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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 18, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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kierein ready to tell us if dad can hit the golf course. >> it is sticky. if you plan on getting outside and getting outdoor activities in, i would say over the next few hours going to be the best time to do it because it looks like it will get uncomfortably hot by later this afternoon. breaking up over the metro. the heat index, feels like temperature may exceed 100 degrees by mid afternoon. already pushing 80 degrees across most of virginia. it's now at 79. hour-by-hour temperatures will be hovering near 90 as we get into the mid afternoon. it's the feels like temperature that makes it feel uncomfortable. there is a slight chance of a thunderstorm this afternoon. i have new hour-by-hour timing in a few minutes. we're going to start this morning with breaking news. >> montgomery county police have arrested three people in connection with the double murder o
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news 4's derrick ward joins us live from police headquarters in gaithersburg with late details. hi, derrick. >> reporter: good morning. well, first off, police chief is saying even with these arrests this investigation is by no means closed but it has, indeed, turned a corner. this is an arrest in connection with the murders of najjar and zimerov. three suspects in custody. take a look. edgar garcia giona, roger garcia and 25-year-old yanez. this is all in connection with a june 5th shooting. that's when the victims, najjar and zimerov were shot in a car city they were sitting in montgome montgomery village. that shooting stems from a robbery najjar committed back in 2016. police believe -- this is from talking to informants and
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drugs were stolen from the victim in that robbery. that victim was a girlfriend of one of the suspects, jose yanez. that victim was dragged by a car according to what police have developed now. it seems it may have been retaliation to najjar and the other victim was an innocent victim. we talk to the father of one of those victims. >> well, first, relief. and i want to thank, of course, police detectives and all the people who made this possible. i know the work is very hard. they're working day and night to solve this case. everybody was looking for this moment. i am glad know caught them and i hope they rot in hell. >> reporter: now each of those suspects face two counts of first degree murder and conspiracy, and this case is by no means closed. live at montgomery
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headquarters, derrick ward, back to you. >> thank you, derrick. breaking news out of prince george's county. maryland state police say a trooper was nearly hit by a car overnight. this happened on the allentown road in forestville. near joint base andrews. we're told the trooper had to jump over the guardrail to avoid being hit. the driver was not seriously hurt. the move over law does require drivers to move over when they see an emergency vehicle on the side of the road. d.c. police are now searching for whoever shot four people. you're looking at video from that scene. police say that the multiple shooting happened shortly after 1:30 on beuena vista terrace. a group of kids are hurt following a serious crash. that crash happened around midnight. we have a map here that shows you where it all happened. this is along the klara barton parkway in bethesda. take a look at this picture.
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out. they said five people had to be transported to hospitals. no one is dead thankfully. it's not clear how many are hurt. u.s. park police are investigating this incident. it will be a tough faerp's day for the families of seven u.s. sailors. they were found dead. they were reported missing after the "u.s.s. fitzgerald" ran into a container ship. that crash happened on friday. later they said they found the sailor's bodies in the damaged part of the navy destroyer. the navy will release the names of the sailors after the families have been identified. montgomery county officials are working to identify the body of a person pulled out of maple lake. a 13-year-old disappeared and they found his belongings near the lake but they haven't confirmed if that body is the teenager. an update on the congressmen and lobbyists shot in wednesday's baseball field shooting. they're doing better
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morning. house majority leader steve scalise is talking to loved ones and is more responsive. his condition has been upgraded from critical to serious. lobbyist matt mika also had another surgery. his family says he was likely to stay in the icu at least through the weekend. meanwhile, the fbi has finished collecting all of the evidence related to wednesday's shootings. things in the del ray neighborhood starting to get back to normal. the baseball field is still closed. people we were talking to said they're relieved to move around more freely for the first time since the shooting. >> you make play dates with your neighbors and try to give them as much exercise as possible. it's been hot. even if we were here, we wouldn't be out too, too long. it's nice to have our lives back. that's all. >> alexandria officials say the large baseball field has been cleaned by a certified contractor. it could re-open as early as today.
