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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  March 1, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> we are getting you ready for the potential for severe weather. first let's get you out the door with your first 4 traffic and weather. we'll begin with sheena parveen and tom, bring us up to speed, guys. >> it is a weather alert day out there. this morning not much happening. tom is outside on the patio right now. way off to our west we're looking at western pennsylvania, parts of kentucky and ohio, this is where the storms for today are coming from. locally we just had the clouds around but we do have some showers and that will be approaching hagerstown soon. that's not the severe area that we're talking about. what we're talking about is for later on today. so by 7:00 a.m., maybe some areas of patchy fog. 66 degrees. by noon today already near 70. warm and breezy. decent if you want to eat lunch outside but be careful because a few hours later we have thunderstorms rolling in, some of which could be strong to
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down later on this evening, but for a closer look at what's going on this morning outside, let's head out to tom. he's live on the patio. pretty warm this morning. >> a bit of a breeze. you can hear it on my microphone. my hair is blowing around a little bit. you can check the latest storm information on the nbc washington app. have your umbrella with you as well as likely the storms are going to be pushing on through this afternoon. your bus stop forecast for this wednesday, we'll be fine this morning and through the morning hours we'll be hovering in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. a little sun breaking out by mid-morning and then it's by 3:00 p.m. that will likely have those storms breaking through. temperatures soaring into the upper 70s by then. we'll have the new hour by hour timing coming up in just a few minutes with sheena. >> all right. taking a look at trachbffic rig now.
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crash there along the west side. northbound 15 at west patrick street, a crash there blocking the left lane this morning. also a response on the right side of the roadway so a little bit tight through that area. eastbound cherry road, a crash still blocking those eastbound lanes. ray burn drive blocked with downed wires because of that earlier crash. inbound constitution avenue at 23rd street northwest, the crash technically has cleared but we do still have the disabled vehicle here on the right side of the roadway so that right lane still is blocked. we'll take a look at travel times coming up. >> it was a bold and opt mustim view of the future. >> he challenged the country to dream big. he talked about his priorities including calling on congress to pass a $1 trillion infrastructure
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>> his economic team was working on historic tax reform and he urged lawmakers to repeal and replace the affordable care act. >> so i am calling on all democrats and republicans in congress to work with us to save americans from this imploding obamacare disaster. >> the president went on to outline what he says are the principles that should guide congress to create a better health care system. it includes ensuring coverage for americans with preexisting conditions, expanding coverage through tax credits and giving states greater control over medicaid. >> and as expected the democrats had a strong reaction to the speech. >> a newly elected chairman to the committee had this blirserriblir blistering response. >> this was steve bannon on steroids with a smile. i inherited a mess from barack obama. no, he inherited the great
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credit for things you had nothing to do with. >> during his first address to a joint session of congress president trump promised to bring americans together. >> but how will people respond to push forward on policies such as health care and immigration reform. we're live with how people are reacting. good morning. >> reporter: eun, aaron, good morning. this was a wide ranging joint address going for about an hour or so in which the president worked to crystallize his campaign promises into a white house agenda. among the top topics here, health care in which the president seemed to indicate he wants to see a health care program that is affordable and comprehensive for all americans. and also immigration too in which we saw an opening from the white house in which the president said he will likely see perhaps one day a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants without criminal records. this morning those were both topics that caught a lot of ears.
