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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  February 8, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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the area, we are working for you with storm team coverage. >> we want to know about the snow, guys, but you are a tracking a lot more than that. >> yes, and look at adam below us with the short sleeves. we retracking the snow, and adam is looking at the short sleeves, because the temperatures are the key here as far as what we are dealing with in the next 24 hours. >> and we will see the snow falling and we think that visibility could be a big concern, it is not stick ting t the main road. >> that is right. let's look at and show you what we are going with today, and first off, look at the highs. 74 today, and simply remarkable how we were, and we set records yesterday and today at all three airports and the temperatures to the west are not that cold so with need a lot of cold to come n and it is not until late tomorrow morn, and kning, but g the radar and looking back to the west. the snow is picking up the warmer air and you have the rain break out. the rain
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then the snow behind it which is why we have the wint e e weather advisories in effect for half of the view iing area from shenandh valley to martinsburg and leesburg and gaithersburg and points north and west, but it does not include the d.c. area. the snow with a little bit of the impact here from d.c. southwards, but the bigger impact is the huge drop of temperatures, and how that feels. >> yes, and as you said, doug, 74 degrees is the record, but this is how cold it is going to with be feeling tomorrow. it is going to be blustery and feeling like the 20s and then by friday morning, we will feel like we are in the single digits and talking about a 60-degree temperature drop, but the temperatures are going to to be playing a huge role in the snow system as rain is changing over to the snow, and a beautiful evening, doug. >> yes, it is a-o a
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doing be talking about the roads, and my snowfall map at 4:15. >> okay. if you are headed out today, that they are not going to be doing good for you in the record-setting snow. and so february is february, and we are out in the sunshine today looking at how the crews are preparing for the big change. >> normally, doing the a story about a snowstorm, you can't feel like sunglasses and short sleeves, but that is the case today and beautiful outside, and nevertheless, we know what is coming. these guys at the vdot salt yard are tuning up, and vdot says plenty of salt and sand on hand. you can see it is all of the way to the top. things are in good shape, and regardless of the weather e, vdot
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chances with what is coming tomorrow. >> midnight to 2:00 a.m. is when you will see the trucks on the side of the road to stage to work. and we are going to be erring on the side of caution, and if people could delay the travel, awesome. >> and coming up tonight, much more on what the road crews are doing to prepare for the storm. we will take the glasses off. it is nice out here. thank you. >> keep them on as long as you can, adam, because it is going to be an interesting few days. this is how to stay ahead of it, download the washington nbc4 app, and turn on the weather alerts to get the latest updates on the wintry weather. >> we are also keeping an eye on a another powerful storm that triggered four tornados in southern louisiana. 40 people were injure and homes and businesses were destroyed yesterday. another tornado hit mississippi. the worst of the damage in louisiana is
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ninth ward and suffered the worst damage from hurricane katrina. and it is confirmed one of the tornados is an ever-2 and they are checking the damage to see fit is more powerful than that the. and homeowners are trying tole salvage what they can and dealing with power outages that could deal into the weekend. >> and this morning, the president's tweeted that my daughter ivanka has been treated so unfairly for nordstrom and always pushing me to do the right thing. terrible. it sparked more than 6,000 retweets, within an hour. and nordstroms said they would stop selling her clothing line and accessories based on sales. and then there was a 10:30 intelligence briefing after this this was tweeted at 10:51. he was a
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he sent it during the intelligence briefing spokesperson sean spicer said that he was free at the time of the tweet. >> and now to the con troe vtro over senate leader mitch mcconnell using a rare rule to silence elizabeth warren. and even hillary clinton is weighing in using the same word s that majority mcconnell have use and those words are something of a rallying cry for feminist, and all of this as the president takes aim at the court looking at his immigration order. and tracy? >> pat, we have learned that the court is not going to be announcinging a decision today, but president trump really went after the judges saying that the questioning was disgraceful, and in his words even a bad high school student could understand. this morning president
