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tv   Today  NBC  April 22, 2017 7:00am-7:59am EDT

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tough good morning. tough talk. >> all options are on the table. >> with north korea threatening to conduct a nuclear test, vice president mike pence is saying the u.s. will take military action if necessary. we are live in south korea with the latest. and the president's surprise move promising a tax cut that could be the biggest one ever. the white house and congress hoping to make the big move on health care as well as just a week to go until the president hits 100 days in office. and the potential government shutdown looming. can all sides deliver? airline fiasco.
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just weeks after that airlines scandal. an american airlines pilot removed from duty after getting into a dispute with a passenger over her stroller and narrowly missing the woman's baby. passengers outraged with the chaos caught on camera. and the march for science. demonstrators worldwide hitting the streets calling for science to be celebrated, not ignored. and who are the people leading the charge? bill nye the science guy is joining us in the studio on this saturday, april 22, 2017. >> from nbc news, this is "today." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and welcome to "today" on this saturday morning. glad to have you with us. i'm craig melvin. >> i'm sheinelle jones. and dylan dreyer is here. good morning to you guys. >> yeah. this is vid f
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airlines now, of course, two weeks ago we saw the united video, but we want to get an airline here, that is catching bad headlines. >> this mom, she had an issue with her stroller, that we'll talk about later this morning. but people are talking about it. they are still bubbling. with that said, you would think everybody would turn down the volume a little bit and get along. >> the flight attendant has been grounded. we'll have more on that story in a moment. but first, jitters growing around the world with north korea threatening to test the nuclear weapon as early as this weekend. vice president mike pence saying today the united states is willing to do whatever it takes as it confronts the threat from the rogue nation. nbc's kelly cobiella is live in south korea with the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: craig, good morning. u.s. officials are watching this and they say there was no notable movement at north korea's nuclear test site this
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morning. but those same officials tell nbc news that north korea could still carry out a nuclear test or a test missile launch at any time. and they say that the north koreans may be using solid-fueled missiles, which could make a launch more difficult to detect in advance. vice president mike pence in australia today warning again that will if china can't deal with north korea, the u.s. and its allies will, saying military action is still an option. >> we also wanted to make it clear that all options are on the table. and that the united states is prepared to work with our allies to ensure the security of our allies in the region and ensure the security of the people of the united states of america. >> reporter: the vice president also saying the "uss carl vincent" should be in the region within days. and something we don't often see, a view from north
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cars lining up to get fuel amid an apparent rationing and price spike. china is the main supplier of food and fuel to north korea. it's not clear if this gas shortage is the result of china restricting supplies to north korea. the latest dates to watch now really are next tuesday. that's the 85th anniversary of the army in north korea. analysts say kim jong-un could mark that date with a missile test or a nuclear test. this morning, south korea's military is on alert. china appears to be as well, however, the government is denying that. and a fresh threat from north korea threatening a great war of justice if provoked. craig? sheinelle? >> kelly cobiella, thank you. now to france where the first round of the presidential election is just a day away. and it could have huge implications for us here in
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days after yet another terror attack in paris. richard engel is live in the french capital with that. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it seems like the whole world is on alert right now. a day after the latest violence in paris this week, terrorism has risen to the top of the agenda with just a few hours remaining before the polls open in paris. and the concern is there could be more violence, so security forces are fanning out nationwide to try to prevent it. last-minute preps at polling stations, campaigning is now officially over. with just hours to go before the first round of the most pivotal elections in recent french history. hanging in the balance is not just the future of france, but the euro, the eu and even nato. the leading candidates couldn't be more different. emmanuel macron on the center left. young, pro-european, he says he
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wants to make france more dynamic and b but not radically change society. and marine la pen from the far right is a nato skeptic and cozying up to vladimir putin. her victory would be a dark omen for the future of the eu, a critical american partner, and could sent international currency in the stock market into a tail spin. >> this could be a very dramatic rejection of the idea that france stands for an open society and that it is one of the leaders of liberal democracy in the world. >> reporter: with so much at stake, many groups are trying to sway this vote, including isis, to prevent more terrorist attacks france is deploying 57,000 police and soldiers. police gathered last night to mourn a fellow officer, this
