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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  June 20, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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now on midday, questions swirling around a local school district's latest round of grades. >> why officials are being accused of letting students scam by to boost graduation rates ahead. and it is really warming up outside but i'll show you how warm we'll get next week and our next storm chance. >> announcer: news4 midday starts now. >> thanks for joining us this morning. i'm chris lawrence. >> i'm pat lawson. le let's begin with the forecast. storm team4's sheena parveen has what we can expect. >> it's going to be a much nicer day today than it was
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the forecast. as always, good news. 82 degrees right now. we have plenty of sunshine out there and expected to stay dry as we go through the day today so unfortunately if you do have storm clean-up, the weather is going to be cooperating with you. by noon today, 84 degrees, keep on warming up. by 4:00 p.m., lower humidity, temperatures topping out in the upper 80s. expect the mid 80s to continue. now the rain has moved pretty far away now. it's well south of the area, so is the cloud cover. we're going to keep seeing the sunshine and the dry air. we may have some more cloud cover move back in this afternoon but overall it's going to stay warm and even warmer later this week. i'll show you the next storm chance coming up in just a bit. the storms may be over but we're still feeling the effects. >> crews are out there cleaning up the damage. justin is out in silver spring where a tornado swept through northwood park. >> reporter: chris, that's right. we're here in northwood park
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old trees. they also know that living amongst these trees does create a risk and that is why when storms come through, they prepare for the worst and lucky now, this is that preparation paying off, turning into action in the form of clean-up. on block after block, the sound of saws. slicing and dicing into a bevy of broken branches and snapped trees in silver springs's northwood neighborhood. dan considers himself lucky a large oak tree just missed his house but left a big mess. priority now, prevention. >> we definitely want to stay on top of pruning the trees so they're safe. a couple years ago, a storm came through and took down another zion tree. >> reporter: from chopper 4, you can see other giant trees came down this time too. late monday, the national weather service confirming a tornado twisted through, leaving a wake of damaged homes and
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northwood avenues and other streets in the area as well. days' worth of clean-up created in 60 seconds. >> i mean, it's kind of standard in this neighborhood a little bit when the winds pick up a little bit. but we got a lot of old trees. but this magnitude? not in my yard. >> reporter: the weather service says an ef 0 tornado touched down about 3:48 monday afternoon with winds of up to 70 miles an hour at times. >> my kids were home with my nanny and then i got a phone call from the neighbor that said my car got destroyed and looks like your house got a little bit messed up too. >> reporter: his family is safe, his home can be fixed and his suv took perhaps the worst hit. up the street, one of two now condemned homes, this one with his roof pulverized by a fallen tree. the homeowner says two people inside were treated for injuries and should recover. around the corner, a virtual tree house, a two-story home covered in leaves and
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and for some whose homes were spared, they are left with this, piles of branches and debris to clean up. montgomery county fire and rescue got a lot of reports of injuries yesterday. luckily they were all said to be non-life threatening. education officials are calling for an investigation into what some call widespread systemic corruption in prince georges county school. four school board members say teachers inflated grades to boost graduation rates. amy breaks down what the school district has to say about these accusations. >> reporter: these school board members want the state to investigate what they call widespread systemic corruption. they say they have evidence that students' grades have been inflated, that they've gotten community service hours they haven't performed and even credit for classes they didn't take. school board members say they have evidence that's been going on here for about three years now. graduation rates are up here in prince georges county over t
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but officials say there's been absolutely no wrong doing. >> and i think they worked their tails off these last years to make sure and the students have. i mean, ultimately, it is the kids who are going to benefit from this. we want to make sure all of our children coming out of prince georges county are career ready and college ready. >> reporter: now the ceo of prince georges county schools, kevin maxwell, also put out a statement. it reads, in part, while there may be valid concerns about our practices, processes and policies, that conversation should seek to uplift students instead of advancing personal or political agendas. now, claims like this also came up last summer after an anonymous complaint the maryland state department of education investigated those complaints, but found no evidence to back them up. this time, the board members are asking maryland governor larry hogan to look into the matter. we're outside the