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health care would be something ideal and as far as immigrants and stuff, like, you know, as long as they've done everything right i feel like that's -- that's the right thing as well. >> i hope that he eases up a little bit on the immigration because there are a lot of, you know, families at stake and i work for the u.s. government so i'm glad that congress has some say in the appropriations. >> reporter: and reaction coming in online as well where you might imagine it was a bit more split. supporters saying they saw a more presidential trump. others still not so sure. i'm justin finch, back in to you. >> thank you. lawmakers including representative anthony brown and senat senator tim kaine are also weighing in on last night's speech. more reaction in about 30 minutes. some breaking news in the district right now. a woman has been shot. we're now learning -- wor
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learn what condition she's in. d.c. police saying it happened on wayne place southeast just off 4th street overnight. you can see officers crowded outside an apartment right here. the aclu is suing four d.c. police officers over the arrest of a transgender woman. >> no, you're not going to arrest me. >> this video from november 16th shows d.c. police at the northwest apartment of ashley hunter. tenants called the police complaining about noise. the responding officers said they were investigating a possible assault. the aclu filed a lawsuit saying hunter was illegally subjected to a warrantless arrest. as a black transformant i'm dragged out of my home and thrown in a jail cell. i'm still in shock that this happened to me. >> a spokesman for the d.c. police department released a statement saying we cannot comment o
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assisting and building relationships with historically underserved groups including the lbgt community. metro workers have new rules to follow. the general manager is in the middle of a labor and contract dispute with union members. metro is putting the following changes in place. supervisors can't approve more than two days of unpaid unexcused absences. employees can now be fired for excessive absences within a year. supervisors and managers can also now be fired immediately for not following policy. >> 7 minutes after the hour right now and the redskins now have captain kirk under contract. the question is how long will the quarterback stay? >> cousins is here for at least another year but the redskins qb future is still uncertain. >> good morning, everyone. the redskins making some history, tagging kirk cousins again, the first time
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tagged two years in a row, but still there's a lot of unknown about what is next for their signal caller. we do know cousins is set to make close to $4 million next season and that a long-term deal guaranteeing more money is still a possibility. the deadline to work that out is july 15th. but the redskins still do have the right to trade him. the 49ers are reportedly vry interested. if that doesn't happen and he plays another year under the tag, there will be a lot of questions. can ycousins prove it again? he's tweeting tag, i'm it. his teammates responded including chris baker wanting to make sure that the team saves some money for him. still some uncertainty though. we'll keep you
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>> as the redskins end up paying 24 million that would mean that he would get nearly 15% of the salary cap and that might impact wide receivers, jackson and others into free agency. >> we'll be watching this story as it develops. a battle over your summer break. new fallout in a fight to get students back in class before labor day. find out whether it could impact you and your family. developing now out of the midwest, more video of the tornado and the damage there. there are active tornado warnings in the midwest as we speak and this is why we are already in weather alert mode here. >> yes, that is right. we are in weather alert mode here for this afternoon. there you see the line of storms on radar next to me as we go through the afternoon. those storms will be in our area and the main threat that's going to be damaging winds, so coming up, tom and i are back. we'll show you a look at the timing of this, what you can expect in your neighborhood and much cooler air on the
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we are seeing severe weather across the country. >> a new tornado video. what's going on here? >> as we get this close look at the damage left behind we also learned that three people are now confirmed dead. this after 22 tornados ripped through missouri, tennessee as well as indiana, iowa and illinois. two people were killed in illinois. a man driving in missouri died after a tornado swept 20 vehicles from a junk yard on to the interstate there. you can see the trees that were toppled. the tractor trailer that flipped over, a twister we're also told hitting a nursing home in illinois. minor injuries were reported and this morning even more worry,
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risk for severe weather through today as this system continues to be on the move toward south eastern states. now back to you. and from the midwest to our weather here at home -- >> it's a weather alert here for some potential severe weather this afternoon. >> what happened in the midwest, the same line will be approaching us today. this is as of 1:00 p.m. all this you see in the red and orange, that is the leading edge of the strong storms coming into the panhandle of west virginia into the valley between 1:00 and 2:00 p.m. it will be quickly racing on through and then it will be getting closer to the metro area. this is going to be as of around 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. our western northern suburbs, the line coming through with strong gusts of wind which may bring down some tree limbs. the line races on through and some of the models are a little bit slower. so we will like
