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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 23, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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we're at glen rocks apartment on corning avenue in washington. you see the damage there on the third floor apartment that's where the fire started. concentrated to floor below it. a lot of pandemonium around here. people heard flames and people screaming. they saw the smoke and called them out to make several called to 9-1-1. we talked to one witness who got here just as one of the women in that apartment trying to save her children take
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>> lady screaming saying help me help me get my kids someone call 9-1-1 so i get off my balcony i saw guys running over there and she started tossing her kids off the balcony and she got down and that's when it got real bad. >> four people were evaluated. including one firefighter, they were just evaluated here on the scene. two people who rescued themselves were taken to the hospital for evaluation. appears there's no serious injuries but they're checking on people to make sure they're safe. eleven apartments were effected about 30 people who will be displaced by this. we've seen red cross and others from social services on scene. here to help the families that were displaced by the fire. at this point no given reason for the
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>> live in for the washington. news 4. >> incredible details there that have been developing. you would have thought getting those images it could have been a lot worse. >> yeah the fire was so rapidly moving and people were trapped on the second and third floors and the fact they got out safely made a dufrifference. welcome in this sunday morning. >> we've gone up two degrees. >> that's something to celebrate. >> yes two degrees p 52 right now. so at this point compared to yesterday we were in the 50s topped down in the 60s at night but you know we had plenty of rain. much needed 0.3 of rain. we have clouds out e.
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sunshine. northeast wind. going to keep it cloudy with temperatures moving near 60 degrees for daytime high. they will continue to go up and up. low 60s is where we will top during the afternoon. more clouds will fill in the afternoon as well. we've got rain on the way coming later tonight. looks like a soggy morning for your monday. that rain will top out in 15 minutes. >> meantime if you have plan to ride the rails you may hit delays on metro because of emergency drills going on in the tunnel between the navy yard and annacostia stations. it started at 8:30 and should wrap up around 2 this afternoon. they're doing single tracking between the two stations. one entrance at navy yard station will be closed. drill is meant for
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first responders. >> tomorrow's commute will be a big test for new 395 ramp in downtown d.c. part of the $1.4 billion capital crossing project meant to help drivers merge directly on to the 395 south bound instead of using third street ramp. >> well i'm not pleased with the's thetaics. >> the capital project is expected to wrap up in 2019. >> the capital crossing projt
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for thousands around the world this weekend marked a global stance for science with more than 600 worldwide marches to support scientific freedom without political interference. spoke with marches in washington, d.c. along the mall. >> on this earth day scientists around the world did what does not come naturally. they marched. advocating for discover fact funding and public policies based on scientific evidence. a public health researcher, one ever the organizers. >> the idea that science can be neglected when you build policy is ridiculous. >> pediatrician mona hannah used science to show flint, michigan's led-dangered science. led-tainted water endangered that city's children. >> the science was the pivotal critical step to changing the story in flint and flint is perfect example of what happens when government misses science. >> there was an unmistakable under current at the march. what some called the trump administration's war on science. the white house want
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eliminate sea grant program. performing coastal research with universities across the country. nasa mission tracks climate change on earth and takes huge budgets out for national institute for health and environment protection agency. for many this was a family event focused on the present and future. erik olson brought his son lincoln. the son of a scientist himself he says the nation can't afford to disregard science. >> you're an engineer how important science to what you do every day. >> very important. it's the foundation how i do my work. >> he uses it to build building and building the case that science is indispensable. nbc news washington. we want to break down numbers all new this morning results on president trump's job approval ratings from th
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poll. 45% believe the president is off to a poor start in his first 100 days in office compare that with 35% who think the first three months have been good or great. overall job approval ratings stand at 40% down four points from february. now look see how it stacks up when looking at the past three. president obama at 61%. george w. bush 56% and president clinton 52%. that poll by the way has an overall margin of error plus or minus 3.3%. time now 10:07. a little chilly. as you plan your weekend
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♪ sunday, monday ♪ happy days ♪ tuesday, wednesday ♪ happy days ♪ thursday, friday ♪ happy days. >> the actress who so many folks grew up watching, on "happy days," erin moran passed away, found dead yesterday afternoon in her home after receiving a 9-1-1 call. she played the role of joanie cunningham. this morning we're hearing from actress who played their mother. >> i always thought of her as being so quick, talented, fast, can sing, dance, can go to school come back to rehearsal
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way ahead of all of us. that's why it's doubly tragic. >> we know an autopsy is being done to determine the exact cause of death she was 56 years old. p switching gears now, a piece of virginia is up in space. this is pretty cool. >> it is a company in dulles made a supply ship named after john glen late astronaut and senator from ohio. the ship took off from florida on tuesday and arrived yesterday at international space station with 9,000 pounds of food on board, will remain there until july.
