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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  April 19, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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tonight and this weekend. doug is timing it all out for you. but we want to start first at 4:00 one of the biggest stars in cable news out of a job. fox news confirms parts with bill o'reilly. >> this after reports that fox several sexual harassment case against o'reilly. what led finally to this decision. >> caution, you are about to -- >> reporter: a week ago fox news star bill o'reilly he's going on a previously scheduled vacation. >> last fall i booked a trip that should be terrific. i'll have a full report when i return. >> reporter: now the network confirms what new york magazine has been reporting that o'reilly will never return to the air on fox news, not even to say good-bye. >> they want a clean break. they don't want the op ticks of allowing him under this cloud of allegations and sort of a peaceful signoff. >> reporter: in a statement fox says after a thorough and
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allegations, the company and bill o'reilly have agreed that bill o'reilly will not be returning to the fox news channel. this follows even more allegations the 67-year-old sexually harassed women at fox. >> she said he would grunt like an animal, he would call her hot chocolate. she's african-american. >> fire bill o'reilly. >> reporter: in addition protesters outside the headquarters on new york calling on fox to fire o'reilly, the o'reilly factor has lost more than 60 advertisers. >> companies don't like to be associated with someone whose in a negative light particularly about sexual harassment. they've got female clients, they've got female employees. they don't want to be crossing that line. >> reporter: o'reilly was in rome yesterday where he met the pope and hasn't commented yet on his ousting from fox. chris, news4. >> we asked whether you agree with fox's decision to part ways th
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80% of you say yes you can weigh in by heading to the nbc washington facebook page. >> here at home we're following developing story in montgomery county. police say a man tried to abduct two boys and exposed himself to a girl. police say jim ba rue geda came up to two young boys on a playground, grabbed their wrist and tried to take them to his apartment. the kids say geda let them go when they said they didn't want to go with him. earlier that day he exposed himself to a 13-year-old girl. >> more traffic changes coming to the third street tunnel. there will be a new way for you to get on to 395. on one ramp traffic will be going away while another is opening up. news4 mark segraves explains all these changes first at 4:00. >> reporter: for the past few years this massive construction project going over the
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tie-ups here on massachusetts avenue. starting this saturday, that's going to change. this new on ramp will open allowing eastbound traffic on massachusetts avenue to go directly on to 395 south. that's good news for people downtown trying to get to virginia. but there's a downside to this for a few commuters. people who have been going westbound on massachusetts and h street will no longer be able to use this tunnel. they'll have to go a few blocks up and cut through the neighborhood over to d street or they'll have gotten on to the 395 freeway back on new york avenue. it still has a few more years ahead of it but they're making a lot of progress and this change on saturday will make it easier not only for drivers to get out of downtown but pedestrians and sooikists in this neighborhood as
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mark segraves, news4. >> >> some other top stories. d.c. police are looking for suspects in the robbery of an armored car in northwest this morning. two men with ak 47s approached the drivers and demanded a bag he was carrying. they escaped in a vehicle driven by a third suspect. >> protesters demonstrated outside the supreme court today carrying signs that read, free plate. they want the justices to overturn a lower court ruling that states tax money cannot be used to build a church playground. the protesters think some of the same laws that separate church and state also violate religious liberty. >> our medical examiner is conducting autopsy on aaron hernandez to officially how he died. currently all signs point to suicide but his lawyers don't think that's the case and they want a separate investigation. hernandez was found hanging in his prison cell in massachusetts this morning.
