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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  July 4, 2017 4:30am-4:59am EDT

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flash fire, caught some combustibles including vinyl. >> it started on the roof. there was popping sounds and crack ling. >> at least 11 people are displaced because of this. this morning keeping your family safe while trying to enjoy the holiday. here's what to look for when firing up the grill. check for gas leaks. if you see bubbles around the hose, turn it off. if you smell gas, turn off the tank and burners. if you use charcoal, only use charcoal starter flew ud and never add other liquids. have baking soda and a fire extinguisher nearby. this morning the
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asking parents to pornography. some of the abuse happened at benjamin stoddard middle school. they say so far none of the victims have tested positive for hiv. >> this morning my daughter came screaming running down the steps, mommy, one of my teachers h e was molesting children. i'm like what? >> it's just not safe around here. it's not safe for children. >> on the nbc washington app we have information on the other schools carlos deangelo charles worked at. the story is right on the home page. and this case has
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similarities to another school. the former aide is facing decades in prison for sexually abusing at least 12 students. he pleaded guilty to federal charges. his trial on local charges set for later this month. the school system set up a task force after this incident to prevent it from happening again. it recommended training for everyone who has contact for students. new reporting requirements and new sex abuse curriculum. we're following some breaking news overseas this morning. north korea claiming to have tested its latest intermedial range missile. president trump reacted to the missile test on twitter before noerk's claim saying, quote, does this guy have anything better to do with his life?
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it's an apparentkim jong-un. japanese prime minister shinzo abe will seek the cooperation of world leaders on the north korean threat. it's been almost three weeks since a gunman opened fire at a congressional baseball practice in alexandria. they'll present crystal reiner and david bailey with its law enforcement commendation medal. griner and bailey were part of the security detail for steve scalise. they engaged in fire until the police arrived. 've been credited
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today is j outside a look at the u.s. capitol, security will be extremely tight especially in the wake of that shooting at the congressional baseball practice. you can see d.c. security police officers doing a walk-through there. that happened during rehearsal with the concert. people will be coming tonight to see the signature fireworks on the washington national mall. >> reporter: there's many reasons why people come fro all over the world for the fourth of july. it's a dream come true for this family. for bobby daltrey, it's personal. >> we are a military
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son that serves awesome. >> reporter: tourists and local do. >> you have the national independence day parade coming down 17th avenue. >> reporter: over at the capitol rehearsals are taking place while crews are making sure everything is in place. doors open at 3:00 p.m. and bag checks will be conducted. >> we'll make sure everything is secure and making sure no one brink brings in prohibited items. we've seen an increase of vehicle attacks. we're well aware of that. >> so while police will be busy trying to make sure everyone is safe,
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per the best part ur day right now, take a look at your screen. action meagan presents you'll have the parade. there's the concert and the fireworks at 9:00 p.m. metro is running until midnight tonight for all the crowds going home after the show. keep in mind if you're trying to get to the smithsonian stop, that station is entry-only tonight after 9:00. we've posted a list of alternative options. you'll want o keep the app handy today. we have a ton
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around the area. search fourth of july in the nbc washington app. 4:37 right now. i want to get another check on your weather with "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell. >> the question is do you want to carry around an umbrella? >> i would have one. that's going to be a development of rain and thunderstorms later on this afternoon into the evening. there will be showers to contend with. n not everyone i got to going them. we have moisture pooled up. all indications are it will be a partly to mostly cloudy day. plenty of heat and humidity around. a good combination of factors should lead to a number of thunderstorms to develop. here's future weather by 1:00 this afternoon. hit-and-miss showers developing.
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slightly lower rain chances. here's 6:00 p.m. hit-and-miss showers across the area. after that things should start to dry out. once we lose the peak heating of the day, things should start to settle down. remain cautiously optimistic for the fireworks. what about tomorrow and the rest of the week? i've got your ten-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. we're following breaking news right now. prince george's county police talking about a deadly car crash. this is involving a train, everybody. you can see the train. a vehicle was hit, we understand in the 11500 block of beltsville. we're going to get more information about this incident. we have a "news4" crew headed to the scene right now. we'll keep you
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on the nbc washington app as we else, new jersey governor chris christie no longer the only one allow. the late night move that may have more people spending the day at the shore. new speed cameras pop up. where drivers will need to slow down or face a ticket. new details about a baby
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here are four things to know. the man who started the ice bucket challenge is still alive. there was a report he died. he showed himself in a hospital bed alive. he started the bucket challenge in 2014. tiger woods says he has finished an intensive treatment program. they found him asleep in a car. he said it was due to the unexpected reaction to medication.
