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tv   Today  NBC  March 13, 2017 7:00am-9:58am EDT

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good morning. monster in the making. a crippling snowstorm set to hammer the east coast. the biggest of the season. tens of millions in its path, from philadelphia to new york and boston. up to two feet of snow before it's over. four inches an hour. this morning, everying you need to know to get ready. put up or shut up. the trump administration being challenged to produce evidence today to back up the president's claim that barack obama ordered the wiretapping of trump tower. but will they? and what happens if they don't or can't? we'll ask one of the president's top advisers, kellyanne conway. the victim. the lyft driver
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on a san francisco freeway opens up about his ordeal. >> they're just going one after another, boom, boom, boom. >> why he says he still can't believe what happened. and diana's secret lover. james hewitt breaks his silence in a rare interview. speaking out about his affair with the prison senncess. and finally addressing that l g longstanding rumor. >> are you harry's father? >> making news today, march 13th, 2017. >> from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today," nor'easter 2017. with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to today on a monday morning. you know normally i'm not fascinated by royal stories. that's an interview i would watch. >> i thought we were win
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there. >> that's going to be a big one. meanwhile, mr. roker standing here. this impending storm, could be one of the biggest in the season, here in the northeast, threatening to bring the region to a stand stistill. have some across the midwest this morning. a lot of blue on the map over there. >> we certainly do, guys. we're looking at the first part of what will be this big nor'easter. the snowstorm that's making its way from omaha, nebraska, chicago, st. louis, ft. wayne, all pushing this way. the energy from this system will be making its way to the east coast. chicago, 2 to 5 inches of snow. right now, all the way to new england, we have 121 million people, at risk for some winter weather. an then, as we drill down, you can see blizzard watches for 5 million people, including new york city. but we get up to boston, blizzard warnings in effect. new york city's under a blizzard warnin
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we start off tuesday morning. d.c. you're going to have heavy snow, changing to a mix. philadelphia, new york city, the morning rush is going to be snow and strong winds, a lot of blowing snow. we get to midday, new york city and boston, snow and wind. the snowfall rates could be 1 to 3 inches per hour. locally up to 4 inches per hour as it moves along. an tuesday evening, evening commute, from philadelphia up to boston, we've got commuter troubles. finally in washington, the snow lightens up. and as we get into wednesday morning, blowing and drifting snow in boston. lessening wind but a frigid morning. what's on the ground will stay there. let's go through the totals, what we're seeing right now. you can see a wide swath of heavy snow. washington, d.c., 6 to 8 inches of snow. philadelphia, before it's all over, 8 to 14 inches of snow. now, depending on the track of the storm, we could see more or we could see less. but
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city, 10 to 16 inches of snow or more. boston, 8 to 14 inches of snow or more. and the winds are going to be a big factor with this, as will the temperatures. we'll have wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour, from new york up into boston. blizzard conditions very likely. and the temperatures will drop. whatever falls will be hanging around for a while. >> you're going to be busy this morning, al. >> camp out by the weather monitor. as you mentioned, we're seeing the midwest dealing with the snow. blake mccoy is in chicago this morning. it's snowing there for the first time in months. blake, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we have monday morning flurries in chicago. people have to digging around and finding their snow boots. the last time there was any significant snow here was december 17th. that's a record dry spell. all that changes this morning as much of the country will experience winter is back. ov
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the heartland. making for dangerous conditions and low visibility. this storm already slamming parts of the midwest. in minnesota, a major league soccer game went on, despite the heavy snowfall and below-freezing temps. on the shores of make ontario, a winter wonderland so surreal, the photographer had to post that it was created by nature, not photoshopped. in the carolinas, cars skidding off the slick roads. >> oh, my god. it's actually snowing. >> reporter: the northeast bracing for what could be the biggest snowstorm of the season, impacting millions in its path. >> doesn't seem right. you kidding me? this time of year. >> reporter: now, al mentioned the strong winds we can see with the storm along the east coast. in about 24 hours here, we're watching that closely because that can lead to fallen trees, power lines and impact travel. savannah and matt? >> coming
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the storm and the nor'easter has flight cancellations and delays piling up quickly. tom costello at jfk in new york. >> reporter: we expect this to be an all-stop tomorrow. 1,600 flights canceled today and tomorrow, as airlines start to get ahead of us. here's a list of the breakdown. today alone, we have 767 flights canceled. mostly that's tonight. folks are getting ready for the flights to be canceled. tomorrow, almost 1,000. and here are the affected airports. everything from the washington area, up to baltimore, up to philly, into new york, up to boston. we also expect buffalo to be worth watching. by the way, today, chicago, ord and midway, both affected already. airlines are already waiving their change fees. if you have a flight up the i-95 spine, from washington all the way up to boston, chances are you can change your flight without the penalty fee.
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generally, that's about a $200 fee generally. but all the airlines at this point are waiving that. southwest airlines saying that tomorrow, it expects essentially no activity with its fleet on the east coast. or at least the northeast portion of that. it is going to be a very difficult day. of course, as we always say, when you have the i-95 corridor, the east coast, affected like this, there's a ripple effect across the entire country. you could see flights affected in chicago, in denver, all the way out to the west coast, as planes are out of position and simply flights can't make their way to the east coast. guys, back to you. >> tom, thank you very much. we'll have more on this storm throughout the morning, including what you can do now to make sure you're ready. let's move to politics now. top lawmakers asking the trump administration to turn over evidence by today of the president's unproven claim that his phones at trump tower were tapped by president obama during the election. this as the trump teams deals with follow-up of h
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at the justice department. going to talk about this with kellyanne conway live in our studio in a moment. let's get to hallie jackson with the latest. hi, hallie. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. and today starts a busy week for president trump, with new developments on his budget proposal and his health care push, with a listening session set for today. but nine days, now, after his explosive, unproven claim about wiretapping, still no evidence, as one of his top advisers suggests perhaps there's even more to the story. deadline day for the administration, as congress looks for proof of president trump's unsubstantiated claim, that president obama wired a wiretap at trump tower during the election. >> i think the president has one of two choices. either retract or to provide the information that the american people deserve. >> reporter: now, a new suggestion from white house senior counselor,
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conway, that the alleged surveillance may have gone beyond wiretapping. >> do you know whether trump tower was wiretapped? >> what i can say, is there's many ways to surveil each other. >> do you believe -- >> there's an article this week that talked about how your can surveil someone through their phones, certainly through their television sets. any number of different ways. and microwaves that turn into cameras, et cetera. so, we know that that is just a fact of modern life. >> reporter: the story, still forcing republicans off the message they'd refer to be pushing. >> that wasn't really part of the health care marketing campaign. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan, questioned. >> have you seen anything to suggest there were wiretaps? >> no. >> reporter: now, the justice department is in the spotlight for something else. the decision to fire 46 u.s. attorneys. it's common practice for a new administration to ask the political appointees to step down. but one u.s. attorney from new york refused
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fired. a prosecutor and fighter against financial fraud, said back in november, he had been asked by president trump to stick around. >> i would absolutely consider staying on. i agreed to stay on. >> reporter: the attorney turnover coming one day after these comments from sean hannity. >> every holdover from the obama administration, they need to go. >> reporter: a white house official says that did not affect the timing of the announcement. this week, the gop hopes to keep the focus on health care. party leaders are looking to move fast, to send a new bail to repeal and replace obamacare to the senate in less than a month. even with some republicans skeptical it will get that far. >> i don't want to see the house majority put at risk on a bill that is not going to pass the senate. >> reporter: the vice president, pitching the plan on the road in kentucky this weekend. >> obamacare has failed the people of kentucky. it's failed the people of america. and obamacare must go.
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>> reporter: and in texas, at one of his first political events since the inauguration, donald trump jr. saying he hasn't seen much of his father since he took office and handed the business over to his sons. >> i have zero contact with him at this point. >> reporter: as for health care, the congressional budget office is expected to release the cost estimate for the gop bill as early as today. that plan to repeal and replace obamacare, something that may come up at the president's first cabinet meeting later this afternoon. >> a lot going on behind you. hallie jackson, thank you. kellyanne conway is counselor to the president. >> good morning. >> deadline day. this is a day the justice committee wants proof that barack obama wiretapped trump tower during the campaign, as president trump alleged. are we going to have real facts on this afternoon?
