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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  March 7, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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there early today as well. not looking for a driving rainstorm but there are certainly rain drops for the morning commute here from i-81 and those rain chances are coming eastbound towards the i-95 corridor, so the umbrella ready for today. this first patch should be out of here by 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. most of the late morning into the early afternoon hours likely to be dry, mild and breezy before more rain chances come back in later this evening and especially overnight tonight. as far as temperatures are concerned here is sheena, a good tuesday morning to you. >> good tuesday morning, chuck and we're talking about mild temperatures this morning but also those showers that chuck mentioned, so make sure you have that umbrella before you head out. the tuesday morning commute, a few showers around, especially if you are west and near the valerie, winchester, those areas seeing that rain for the morning drive. by noon we'll still see some scattered showers chances but temperatures close to 60 degrees. i think we'll see some rain nd
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commute. look at these current temperatures. we're talking about the mid to upper 40s right now. frederickburg is at a warm 55 degrees. speaking of that commute, what's going on out there? >> good morning. so right now overall you can see looking pretty good here. 66 and 95 all of this green, that big green slimy looking blob, that is all radar showing where rain is falling across the roadways. eastbound 66 at 123, had that right lane blocked by the work zone. that has cleared out of the way. 95 in maryland, no problems there from 32 southbound down to the beltway. going a little faster than you should but it will take you about ten minutes. same thing headed out of town. a big look at the beltway coming up. 5:01. angie is standing by at the live desk right now, she's tracking some severe storms in the midwest. >> we're seeing a bunch of things including intense lightning as well as a lot of damage. here's an upclose look at what the severe storms did. several tornados also reported across the
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there's those lightning strikes out of kansas city right there. the storms pounded the midwest. a dozen twisters reportedly touched down across kansas, arkansas and missouri. hundreds of homes and buildings destroyed. injuries were reported but no deaths. damaging winds and large hail were a big threat and these intense storms will continue to do damage in parts of the midwest and the south today. that's where it will remain and head as well. forecasters also warn more tornados could happen. we'll bring you more as we get it. back to you. >> thank you. you are likely to see several stories dominating coverage of the trump administration today. here's what you need to know. house republicans unveiled their plan to replace the affordable care act. we'll tell you what it means for you and your family in just a minute. the administration has rolled out a revised version of its controversial immigration executive order. >> and a day after north korea test
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missiles into the ocean near japan. house republicans have released their bill to replace the affordable care act. it gets rid of the mandate requiring people to have health insurance. the bill eliminates subsidies with people with low incomes and it also freezes the expansion of medicaid but the bill does keep some of the popular parts of that law. it still requires insurers to cover preexisting conditions and it allows children to stay on their parents' plans until they're 26. in our next half hour we will go to capitol hill where edward lawrence will have more on how this replacement plan is being received by some conservatives. >> tour groups will return to the white house. tours were temporarily suspended during the transsituation. the -- transition. the self-guided tours are free to the public but you need to submit a request with a member of congress at least 21 days in advance of your visit.
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and green rooms, the state dining room and the east room. 5:04 now. casey anthony is breaking her silence about her daughter's death. >> angie is at the live desk with this new report. >> it has been years after she was acquitted and now the 30-year-old breaking her silence, speaking about the case and the death of her then two-year-old daughter. in an interview with the ap, anthony who says quote, based on what was in the media, she understands why people believe she killed her daughter. she goes on to say she does not care about what anyone thinks of her and never will. but she says to this day, she doesn't know exactly what happened in the last moments of caylee's life. anthony still lives in south florida. this is the first time she has talked to a news outlet since her daughter first disappeared more than nine years ago. if alive today, caylee
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would be 12 years old. >> all right. thank you. right now take a look at your tv screen. green belt police are looking for this man, james lewis. he was last seen on sunday at the dollar tree on green belt road in the same shopping center with the safeway. he was also at the doctor's community hospital for a short time on sunday. mr. lewis suffers from schizophrenia and seizures and police need to find him quickly. our time is 5:05 now. before peter new sham is named police chief he has to go through the council today. the major has named him the acting chief and offered him the job. the council wants community members to weigh in at several public hearings. the first meeting is tonight in southeast. two other hearings will be held later this month. well, expect to pay more to ride metro in exchange the transit system's general manager will make fewer cuts to service. >> but that doesn't mean there will be no cuts. we're joined live from the king street
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this down for us. justin? >> reporter: aaron, good morning. metro's gm is calling for a balance sacrifice meaning everyone from metro staffers to customers are being asked to compromise. let's take you now to video, this near $2 billion proposal was revised with public feedbacks and surveys and hearings and if passed it would roll out this july. so far the draft calls for increased rail and bus service and parking. there is a fair hike though. riders would see bus and rail fairs rise ten cent to 25 cents but metro's 7-day bus pass would remain 17.50. at peak travel times they would slow down running about every eight minutes on all lines. eligible metro access riders will see the service continue as well and action would begin on thursday when i
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back in to you. >> thank you, justin. another big problem, metro's trains are not running on time. new numbers from the transit agency show that 70% of trips were on time last year. the best performing line was the green line, the worst was the orange line. it had a 56% on time rate. metro blames safe track for most of the timing issues and hopes performance will improve once safe track is complete. your power bill could soon cost you more money. pepco is asking for a $77 million increase from dc regulators which may lead to higher rates for district customers. a consumer advocacy group claims the increase includes more benefits for pepco officials. a public hearing will be held tonight at the northwest headquarters. maryland regulators improved an increase last november raising rates about $7 a month.