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governor chris dresssied th morning. christie was criticized for lying on a beach after he proposed a shutdown. they say that photo of him had no effect on the negotiations. ♪ so if you're not headed down to the mall tonight, you can still watch the fire works right here on nbc 4. the macy's fourth of july fireworks spectacular from new york begins at 8:00 p.m. this is video from last year. 65 fireworks shells will be launched to music if there from the west point band. the event will last two hours. >> a look at current temperature this morning where most people are already seeing numbers in the 70s. that's not all we're going to
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he was supposed to be taking part in festivities. instead, he's sitting in jail. what one area man is accused of doing with a hotel
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it is 4:46 now. if you're joining us, we're tracking breaking news. prince george's police told us about a deadly car crash involving a train. we're told the vehicle was hit if the 11500 block of beltsville. we'll be sure to update you here and on the nbc washington app as we get more
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is sort of our friend around wd day today, but cooler weather is set to move in for at least wednesday and thursday. cooler weather this time of the year and in this case in particular also means higher rain chances. the ten-day forecast coming right up. all right. chuck, thank you. 4:47. president trump is in washington just one day before he leaves for another big foreign trip. >> he will attend the big g-20 summit later this week which will include a meeting with russian president vladimir putin. tracie potts is on the hill. good morning, tracie. >> good morning. the president has a very busy day. responding to a new threat from north korea. this morning north korea confirmed its latest missile test. president trump tweets perhaps china will put a heavy move on north korea and end this
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he g-20 summit. also with angel merkel. she's still leery on his trade and climate. but his focus will be his face-to-face meeting with russian president vladimir putin. >> he's going to try to gain as much influence over the united states through president trump. >> reporter: they're still working throw all details. mr. president trump talk with putin on the allegations of russian russian's. plus this week new protests over health care. this mother's afraid her mother could lose essential health benefits. >> and ifos
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her, that's going to leave fie >> reporter: dozens of town halls are planned this weekend with homes that u.s. won't go it alone. it's chance for him to reassure allies that the u.s. will have their backs. and, tracie, now we're learning about this missile test in north korea overnight. how big a role can we expect this test to play in the president-ele president's discussions at the g g-20? >> the president has a one-on-one with china's president. that's likely to play a big role because this is his opportunity to have some influence over north korea. they're the biggest actor in that region that might be able to have some influence over north korea. as he
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going to be up tome muscle here korea to back down. 4:50 our time. maryland is joining a list of states saying no to the president on election integrity. the state is prohibited by law from sharing the voter sharing information the commission asked for. that includes voter's name, voting history. they're still waiting for the normal request but still won't give out that information. a maryland woman said she had no reason to kill her husband. laurel police arrested anne allen. she's now accused of killing her husband scott horn. he was a special iti
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he was shot. is being held with bond. the man who is supposed to be waking up o the independence parade sitting in jail. the 34-year-old sexually assaulted a housekeeper at a hotel. he was supposed to march with the bahrain police unit. it's not clear what his role is. sources say he's not a diplomat and he's in jail this morning with no bond. chopper 4 was there at a prisoner escape d. we're told i.c.e. had been taking him to the airport for deportation when he got out of a vehicle and ran away. it happened yesterday afternoon along the dulles greenway. the man didn't get far and was caught in two hours. >> in the district there are now two more spots for
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hefty fine. d.c. police have deployed two more speed cameras. you will drive past those cameras in the 4300 block of b livingston road. at first you'll get a warning. after that a fine of $100. >> watch out, folks. we now found out the injured bald eagle we told you yesterday is likely justice from the police academy. >> a wildlife biologist told the postet's like hi the male of the academy's two eagles because of its weight and talon size, it was found wet and grounded. city wildlife says the bird is in good body condition and eating well right now. >> even though the hair was a
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to be doagle is going to anothe facility for further tests and care before returning to its home in the district. >> picking on his hair. >> you know, wu all have a bad hair day, even the bald eagle. >> aaron even has bad hair days with that crop on your hair. >> throw out having a good hair day today. >> even my gray ones are culturaling a little. that's how you know. that's how it's going stay for the rest of your fourth of july holiday. we'll get a little break for the heat tomorrow but, boy, is it going to be a steam bath tofrmtd there's our washington monument. there will be a lot of cloud cover todaying but there will be more than enough breaks of sunshine to get temps in the upper 80
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we have a weather frontju it's sliding southbound. that's the reason i moved our rain chances up from 30% to 40%. still not a great chance. there's a slight chance. a little wave of low pressure out here to our west. we have sort of two factors in play that are ramping up our chances for rain from scattered to occasional and likely by later on. let me show you future weather. not much between now and lunchtime. after about 1:00 p.m. showers starting to bubble up. with peak heating between 3:00 and 5:00, there will be hit and miss showers across the area. after about 6:00 things will start to slow down. it's an 11:00 game today. it will be hot. there will be a shower or game delay late in day. today's high in
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degrees and fireworks forecast. 30% chance at 3:00. 40% chance of rain at 6:00 p.m. and at 9:00 p.m. fireworks time, rain chances are down to just 20%. i can't give it a 100% dry chance. there you go. a little cooler. highs in the 80s, wednesday and thursday. friday will be hot and steamy and stormy, but the weekend is looking, ooh, so very, very nice. now let's go back to molette and aaron. coming up, a local teen who's not just running a shoe business but making six figures doing it. if you're just joining us, we're working for you on this july 4th holiday. what you need to know before you head out to the parade and fireworks. and the disturbing story of a school worker sexually assaulting several chiren and ld
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♪ the moments that connect us happen one morning at a time, and one cup at a time. folgers, the best part of wakin' up. prince george's county native kevin durant is helping to keep the band together. he's reportedly agreed to a two-year deal with the golden state warriors for nearly $253 million. that's actually a $9 million pay cut for him. he c
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contract of a year, but he wants to ensure the other players on the team. it's about a million and a half less than he made last season. >> that's impressive, to keep the team together. >> he's such a nice guy. a lot of teams in the area get internships. one teen has one of his own. >> he runs a shoe design company caucus kicks elite and he runs it out of his family's home. >> reporter: behold. inside these boxes shoes. he's a middle man lying low, selling high in stores. >> if it's here,
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just keep going around trying to get another pair, trying to make an easy flip, doing whatever i can. >> reporter: he doesn't have to do it alone. like any business business, he's got help froms s hhis summer i. he's got a friend. she was a shoo-in. >> it's much more relaxed. he's a friend. it's not selling directly with a manager. >> reporter: he's off to college. she's still in high school. >> they're so devoted. they want to help me. they want to see this business grow. >> reporter: they spend hours every day packing up products and making sure they're the real deal. >> i smell the shoes for glue stains. >> this whole experience has been


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