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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  April 15, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> if you lose your one and only. >> a little country twang in southwest d.c. today. cherry blossom festival hosten an event toll wrap up four-week celebration. besides the music, beer garden and a lot of food trucks. cotton candy as well. fireworks show about 8:30 tonight. >> now storm team four forecast. >> so it's feeling like spring today. tomorrow is feeling like summer. more like mid to late june. that's going to be your first weather headline. hot tomorrow for easter. overall as we look to the next ten days the nice weather continues. of course we're up and down. we're spring. that's why this season is my favorite. we need the rain. deficit down to two inches. still in moderate drought. this is a drought that goes back to last year. only looking at minor rain
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best chance of rain is next sunday into the following monday. currently, though. nice out there. 76 in washington. 79 in frederick. and leesburg is going to stay mild. nice start for easter sunday. 7:00 a.m. 63 degrees. sunrise around 6:30. plenty of sunshine throughout the day. little more cloudiness as the day winds down. by lunchtime, 81 degrees. not only that it's feeling a little bit humid tomorrow for this time of year. it will be breezy tomorrow especially for midday and afternoon hours. at least it's kind of the air will be moving around. just won't be stagnant air. hit that at 4-5:00 in the evening. can't rule out isolated thunderstorm or shower later in the day tomorrow. i think most of us stay dry. if we do see a thunderstorm materialize because of the heat and humidity, could be on the stronger side. i'll be here with the latest on
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on facebook and twitter. updating the forecast there or downloading the washington app. a lot of options for you. 82 degrees at 7:00 tomorrow evening. for the most part, having a low impact on your sunday. sunrise service cool. the easter egg hunt for the kids find temperatures in the 60s and mid 70s. make sure they're done early or else the chocolate is going to mental health. something you don't have to keep in mind every year. the game tomorrow afternoon, going to be hot especially if your seats are in the sun. want sunglasses. light colored loose fitting clothing as well as the sunscre sunscreen. jute door exercise the earlier the better. take a look. future weather. 5:00 in the evening. pretty overdone. you get the idea there is the chance of about a 20% chance you're dealing with a late day thunderstorm in the metro area. best chance between 5-7:00 p.m. after that dry overni
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otherwise 75 and really nice then for the second half of the day. then we go down on tuesday. high of 68. around 70 on wednesday. potentially some showers around so have the umbrella handy: thursday keep it dry. maybe showers or a thunderstorm on friday. best chance of rain will be next sunday on into the following monday and kind of turning cooler at that point. 60s for a high. >> we will take it. very nice spring weather. thank you, ma'am. wilson was a hero
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csn studio game two. puck drops in just a few minutes at the top of the hour. washington, ahead 1-0 in the series. overtime on thursday night. that late game surge was a by product of early offensive struggles. caps down two goals in the first ten minutes. battle back to win in overtime. going for tonight's game is to get out to a better start.
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we knew they were going to come out and come out pretty hard. they're a young team. that really comes out fast, and, you know, the verizon center. awesome place to play. we were fired up, and, you know, ultimately we win the game. so that's what we're looking forward to right now. game two and we did a job in game one. might not have been pretty, but we got the job done. >> two great hockey teams. the hardest part is getting into the playoff. half the teams don't make it. getting a great team. so one person. we're looking at a better start than last year. >> our game is very much designed to wear teams down and kind of strike at the end, but we have to have a better start than we did last game. >> aaron: jackie robinson. every player
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of the baseball pioneer. hosting the phillies. anthony getting things started. gets all of this one. game is tied at two in the eighth inning. philly attacks the bullpen. phillies win 4-2. >> have to go back. >> in orange going for fourth straight victory taking on toronto. baltimore star got called up by the big club just for this trip. that's a good decision. 25-year-old. on the mound, doing his thing. he went six in the third in his debut. allowed just a single run off just three hits while striking out five batters. baltimore bullpen run into trouble in the ninth inning. ga t
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>> that's a walk-off home run for blue jays, 2-167. the final. wizards in playoffs for the first time in four years. host atlanta tomorrow. this will be the first run with scott brookes as the head coach. looking to start building a playoff legacy right here in the district. > . >> game one is an exciting opportunity for us. organization getting ready to play good baskts ball. i know we have a very tough opponent and have to play defense. we're confident they're going to have to play well to beat us also. guys are ready. put our work in. we're not cramming for the test tonight. so they're going to come in and they're going to be ready to play. safe to say it's a great game. great energy in the