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president trump welcomed the new england patriots to the white house to congratulate them on their fifth super bowl championship. now quarterback tom brady did not attend because he needed to be with his mom who is battling cancer. five other patriots decided to skip the south lawn visit for political differences. >> and outside today, it's cool, it was cloudy, showers here and there across the area but we got another big change tomorrow and again over the next couple days. let's go to the storm center. doug, the weather's keeping you busy. >> this change coming in today, high pressure so far only upper 50s to low 60s. into the 70s beautiful sunshine yesterday. today's the clouds moved in and we seen some showers as well and that has kept down the temperatures. look at hagerstown only 58 degrees. 80 back toward lexington, kentucky. that warmer air will move
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way but so will another round of showers. we did have one round today. still a couple showers moving on through all of which have been very light but now i'm watching this area up toward chicago. this is going to make its way through and down in towards our region by early tomorrow morning. we'll talk much more about that. so warmer temperatures tomorrow, showers, maybe even a few thunderstorms tomorrow and on friday and heavier weekend rain and that could lead to a very soggy sunday. if you've got weekend plans, you don't want to miss this forecast or maybe you do want to miss this forecast, i don't know. it's going to rain and we'll talk about when. see you. >> thank you. it's 911 message that could have you thinking you've reached some kind of wrong number. the message you need to know to keep you and your family out of harms way. >> they're called suicide headaches and if you suffer from these debilitating cluster headaches you know they're nearly impossible to treat. we have some promising news about a new way to m
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when a new york judge was found dead in the hudson river there was speculation she committed suicide. now police say the d.c. natives death is suspicious. sheila salaam was the first black woman appointed to the state's highest court and the first muslim woman to serve as u.s. judge. last wednesday she was found dead in the waters off manhattan one day after her h
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reported her missing. investigators say there were no signs of trauma, no evidence a crime occurred but the new york post is treating her death suspicious until they can tell how she drowned. >> a strange tone is confusing residents in 911. don't hang up if you hear an unusual tone. a family brought this to our attention after a loved one suffered a cardiac arrest on easter sunday. eight different people called 911 for help and instead of being connected directly to an operator and then a weird noise and recording to make them think they we they were disconnected. >> you have reached prince george's county. do not hang up. the following tones are for the hearing impaired. >> now the prince george's county 911 center says that there's a
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have trouble hearing. if you call for help and you get that tone, you should stay on the line. someone will pick up. someone tried to set a cat on fire in d.c. and right now there's a $5,000 reward to help catch them. the humane rescue alliance said it happened tuesday night. the cat was actually in a cage when someone attacked it. if you can help call the humane rescue alliance law enforcement department. just horrible. >> his death marks the final dramatic off the field moment. after years of high profile court cases new details on the death of former new england patriot aaron hernandez. >> allergy season is at its peak. how bad it's really getting and how long you'll have to wait
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his life had more ups and downs than i think most of us could imagine and now it's over. former nfl star and convicted murderer aaron hernandez is apparently committed suicide in prison. >> but now his family and his lawyers don't think he would've ended his own life so they're disputing that. jay gray is live now outside of the prison in shirley, massachusetts with the latest on this case. jay? >> reporter: a lot of questions as you described surrounding this as they havehr
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hernandez's life. a shocking end to what his former coach belichick called a tragic life. hernandez found dead inside his prison cell just hours before belichick and his former teammates were celebrating their latest super bowl win at the white house. less than a week after an emotional celebration as he was cleared of double murder charges, former new england patriot aaron hernandez is now dead, found earlier this morning inside his prison cell after an pattern suicide. >> my understanding is mr. hernandez was in a solitary confinement, probably for his protection. >> reporter: behind bars since 2013 when he was arrested then eventually convicted in the shooting death of his friend and semiprofootball player owe din lloyd. prison officials say hernandez tried to block his cell from the inside before hanging himself with a bed sheet. >> within a jail cell it's more shocking because you would think that there would be people paying attention,