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headquarters. over in montgomery county, three suspects are being held without bond for the murders of two teenagers and now we're learning it may have been a set-up in retaliation for an apparent robbery. court documents show a message was sent saying he was going to sell a graduation ticket to one of the suspects. police say it looks as if the suspects were upset that najar stole drugs from one of their girlfriends last year, but his mom denies this ever happened. >> my son is innocent. my son did not steal ever in his life. he doesn't believe in that. >> all three suspects are expected to be back in court next month. today, all over the country, people will gather to remember a murdered virginia teen. last night, members with the all dulles area muslim society will light candles and hold their own vigil for nabra hassanen. fairfax county police say the teen was run down, beaten, and dumped into a pond in
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she and a group of friend were headed back to their mosque in sterling for ramadan services. police say darwin martinez torres attacked her after getting into a fight with another teen in the group. police say her death was not a hate crime. her father says he just has one question for the suspect. >> i want to look into his face, look into his eyes and say, why you kill my daughter? for what? she don't do anything to him, to anybody. she loved everybody. >> there will be a vigil tonight for her in dupont circle at 7:30. tomorrow, there will be a vigil at 6:30. the polls are open in georgia where voters are set to send washington a message. the special election pits democrat jon
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karen handel. in the most expensive house race in u.s. history could be a bell weather for next year's midterm elections. developing this morning, the senate is back in session and the republican effort to repeal and replace the affordable care act will be a big focus today. it comes after democrats took to the senate floor until just after midnight to blast republicans for holding secret meetings as they work on their health care bill. they expressed their fears that republicans will jam a bill through the senate by the end of next week. >> i don't think we ought to vote on a bill that will touch every single human being in this country when one party is locked out of the debate, not able to read the bill and not able to discuss it and help make suggestions and changes. >> republicans could provide an outline of their health care proposal as early as tomorrow. they are
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again, next week. meanwhile, at the white house, the trump administration is facing a trio of new foreign policy challenges. news4's tracie potts explains. >> reporter: the death of 22-year-old otto warmbier, unconscious after a year imprisoned in north korea, is prompting tough talks from president trump. >> that's a brutal regime. and we'll be able to handle it. >> reporter: handling that plus new conflict with russia. they literally hung up the phone on the u.s., dismantling a hot line after our military shot down a syrian jet. russia's now promising to target u.s. war planes. >> i doubt very much the russians will really look to shoot a at a manned american aircraft. >> what are the chances that we come into direct conflict with russia here. >> they're high. >> reporter: the pentagon doesn't seem worried. >> our forces have the ability to take care of
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>> reporter: tomorrow, jared kushner heads to jerusalem, taking the first steps to broker peace between the israelis and palestinians. israel, russia, north korea. >> any administration has to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. >> reporter: a full plate for this new administration. then there's the russia conflict here at home. the investigations on capitol hill, two hearings are set for tomorrow. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. we're also watching an outpouring of support for the victims of that van attack in london. dozens of people have left flowers on the street with the uk suffered its fourth terror attack in four months. on monday, a man applaud hplows a crowd of worshippers. police say the suspect didn't show up on any terror watch list. summer means plenty of trips to the pool for you and your children. >> yeah, now there's a new device aimed at protecting you and the family when you're i
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countless ailments. countless hours. and guess what? you can handle it all. be a leader in your field with a bsn from strayer university. a nursing program created by and for nurses. let's get it, nurses. the deadly forest fires in portugal are finally being brought under control. firefighters say about 70% of the flames have been contained. northeast of lisbon, it's taken more than 1,000 firefighters to battle the inferno that's killed dons