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>> the president called for the house and senate intelligence committees to add this piece to the investigation to the ongoing investigation. he's pleased that's happening. we're not going to comment further. >> why wouldn't the president say to jeff sessions, his appointee to attorney general, turn over to the american public, evidence on this subject that i can be proven right when i accuse barack obama of a crime during the campaign. >> that sounds like an incendiary ail fwallegatioalleg. what jim clapper has said on other networks, if not this one, he can say those organizations under his purview, did not do this. that doesn't discount the rest of the obama administration. we know kevin lewis, the president's spokesman said a week ago, matt. he said he can tell you that the president and people in the white house weren't responsible. >> you said incendiary accusations. it's president trump who made that accusation. >> we're happy that the house and senate intelligence committees see enough to add this to an investigation. >> are they doing that as
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courte courtesy? in essence, the president is saying, can you find this out for me? when it's something he can pick up the phone and find out. senator john mccain said this weekend, retract the statement to president obama or provide the information. this is information he has. he tweeted about it. he brought it up. he has the power to clarify. whi not? >> i can't comment on the private conversations he has with his attorney general and others on this topic. we're aware of the deadline and is glad it's happening. >> don't we risk going down the road to september 16th, 2016, when candidate trump had to instandront of the microphones and after years of insinuating that the president obama was not born in this country, the phony birther thing, had to say he was born here. don't we risk running down this road again? >> i'm surprised you're conflating the two. i fail to see a comparison. we're talking about a big
7:14 am
can talk about what you want. but there's 20 million people just last year who said no to obamacare. 6.5 million of them paid a penalty. >> can i stop you right there. the media did not bring up this topic. president trump did. >> i didn't say that you did. but there's so much going on that the american people want to hear about. >> all the more reason to question why it is that he would bring that up and then therefore throw the discussion -- it isn't like something that a blogger wrote. it's something the president of the united states accused his predecessor of tapping his phones. >> and it's under investigation. >> so, in fairness, the media are just trying to find out if there's any voracity to the claims. >> i understand. but there's so many other things that matter to americans. they heard what he said in his joint session. they're listening to that message. they're happy that health care plan that has left millions with skyrocketing premiums and no care. there's people in this country that can't use the insurance card because they can't
7:15 am
the premiums and deductibles. >> paul ryan was asked, how many people are going to lose health care insurance as compared to obamacare. he couldn't come up with an answer. can you give me a number? >> yes. what speaker ryan said below that comment was, he can't give you an answer because he doesn't know what people will do -- >> it's up to them. >> once they have more choice and freedom in the marketplace. they'll have tax credits. those not on medicaid and don't have employer-sponsored plans. he doesn't know what they will do. they will have more choices and competiti competition. >> but access to health care is different than having health ca care. >> we want everybody to have care. and there's inequitable tax treatment those who get 175 million americans who get the health insurance through the employers. those on medicaid will continue to be on medicaid. and the health savings accounts, the interstate across lines.
7:16 am
farmers and small business owners to pull together. >> another important issue to people. economy, jobs. got a good jobs report. the unemployment rate has dropped to 4.7%. when the same jobs figures would come out, the president said they were fake. the obama administration was making them up and they were a hoax. sean spicer was asked about this. let me play you his response. >> i talked to the president prior to this. and he said to quote him very clearly. they may have been phony in the past. but it's very real now. >> okay. it's a funny line. but in a sense, he can't even answer that question with a straight face because he knows that the president is saying numbers that were fake when they were under his predecessor, are now real because they're good. what gives? how do you explain that? >> if you are one of the miners or in
7:17 am
receiving one of the jobs created in the president's first full month, that's what matters to you. >> why wasn't the miners' jobs real under president trump but not under president obama? that's what you just said. >> and the media laughed at the comment. it was a lighthearted moment. we have less than 5% unemployment. you have ceos coming to the white house and making announcements to unleash investments, to create new jobs. >> that's not what the issue is. >> not take jobs to mexico. >> pardon? >> that's not what the issue is here. the issue of credibility. he is saying these are -- the labor department has been doing these numbers the same way for decades. love them or hate them, think they're right or wrong, the process hasn't changed. the method has not changed. so, the question is, where is the credibility there? saying those numbers were fake but now they're real because i'm in the oval office. >> the credibility is in the $7 billion intel took off the shelf and is going to unleash the investment because they're working with president trump to do so. the credibility is in t
7:18 am
he's the president now. and we're looking at what this president is doing in short order. >> with all due respect, what savannah is asking is, if we couldn't believe what he was saying during the campaign, if he was calling these numbers fake, when they were real, because they're real now, where is the credibility in that? >> he's also talking about things that were fake. you can keep your doctor if you like your doctor. keep your plan if you like your plan. there was fakery going on for people that was promised something that never came to be. and health care is a prime example of that. he's saying to americans who feel like they can't get care, they can't get coverage, we have five states and 1,021 counties. one in five americans in this country, live under one choice. that's not a choice if you only have one insurance provider. >> that doesn't answer the question. you're mentioning health care. on this issue of the job numbers, fake then, real now. >> i'm talking about numbers that matter to americans right now. and president obama is his ga
7:19 am
started. but the stock market likes his presidency. job creators like his presidency. the miners do. he rolled back a terrible regulation that was hurting them. and they're along with manufacturing and construction, industries that are benefitting in an outsized way in his first initial jobs report from february, his first full month on the job. >> thank you for being here. appreciate it. >> thank you. let's bring in mr. roker. now, it looks bad on that. that's just a graphic. >> we have real numbers to talk about, as far as blizzard is concerned. a blizzard is defined, required conditions for three hours, sustained winds of frequent gusts, 35 miles per hour or more, blowing snow and dropping visibility to less than one-quarter mile. we'll have a good p
7:20 am
good morning everybody. bright sunshine and cold outside this morning. we're in the teens and 20s now. kids will be shivering at the bus stop. temperatures in the mid to upper 20s. eventually upper 30s and 40s today. have your coat ready to go. accumulating snow starts after the sun goes down tonight probably closer to midnight by the time all is said and done most of the d.c. metro four
7:21 am
eight. just ahead creative ways you can prepare your home to keep your family safe in the storm. a driver that was beaten by bikers on a california highway is talking now about what happened. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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7:26 is your time now on this monday march 13th, 2017. it is going to snow tonight. first though a driver in critical condition right now from this serious crash. we learned in the last hour that route 210 north of the beltway is open. two cars crashed there overnight. one caught fire. one driver critically hurt and the other is expected to be okay. for now let's get to the snow forecast. >> all right. thanks. off to a bright start this morning. red sky in the morning. sailors take warning. take this one seriously everybody.
7:27 am
but clouds will increase rapidly this afternoon and evening and accumulating snow is likely to start after 10:00 tonight into tomorrow. the rain/snow line will be in play, but snowfall amounts will be enough to have big impacts on school, businesses and travel plans. if you need to get out of town, get out before the sun goes down or wait until thursday. >> thank you. we'll be back with a check on the roads.
7:28 am
outer loop before bw parkway has a crash. you can see the slow downs. the
7:29 am
of the way. southbound 270 a crash in the center lane. another update in 25 minutes. >> for now back to the "today" show.
7:30 am
♪ 7:30, now. a little thing we're calling nor'easter 2017 is going to be bearing down on us. chicago is getting it right now. and it's kind of the calm before the storm out on our plaza. enjoy it now, folks, because tomorrow morning at this time we're really going to we could be in the thick of it. we're talking about a foot, maybe two in some parts of the northwest. we've only seen 20 inches of snow in winter in new york city, but we'll get the specifics from mr. roker in a few seconds. new concerns about security at the white house. a man was able to scale the fence before being intercepted by the
7:31 am
question this morning is was that fast enough. peter, good. >> reporter: good morning. that intruder is due in federal court today and this morning we're getting a better sense of how he got on the grounds. climbing a fence on the side of the treasury building going unnoticed for up to 200 yards before being stopped as he approached the white house's back door. it's another stunning breach at one of the world's most secure residences. the intruder nearly reaching the south entrance of the mansion. officials say the intruder wearing a backpack scaled a security fence between the white house and treasury building on pennsylvania avenue hiding before he was spotted and stopped on the south lawn. court documents say the suspect, 26-year-old of california, told a secret service officer i'm a friend of thees
7:32 am
officials say he was carrying two cans of mace, a u.s. passport and a book about russian hackers. he said he's been called skits frenic. >> it was a troubled person. >> reporter: at a white house reception in january the president complimented joe clansy who retired a week ago. several people have tried to get into the white house grounds including a fence jumper in 2014. gonzalez pled guilt in 2016. last year there were spikes added to the
7:33 am
height of the fence will be raised to 11 feet next year. there are a lot of unanswered questions, how that intruder was able to go so far on the white house grounds before he was seen. the court documents don't make any mention of any alarms sounding. the secret service is investigating. let's go to soan francisco now where that lyft driver is speaking out. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the california highway patrol says there's been no arrests in this case even though this biker gang is a known and dangerous presence in this area. the victim is hospitalized in fair condition. after the beating that nearly took his life, this morning his story
7:34 am
>> i desperately was afraid for my life. >> reporter: it started when a gang on wheels took over a san francisco freeway with wild stunts. >> there are 20 motorcycles involved yelling at motorists. >> reporter: a dangerous scene family to law enforcement, but not to the driver of the white toyota camry. he says he tried to get around the group when they began to break his side mirrors causing this near collision. >> i couldn't believe it was like starting to happen like that. it was like what did i do to deserve that. >> reporter: when he tried to pull over, he was boxed in. the bikers smashing his car windows. >> every time they hit the window, i was like what the heck is this guy doing. then after it broke, i'm like oh man, what the heck. i got to get out and do something. >> reporter: that's when the real beating started. >> they just going one after another boom, boom, boom.