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what's happening. >> reporter: his family and legal team say they're shocked and surprised by his death, especially as hernandez began the appeal of his murder conviction. his attorney said aaron was looking forward to an opportunity for a second chance to prove his innocence. hernandez played his last game as a patriot in 2013. today many of his former teammates were at the white house celebrating their super bowl championship. >> sad story with a sad ending and really no winners. >> reporter: tonight his attorneys are calling for a transparent and thorough investigation into hernandez esdeath. and prison officials do say they're investigation into the circumstances surrounding hernandez's death is continuing right now. >> thank you, jay. if the weather isn't enough to give you whiplash, believe me you ain't seen nothing yet. >> this roller coaster it's
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to the 50s back to the 30s. this is going from 70s yesterday, 60s today and right up to 80 during the day tomorrow so a little bit of a roller coaster but this one a pretty good one. the latter portion of the roller coaster which comes this weekend that one goes too far down south. let's show you what's going on right now. we've seen some shower activity too and we will continue to see some showers over the next couple of days as well. current temperatures out there right now, 62 degrees, winds out of the south at about 12-mile-per-hour. that southerly winds helps keep things on the warmer side. only 59 in winchester, 57 in la ray and only 59 degrees toward pa tuxton river. we saw them coming right through the district and back towards schennen doa valley. most s
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very light and we still do need to see some rain to keep that pollen down. here's all the cloud cover around our region. notice some sunshine back to the west, some showers to the south and more rain right around chicago. see this little ban of rain here, we're going to watch this move up and then down into our region by early tomorrow morning. first off let's talk about those temperatures. in the 60s today. 62 d.c., 53 in roanoke, 80 in lexington, kentucky and that warmer area will move our way and also chance of showers will move our way. watch this ban right here. watch this coming down and right through our region by around 4:00 a.m. they're going to be weakening and most of this on the light side but around 5:00 a.m. will see some showers so expect wet roadways, early tomorrow morning but still some wet roads out there. tomorrow afternoon, not just showers but notice the coloring heerks the oranges the red, maybe a couple of
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do, in fact, see some sunshine, getting to around that 80 degree mark, maybe a heavy down pour or two. should be done by tomorrow evening. just something to think about on thursday. forecast tomorrow, 82, a bit humid and showers and storms. the roller coaster continues, 64 on saturday, 54 on sunday and sunday, let's just take a look at sunday, washout, some rain, heavy, one to two inches possible. it's a chilly rain as well so that's something we'll continue to watch out for. next week looks pretty nice. >> if doug doesn't have one eye on the radar, it's because he's watching his sports scores. >> you know it. tonight's the big night. >> yes, it is. >> all right, doug. >> only the first round but here the playoffs have reached a fever pitch. >> both the caps and the
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have big games tonight. we start with sherry burs and the caps in toronto, so how's the pressure up there? >> reporter: a pivotal game four here in toronto for the capitals. the team believes this will be their best game of the series and morning skate today, a tense moment when marcus johansson collided with the goalie. >> i'm like, okay. let's check this out, you know. your heart stops for a second. >> it wasn't a very hard hit. you never want to see that happened. it's all right. >> just a practice play, it happens. >> in truly hockey player form they got right back up. now plenty of playoff action back in d.c. tonight at the verizon center and that's where we find carol maloney. hey, carol. >> reporter: it is a whitous here at
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game two, wizards and hawks. the wizards own a one game to none lead in the series. everybody tonight expecting another playoff basketball brawl. the hawks all store millsap said after game one it was like playing m.m.a. moore responded expect tonight double m.m.a. so everyone bracing for another physical affair. we think the officials will have something to say about that, but from the verizon center court we will be here. more coming up on news4 at 5:00 and 6:00. sending it back to you. >> thank you, carol. new today, the american lung association says 125 million people live in areas with unhealthy levels of air pollution. we'll tell you where the washington region stacks up. >> up until today we've had some pretty beautiful weather and that's had a lot of us going outside for fresh air. we're goingo
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news for your health we're getting a closer look at a new high tech device that helps people suffering from debilitating cluster headaches. the food and drug administration has just improved the gamma core and the hand held