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the hour. good news/bad news on the weather front. >> we're in for a mild day but a wet one. >> yeah, we're giving it a marginal mark. on the upside it won't be cold at all. 40s and 50s now. mid mid-60s today but your chances of getting rained on stand at 70% and an even better chance that we'll have more cold coming our way for the weekend. it is a scandal rocking the marine corps and this morning we are hearing from the secretary of defense. what he has to say about the shocking allegations. and getting a full night's sleep is important, especially for growing teens. what about during school? why some educators are actually encouring students to
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dramatic video shows the moment a man was rescued from a rushing river. the man was homeless and was trapped in the river. >> he was living around the river bottom and didn't expect that water to come in. police say he was not hurt in any way. all right. now let's check our forecast. we're expecting rain in the forecast, sheena, parveen. >> yes, we are. so grab the um
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the good news is this is going to be a warm rain as we go through the day today because temperatures are in the mid to upper 40s. most of the area still looking dry but you see that area off near 81 and right over winchester is where we have more moderate rainfall near wood stock, front royal and this is all moving from west to east. so we'll see those scattered showers in the sky today. more rain and you may want the raincoat if you're exercising. let's get a check on the roads this morning with some showers out there. >> we do have some showers and you can see them again, all of this green here over the roadways, you can see we have a little bit of a problem with the rain falling, not causing major issues right now. southbound rock creek parkway before virginia avenue northwest. left lane getting by that work zone. bottom of the beltway looking good and a live look at 66 at nutley, no worries there. >> it's now 5:12. new reaction from secretary
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investigation into potentially hundreds of marines who allegedly shared nude photos of female service members on a private facebook page. a pentagon official says the secretary is troubled by this alleged behavior. the scandal was first uncovered by the war horse, a nonprofit news organization run by marine veteran thomas brennan. >> that's what sent it home for me was seeing a woman that i knew and then you know, later on the next morning like getting my daughter ready for school. >> brennan is now receiving death threats after reporting on the images showing women in various states of undress. a formal inquiry is now underway. a prominent local judge now facing new accusations of sexual harassment. for years, denise williams says she lived with ongoing harassment by her then boss, prince george's county circuit court
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assistant. she finally became fed up and filed a complaint and hired an attorney. then she says his behavior got worse. >> my hope is that if somebody else has been through this or is going through this, that this will encourage them to speak up about it. >> now, news 4 contacted the judge's chambers who had no comment on the allegations. williams showed us a letter sent by the maryland attorney general's office to her attorney saying quote, remedial action was taken to both redress and prevent any potential harassing conduct. the letter goes on to say that the discipline is confidential. following williams' complaint all judges underwent training on appropriate office behavior. slowing down when you see a funeral procession could be common sense for most, but one virginia driver is now charged with hitting a car in a procession and then speeding away. 22-year-old cara deans is behind bars. the sheriff's office
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was driving while impaired when she hit the vehicle. deputies tried to pull her over but they say she led them on a pursuit which reached speeds of more than 100 miles per hour. they were eventually able to arrest her and no one was hurt. in news for your health now, many fit bit devices already track your sleep but the company wants to do more. they want to track how much deep sleep you get. that's typically when you dream. its new devices will use a built-in heart rate monitor to figure out your stages of sleep. we know parents and teachers struggle with it every day. >> some districts are changing starting times, but some schools in new mexico have a new approach. students can take a nap in this sleep pod. an alarm wakes them up after 20 minutes which is the optimum time for a nap. the district is already seeing results.
