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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  March 21, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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sound off on the case and express his outrage. news4's darcy spencer picks up our story from there. >> reporter: jim, we are live here inside the montgomery county board of education building. what you see behind me is the microphone and the podium. we're waiting for the superintendent of schools to come and speak to the media to address these very strong allegations made today by the governor of maryland, basically accusing the school system of a coverup in this rape investigation. >> the montgomery county government and the montgomery county police are cooperating. the school system is not. it appears as if they have something to hide. >> reporter: maryland governor larry hogan with strong words against montgomery county schools after a 14-year-old student was raped in the boys bathroom at rockville high school. >> i'd like to know when the montgomery county school system knew. what they knew and when they knew it. >> reporter: hogan accused the school system from
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of education about the rape and the students involved. the rape happened during school hours. two boys who were students have been charged 18-year-old henry sanchez and 17-year-old jose montano. sanchez had an immigration case pending since august. >> they apparently have video of the girl being dragged into the boys bathroom. where was the security? >> reporter: a spokesman for county executive isaiah legget says his administration is cooperating. >> we want to get bad eggs out of our county but we don't want our county police enforcing immigration law. in this case everybody can agree that if these folks are convicted, that these are folks that we don't want in our county. >> reporter: the governor also condemned the passage of a bill in the house that many say would make maryland a so-called sanctuary state. >> that would interfere with the local and state law enforcement's ability to cooperate with federal
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enforcement. which is absurd. >> all due respect, i think he's been irresponsible in not stepping up against the bigot ry coming out of the trump administration. >> reporter: governor hogan says he will veto that legislation if it does pass into law. we're standing by waiting for that press conference with the superintendent of schools here in montgomery county to address these allegations. the trump administration is also aware of what is happening with this case. today white house spokesman sean spicer was asked about it and explained it is an example of why the president is focusing on immigration and wants to deport undocumented criminals. >> this is a tragic event and it's horrendous and horrible and disgusting what this young woman in rockville went through. i can't possibly imagine. so first of all, let's remember the human side of this, that this is a
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child, no person, no parent should ever have to deal with. school should be a place where a parent puts their child on a bus or drops them off or sees them off and knows that they're safe. the idea that this occurred is shocking, disturbing, horrific and whatever other words that come to mind. >> our i-team is looking through montgomery county public school's records. we found 27 high school sexual assaults or sexual incidents requiring a police response in the years 2015-2016. the year before that, the school district reported 14 sexual related incidents requiring police response. in april of 2014 mcps told the i-team it installed more mirrors and cameras in the hallways in a different high school in rockville and a freedom of information act req f
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reported 5,000 security cameras district-wise. we will continue to follow these developments. you can watch the news conference from montgomery county schools on the nbc washington app. we will be watching it as well. we'll bring you updates as warranted and we'll have more on news4 at 6:00. meanwhile, police in prince george's county tonight are looking for the driver who kept going after he ran into two men here. one of the victims is now in critical condition. that other man is also in the hospital this evening. this accident happened here on 2nd street near the prince's garden parkway this afternoon. police have someone in custody in connection to the murder of a young woman in prince george's county. 18-year-old shamika brings killed last month in springdale. the suspected
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currently being held without bond charged with murder. a judge has now awarded a d.c. man $125,000 after he was strip searched in a parking lot by laurel police a few years ago. >> i put my hands up. i kept saying you cannot do that. he unbuckled my belt and pants, pulled my pants down and exposed me to the public. >> when it came to light officials from the laurel police department denied it ever happened. mark segraves has new details to report tonight. >> what happened to him is so demeaning, degrading, humiliating and really terrorizing. >> reporter: it call began in 2014 when alan sergeant was driving through laurel, maryland. he was pulled over by a laurel city police officer seen here. with sergeant and his attorney says happen next is shocking. >> officer unbuckled his pants, pulled his pants
