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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 28, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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well it's a perfect nespresso hold on a second.orge. mmm. ♪ [mel torme sings "comin' home baby"] hey there. want a lift? ♪ where are we going? no don't tell me. let me guess. ♪ have a nice ride. ♪ how far would you go for coffee that's a cup above? i brought you nespresso. nespresso. what else? the search not suspended. police will work through the night to find an escaped inmate. >> tonight new pictures they want you to see.
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june. once the work is done, get ready. y your fares are going up. common antibiotics getting overused. why is your threat to health in conversations you should be having with your doctor? good evening. fi first up tonight, we are 14 hours into that search of an escaped inmate in maryland. >> the man's name is david watson. tonight police released a new picture. pictures they hope might find him. >> reporter: doreen, no credible sightings so far, but the manhunt continues for the escapee who may be trying to cover up some very distinctive features. these are images of body tattoos on escaped prisoner david wats n watson. the word evil on the back of his
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arm, numbers and letters and on the left arm. the teardrop on the cheekbone and a swastika between his eyes. he is said to have pushed past corrections officers who were bringing him to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation as they opened the door to the transport van. police say they found handcuffs and a waist chain at the scene. watson's clothes were found into the nearby woods. at a shopping center people were aware of the manhunt. >> not really at all. i haven't really heard about it until on the news earlier or through facebook. >> it's all about being home, being safe with family. i have confidence in our local law enforcement. >> reporter: watson is serving more than 100 y
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for shooting into the homes of law enforcement officers. he's also facing attempted murder charges. an internal investigation is underway in how watson managed to make his escape here. police are blocking wisconsin avenue here between p and o streets to investigate a shooting. police tell us a man walked into a hospital earlier tonight with a gunshot wound. he told police this is where he was shot. officers surrounded an suv that also appeared to have a bullet hole in it. we're still working to learn the man's condition and what led to the gunfire. the last two metro safe track projects could lead to major disruptions over the next two months. metro announced it would close several stations rather than keep them open with single tracking. first
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that will close five orange line stations. new carrollton, landover, deanwood, cleverry, and minnesota avenue. no dates yet for surge 16 on the red line. the shady grove and rockville stations will be closed for that. that will happen in late june. metro will cut back its hours so it can get more work done in the overnight hours. remember, fare increases take effect in july. work is getting started on a construction milestone for metro that will impact traffic this weekend. chopper 4 over the herndon station tonight on phase two of the silver line. all this weekend crews will be taking down a tower crane here. it's going to detour eastbound drives from the dulles access road onto the dulles toll road. the work began at 10:00. it will continue until 5:00 monday morning. theru
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downplaying another attempted missile launch from north korea today. officials tell nbc news the short range ballistic missile exploded soon after the launch. the u.s. had advanced warning and watched the missile closely. trump tweeted the test was disrespectful to china. the test comes a day after trump said the u.s. and north korea could be headed toward a major conflict. president trump called his first 100 days the most successful in history, but they've been marked by clashes with congress, the courts, and other countries. on january 27th, just a week in, he ordered a temporary travel ban on seven muslim countries. courts blocked
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he issued a revised order in march only to have that blocked again. republicans had to withdraw the house bill for health care back in march when they couldn't muster enough votes to pass it. neil gorsuch was confirmed. despite opposition that forced republicans to use the so-called nuclear option, changing filibuster rules for supreme court nominees, the senate did confirm gorsuch back on april 7th restoring a conservative majority on the supreme court. and the president foreign policy drew applause from his harshest critics when he ordered an air strike on a base in syria. tomorrow not only marks the 100th day of donald trump's
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presidency. it's also the night of the correspondent's dinner. he will not be roasting the president in person. president trump will skip the dinner. he'll be at a rally in harrisburg, pennsylvania, instead. the last person to miss the dinner was ronald reagan shortly after his assassination attempt. politics was not on the m menu. >> reporter: aaron just met daniel, a democrat. although they disagree politically, they just found out they had something in common. the group called the prime movers initiative is hosting