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police as a career criminal who declared his support for isis in a note found by his body. president trump tweeted that the attack will have a big effect on the election and would benefit la pen because she's, quote, strongest on immigration. la pen is trying to capitalize on the attack saying her brand of anti-immigration and critics say racist nationalism will make france great again. the presidential elections here take place in two stages, the first on sunday, the next two weeks after that. pollsters say it is likely la pen will advance to the second stage, but that she will face a great difficulty getting enough voters to ultimately win the french presidency. back to you. richard, thank you. of course, the trump administration will be watching the election in france very closely. but president trump has a lot on his plate domestically as well. promising what could be the biggest tax cut ever, trying to repeal obamacare, and dealing
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the white house this morning. kelly, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, craig. for president trump who has talked so much about winning, there's a real push going on to identify some tangible victories before an upcoming report card. now, 13 weeks in office may not have the same ring to it as the upcoming 100 days. and so far there's no typical honeymoon to have some easy passage of legislation to start off his presidency. rarely does the president simply walk to an event with no motorcade, but his first visit to the treasury department next door to the white house made that easy. while there, the president teed up an unexpected headline for next week. >> we'll be having a big announcement on wednesday having to do with tax reform. >> reporter: the president described his tax cut proposal in an interview with the associated press as bigger, i believe, than any tax cut ever.
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the president's plate is full, closing in on the 100-day mark next saturday. with no legislative achievements yet, the white house is reviving efforts to repeal obamacare when congress returns this week. >> it will be great. >> reporter: are you going to do health care and taxes? >> we'll see what happens. no particular rush, but we'll see what happens. >> reporter: white house sources acknowledge that a second attempt to repeal is still a tall order, even lingering differences among house republicans. the president you are bed off expectations about this deadline. >> next week doesn't matter. >> reporter: but the calendar does matter to avoid a shut down. and the trump team is looking at a sweeping package to beef up defense and fund a border wall. despite the president's tough stance on immigration, he told the associated press, that undocumented minors known as dreamers, who fear deportation, can rest
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he said the administration is not er dreamers, we are after the criminals. after a tour of the border near el paso, attorney general jeff sessions answered critics who called him dismissive when he referred to the hawaii-based federal judge who blocked the immigration travel ban as being from an island in the pacific. >> i wasn't dplinishing the judge or the island or hawaii, the beautiful place. give me a break. i was just making the point that the very real, one judge, out of 700, has stopped the president of the united states from doing what he believes is necessary. >> reporter: and we have come to pay careful attention to the president's twitter feed. right now he's not limiting himself to just 140 characters. his team is now using some video to try to hammer home points they think are important, like this with some music to back up the release of the american who is also a dual national with egypt, who was in prison for three years and
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here's how the white house tried to capture the moment when she came here to the oval office. ♪ and i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free ♪ >> using a clip from the "washington post" and describing images from inside the oval office where she met with the president and ivanka trump and jared kushner. they are trying to emphasize his role of meeting with the egyptian president and urging her release may have been a pivotal factor in this. the little video that can be transferred to others and shared on social media in order to emphasize this as perhaps the unconventional part of the first 100 days. craig? >> kelly, thank you. let's get back to that airline story we were telling you about a few moments ago. new fallout for the ceo of the united airlines after that shocking incident in which a
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plane. united announced that oscar munoz won't take control of the company as chairman of the board next year as was originally planned. he will remain in his current role instead. munoz was widely criticized for his response to the treatment of the passenger who refused to give up his seat in favor of a united employee. and american airlines is apologizing this morning for the behavior of one of their flight attendants. a passenger's video shows a woman holding a baby and crying last night. this was in san francisco. the passenger said the flight attendant wrestled the stroller from the woman when another passenger confronted the flight attendant, they went nose to nose. the actions of our team member captured here do not appear to reflect patience or empathy. it goes on to say the american team member has been removed from duty while we immediately investigate this incident. and we'll turn to the 15-year-old girl who was onhe
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back at home with her family in tennessee after a nationwide manhunt to find her. that teacher in federal custody this morning charged with kidnapping. nbc's maya rodriguez is live in the teenager's home state of tennessee with the very latest on how she's doing. maya, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. today a look here at nashville, tennessee, where this girl is being treated for the emotional stress she went through during the six weeks on the run. in the meantime, we are learning more about her dramatic rescue and her alleged captured state of mind. today elizabeth thomas is back in tennessee. her family says she's comfortable and resting, but has suffered severe emotional trauma. >> she has to go back home and face the reality of school, family, friends. it's probably going to be difficult for her. >> reporter: the teacher accused of kidnapping her arriving last night at t