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more than 70 others are now being treated for injuries and burns. investigators say they can't figure out what caused the deadly blaze at that oakland warehouse. 36 people died last december during a late-night party. investigators say the fire started at the back corner on the ground floor, but they can't determine a cause because the damage was so extensive. a new warning this morning about pools and lakes. stray voltage could be seeping in from near sources. boats, docks, and pool lights, anything that conducts electricity. >> it's invisible and extremely dangerous. you can be shocked or even killed the second you come into contact with it. and it's been impossible to detect the voltage until now. >> nbc's jeff rossen shows us how to check if your pool is safe and how to protect your family. >> reporter: panicked moments in new jersey. >> apparently it was an electrical cord. >> reporter: this 11-year-old girl swimming
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her friends over the weekend suddenly shocked with electricity. after touching the railing of this boat lift, she later died. >> very sad. i mean, i was overtaken. >> reporter: police say there was stray voltage. also this weekend in ohio, a 19-year-old electrocuted in the water at this marina. he didn't make it either. but most of these accidents happen in swimming pools. watch this 5-year-old girl swimming in a pool in florida. the second she touches the rail, she's shocked and goes limp. her father quickly pulling her to safety. >> there is something in the water. >> reporter: her brother also shocked by the railing, left in the water for 15 seconds before he's pulled out too. luckily, they both survived. why does this keep happening? why is there electricity in a pool or lake? >> there's all sorts of power around a pool, outlet, lights, pumps, any one of those that's miswired or a
11:16 am
could be a loose wire around that light right now and there's voltage in the water and you would never know. that's why they call electric shock drowning a silent killer. >> reporter: even one loose wire. >> that could cause it. >> reporter: frank and a team of electrical engineers create third-degree product called shock alert. the spot stray voltage in the water before you go in. late monday night, we tried it out. this is it right here. >> it's it. >> reporter: it's pretty small. >> yep. >> reporter: how does it run, on batteries? >> three aaa batteries. >> reporter: it's flashing green. good to go. throw it in the pool. okay. it's in the pool. >> walk it around the perimeter of the pool. >> reporter: i have to walk it around the entire pool. >> absolutely. >> reporter: why? >> to make sure if there's any voltage in any area of the pool it will help detect. if it's a small amount, it needs to be close to the source. >> reporter: so the voltage may be over there. >> absolutely. >> reporter: and if it's flashing green. >> everything's good. it's safe to swim. >> reporter: now for the real test. can it spot electric
11:17 am
to purposely electrify the pool, turning up the voltage and sticking the wire in the water. okay, so we have the electrical wire in the water right now and we know there's electricity in here right you. >> dangerous amount of voltage in the water right now. >> reporter: the alarm should go off. >> it will absolutely go off. >> reporter: let's see. you're confident. >> confident. >> reporter: let's see. put it in. wow, already. beeping red. and it's loud. >> and it's loud to make sure people stay out of the water. >> reporter: and i want to walk it down to the other end of the pool because i find it interesting how far voltage travels. we're on the other end of the pool. we just put that electrical cord in like a minute or two ago. it's still beeping red all the way on the other end of the pool. this is how dangerous voltage is. it could save lives. >> it's designed to save lives. >> that was jeff rossen reporting. experts say if you detect a current in your pool, you should immediately shut everything off, the filters, the jets, the
11:18 am
should have an electrician come out and inspect that pool before you start the season. that's right now to make sure everything is grounded and there are no loose wires. there are even more tips posted at a supreme court decision could have important consequences for the redskins. a court ruled the federal government cannot refuse to register a trademark, even if some people consider it offensive. now, the decision was in favor of a ban that calls itself the slants but the skins have a similar case in federal court down in richmond. the name dispute could also have an impact on whether the team moves from fedex field. some d.c. council members don't want the team back in town with that name. others and the mayor say it should not be a roadblock. we don't have to tell you, commuting in this area can be, oh, tough. >> oh yeah. >> now someone's actually willing to pay you to drive. >> but there's a catch. they're going to collect all sorts of
11:19 am
drive and how you get around town. virginia tech is conducting this study. it will pay you up to $500 to drive around in their heavily wired cars for a month. but they get to keep all the data. the goal is to see just how tough it is for you to drive around this area. to be part of the study, you have to live or work in the washington area, drive at least 25 miles or more one way. you have to be 25 to 54 years old, have a valid license, and own a smartphone with bluetooth capability. well, we're working for you to keep you and your kids healthy all summer long. >> why doctors want you to pay attention to more than just their physical well being. when news4 midday continues.