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conservatives. >> it is a good endeavor to bring people together like this. i haven't seen this varied of a group of people get together in a long time. >> reporter: it is part of a nationwide effort to create civil political discourse during president trump's first 100 days. they call it 100 days, 100 dinners. >> tonight we're trying to prove and show folks from across the political, racial, and cultural divide can get together, have civil conversation. >> reporter: no arguing like you saw at some presidential campaign rallies. >> we find across the political aisle and different perspectives you have things in common that bring you together and make it worth having a conversation. >> reporter: right now i'm in the kitchen because i don't want to disturb the dinner guests with my voice. each plate has a note on it. it says we will agree to speak and listen wit
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agreeing or disagreeing with respect and kindness. if only every day could be like this, if only we can put our differences aside and realize we might have more in common than we realize. another jumper. another big shot from john wall! time-out, atlanta. he has been sensational. >> they got it done. a win for the wizards on the road tonight. they're moving on in the nba playoffs. john wall and the wiz will play the celtics in round two. not coming back here to the phone booth until game three. the schedule for that series hasn't been released yet. >> we know the caps will be back at verizon tomorrow night for game two of their series with pittsburgh. that game right here on news4 along with our hour long special, the news4
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with erika gonzalez. chris miles will have more on the wizard's big win and the nfl draft. some d.c. government employees will start noticing less money in their paychecks next week and it's not their fault. hundreds of current and former workers did not have social security and medicare taxes withheld from their paychecks. the d.c. department of human services said today the problem dates back at least a decade. officials discovered it after a review of the city's retirement system last month. >> we're here to help them get through this situation as much as we want to get through it because we want a city that works well. we're transparent. >> government employees will not be responsible for paying back the money that was not withheld, but they may face some tax implications. current employees will see
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take home pay every week starting with their next paycheck. new tonight, sounding the alarm about infections that can't be treated the way they used to be. >> it is the end of the road for antibiotics unless we act urgently. >> next at 11:00, how the overuse of some antibiotics can help create super bugs that don't respond to treatment and what doctors are urging you to do. another weekend, another march on our national mall. when you'll see road closures tomorrow. right now tracking a line of severe thunderstorms back to the west. they're moving just to our north and west. they're going to have a little different impact on our weekend than you might expect. my updated forecast.
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up to 2 million people get sick every year with infections that don't respond to medicine and at least 23,000 of them die. those infections are a big concern to the medical community around the world and in this country. >> the medicine cabinet is empty for some patients. it is the end of the road for antibiotics unless we act urgently. >> reporter: that's formerly the head of centers for disease control. he's sounding the alarm. those infections don't respond to most usual antibiotics. they're known as superbugs. >> the superbugs basically are organisms that are resistant to most of the antibiotic classes that would be used to treat those organism. >> reporter: she is an epidemiologist who studies
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antibiotics at suburban hospi l hospital. she wants patients to know antibiotics aren't always the answer when they're sick. these tv screens in the lobby of the hospital warn they may not cure viruses, for example. >> taking antibiotics when you have a viral infection is going to expose your body to other antibiotics that are not needed. >> reporter: the antibiotics might not work. >> we see that in the case of common respiratory infections. it can cause ear infections in children. it can cause pneumonia. wea we have seen on the rise this organism has become resistant to azithromycin. >> reporter: the problem of antibiotic resistance is to alarming this year the world health organization called for the development of new
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of bacteria or superbugs for which new antibiotics are urgently needed. also on that list, pseudomonas which may sound familiar. prince george's hospital center closed its neonatal intensive care unit after some units tested positive for pseudomonas and two infants died from it. >> use them appropriately. use them correctly, and don't take them longer than what's needed. >> there are going to be times when antibiotics are absolutely necessary. lots of times, but it is always a good idea to talk to your doctor about your options and whether you really need antibiotics. >> if you have any unused medication sittingun
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house, tomorrow is the day to get rid of it. it is national prescription take back day. fairfax county tweeted out some information tonight. they say unused or expired drugs can lead to accidental poisoning, abuse, even overdose. and most teenagers who abuse prescription drugs get them from a home medicine cabinet. to find out about the locations closest to you, go to our nbc washington app and search drug take back. tens of thousands of people are ready to brave 90-degree heat in crowded downtown. >> the group is gathering for the people's climate march tomorrow. the sweltering temperatures will be appropriate as a backdrop for their cause. the march begins at the capitol at 11:00 a.m. and ends at the white house. organizers of the climate march wanted to cne