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jail in this car. tad cummings is being held without bail. capture happened in this remote cabin in the northern california woods. then when he walked outside, they made the arrest. >> he was laughing, he was going to be cooperative, whatever you guys need. he pulled me aside and made a statement that he was glad that this was all over. >> reporter: 15-year-old thomas found safe. police recovering two loaded handguns and maps from a suspect on the run 39 days. >> someone showed me a picture and i was like, that's the guy. >> reporter: the cabin caretaker call in a tip to police realizing the 50-year-old was a fugitive a few days into their stay. >> they said they were from colorado. and he said he was in a house fire. >> reporter: with cummins facing several charges including
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across state lines to have sex, thomas' parents are grateful. >> i'm just so overjoyed to have her home. that's she's safe. >> reporter: as investigators build their case, they say the teacher groomed and manipulated the student. new court documents contend before the pair vanished, kru s cummins told his wife he needed to clear his head, took out a prescription for cialis and visited walmart. police say that cheap motels were also bought with one bed. now, again, tad cummins is in custody and is set to be arraigned on monday. >> maya rodriguez, thank you. new questions are swirling today in the wake of the death of former nfl star aaron hernandez who hanged himself in his jail cell earlier this week. what did the notes he left behind say? and who should pay for the crime he committed? nbc's morgan radford is here with more,
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>> reporter: that she'lsheinell good morning. at the height of his career, hernandez signed a $40 million contract with the new england patryouts. now the mother of the man he killed said the patriots should give her any money leftover from the contract and pay her for her son's wrongful death. more bombshells in the aaron hernandez case. after the former patriots tight-end shockingly hanged himself in his jail cell. >> in what officials say is a suicide. >> reporter: now the mother of the man he was convicted of killing, odim lloyd, said the patriots should cough up millions of dollars for her son's wrongful death, even though, she says, it will never be enough. >> there's no amount of money that can bring him back. >> reporter: lloyd's family attorney argued that since hernandez's case was in the middle of the appeal, there's a possibility that his guilty verdict gets erased and that the patriots will owe him unpaid money fromis
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reportedly worth $6 million. >> we hope and expect to recover those moneys just described and any other assets available for this deserving family. >> >>er. >> reporter: this just days after hernandez blew his 4-year-old daughter a kiss in the courtroom. shortly after being found not guilty of another murder charge. >> not guilty. >> reporter: tried for killing two men, leaving a boston nightclub in 2012. prison officials found her mnanz hanged in his cell five days after that acquittal. by him, a handwritten note that told his fiancee and daughter that he loved them. >> the solitary sale is 8 feet by 10 feet. it's, you know, i have been inside the cell. you live a very, very limited life. >> reporter: friday a massachusetts judge ruled in favor of his fiancee's order
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preser preserve the information. >> god will forgive him of what happen happened. >> reporter: odin lloyd's mother said she would donate the money to scholarships in his honor. >> morgan, thank you. nbc's chief legal correspondent ari melber is here to walk us through the legal twists and turns in this case. so as morgan just mentioned, there's a chance that the 2015 conviction could be vindicated. of course, non-lawyers, what is abatement, and why is that a real possibility in this case? >> abatement says if you have not fini
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because you get the automatic appeal, then you're not done. and in this case, death, the underlying concern could be where justice should have been served and people think of this individual at this point as a murderer. >> from that said, we'll talk about the money. in that scenario, would that mean the patryouts would pay hernandez's family? and what happened odin lloyd's family? where does the money go here? >> the money from this is involved. it is unlikely to move the money around. the patriots don't own the family members anything unless they later find out they were involved. no one has alleged that. the family doesn't say the patriots owe them but invite them to kick in, to somehow contribute, because there was all this tragic impact on other families. but nobody is suggesting in a legal way the patriots were
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crimes. >> jose baez who once defended casey anthony in florida, he was handling the appeal in this case. he is not satisfied this definitively a suicide. we just heard that the judges ordered evidence to be preserved in the case. what can we glean from this? curious or routine? >> pretty routine. in journalism, it's an apparent suicide. in court cases, alleged suicide. there's no indication or evidence to come out that this was anything other than what it looks like, a suicide, but any time you have an individual who dies in police or prison custody, and you don't have automatic video or good eyewitness testimony about it, it is pretty standard. the judge eluded to in the report you just showed to say let's make sure. so it is often treated as an alleged suicide while the investigation is pending. that said, there were also notes left. so there's other evidence around it. >> all right.