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free after a dramatic outcome from a court case that gripped the nation. >> the montgomery county judge's decision says a mistrial is gaining interest. the prosecution is telling cosby it is too soon to celebrate. >> reporter: for bill cosby, neither vindication nor victory says judge stephen o'neill as he declared a mistrial. the jury deliberated 52 hours, longer than the entire trial. unable to unanimously agree whether cosby drugged and sexually assaulted andrea constant. a former temple university baseball coach. cosby claimed the encounter was consensual. we are confident that these proceedings have given a voice to many victims who felt powerless and silenced. other women who have accused cosby of assault vow
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>> only 2% of rapists ever spend one day in jail. it's time to reform, people. open your eyes. >> reporter: afterwards cosby remained quiet while a spokeswoman read a statement from his wife camille blasting the prosecutor who made prosecuting cosby part of his election campaign. >> how do i describe the district attorney? heinously and exploitively ambitious. how do i describe the judge? overtly arrogant and collaborating with the district attorn attorney. >> reporter: with no hesitation he said he would put cosby on trial again. >> in all of our minds, this was the right thing to do. >> while more than 50 women have publicly accused cosby of sexual misconduct, constant's case is the only one recent enough for criminal charges. accusers like jewel allison who claims cosby assaulted her in 1990 were there assaulting constant and hoping cosby would finally be found guilty. >> i thought it was right there. sitting in class and
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comes and writes it all out on the blackboard and it says 2 plus 2 equals 4. >> reporter: do you think eventually the court will convict him of a crime? >> he walked out but the bars were all around him. he's in jail now. i can see it in his face. >> it's too early to celebrate, mr. cosby. round two may be just around the corner. >> nbc's ron allen reporting there. taking a live look outside. you've still got the clouds lingering, but do you have plans to take your dad out for father's day? storm team 4's tom kierein will break down the forecast for dad's day out. plus, we're going to talk about the latest developments in the russia investigation. why president trump says thiss i
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welcome back. take a look at this. portugal has declared three days of national mourning following the death of at least 62 people in one of the country's deadliest forest fires in decade. now the interior minister updated the casualty number this morning. many died in their cars in flames when the flames swept over the road. it's ranging 95 northeast of the country's capitol of lisbon. president trump is waking up this morning at camp david. this is his first trip to the presidential retreat. the visit comes as the president is providing new insight into his finances releasing details of income from his businesses, including his new hotel here in washington. nbc's kelly o'donnell has the details. >> reporter: the president's approval rating remains mired in a gloomy range. 39% surveyed by gallup like the job he's doing, but mr. trump rolled out his own new figures, a 98 page
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disclosure form not due until next spring. not as detailed as tax returns he refuses to release. the president reports his family business income in wide ranges at a minimum of $595 million since january 2017. his important hotel boasts revenue of $19.6 million. his palm beach resort mar-a-lago saw profits soar to $37 million. that's more than double what candidate trump reported in 2015. despite tweeting this phrase about the russia probe, i am being investigated, sources close to the president's legal team tell nbc news he has not been informed that he is under investigation and was referring to news accounts. special counsel robert mueller has broad authority. >> in the end he's going to go slowly, carefully eventually going up
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the president himself. >> reporter: after 149 days in office the trumps are making their first trip to camp david. a trip enjoyed by 13 previous presidents and a haven of history. site of negotiations for middle east peace from carter to clinton. personal diplomacy with world leaders and, yes, vladimir putin has been there, too. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell reporting there. be sure to watch this week's edition of "meet the press." he's going to speak with senator angus king and speak with senator marco rubio and chuck is going to join us on the set with a member of president trump's legal team. time right now is 9:13. hey, it is a hot one out there for this father's day. take a live look at the nation's capitol this morning. tom kierein breaking down the hot and humid forecast. easily one of my favorite stories of the day. we are going to intro
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still flying high. good morn
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hot and humid afternoon on the way. great way to stay cool is in a pool. and the forecast for the pools for this sunday -- this father's day afternoon is going to be up around 90 degrees right at the pools. so you definitely need the sun