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afternoon. sheena is back with another detailed look and melissa now has a look at a new crash. >> brand new problem here in the district so this is massachusetts avenue near third street in northeast. a report of a new accident. not exactly sure of the direction quite yet. main avenue, still have that crash on the left side and as far as travel times go, take a look here. 270 south to the spur you're okay. hearing now that we have a new crash on 270 so that will change in just a second. eastbound 66 here, you're just fine and quantico to the beltway also looking good. remember to listen to wtop when you hop in your car this morning. as far as that other crash that we're talking about here on 270 this morning we'll talk about it more but it sounds like 270 south there just at the lane divide. >> thank you. it is 6:15. covering prince george's county
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police plan to charge a man they say came at one of their officers with a knife. the officer shot that man on beachwood drive last night. the officer was originally called to the home for a family dispute. police tell us a 29-year-old man walked out of the house armed with a knife. they say the officer repeatedly told him to drop it but he didn't and that's when the officer fired, hitting the man in the thigh. he is expected to be okay. just a day after bomb threats were called in to three local jewish schools we've learned about threats against a local muslim community too. police are trying to track down the person who wrote hateful notes. those notes were sent to the muslim community center and the mosque in silver spring. the male threatened the lives of muslims. the american council on islamic relations is concerned about this. summer vacation is maybe a little longer for students in prince george's county. >> the state of maryland has
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school district to start next school year in august. schools will be required to begin after labor day to comply with governor larry hogan's executive order. a spokesman says the system will comply with the new date while evaluating its next steps. >> nobody likes being stressed out. all week long news 4 today has been giving you ways for you and your kids to destress. >> some tips that teenagers can use. it's called a practice called mindfulness. >> from the studying to the sports to the social life, high school can be a stressful place but here students are learning a way to cope with that stress. >> feel the first feeling of calm and ease in the body. >> once a week these english students take a break and learn how to analyze their own minds. >> they say where your attention goes your energy flows. >> they're mindfulness teachers.
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area. they say the first step can be simply realizing the stress is there. >> they have the ability to feel it, to sense it, to understand what's going on and to respond in a wise way. >> part of that response includes matching your body language to how they feel. >> i want everybody to hold a victorious pose for 20 seconds. >> it's important to focus on your mind set because it will help you do better. it is hard balancing everything and just being a teenager. >> giving mindfulness a try doesn't take much. >> close your eyes, count to ten, it helps you get your mind right before you do anything important like a test or a sporting event. >> that little bit of time can make a big difference. in bethesda, news 4. so we'd like to hear from you about how you destress. send us your tweets or suggest
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page. you know how i destress. >> eat some chocolate. >> i do that and you may have thing along with chocolate. >> wine maybe. >> after hours. >> it's called happy hour. but hey, by the way if you're going to happy hour today you might run into some strong storms so that's part of the deal today. it's a little bit deceiving. this morning we don't have any storms around. but as we go through the afternoon, we have storms in the forecast. take a look at the severe threat as we go through the day today. the entire area, you notice it's more like red shaded area. that is a more enhanced risk for weather. heavy rain, isolated tornado possible. so again, we have to clouds around, but there you see the storms way back off to our west. these are the storms we'll be watching as we go through the afternoon today. the closest rain, that is just to our north and parts of
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western pennsylvania moving into central pennsylvania. some rain could be moving into hagerstown soon. there you see that rain is just to the west of hagerstown approaching as we go through the afternoon hours and again there you see that risk of those strong storms. 8:30 i think this model is overdoing it but there could be some showers or some moderate rain farther north of the district. 1:30, there is that line of strong to severe storms. approaching the district by 2:00 p.m. and then quickly moving away. could still see some rain for the evening drive but i think the most severe thunderstorms will be just before that. temperature wise right now we are in the mid to upper 50s across the area. this afternoon, close to 80. once those storms clear out we'll be in the 50s. tomorrow 40s on friday. weekend so far doesn't look too bad at all. nice and dry. good morning. >> good morning. so a new problem here 270 southbound at the lane divide. a crash on the shoulder but we
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delays as you're headed southbound because of this accident. massachusetts avenue near 3rd street in northeast, still have that accident hanging around and as we zoom in just a little bit more the ramp to eastbound southeast freeway, still have that crash there on the left side. up north, northbound 15 at west patrick street that still blocking the left side of the roadway. and northbound 4 there after the thomas johnson bridge, do have an accident there as well. now wanted to share something with you from last night here and touch on a special event that i spoke at. i was able to mc the gala. they raised more than $1 million for the research hospital for kids in memphis. 1,000 people were there. i was able to talk about my connection to st. jude. obviously a bit emotional for me. i did have a friend a couple of years ago with a child that was treated there. and st. jude, families nev
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for treatment, trmansportation r medicine. that's why it's so close to my heart. >> a great cause there. thank you for that. >> i want to show you some video. new overnight it is the power of nature on full display here.