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produces a mild electrical stimulation which travels through the skin into the nerve. in test trials the treatment reduce headache pain in one out of three patients. in fact, some of them were pain-free and experienced no major side effects. the device should be able in the u.s. later this year. >> the air in the nation's capital, it's just okay. the american lung association's annual state of the air report actually shows d.c. has a lot of high level ozone days when breathing can be difficult for people who suffer from asthma but generally there aren't a lot of pa lieutenant tants in our area. nbc's erica edwards digs deeper in this air report. >> reporter: the sky above bakersfield california may look beautiful but the polluted air sends it and another west coast city, los angeles, to the top of the list of unhealthiest places to breathe in the u.s. that according to the latest state of the air report from the
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report so we've seen a lot of improvement but we're also seeing trends that are scary. >> reporter: cities mostly in california, utah and nevada are seeing spikes in pollution from wildfires, factories and cars. it can cause severe asthma attacks particularly in vulnerable children and that's not all. >> particle pollution is risky for cardio vascular harm like heart disease, stroke. it's also greatly risky for people with diabetes and it causes lung cancer. >> reporter: on the other side of the country, progress. cities with the cleanest air are nearly all on the east coast including burlington vermont and naples. the only one ot west, honolulu, hawaii. >> if you walk or bike the trail in lees berg now you can take
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two new marked trail. the blue trail is about five and a half miles long and links to balls bluff park. it's about two and a half miles long. doing both loops that's about ten miles with a lot of other sights and paths along the way including historic downtown leesburg. >> take the blue trail up to balls bluff, spend some time in balls bluff or any of our other parks on the river which are veterans park, edwards landing park, and really make a day of it if you so chose. >> the official trail unvilling is going to be saturday morning at fox ridge park. just search leesburg trails in the nbc washington app. >> here's a story that's hitting close to home for a lot of parents who have children who are in day care. many day care centers are giving you the opportunity to watch
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video but one mother saw something she was not expecting to see. >> and the death of a killer after he posted a video of a murder on facebook, now he's opening up a larger discussion about mental illness and is
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>> announcer: you're watching news 4:00 at 4:00. >> the white house is facing new ti
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group that was reportedly headed to north korea last week. >> we've since learn the ships were actually headed away from that area. blayne alexander is monitoring the situation for us. what are you hearing? >> you'll remember that this was the strike group that was supposedly heading to north korea during a time of very tense emotions between the u.s. and north korea. it was supposed to be a show of strength but today the whereabouts of those ships are more of a source of confusion. today tough questions for the white house over seemingly misplaced u.s. war ships. >> it is happening. >> reporter: last week the pentagon announced it was headed toward north korea amid tensions over a nuclear test. the president telling fox business news last week. >> we are sending an armada, very powerful. >> reporter: but now revealed the strike group was actually going into the opposite directionar
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we were asked a question about what signal is sent we answered the question. i'm not the one who commented on timing. >> it makes it look as though the united states did not have intent, it did not follow through, it did not have determination. >> reporter: this as the white house signals it may be ready to throw out the iran nuclear deal negotiated under president obama even though iran appears to be honoring it. one candidate trump arraignedly called weak. >> whether it was a good deal or bad deal it's a done deal. >> reporter: back at home the president claiming victory in georgia's highly watched congressional race. tweeting glad to be of help. the democratic challenger winning 48% and forcing a june runoff. democrats calling that a win. >> they didn't run for a runoff and they ran to win and they lost. >> reporter: now just ten days shy of his 100 days in office. >>
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and campaign in that runoff election if needed. today the leading republican in that race says she welcomes the president's help. back to you. >> thank you. he says he could not be more proud of his employees. we're hearing now from the owner of the mcdonald's where the so-called ohio facebook killer made a stop just before his death. investigators say steve stephens drove to this mcdonald's in erie, pennsylvania, and put in an order. the attendant who took his money recognized him and then immediately called 911. the staff tried to delay stephens to hold him there by telling him the french fries weren't ready. that gave police just enough time to catch up with him. >> everything happened so fast and i guess i really didn't think much about it other than the fact that i just wanted to make sure we got the phone call through and it was not a very long time. he did not stick around at that first window much so there wasn't much of a wai