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rearing children is one of the most rewarding things you can do, but it is tough. there's new research suggesting lots of mothers feel judged by other moms. a poll revealed two-thirds of women have been mommy shamed about their parenting skills. discipline was the most common topic of criticism, followed by diet, sleeping, and breast-feeding. the most frequent offenders were a mother's own parents, spouses, and in-laws. as a result, about half of the women said they now avoid family members who were so critical. >> sor m
11:23 am
it. >> it does. the kids are starting their summer vacations and we want to make sure they're staying healthy. >> absolutely. this week, we are working for you, getting advice from the head of children's national hospital, dr. kurt newsman has been treating children for more than 30 years. >> he says having healthy kids isn't just about paying attention to their physical health. here's doreen gentzler with more. >> with children, the things that are upsetting them can show up in different ways. >> reporter: first of all, work with your child's doctor to rule out any potential medical reasons for your child's issue. here are some other things to be aware of. watch for changes in your child's eating habits over a period of time. changes in sleep. changes that happen in the school setting. also, irritability over a period of time. dr. newman also said in the years that he's been treating fami,
11:24 am
something seems off with your child, talk to your pediatrician and take steps sooner rather than waiting. there are lots of good resources online to help parents navigate through their child's health care needs. tomorrow, we're going to share some of dr. newland's favorite resources. it is 11:24 and we're following some breaking news in montgomery county. chopper 4 is over a crash where a pedestrian has been struck in german town. this was on great seneca highway and police are telling us the person who was hit has life-threatening injuries. it's not clear yet what caused the crash. but whoever hit that person also ran into several other cars. police have the entire road shut down. we'll bring you new breaking new information right here on news4. turning now to the weather, what kind of day are we looking at, sheena. >> much better than yesterday. >> looks
11:25 am
tomorrow's the official start of summer. so it starts shortly after midnight tonight. we'll have close to 15 hours of daylight. but believe it or not, areas in a alaska will be having around 24 hours of daylight, so little bit of insomnia there but i think for the rest of us, we will be enjoying our lead into the official start of summer, starting with today, even though technically it starts after midnight. it's going to feel like summer today. beautiful look outside right now. and if you are heading out later on today, well, it's going to stay like this too. lunchtime, sit outside. it's going to stay nice with lower humidity, exercise, short sleeves t pool looks good today. and your evening commute is going fto be nice and dry. temperatures are heating up into the low 80s, 82 right now in the district, 81 degrees in clinton and we're nice and dry there. we have a few light clouds across the area to some thin clouds, mostly south of the district but the thicker cloud cover along with the rain part of the weather system that moved through
11:26 am
south and east and that's going to keep moving away. we have a lot of dry air moving in. if you're walking the dog today or if you need one to walk, we have grady here available. you can head to the website to figure out how to adopt grady but by noon today, we should be in the mid 80s and by 7:00 p.m., still warm, still in the mid 8 0z. future weather showing some clouds around later today. then tomorrow we'll see a mostly sunny day and it looks mostly dry. there is a chance we could have an isolated shower or two but most of your wednesday will be a pretty nice one, upper 80s. but thursday, low 90s, friday, 90 degrees, chance of afternoon and evening storms and that storm chance is going to hang around saturday and sunday so we'll take look at that ten-day forecast coming up in just a bit. going through tsa can be a challenge for many, but there's a new tool coming to select airports that could make things go a little more
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 midday. >> a ct scan for your
11:30 am
technology used to help you board your flight faster. cnbc's phil le beau shows how it could change how you go through security. >> reporter: imagine going through airport security without unpacking your bags or being sfwoipd tsa agents. just outside of boston, this machine, could make carryon screening go faster by giving tsa agents a clearer 3d view of your bag. >> it's designed to allow passengers to leave their liquids in their bag and their laptops, all electronics, stay in the bag and just drop and go. >> reporter: essentially, the machine doz a c.a.t. scan of every bag they see, producing a three dimensional image that will detect weapons but also potentially explosives that will be hidden in learnings, something the current x-ray machines may not always catch. it's one reason the u.s. and great britain c
11:31 am
passengers on certain flights from the middle east from carrying laptop computers on board. but electronics bans could fade away thanks to new screening machines designed to pick up what tsa agents might miss. >> most of them have automatic targeting. what that means is it's taking a lot of the human factor out of the equation. in other words, it's doing the targeting and identifying the threat immediately for the screener so that the onus is not as much on the screener. >> reporter: with the number of people flying in the u.s. every year steady climbing to an all-time high of just under 800 million passengers, the tsa is in a tough spot. forced to handle a growing number of travelers while keeping the lines moving as quick as possible. >> there's no more room for an airport to put security screening equipment. we need faster, more efficient equipment and this is what this does. >> reporter: a view inside our bag that could make traveling safer and with far fewer security line headaches.
