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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  April 23, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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it was a terrifying attack. police say a man approached a woman, punched her in the face, and then tried to sexually assault her. this all happened around 3:00 in the morning saturday. the woman was walking right there near the corn he of 33rd and n street in georgetown. tonight police have hernandez crispin behind bars. he is 22 years old. police charged him with assault with intent to commit sexual abuse. two event in our area today, people stopped by the washington hebrew congregation center in potomac today. this year they are focussing on displaced persons. refugees are sharing their experiences about their struggles to find a home.
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at personal memorabilia from survivors and their families. jewish community relations council of greater washington held remembrance events today. a scary scene playing out inside a metro station all in the name of safety. we will show you what was going on behind the scenes. also a busy weekend but not a nice start to the work week. sorry. rainy, dreary weather is moving back in. am
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it looks like a real life disaster outside the navy yard metro today, but it was only a drill. metro is testing the way first responders react it smoke and fire incident inside the tunnel. they held a full scale drill from navy yard to the anacostia station. they set up a tree aiage area outside the station. this is also to look at their coordination, communication and to test the ventilation system under real world conditions. >> i think the key is the commitment to safety. you know, our general manager made it clear to our employees we are committed to safety so you can never do too many of these. we try to change it up but it brings in different first responders and seeing how they react. >> more than a hundredrg
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part of today's drill. it's love your pet day in drooek alexandria. if you didn't know there bass such a thing, people bring their pets on the west end of alexandria this afternoon. more than 40 local organizations were there as part of this. free party for the pups. alexandria's mayor says designating today as love your pet day is her way of recognizing the growing number of pet businesses and services in northern virginia. cute guy there. >> my dog knows i love her when i don't take her to those things. >> yes, my cat prefers to be home for the most part. >> do you take her for a walk? >> no. she sneaks into the garage and we get after her for that. >> i'm happy about the forecast. because a few days ago it
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like today would be the wash-out. as we know, that's not the case. even sunshine today. it was on the cool side. temperatures around 60 degrees. rain moving back in and chilly the next few days. monday and tuesday. look at your first weather headline. you will want the umbrella and rain boots. monday and tuesday, rain both days. wednesday is transition to warmer weather. thursday through next weekend as we close out april, hot and humid. first chance of hitting 90 degrees next weekend. right now, we're in 50s. 59 in washington. plenty of clouds up there. light showers moving into parts of southern maryland. these continue to move north during the evening and overnight hours and they are here greeting us tomorrow morning everywhere. northern maryland, d.c. metro, shenandoah, southern maryland. take a look at your monday planner.
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low 50s. a few degrees as we move toward midday hours. 51 around lunch time tomorrow. you also want probably the warmer jackets and warmer rain jackets. if that exists in your wardrobe. showers into the afternoon and evening hours. a high around 56 degrees. we hit that at around 6:00 in the evening. 7:00 p.m. tomorrow in mid 50s. weather will have an impact for sure on your monday commute to and from work. we are dealing with wet roads. recess for kids is likely indoors. chilly, damp. if you want the rain gear, go for it but probably just stay inside tomorrow. head to the gym. if you are going out monday night, you will want the umbrella as well. take a look at road conditions. wet roads tomorrow. tuesday as well. wednesday dry from start to finish. remember, wednesday is our transition day. this is the beneficial rain. not only bringing tree pollen out of the air, it
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bring us about 1 to 2 inches of rain. we need 6 to 9 over a month's time. hundred percent chance of rain on tuesday as well. mid 70s wednesday. 74 for a high. mid 80s by thursday and friday. mid to upper 80s next week and kristin, last weekend in april, was heat and humidity, late day thunderstorm friday and chance for another late day thunderstorm next sunday. again, rainy and chilly tomorrow and tuesday. >> okay, thanks, amelia. coming up in sports, back it carol in toronto. a scary collision for alex. update on the cap's
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capitals trying to avoid the stress of game 7 by winning game 6 tonight. joining us live from toronto, carol, after that scary hit on friday, i hear there are no worries or concerns over alex's health for tonight's game.