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the two women accused of
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brother were in court last night. they poisoned him with a powerful nerve agent at the airport. the women say they were paid but they thought the attack was a prank. they could be sentenced to death if convicted. a volcano is erupting now. new video out of italy. >> and we want to get right to those new images. this is out of italy where europe's biggest volcano continues to spew lava today. this began on monday. we're told it could go on for days, even weeks. authorities are monitoring the situation right now. as for the threat to people, authorities report no danger to the towns that surround the mountain's flow. back to you. >> reporter: it's how we know spring has sprung in d.c. we are awaiting the announcement from the national park service. >> and we'reo
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weather to our west. the tornados tossed cars around on the highways out there. tom has more on the storm coming our way. >> and our sky may be looking like that by later this afternoon. it's a weather alert day. we'll have frequent updates here on nbc
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we are watching storm team 4 radar and tracking severe weather and this storm may all come down to timing. >> this same storm system is linked to deaths in the midwest. you can see the damage that's already been done. >> and we are on bloom watch as well. ch cherry blossom peak predictions will be announced in just hours. >> news 4 today begins with breaking news. first breaking news overnight. deadly storms claimed three lives in the midwest. in missouri crews are working to clean up this mess when cars were tossed around by a reported tornado. and the same system is heading our way. >> and as we see more of that video coming from the midwest we want to know how this storm will impact us. >> and the big question
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>> good morning. yes, strong storms in the forecast for today. a little deceiving though if you walk outside this morning. >> yeah, it's kind of humid. you get that feel main the air that something is going to be happening. >> it's damp and warm and i think you can probably tell when you walk outside something is about to happen this afternoon. there's a line of storms just off to our west. we had a little bit of rain approaching hagerstown. we may see this rain moving into hagerstown in the next 30 minutes to an hour mostly staying north of the district but as we go through the day today strong to severe storms this afternoon. so the weather will be warm today. it's going to be dry the first half of the day so if you plan on eating lunch outside. warm and breezy. by happy hour though, that's when we'll see those storms roll in against some of them containing damaging winds. by dinner time we'll start to see some of these storms winding down. as far as the commute goes we have a lot of traffic out he
6:31 am
still hanging around. this is 270 southbound at the lane divide. this crash on the right shoulder still seeing some slowdowns. not terrible but a little bit slow there southbound at the lane divide this morning. southbound bw parkway, a new crash there. beltway, inner loop and outer loop looking okay. you can see that delay there southbound on 270 here this morning. as far as the fredericksburg line, that train and 304 having to couple together, this will take about 45 minutes because of a mechanical problem. travel times coming up. when we have all of this we will have made america greater than ever before for all americans. this is our vision. this is our mission. but we can only get there together. we are one people with one destiny. >> president trump last night in
6:32 am
session of congress. this morning that speech is being seen as a reset for his administration. >> not everyone is happy with what they heard. here's how maryland congressman anthony brown reacted to the president's speech. >> it was absent with any plans or any detail. nobody expects a president in an address to the joint session of congress to have a 25-point plan for our challenges, but certainly laying out a skeletal outline, he hasn't done any of that. >> we're also getting reaction from virginia senator tim kaine. he released a statement saying in part, quote, i was pleased that his address tonight was more upbeat than his inaugural address. the president's address was the most tweeted joint sessions speech ever. >> there were three million tweets compared to the previous record of 2.6 million. that's according to twitter.