7:35 am
feared for his life. >> the guy who thought i was trying to run him over, he looked at me directly in the eyes and turned on his motorcycle and ran over my leg. >> reporter: his broken leg needing multiple surgeries. the 35-year-old drives for lyft in san francisco trying to earn money for his newborn. it was witnesses who came to his aid. >> they pulled up and said they saw everything and they were sorry they didn't get out of their vehicle to help or anything, but they got it on videotape. >> reporter: images that capture his beating and the video he hopes may lead to an arrest. a spokesman says ly if. horrified by this. >> thankfully there is video. let us move to the weather.
7:36 am
morning. >> that's right. it's a march blizzard is rare, but it does happen in the northeast. in fact, we have some great stills to show you. in 1888 the blizzard over 50 inches of snow dropped on the northeast. 400 people died, 200 in new york city. the whole area was paralyzed for at least two weeks and many many people were inconvenienced. it was a real mess. right now video in chicago we saw the snow coming down. this is part of a system that's going to join with a coastal system and cause big problems in the northeast. we have winter weather advisories and watches and warnings for 121 million people. there are blizzard watches for 5 million people. here's what we look for right
7:37 am
six to eight inches in washington. eight to 14 in philadelphia by wednesday morning. ten to 16 inches or more for new york city. depend ing on the track of the storm, a little further away we could see higher accumulations. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. you have through the daylight hours today to get anything done that you need to get done. go to the shower and make sure your generators are fueled up. after 10:00 tonight likely to see snow moving in. way less snow down across southern maryland and more across maryland. one inch or less in southern maryland. check out the weather channel on cable. >> all right. thank you. still ahead after decades of
7:38 am
diana's former lover answers is he prince harry's father. we'll get you ready for the storm. jeff. >> reporter: good morning. as we get ready for this big blizzard, can't find rock salt in the stores? we have a remedy with stuff you have in your house. that tip and more next.
7:39 am
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what you can do today to get ready for this big nasty nor'easter coming. >> we have some build up time. jeff is out on long island with tips to help you ride out the storm. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. lots of time to prepare and that's the cool thing. a lot of tips to get to so let's get right to it outside your house and inside your house. we'll start with the dreaded shoveling. if you're like me, you wait until after the storm to shovel the snow. why come out while it's still coming down and falls back down on what you did. in a storm this big you want to come out every hour and do it. better on your back to do a few inches of snow versus 18 inches of snow. you want to make sure how do you it. so many of us bend down and throw it out and twist. use your legs and get low to the ground, shovel up the snow and use yo
7:44 am
straight. don't twist and do this. turn your legs and through it to the side. very important. or have one of your kids do it. a lot of power may go out during this big storm. so many deaths every year, many this year from people who put their generators inside their house. you can't do that no matter what. some people think it's okay to put it in your garage. you can't do that either even if the garage doors are open because they run on gas. one of the leading causes of carbon monoxide deaths inside your home. you want it 20 feet away from your house. by tomorrow morning this time we'll have ice and snow. so many of you going to the store to buy rock salt. stores are running out. we had a hard time finding this yesterday. here is a really cool home remedy to do it yourself. you take
7:45 am
rubbing alcohol like that. take some dish soap. stick some dish soap in. mix it to go with whatever you have at home. and then when you have ice and snow on your walkway, wait until there's ice and snow, you pour it over and it melts the snow and ice. we're going inside the house now for a couple of other tips. come on in. how are you. welcome. see you soon. so when you come in, you have your boots on. obviously it's full of snow and ice. you don't want it to get all over your floors. take a storage bin, get rid of the bin part, you want the lid. pour some rocks on top like that. spread it out. put the boots right on top so they're a little elevated. now you're not going to ruin your hardwood floors. the
7:46 am
ledge and you're not going to ruin it. also annoying is how wet these are. an hour later you want to go back outside, take some newspaper, shove them inside the boots. the cool thing is it will sop everything up and they'll be comfy as soon as you want them again. here is another quick tip. thermostat, keep nighttime and day time the same so your pipes don't freeze. this is obvious, but it's worth it. fill up with batteries today. if you're like me, when you see the flashlight you don't need batteries. consider that the tip of the day. >> you had us until you started dumping the rocks in the house. >> reporter: it works. put it on the lid. >> you can put it in the deeper part of the bin couldn't you so it doesn't get all over the house. >> reporter: you could do that too.
7:47 am
just a thought. good tip. >> reporter: thank you. coming up, a surprising new role that we'll tell you about. from the orange room what could be the ultimate letter of recommendation for one college hopeful after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ last ...won again.on... this time with usa today. persil original was named best overall detergent. persil original didn't only beat tide original, it beat every single detergent tested. boom. ♪this is how we do it
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7:51 am
what' what's the best letter of recommendation you've ever received? >> i can't remember one. >> i know. you've been in this job for 20 years. carson is over in the orange room. >> this one's good. college application process very stressful. the 17-year-old got a boost that most college applicants can dream of. she got a recommendation from michelle obama.
7:52 am
organization and often speaks out on social media about issues close to her heart. they met back when they shared the stage at the girl event. there they are with the president at the white house. when asked about the first lady's letter, she said she is very supportive. if michelle obama wrote my college recommendations, i would die before she could write to whom it may concern. she has submitted her college applications. some universities might be impressed by that recommendation letter. why all those rules you live by to get a good night's sleep could be wrong.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
7:56 is your time. good morning to you. we want to get to a look at this forecast and the snow that's coming. >> nothing to worry about right now and we have nothing to worry about until after the sun goes down tonight. you have all day to runn errand. snow likely to move in time after 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. the rain/snow line will be in play for this event so more snow north and west and less snow down into southern maryland. frederick county, maryland could get a foot. >> thank you. we'll look at your traffic next.
7:57 am
7:58 am
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7:59 am
a look at your traffic outer loop of bw outer loop a crash on the shoulder. it's looking better there. democracy boulevard is slow. northbound bw ramp to 197 is slow.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." and coming coming up, tens of millions of people in the path of a snowstorm barrelling up the east coast. the potential for two feet of snow in some areas as people prepare for what's being called the worst storm of the season. a toddler is killed in a pennsylvania house fire that left two others injured. authorities now blaming a charging hoverboard, the first fatality in the u.s. linked to that toy. the investigation after a major recall. breaking his silence. princess diana's former lover speaking out and addressing a long standing rumor.
8:01 am
>> his answer today monday match 13th, 2017. spring break 2017 go eagles. celebrating my big 5-0 in new york city. today is my ninth birthday. it's my first visit to the big apple and we love "today." it's the 13th day of march, 20 2017. you see all these people standing out here this morning, if they're here tomorrow morning they could be up to their
8:02 am
keyeser in snow. >> we're going to be up to our kiester in snow tomorrow morning. >> can we talk about the weekend you had. weren't you in scotland? >> we were there friday night. we were going to be there live, but because of the storm i came back here. that's a great drone shot. that is a beautiful, beautiful facility. he was nice enough to step in for me. >> he went and came back. >> yeah, i got back this morning at about 12:30. >> you know what's great is a day trip to scotland. >> i was on the ground for 24 hours. i'll see some of the stuff i did coming up. also, we are all about breakfast this week on today's food on this
8:03 am
creative twist on pancakes and waffles you can enjoy any time of the day. let's look at the morning's top stories. >> reporter: we begin with a return to winter for much of the country. good morning. i'm blake mccoy in chicago where the flurries a falling making travel dangerous. slide offs and slowdowns from minnesota to michigan. here in chicago we're expecting three to six inches, but it's the east coast that is set to get hit over the next few days. 12 to 16 inches of snow in cities like philadelphia, new york and boston. officials urging people to take preparations. if this forecast holds it will be the biggest snowfall of the season. on the east coast along with the snow they're expecting damaging winds.