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science, but the science march group wanted a less political message. it's going to be hot for those marchers tomorrow and hot for all the rest of us. >> we're going 92 for a high tomorrow. that's a record high temperature for the day. this is also going to be the record warmest april of all time in the d.c. area. >> wow. >> if you didn't think it was that warm, it has been extremely warm. temperatures today in the 80s. yeah, tomorrow we get to 91 most likely. that depends on if we get a storm in there in the mix. if we do, that could stop a few things. looks like it is going to be a hot one all over. current temperature at 11:18 at night, it is 72 degrees. a very warm night and just a very nice night tonight. today would be a fantastic friday. it is exactly what it was with that high of 84. 70 in
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no rain in our immediate area, but look just to our north and west. look at the thunderstorm activity. there are severe thunderstorm warnings. i've seen a tornado warning here. all these storms moving to the north and west, and they will move just to our north and west. there could be a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm overnight tonight, but the bulk of this activity will stay to our north. this is on the north side of the ridge. that means the warm air can move on in across our region. it is going to get very warm tonight. 11:00, nothing going on. notice by 3:00 a.m. some showers. we may see a few 4:00, 5:00, 6:00. then they're out of here. then we see that hot weather move right on in here during the day tomorrow. 92 degrees. hot and humid. a few afternoon thunderstorms, but most of us will stay dry. one or two could get going. if you're heading down to the nationals game tomorrow as they take on the mets -- i know we lost tonight's game, but
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be incredibly hot down there. 92 as we're getting done with that game. make sure you're drinking plenty of water. if you have a shady seat, that's going to be the place to be. yard work and exercise better early tomorrow. the later you go, the hotter it is going to get. playgrounds, stay in the shade. power play tomorrow night for the capitals. we'll see you there. we've got that show from 7:00 to 8:00. we'll be out there on f street if you want to come on by and say hi. 92 on saturday. 83 on sunday. 83 on monday. breezy and windy monday, tuesday, and even on wednesday. chance of showers late monday night. most of the day on monday is dry. next best chance of significant rain comes next thursday and friday. that could be a big storm. that's one we'll be watching very close. it was a rough and physical
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wizards came out on top. >> sports next, but first here's jim jimmy fallon.
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did you see it? it was a big night for our wizards joining the caps in moving on to the second round of the playoffs. >> we knew they could do it. chris miles joins us from
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csn tstudios. >> wizatonight the wizards had chance to end their series with atlanta, but it was the hawks what brought the mma mats onto the basketball court. first quarter keep your eyes on the bottom of the screen. that's jason smith. he gets clocked by dwight howard. same guy that undercut john wall in october on a dunk attempt undercuts bradley biel. clearly the wizards remember that. both assessed technical fouls but remained in the game. wizards used dominant defense in the first half. wizards scored 24 first half points off turnovers. hawks weren't done though. that's kent basemore. that's when john wall goes
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check him out on defense with one of his signature blocks chasing down dennis shrewder. 42 points. after this bucket gave some citations to the atlanta crowd. bradley biel added 31 points. wizards beat the hawks, 115-99, and win the series four games to two. >> they're bad boys. both of them, they both bring different things to the table. when they're locked in and when they play team basketball, they are ridiculous good. but that's enough. >> gave us everything he had, and that's what you do. when you win a playoff series, especially the close out game, it is play until exhaustion. you have to just give everything you have and worry about the next game the next day. >> we're moving on. that's a great feeling. that is a great feeling. redskins colors aregu
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influx of crimson tide coming in next season. a second former alabama player was drafted by washington tonight. ryan anderson was taken as the 17th pick in the second round. he joins jonathan allen who was taken in the first round. the third round of redskins took corner sabian moreau. nats opening up a new series against the mets after sweeping them in new york last weekend. nats up 3-2 in the fourth. d'arnaud launches his second homer of the game. the mets take a 5-3 lead. the ryan zimmerman resurgence continues. this is his second home run in the game, tenth in the year. he is second in the n.l. still the mets lead 7-5. bottom of the ninth, scary moment for adam eden. he gets hurt rounding first. goes down
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has to be carried off the field. not a good moment for eaton. grounder up the middle. serves up the double play. nats fall, 7-5. back to
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[car engine failing to start] [wind blows] yo- wh- ah- he- [gas pouring] [slurps loudly] [engine starting] [loud slurping continues]
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is it the weekend yet? i think it is. >> the weekend is well
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for us
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- martin short, britt robertson, jessica seinfeld,


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