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down, exposed him in public to a strip search, a visual strip search. >> reporter: after the strip search, sergeant was never arrested or even issued a traffic citation. he filed a complaint with the which said alkol had been disciplined. sergeant described the incident outside that cvs store. >> i fear eed more m eed for my. >> reporter: he wasn't satisfied with the department's response so he sued the officers and the police department. today a judge entered a judgment against officer alkol for $125,000 plus attorney fees. a spokesperson for the department declined to comment beyond saying that the department had been removed from the case and they were unaware of a judgment being entered. alkol remains on the force. >> any officer that behaves in this way,t
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of taking another human being and subjecting them to that kind of extreme degrading, humiliating conduct, should not be put on the street with a gun. >> reporter: in laurel, mark segraves. the family of a dnc staffer whose death has been the center of conspiracy theories has now launched a new effort to solve this case. seth rich's brother created a go fund me pacege. seth rich was shot and killed in the early morning hours in the bloomi bloomingdale neighborhood of d.c. last summer. police original thought it could be a robbery that had gone wrong. but there is a separate $130,000 reward in that case. turning to politics now, on capitol hill today president trump warned house republicans that their jobs could be on the line if they don't pass the gop's oca
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republican members today in a closed-door meeting. he's trying to shore up support for the measure ahead of a vote before the full house that happens on thursday. >> they're terrific people. they want a tremendous health care plan. that's what we have. and there are going to be adjustments made. >> we've been working with all of our members on many concerns. a lot of the members' concerns have been incorporated in this process. >> the bill could face an uphill battle in the senate, where several republicans have said they do not support it. ahead, our partners at fact take a look at some of the claims about the measure. and the president's supreme court pick is facie ining quest from the senate judiciary committee all day. gorsuch was asked how he would deal with president trump and the white house.
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>> reporter: judge neil gorsuch unwavering. >> my job is to apply the law as fairly as i can. >> reporter: as he sporesponds questions from the senate judiciary committee. >> it's taking a long time to get what i think would be a fairly simple answer. >> reporter: lawmakers confirming the nominee who could be the youngest jurist on the supreme court. gorsuch refused to comment on cases that could come before the court, calling that grossly improper, citing precedents in other cases and telling lawmakers the politics of the issue should never come into play. >> but there's no such thing as a republican judge or a democratic judge. we just have judges in this country. >> reporter: he was at times pushed to distance himself from president trump. >> when i became a judge, they gave me a gavel, not a
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stamp. >> reporter: when questioned about whether the president had asked him to over turn roe v wade, he said no. >> i would have walked out the door. >> reporter: for his part, president trump supported his high court pick, tweeting that he has a brilliant legal mind and commitment to constitutional principles. something lawmakers from both parties say has served him well under the harsh spotlight of the confirmation process. an altered facebook headline on a news story is causing a lot of controversy today in virginia. a group linked to gop candidate corey stewart created a fake news headline to attack his rival ed gillespie. the deserve group took a real story and created a fake headline that said gillespie was okay with charlottesville removing the
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lee. but gillespie does not actually support moving that statue. pretty nice day outside today. 60s across our area. if you take a look at the current map right now, there's no cold air or warm air that's really around the region, everybody at or a little bit above average. 55 state college, 66 down towards richrichmond. it is the air moving in, the cold just to the north. tomorrow will be frigid when you compare it to what we're dealing with today. here comes the cold, windchills near freezing all afternoon tomorrow. and the chill wants to stick around for a couple of days. then we'realking about a half and half weekend. it is home to nearly 50,000 federal workers, thousands of federal contractors. >> up next, we hear from montgomery county about the specific ways those people could
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budget proposal. >> reporter: pj henderson works here at unity towing in springfield. when he lost his girlfriend and their child in a tragic accident, folks here stepped in immediately. i'mracee wilkins. t
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welcome back. a mother and her young child died in a crash on a maryland parkway. investigators still haven't figured out how this happened. it has been, as you can imagine, a very rough time for the man who lost his family that night. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins reports on how some are now trying to help him cope. >> i just couldn't imagine they'd be gone so fast. >> reporter: tj henderson will bury his high school sweetheart and girlfriend and their 2-year-old son. >> i want to still be connected in a way. they told me he wouldn't even make it. i mean, it's just like my world ended. >> reporter: the mother and son were killed march 9th in a two vehicle crash on suitland parkway. tj remembers his last moments with his boy. >> i left about 11:30 and i