8:04 am
power lines making travel dangerous. back to you. they're preparing for the storm in the nation's capital as well. gabe is there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they're expecting six to eight inches of snow in the capital and more in the counties north of here. they have about 200 salt trucks ready to go and the snow can be heavy and wet so we're expecting massive power outages. a few days ago we were talking about the unseasonably warm temperatures here and the early bloom of the cherry blossoms. snowfall is expected to begin after sunset tonight and continuing through the overnight hours. back to you. >> thank you. the new york city area under a blizzard watch facing a triple threat, coastal flooding. good morning. >> repr:
8:05 am
expecting winter to be over. in fact, we're seeing seasonal amounts for the year. this storm is expected to put us over the top and it's coming late in the season. look at the top ten storms in history in march. if we see that ten inches we're forecasting this could be a record breaker and blizzard conditions are expected. we have that warning going into effect at minute tonight. new york city are ready. right here last year right in central park we broke the record at 27.5 inches of snowfall. that was last year in january so the city prepared with the plows. they have 400,000 tons of salt. if you're heading out on the roads, you want to keep in mind if you're stuck during the snowstorm don't go on the roads, but you need to check your muffler. you want to make sure there's no ice caught in the muffler. you want to clear it if you get back in the vehicle to stay warm so you don't have that threat of carbon monoxide poisoning. that's what you're going to be concerned
8:06 am
you want to check those exhausts. you want to stay home, stay safe. it's not just about you, we want to keep our first responders safe as well. >> nice advice. important stuff. >> we know travel will get complicated. air travelers along the east coast will be feeling the impact of this blast and tom is on duty already at jfk international airport. he has the latest on the flight cancellations. good morning. >> reporter: 1,600 flights cancelled. those start tonight into tomorrow. that number will go dramatically over the next couple of days. look at the map right now. this is premature because we don't have that many flights effected at this moment, but look at chicago as well as detroit and boston. we have flights cancelled there as of this moment chicago because of the storm and then we're going to see of course many more over the next 72 hours. if you haven't already cancelled your flight or rebooked, if you're flyihe
8:07 am
days into the mid atlantic or northeast, do so now. you will avoid the change fee and you will be effected if you're trying to fly into one of these airports over the next 72 hours. >> what is the timing on this? >> the rails are going to be effected by this too because the switches, all the signals are going to be a mess. surface transit will be crazy. 121 million people at risk for a winter warning. as we look closer, we've got blizzard watches for new england and blizzard warning here in the northeast. where is the timing for you? tomorrow morning starting around 2:00 a.m. d.c. heavy snow changing to a mix. philadelphia, heavy snow. then we move into tomorrow around noon. we're looking for new york city and boston involved with one to three inches
8:08 am
we get into the evening rush. from philadelphia up to boston albany, burlington, buffalo all involved. d.c., you will see your snow taper off and come to an end. wednesday morning's commute a rough one in boston with blowing snow. the roads will be a mess in philadelphia, washington, d.c. as well. as well as the snowfall is concerned boston six to eight inches. the track of the storm, if it's closer to the coast these numbers will drop, but if it goes further out ten to 16 mighting conservative. boston eight to 14 inches or more. we'll fine-tune this forecast as the afternoon goes on today into today. we'll have an update tonight. >> thank you very much. we are not the only country dealing with wild weather. incredible video this morning out of
8:09 am
o organizer were forced to cancel a bicycling tour. the tour is the world's largest individually timed cycle race. until now that race has never been cancelled in its 40 years. >> couldn't they just hold it in the other direction. go like 70 miles an hour. >> my times have never been better. >> come on, there's a solution for everything. things got hot under the helmet at a nascar race in las vegas on sunday. he marches up to his rival and throws a punch at him. bush apparently blamed him for making his car spin out on the final lap. race officials had to separate the two drivers. stay tuned. here's what happens if you drive too fast on a rural highway in china. the suv skid off the road and then gets
8:10 am
of the house. wow. no be was hurt believe it or not. the driver had to use a ladder to get down. the car needed a crane. >> all right. >> a lot of cool video there. >> exactly. coming up, do you take a warm shower, do you count sheep? how do you fall asleep? that revealing interview with princess diana's former lover. he's asked if he's harry's father and he gives an answer. a woman in the driver's seat at one of the most iconic companies, but first these messages.
8:11 am
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8:15 am
being proactive... it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. we're back now. the story of a tragic house fire in pennsylvania. >> a toddler was killed in that blaze that was sparked by a hoverboard on a charger. morgan has the latest on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. today one little girl is dead and two others are in area hospitals fighting for their lives in critical condition after the home behind me was ravaged by fire when the family inside said their hoverboard burst into flames. this morning a family is devastated after a fire sparked by a hoverboard killed a 2-year-old girl. >> she walked to the edge where everyone could see her and everybody screaming get the baby, get the baby, then she just disappeared into the smoke. >> reporter: she died after a
8:16 am
into flames. her death, the first ever linked to a hoverboard fire in the u.s. two other girls are hospitalized in critical condition. her badly injured 10-year-old daughter savannah is a hero. >> her first instinct want to get out. it was to get to those kids because it's killing me myself to see my daughter swollen and covered in burns and fighting for her life in a hospital bed. >> we're getting rapid calls, reports of kids trapped on the third floor. >> reporter: the fire started before 8:00 friday night in harrisburg, pennsylvania. >> that is what it sounded like, something ignited. >> reporter: the homes first floor fully engulfed by the time firefighters arrived. the consumer product safety commission says it's starting a federal investigation adding one of the key questions we will seek to answer
8:17 am
previously recalled model was the cause of a deadly fire. at least 60 hoverboard fires in 24 states have been investigated. it got so bad that more than 500,000 hoverboards were recalled last year. >> if you own a hoover board please stop using it immediately. >> reporter: incidents turning up again. >> hoover board is on fire. >> reporter: and again. all over the country. but in this most recent case, a much different ending. >> i was so mad. i can't replace a child. there's no replacing my baby ever. >> reporter: government officials tell nbc news that families should take full advantage of that recall while they continue their investigation. matt. >> thank you. we're going to put that first list of the recall up on our website. go to that at let's turn to al with the forecast.
8:18 am
to you by the snowstorm that's going on in the midwest. we have a lot of rain to talk about, showers and thunderstorms down through there down into florida. we're looking at some march heat coming into the southwest as opposed to what we're seeing with more wet weather moving into the pacific later today. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. all during the daylight hours to get done whatever you need to have done for the next couple of days. a significant chance for some pretty heavy snow late tonight into tomorrow. totals for the storm in and around the beltway between four and eight inches of snow with less snow in southern maryland and more for up towards blue ridge. schools are likely to be closed tuesday and wednesday as well. that's your latest
8:19 am
>> all right. thanks. jenna bush hager has joined the table for trending. >> good to have you here. are you ready to go. have you ever been asked by a friend to grab lunch and you say i can't i'm busy? >> yeah. >> a friend has a birthday party and asked you to show up and you say you're a little busy. >> maybe give them a little more information. >> let's say i haven't seen you in so long, we don't grab dinner anymore, why? >> i'm busy. >> if you use that, you're not just busy, you're rude too. a wall street journal article breaks it down the headline you're not busy, you're rude, we say we're busy when we drop the ball or have other priorities or don't want to be bothered. >> that's real talk right there. >> sometimes we're overwhelmed or stressed. a therapist said be specific when you're asked about these
8:20 am
or i'm feeling frustrated and it's hard to catch up. >> i don't like you that much. >> just not in to. >> when i start to feel like i'm busy, i think about al roker and carcon and i'm like i haven't been busy at all. >> they have 14 jobs. >> 14 kids too. >> it's a bit of a blow off. i think be more specific. that sounds look good advise. anybody still recovering from the lack of sleep over the weekend? they steal that hour from us. >> i've been flying. i don't know. >> you're like what time zone am i in. we're willing to try anything to get a good night's sleep, but here is a quiz. these are commonly held sleep secrets. people think this will work and i'm going to ask you true or false. >> i read it somewhere. >> just go along with it. a drink will help you doze off? i tried this saturday night. >> you won't stay
8:21 am
>> i need a couple more. one might pump you up. >> it depends on what you're drinking. >> correct. it will help you doze off, but it will interrupt your sleep. a hot bath will help you fall asleep. >> true. >> i think you're supposed to be cooler. >> you are correct, al. that is right. our body temp needs to drop to get to sleep. >> i read it in an article a couple of months ago. >> come on. stay with me. counting sheep works. >> sure. >> only if they're real sheep then it counts. >> it doesn't work actually. >> can we edit that out. >> i just came from scotland. >> i don't know what you were thinking about, but they seem furry and friendly.