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harsh words for the federal appeals courts calling into question his travel ban. >> i don't want to the call the courts biased, but the courts are so political, and it would be so great for our justice system if they would be able to read the statement and do what is right. >> the judges are weighing whether the to keep the ban in place which affects the travelerers from seven mostly muslim countries, and a u ruling is expected this week, and congress is in a battle of its own confirmation of alabama senator jeff sessions as attorney general. >> they are cramminger terrible nominees down the throats of the american people. >> and during an all-night talk a thon against sessions, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren red a 30-year-old letter about voter suppression when jeff sessions was attorney general, and she was silenced by
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the leadership for breaking ul rule 19 which prevents senators from disparaging other senators. >> when she takes the floor, it raises the blood pressure of the republicans. >> there are rules, and you have to adhere to the rules. >> the republicans have enough votes to confirm sessions tonight. and that vote is set for less than three hours from now, and if it is successful for the republicans who are hoping to get more in for treasury and the health and human services. chris. >> we will look forward to that and new claims of crime and terrorism are getting serious skrcrutiny, and monday, the whi house provided a list of 73 terrorist attacks that didn't get the media attention they deserved. one mental statement who used god is great in arabic
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however, investigations say h had no crime to terror groups. and now, doubling down on the accuracy of the murder rate. in 1957 the number was four. in 1980, surged to all time high of 10.2, but in 1992, u it had fallen to less than half of what it was at its peak. >> and a first step forward and it is a circus act that went terribly wrong and what happened in the air and a famous name. and talk about the life and death rescue by local police, and the cameras are rolling for every moment of it. and now, what you is to know headed to this, and there is more than just the snowflakes and we have had drastic drops in ure temperat
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and welcome back. weather alert day this afternoon in storm team 4, we will see the snow overnight, and major temperature drops tomorrow into friday the morning. and first, the the road condition s fs for the thursday morning commute. the main roads just fine, and only wet out there. and i check ed the road surface temperatures this in maryland, and the temperatures are in the 60s and the 70s and so the snow will not be a ubl to stick, but the secondary roads will have slush on them the, and north and west of
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delays and slushy snow on area roads. most of the sidewalks across the area, only wet. coming up in less than 15 minute, doug will show you the snowfall totals of what to expect in your neighborhood. >> thank you, amelia. and mou to a developing story in sar sasota ta, florida where several circus performers are injured after falling from a highline wire. famed nik wallenda was not injured, but four were and taken to the hospital. eight acrobats were practicing forming a human pyramid when one person lost his balance and sent the others tumbling 25 feet po the ground. and shutting the doors after a local hospital decides to close the psychiatric ward. why it is closing, and what p happen s to those who need it? >> now, police are fios is not cable.
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healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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y27mky y16fy you watching news4459:00. -- "news4 at 4." there is a new 20,000 reward being offered to help find the morgantown student. >> the police don't have a sus is pekt a-- don't have a suspec or a motive. today, his brother and
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say that the hardest part is not knowing why he was killed. >> i just wish they would say something. i wish, and you know, if it is a mistake and you didn't mean to do it, and whatever the reason may be, i want you to come forward so that we can have a little bit off peace. just a little bit, because it is the not going to give us closure. >> and nicole brooks is describing the dream that died with her son. chris gordon will have more on the report at 5:00. we are learning more details about the firing of the police chief in annapolis and who is stepping in until a replacement is found out. chris pristoop has been rerelieved of his duties because
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of the worst record on violence. >> and now, there is a new concern for staff because of the closing of a psychiatric hospital. >> reporter: little notice here before announcement that this laurel regional hospital would be closing down the psychiatric ward. there are folks who are concerned about what this means. we are told that this is a temperature closure that will last 2 to 4 months. >> i did not know about it, unit was brought to my attention today, and the shock and e mowing what resources are out there this the short term so that we can make proper referral s on behalf of the client. >> reporter:mpcology up, why some organizations are saying that they need a plan b as soon as possible.