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forehead. he was asleep. i kissed him in the hospital. it didn't feel the same. >> it strieed our entire office. we were all in tears. >> reporter: henderson works part-time at unity towing in springfield, a family oriented business, so much so they even have a baby in the office. when they got word of what happened to tj's family they start aed a go fund me page to y and help with funeral experiences. >> he's always had the sweetest disposition. to see him struggle is heartbreaking. >> reporter: the support is helping to fill the science in his quieted home. >> i feel the love and the support. i only been with that company for about 10 months. it means a lot to me that so fast they highly support me so much. >> reporter: if you are interested in helping out henderson and his family, you can log onto nbc washington and
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in springfield, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. metro transit police are trying to track down a man who they say touched a person inappropriately during the height of the evening commute. take a good look at the guy in this surveillance image,ing used of sexual battery in this incident. this happened on the orange line at the clarendon station last monday. vincent gray introduced legislation today as part of a package of three bills. the district owns the medical pus campus on the maryland border. the montgomery county county council is taking on president trump, passing a resolution that rejects the president's recent budget proposal. lawmakers
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a devastating impact on the county's economy. chris gordon is at n.i.h. which could face major cuts under the president's budget. >> reporter: one council member says he is baffled by president trump's priorities, putting all this money into defense spending while cutting funding for n.i.h., which is saving lives, working to find cures for deadly diseases. the montgomery county council says it is fighting to save jobs. 48,000 local residents work for the federal government. the county is home to many government agencies like the national institutes of health which faces a 20% budget cut. >> n.i.h., i mean, the premier institution in the entire world for research. >> reporter: the nine council members, all democrats, voted unanimously to pass the resolution to condemn president trump's federal budget proposal and to urge the
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of montgomery county residents. >> it is so off the wall, it is so devastating to everything that we stand for as a nation. >> reporter: council president roger berliner is calling on maryland's republican governor larry hogan to stand up against the proposed cuts in the n.i.h. budget like the republican governor of massachusetts did. >> montgomery county's the economic engine of the state of maryland. our maryland governor has a direct stake in the outcome of this debate. and he has been silent. >> reporter: counsel member craig rice says the cleanup of the chesapeake bay has been an example of bipartisan regional cooperation but the trump budget zeros it out. >> when you look at the watermen and oystermen working on the eastern shore and we're seeing the crab and oyster population come back. to jeopardize that with decreased funding i
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mistake. >> reporter: ahead, we'll hear what some montgomery county residents say about the council taking on president trump. is this a symbolic act, or has the council actually achieved something here? coming up at 6:00. time to start training or dreaming. we are still seven months away but tomorrow is an important deadline for the running of the marine corps marathon. that lottery for the race opens tomorrow. you'll have until the 29th to sign up. you'll find out on the 30th if you've been selected. the registration fee is $160 but you don't have to pay until you're selected and registered. this is the 42nd year for the marine corps marathon. nbc 4 is a proud partner, of course, of this race every year. i wake up at 2:00 just to watch. >> we're training to wake up early.
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coming up, her family called her the glue that held them together. so they were rocked when she was shot in her car more than a year ago. tonight what they're saying now with news of an arrest in this case. get ready, folks. brace yourselves. a blast of cold air is on the way.
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we have had it up to here with cold weather. >> but we've got to get down here because we're going to be about 30 degrees colder tomorrow? >> yeah. today's 63. it's beautiful right now. the sun is shining. spring is back, but mother nature says no. remember it's march and you know how cold march has been. mother nature giving us another big shot of cold air coming right down from canada during the day tomorrow. right now some sunshine through some clouds across our region. 63 degrees right now. temperatures dropping but not all that fast. going to be a nice night tonight, nice around 7:00, 58 degrees. 55 degrees by around 9:00. by 11:00 down to about 51. the cold air not there just yet, but it will move in fairly quickly during the morning tomorrow. 59 in gaithersburg.