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you can catch ari's show called "the point" on sundays at 5:00 eastern. the power is back on in san francisco this morning. a huge section of the city came to a standstill on friday. businesses shutdown, even the famous cable cars needed to tow. and the new york city subways are back to normal today after a power outage there crippled the system stranding riders on friday. and thousands of people are escaping wildfires in florida. at least nine homes have been destroyed in collier county alone. more structures were lost in polk county. and firefighters came to the rescue of a rhino and two p panthers at a wildlife preserve as well. dylan dreyer is here. first of all, happy earth day. >> thank you. >> for a meteorologist, it's a big day. if every day could be earth day. we'll take a look at the stronger storms that we have moving through parts of the tennessee river valley. heavy rain moving through
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round of pretty significant thunderstorms. we also have the chance of stronger storms across eastern texas and louisiana as well. later on this afternoon, storms could fire up from eastern louisiana up into tennessee. damaging winds could be the biggest threat. hail is possible and tornadoes are possible, too, but those aren't the biggest issues with this storm system today. here you see these storms firing up later this afternoon into this evening. and they fizzle out on saturday as far as the severe threat goes, but there could be heavy rain across the southeast. that's a look at the weather across the country, now here's a peak out your window. we still have the rain out our window right now. batches of rain will continue to move through the area as we go through your saturday. temperatures are going to remain in the 50s as well. right now we are at 61. that's going to be the high temperature today. but we'll see rain showers throughout the remainder of the day, unfortunately. and across the board, some areas are in the shenandoah valley and in the low 50s. grab the umbrella on the way out
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the door. you need it today andtomoow. and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you. still ahead here, how you can own a piece of history. marilyn monroe's former hollywood home. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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still ahead he still ahead here on "today," the dangers of flying debris on the highway. how you can save the life of yourself or someone driving behind you. and what the future holds for this little one at sea world. >> but first, these messages.
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severe storms moved into the area. [ no audio ]
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well, we have some rain out there that we are dealing with through much of your saturday. we are going to hit dry spots from time to time, so expect that, but also expect some rain out there. so make sure you grab your umbrella on the way out the door today. because you're going to need it. batches of rain as we continue through your saturday. temperatures are in the 50s. so what it feels like out there is 61 degrees. those temperatures are going to continue to drop throughout the morning once we continue to see the rain through here. so a wet and cloudy day, unfortunately. then we also have a wet day tomorrow, mainly showers south of the d.c. area and south of i-66 tomorrow. but i do believe we get a few in here by tomorrow night. we'll keep rain showers in here monday and tuesday. not drying out until wednesday. thank you, lauren. you can keep up with the news any time on the nbc washington app. we
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update in 25 minutes. and then more news and weather, a full hour, at 9:00 a.m. now back to "today." ♪ pretty good. you know bill murray is actor, but what about bill murray the singer? he has a new project on the way. that's coming up in "pop start." we are back on this saturday morning, april 22, 2017. the crowd out there is very lively this morning. we'll head out there later this morning. we'll head out there a little later to say hello. back here in studio 1a, here's what is making headlines for you this morning. president trump is promising a hefty tax cut this week approaching 100 days in office. and with the help of congress, he's ng