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>> after a brief chase, police say stephens shot and killed himself. he was accused of shooting an elderly man in cleveland, ohio, at ron dam and posting that video on facebook. >> that murder in cleveland is one of several recent tragedies that are shining a lot on mental health particularly how it impacts the african-american community. troy johnson is here with today's talk around today. steve sterchz, aaron hernandez and a last month a woman whose accused of ramming that police cruiser near the capital. a lot of their family and friends say they all struggled with mental health issues. what are your listeners saying? >> it is a major struggle and families. a lot of problems unrecognized in generations of families and if people knew how to get help or knew if the family members knew some of the triggers or some of the things that may be they could be talking about ahead of time, maybe we could see some of these situations aver
4:35 pm
a completely different path. another unfortunate note there seems to be a lot of shaming saying there's nothing wrong with you, get over it, you can work through the situation instead of really getting down to the issues at hand and helping people with things that they really need help with. i spoke with dr. rowsland acre. she's a clinical psychologist. now she tells me many people are hurting, struggling to find a way to cope with life's mounting problems. that includes someone like a steve stephens. dr. roz says we may need to do a better job of listening to their calls for help. >> all throughout his life he has mentioned he's asked people for help, he's been wanting the help and so in that moment, even though it was so heinous, so very out of control, and so by committing that crime, that was his way of showing people i'm out of control. i need
4:36 pm
here's the proof that i need the help and so for using these resources before it gets to this violence, epidemic that we're seeing on social media, i think we can stop some of that. >> it's a great point. now mark zuckerberg is doing all it can to help violent posts from being. >> i talk to a lot of folks who are parents. they're worried about these things unfolding in front of their children's eyes. we can't keep an eye on every little piece of social media they're getting a hold of. they're concerned as some people as well as adults who are impacted by the things that we see on social media are emulating the behavior that they see and in many case nouz we know it goes terribly wrong so it's very concerning. >> it's important to know, look, you're not alone. yon
4:37 pm
places that you can check out,, the national suicide prevention hotline and the national alliance of mental illness. they'll help you out with what you need. >> thank you very much, troy. that's a lot. so look, you can also find a list of mental health resources on our nbc washington app. just search changing minds, you'll also find some of the previous stories that we've done on this very important issue, pat. >> thank you, chris and troy. >> first at 4:00. it doesn't take a genius to know that the lifestyles of young adults today are radically different from those just a few years ago. now census bureau information explains. more people between 18 and 34 are living in their parents home than in any other arrangement about one in three. just a decade ago the majority of those lived in their own households. of those who live at home now, one in four
4:38 pm
goes to school and many either have a child or a disability. also young people are delaying marriage. back in the 1970s 80% were married by age 30. today 80% are married by the age of 45. >> police say it took less than two minutes. >> and they're calling it a hate crime. details on the shooting rampage of the three people left and put one man behind bars. >> and from car seats to tvs, walmart started offering thousands of discounts on items sold on its website today but there's a catch. >> we'll be mainly dry and i'm tracking this rain in parts of ohio and indiana that will bring us some showers
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♪ [doorbell] ♪ ♪ when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪
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when we drop our kids off and head to work, you have to assume they're okay. well the mom watching a live stream from her toddler's day care sees something that leads to an arrest. >> something disturbing. an employee pushes the child over, scoops him up and then drops him on a mat. the little boy's mother was watching this feed live on her lunch break. well, she rushed to that day care and she took the little boy to the hospital. the 18-month-old isn't hurt but as police explained this is alarming. >> disturbing. i am a parent and i have adult
4:42 pm
was disturbing. >> that worker turned herself into police on tuesday. she's 22 years old. she's charged with endangerering a child. texas state records show the children's court yard location where she worked as 29 deficiencies in the past two years. children's court yard released a statement saying they called the police as soon as they found out about the complaint and fired that worker. >> president george h.w. bush remains in a houston hospital recovering from a mild case of pneumonia. he continues to gain strength and his spirits are high. he was brought to the hospital last week. no word on when he'll be able to go home. he spent 16 days in the hospital a few months ago for another bout of pneumonia. >> as the spring real estate market heats up we're taking a closer look
4:43 pm
foreclosures and how they're impacting area how. >> how bad this allergy season is and what you can do if you're suffering. >> my teeth feel like they're all going ev tery tv doctor knows scrubbg is serious business. they also know you need to get your annual check-up. now with one touch using the mycigna app you can find a doctor in your plan's network to save money. need to be thorough.