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the warm spot, 68 down towards charlottesville. the average high temperature today 58. within a month the average high temperature is close to 70 degrees. there is some hope out there about those warmer temperatures. they of course will be coming but first we've got to get through a couple of cold patches here. now on the radar not much to show. we could see some overnight tonight. it's with a frontal boundary that right now is back to the west. you could see it right in here. here's the storm that's bringing down the colder air and the cold front. the cold front moving through chicago right now. that little area could produce a couple of showers overnight tonight. i'm not expecting much in the way of rain, but we could see some of that. 43 in buffalo. that cold air will just seep on down across our region and it will be here by tomorrow morning. how about the future windchills? tomorrow morning, 29 in
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in gaithersburg. that's a 40 degree difference. an extremely cold day tomorrow. if you're taking the kids, make sure the kids are ready to go. make sure they have that coat, because it will be cold for sure and not just that, but windy. high of around 46 degrees tomorrow. cold and windy, 46 tomorrow. 47, cold, but not as windy on thursday. look at friday, few showers early in the day, then turning breezy and nice. a high of 60. saturday, a high of 74. that should be a great afternoon. sunday a good chance of rain and some of that rain will be potentially heavy at times. that's some great news. we need to see the rain. a surge in gang violence raising alarms across our region. what some are now saying is causing this. >>
5:27 pm
murder case today in spotsylvania county. what's the motive? and could there be more arrests? the story coming up. and could wegmans be coming to d.c.? i just put this on my facebook page. it's a story we're all pumped about. check it out during the break on our nbc washington app.
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getting to the bottom of what is behind a recent surge in gang violence in fairfax county and around our region. arrests in the murder of a young virginia woman found dead inside her car. >> that murder happened more than a year ago. the victim told her parents that a friend called to say their car broke down. heather ciccone was found shot to death just a couple hours later. now two people are in custody and we're hearing from the victim's family. >> it's been hard. i mean, heather was the glue to our family and without that glue, you know, it's just not all together. >> pat collins live in spotsylvania county with this story. >> reporter: for more than a year, heather ciccone's family has been waiting for ti
5:31 pm
looking for justice. but now their patience is paying off. >> it took a long time. there was a lot that has to go on with an investigation. it's not solved overnight. it's not solved in a few hours. it's not television. it's real life. >> reporter: it is hard to go down solar lane in spotsylvania without thinking of heather ciccone. in the front yard of her home a rose garden in her honor. the flowers purple, her favorite color. the rose bushes planted with her ashes. on vehicles nearby, decals of he me remembrance, justice for heather. you may be gone from my sight, but you're never gone from my heart. 15 months ago heather ciccone found dead inside her car in a driveway alongside
5:32 pm
she was shot at close range in the back of the head. her murder has torn her family apart. >> she was everything to us. >> reporter: and then for her to die this way -- >> devastating. >> reporter: after 15 months of investigation, police charged two men in connection with the murder, 29-year-old joshua williams and 28-year-old jonathan vejarano. both men have felony records. both men were in jail in other cases when the murder charges came down. on the justice for heather facebook page today, pictures of the two suspects with the words may you both rot in hell. so what was the motive here? was heather set up? are more arrests on the way? the police aren't saying.