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on health care as wn looming. and today is earth day with thousands around the world expected to hit the streets and march for science. the event aimed to promote science, especially in policy in line of the president's proposed budget cuts. and sad news this morning after a prominent italian cyclist died after colliding with a van while training with his peers. michelle starponi claimed victory earlier this week. now the 37-year-old leaves behind a wife and two children. and we'll start out this half hour with the download, our recap of some of the week's biggest headlines. >> from the departure of a big tv star to a highway accident you just have to see to believe, those are just some of the stories that caught our attention. terror in the heart of paris. >> stay back, please! >> a gunman opened fire on two policem
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policemen. they fired back. shot dead as they could have shot us on the sidewalk as they targeted the policeman. >> reporter: isis claiming responsibility for the attack. the manhunt for the facebook killer, steve stephens, came to an abrupt end at this mcdonald's. >> the suspected killer ordered mcnuggets and fries and workers stalled his order and called 911. stephens sped off. >> he's behind a white ford fusion on buffalo road. >> reporter: after a short chase, the gunman took his own life. >> police say stephens shot godwin at random on easter sunday and posted the video on facebook. and aaron hernandez found dead in an apparent suicide. >> aaron hernandez was found dead tied to a bed sheet in his maximum security cell. multiple news outlets say john 3:16 was scrawled on his head. a biblical verse t
7:33 am
eternal life. >> it's very hard for me to accept the fact that he may have committed suicide. one of the biggest stars in cable news fired. >> bill o'reilly let go by fox news amid the storm of sexual harassment allegations. >> o'reilly's dismissal coming after a half a dozen women accused him of sexual harassment. and 50 companies pulled their ads from "the o'reilly factor." o'reilly defiant to the end. it is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims. and a bizarre scene on a california highway. >> they don't know what is going on here. >> a car lodged in the back of a big rig dragged for four miles. the driver pleading for help. >> he's not stopping! >> eventually, he did come to a stop and that's when the witness confronted the truck driver. >> dude, the guy is on your car. >> i didn't know. >> what do you mean you didn't know it, dude? he's on your truck!
7:34 am
of a hitchcock movie. a police officer on his way to work in indiana gets hit by a not-so-friendly bird. >> the officer backs up, decides, you know, maybe it was a random thing, i'm going to take another run at this. no, the goose having none of it, jumps at him again. see what happens -- oh! oh! and check out this little bundle of joy. >> this is how calvin wakes up every morning. watch this. literally everybody in this room is smiling. >> oh, my gosh, i have never seen a zipper. >> it's his baby straight jacket. but he loves it. you unvelcro the little thing in the middle and he stretches. he's so happy. >> oh, my gosh. >> he's just as cute as he can be. >> he woke up like that this morning, too. >> he's the happiest little boy. >> he is happy. >> he has no w
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love. they have all the fancy gadgets. and this moves. he can push it out. >> the whole thing is stretchy. it's not as confining as it looks. so he stretches in the morning and the crib is stretchy. he's nice and happy. >> there's nothing better. nothing better. >> you want to run home right now but you can't. you have to do the weather. >> a little bit longer. >> earlier i said happy earth day to you. and people seemed to think i said happy birthday. >> they are tweeting her happy birthday. >> it is easy to mix them up. but it is not my birthday. >> when is your birthday? >> not until august. >> it is earth day. let me take a look at what is going on down in florida where we have had extreme drought conditions. you can see there's a lot of rain over the gulf of mexico and a few scattered showers in naples. but it is in the middle of the state where we have most of the drought conditions, severe drought right through the middle here. 46% of the state under a moderate drought, too. so we do have the easterly wind creating dangerous rip cuts
7:36 am