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going. a lot of humidity in the air. will be hovering around 90 in the afternoon. slight chance of a little thunder shower roolg through. if you hear thunder, get out of the pool. a greater chance of very strong storms tomorrow and the timing in a few minutes. >> sounds good, tom. at an age when most of us are slowing down an 84-year-old air force veteran from new york is hitting the acceleratoaccelerat. he's turning back the clock when he reached unimaginable heights. andrew shiv was there when he got back at the controls. >> everybody has a bucket list. >> reporter: he may be retired -- >> i'm just getting these ready for my pet fish. >> reporter: but sid elner -- >> all right, guys. come and get it. >> reporter: -- even
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84 -- >> it's fun. >> reporter: -- still has big plans. >> my mind is telling me i can still do it. there he goes. the challenge is still there. >> reporter: when he's not at home in westchester, you'll find sid at the gym. >> my basketball buddies gave me this nba basketball. >> reporter: shooting hoops with men half his age. >> 84. >> reporter: and it's no wonder he has good reflexes. after all -- >> reporter: how old were you when you became a pilot? >> 21 years old. >> reporter: he's an air force veteran. you feel pretty confident in your ability as a pilot? >> yes. the training that we received in the military is just sensational. >> reporter: and now he's part of a special club. >> the group is called the uufos, united flying octogenarians. >> reporter: pilots who won't let it slow them down. >> how many
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>> 61 years since i've flown a b-25. >> reporter: sid told his daughter sydney but another mission. >> you finally found one flyable. >> you can keep it on the ground a little bit longer. >> okay. >> you know the routine here. >> reporter: and this trip is more than routine. >> okay. >> reporter: what does it feel like to know that at 84 you've still got it? >> it's like you won the sweepstakes. i have to pass a rigid physical every year. i just call it good luck. >> reporter: destination, delawa delaware. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: we're at the aviation museum. >> great day. >> reporter: he got to fly the same aircraft that he captained in the korean war. >> like you hadn't ridden a
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it felt heavier on the controls than i remember. >> reporter: and as he took off, he thought back not only on his military years but many trips later called angel flights when sid brought sick kids to new york for transplants. >> that was unbelievable. i enjoy it, but what it can accomplish to me was more important than being up there and boring holes in the skies. >> reporter: it's the wisdom of having earned your wings and appreciating your kraft. >> having the opportunity some 60 years later to get in it and actually be at the controls was just a great experience. >> reporter: andrew shiv, news 4, new york. >> such a cool story. meanwhile, people had the chance to see more than 50 vintage
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military aircraft yesterday part of the smithsonian's annual innovations and family day. the event also included the flyover of an air force b-2 bombers. >> we don't realize the gems that are right in our backyard. over at the chantilly museum they do sleepovers. you can do a sleepover. >> so cool. >> cool to be among the stars but to be among those kind of aircraft, that's real neat. >> great day. great father's day at least for now. but by later this afternoon it's going to -- you just want to stay cool. >> yes. >> however you do it. however you do it. hope and pray the power stays on and the ac stays on. it will. we don't have any storms today. it's tomorrow that we may be dealing with some power outages in the afternoon with strong to severe storms tomorrow afternoon. we'll talk about that in just a second. right now there's the sky over washington. live view from the storm team 4
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air. it's just thick, oppressive humidity that is greeting us on this sunday morning. temperatures hovering up around the upper 70s, 80 degrees. shenandoah valley all the way to the bay and hovering around 80 degrees. cloud cover early this morning is quickly breaking up. by noontime, mid 80s. warm and muggy midday. then the peak of the heat with that heat index mainly over 100 right in the city. that's going to be between around 3:00 to around 5:00 p.m. by 6:00 back down to near 90. that will have a chance of an isolated shower and then warm and muggy for this evening. by 9:00 tonight still going to be in the low 80s. all dry on storm team 4 radar. it's tomorrow afternoon. here's the new timing on that. by noontime
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by 2:00, 3:00 storms developing. it quickly moves off to the east and quickly moves away monday night. the main effect, heavy downpours causing localized flooding. lower threat of hail, damaging winds. much nicer tuesday and wednesday. humidity back. hotter towards the end of the week. maybe more storms friday, saturday, next weekend as well. that's the way it looks. >> thank you, tom. the big question, are the twins here? reports all over the web saying that beyonce is a new mom two times over. hear what our sources are telling us. news 4 continues right after this.