5:33 pm
back to the murder scene. fairfax county's elected leaders are sounding an alarm tonight about the surge in gang violence there and across our region. at a public safety meeting today, the supervisors were briefed and offered some ideas about what could be to blame. our bureau chief julie carey was there today. >> reporter: we still don't know the identities of the two bodies found back there in holmes run park just a few weeks ago. police and leaders have heard enough to know they are just the most recent victims to be killed by gang members. the briefing came from those in law enforcement who were seeing firsthand the brutal murder scenes left behind by gang violence. just since last fall in northern virginia seven have been killed including a 15-year-old girl. >> this is a
5:34 pm
crimes. >> reporter: the body of the teenaged girl and the two bodies still awaiting identification, all found in supervisor penny gross's district. >> the discovery of bodies and apparently gang activity in my district shouldn't really make people fearful but it should make them angry. >> reporter: a community-wide effort to focus on prevention but also to recognize the nature of gangs has changed. social media is now used to recruit and target. and the crimes committed, far more brutal. >> now they're getting to the point where they're maiming and killing people to get into the gang. >> reporter: supervisor pat herty thinks he knows where some of the blame lies, on the undocumented, unaccompanied minors who are come into the community in recent years who found family in a gang. >> many of which have no famil
5:35 pm
connections, many of which can't read and write in their own language. they put them in our high schools and we've got to educate them. puts a huge strain on our schools and police department. >> reporter: the school district will be an important partner in looking for new approaches. now when i join you at 6:00, why one supervisor thinks he'll be urging fairfax county schools to get some undocumented immigrant students out of the school. more proof now that the opioid crisis is spreading. the prince william county board of supervisors today learned deadly overdoses rose 85% between 2015 and 2016. 52 people in prince william county died from opioid overdoses last year. the majority of those deaths are blamed on heroin and fentanyl. prince william county also had one recorded car
5:36 pm
the overdose reversal drug was given out 198 times. as america's appetite for opioids continues, so has the number of children exposed to these drugs. they receive about 30 calls a day about children or teenagers who have misused opioids or taken them accidentally. one-third of these cases involved teenagers. >> because these are such powerful medications, just even one tablet is all it will take many times to cause serious outcomes, including stoppage of breathing and potentially death. that's why we have to be so careful with these medications. >> experts say it's extremely important to keep any medications locked up away
5:37 pm
an infant is recovering tonight after a rare surgery to separate a twin that never really developed. what's next for the little girl who traveled more than 5,000 miles for this life-changing operation. >> this is pure medicine. this is pure helping people. this is what we do it for. and from hollywood to the local stage, d.c. is getting ready for a
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we've seen a lot of reboots on the big screen, but this fall a live reboot of the hit film "mean girls" coming to the stage here in washington, d.c. tina fey, who wrote that 2004 movie, is adapting it into a musical with its first run here at our national theater. "mean girls" starred lindsay lohan as a naive teenager who falls in with the popular but tormentive girls. >> oh, them. >> them as the plastics. well, we checked with the national theater. for now, the only way to get tickets is through it broadway subscription program or if you're mean and you beat somebody up for them, i guess, right?
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a little girl is happy and healthy thanks to the charity of one chicago family and the work of dozens of doctors. take a look at dominique. ten months old. isn't she cute? she was born with four legs and two spinal columns. this is a situation that's called by doctors a parasitic twin. this happens when there are twin embryos that do not fully separate and one of them develops at the expense of the other. doctors say dominique's heart would not have been able to support the extra body long-term. so two weeks ago they performed a rare surgery. everything went well. it went very well. but it's a bittersweet moment for the family who has been fostering this sweet little girl. >> we thought every day every moment about her family waiting for her return and just feel really honored to be able to be her family for a little while. >> dominique's family is on the ivory coast of africa. she will be going home to them in a
5:42 pm
an issue that could lead to thousands of students having their financial aid packages delayed. our susan hogan uncovered a link to the irs. tonight they're responding. also, competition is on the rise and it's good news for your pocketbook. how grocery stores are going after your business. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. how grocery stores are going after your business. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in cutomer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row.