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no trial in the meth for sex scandal that involves the fomer mayor of fairfax. according to the attorney of scott silverthrone, the former mayor is going to plead at a hearinging in march, but he would not elaborate on what type of plea it will. he was arrested in august after they got a tip that he was using a dating website to meet men for sex many exchange for drugs. police say that silverthrone gave a undercover officer two grams of matte outside of tysons. you will hear from his attorney at 4:00. and so, doug, should we be worried about the huge drop in the mesrcury like a rock some. >> well, prepare for anything, prepare for the cold. what could you prepare for the snow coming down and melting. well, you don't need to even scrape the car for the most part, but you will need
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coat, the gloves, the hat, and the scarf and whatever you need to stay warm, because tomorrow night, it is going to be freezing. >> and the kids were out on the lawn in t-shirts and i took my daughter for ice cream. >> well, the heat is back on tomorrow for sure. what is happening is that right now, we are at 68 degrees after a high of 74 degrees today. and simply amazing to have two u days back-to-back with the records out of the north at 12 miles per hour with the winds. and now, 70s down to the south and the east. yeah, it is slightly cooler, but it is way too warm for any snow to move in across the advisory, and everybody in this shaded area is where there is the most impact. and really
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south, not much of an issue or in d.c. not much in the area, but the snow back to the west. and look at the storm, starting to develop now. you can see all of the moisture and the thunderstorms starting to develop. that is what we will see first. i would not be surprised if we didn't see a thunderstorm here as we make our way into the overnight hours. 2:00 a.m., moving into the d.c. and metro area, and to the west, it is in here by midnight, and then the colder air is moving in, and notice rain/snow line just on the west of washington. and maryland, you may not see any snow out of the first batch at all. to the north and west, snow, and heavily coming down at times, and that may overcome the very warm layer and ground. so you may see some accumulation even on the secondary roadways, but i am not worried about it being too slick. 8:00
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over of the rain to the snow. and then we get really cold and we will see snowshowers tomorrow, and they could give us more snow, d.c. metro area and points south than accumulating snow, because it is going to be cold. how much snow in your area? down south, sorry. not waldorf or fredericksburg. and downtown, some patches of snow, but the roads should be fine. gaithersburg is 1 to 3 and leesburg and martin and chester are goinging the be slushy and some areas of the delays or the consolations tomorrow. and washington kocounty back to the panhandle of western virginia and western portions of maryland is 3 to 6 inches or more during the day tomorrow, and that is the biggest area of impact. and very low impact to the south and the east from this storm tomorrow. high temperatures are 38 tomorrow, and 39 on friday, and 58
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and most of next week is mild for this time of the year. we get right back to 70. and by the way, the 70 is on sunday, so you can enjoy the window. and amelia will have more on the windshields when we come back. >> thank you, doug. the countdown is on, and look for all of us watching one year from today, and see how the preparations are coming together. >> the video is pretty dramatic, and runnging into the flameni
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for sure, a lot of you can't wait. you are one year away now from the first competition at the 2018 wint e olympics. >> yeah, the games are going to be taking place in pyeongchang in south korea, and like a lot of is the cities that host the olympics, a lot of the venues are ready to go. and as nbc's jay gray starts, so are the stars of team usa. >> reporter: the party started in south korea. in exactly one year, the winter olympics will begin in alpine ski resort of e pe yong chang. there are 13 venues spread across the
4:26 pm
pyeongchang. all of the venues are ready or a ahead of schedule. and many of the team members of the usa team say they are too. they are looking to improve on the strong showing in sochi, and 28 medals and nine of them gold, and one short of the u.s. olympics record. snowboard star shaun white did not make the podium in russia, and neither did lindsey vonn, but both want to bounceback. >> to have another chance is going to be great. >> reporter: for chloe kemp, this location is going to make her olympics sweet er, because her parents are korean. >> my mom's side of the family is here, and having family here is crazy. >> reporter: as the global olympic family is getting ready for 2018 in pyeongchang. jay gray, nbc news. >> and
4:27 pm
games next year. we have a preview on the nbc facebook. and how'd you like to see these games in prn? well, tomorrow wergs will kick off on the online lottery for the ticket, and open up the nbc washington app and search olympics lottery. the rise in the trump cabinet is historic and controversial. >> we are break down the choice of the president's secretary of education, and what it could mean for parents and students in our area. >> and am mia and i are going over the numbers for the snowfall, and the biggerer issue, the colder temperatures. >> yes, in a couple of minutes, we will talk about how big of a temperature
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now at 4:30, believe it or not, but it is a storm team 4 weather alert day, and things are about to change fast as in plummet ing from the 70s to snowshowers and all of that is just the beginning, and that is why we are here in the weather center with amelia draper. i was posting things on the facebook account to get my daughter some ice cream, and playing outside many t-shirts, and it is hard to believe how quickly it is going to be cold. >> we keep saying it this afterno afternoon and we can't say it enough, because the temperatures are so warm and mild outside, that it is really g