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it's a future where health outcomes are valued over volume. a future where out of pocket expenses are capped. and medicare coverage comes with more benefits, like dental and vision. when will this future arrive? it's already here, with the 18 million americans who rely on the public-private partnership of medicare advantage. medicare advantage.leading the way.
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and the 1-0. loses the bat and salils it int the seats. >> woops. tim tebow, swing and the miss. the bat went flying, too, right into the stands there. this is at the columbia fireflies game last night. he is the left fielder for that team. he lost his grip and the game in charleston, south carolina, last night. someone in the stands didn't get hurt but got a nice souvenere there. they got the lumber. tebow's team lost to the charleston river dogs 3-0. wow. well, this father's day might be turning out to be extra special for rpe
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according to e news jay z and beyonce have welcomed their twins. >> what? >> the power couple announced the pregnancy back in february when this picture went viral. the addition of the twins makes them now a family of five. the babies have a big sister, 5-year-old blue ivy. as of right now no word on what the names are. we're all wondering about that. >> i'm not sure about that announcement picture with the veil. >> it was unique. >> definitely. congratulations to them if that's the case. hey, a little bit of a breeze outside of union station but it is hot as well. already 79 degrees at 9:28 this morning. it's just going to get hotter today and also humid. tom is going to break it all down for how hot we are talking when we come back. check this out. dramatic video catches speeders tearing through local neighborhoods. now a resolution has been created but the solution a year later, nothing's been done, so
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for millions who suffer from schizophrenia a side effect of their medication... is something called "akathisia." it's time we took notice. welcome back. at 9:31, here's a look at some of the top stories we're following for you on sunday morning. montgomery county police have arrested three people in the shooting deaths of two montgomery county students. najjar and zimerov were killed the night before they were supposed to graduate from northwest high school in germantown. childreer
9:32 am
people who were hurt after a head-on crash. this happened around midnight in bethesda. comedian bill cosby free on $1 million bail. a pennsylvania judge declared a mistrial in his sexual assault trial. more than 50 women have accused cosby of sexual misconduct, accusations which he denies. the district attorney plans to retry the case. and we are off to a muggy start on this father's day, but don't let it get you down. >> yeah, don't. good day to celebrate. >> it is a good day to celebrate. not so sure about hitting the golf course today because that might be hot and sticky. do want to welcome you all in. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm angie goff. >> we want to go to a father. happy father's day, tom kierein. when are we going to see some relief. >> getting a little bit of a breeze, you can hear it on my microphone. that is stifling, oppressive humidity. i'm out here on the storm team 4 weather deck
9:33 am
cover is breaking up. here's a live view from the storm team 4 tower camera. there is tyson's corner on the horizon and beyond that out near chantilly is the sully historic site where they have their annual father's day car show. it attracts thousands. this is going to be a great day for the car show. just drink plenty of water and there are trees around there so you can kind of say in the shade. great car show. i've been there in the past. the show opens up at 10:00 this morning and it closes at 3:30 this afternoon. great day for the sully car show at the sully historic site near chantilly in fairfax county. i have the new hour-by-hour forecast in a few minutes. 9:33 right now. covering the district this morning, another noose was found near a museum on the national mall. this is the third incident in recent weeks. park police say this one was spd
9:34 am
gallery of art. someone found it hanging from a lamp post. park police are investigating how it got there. you might recall last month tourists found a noose inside the national museum of african-american history and culture and also one on the grounds of another museum. covering northern virginia this morning, arlington county police say a dangerous man is off the streets. dejon jones of woodbridge was arrested last night. he is a accused of killing adonis wright. wright was found shot friday night on south lowe street in arlington. he died at a hospital. police say the two men got into an argument and jones shot wright. jones took off before the police could get there. we want you to take a look at this video right here. this is a teenager street racing down a residential treat in prince williams county. he slams into the right truck. neighbors say speeding on this street has been out of control for years. investigative reporter jody fleischer shows why a fix recommended back in