11:32 am
news, massachusetts. next fall, girl scouts will be able to earn new badges for cyber security. now the skills will vary, depending on age, but the badges will be available to scouts in kindergarten through 12th grade. younger scouts will learn about data privacy and cyber bullying. older ones will focus on coding, ethical hacking, and building firewalls. a major piece of legislation, health care, is coming together in the senate, but there aren't many people who know much about it. now, democrats are pushing back against republicans' secret talks to replace the affordable care act. nbc's kristen welker shows us how both sides are fighting. >> you're fighting back. we're fighting back. >> reporter: overnight, democrats staging a dramatic talk-a-thon on the senate floor, threatening to delay all business unless republicans open up their health care talks to the public. senate minority leader schumer accusing republicans of concealing a bill that hurts the middle class. >> the
11:33 am
their health care bill under the cover of darkness because they're ashamed of it. >> reporter: the republican majority leader firing back. >> obamacare is collapsing around us and the american people are desperately such searching for relief. >> reporter: democrats taking turns, tearing into the gop. >> so i say to the republican leadership, what are you afraid of? bring that bill out. >> there's no mark-up. there are no committee hearings. it's just 13 dudes. >> if this bill were as wonderful as its proponents would like us to believe, it would be out in the open. >> reporter: republicans under fire after promising to repeal and replace obamacare for eight years. the biggest sticking point, medicaid. conservatives want to spend less, while moderates want more coverage for low income families. adding pressure, the president privately telling senate republicans the bill passed by the house is mean because of its limited coverage. after he praised the legislation in the rose garden. >> this is a real plan. this is a great plan. >> reporter: still, the white house trying to keep the
11:34 am
on health care and the rest of the president's agenda with the russia probe looming large. later today, a judge will hear arguments whether to release the names of jurors in bill cosby's sexual assault trial. prosecutors plan to retry the case and say revealing the names could make it more difficult to select an impartial jury. the judge declared a mistrial when jurors deadlocked on charges that cosby drugged and assaulted an employee at temple university. mr. cosby has denied all allegations of sexual misconduct. but one of the alternate jurors is speaking out. mike mcclosekey says he doesn't think the jury was affected by cosby's celebrity status and he thought prosecutors had a solid case. >> i think that there was so much in the deposition that told -- felt like it wasn't, like, he did this one time. i felt like it's happened over and over and over again. and i think that they did a decent job of
11:35 am
over and over and over again, and i don't know why he wasn't convicted. >> he says if he were a member of the jury, he would have voted to convict cosby on all charges. he was one of four alternate jurors who listened to all the testimony but was sent to a different room when actual deliberations began. well, talk about a big announcement from tiger woods tod today. >> today, we'll explain why you may not see him on the
11:36 am
11:37 am
it's a big admission from tiger woods. >> he says he's getting professional help to manage his medications. woods made the announcement on twitter yesterday. it comes less than a month after he was arrested for driving under the influence after he fell asleep at the wheel. wood denied he was taking illegal drugs. the quicken loans national tournament that woods' foundation has staged and benefitted from gets underway
11:38 am
it's unclear if woods will attend. an ancient exercise could hold the key for those offense us suffering from back pain. nbc's erika edwards explains how yoga may be as good as going to the doctor. >> reporter: this is how yoga is usually portrayed in the media. a suburban mom, often white, probably wealthy. >> drop the chest. relax the shoulders. >> reporter: which may be why the idea of yoga to treat back pain received this perfect bostonian response. >> it's like, yoga, huh? yeah right zbl. >> reporter: researchers found yoga is just as effective as physical therapy at easing chronic back pain and improving function. the study included 320 people, mostly from underserved areas of boston. >> back pain in low income, predominantly minorities, has a greater impact in terms of causing more disit
11:39 am
unemployment, and greater amounts of >> exhale, go into the left. >> reporter: an accident on the job as a maintenance technician severely injured this man's back and meant he had to stop working. >> we was headed towards epidural steroid injections, possible surgery. and then,you know, the door opened up for this alternative-type therapy. >> reporter: yoga, along with acupuncture and tai chi helped almost immediately. >> honestly, i'm committed for life to this yoga thing because i'm feeling 100% better and i want to stay feeling better. >> reporter: erika edwards, nbc news. feeling better and without the drugs as well. >> yeah. that looks awfully relaxing. like the weather out there today. >> yes, you can do yoga outside today. why not. >> we're getting ready for summer? >> we are. technically, summer starts shortly after midnight, i believe it's 12:24 a.m. that's when summer technically starts so that means tomorrow will behe
11:40 am
year, almost 15 hours and i mentioned earlier, if you think that's long, well, parts of alaska are going to see 24 hours of sunshine tomorrow but today we have more sun around than yesterday, better weather than yesterday, too, all the storms that moved through, if you are unfortunately doing sotorm clean-up, the weather today will be cooperating for that. we do have 90s in the forecast this week so it's really going to feel like summer today, though more comfortable to lower humidity going into the weekend, though we do have the showers returning into the forecast. already 82 degrees in the district, sunny skies, nice and dry and we're going to stay most mostly sunny. temperatures are in the low 80s, leesburg, quantico is 82 so it's going to be a nice day to sit outside for lunch, less humid as we go through the afternoon, 84 degrees lunchtime, happy hour time right around the upper 80s, dinnertime, back in the mid 80s but still very warm outside. there's the cold front that brought all the storms yesterday and you see
11:41 am
the south and east. it's not going to be moving back in. it's going to stay with. we may have a little bit more in the way of cloud cover moving in this afternoon but overall, we should be staying dry. here's future weather showing clouds moving in. tomorrow should be a mostly dry day. this computer model, though, has been dtrying to hint at a few showers. it's possible but i think most of the area should be relatively dry. thursday we're in the low 90s, friday, 90 degrees, chance of thunderstorms. look at the weekend forecast. upper 80s saturday, mid 80s sunday, comes with some rain chances so plan around that. next week, though, actually does look really nice. all right, thank you, sheena. pop star adele makes an unexpected trip to london to a fire house. the story behind the very special meeting there when we come back.