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>> one of the country's most difficult law schools, talking about georgetown law, now taking lessons from an excon. >> that's right the man who turned his life around to go from prison her to law professor >> 41-year-old followed unlikely career path to become a law professor here at george down he was a bank robber. >> i went in with guns told everybody to get on the ground and went and grabbed as much money as we could in a minute or two and left. >> he was arrested bit fbi er charged with five bank robberies and pleaded guilty. he became a jailhouse lawyer in prison writing briefs for fellow prisoners. his third appeal went to the supreme court and by unanimous decision he won a reduced sentence for a friend. >> i was told time and time again by mostly lawyers that i would never be able to go to law school or get a law license. >> he defied the odds. recently posted tweet --
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>> i think before we met him, some of the people here thought wow this is a person with a record that raises some flags. >> georgetown professor paul rothstien says there's no longer any questions. >> this guy is really going to make a contribution to our students and bring a perspective here that no one else can. >> you might think his goal is to argue before the supreme court but that's not it. he wants to teach students about prison reform. >> i hope any job here will inspire people that do not bloef a second chance is possible. >> repng
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center. news 4. >> we started at 6:00 at 50 >> a lot of positive reaction to that news on our facebook live right now. >> >> that's right let's look at the weather right now. going to be short lived. >> yesterday it was gloomy and wet. we have more rain on the way but not yet. it will scoot in overnight. a good portion of the day will be for you to get out and do what you need to do yesterday i went home and napped for about seven hours. i didn't think i was going to be able to sleep last night that's why i have so much energy this morning. all right. we're looking at beautiful contingent out there right now. it's just beautiful. clouds will continue to increase during the afternoon but we're going to stay dry. rain moving in overnight through monday and tuesday.
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but now a lot of that drying up. a lot of showers in st. mary's county maybe through fredericksburg. this dry air working it's way in. clouds will increase later this afternoon. where we are getting sunshine temperatures up into the autos. we're going to be dry with an increase in cloud cover in the afternoon and evening dinner is looking good. as we get into montd morning commute going to be wet and tuesday going to be wet with occasional showers throughout the day on monday and tuesday but wednesday looking a lightning better with temperatures in the 70 srz back in the
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when we take a look at the numbers, i. . . . we have a president
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trying to, if bill clinton were only 60% presidents the goal is how to get 06% approval rating 50% was the mark they looked for. they fwot to 50% they feel okay. president trump feels fine in the 40s that's what they're focused on. if you are at 40 in day 100 history says you're more likely to go down than up. there's a period you can get up but usually as you're going into the first term if he is at 40 now where is he when midterms come. every other recent president has gone down from their 100-day mark. if you are the white house that is what should be concerning to you. >> wasn't all negative numbers when you look at poll on actions to series
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support. >> you're right individually the syria strike was something he did well on. but his overall characteristics, everything is done, which was a strength before, he's losing ground being honest and trust worthy even lower poll number now than before. but some of these individual actions are going well. i think if you were the trump administration you need to realize you need more action right now he's judged on personality and bluster, that's not a good look for this president. he scores better when judging him by action. >> talking about the action over the last 14u7b days. the last 100 days. looking back at history, the trend, not everyone president was up against this
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>> look it became important because historians took day one six day for george w. bush day 569. president said this is everything i will do in the first hundred day and you realize i'm still struggling to build political appointees in the administration in the first hundred days so i understand why he's upset but only himself to blame. >> he's got a busy show coming up. >> it is busy but it's fascinating. we didn't leave anything in the
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>> this is the closest you have ever cut it down. >> got to get it dow in five minutes. >> and five seconds. >> do you think people will tape it. >> now they'll know they can follow you on twitter of course too. you can check chuck in less than five minutes. >> no flipping. >> no stay on the channel. they always do. let's get to more positive news thanks to all of you who participated in the comcast cares day. >> volunteers helped to build furniture and paint walls in the school. volunteers say it is all about helping the kids in the community.
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progressive black men what they see is what they'll be i don't have at the give littany of proof that there's some dysfunction in the community. at some point if we don't clean our own house we can't expect others to appreciate our property. >> good point this is the 16th annual comcast cares days more than a thousands volunteers across the country. 10:26 on what has been a busy sunday morning. four things to know before you head out. the fire in for the washington eleven families without homes. officials got the call around 8:30 in morning, soon as we learn of a cause will push it to our nbc washington app updates. we also learned a man died after crashing his moped in arlington, man 45-year-old
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and a u.s. citizen is detained in north korea. tony kim was detained by officials yesterday as he was trying to leave the country from their international airport. and a chilly start heading out today. temperatures around 60s until late tonight. >> have a great sunday.
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. this sunday president trump and the first 100 days. he is rejecting the deadline calling it ridiculous and at the same time rushing to meet it. >> no administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days. >> no vick toik like tory like obama care. >> but he got his man on the supreme court. >> the most important thing is appointing people to the united states supreme course. >> plus, our brand new nbc news wall street journal poll. what the


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