6:33 am
the top tweeted moments. >> good morning. there were three really big moments to talk about. and to tell you about. the top tweeting moment was when president trump called on congress to repeal and replace obamacare. second was the we are blessed to be joined tonight by carren owen, the widow of fallen navy s.e.a.l. >> and all bleed the same blood and we are all made by the same god. former president's president obama's state of thedown i don't know speech was the old record holder. >> much more on the president's speech including analysis from nbc's political editor mark murray. officials are investigating d.c.'s forensic lab after faulty tests showed nine pregnant women did not have the zika virus and those results were called into question. two of the women later found out
6:34 am
charles allen from the d.c. council told news 4 that the employee who set up the initial faulty test is no longer working at the lab. he added that he was stunned that the lab could not say for certain that it contacted all the women who received false results. this federal review could result in a license suspension. it is one of the most beautiful times to see washington and today we'll learn when those world famous cherry blossoms will make their debut. >> a live look at the tidal basin for you now. you can't see much of the trees there right now, but in a few weeks this will be a sea of pink and white blossoms. erika is at the tidal basin with more on today's big announcement. good morning. >> reporter: hi, aaron. eun, good morning to you. this morning i am joined by a spokes person for the national park service and in his hands, the secret envelope. there is a very bad oscars joke in here somewhere. i'm going to leave that alone.
6:35 am
morning because today is the big day. we've all been wondering whether or not this mild winter season would maybe accelerate the timing of these buds and you guys will make the official prediction announcement today. so tell me about what you guys have been working on. >> a lot of ways it is our oscars day. it's the big announcement that everybody in the city waits for. it heralds the official arrival of spring and we're still looking at the numbers. as of last night we hadn't narrowed it down. we know that the average peak occurs on april 4th. that's historically through the years. >> that's average. what's our earliest? >> earliest has been march 15th. i think it's fairly safe to rule out april 18th and it's not going to surprise anyone if we come in advance of that average date of april 4th. >> for those that will maybe come down here for
6:36 am
time and they've got maybe some visitors from out of town, some of the dos and don'ts of the cherry blossoms for us. >> if you planning to come down, take in the experience. don't try and drive down here. we may see as many as a million and a half people over the time that the trees are in bloom. take metro. take circumstan and while you're here, help us protect this tradition. don't pick the petals. >> look, don't touch. >> please don't climb the trees. some of the trees are from the original shipment in 1912. help us preserve. >> thank you so much. we're live at the tidal basin this morning. back to you. >> thank you. are you in the market for a new car? we have a list of the top rated car brands. find out which one is the most reliable on the road. >> plus, where's the glue? why bottles are flying off store shelves and what parents are doing about it. >> and it is a weather
6:37 am
day. take a look at that radar. we have storms off to our west approaching the area. could even see a little bit of rain far to our north this morning. otherwise strong to severe storms later on this afternoon. coming up we'll sow youh
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good morning. at the bus stop this morning we'll have our temperatures hovering in the upper 50s. 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. some sprinkles up to 60 degrees. then all eyes on mid afternoon heading home from school temperatures in the upper 70s and sky turning dark and strong storms likely coming through right around dismissal time this afternoon. some of them could be severe with damaging winds and hail. we've got the new hour by hour timing with sheena coming up, now melissa has an update on our roads. >> take a look at t
6:41 am
270 southbound after falls road right now, have a new incident there. looks like it's in the main lanes slowing things just a little bit. they're not calling it an accident, just an incident right there. garrisonville road, a crash on the left side of the road there. and one more thing to mention, northbound bw parkway, a crash there in the left lane. we'll take a look at travel times for you coming up. and we have breaking news this morning. a shooting in southeast washington. d.c. police say someone shot a woman on wayne place off of 4th street southeast overnight. police say that woman was alive when medics took her to the hospital. they did not say whether they arrested anyone in this case. >> a dlrepublican lobbyist is calling on the public to help with details of a
6:42 am
intelligence officials have accused russia of hacking the dnc. there's also a billboard asking for tips in rich's death. someone killed him last july as he walked home late at night. new reactions the morning after. >> glue shortage. we did some digging to find out what's behind the surge in sales. >> and we continue to track the
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a weather alert. there is a severe threat for the entire area. we're tracking the storms that have the potential for damaging winds, hail and heavy rain. >> and take a look at this storm footage from illinois. that funnel cloud was spotted sweeping across the county which appears to be the hardest hit area. >> and people in parts of missouri are waking up to storm damage. we're live in missouri for us. good morning. what are you seeing out there? >> reporter: good morning. we had a tornado roll through here last night a little after 8:00. they had a 27-minute lead time. this is right along i-55 about an hour and a half south of st. l, ourks