9:35 am
hasn't been done. >> reporter: jerry metcalf says cars racing up and down featherstone road is nothing new. he sees it every day. >> they're not really hot rods, they're kids with whatever car they're driving. >> reporter: he's wanted a stop sign or speed hump for years, and that was before he was almost caught in the middle of this. >> all we heard was a loud boom, look out and my car is moving. >> reporter: the video shows two cars racing and passing another car. the teen driver narrowly missed a tree before slamming into terry's suv parked in his driveway. >> the officer told me he said he was run off the road. i said, wait a minute, let me run back in the house and see if i have it on video. >> reporter: terry said he had gotten them for home security and he had forgotten they were here. once he went back and checked the footage, he realized what a close call it was for him. he and his wife had just returned home from shopping and went inside instead of
9:36 am
the crash happened four minutes later. >> if i was behind the car pulling the mulch out, i wouldn't be here. >> right after that happened i sent a letter to the county supervis supervisor. >> reporter: it wasn't the first letter or the second or the third. more than a dozen e-mails documented his fight to get a speed table installed right near kerry's house. it's basically a longer, flatter hump like this one. prince william county found it was needed back in december of 2015. >> i spent eight years working for congress and i thought that they were slow getting things done. >> reporter: the road belongs to virginia's department of transportation, but the county is responsible for the fix. >> county government can't just come into a road and plop something down right in the middle of their property so we have to work with vdot as well. >> reporter: according to todd's e-mail, vdot first denied it and then the marina supported it. next, they said it
9:37 am
use of the nearby park but it has its own speed trail. he said he spoke with officials almost weekly. >> a gentleman from vdot called me and said, i didn't realize what was going on in your community. >> reporter: it took him three months to get 75% of his neighbors to sign off and then they had to secure funding and winter temperatures caused delay. >> i didn't know who the buck stopped with so i kept pushing and pushing. >> reporter: finally they approved it six days after this crash. >> certainly it solidifies it's a good thing we're doing this. >> reporter: terry says in the meantime officers have stepped up patrols. when we're there, nothing is go going to help us. he's also f
9:38 am
driving and child endangerment charges since his two young siblings were in the back seat during the crash. >> i mean, it's just plain stupid. they need to do something down here before somebody actually dies. >> reporter: terry says this really scared him. he actually waits till officers are there running radar before he'll even mow part of his lawn. the neighbors say they'll believe it when they see it but they are optimistic. jody fleischer, news 4 i-team. >> 9:38. am i starting to see sunshine? >> a little bit. >> you also said chillaxing. the word of the day, guys. tom is breaking down the forecast. >> you don't have to tell me. i'm going to chillax. a fascinating look into the ebony fashion fair. you'll watch this
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welcome back. if you have not been to the new textile museum at george washington university, we're giving you good reason to check it out. >> this is cool. they are now featuring the 50 year retrospective from some of the most memorable moments of the ebony fashion fair. news 4's barbara harrison has a look. >> reporter: this is the way it was, a catwalk of color full couture designs from the great fashion houses of europe. but as ground breaking as the fashions, what captured the attention of america were the colorful models who wore them. history now remembers the 50 years of the ebony fashion fair. the road show that took high fashion to towns and cities across america. from the 1950s through the turn of the century. this final extravaganza in 2009. at the textile museum at george washington university, a visiting exhibition has brought
9:42 am