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hopefully we can make some shots along the way. >> first game of the nba playoff this afternoon. defending champion taking on the pacers. playoff lebron in full effect. 32 points. 13-6. cleveland needed every bit of it. game came down to last shot. pacers down one. for the win. cavaliers get the victory in game one. 109-108. also in action against the new york red bulls tonts. they hit the pitch at 7:30. erica, looking forward to a great show tonight. and the cavs trying to win the second game of that series. >> all right. good to see you. thank you so very much. one final check of the weather. should be beautiful out there tomorrow. warm. >> yes, it's going to be hot. we have temperatures tomorrow in the mid 80s. this is the warmest easter since at least 2011. not only that, it's feeling a little humid. breeze at least and there is that chance for a late
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i'll be tracking it with the latest, maybe an isolated shower early monday. really nice afternoon. >> sunscreen along. >> that is the news for now. nightly news coming up next. see you again at news 4 at 11. until then, good night, everybody.
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from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news". good evening. what's typically tax day in this country, tens of thousands took to the streets to protest and call on president trump to release his tax returns. organizese organizes said events were planned across the country. brawls did break out at rallies by trump supporters. clashes, sometimes violent, led to more than 100 arrests. nbc is covering it all. >> reporter: what was supposed to be a peaceful protest turned violent in berkeley, california. clashes between
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pro-trump supporters. fist fights breaking out and flags being burned. today was billed as a peaceful rallies that ended with injuries and at least 13 people arrested. more protests from coast-to-coast. these demanding president trump release his taxes, something he said he would do when his irs audit is complete exhibit but in late january a senior white house official said otherwise. >> he's not going to release his tax returns. we litigated this through the election. people didn't care. they voted for him. >> reporter: that idea that people didn't care is what sparked this national response. >> i want donald trump to show his taxes so we know where he has interest. >> reporter: from the nation's capital to chicago and atlanta, the message about transparency was clear. some protesters taking their case directly
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chief, marching just across the water from mar-a-lago. >> i think somebody's got to start to hold this man accountable. >> reporter: the irs requires that the tax returns of the president and vice president be audited every year. president trump has said he'll release his when he's no longer under audit which may not happen his first term in office. to north korea where an anxious world waited to see how kim jong-un would celebrate the nation's founder. would they launch a missile or conduct their sixth nuclear test? so far no launch or test, but we did get a look at some never before scene weaponry. nbc from seoul, south korea. >> reporter: a showcase of north korea's capabilities, including its first
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what experts believe is a prototype of a new intercontinental ballistic missile designed to potentially reach the united states. north korea's leader on display for the military might that came with a public message. the regime warning the u.s. we will respond to all-out war with all-out war. state television calling president trump the threat with his so-called messages to north korea. >> treat us as a nuclear weapon state. >> reporter: for weeks concern has mounted that kim jong-un was preparing a sixth nuclear test or a missile launch. >> north korea is a problem. the problem will be taken care of. i think china has really been working very hard. >> reporter: china has urged both sides to back down cautioning it could spiral out of
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seoul within striking distance of north korean missiles. one mistake could trigger disaster and u.s. officials say north korea has issued a notice to mar anywheres off the coast in the sea of japan to be on alert. that uncertainty loomed over the parade marking the anniversary of kim jong-un's grandfather, north korea's most important day of the year. there's still the risk the regime could soon carry out a nuclear or missile test with another anniversary in just ten days and a presidential election here in south korea next month. >> thank you. the white house continues to focus on the north korea situation this holiday weekend after days of rising tension and behind the scenes diplomacy and vice president mike pence is heading to the region tonight. nbc is traveling with the president and reports from west palm beach. >> reporter: with a wave from air force two, today the