8:22 am
it doesn't work. think happy thoughts. on that note we're going to swing over to pop start. the new album has got big casting news. he'll be guest staring in the game of thrown. the producers just revealed this at that was a surprise for the actress who plays on the show. she's a huge fan. no word on the character. that seventh season returns on july 16th. >> will he be singing? >> i don't know. we'll find out. you don't have the answer for that? the model, tv host, has gotten some unwanted attention after people criticized her for her pasrenting. first there was the time she had a night out with her husband and then people criticized the way she was holdin
8:23 am
she posted this image to twitter. it's a screen shot of comments she's been getting such as your baby never smiles. she tweeted imagine being this miserable. we are fine, thanks. that's your pop start today. >> that's one of my favorite lines. >> enjoy the rest of your angry day. >> matt says enjoy your angry day. a very rare interview with princess diana's former lover which he addresses that rumor who is prince harry's father. matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's been a mystery for 20 years. james hewitt speaking out over whether he's the father of her youngest son. is the rumor that refuses to go away, that prince harry is the love child of
8:24 am
james hewitt, but in an interview hewitt insists he's not harry's father. >> are you harry's father? >> no, i'm not. >> why does that keep being repeated. >> reporter: adding the rumors were probably worse for prince harry. hewitt an avid polo player used to compete against diana's husband. diana presented hewitt with a prize sparking tabloid headlines. he talked about how his relationship with prince ses diana grew. the former army captain describing how the pair tried to have a normal relationship saying they just had dinner, relaxed and laugh. >> did you love her very much? >> yes, i
8:25 am
yeah. that's why it's difficult to talk about it really, but i did. >> reporter: the affair lasted five years, diana first spoke about it in a 1995 interview, saying she was in love with hewitt. hewitt lives with his mother. he has never married or had children. the rumors are more pressing now that the 20th anniversary of princess diana's death and there's talk of an engagement for prince harry. >> that settles that. coming up, we'll look past the snow and look at the hottest fashions for spring. billy deck is here to take breakfast to the next level. first, your local news and weather.
8:26 am
[001:25:52;00] good morning. we're tracking your commute this morning in first four traffic. good morning. >> good morning. looking right now at the beltway, no major problems. you can see the interloop is slow here this morning. have a problem southbound mlk junior highway. a crash there this among. a look at 66, slow inbound. >> thank you. we'll get a check on the impending snowstorm when we come
8:27 am
8:28 am
back. sunny and cold. we're in the teens and 20s now. we'll get in the low 40s today with sunshine early. clouds late this afternoon and snow likely overnight tonight
8:29 am
into early tomorrow morning. several inches of here in the city. i'll show you the forecast map coming up. >> make sure to check in with
8:30 am
the nbc washington app to follow the storm developments. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ good morning, good morning. it's 8:30. we're back on "today." it's monday morning known as the day before the storm. >> not to be your mom here, but it's 21 degrees, you haven't buttoned your coat. you aren't wearing a hat. >> i didn't make my bed this morning. >> because mike was still in it. >> that's true too.
8:31 am
>> you could have made it him. >> the forecast may say snow, but we are tip toeing through the tulips when it comes to style. they are telling me florals will be the rage this spring. we're going to give style to your breakfast pumping the flavor of your pancakes with a lot of help from that guy right there. first, the man of the morning, al roker fresh from his journ iney to scotland. let's look at the week ahead and see where we go past this blizzard. we have wet weather down to the south. blizzard conditions in the northeast and new england. cold in the plains, wet weather in the pacific northwest.
8:32 am
snow and wind hanging around of sunshine through the gulf. thursday and friday we have above freezing temperatures. wet weather making its way through the great lakes. unseasonably mild through the southwest by the end of the week. cold outside now, but plenty of sunshine out there. we'll get to keep the sunshine all day long today. clouds thickening up. chances for snow after 9:00 this evening. 10:00 snowshowers coming in and here is the dreaded snow/rain line that will make snow totals varied across the area. could get as little as two or three in the city or as much as eight or ten north and west. >> get that weather any time you need it on the weather channel on cable. in honor of women's history
8:33 am
mo first today. >> we are looking at women breaking barriers in all walks of life. >> women make up 57% of the workforce, but 5% of s&p 500 companies are led by a woman. i sat down with the first female ceo in the auto industry. >> when you change a tradition that's 175 years old not everybody is going to love you. we want to be validated. we want to be under. >> sometimes you have to stand out. >> the importance of being resilient. >> i'm the first female chairman and ceo in the auto industry. >> reporter: in 2014 mary became the ceo of general motors with 225,000 employees and selling 10 million vehicles globally last
8:34 am
year. >> i love cars business. it's kind of addicting. >> reporter: her leadership was tested early in her tenure during her first year gm recalled 30 million cars worldwide that caused 124 deaths. >> we failed these customers. we must face up to it and learn from it. >> reporter: she testified before congress. gm paid $900 million in government fines. in 2009 before she became ceo gm filed for bankruptcy, but now gm seems to be make ag comeback with a net revenue of $166 billion last year. did you always know you want to go into this work? >> i love math and science. my love of math and science got me here. >> reporter: she grew up in michigan. she began her career at gm in 1980 when she was 18. >> you started here as an intern around you've worked your way up.
8:35 am
what have you learned way? >> growing up at general motors, it's all about people. >> reporter: from the factory floor to industrial engineers she's pushing for more women to be in leadership roles. >> i've engage nd the top 40 won in the country. >> reporter: she's one of three female ceos on president trump's economic forum. how important is it for women to have a seat at that table. >> i think it's very important. it's important for business leaders to come together and provide input. >> reporter: this past january, gm made headlines when the president tweeted a threat promising big boarder taxes if gm continued to make vehicles in mexico. >> have you changed the way you do business because of this administration. >> 70% of the vehicles we sell in the united states are made here.
8:36 am
we look at ways to improve to help the country be stronger. mother. when you started studying engineering there weren't many women in the field. >> you're right. there weren't that many women studying it, but my mom said you can be or do whatever you want to be, but you have to work hard. so i think when i looked around, i wasn't something where i said i can't do this because i don't see other women. >> reporter: the 55-year-old mother of two is passionate about advancing education for girls. >> education is one of my passions. because s.t.e.m., no matter what industry you're in, technology is causing it to transform. >> reporter: as a women, were there ever times you heard nos or felt like your voice wasn't heard along this journalny? >> absolutely. there were times where -- there's times where you have to go in and make sure you're heard.
8:37 am
i mentor your voice is heard. as a female first in the auto industry and 37 years at gm, she hopes her career path encourages young women. what do you hope young women and girls watching get from your story? >> that they can do or be anything they want, but they need to work hard. i encourage them take those positions that give you a little bit of that feeling in your stomach of nervousness because that's where you're going to learn so much and it's going to really help your career. >> she's on awesome. >> you have more coming up. >> yeah, coming up tomorrow we're talking on the first women on record to travel to every country in the world. >> matt would tell you that he's heard me roar a lot. >> matt has traveled to almost every country in the world. >> thank you. coming up, everything is
8:38 am
coming up roses when it comes to spring fashio
8:39 am
8:40 am
biggest trends. this is "today" on nbc w7. ♪ we're back. it's 8:40. everything is coming up roses. we really mean it despite the snowy forecast we're one week away from spring and the new season is about the floral trend. here is the style director at good housekeeping. good morning. >> good morning. >> i like you're wearing the trend this morning. >> you have flowers on too. >> we're both very trendy. >> tell me florals are everywhere. >> we're going to start with fashion. i know people think it's spring. there is something 2017 about the way we're seeing florals. on our first model she's in a
8:41 am
forever 21 dress and we of the florals, but the way they are this year is romantic. this is fashion's new romantic. we offset it with edgy accessories and then over here we take more of a preppy take on florals. she's in a flouncy tee top. you can be casual while dipping your toe in the trend. >> i like the pop of color down there. >> yeah. florals can be a great neutral. >> accessories. >> what we want to highlight is we're going to start with the slides. those are from nine west. under $40. that's a floral appliquapplique. we're seeing florals in print and embroidery is huge and these bags. >> these phone cases are cute too.