again. the faces of those who wore them still beguiling, now frozen in time. what was it like? >> it was a lot of this. a lot of that. >> no smiling? >> some smiles but mostly a squint. >> reporter: leah spencer was once one of them. growing up here in washington, she never planned on becoming a model. >> this was never something that anyone would have foreseen in my future, anyone who knew me anyway. i got involved my senior year in college. a former fashion model approached me and asked if i had a job lined up after i graduated, and i did not. so she gave me the information to audition. i flew up. i met mr. and mrs. johnson and i was on the road. >> reporter: unit jos son, wife and founder of ceo of johnson publishing, she looked for models representing every shade of black america. >> it is cut into strips. >> reporter: the curator of contra
9:43 am
just about a fashion show. >> when you bought a ticket for the show, you had entrance to the fashion show. a portion of your ticket price was for a subscription to ebony and "jet magazine." >> reporter: it was also to giving back and the ebony fashion fair raised $55 million for charitable causes. while the johnsons became some of the best customers of the great fashion houses around the world, there were early roadblocks. >> many designers were reluctant to sell to the johnsons because they were afraid that their sales would suffer with their designs on black skin models. >> reporter: but designers were soon to realize, they were wrong. their brands were actually enhanced by the enchanting shows that were the ebony fashion fair. >> this looks nouveau chic. >> the people that were there had not seen themselves on run
9:44 am
beautiful in magazines. an opportunity to go to see their beautiful brand celebrated is powerful. >> in a look that's hot on the dot. nbc's barbara harrison reporting. a worldwide organization hopes to make father's day one to remember for those without dads in their lives. that's next. you're watching "news 4 today."
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9:47 am
as we celebrate this father's day, there's an organization to lift the spirits of folks who don't have dads. >> the miracle foundation helps millions of orphans and provides some with male role models in their lives. rachel cole has the story. >> to see the impact that you can have in a short period of time with those kids, it's life changing. >> reporter: billy baker says volunteering for the miracle foundation is his way of being a father figure to millions of orphans who would otherwise go without. >> there are 132 million orphans worldwide and what the miracle foundation has done is they've put together a methodology where they can actually measure the success and the impact they're having on the community for the lives of the kids. >> reporter: he and his son boone traveled to india in 2015 to meet
9:48 am
who need a little extra love. >> it was a great bonding experience for both of us. we were able to see part of the country, but to be able to dig in deep and provide a service and spend quality time with the kids who really don't have male role models necessarily. >> reporter: he says the idea to give these children a chance in the developing world to not only thrive but survive. >> which is proper health care, proper nutrition, food, water and education. >> reporter: the father's day campaign is a way for the world to raise money or simply support the success of so many minors who have nowhere else to turn. >> why not contribute to the miracle foundation and let them do the work they do to spread the seeds for your father's. >> reporter: baker says instead of giving a tie or tool, give to kids without dads on father's day. >> great story there from rachel cole. we want to wish each of you dads out there a happy
9:49 am
he's the one that turns our mikes off and saves us a lot. >> keeps us out of trouble. >> keeps us out of trouble. tony with his family. here is robert, my husband. who is amazing. he lets the kids dress themselves first. that was interesting. >> at least they got dressed. >> that's right. and adam. happy father's day to you. >> thank you. >> you and your gang, your crew. >> yes. >> i love your tie. >> we have a basketball team. i wanted to point this out because this was from my mother-in-law who has great ties and this is deacon and down here is june and if you scroll down here you can see annabel. so my mother-in-law did really good at these types of themes. >> that's hilarious. >> put all of my kids -- >> oh, one more gift. >> you and tom can actually share it. >> oh, a lint roller. >> but it's
9:50 am
>> it comes right out. >> look at this, from angie goff, a lint roller because i'm constantly covered in dust. >> you're always asking for tape. >> angie got me a porsch e-91ep. >> the events for dads, it's going to be okay. you just have to respect the heat as we're going to continue to have the heat and humidity with us here into the afternoon. right now still fairly pleasant. just kind of oppressive humidity and temperatures around 80. by this afternoon you're going to want to seek shade or maybe get to a pool. the cloud cover breaking up. look at all of the haze in the air. heat index right in washington. maybe over 100 this afternoon. the district of columbia does have a heat advisory until 6:00 in the afternoon. oh, yes, up to 80 degrees from the shenandoah valley