11:42 am
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british pop star adele has shared a cup of tea with firefighters in london. she spent some time in a local fire house to thank them for their work. adele wanted to give a little support after last week's deadly high-rise fire. the city has rallied behind the firefighters since that blaze. ♪ ♪ how do you measure the life of a woman or a man ♪ >> boy, that song has just become iconic. the hit stage
11:45 am
celebrating its 20-year anniversary. it made its d.c. debut in 1997. lucky enough to have two of the stars with us, caleb wells and danny harris. you know, danny plays mark, caleb over there is roger if you know the cast. welcome to both of you. got to ask you, what drew you, specifically, to "rent"? >> i think it's the story. it's -- it's about love and inclusivity and anything that's telling that is something that i'm initially drawn to. >> yeah. the story and the music. i mean, the story is told so much through music and the music helps to elevate that story and the characters have so much that they need to kind of get out that they have to sing it and it's just such great music. >> yeah, that one song has become iconic but i love a lot of the other songs from "rent" as well. got to ask you, we were talking a little bit beforehand, when was the first time you were introduced to "rent"? >> so my parents brought this cd to
11:46 am
on the way to soccer practice and i think i was like 9. and i had it fully memorized. and then i saw it on broadway, i think, some time in like the early 2000s. >> okay. >> similar story. my parents were big into the musical, and we had the disk set and it got a lot of plays in my house and in my car and then i first saw it on tour, actually, in boston sometime, like, 2006, i think >> what do you think is the most challenging thing about this production? >> it's a big piece of a show. and it takes place over the span of the year, and so, like, watching these people live their life during the height of the aids epidemic, it weighs on you emotionally, and i think -- i think going out every night and keeping the integrity of that story and paying its respect to
11:47 am
did lose their lives in the aids epidemic, i think that's -- that's tough, and, but, like it's the best kind of challenge to have. >> let me ask you, caleb, even when "rent" premiered, new york, manhattan was already starting to change drastically. now looking back 20 years, that sort of bohemian, artistic culture, it's hard to find that in manhattan. >> in manhattan, yeah, but i think a lot of it's dispersed into so many different parts of the country and being able to tour with this show, being able to go to so many different cities, you see, like, so many areas affected by the same things that, you know, lower east side manhattan was affected by, you know in the height of the aids epidemic. it still exists. you got to kind of look harder to find it. >> so you think the themes still resonate today. >> absolutely. especially in today's
11:48 am
climate, having a story about what's unique and celebrating, remains timeless. >> we're here through tonight to sunday evening, and yeah, we have performances every night and then two shows on saturday, two shows on sunday, and there's a lottery before the show, two hours beforehand, and you can get like $23 tickets. >> wow. >> yeah. sounds good. >> danny, caleb, thank you so much. you want to see these guys, get your tickets. we want to thank you both for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> all right. looks like a wonderful production. well, we're going to take a final look at the storm team4 forecast when midday continues and don't forget to catch "ellen" today on nbc4 at 3:00 followed by news4 at 4:00.