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thousands may have their financial rewards packages delayed or they might not get any aid at all. consumer reporter susan hogan is with us now with the important information that you need to know. >> this information we're about to tell you is vital to students depending on federal aid to go or even to stay in college. i discovered some problems within these application process that could also be impacting you. every student applying to college is familiar with this website, the free application for federal student aid, also known as fafsa. on march 3rd without informing anyone, the irs removed a vital tool in the online pl
5:46 pm
especially since we went to prior prior which means you're going two years back with your tax information made it so easy for families because you just link to the irs, the data was all there. basically you were done. >> to make matters worse the link was never removed so applicants are clicking on the link only to be kicked out of the application and forced to start all over again. and there's more. >> be careful there are some bad phone numbers on the irs instruction sheet. >> some applicants who have to fax the irs a tax return request form were given the wrong numbers off the irs website. >> they are telling people if you don't hear from us, from the irs in about ten days to check back. i'm not quite sure what check back means since nobody is answering their phones. >> another issue we've learned, for the first time this year fafsa is requiring proof of nonfilers. that includes parents or
5:47 pm
returns in 2015. this only applies to 30% who were randomly chosen for more verification. >> this story is really big for those students who most need the aid. what i read is if you're a nonfiler and you got nonw-2 wages, you need a written statement from the person who paid you that they paid you. >> so now what? if you filled out your fafsa prior to the date of retrieval link taken down, you should be okay. if you were chosen to prove you were a non-filer, make sure the financial aid office received your documents. this includes current college students applying for fafsa. if you were not selected for further verificatioverification financial aid package should not be impacted.stantly checking your
5:48 pm
status, you may never know. the irs is working to retrieve that tool as quickly as possible but admit it could be weeks before it's back online. the fax numbers are now correct on their websites. i double checked right before i went on the air. we have a lot more information for you right now on our nbc washington app. just search financial aid help. >> how frustrating. >> where does your stuff go if you sent your stuff to wrong numbers? >> you don't know that. a lot of these kids are thinking maybe they're okay. if you're not on top of it, if you haven't received your financial aid packages yet for some of the colleges, you might have an issue. that happened to us. that's why i'm doing this story because we weren't getting financial aid. and having twins, one twin was getting his package and my daughter wasn't. and we realized she was chosen for this random verification. and getting this tax information, it's been a
5:49 pm
reporter mom. a lot of kids are out there on their own. >> that's exactly who they are actually really worried about that they don't have that kind of support. >> thank you so much. great heads up. today costco announced it will deliver groceries right to your door. it could equal big savings for you. julie kent takes a new look at the battle for your bucks. >> there is a new price war at the grocery store. it's all about a race to the bottom to give you more bargains. for the first time since 1967 grocery prices are down more than 1% across the country. brick and mortar grocery stores are trying to keep with new online retailers like amazon fresh or box or even walmart. tonight on "nbc nightly news" we look at exactly what this
5:50 pm
you can save, what you should be doing to take advantage of all the different pricing out there. plus, we take a look at the weather. what does all this drought in the south and rain in the west mean for these grocery prices? will your produce continue to stay low? all that coming up tonight on "nbc nightly news." here in washington the house is expected to vote on the american health care bill on thursday. there's a lot of spinning going on from both republicans and democrats. our partners at looked at some of the recent statements to see who's telling the truth and who's stretching it a bit. here's nbc's tracy davidson. >> reporter: fresh off a trip to tennessee president trump tells a group of republican house members that half the state has no insurance company on the affordable care act marketplace. >> i was in tennessee and half of the state has no insurance company and the other half is going to lose the insurance company. people don't know what to do. it's a
5:51 pm
>> reporter: looked at the state of tennessee and says trump's statement isn't true. >> everyone in tennessee has access to an affordable care plan on the exchanges. >> reporter: says the state is divided into eight rates areas. these are geographical locati i premiums. three of the eight have two carriers selling health insurance on the federal marketplace. >> these insurance companies in some cases are offering more than one plan, so there are some options there. >> reporter: health and human services secretary tom price defended the republican plan on nbc's "meet the press" claiming he firmly believes under the gop plan no one will be worse off financially. says there will be winners and lewandowsosers. >> just like there are winners and losers in
5:52 pm
legislation. among the losers according to the cbo will be older americans who will have to pay more for their premiums but get less support from the federal government. >> reporter: republican party leaders addressed this in a package of amendments to the bill released on monday evening. it includes language that paves the way for the senate to make the bill's tax credit more generous for people aged 50-64. to another item in the cbo's s&l sis th -- that has the democrats talking. >> 24 million people are being cut off by health care. >> the 24 million number is being distorted by the democrats. some of them will opt not to buy insurance because they don't have to. well, old man winter is not done with us yet, tom kierein. >> got to bundle up tomorrow. >>n
5:53 pm
to retire and move to florida? >> there you go. >> i'm told sarasota is beautiful this time of year. >> isn't it getting a little chilly down there too? >> it's time to retire. it's going to be coming back again. a cold blast going to be arriving here late tonight into tomorrow with some strong gusts of wind. this is the time of year we get these transitions and seeing the cloud cover in advance of that cold front that's going to be sweeping our way. live view from the storm team 4 tower camera. haul out the winter gocoat agai. put on the puffy coat. you'll need your sunglasses but no umbrella needed tomorrow. right now temperatures are comfortable in the 60s in much of the region. reagan national at 63. sunset at 7:21. 30 days from now we're going to gain 30 minutes. our sunset at 7:51 by april 21st.