9:51 am
ragan national at 70 degrees. mid 80s. we'll be hovering in the mid 90s. that's going to be the peek of that heat. isolated storm by 6:00 p.m. by 9:00 p.m. around the low 80s. storm team 4 radar, no storms now. tomorrow, that's when we'll likely see some popping up. here's the new hour-by-hour timing. most of it settled until 2 or 3:00 in the afternoon on monday. it's after that around 3:00 to maybe as late as 4:00 to 5:00, 6:00 p.m., that's when we're going to get the strongest storms. some of the strongest storms east of the 95 corridor around 5:00 p.m. other lines may be going north and west. then kind of dies out a little bit as it gets close to 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. heavy downpours. localized flooding. hail, damaging winds and a tornado. after that we will cool down with lower humidity tuesday and wednesday. beautiful both ofho
9:52 am
chance of more storms friday and over next
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9:54 am
more than 800 cyclists were killed nationwide in 2015. >> and what the numbers are showing is that it's growing. nbc's caylee dion has tips to make sure all cyclists stay safe. >> reporter: this is s
9:55 am
jada. they love riding their bikes. >> looking at this group i see doctors, lawyers, teachers, ophthalmologists, farmers, policemen, i see a lot of talent here, and we want to make sure that you realize your dreams and help you to become productive citizens in our society. >> but sometimes our drivers are on their cell phones like they shouldn't be. they're not watching for bicyclists and pedestrians, so i need you guys to make sure you're watching them. >> the helmet on your head is important because impacting your brain will get damaged. unlike your other limbs like legs and arms that heals fast and completely, your brain doesn't heal quite as fast and can't completely heal. >> >> reporter: even doing those things to protect yourself, the number one thing to remember is -- >> keep your witts about you. pay attention. watch out what's going on around you. >> reporter: because riding a bike can be scary. >> the only thing that scares me about riding bikes is going down hills very fast and if there's a
9:56 am
because -- bad memories. >> reporter: let's try and prevent the bad memories by staying safe. >> caylee dion reporting. another live look outside as we get ready to have another check on the very hot father's day forecast when news 4 continues. derrick? >> reporter: montgomery county police have made arrests and are now working on possible motives after the murders of two teens earlier
9:57 am
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"news 4 today" starts now. i hope god punishes them in this life and the life after. >> strong words there from the father of one of the montgomery county teens killed before graduation. we have details on the arrests made in the case. kids among the victims in this two-car collision from overnight. what we're now learning about the head-on crash and the conditions of those involved. mistrial. what's next for bill cosby after the jury was not able to come up with a verdict for the famed comedian accused of sexual assault? >> we made it to sunday, everybody. it's father's day. happy father's day to all the dads out there. hope you're having a good one and thank you for starting your day with us. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm angie goff. we want to go to tom kierein. happy father's day to you. >> thank you. >> unfortunately you are gifting us more heat and humidity. >> a day to just stay cool however you plan on doing it. it's beginning t
10:00 am
uncomfortably hot now. it's already climbing into the 80s. here just past 10:00 in the morning. we can thank these clouds for breaking up to cause that to happen. stay mostly cloudy all throughout the morning. now there is the town in the foreground. montgomery county. you can see the thick summer haze hanging in the air on this father's day morning. yeah, it's already hitting the low 80s everywhere from the shenandoah valley all the way to the bay. ragan national is up to 82 degrees. still going to be pleasant to get out and get a bike ride. there's a lot of trees there and be comfortable. noontime temperatures in the mid 80s. in the low 90s even right there during the afternoon hours. a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm in the afternoon. new hour-by-hour timing coming up this half hour. thank you, tom. we are staying on top of that breaking news from overnight. >> three people arrested in the shooting death of two montgomery high school


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