so anyone vacationingwe d have water could bedangerous. so some rip currents could be pulling you more out to sea if you are in that area. as we go throughout the day today, we'll see scattered showers and storms. some could produce much-needed rainfall and some gusty winds. that may cause the fires to spread. so it is kind of a mix of good and bad here, but either way, the rain should help a little bit. that's a look at the weather across the country, now here's a peak out your window. we continue to see the rain showers move through our area right now. unfortunately, that's the way it will be through much of your saturday. also on sunday. also monday. and tuesday. we're not in the homestretch until wednesday. then we'll see rain as we continue through saturday. temperatures right now, look at the view outside, a lot of fog with the visibilities low. 61 degrees. we'll continue to fall into the 50s and spend most of the day with the 50s and wet conditions. and th
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forecast. >> dylan, thank you. just ahead, he's everyone's favorite science guy. now he has his own netflix show. bill nye is joining us in the studio in just a bit. and how to prevent that from happening to you. our rossen report on the dangers of flying debris. that's next. but first, these messages. [000:37:19;00] but first, these messages. ♪ lucis a lucky dog. but not every pet is as lucky as lucky. so we came up with a little idea, this year, when you buy any bag of dog or cat food at petsmart, we'll give a meal to a pet in need. it's like this: when pearl eats, peanut eats. when wolf woolfs, george gorges. and when moose mows down his meal, cuddles cuddles up to a bowl. you buy any bag, we'll give a meal. it's that simple. lergies with nasal congestion? find fast relief behind the counter with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ]
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finance your glasses with no interest if paid in full within 6 months, >> announcer: this portion of "today" is brought to you by- this portion of "today" is brought to you by zostavax. this morning on "rossen reports," flying debris. it happens when cars pile on top of cars. they get loose and pile into oncome traffic. >> and jeff rossen joins us with tips now, some important tips, on how to make your drive less dangerous for you and others.
7:41 am
jeff, good to see you. >> hi, s. packing up this weekend. my condolences. we know moving homes is incredibly stressful, but it can be dangerous for others driving on the road. we have seen it before when you see a mattress tied to the top of a car or truck that is flapping around and could fly free in a moment. rocketing through the air, right at the car behind you, maybe you are in the car. all because people are not tying it down properly. this morning, new cases caught on tape and how to protect your family. chaos on a new jersey highway. this mattress flying off a car sending drivers swerving. this truck tips over and explodes. the driver is killed. and it happens all the time.
7:42 am
wood planks -- broken glass -- debris coming loose and flying >> there it goes. ng into your car at highway speeds. >> it happened within a split second. i didn't have any time to react. >> reporter: abby matheas could have been killed when a large piece of plywood fell out of the truck in front of her. >> i saw it fly out and next thing i knew i felt the shower of glass and my ears were ringing as it went through my windshield. >> reporter: just weeks ago, this incredible footage when the mattress gets loose and goes flying. the motorcyclist behind has nowhere to go plow right into it. fortunately, he survived with no major injuries. and watch what happens on this busy highway, debris from a truck ahead shatters this driver's windshield. according to a government report, nearly 500 people killed every year, 11,000 more injured, when debris barrels through the air. why does this keep happening? >> well, let me show you what people do.
7:43 am
you take a mattress >> okay. >> the big box stores give out free twine for strapping it down. >> twine just like this. >> this is not hold enough to hold a mattress on an suv on a high speed. >> but when you get this from the store, you are thinks, it must be safe. >> that's the misconception people have. >> to show us, the highway troopers tied down the mattress with the twine. >> i think we're good. >> all right. check this out. right now i'm standing on an abandoned runway at a regional airport. we are working with the washington state patrol. this is my producer lindsey right over here. hi, lindsey. lindsey is getting into the suv with the mattress and get up to highway speeds, 50, 60 miles per hour. we're going to see if it stays on or flies off tied with the twine. meanwhile, i'm going to be over in a chase car, basically, right behind the suv with this trooper to see what it looks like and how scary it is if it does fly off. >> okay, here we go. i'm stepping on it. >> this is the common situation that you see right here. >> somebody transporting a mattress on their car.