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>> why are they not in science class or math class? well, they could be there, but they wouldn't be listening and they wouldn't be paying attention. and so this way we can get them to go back to class and focus. >> the national institutes of health says teens need 9 to 10 hours of sleep a night but only a third are getting even eight hours. the sleep pods cost $14,000 and were paid through state mental health grants. most students use them a few times a year when they say they've reached a breaking point. >> what do you think? >> i think it makes good sense. you can eliminate the distractions too. you have to be sure they're not in there on their phones or something. if they're actually sleeping -- >> it takes me 15 minutes to fall asleep. it would be time to get up again. >> you have to go in ready to pass out. >> well, every woman who's ever had a baby feels for april the giraffe this morning. >> her calf is taking its sweet time coming into the world apparently and many of y
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cam there from upstate new york. still no baby calf at this point. what just happened? they do sleep standing up. what did the neck just do? maybe she's asleep. >> april the giraffe remains happy and healthy. they've started to see more intense kicks, which has startled her apparently but you've got a baby with a three-foot long leg in there. this will be her fourth calf. >> as you can imagine, the internet is having a good time with april's labor, but this one, take a look. this is a south carolina -- you knew this was bound to happen. i was waiting for a woman. she's also set to give birth and she's decided to imitate april. she got a mask and everything, walking around her room like it's a pen, rocking in her chair. you know this video has gone viral. 9 million people watching it in
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>> a lot of people with a lot of time on her hands. >> she's in shape. look at her doing squats. i did hear that's supposed to induce labor, but you know what, the baby comes when the baby is ready. >> i thought watching the giraffe was weird. >> yeah. at least she's doing something. she's keeping you entertained. >> that might be enough to put that kid through college. >> then you've got to turn that into something profitable. >> i missed you guys so much in mico. >> i'm sure you thought about me every day. thank you, chuck. >> eun would want me to have this pina colada. it was very nice. we got out of here last wednesday just ahead of the severe weather. sometimes it pay to talk to the weather guy when you're planning your vacation. good to be back. thank you for all the sweet mentions on facebook and twitter welcoming me
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new month outside and it feels like it too. three of the last four marchs have been colder than average and at least some measurable snow each and over march for the last four years in a row. we may have a chance for some snow here saturday night into sunday. we're keeping an eye on it. first thing you need to know about your tuesday morning, grab that umbrella. you're probably going to need it today. not expecting a total washout of a day, but an area of light to pockets of moderate rain here early this morning. that's headed into the d.c. metro area. better rain chances from about prince william county northbound today. our friends and neighbors, you should take your umbrellas too, but it looks like the steadier rains today will be at least this morning up across the panhandle of west virginia and northern maryland. now, as far as future weather is concerned, takes a shot of light to moderate rain in and out of here between now and about 9:00 this morning. from about coffee break time, 10:00 a.m. this morning through lunch hound
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parts of the afternoon, for the most part dry. mainly dry through the late morning and early afternoon hours, but more rain chances come in after 3:00 or 4:00 today. so probably going to have a wet ride home, especially the second half of the commute. so have the umbrellas ready to go. temperature wise we're in the 40s outside now, but it will turn into a mild day today with afternoon highs up close to 65 degrees. i brought just enough warm air back from my vacation. 66 tomorrow. any rain chances tomorrow will be probably before 7:00 a.m. so wednesday afternoon, thursday afternoon, mild and dry, small chance for a shower on friday. saturday kind of cold around here, highs only near 40. saturday night into sunday, there may be a little chance for a rain/snow combo. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few more minutes. for now let's talk about blue lines delayed from ms. melissa mollet. she's never blue. >> i'm never blue. always happy here many the traffic center. delays
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franconia is the problem there. taking a look at 66 from fairfax county to the beltway, no issues there. fairfax county parkway to the beltway, everything looks quite good. outbound the same situation there. 95 northbound and southbound rolling along just fine here this morning as we zoom into inside the beltway there southbound rock creek parkway before virginia avenue in northwest. left lane is getting by the work zone and i can say i know you're all really wondering what to get the baby. if you could get me a giraffe mask i would be really happy and excited. i'm going to look like that pretty soon. >> but now you're going to have to start a camera and it's all over. >> i like her moves. she looks good. >> she's exercising. >> all right. you asked for it. we're working for you this morning. republicans repealed the affordable care act, a look at what changes, what stays the same and how it impacts you and your family. >> ask and you shall
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the pictures the national park service just released that showed which inauguration was bigger, president trump's or president obama's. >> and how an elementary schoolteacher is using music to reach and teach his students.