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here are four things to know this afternoon. bill o'reilly is out at fox news. fox decided to fire the cable news star after growing sexual harassment claims. dozens of advertisers also jumped ship from the o'reilly show, fox says tucker carlson will take over the 8:00 p.m. time slot, effective immediately. >> all signs point to suicide in the death of former nfl standout. he was found hanging in misprison cell in massachusetts. however his family and his lawyers want an investigation, saying hernandez showed no suicidal tendencies. >> the trump administration tells congress it may break the iran nuclear deal. remember that was formed under the obama administration. secretary of state rex tillerson admits iran is in compliance with the agreement but continues to support terrorism. the threat in break is causing concern ahe o
4:47 pm
elections. it feeds opponents of the current president who have been saying that deal was no good. >> in a big playoff night the wizards at home in verizon center taking on the hawks in game two of their series. caps are still up in toronto to face the maple leafs. caps trail 2-1. >> under a new proposal people and banks who buy foreclosed properties and don't register them will be slapped with a hefty fine. darcy spencer has details on what it means for you. >> reporter: prince george's county has been hit particularly hard in the housing and mortgage crisis. take a look behind me. this is just one of the many houses here in the county that's left abandoned and boarded up. prince george's county councilmember mel franklin is proposing a package of legislation to deal with abandoned property and
4:48 pm
issue he says is a major importance of so-called zombie foreclosure and he explains what that is. >> it's essentially not a complete foreclosure but the former homeowner is gone and there's this limbo of whose accountable for this property. >> reporter: we'll have more on what the councilmember is proposing and some reaction from residents about holding banks more accountable. darsy spencer, news4. >> it's a new plan that seeks to reduce the maddening number of traffic jams on one of our area's busiest highways. >> i think everybody's ears perked up when they heard that because traffic in this area as you know, well, it leaves a lot to be desire. a lot of us slog through that traffic day in, day out morning and into the evening but there's some parts of our area that are just, well, they're just worse than others. right pat? >> that's right. and that's just one of the stories that we're working on
4:49 pm
wendy has more on this. >> imagine shaving 30 minutes on that commute. it is a planned outlined today by maryland's governor. it's really interesting. plus students at three local high schools walk out of class today, not a protest but to raise awareness about teenage suicide. david culver brings some unique perspective to this as he follows one of these marchers. >> there's a battle of the balcony times. residents are hanging huge pen ants on a building across from that park. this started out as a show of support for the nats but given the current climate we'll see what happened when the conversation switched over to politics. we'll see you soon with those stories and more. >> see you then. >> i guess the pollen count doesn't fall when the temperature falls, right? >> actually, a reported to tree pollen still coming in very high. so the good news with rain
4:50 pm
especially on sunday, that should bring those pollen levels down but we think the tree pollen probably peeked on easter sunday and it's going to hang out in that high range. it's crock pot kind of weather. it's chilly and cloudy. it's mainly dry right now. tomorrow are temperatures do a complete 180. not only that but having umbrella handy. take a first look. you want to have the umbrella handy through sunday and you definitely need it on sunday. now we're warm tomorrow and friday and by warm i mean 80s. low 80s for high and as we look to the weekend saturday by far looking of the better of the two weekend days. doug and i looking at the forecast. i was off the last few days and it still looks like it's going to be a washout with new information coming in this evening on your sunday. our temperatures are in the low 60s. 60 degrees up in gaugers burg. earlier i mentioned those showers up in
4:51 pm
that line is going to drop and set off scattered showers early tomorrow morning. if you do want to keep that in mind. chuck and sheena will be updating the forecast at that point. 58 degrees. that's not too bad. our temperatures, though, after the early morning hours really sore. we're in the mid 70s by lunchtime. the afternoon noon hours, scattered showers even few rumble of thunderstorms. tomorrow more summer-like by tomorrow, 7:00, 8:00 we'll return to mainly dry conditions. the weather could have an impact on your day and times tomorrow. lunch looking mainly dry. so 70s and a bit humid i think is a perfect time to get some fresh air if you want to go for the jog or walk outdoors tomorrow and you have the luxury of selecting the time, late morning and midday hours will be best and again later so that goes for the evening commute as well.