5:54 pm
arrives, around midnight, little patches of green, maybe a few sprinkles of light rain between 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. then we dry out and get the sunshine back and get the blustery winds bringing in the chill as temperatures will be plummeting. look at this, falling all the way down to the mid 30s by early tomorrow morning. back up near 40-45 by noontime. dry roads for the commute tomorrow, lots of sunshine. when you're heading back home we'll be generally in the mid and upper 40s. look at our windchills tomorrow morning. windchills 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. just in the 20s. tomorrow team 4 ten-day outlook, back up we go again after thursday's high in the upper 40s. near 60 friday, saturday the mid 70s. maybe some rain around on sunday. actually looks likely for rain on sunday. gets a little bit cooler after that.
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a man accused in the deadly fire bombing of a home in baltimore is in custody after live streaming his surrender to police officers. >> that attack killed two people, injured six others and that includes children. jane miller has a closer look at this suspect. >> reporter: the last known address of antonio wright just a black away and within sight of the dn
5:58 pm
the fire bombing of the dawson family. he was 11 years old at the time. now 26 he's earned the title public enemy number one when he allegedly fired the house. six people were injured including a 38-year-old woman and three of her children. according to charging documents wright was identified by witnesses using a photo line-up. the documents don't list motive. police continue to point to retaliation over a shooting of the man who rented the house thursday. have your detectives interviewed the shooting victim? >> yes, our detectives have spoken to the shooting victim from the non-fatal shooting victim who wasn't in the house. >> reporter: wright turned himself in yesterday after climbing his innocence in a video his wife posted to facebook. >> the real baltimore city police officeruy
5:59 pm
reviewing the videos. an assault rifle is seen in one but there is no video of a transaction. police say the officer reported several personal guns stolen at the time as required. they see no connection to the current cases. has that officer had anything to do with investigating mr. wright? >> no. that officer wasn't involved in this case and as far as i know, he wasn't involved in any way or have any direct knowledge of who antonio wright was prior to being named public enemy number one. news4 at 6:00 starts now. a high profile attack inside a rockville high school is now getting the attention of the white house. a young girl allegedly raped last week by two classmates during school hours. now we know the two suspects were here illegally. >> this is a tragic event that no child, no person, no parent should ever have to
6:00 pm
schools should be a place where a parent puts their child on a bus or drops them off or sees them off and knows they're safe. and the idea that this occurred is shocking, disturbing, horrific and whatever other words that come to mind. >> the governor of maryland also weighing in tonight, saying the public has a right to know how something like this tragic and unacceptable was allowed to happen in a public school. darcy spencer is in rockville tonight with new information and reaction from the school system. >> reporter: we are here at the montgomery county board of education where the superintendent just wrapped up a nearly hour-long press conference trying to reassure parents, trying to reassure students that the school is safe following this horrific incident that happened during school hours within a school


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