7:44 am
>> 30. 40. going 45 -- there it goes. >> it comes right off. >> it flew off that car. and that is like a projectile, that's a missile flying into the air. once again, the twine literally snaps. the air catches the mattress sending it airborne in seconds. >> the object flying off the car, you hit that or the vehicle in the other lane. >> so what should you do? >> use ratchet straps. for less than $20, pick this up as a big box store. >> how does it work? >> i have this partially strapped down. you are going to take this up, feed it underneath the luggage strap, ratchet away. >> tighten it up. >> tighten it up. >> good to go. >> good to go. >> let's see. lindsey is behind the wheel again speeding up, even hitting 70 miles per hour. that mattress is not going anywhere. >> secured properly, it's not going to come off. >> >> reporter: this will save
7:45 am
lives. >> >> reporter: an easy tool that could prevent this from slamming right into you. so there's the similar tell takeaway. twine, bad. use the ratchet straps we showed you. if you see a car hauling something that doesn't look secure, pretty common sense, stay back, switch lanes or pass them. once you are at a safe distance, call 911 and report that vehicle. the troopers told us they don't mind to get the calls and responding to those emergencies because ultimately it can save lives. important information as we get on the road this weekend, guys. >> jeff rossen with very useful information. thank you. let's go to dylan now in the orange room with a look at what is coming up next. >> just when you thought it was over, the giraffe craze had reached new heights. we'll take a look at a beautiful meeting between two moms, april the giraffe, and the expectant mother, who posed as her before she gave birth. that's right after these
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7:49 am
april the giraffe's delivery. april may now be the internet's but she recently med another swrirl mom who comes pretty close. dylan is in the orange room with this story. >> this is cool. this is erin from south carolina. she took the internet by storm when she put on a giraffe mask in the final days of her pregnancy. you may remember this. she posted a seven-minute stream online with a giraffe mask on her head. she danced, sat, stretched and continued to be pregnant, though not nearly as long as april. erin had her baby boy on march 8th. so after a month later after much anticipation, april finally gave birth herself. well, the two viral stars met this week. they sent some time with her fellow new mom and they hit it off. she said, april loves porter. you can see porter's outfit came complete with a giraffe hat.
7:50 am
one facebook user saying, i know everyone is tired of hearing is too adorable. another writing, april the giraffe and the pregnant giraffe masked lady are now bffs. there are some things that are too pure for this world and my emotions can't handle these pictures. >> that is so cute. i don't know if we can handle another universal obsession. still to come here this morning, with wedding season fast approaching. how can save thousands of dollars on your dress.
7:51 am
7:52 am
but first, this is "today" on nbc. still to come on "today," another airplane confrontation. a crying mother, enraged passenger and a flight attendant
7:53 am
coming to blows. and ahead this saturday, it's earth day as we celebrate with the world's favorite science guy, bill nye. we'll check up with him before he leads one of the marches happening for science all around the world today. >> my birthday? no, wait. after these messages. >> wouldn't that be appropriate? ♪ (cat meows) flea bites can mean misery for your cat. advantage® ii monthly topical
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and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. thank you for joining us on this saturday, april 22nd. i'm david culver. we have a problem on metro. they are single tracking between glenmont and forest glen due to track problems at the wheaton station. riders can expect delays in both directions. a fallen officer is once again being remembered today. the invitational tournament can continue at oxford high school. he was a prince george's county police officer who accidentally was shot and killed by another officer during the shoot-out.
7:57 am
the tournament and ends tomorrow. thousands of people will take to the streets for the march for science today. it is due to be nonpartisan. it's been fueled by what some say are president trump's anti-environmental policies. and we'll check on the march forecast with lauren ricketts
7:58 am
7:59 am
right after this. let's get you over to lauren jiggetts now. it's a rainy morning out there. >> i know. we'll get your saturday underway. bring the umbrella. rain continues to move through in batches. so we'll continue to see the rain heavy at times throughout the day. but again, pretty much the name of the game today is rain showers. also, we have some rain in the forecast. temperatures will be in the 50s today. just a wet and cloudy day. temperatures tomorrow stay in the 50s. rain mainly south of i-56 tomorrow and south of route 50
8:00 am
in maryland. througut well. thank you. keep tabs on lauren's updated forecast on the nbc washington app. we'll see you on air in 25 minutes. good morning. good morning. tough talk. with north korea threatening to conduct a nuclear test as early as today. vice president mike pence warns the u.s. is willing to take military action if necessary. that as president trump promises a massive tax cut and a big move on health care all within just a week to go until he hits 100 days in office. but can he deliver? and airline fiasco. another heated confrontation just weeks after that united airlines scandal. an american airlines flight attendant removed after getting into a confrontation involving a


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