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>> all is a go for him. he is back and ready. canadians are so nice, they let us rock the red in the square. but yeah, he uttered the word decades ago, russian machine never breaks. reference to hockey blogs and story lines. he took a brutal hit on friday night that he says he is not forgetti forgetting about but he would hope to repeat. >> you have to take a hit or give a hit. so i'll take a hit and we win the game. >> that's the greatness of alex. you poke the bear, he is pretty driven. i thought he was pretty focused. that's why i kept using him because he had that look in his eye. he is on his game right now. and he is going to be a force. >> a force hoping to change fortune. in series clenching games, caps with only five wins out of 20
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ancient history. >> this group doesn't really care. what's happened in the past. they really care about what is happening now. >> talking about the history and things like that, doesn't bring me down or anything. i'm excited to go out there and we are trying to write our own history here. i'm excited for the challenge and it'll be fun trying to rewrite that. >> we have similarities of teams in the past and differences. in between periods, in between games, and something our guys are good at is making sure, not just saying it is just another game, it is a serious game, and don't try to play it down. be excited for it. >> i'm not going to sugar coat it, it would be fun to win here. it is fun to win at home and it is also fun to win on the road. we will take it wherever it comes and hopefully it is tonight and hopefully putting our best foot forth and get the job done.
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better than to end this here and send all these fans home. they are handing out towels, by the way, a hundred years of maple leafs hockey action. maybe they can use it to wipe away the tears. no? no tears? never breaks, man. here we go. i'll give that back. all right, good luck. good luck. have a good summer. have a good summer maple leaf fans. back to you guys. >> thanks, carol. one brave caps fan in the crowd. but hockey. we also have baseball season right now. nationals have won 9 of their last 11 games. tonight a match-up again the mets. for second straight sweep of the season, yoerorioles fans hoping break out their brooms against the red sox. drama on the field involving manny man manny
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this is sliding into second baseman dustin pedroia. pedroia hasn't played since then, he will have an mri tomorrow. teammates still not happy about it. six innings, three straight pitches, right at machado's kneecap. there was a warning of that sequence but in the eighth inning this happened, barnes letting one go at manny's head, just misses. you can see, he hits the bat. barnes is tossed out. machado is okay. pedroia could be seen here, telling that's not me. boston avoids the sweep winning 6-2 over o's. >> winning after the 18-point loss to the hawks in game three, still leading 2 games to 1 but after an awful start to last night's game that they couldn't recover from, bradley knows you can't take your foot off the gas in the playoffs. >> i think we might have been
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too cool. we didn't make a lot of shots but weren't really defending well either. we were thinking they would give us the game a little bit. they came out, they were more physical. they were aggressive from the get-go. >> they played with desperation. they played with some urgency. we knew that going in. and they should. they are down 2-0 on their home floor. that's part of being in the playoffs. you have to be able to manage up and downs of game to game. and we got to come back and play a better game and give ourselves a chance to win. >> cavs and lebron james and company trying to sweep indiana fourth quarter tied at 100. pacers in the midst of 19th hole run. pacers up by two with 1:30 to go. cleveland determined to wrap it up. larry bird's face says it all. cleveland goes ton win this one so indias
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>> go cavs. >>
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♪ from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with kate snow. >> good evening. at a time when tensions between
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running high and two u.s. intelligence officials tell nbc news that north korea could conduct another underground nuclear test at any time with no real warning, now a new complication. a former university professor, a u.s. citizen, was detained in pyongyang on what many observers suspect are false charges, perhaps to give north korea lerchl over the trump administration. it is unclear exactly what happened to the professor since the u.s. has no diplomatic ties with pyongyang. information is coming in via the swedish embassy, and local media reports. we begin with kellie kobaya in seoul, south korea. >> reporter: tonight with the uss carl vinson headed to the korean peninsula, another american is in custody in pyongyang. the associated press identifies him as tony kim. in his 50s, a former professor doing aid work in north korea for a month. arrested at pyongyang airport as he was leaving the count