8:42 am
>> we have phone cases. fun ways to play with the trend. >> let's do makeup. >> isn't this fun? . i don't know how adventurous you are. >> i'm adventurous. >> these are from sassy lips. >> i like it already. >> they're an actual flower inside and gold flakes. if you put it on, it's like a modern mood lip stick. >> what does the flower do? >> it's good for hydration and it's beautiful. it changes to your mood. >> what changes? >> the color. >> that's fun is this that's a fun way to play. >> good thing i'm in a good mood. >> the flower powder blushes. really easy. a hint of color on your face. what's not to love about that. now we get into the really fragrant stuff. this is a line called british rose.
8:43 am
it's from the great price point. it starts at $6 and up. we have you covered head to toe. there are vegan products in here. now we'll move to your hair. i don't wear a ton of fragrance, but i love when it's in your hair. this is from moroccan oil. it's a shampoo and conditioner. your hair will look shiny. this is a fresh deep hydration toner. it has real rose petals for your face. it's gentle for all skin types. it looks so beautiful. >> does it smell flowery too. >> it has a light fragrance. who needs a snapchat when you have crowns.
8:44 am
>> are we really supposed to it's kind of cute. >> they are. >> what occasion do you wear this? >> just a regular tuesday when you're home with your kids. flora florals aren't just for fashion and beauty. this is a fun thing to bring to a spring brunch. these are candies. these are $5 and hand made in italy. then what is everything coming up roses segment without rose. you can make a message. we did it here. you can record this endless times. what i would like to say to you and everyone at home, cheers. >> cheers. let me swallow my candy which was delicious with this wine. you want to know anything more
8:45 am
about this new spins on breakfast classics. this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
is "toda. we're back. this wee we're back. this week we're bringing back breakfast with classics with a great twist with the owner of the rocket bar and grill in chicago. great to see you. when is your flight out? >> it was tomorrow morning, but i have to stay on your couch. >> we have a storm coming in. you're going to make one basic batter, add a couple of things and two great recipes. >> this is a spring recipe, but you can make this if you're stuck at home. great ingredients that everyone
8:48 am
has, milk, eggs, lemon, s baking powder. >> we have cheese as well. >> twe're going to mix our dry and wet ingredients separately. >> why do you have to do that? >> you don't want to over agitate the ingredients because it starts to create lactose and gets tough. we'll get to the wet ingredients where i'll add milk to the eggs and then vanilla and then some -- we're going to mix that up. if you can, create a well right there. just creating a well and that's regular flour, but you can use gluten free if you like and we're going to pour this in after -- i forgot the lemon zest.
8:49 am
this is super delicious. you can what we're going to do is we're pouring it right into that well right there. you're going to stir it around folding it ever so -- perfectly. then the reason we're not over hitting it is that it will cause tough pancakes. >> when do you put the ricotta cheese in there? >> you fold it in and mild and light. actually kind of sweet. thankfully we have batter already made. >> is that the consistency you like like putty? >> it is. so we just kind of stick it on there. this is where you add your blueberries. >> how is it going down stairs? >> real good.
8:50 am
you were a little stingy on the sur relationsh sigh rup. >> you garnish with more blueberri blueberries and you're going to do. >> there's more. take that same basic batter. >> strawberry short cake waffles. all the ingredients are the same. we're not putting in the lemon zest. i make these together at home. we have the waffle iron hot. we've sprayed it down with nonstick spray. you put these in for about eight minutes. >> are you guys waffle people or pancake people? >> i can'm a waffle guy. >> you like them equally. >> yeah. >> there you go. once you have it, we have some strawberries to put on here.
8:51 am
>> we were talking for this type of recipe have the slightly past its prime? >> especially on the blueberries. but here once you put in the sugar and salt it takes out the liquid and softens them up and you can hit it with powder sugar and there gyou go. >> billy says his flight is tomorrow morning. >> he's not going. >> really? >> you're not going. >> bring some of those pancakes back to the hotel. >> you're going to be cooking at the dinner tonight. >> i was going to eat there tonight, but it looks like i'll be cooking here tomorrow. >> we're going to put this recipe for people who get snowed in on our website. >> snow day tomorrow, kids are off from school. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
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8:53 am
get the best. go to al, you're a busy man. you have the weather and a b birthday. >> this is the best part of the day. first up happy 100th birthday to hyman fink. he's from california.
8:54 am
he was the proud owner of a retail store. and loves spending time with her birthday. happy 100 birthday to bob baker from ohio. he has eight great great grandkids. maria morate from new york celebrating 100 years. she didn't retire until she was 94. lee grave sr rides the stationary bike every day to stay in shape. happy 100th birthday. if you know somebody celebrating a milestone or birthday tell us all about them. we remember that you were
8:55 am
supposed to be in scotland for today. fort. >> reporter: i'm so sorry i'm in scotland missing your blizzard. welcome. look at this castle. it is amazing. if you have to go to work today, call in sick and tell them we gave you permission because today's take is awesome today. this is a massive castle. 60 bedrooms. i can't bawait to introduce to u the married couple who call this place home. they're the nicest people and they're inviting you to stay here with 20 friend. al, wouldn't you agree, we squeezed in more in a 24 hour period than i ever have in my life from the culture to the pubz. did you hear that al tortured me? >> no. >> it was -- she had a reaction to it. >> really? >> do you guys know what haggis is? >> it's like a meat product.
8:56 am
>> it's a wild kind everything and anything -- >> a lot of organs. >> like sausage, but the scottish version. >> the castle looks fantastic. >> for some people love it. we'll get into that, the publicpublis, the culture, it's going to be fantastic. >> can't wait. we're going to have more ahead after your local news. 8:56 is your time now on this monday. good morning. we're going to check on your morning commute with your first four traffic. >> a new problem northbound 95. we have that activity in the right lane. you can see a slow down as you're headed northbound. military road at 36 there, we
8:57 am
have a crash there. you can s outer loop a little slow there. the rest of the beltway looking okay. live look at local lanes looking good. >> we'll take a break now and
8:58 am
8:59 am
get your snowy forecast when we come back. good morning. snow potential for tonight into tomorrow. snow beginning after 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. total amounts could be four to eight inches of snow in around and around the city and perhaps a lesser less around southern parts of maryland. download the nbc washington app to keep up with the snow
9:00 am
headed our way. ♪ ooh, sheinelle. what are you doing here at the library? >> i what are you doing here in the library. >> my kids are into stories about castles and faraway lands. >> i remember when my kids were that young and i could read to them. you're kids are reading books. >> this is perfect. ki kind of dusty. once upon a time in scotland there were two tv anchors trying
9:01 am
to find their way to the castle. the two took this map >> my goodness. i think we're going to live out the fairy tail le in this book. >> look at this castle. >> do you know how to get to dunn's castle? dunn's castle. >> you don't know. move on. okay. do you know how to get to dunn's castle? >> his mouth is full. he's busy. we're going to jump in the map. one, two, three. >> this is a special edition of today's take with al roker and sheinelle jones live from the magnificent dunn's castle in scotland. >> good morning. welcome to today on this beautiful monday morning, march 13th, 2017. we are in beautiful scotland
9:02 am
live at dunn's castle. we are about to have fun -- i said we. we. where's al. al, did you jump on the wrong page? where's my buddy? al, he must have -- what am i going to do. scotland by myself. i have to do this on my own? al? al? wait, i'm so confused right now. is this your castle? i know you're live from london usually. is this where you live? >> welcome to scotland. your fairy tale just became a nightmare. >> you might be my prince charming. al is in the middle of a blizzard. >> al had to head back to new york because there's a blizzard apparently there so instead you sit over here.