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there is a new satellite checking out earth this morning. this is the sentinel iib. it was launched late last night. they take photos of the plant to monitor the environment. for example, they can tell us about pollution and how healthy forests all around the plant are. you've probably seen the video of a teacher, his students rapping on your time line this
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we are working for you with the story behind that video. >> when his second grade class failed an exam last year he knew he had to do something drastic. >> the north carolina teacher made a deal with his class. if the majority of them passed the next test he would personally do a video for them. they all improved their test scores. >> i think it's bigger than a music video now. i think they understand that man, we can really do this. >> tell me what your scores are. >> my score is like 100 or 80. >> the kids even had a chance to record a professional music video with rapper big shawn. if anyone underestimates the power of what a teacher can do in a child's life, it just is so important and meaningful and i love it. love it. and they're having fun. all the smiles. way to go. it's
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honors in our area and now there is a new temporary mural at the chili bowl. >> it features the words unity, hope, peace and love. you can still vote on the restaurant's website on who you want to see featured on the permanent new mural. the website says the permanent mural is coming this spring. first women marched and now they're protesting to prove their worth. how a day without a woman is forcing a local school district to shut down. >> plus, it will be warmer but wetter when you step outside today. >> especially if you are near 81 closer to the valley. winchester seeing some of that heavier rain but it is moving in the direction of the district and surrounding counties. coming up i'll show you what you can expect through the day today and the colder weekend. that's next. and supreme court rejection. justices will not be hearing a transgender rights case. what it means for your kids and the virgin
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prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh...
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my giant. right now on news4 today, obamacare alternatives. we're explaining how the new plan will impact your family. and a day without women w. women walking off the job to prove a point but it could mean your kids' school is closing. plus, rain on the radar. a wet start to your tuesday. storm team 4 with more on how long this weather will stick around.
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>> news4 starts now. well, you might want to leave yourself some extra time today. the roads may be a little wet. >> and if they aren't now, the rain is likely coming. melissa mollet will have a look at those roads but first our storm team of meteorologists chuck bell is back and sheena parveen taking a look at our forecast. hope you brought the sunshine back with you. >> i could only get the warmer air in the suitcase. yeah, milder today into the 60s and finally maybe a little rain to get some of those pollen molecules out of the air. >> yeah, i think the rain will help. it usually does but those temperatures are going to be warm enough so what we're seeing right now, it's not a cold rain unless you're over the higher elevations. but as we go through the day today it's going to be warm with showers around. so mostly through the area we're seeing the clouds but the rain is approaching the district. still off to the west, still near 81. winchester seeing that heavier rain in the area, near woodstock as well. that gh
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parts of frederick. martinsburg as well. there is more rain back off to our west so as we go through the day today we're going to keep that rain in the forecast. temperatures will be getting into the mid-60s. so temperature wise not too bad. how do the roads look out there? >> a brand new crash here. taking a look here, riggs road, we'll keep an eye on it and see exactly what's happening there. southbound rock creek parkway before virginia avenue northwest, still have the left lane getting by that work zone. bottom of the beltway all of those routes are okay this morning. a reminder as well on metro, blue line delays, earlier problem there at franconia. a look at your travel times coming up. a top story we are following this morning may have you talking on your commute into work. metro has plans to raise fares but a new proposed budget will keep some service cuts from happening. metro's gm is calling
5:33 am