4:31 pm
in that winter wonderland, and looking at the tree, and you are thinking, well, the roads are going to be covered, but not the roads. it going to be too warm. low 60s in fredericksburg and 70 near washington, and holding at 70 in cull ppeper, and fredericksburg, and the other hunting areas. between 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. tonight, its changes to snow, and the temperatures plummet. tomorrow, it is going to fool like we are in the 20s and then friday in the teens, and so then you will watch the warm puffy coats as we hit single digits. and you can see the advisory from loudoun to fred rix bug, and this is where most of the delays are hikely. but coming up, we will look at a county to county look at where we could see school closures or morning
4:32 pm
back to you, chris. >> we have seen volatile weather across the country, and keep you informed early with the team at 4:00 a.m. to take you right through the "today" show at 7:00. we have seen a lot of that following the weather across the country, but down south where the families are still trying to pick up the pieces of louisiana and mississippi. in fact, some folks say that the tornadoes in new orleans were more frightening than hurricane katrina. >> reporter: the damage was spore rakt, and thankfully nobody was inside of the home when the tornado struck. the powerful winds took this roof and tossed it to the end of the yard, and today, residents are trying to salvage what they c can. >> reporter: parts of the south arin
4:33 pm
storms pounded several states. >> it is a all gone. >> reporter: and the ferocious wind flipping offthis truck and tossing it down the road. the tornadoes sliced through seven parrishs in louisiana. and part of the worst was new orleans east, some of the same neighborhoods that was devastated by hurricane katrina. and ms. chandler remembers itle with after she was out of her home for a year. >> this is overwhelming, because with the hurricane, you have five opportunities to leave, but this is not. >> and we should not with be here. >> reporter: edward and knnoel d his 83-year-old mother barely survived when the tornado ripped the roof off of the home. >> it was scary, and i saw a tornado coming at us through the win doe. >> reporter: roger tower was walking his dowh
4:34 pm
took my dog away. >> reporter: in new orleans east the national guard is called in to help with the cleanup. >> they say that the tornado that hit new orleans was at least an ef-2 and winds of up to 109 miles per hour, and 40 people were injure d here in southeastern louisiana, but no deaths were reported. gabe gutierrez here in new orleans. education secretary betsy devos is pledging to be a tireless workers for all students. and there was a historic vote that required vice president pence to break the tie. she is known for being inexperienced in the schools, but last night to a tweet, president trump say s she is a reformer, and will
4:35 pm
our kids. >> and so, troy, devos has been criticized because she is a strong advocate fort charter schools and touchers. there are lots of charters in this region, and what are the listenering believing there is going to be an impact? >> there is a strong possibility from the people i talked to, that there is going to be a negative impact with her at the helm with the children's education, and some are concerned, because they want better educational opportunities for the children, and the big question that parents were telling me, why isn't there more of a focus on schools that exist already in the neighborhoods where they live. there are plenty of schools that could use new innovative learn willing and school, and so those concerns very strong. today, i spoke with adele coformer who is a former d.c. schools principal. and she said that voucherers give t-
4:36 pm
better education. so with the charter schools in d.c., it is important to understand how the schools work. i asked her how this could affect our quality of the children's education. >> when you delve into it, it means that i may give you $10,000 to attend the charter of yourself, or the surface, they are present iing the families wh a great opportunity, but what you are doing to them is burning in them another financial organization that many cannot afford. and now, the families will hold vouchers, and so they have to are recut the pie, and they are not making a new pie. >> yes, and excellent points burk some children have said that their children did better than attending a charter. >> yes, some parents are say hag their sde
4:37 pm
the schools, and it is a critical and stuff school, but they wanted to maximize their children's education. there are good successful story, but speaking to what ms. coethorn is saying that most of the problem is the cost. the amount goes above and beyond the voucher, so you have to consider the travel expenses of getting the child to and from school, and the special needs key yats a a la carte situation, and maybe you are incurring more costs than you were anticipating. there are real concerns for hitting the the family pocketbook. >> and what about the silencing of the senate of elizabeth warren who was reading a letter of coretta scott king about jeff sessions. >> it speaks to the motion that we are in time, and what i
4:38 pm
people payinging attention to all of the things happening with the interworkings of the government and maybe more than before because of president trump, because that silencing had a peculiar feel for some people. they did not understand that, why it happened that way. even with some of the rules, it did not seem like she was pursuing it in that way. and then the words of the great mrs. king were silenced in the situation where she had a front row seat to a lot of the issue tas are tied to jeff issuesk and said it is certainly unfortunate and glad that the letter is out there, because it will resonate and speak to why some people are not happy about this nomination. >> troy johnson, thank you. chris, here is the question, should elizabeth warren have been allowed to the speak out in the session against jeff sessions?