9:03 am
you have me. >> i have you. here's the thing, full disclosure. when al had to go back i thought what are we going to do and then they told me care and we had never met and on the car ride here from the hotel we bonded. >> you're not watching today's take, you're watching a special edition of blind date. it's an arranged marriage and we don't know each other. we're going to be finding out about each other, doing quizes, eating strange food. >> if this is an arranged marriage i'm happy with the partner they give me. you have 4-year-old twins as well. >> it's a match made in happy. >> thank you to tarton carriages
9:04 am
for that amazing >> parts of this castle date back to the 1300s. >> that is crazy. i think the year 1320. there are 12 bedrooms and six cottages on the property and it sits on more than 1,200 acres. >> through homaway, you and 20 of your friends can actually win the opportunity to stay at the castle for an all-expense paid five-day trip. head to for more information. >> can you imagine 20 friend and a night in a castle. >> it would be the coolest. i don't know if we call her the lady of the castle. >> i will admit i have to be understo -- i assume he knows everything about scotland because he's in london, but it's not. >> my name is scottish. >> the other day i was looking
9:05 am
for a kilt to take home well. >> jones as well. >> it's perfect. actually i want to tell you this, we're upping the ante because so many people want to spend the night here with 20 friends. we have a special contest you and 20 of your friends can win the opportunity to stay here, but this time with today's take, this is what you have to do. four people and you have to dress up. >> only four people. >> here it is. this is a special one. there's another one we have going on. this is a special giveaway. we're calling it the ultimate family fairy tale giveaway. this is what you have to do. submit photos of your family or friends celebrating a fairy tale
9:06 am
dressing up in a costume. get your kids i' costume and take a picture. >> we're here. >> do your daughters sometimes want to be a princess. >> all the time. they love "frozen". they walk around in those costumes. >> if you submit those family photos, just go to our today's facebook page and enter right there. you share your photos. it will be fantastic. your kid can can elsa all day long. there are a lot of people getting married here. they have -- when we got here, there was a kid having his 21st birthday party here. how awesome would that be? >> so fun.
9:07 am
it's so expensive now to get married. in london as well i'm sure? >> yeah, like $30,000. i don't think everyone spends that kind of money. >> some people spend more, but apparently here i think it's $15,000 to get married here. >> you could get the flights here and you could still spend less on a wedding here you're going to have -- >> $15,000, you can afford to invite me. >> we'll be there. >> i'm so glad you're here. we certainly miss al. can we bring in al. do we have that technology. >> i'm here, but for the contest for our viewers it's for a family of four, right? >> family of four. we have two different contests. the other one is with 20 people. today's take we're great but it's a family of four, right, al? >> that's right. >> are you awake right now? >> i'm doing okay.
9:08 am
i got some sleep on the it's funny because we got a lot in before we even -- what was funny was we were on our way to st. andrews to do this land yachting which you'll see and i wanted to see the golf course. we got to the front gate of st. andrews and they said you have to come back because you have to catch a 5:00 p.m. flight to connect through london so i never got to see it. how was it? >> i could tell you were getting serious because you were looking down at your cell phone and he's looking at weather maps. i'm like i think this is going to be something. you made the comment in new york city back in the 1800s. >> it was upwards of 50 inches. 400 people died in the northeast.
9:09 am
the other thing i remember most about our trip bes the raiders of the lost arc you tried haggis for the first time. >> you liked it, right? >> i did. >> you liked it? >> i did. >> do you like it? >> i like haggis. you're headed back there to cover the blizzard. i'm grateful you had time to take your kilt off. >> i'm not wearing anything right now. >> we'll check back in for a bit for the weather. i think this is haggis. am i supposed to try it? >> they said no. you have to try it. >> i like it. >> sheep heart, is that right? lungs. >> sheep hearts. it's everything maybe you wouldn't eat except you're gonna eat it and like it. there you go.
9:10 am
>> heart, liver >> that is beautiful. >> the heart is beautiful. you can't come to scotland without checking out the city. fine, i'm taking this for the team.
9:11 am
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9:14 am
>> the famous scottis bread. >> they poured something on here. i have no idea what this is. it says whisky sauce. >> you guys, come on. i was like finally a scottish cookie. >> this a version of blind date. >> i'll try it. >> you're going to try that. >> you know what, that's good. >> isn't that good. >> i don't like whisky, but i'll take whisky chocolate sauce all day long. >> this is more whisky sauce on there. >> the next one is called tablet. >> this is fudge. >> it's like fudge. this is way better than haggis. >> it's sugar. you can't go wrong with sugar. >> we're moving on to our dream.
9:15 am
>> ye and so has will smith been living his dream. >> we're right here and everybody is still talking about will smith apparently living out his bucket list. he may have upped the ante. he bungee jumped. he waited to do this jump for more than 20 years and he finally had the chance to do it. >> i would never do it. i would do a lot of things. that to me is just terrifying. >> you've covered wars and all observe the place. >> i've been to some of the most dangerous places in the world. i would not jump. >> al, have you ever bungeed jumped? >> i haven't and never will unless there's a reason i am not doing that.
9:16 am
no way. by the way, on the topic shortbread the best shortbread was at the hotel. that was unbelievable. >> they were fresh and crunchy. >> the only thing that's going to be crunching will be the snow. we have a system moving through chicago. basically the energy from this is going to combine with a low pressure system coming up the coast and that is going to bring a big storm for the northeast. in fact, right now we have about 121 million people under some sort of winter weather advisory. as far as winter storm watches and warnings, 5 million people under blizzard watches in new england and 18 million in the northeast. the system makes its way up the coast tomorrow morning. d.c. will be a mess as it makes its way up we are looking from eight to 14, even more inches of snow. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods.
9:17 am
good morning. sunshine start to finish for the today. clouds thickening up this afternoon and snow likely to move in after 9:00 this evening. snowfall amounts should be four to eight inches in and around the city with much higher amounts out to the north and west and much lower amounts down to the south and east. staying cold all week with nothing more than a few flurries continuing on wednesday and the warmer weather not until the weekend. >> guys. >> thank you. up next we'll show you around the magnificent dunn's castle after this. castle, righr this. walgreens believes the right look is whatever makes you feel beautiful. wear that shade. wear that shade. throw shade. nice. no makeup monday or definitely makeup... it's monday. go natural. go big. go bold. ladies, don't let anybody tell you what makes you beautiful. at walgreens,
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9:21 am
landscapes and breath coastlines, bag pipes and colorful kilts. home to roughly 3,000 castles from massive fortresses to those fit for a fairy tale and nestled in the heart of the boarders is dunn's castle dating back to the 14th century. >> in the old days it was a fighting castle. the history is extraordinary. >> for this couple it's not just history, it's home. alec is the ninth generation of his family to own and live in the castle and today they have some house guests. >> we made it. >> the magic castle. >> i wonder if anybody's home. >> hello. >> hello. >> come on in. >> wow. >> hello. >> great to see you.
9:22 am
>> the detail in this p amazing. >> this is the dining room. >> do you feel at home, al? >> yeah. >> it judst is a home. it's not difficult to live in. >> i wouldn't find it difficult. i would love to live in a castle. >> there is an enchantment and it never disappears. we're going to a big surprise, our drawing room. >> so beautiful. >> there's the family crest. >> that's exactly right. >> this is the master bathroedr. there are 12 bedrooms. we can sleep 23 people. >> when you walk in, it's like time stands still. >> then we headed back in time into the oldest tower in the castle.
9:23 am
>> this is our 1320s staircase. this is the original a in the billiards room. the games continued as we went out back for a glimpse of the estate's 1,200 acres. we met some friendly fowl, some not so friendly. took aim duringuple of rounds of archery. >> high five. >> wow! >> look at that. >> i think i'm gonna leave it there. >> by the end of the day we were under the castle spell is this this might be the closest i'll ever be to the queen. does that make you the king? cheers. and could definitely imagine living here. pretty good. >> what? >> how was your day?
9:24 am
>> >> it's good. >> happily ever after, of course. >> how cool is that. >> isn't it amazing. >> you know they shot movies here? >> really? >> it's the perfect place to shoot a movie. you have your own members of staff. how are you? >> thank you for the visit. >> we don't even have to close the door. ahead we're venturing outside the walls of the castle. we'll take you to the capital city. hang with us after your local news. edinburgh. after your local news. i accept n the slopes like i used to. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but whatever trail i take, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus had less major bleeding than warfarin.