4:52 pm
thunder out there. not much in the way of severe weather but if we do see a few storms materializing we could see that. friday a high of 83 so very similar to tomorrow with some scattered late day showers and thunderstorms. still feeling humid. look at the major change over the weekend with temperatures. we go from 83 on friday to 64 on saturday and then only 54 on sunday. some late day rain on saturday and rainy on sunday. doug's going to be breaking down saturday hour by hour coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> thanks amelia. >> there's a new way to get a discount at walmart you shop for what you want online pick it up at the closest store. it's walmart's latest attempt to compete with online sellers like amazon. about 10,000 products are included in the deal but the selection is expected to grow to more than a million items by the end of june. walmart says the price cuts are possible because it's saving
4:53 pm
the store instead of your house. >> a suspected murder is behind bars after shooting that left three people dead, simply because of the color of their skin.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
authorities say the man suspected of killing three white men in a racia
4:56 pm
in fresno laughed multiple times as he recounted the rampage to detectives. he took officers to the motel 6 where he's accused of killing a security guard and he took them back to the scene of tuesday's three killings. investigators say muhammad said he wanted to take out as many white men as possible because they were responsible for keeping black people down. >> well, if you have allergies, we don't have to tell you it is brutal out there. pollen is at its peak and the last few weeks it's been as bad as it gets. but there is some relief in the forecast. more on that in a few minutes. first news4 sha marry stone takes a closer look at our pollen problem. >> it's right here in my voice. >> keller? >> hi, how are you? >> reporter: he's getting an allergy shot at the institute in chevy ch
4:57 pm
>> reporter: tree pollen is bad this week. >> i want to rip my eyes out of my head and my teeth feel like they're all going to come out of my mouth and my eyes are just always dry and puffy. >> reporter: you've probably seen his enemy, the yellow greenish powder covering outside tables, cars and suvs. allergy season peeked over the weekend and it looks like the pollen isn't leaving any time soon, just ask news4 meteorologist tom kierein. >> reporter: this is when the trees are producing all their leaves. dr. amir sha la hi recommends you avoid outside air as much as possible. he shows us how to use a nasal prrl. >> right there. that's exactly how you don't want to be doing this. >> doing it like that for years. >> that's a common mistake. point toward the ear and point
4:58 pm
>> perfect. >> and of course the eye drops. >> one drop each day once a day for this particular eye drop. >> reporter: scott keller hopes it rains soon to cleanse the air for the both of us. tell me about it, scott. but it's almost basically to get your car cleaned right now because as soon as it's cleaned more pollen will most likely fall on it. and the doctor recommends that you drive with your windows and sunroof close and turn on your air-conditioning. in northwest d.c., shomari stone, news4. >> our news continues now with chris and wendy. >> announcer: news4 at 5:00 starts now. >> right now at 5:00 the changes coming to a local construction project that could lead to major relief for thousands of drivers. >> a new crackdown on foreclosed homes and why
4:59 pm
blight and revitalize some community. >> but first, a man in custody is accused of trying to abduct two little boys from a playground. good evening, i'm wendy rieger. >> and i'm chris lawrence. the suspect is also accused of exposing himself to a teenage girl. this happened along stuart lane in montgomery county and that's where we find megan fits gerald. >> reporter: so very disturbing story they're telling us. this all happened on easter sunday right at this playground just behind this. it was a 13-year-old girl who helped them identify the suspect even after the alleged incident because they say he was standing on his balcony watching children play. court documents paint a disturbing picture of what police say happened in plain sight of
5:00 pm
investigators say geda first exposed himself to children playing on this playground. not long after police say he tried to lure two boys just 8 and 9 years old to his apartment by offering them food and drinks. then investigators say he grabbed their wrists but the boys manage to break-free and run for help. geda told police he wanted the boys to play in an apartment. it's an incident that concerns many neighbors but at least for now, geda is behind bars and being held without bond. >> reporter: they are very concerned that there are more victims out there so they're asking parents to have a conversation with their children and if they see anything or feel like there's something suspicious and they might've interactions with him contact police right away. >> thank you. >> it is one of the biggest construction projects in our region causing a lot of traffic delays in the center of washington, d.c. now we know a big change will ease some of that congestion and


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