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and exclusive games rather than classic titles. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm landon dowdy. well, the next time you're eating at chick-fil-a, you'll have the option of asking for a gruten free bun. it will cost an extra $1.15 and the bun comes individually packaged since the actual kitchens at chick-fil-a are not gluten free. customers have been asking for more gluten free options. well, today, you can buy this stamp from the post office. it's really cool, because it changes from an image of a solar eclipse to the moon, and the way that happens is you put your finger on the stamp, and your body heat makes it change. it's one way that people are getting excited about the total solar eclipse coming in august. it will be the first one that we can see across the united states in just about 100 years. it's a trip that many of our veterans look forward to every year. honor flights is a program that brings vets from across the country here
11:53 am
sites. unfortunately, some vets aren't able to make the trip. but there is an option that can give them the experience without their ever having to leave the ground. monica robins has the story. >> good morning, guys. >> reporter: these veterans volunteer to embark on a virtual campaign to our nation's capital. none are physically able to make an honor flight. so the trip came to them. >> we've given them shirts, hats, everything that everybody gets if they normally go on a flight. >> reporter: butch served two tours in vietnam. the marine corps veteran is as tough as nails. after being fitted with the headset, he's immersed in the sights and sounds of a video that gives him a 360-degree view that he would get as if he were actually there. >> it shows a
11:54 am
be better being there. >> for those who can't? >> well, it's wonderful. and a lot of people. >> reporter: james thomas served in the army during peacetime just after world war ii. this soldier was amazed by what he saw. >> oh my goodness. oh, that's beautiful. yes, a lot of veterans there. >> do you feel like you're there? >> yeah. right in the middle of it. >> go ahead and look up. >> oh, my goodness. uh-huh. oh yeah. all those stones. yeah. there's the flag. old glory. i don't think you can do any better than that. make me cry. takes your breath
11:55 am
combat veteran from the korean conflict. when he came to the tomb of the unknown soldier and heard "taps." his emotions and the experience became very real. >> brings back too many memories. >> reporter: that's why honor flight cleveland will keep vets together when they watch, because it's the camaraderie that helps many deal with what they thought they left behind. >> it's real. it shows what you're missing that you can't make it. >> wow. that's moving. >> such a wonderful program as well. we're going to take a time now for a quick check of the forecast. storm team4's sheena parveen is tastanding by. any clouds of rain today? >> we're going to have a few clouds moving, mostly sunny to partly cloudy this afternoon but we're not looking at st
11:56 am
like we had yesterday so that is the good news. temperatures are rising, 84 degrees in the district, 84 dulles, humidity is lower so it's going to keep feeling more comfortable this afternoon. 82 clinton, 82 in frederick, this is the culvert responsible for the storms yesterday afternoon. it's now to our south and east. we're going to be staying on the dryer side of it, with plenty of sunshine for most of the day. by 4:00 p.m., we're looking at highs in the upper 80s so if you are exercising today, it's looking pretty good. 7:00 p.m., still warm, 85 degrees, so the short sleeves today, the sunglasses, plenty of water if you're outside running around and exercising. looking at 88 degrees again tomorrow. 92 on thursday. friday, 90, that's when the storm chance really comes back until t in the afternoon. we'll keep an eye on that but across the weekend, we're going to keep the rain chances in the forecast. upper 80s saturday, mid 80s on sunday. next week, those actually looking pretty good. mid to low 80s and it looks like we we'll be in a py
11:57 am
durant is putting his teammates ahead of his paycheck. according to reports, he's willing to make a financial sacrifice to keep the golden state warriors championship team intact. the nba finals mvp reportedly will turn town down a player option that would have paid him $28 million next season. that leaves more money on the table to keep other players on the team. durant is expected to re-sign with the warriors for another year. >> don't cry for kevin. he's still going to get most of that $28 million. well, that's it for news4 midday. thanks for having us in for news this morning. we're back on the air, first at 4:00. >> you can get news and weather updates any time on the nbc washington app. have a great day. >> see you later.
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stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. just saying, you don't understand the pressures that are going to come with all of this. i'm going to get emotional. the pressures that i feel about being a black woman and what that is and how -- i don't want to talk about it. >> there you saw real honest moment rachel lindsay breaking down over what she says is the pressures of being the first african-american bachelorette. we're five episodes in, an we're finally having that conversation about race and it was front and center last night. >> i know. i kind of wondered when she was going to go there and when, and why at this point of the season what led her to sort of have this moment. because the rose ceremonies are getting real and she


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