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our chocolate. good morning. it's 9:26 on this monday. don't be surprised to see a lot of road crews out already this morning. they are out trying to get ahead of the storm by spraying brine on roads. metro making preparations ahead of the storm. this is what it looked like last winter as trains trudginged through the snow. follow adam on twitter for updates. we'll have a look at that
9:27 am
9:28 am
forecast after this. temperatures below freezing. light rain or snow after 8:00 or 9:00 this evening. as far as how much snow forecast
9:29 am
amounts could be as little as four to eight inches around the and more snow up to the pennsylvania boarder. >> thank you. check in with the nbc
9:30 am
washington app to follow the latest storm developments. ♪ welcome back to welcome back to "today." >> i've always wanted to do this. give me a moment because i'll never be able to do it again. this is as close as i'll get. >> thank you. we're about 40 minutes away from the city considered the heart beat of scotland. >> i have been practicing. i have to tell you we checked out the city. it's about 500,000 people. we had a blast. from the streets of old town to
9:31 am
the newtown, it's most picturesque cities in the world. >> hello. >> how are you? i see you've been to the castle. >> gorgeous. >> beautiful. >> it dominates the skyline here. every angle across the city you see this glorious castle. >> a historic fortress that was a royal residence up until the 17th century. >> is the only castle? >> it's the only castle, but it's not the only royal home. the queen will come here and ve a party. >> lady queen, we're coming for you. >> next stop, the royal mile considered the most popular street where the sound of bag pipes makes you want to dance. ♪
9:32 am
>> this is the great fer. >> check out bobby, this faithful dog guarded his master grave for 14 years. you can't leave without touching his nose. with narrow alleyways and architecture, victoria street was the inspiration for rowling. ten years ago she completed her last book from the series from suite 552. while there we were given exclusive access to the rooftop. >> we were in such an iconic location and we've got the m monume monument.
9:33 am
>> is it true it's the largest monument to a writer in the world? >> absolutely. you can see the hill on the other side as well. we have arthur seat to my right here which is a volcano here. >> back to our tour. >> our iconic clock tour is one of the most photographed clocks in scotland since 1902 our clock has run three minutes fast it's so that people don't miss their train. >> sounds like it's time to have a bit too eat. a few miles out of town is the sheep he sheep head inn and fish and chaps can be found about anywhere in the city. >> there's a lot of fried food in scotland.
9:34 am
>> what's the well. >> we were bold fluff to try deep fried mars bar. >> go for it. >> there's a lot going on. ignorance is bliss. >> i think my heart just fell, but i don't care. >> the night life is not to be missed. you can learn to dance at the ghille. when scotland plays new england in rugby grab a pint and cheer them on. >> you know what, i want to come back. up next, wait until you see these guys. we'll get down and dirty with the best athletes in one of the oldest sporting traditions around right after this.
9:35 am
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9:39 am
a new way to snack special. ♪ welcome back. we are live from scotland. and the beautiful duns castle, we are live in scotland. t the. >> the competitive event includes a tug of war, heavy stone tossing and flipping large poles typically about 20 feet long and weigh about 175 pounds. >> so it sounds easy enough. we are about to give it a go. stewart is an expert on the games. >> stewart, the reason they did this was so they could find the strongest guy to protect the head of the clan, is that right? >> that's correct. >> right so am i strongest or whoever wins get the castle. >> we'll find out.
9:40 am
>> here we g >> come on, team. >> come on. we need a little bit of noise, guys. >> are you ready? >> we're ready. >> and pull. >> okay. come on, guys. >> go team, go team, go team. good job. >> it's over. >> what's next? we're on a roll. >> what now? >> we're going to do putting the stain. you're going first. tuck it nicely into the net. push the back leg and off you
9:41 am
go. well done. >> it's like shot put. >> off you go. >> oh. >> it's one and one. we're tied. what's next. >> we'll get bruce who's one of the professionals. >> you look like you know. ready? >> okay, guys. there you go. >> wait. mine wasn't too far away from that. >> exactly. you're awesome. >> how tall are you? >> 6'6''. >> we're going to go to weather and come back and do more of this. >> i want to see you in the pole position. let's show you what's happening as far as the weather
9:42 am
week ahead. we have the blizzard in northeast and wet weather in the pacific northwest and showers lingering in the southeast. snow and wind still lingering in northern new england tomorrow and wednesday. frigid conditions through the great lakes. more wet weather through the pacific northwest. as we head towards friday, temperatures warm up along the eastern seaboard. unseasonably mild through the southwest and more rain moves into the pacific northwest. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. by 11:00 tonight rain and snow moving into the area and how far up this rain/snow line gets into the d.c. metro area will have a big part determining how much snow we end up with around here. snowfall amounts could be as little as four inches or eight inches. a big range there. a lot more snow northern
9:43 am
montgomery counties and points nor maryland. >> that's your latest weather. guys. >> all right. we are back. we have the cable toss with bruce. 6'6'' bruce. >> i don't know what you're about to do. >> okay. i'll show you how to do it first. tossing the cable is for accuracy rather than for distance. >> you go the 20 seconds. you do it. >> okay. so it has to go through 180 degrees. this is how it should be done. >> here we go. >> oh my goodness. >> was that a good throw. >> slightly off. >> give minimhim a round of app. you deserve to come in the kitchen. he's going to cook for all of us. we'll be right back.
9:44 am
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9:48 am
beautiful dining room of dunn's food like sheppard's pie and fish and chips. >> here to share her favorite comfort dish is the author of the kitchen garden cookbook. explain the name. you're in scotland, but you're from italy. >> yeah, my family is third generation. we're the ones that didn't quite make it to america. >> you're such a good cook. >> we have italian and amazing scottish. >> what are we cooking? >> beef and beer studew. we're going to fry this beef. we're going to dip it in flour. beef stew.
9:49 am
it's classic and we're not quite in summer yet. we're just touching spring so these are the vegetables that were in the garden. >> after you brown the beef you add -- >> you're jumping the gun. we're going to add a bottle of beer. >> what's your favorite type of beer to cook with? >> all beers are fantastic. >> very diplomatic. >> we have many favorites. we're going to cook that off. we're cooking fast. this is fast food slowly. the magic of tv when we have a minute left. >> put all these in. >> we have anything that's in season, anything you want, a little bit of thyme. >> we do the stock and look at this. >> okay.
9:50 am
>> i wish we had smellavision. what's th >> that's what we didn't do. >> we're going to try this because we deserve it. quickly tell me about the oysters. >> oysters are as famous in scotland as they are in america. liberty island used to be called oyster island where the statute of liberty is. these are 3 years old. >> my mouth is full. i can't do this. i have ten seconds. tell me about the desert. >> these are 3 years old. they're delicious. and then rub ard is in season. >> thank you so much. if you want the recipe, it's worth it. head to thank you so much. >> pleasure.
9:51 am
up next music by the world famous red hot >> i've never heard bag pipers like this. they're going to teach us how to play.
9:52 am
9:53 am
e going to teach us how to pl we want to thank the folks at homaway for making this happen. there are two great contests going on. first through homaway you and 20 friend can win the opportunity to stay at the castle for an all expense paid five-day trip. head to for more information. for our today's take viewers, the ultimate family fairy tale giveaway. we want you to submit photos of your family celebrating a fairy tale. you can win a trip to scotland
9:54 am
for four. this is courtesy of home head to today's facebook page or to submit your pictures. now to the red hot chili pipers who are treating us to traditional bag pipe music this morning. >> they are one of the most famous bag pipe bands in the world. they pioneered music around the world. >> they combine keyboards and drums. they combine everyone giving their songs a scottish edge. >> are we ready for this? >> are wie ready? >> good morning to you guys. where are you? take it away. we're going to get it out of your way. go for it.
9:55 am
♪ >> wow. >> i have to admit, i thought we were going to have the red hot chili peppers, but the red hot chili pipers are fantastic. how long you have been doing this? >> 15 years. >> how easy is it to play a bag pipe? >> very easy. >> let's do it. this is how we'll end the show. >> okay. >> yeah. let me tell you something, tomorrow we'll be right back here with more fun from scotland. have a great day. we'll be back after your local news. fun from scotland. have a great day. we'll be back after your local news. >> i'm trying.
9:56 am
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cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of the download speeds. 9:57 is your time noureddw.e the california man who was accused of jumping the white house fence friday night is in court today. the secret service says he made it on to the south grounds before he was arrested. he claimed to be a friend of the president and said he had an appointment. police found two cans of mace on
9:58 am
him. we're tracking this expected to dump snow on our area. we have a look at what we can expect. >> nothing to worry about during the day today so you have all day to get your shopping done. make sure your generators are gassed up. the snow will be wet with wind. power outages will be an issue. total amounts for this event four to as much as eight inches around the metro area and eight inches and more for montgomery county and up towards the pennsylvania boarder. a lot less to the south.
9:59 am
we'll have coverage on the snow preparations. you spend to create your perfect home. plus, you'll get twenty-four month, no-interest financing. hurry, the savings in bloom event ends march 20th. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. the savings in bloom event at havertys.
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life looks good. from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda live from studio 1-a. >> it's march 13th, 2017. i'm jenna bush hager. >> and i'm -- is this kathie lee. >> they are still enjoying time off so i have my pal with me again. did you pick this song. >> i didn't it. >> i like her. i love country music. >> come on. arizona, texas.


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