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pence left for seoul, south korea. mike pence's visit to four countries planned for two months takes on new urgency. pence will visit troops both american and south korean who could become a target for aggression. with no nuclear test, no reaction from the white house as the president spends the holiday weekend in palm beach. experts say president trump delivered his message by bombing syria's airfield after its chemical attack this month. >> reporter: the missile strikes changed the equation which meant that probably china decided to start to reign in north korea. >> reporter: beyond u.s. military power, president trump who hosted president xi in palm beach may have induced china's help now by exerting economic pressure. the president used trade as leverage. >> i said you're going to help us with north korea or we'll gng
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remains north korea's closest partner, it wants a relationship with the u.s. >> china has a lot of reasons to corporate with president trump right now. the economy is not as strong as people think and that means beijing does not want a trade war with the united states. >> reporter: the vice president is expected to arrive in seoul tomorrow morning easter sunday. with face-to-face diplomacy with allies like south korea and japan, the vice president hopes to send a signal that the trump administration is in solidarity and keeping north korea in check. >> thank you. the scheduled execution of six death row inmates in arkansas starting next week is on hold tonight. the latest move in an unprecedented plan to quickly execute the men, the urgency related to the drugs that would be used to put them into death. nbc has more on that tonight. >> reporter: this
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executions in arkansas, a last minute and temporary reprieve for eight death row inmates. six executions were scheduled to begin monday and be completed by the end of the month before one of the three key drugs used in lethal injections expires. the order was issued after lawyers for the condemned inmates convicted of murder raised concerns that another one of the three drugs could cause severe pain. >> we are moving forward as planned. >> reporter: the arkansas attorney general is filing an emergency appeal to overturn the decision and allow the series of six executions to begin. >> the sentences will be carried out. these families of the victims will be given closure. >> what do we want? >> mercy. >> reporter: it's been a busy week for activists including a judge. this man spent 18 years on death row in
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dna evidence exonerated him in 2011. >> i still have nightmares and panic attacks. >> reporter: victim's family members want no more delays. >> i've been promised this for 25 years. >> reporter: the arkansas governor plans to meet with officials monday to determine the next steps. >> this has been a 25 year nightmare for the victims that have had to deal with this and now it's time for that justice to be carried out. >> reporter: a pause in what would be the state's first executions in more than 12 years. nbc news, atlanta. in syria today at least 100 people were reported killed in a suicide car bombing that targeted buses carrying people evacuating government held towns. the dead included children, government supporters and opposition fighters. the evacuations were part of a controversial population transfer program to move people from villages under
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their own laptop. >> type in -- >> reporter: the only problem, no i.t. department to fix it. >> even with staff there's no i.t. department. >> the kids are the i.t. department. everybody uses them. >> the first few times you're nervous. >> reporter: jacob heads the high school tech club. he and 37 students volunteer to fix the school's technology. >> the projector stops off, stops working, the teacher stops class and says can you fix this. >> reporter: in a lot of ways this is the students teaching teachers. >> you teach me english and i'll fix your computer. >> reporter: the club is constantly evolving based on interest. the skills learned are real life. >> how to troubleshoot an issue from start to finish. how to own a problem from start to
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raise your expectations and ask your gastroenterologist if humira may be right for you. with humira, control is possible. the woman believed to be the oldest person in the world died today in northern italy. the woman was 117. she's thought to be the last person born in the 1800s. she attributed her longevity to good genes and a diet that included three eggs a day. she lived in three centuries, two world wars and more than 90 italian governments. this was also the day that millions around the world were waiting for exhibit t, the birth of a babigy raf in upstate new york. the mother was put on a live stream.
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birth the newborn was up on its feet and it's a boy. congratulations to all. we can tell you mom and baby are doing well. for all of us at
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♪ why is sandra bullock speaking out exclusively to "access hollywood." i'm liz hernandez. >> and i'm cscott evans. >> she came to us to put all these rumors to rest. sandra bullock is not retiring or moving to jackson hole, wyoming as the cover of "ok" claims. the magazine claims she made the decision to settle in wyoming with her kids and boyfriend after talking to bruce willis who raised his family in idaho. sandra's rep told us she never even spoke to bruce. as for the claims that she's buying her favorite jackson hole haunt, she


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