to 25 cent increase to rail and bus fares. justin finch will join us at 6:00 to tell us when those higher fares could take effect. >> and house republicans unveiling their plan to replace the affordable care act. >> a lot more about this today. one of the chairman of the house ways and means committee discusses the bill later this morning. edward lawrence is live for us now. what does this bill get rid of and what aspects of the act do republicans want to keep in place? >> there are some of each. let's take a look at bullet points of these. it does eliminate that individual mandate meaning you are not required by law anymore to have health care coverage. it also eliminates subsidies upfront to pay there are those coverages. it gives you tax credits on the back end meaning you'll have more upfront costs in order to pay the fees, but then you'll get that back in your taxes. it also freezes medicaid expansion meaning for a limited period of time to the numbers that it currently is
5:34 am
it also keeps preexisting conditions coverage meaning insurance companies cannot deny you coverage for having a preexisting condition. they also cannot charge you more for having that preexisting condition. it also allows children to stay on parents' plans until they are 26 years old. majority leader paul ryan wants to get this passed by easter. >> so now we have the plan, edward. what sort of reaction are you hearing about this? >> in the house it's a more favorable reaction. there are some concerns but really the senate we're starting to hear some grumblings about some of the issues in it. four senators are concerned about the freezing medicaid for low income families. they're from -- they're up for re-election coming up in 2018 and they're from states that have expanded the coverage for low income families. real concern about that. also about having to pay more upfront in order to have the affordable care or health care but then get it back on tax credits. they're worried people won't be able to make that
5:35 am
payment to get those premiums. >> all right. thank you. 5:35 right now. immigration debates are playing out in cities across the country and one of them got heated in rockville last night. dozens packed the city council chambers for a public hearing about immigration enforcement by rockville police. a petition making it a formerly declared sanctuary city. >> third hand of kids afraid to go to school after the election because they were worried that their parents might be deported by the time they got home from school. >> i will sell my house immediately which i consider to move in after retirement. why? because i know for sure the house value will go down and the property tax will go up. >> no formal legislation has been proposed in rockville. they also hired leon rodriguez as an advisor on immigration issues. more on the immigration or
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coming up in a few minutes. a montgomery county man is facing charges for impersonating an immigration officer. he allegedly dressed as an officer multiple times and a church officer saw him. officers searched his home and found multiple weapons and tactical gear. he's also charged with trying to imperson nate baltimore police officers using a fake bag. you remember this young man pretending to be a doctor in florida. he just pled guilty to scamming an elderly woman in virginia. he faces 30 years in prison for trying to use a 73-year-old's credit information to buy a car last year. he'll be sentenced in may. he's also facing charges that he read a fake medical practice in west palm beach, florida. right now, police in
5:37 am
find this man. he's 47 years old and police say he needs his medicine. he was last seen in southeast on sunday just before 8:00 p.m. he may walk with a limp and was last seen wearing blue jeans, a black shirt and shoes with black, blue and gray. if you see him call police. this morning we are learning about how actor bill paxon died. a report says he had a stroke days after heart surgery. the information comes from his death certificate. it says paxton had the surgery to replace a valve in his heart. there was also damage to his aorta that needed to be fixed. he starred in titanic, alien and twister and was one of the main characters in big love. he was 61 years old. comparing immigrants to flames. ben car son criticized for his very first speech on the
5:38 am
how he's trying to clarify his comments this morning. >> and your ride to work may be a little bit wet. >> some rain drops out there on radar this morning. they're headed into the d.c. metro area so grab that umbrella. a little jacket here first thing this morning with temperatures in the 40s, but it will be a mild day by later on. afternoon highs up into the 60s. what about tomorrow, the rest of the week and the weekend? that ten-day forecast coming up at 5:51. plus, new photos from inauguration day just released. how they're cleaning up confusion for some about the size of those crowds.