4:39 pm
it is the afternoon's survey. so far, a overwhelming majority of you say yes. you can weigh in on the nbc4 facebook page. several students coming home with bug bites. and a community feeling extra love tis h
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oh, guys, right now out here on the storm team 4 weather deck, and it is amazing, because the dance partner today is the thermometer showing 70 degrees out here. it is amazing how great of a day it is across the region. be by this time tomorrow, with could see a little bit of the snow out here on the grassy surfaces. it is going to melt when you get hit, and it is not huge event area f areas to the south, be tow the north and the ws, this is going to have a little bit more impact, and the snow is north of cincinnati, and rain to the south. we will see rain first. so, you are going to have your impact, and low impact po the south, and moderate to the north and the west, and only clarks burlg, and leesburg and fredrick, and down to winchester are areas with the delays. i doubt any closings, but we will see them as well. especially in fredricks and counties around our ear kwachlt yes, kids, some delays, but i am not anticipati
4:43 pm
amelia will be back with the latest on the temperatures. >> all right. thank you, doug. folks in downtown fairfax city are feeling the love thanks for the temporary display of the love at the square, and the love sculpture was in place in the chocolate festival last year, and it is part of the city's evident to promote art around the city, and it is popular around the town's social media, and a way to offer some fun and winter wihimwhimsy. and coming up, we will
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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am meal yelia,what is the te of the changes. >> between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. and you can still dine al fresco tonight, and take the dog for a long walk, and we will see the rain changing over to snow midnight. and then it will all wind down but i 9:00 a.m. what we know for sure, the main roads will be wet. they were so warm from two days the of record warmth, and we are not going to be seeing the
4:47 pm
air move in quickly enough or be around long enough to support the slush on the main roads. we could see some slick spots on the secondary roads and the delays are north and west of town and you heard doug out to fredricks county, and washington county, and more than the road conditions, visibility is a concern for the morning commute between 5:00 to 7:00 a.m., and where you could see the visibilities reduced out there with the heavy burst of snow impact iing the area. and chuck and sheena will be in updating the forecast all morning long, and afterf, that all about the frigid temperatures and say good-bye to record warmth for a little while. this is the forecast for the morning, d.c. metro the fairfax, and fauquier countys, and no other precipitation, and it is not going to impact the sidewalks or the roads. north of town where the winter advisory is 1-3 inches of the
4:48 pm
are right on the line of the 3 to 5, and potentially heavy and wet snow. and d.c., no snow at all, and maybe a few wet flakes falling for a short time period, and again, north and west of town, you could see some delays up that way. currently, coming in, in the 60s, and take a look at the hourly planner, because we are down to 39 at 7:00 a.m. in washington, and still above freezing, and the temperatures are a huge player in this storm system. it is windy throughout the day tomorrow, and a few clouds and flurries as well, and no additional accumulation across the area, and you will see the delays, and extra bus time, and recess for the kids for most of the kids in the d.c. will be indoors so you want the jackes s and we are back to layers on friday. and also, at 5:00 a.m., it is
4:49 pm
feeli ing about 6 in gaithersbu and leesburg. saturday, you go snowboarding, and 58, and way too warm on sunday. but still outdoors and locally, and then for valentine's day, we are look good and mostly cloudy and keeping it dry in a high as 51 and the forecast is all over the place. >> and it is four seasons, and days. >> why not? i am seeing the cherry blossom pictures as well. >> wow, wow. oh, my gosh. thank you. >> first step for a dramatic rescue caught on video. >> the man was trapped inside of his burning suv after a crash, but three charlestown deputies freed him just in time. >> and news4 megan fitzgerald has the story. these deputies acted fast, because they knew that they had a matter of minutes to pull a 32-year-old man out of the burning car after he slammed into the pole and was
4:50 pm
inside. one of the deputies was at a car dealer assisting with an arrest when he heard a loud crash. he drove to the scene, and there was a smashed up suv with a fire. the driver crashed into the pole, and the department shared this dash cam from the dp eputy patrol car. he said that he started to immediately try to extinguish the flames, but they would not go out. when the officers arrived they managed to pull the driver out of the car before it burst in flames. coming up, you will hear from the deputies as they describe the moment they saved the man's life. megan jones, news4. >> she made a name over the years as a safety advocate for local families, and now her family is suffering a stunning loss. >> we are working for you. and jim is in the newsroom with more on this. >> yes, chris and pat, we have come the know her over the years and interviewed by news4 many time, and tonight, how
4:51 pm