6:46 am
a local gentleman was in his car. there were four semis blown over on their side. you can see some of the cars here. a lot of these were mangled now but they were picked up and tossed on the interstate. they had to bring in front end loaders and bulldozers just to get the cars and the twisted metal off the roadway. where i'm standing, this is the building of this company, this junk yard. it's all been pushed back by this tornado. storms this morning by the way are now moving east at 70 to 8 omil0 miles an hour. this is all heading to the east coast with the cold front. by the way, we had another tornado warning with hail, wind about an hour and a half ago. everything now is moved off to the east. >> live for us this morning. mike, thank you. and that line of storms in the midwest is headed our way. that's why we are in weather alert mode
6:47 am
>> tom and sheena are tracking the storm hour by hour for us. good morning to you. >> chuck is out today. tom offense course is here ande watching that storm closely. >> we have a risk of an isolated tornado here. >> if you see the storms, they're approaching and as we go through the day today this is primarily going to be in the afternoon. here's a closer look at our area. we have some rain approaching hagerstown but that's not the severe part of this weather. the severe part, that will be closer to lunchtime so i would say between about 2:00 and 4:00 p.m., your fitness forecast looking good. not the second half but it will be warm. let's check the rest of your forecast coming up in just a bit. >> thank you. it is 6:47 and president trump is at the white house this morning after delivering his first address to a joint session of congress last night. >> during the hour long address he defended his policies and talked about several issues
6:48 am
of immigration. >> by finally enforcing our immigration laws we will raise wages, help the unemployed, save billions of dollars and make our communities safer for everyone. >> the president went on to give a broad outline of his agenda which calls for a $1 trillion infrastructure package. president trump promised to bring americans together during his first address to a joint session of congress. >> justin finch has been talking with people who watched the speech last night. he's live with us for their take. justin. >> reporter: good morning. you know, on the streets and online we found consensus that many found they did have some inclusive moments, however, the overall break down is falling along political lines, no surprise. more than two dozen people, most declined to weigh in but those that did say the commander in chief's tone was
6:49 am
one, but other than that it sounded like what we've been trying to get done and republicans have been stopping us for the last eight years. >> health care and immigration also hot button issues and of course more analysis and more feedback to come. this will for sure be a water cooler talk this morning. back in to you. >> all right. thank you. and joining us now for some analysis on the president's speech, nbc news senior political editor, mark murray. you posted a series of questions, you said you were looking for president trump to answer. >> one of them was extending an olive branch and there were some lines about i want to unite with democrats, i want to reach out to them but they didn't go beyond the platitude so there wasn't a concrete proposal to say hey, you've proposed this, democrat, i'm going to accept this and let's move forward. there wasn't anything like that at
6:50 am
way forward on repealing and replacing the affordable care act. were there enough detail on that. >> some he had said in the past, some that he ended up doing, but there was no big kind of answer to some of the questions, how do you end up paying for it, how do you end up making the transition for people who end up getting health care and might be impacted. maybe the biggest thing of all was his promise about giving access to people who have preexisting conditions of coverage. having access is different than a guarantee of coverage so being able to fill in some of those gaps is still important for him. >> we always wish we had more time. >> thanks so much. >> thank you guys. >> if you missed the speech or you want to read it you can check it out for yourself. the president's entire speech is on the nbc washington app. all right. let's check our roads right now with melissa mollet in your first 4 traffic. >> good morning. so right now a couple of different issues we're dealing with this morning. the first thing is talking about
6:51 am
270 southbound after falls road. had an incident blocking the right lane. they 'opened up and you don't have to worry about that one too much. 95 north of garrisonville road, a crash on the left side. that's really the only problem there. taking a look here in prince george's county, inbound indian head highway, a little slow there and when you hit livingston road before the beltway and inbound branch avenue very kip tall as well. northbound bw parkway, have that crash in the left lane seeing some red as you're heading northbound. massachusetts avenue, a crash blocking lanes there. beltway again not so bad. pointing this out here, 270 slowdown this morning. taking a look at travel times, you can see a little slow again on 270. top of the beltway looking normal. 66 inbound and 95 north, no major worries there. remember to listen to wtop when you hop in your car.