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welcome back at 5:41 this morning. we're seeing brand new photos from the national park service. >> they show the crowds from the last three presidential inaugurations. angie is in the news room to break this down for us. >> well, this is coming about six weeks after this year's inauguration and president trump's claim that he had the biggest audience. the national park service releasing these pictures in response to a freedom of information act request. take a look for yourself here. these are from this year. pretty close to what we were seeing in the arial photos that news organizations were publishing. empty spaces on the mall are apparent. here's the thing though. we don't know exactly when these were taken during the day, because as you know more people showed up as the
5:42 am
as we got closer to the ceremony. there are also hundreds of pictures and we're still working to look through all of them. these are from president obama's second inauguration back in 2013. you can see there were empty spaces in that one as well. but again, there's no time stamps on these pictures, so definitely more to come on these images just released. thank you. your storm team 4 forecast. >> yes, good morning. grab the umbrella before you head outside. we have showers approaching the district. most of them are still off to the west near 81. hagerstown as well. nearing frederick, i'll show you where they're heading. chuck is back too with the four things you need to know before you walk out the door. but let's look at the roads. >> on the roads right now, a brand new problem here 50 westbound at bw parkway. an incident reported there. seeing those slowdowns. travel times coming up. and next at 6:00, casey anthony breaks her silence. she's speaking out forth
5:43 am
time about her daughter's
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5:46 am
there were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slaveships, worked harder for less. >> right now on news 4 today, backtracking after backlash, how ben carson is trying to take back the controversial comments you'll be hearing about all day. coming up, one local school district cancels classes ahead of a planned protest. >> rate hike requests. how you can weigh in before the price of your power bill goes up. >> white house reopened. tours of the president's home return today. why they were stopped and how you can score a ticket. your time is 5:46. the women's march on washington brought thousands of people to d.c. now organizers have a new plan and it's called a day without a woman. >> organizers are asking women to stay at home to
5:47 am
the country runs. we are already seeing an impact. we're live in alexandria with more on how this could affect you if your child has school tomorrow. >> reporter: if your child has school tomorrow in alexandria public schools, no classes tomorrow because the school system says it simply cannot cover all of the classrooms and therefore, there is a safety and learning impact that they're talking about with some 300 plus staff members who have put in for the day off. school leaders cannot exactly tie it to the planned women's observance that's dubbed the day without a woman. the superintendent says this decision didn't come lightly. they're going to handle it as a teacher work day for staff. and students won't have to make up the day as an instructional day. they will not have to do that. now, some parents of course, are supportive of this observance. others are a bit a
5:48 am
having to scramble a little bit to find child care in the middle of the school week. news4 did check in with some of the other area school districts and here's what we know so far. fairfax county, not planning to cancel classes. montgomery county still monitoring the situation. prince george's county says there is no information at this time that they can share. now, in the district of columbia, the schools are planning to open and they're telling students and teachers and staff members that they can use international women's day in the class room as a discussion and with activities and we just learned that even some north carolina schools are cancelling classes tomorrow as a result of international women's day and this day without a woman. that is the latest live. back to you. thank you. a virginia student at the center of a transgender rights case says he's disappointed in the supreme court's
5:49 am
to hear his face. he was born female but identifies as male. he is suing the school board for the right to use the boys' bathroom. yesterday the supreme court sent his case back to a lower court without hearing arguments. the lower court will now decide whether title 9 which bans sex discrimination applies to transgender students. >> disappointed and certainly it's an obstacle we didn't want but i'm determined as ever to move forward and work through this process like i have been up to now. >> grim will likely graduate from high school before a final ruling is reached. the man accused of opening fire inside a d.c. pizza restaurant will have until next week to decide whether to accept the plea deal. our news partners report the 28-year-old edgar welch appeared in court yesterday. he's accused of firing shots inside comet ping-pong in december. he wanted to help investigate a
5:50 am
happening inside that restaurant. he's pleaded not guilty to several charges against him. we told you about the brand new missile launch from north korea. countries calling them a greater threat. >> brand new video of that now. >> we just got that footage into the live desk of north korea firing those ballistic missiles into the sea of japan. take a look. the country apparently fired four of the banned missiles monday into japan's waters. some of them reportedly landing just 190 miles from japan's coast. south cori whe-- pung yang threo do more of this missile testing. that will continue into next
5:51 am
thank you, angie. some other news developing from north korea ligright now. we told you about the greeting tensions since kim jong nam was killed. he was the half brother of kim jong un. he was poisoned at the malaysian airport last month. now they're preventing citizens of the other country the from leaving. that is because they're investigating his death even though north korea denies that it was involved. this is a surprising development because the countries are considered allies. we now have the details of president trump's revised immigration executive order. he signed it yesterday. here's some of what you need to know. iraq is no longer included on the list of countries from which travelers are temporarily banned for 90 days. that goes into effect on march 167th. t -- 16th. it doesn't apply to green card holders. the president's original order was blocked by a federal court. housi
