivas. he is also missing.
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don't know whether that was a reason for their disappearance. detectives spent yesterday talking to people at her apartment complex in springfield. call police if you know where they might be. >> whether you are splitting the dinner bill or paying for anything with your phone it's never been easier. >> apps allow you to send and receive money in just seconds but we found it is also a popular app with thieves. he explains how one d.c. man got ripped off. >> reporter: you've likely heard or soon will hear of the vennmo app. it allows users to send payments with a few swipes. >> signed the title over, drove back to my apartment and helped him replace the tags and then he drove off. >> but the next day he got an e-mail saying the payment had
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car too and the buyer was long gone. a spokes person tells us people should only use the app with people they know and people they trust and personal accounts shouldn't be used for business transactions. coming up tonight we hear from people across the country who say they're frustrated from the responses they're getting from the country and what venmo says it's doing about it now. >> chuck bell. >> yes? >> i'm happy because it's warm and you're happy becausitis not goi -- it's not going to be warm for long. >> it's perfect outdoor weather. outside we have a very mild day coming today and i don't mean just a little warmer than average. i mean another day where we may
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again. we're in the upper 50s and low 60s across the area now. the cold front is coming but not until we get a very mild day again. a fair amount of sunshine. clouds will increase later on today. the front itself is still back out to our north and west, so warm air out ahead of that. winter storm watch is posted for frederick county, virginia and frederick county, maryland as well as the panhandle of west virginia. that's all part of a winter storm threat. winter storm warnings for much of pennsylvania, new york and new england. have our app ready to go. future weather, nothing to worry about during the daylight hours today. everything start to go south as we get after midnight tonight. a quick change about this time tomorrow over from rain to snow. heavy wet snow likely to accumulate to a couple of inches. however l
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accumulations on roads are not all that likely because we're just so warm today that -- and we may not even drop below freezing until sometime late tomorrow so that means accumulating snow on paved surfaces will be a tricky one for tomorrow morning. nonetheless, plan on a thursday morning commute that will not be an easy go of it. meanwhile, for today's easy go of things let's go out to sheena who is outside enjoying this mild february weather. >> good morning. yeah, pretty mild this morning. about ten degrees warmer than it was yesterday morning at this time. a little bit breezy but temperatures will be still unseasonably warm and then tomorrow we're talking about a big change. we're dropping into the 30s and that does come with the snow that we mentioned so we will be tracking that throughout the morning tomorrow. as far as what to wear today, well, you'll want the short sleeves. you'll want the sunglasses. it's a little bit breezy but that's about it. later on as we go into the next
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major changes. so tomorrow for some of you if you like today's weather might be a pretty rude awakening. let's take a look at that ten-day forecast all the way through your weekend. >> all right. thanks sheena. only in the mid to upper 30s for tomorrow and friday afternoon, but don't you worry winter haters. your mild weather comes right back. near 60 on saturday and mid to upper 60s on sunday. a little chance for a shower late sunday into monday but temperatures for the most part outside of thursday and friday will be well above average. speaking of above average let's go over to melissa mollet. >> thank you. just a smidge above average. 95 northbound after 17 here. still have this problem here. you'll have to stay to the right to get by that crash. it's about a one-mile backup here. right now this morning hopefully we'll get that out of the way soon. 50 eastbound, the ramp to northbound 202, a crash on the
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inner loop and outer loop look okay as does 270. see you in a couple of minutes. hackers could be accessing your home right now. and you probably don't even know it. how your appliances could be to blame and what to do to keep your personal information safe. a disservice by doctors, the startling claims that women who are at higher risk for breast cancer aren't being offered a certain test. >> and a happy update for an autistic toddler we told you about recently. the new
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welcome back. your television may not be the only thing that's unknowingly tracking your habits. >> any inhome appliances that are connected to your wifi system can easily be hacked. refridge tator fridrefrigerators refrigerators, et cetera. use complicated long passwords and use two step verification log-ins. it's now 4:58. some information that could save a woman's life. researchers from stanford and the university of michigan say women who have a high risk for breast cancer should speak up if they want genetic testing. they surveyed more than 2,500 women with breast cancer
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only half were tested for mutations of two jeans linked to cause cancer. it is just about 5:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. >> welcome to news 4 today. i'm eun yang and you have made it halfway through the week. it's wednesday. >> hump day is here. we are here to get you through the rest of the week. a look at your drive to work as we check in with melissa mollet, but first let's check with chuck and sheena. >> good morning to you and good morning, everybody. we are getting ready to go sliding back into wintertime as a cold front which means business is going to be arriving here late morning into the afternoon hours. we may pinch our temperatures briefly into the mid and upper 60s today so could challenge record highs once again because of how warm it is this morning. mild and dry for most. a couple of sprinkles down in southern maryland this morning. this afternoon staying dr
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starting to turn cooler. it's thursday morning, this time tomorrow morning heavy wet snow is likely and some accumulations are possible. winter storm watches are already posted for our friends and neighbors in northern maryland, panhandle of west virginia and frederick county virginia and i fully expect some form of winter weather advisory will be issued for the d.c. metro area before the sun goes down today because it looks like an accumulating heavy wet snow. the real question is how much we can get to stick on the roads because it's so incredibly warm now. >> that's right. it is incredibly warm and i'm in bethesda at the metro station and it's 59 degrees here right now and we are mostly around 60 degrees. this morning warmer than yesterday morning and you're not going to need a jacket this afternoon. highs once again unseasonably warm in about the mid to upper 60s and as we go into tomorrow, yeah, we're not going to be warm like that. huge changes underway as chuck


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