colleagues are mourning her loss and honoring the memory. also new at 5:00 tonight, lacinging up. one of the biggest cap fans does not live in our area, and the special gift for this fan who follows the caps from the other side of the world. and pat, she is out there everyday helping the kids with rain or shine, and does it with a smile. and we are there as she gets the credit she deserves. doreen and i will join you at "news4 at 5:00." some students in the district had to go to school in a different building, because their building is infested with bedbugs. we look at the first day of the kids at fairby elementary. >> reporter: same students, and same teachers, but a different classroom. once closed fairby elementary school is now the temporary learning ground for those from savoyel
4:52 pm
and bedbugs were discovered at their school. >> she has been going through since kindergarten and we love the older teachers coming back to help out with the situation. that is great. >> and i wanted to see how he was doing. >> parents were on site to help transition into the new learning environment. >> and kathryn robinson say s that the fourth grader came home with bedbug bites, but today, she is feeling optimistic about the return to class. >> do you feel that your concerns have eased? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: they will have the school cleaned and cleansed, and they are hoping to have the students and the staff backt at savoy by the end of of the month. just the same way that school buses picked up students this morning at savoy elementary, and ou
4:53 pm
pick them up here in the dropoff location is a vsavoy elementary school. eri erika gonzalez, news4. and so maybe your spouse has a secret bank account that you don't know about. credit did the survey and found out that 12 million americans are hiding a bank or credit card account from their spouse, partner or significant other. and apparently ainge has a lot to do with it. baby boomers were four times as likely than millennials to have one of the secret accounts. some experts are calling it financial infidelity and that serious. >> sounds like a good reason to do some snooping around when you get home. >> well sh, go to it, pat. i won't need to know what you found. just kidding. >> and the warm winter weather may be nice, but it is costing businesses that depend on
4:54 pm
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well, it is time for february to be february. the storm team 4 is tracking the snow hours away. >> but the big story is really the dramatic drop in the mercury. team coverage from doug and amelia just a few minutes away.
4:57 pm
as we are preparing for the bout of snow, some ski slopes in poconos are having trouble attracting the crowds. >> yes, the mild winter put a lot of dampers on the e ski trips in bear creek mountain. >> i like to go to the mountain. >> we have three days of winter and then three days of spring. >> but when billy heprin and his friends take the chair lift all of the way to the top. >> you forget about everything when you are riding down. >> almost every trailer here is open, and it look like winter on the slope, and further south, it is going the feel like the start of spring, and marking the third winter in a row that ski resorts and the poconos in lehigh valley are going to have for a stubborn nature. at the blue mountainings they cover the
4:58 pm
love a good snow fall to know that the winter is still on, and this wi this week they may feel like it. >> and come up here, because we have winter here, and the poconos, and a approaching the snowstorm may bring out the crowds. >> this wint er er has been aby for skiing. >> last year was hottest across the world, so it has to be rough if you are in the ski business. >> aim told that all of the fog does pose a problem and dissipates all of the snow on the ground, but meantime, they hoping for the big snowstorm this thursday to mean a big weekend here on the slopes. at bear creek, randy gyllenhaal for news4. team 4 is going to have you covered with the snowfall. >> news4 continues now
4:59 pm
>> right now, team 4 tracking a storm, and huge temperature change and wait until you hear how low we will drop. and tonight, president trump is blasting a department store for dropping his daughter's clothinging line. and tonight, cameras roll as police are rushing to save a man from the burning car. >> we begin with the big shift in the weather heading our way. >> and here we go, folks. we are going from 70 to snow, and that is not all. and storm team 4 is in weather alert tracking the big changes. >> we go to the doug and amelia. >> yes, we have been talking about it all day long and seeing how much snow people could get. the big thing is not the snow, because it will be snow iing an some areas upwards to 2 to 3 inches of snow that all melts when it hits the ground. >> but once the snow is
5:00 pm
is all about the plummeting temperatures. and by friday morning, a shock no the system to think that record warmth two days in a row and feeling like 6 in some areas. >> it could be 60 degrees coo r cooler. and right now, 74 was the high today and 63 in haguerstown, and 73 in richmond. looking back to the west, 48 in columbus, and that is the high. you can't get more than that and the warmer air back to the west and it will take its time to get here, and that is why, anything else here is not much going on, and rain first. and watching the rain developing here, and this is what we will get into first before the storm starts to wrap to come this way. that is why we have the winter weather advisories in loudoun county, and montgomery here. and we will talk much more about this, and it does not include d.c. south. what does include d.c. south and everybody in


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