6:52 am
take a look at what we have coming today. the first headline here, weather alert day, we have afternoon storms, some of which we do expect to be strong to severe. grab the umbrella before you leave this morning. a little deceiving when you walk outside. we don't have any rain around right now. it's very mild but as we go through today, storms approaching and then it's going to be windy as we go through the end of the week and noticeably cooler. right now 58 degrees. you don't need a warm jacket. here are the storms off to our west. we have that severe weather approaching the area. we just have the clouds around. some rain right around hagerstown. later on today the severe weather will be here, so the highest threat will be high winds. could be damaging winds. hail, heavy rain briefly and the low possibilities of a tornado, but we can never rule that out. let's head over to tom with a closer look at the timing of what you can expect where you live. >> that's going to be critical because unfortunately this may
6:53 am
time that schools will be dismissing students and that's going to be right around 3:00 p.m. locally. here is the timing on that. future weather showing this line of storms coming in. this is as of 2:00 p.m. just into our western, northern suburbs as well as all across virginia and the rest of maryland then between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m. that line sweeps right into the metro area. and then starts to break down a bit as it gets over across the bay and on the eastern shore. some of our weather models are showing it coming in a little bit later so it might affect the afternoon commute. stay with us. storm team 4 updates all day long on social media and here at nbc 4. >> that's the main headline to take away from today. stay tuned because those strong storms will be here. highs in the upper 70s. storm we drop to the 50s. friday could see a passing light
6:54 am
shower. the weekend doesn't look too bad. >> if you've been to the school supply aisle lately you may have noticed glue has been missing. >> turns out there is a shortage and as consumer susan hogan explains you can blame it on your kids and the latest crafting craze. >> bottles of liquid glue are flying off the shelves. retailers cannot stock it fast enough. it really is a thing and it's the latest crafting craze that is causing this phenomenon. glue is the main ingredient, in fact there are only three ingredients to slime, glue, borax and water. they're showing us bare shelves glue is gone and here at redman's in d.c. they notice their stock depleting. >> i spoke to our supplier and found out that they had been out of stock for some time and now are finally back in stock. so people can come in now and make their
6:55 am
slime. >> even elmer's glue sent us a statement that said it's seen a surge in sales and elmer's is increasing production to keep up with the demand and news 4 reached out to other local retailers in our area and their glue stock is dwindling. they didn't know why until we called. now they realize slime is the culprit. back to you. good morning i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. consumer reports is out with the list of top car brands and german auto makers is leading the pack. aud is first followed by bmw. tesla came in 8th. consumer reports says the german brand chose largely because of improvement in reliability. >> thank you. a quick correction here. earlier we told you american airlines would stop announcing the boarding groups over the intercom. they sent us ate
6:56 am
post the group number on the screen. this is as they roll out a new system. we apologize for the error. >> it is 6:56 and here are four things to know before you head out the door this morning. on the day after his address to congress president trump will have lunch with house and senate leaders. the "today" show will pick up our coverage of the president's address in just a few minutes. among their guests, mike pence and chuck schumer. >> a crowd expected to gather across the charles e. smith jewish school for a bagels not bombs rally. this after two schools were targeted by bomb threats. >> and we're expecting updates the the national park service at 10:30 this morning. we'll be streaming the announcement live on the nbc washington app. >> and tornados swept through five different states leaving major damage behind. watch for the
6:57 am
illinois with blake mccoy on the "today" show next. >> and that severe weather is heading our way. this afternoon we'll see a line of strong to severe storms approaching after lunch time. temperatures near 80 and cooler as we go through the rest of the week. >> a little bit of delay 270 southbound. that is now gone after falls road so that is looking a lot better than it was. >> all right. thank you. that is the broadcast this morning. thanks for waking up with us. >> "today" show is next. we'll
6:58 am
6:59 am
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good morning. the reset? >> believe in yourselves. believe in your future. and believe once more in america. >> president trump strikes a decidedly different tone in his first address to congress. >> the time for small thinking is over. the time for trivial fights is behind us. >> is this new version of mr. trump here to stay inis his agenda heavy on jobs, healthcare reform and national security ambitious or overpromising? >> everything that is broken in our country can be fixed. every problem can be solved. >> this morning, reaction from both sides as


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