5:52 am
development secretary ben carson is catching a lot of heat this morning due to what he said when he addressed housing and urban development employees for the first time yesterday. in that speech he made a comparison between slaves brought to the u.s. and immigrants. >> there were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slaveships, worked even longer and harder for less. they too had a dream that one day their sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, great grandsons, great granddaughters might pursue prosperity and happiness in this land. >> carson later reversed his comments in a facebook post last night saying that slaves and immigrants experiences were entirely different. today you can take a tour of the white house. tours were temporary suspended during the transition. the first
5:53 am
there is was a delay because of maintenance. the self-guided tours are free to the public but you do need to submit a request to a member of congress at least 21 days before your visit. the tour route includes the blue, the red, the green rooms, the state dining room and the east room. for more details search white house tours in the nbc washington app. >> i was able to get by with a fleece yesterday. wasn't crazy cold. today even better temperature wise. >> today in the mid-60s. even though we have rain moving in so have the umbrella today. even with the rain we're looking at the milder temperatures. warmer i would call it because we're in the 60s. here you see on radar some showers moving in mostly west of the district but we have some very light rain approaching the district or just some sprinkles there, but now we look off to the west near winchester, woodstock, right near 81 and that's where we have really been seeing rain consistently this morning so wet
5:54 am
also near hagerstown, frederick near 270 and 70, that's where we have some moderate rainfall. that's all moving from west to east and we're watching that line way off to our west. that's some severe weather but later on today we still have the chance for showers. we don't have that severe threat. mid to upper 40s through parts of the area. quantity toe is at 50. 45 gaithersburg. look at what the temperatures will do though. by lunchtime climbing into the low 60s. expect the mid 60s this afternoon. here's future weather. 4:00 p.m. still talking about that rain chance for a.m. tomorrow morning. still looking at some rain, quickly it clears out. we're dry thursday and the rest of the day wednesday. friday we have a small chance for some rain and snow showers and then by sunday we're still watching that chance for some snow. the models -- computer models are a little different about sunday's chance but it does look like a colder weekend after the
5:55 am
let's check the roads this tuesday morning. >> so right now westbound 50 at bw parkway, still have that incident reported there and we are seeing some slowdowns. so we'll send chopper 4 that way and see what we can see as we zoom in on that one. inbound 11th street bridge a broken down vehicle in the right lane causing some slowdowns. riggs road, still have that crash here being reported on metro delays to largo, an earlier malfunction at franconia. as far as travel times, 270 southbound looks good. the top of the beltway looks good. fairfax county parkway to the beltway, going to take you ten minutes this morning and 95 northbound quantico to the beltway, 46 miles per hour, going to take you 25 minutes. not bad at all. remember to listen to wtop when you hop in your car and we'll have this live picture from chopper 4 in just a minute. we'll see you in a little bit. your power bill could soon cost you more
5:56 am
pepco is asking for a $77 million increase from d.c. regulators which may lead to higher rates for district customers. utility consumer group claims the 17% increase includes more benefits for executives and increased profits for investors. there's a public hearing from 6:00 to 8:00 tonight at headquarters. maryland raised pepco rates by about 7 bucks a month. you may want to leave yourself some extra time for breakfast. it's national pancake day and if you don't have the ingredients to whip them up you can head to ihop locations for a free short stack. the offer starts at 7:00 until 7:00 tonight. ihop asks that you do make a donation to your favorite charity. this morning we're learning the best cities to live in for
5:57 am
and you may not have to go that far. virginia has two of the top ten cities according to gallup. d.c. and northern virginia came in at number 44 on the list. the healthiest and happiest city in america, naples, florida. this is the second year in a row grabbing the top spot for naples. >> do you dread going to your job? not us. we love it. the romantic change at home could make you change your mind. >> stick around for this one. the simple fix you'll need your spouse to help with. >> and sleeping at school isn't just for preschoolers anymore. the results one school has seen from giving high schoolers some extra rest. >> and paying more to protect your ride to work. the new proposal that aims to save metro routes. >> and a teen accused of murder while wearing a gps monitor. why it's easier than you may
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now on news 4 today, republicans rolling out their affordable care act alternative. what it means for your family and the price you'll pay. >> reporter: metro is crunching the numbers on its latest budget. we'll tell you about potential service impacts and what it could mean for your wallet. casey anthonysp
6:00 am
first time since being acquitted in her daughter's death. she is talking about what she thinks happened. good morning, everybody i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we'll get so all those stories but first a check on your w weather and traffic. the roads may be a little wet this morning. >> but first, sheena parveen with your storm team 4 forecast on this tuesday morning. >> good morning. >> yeah, awfully mild outside by comparison. i understand it was cold around here over the weekend. the milder air is coming back. it comes with a bit of a price though. storm team 4 radar, not a lot of rain in the immediate metro yet. that's about ready to change though as light to pockets of briefly moderate rain out here along the i-81 corridor, they're coming in toward the city. so number one thing you need to know about the weather today, grab the umbrella. it may be a little jacket here with temperatures in the 40s. back to just some long sleeves


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