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the secretive regime. ohio college student otto warnbier is serving 15 years for trying to take a propaganda banner as a souvenir. and korean businessman serving ten years, accused of spying. all bargaining chips, says former governor bill richardson, who has helped win the release of prisoners before. >> they always want something in return from the united states, a high-level visit or humanitarian assistance, but the good part about the humanitarian negotiation is that it might lead to discussions on other issues, and i think that's what is needed with north korea. >> reporter: but north korea doesn't seem in the mood for talking. today kim jong-un's regime threatened to sink an aircraft carrier, warned australia support for the u.s. would be a suicidal act, and threatened a nuclear strike on the country as vice president mike pence toured sidney. the latest satellite photos of
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show activity but shed no light on the regime's plans. so far no mention of kim in north korean state media. the state department says they're aware an american has been detained but won't comment further out of privacy concerns. kate. >> kelly, thank you. the results are in tonight after the fist round of voting in france's presidential election. the top two finishers a far right candidate who has praised president trump and a centrist move on to a run-off, which is setting up to be a showdown over the future of the european union. nbc's matt bradley is in paris tonight with the latest. >> reporter: a victory for the outsiders. after today's vote, up start centrist and pro eu candidate emanuel macron will now face off against far-right populist and anti-europe crusader march even le pen about. in a winner-takes-all election in two weeks. r
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france, no mainstream party will run in round two. it will be a high-stakes vote. the future of france and potentially europe in the balance. amid tight security, the closest presidential election in a generation. just three days after a terrorist shooting left a policeman dead on paris's iconic champs-élysees. vote said he hoped the attack would serve as a wake-up call, pushing voters to far right candidate marine le pen, who promises a crack down on immigration and increased security. >> i wouldn't mind giving up 10% freedom to have 10% more security. >> reporter: the birth place in france's rust belt north of paris is a perfect portrait of francis' split personality. this whirl about pool factory the moving to poland where labor is cheap. workers here blame the e.u. once a communist party bastion, many have swung to the anti-e.u.
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workers feel they've been abandoned, whether it be by the left or the right, said this union leader. for many young people, the e.u. still holds promise, and so does macron. >> i tried to defend this idea of europe, and i think he is the only one who defends it and that's why i support him. >> reporter: but macron faces challenges beyond france. le pen's populism is only one tremor shaking global politics. when the french return to the ballot box in two weeks their votes will determine their country's future and whether it maintains its place as a cornerstone of the european union. poll watchers are favoring macron in that run-off in two weeks, but don't forget that populist candidates and causes have a history of pricing in the past. kate. >> all right. matt bradley over in paris. thanks. turning to politics in this country as the president approaches 100 days in office, americans give him low marks in our latest nbc news
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40% approve of the job he is doing, down from 44% in february. this week the president and congress face a critical test. nbc's kelly o'donnell with the latest. >> reporter: despite the symbolic weight of the coming milestone -- >> my first 100 days in office -- >> reporter: for the trump white house, day 99 is a make-or-break moment. this friday government funding runs out. >> government is going to stay open? >> i believe it will. >> reporter: that requires a spending plan that can pass congress quickly. >> the negotiations are ongoing and that there's no reason we can't have an agreement as early as today. >> reporter: one of the president's top priorities is border security. >> who is going to pay for that wall? >> reporter: not so fast. president trump wants a budget where u.s. taxpayers bank roll a border wall. so we can get started early, he tweeted today, while still insisting at a later date mexico will be paying in some form. democrats oppose a
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a wall. the republicans have the votes in the house and the senate and the white house to keep government open. the burden to keep it open is on the republicans. >> reporter: what is a border wall a budget deal breaker? the white house chief of staff backed off and said funding to start planning wall might be enough. >> as far as flexibility for the border wall and border security, we will be okay with that. >> reporter: while president trump dismissed the first 100 days as an artificial barrier, today the white house rolled out a packed calendar of high-profile events counting down to day 100, from an unprecedented white house visit by the u.n. security council tomorrow to unveiling a tax cut plan wednesday, even dinner with the u.s. supreme court thursday, highlighting the president's clearest early achievement, appointing justice gorsuch. president trump says the 100-day scorecard is not meaningful and he describes his time here as a different kind of presidency. but on a m
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campaign fundraising e-mail went out with donald trump's signature that urges supporters to become 100-day members. kate. >> kellie owe ton el at the ♪ nobody does underwater stunts, sylvia. except me, of course. this is my stop. adios! ♪
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