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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  July 4, 2017 11:00am-11:56am EDT

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a man is dead after his truck was hit by a csx train this morning. i'm amy cho in beltsville with that story just ahead. also, we're getting you ready for fourth of july celebrations all across the area. if you're heading down to the big show in the mall, we'll have live report on what you need to know. and we got a mostly cloudy sky out there but there's enough sunshine getting there. temperatures are already in the mid to upper 80s and rain chances are increasing as we head into the afternoon. i'll show you future weather and the fourth of july forecast coming up. good morning, we got to start with that
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in prince george's county. >> a driver isd beltsville. investigators have been working for hours to piece it all together. news4's amy cho is there live where crews just finished cleaning up. amy. >> reporter: moe llette, chris, this is baltimore avenue. you can see that train and truck have been removed but police say their work is far from over. 3:45 this morning, police say a truck was on the tracks. the oncoming train, unable to stop in time. the result, a crash that pushed the truck hundreds of feet down the tracks before the train finally came to a halt. how did the truck get on to the tracks and why? police still don't know. >> it's a very fluid investigation so we're trying to figure out the parameters of why the suv was on that tr
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truck, tk police several hours. the victim was a man, but police say they're not releasing his name until they've notified his family. the only people on board the train, a conductor, an engineer, who both survived. now a lot of the businesses around here have surveillance cameras so police are hoping some of them might have recorded what happened. but that may not be possible as several of the cameras appear to be pointed towards the ground. we're live in beltsville, amy cho, news4. >> thank you. just in, a man is dead and prince george's county police are looking for his killer. officers got a call for a welfare check just before 7:00 this morning on kayak avenue in capitol heights. they found the man suffering from trauma. he died at the scene. if you know anything, police are asking you to give them a call. also just in, look at this tweets from sandy point state park in
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they're not allowing any more visitors park right now, something to keep in mind. let's get a check on that forecast, a lot of folks looking ahead to tonight. >> storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell standing by with the latest. >> the pressure is on. the million dollar forecast of the year. no doubt always comes on the fourth of july, we have a couple of more things working both for or against us. the cloud cover that's been outside is actually helping to hold back the development of any showers for now, anyway, although i do think that will increase. winds coming out of the northeast later and moisture from the southwest means we're sort of in the pinch zone around the washington area. radar not picking up on anything in the way of rain around town, maybe a few sprinkles around i-81. future west shows the bubbling up of showers between now and about :30 or 3:00 thiser
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updating each and every hour, it continues to bring the rain chances out of the city after about 7:00 or 8:00 tonight. fireworks go at 9:09 on the national mall. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. continue to warm up a little bit more. rain chance today is at 40% and again if you're headed out to the coast line there, especially along the chesapeake bay, temperatures in the low 80s. sandy park threatening to not let people in. if that was your plan today, plan to do something else. there's a lot to do out there. today america turning 241 years old. let me get that right. >> little older. >> there's lots of stuff to do. happening in our area to celebrate. the biggest events will happen on the national mall as you can imagine, security going to be very tight and there's lots of
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stuff that you can not take with you down hey there. >> reporter: hey, molette, that's right, the mall checkpoints here opened just about an hour or so ago. we're right by the 15th street checkpoint. you will see crowds make their way through the gates here and spread about the mall. the folk life festival happening right now, and others to the washington monument. hundreds of thousands of people are expected today to come down here and for many, it is an honor to be here in d.c. on the mall for the fourth of july. they're also expecting and trusting that today's events will be safe. >> i think that today is a day for celebration, and it won't be marred by any sort of event or the fear of any event happening. >> reporter: and the excitement is building. i can tell you the park police are telling us a robust plan is in place. yoil
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11:30 to talk. if you're planning out your look at your screen. the national independence day parade begins at 11:45 this morning, less an hour. it will run down constitution avenue northwest from 7th to 17th street. a capitol fourth concert begins at 8:00 p.m. and precisely at 9:09 p.m., the main event will begin, the fireworks. and if you're avoiding d.c. tonight, don't worry. there's so many other fourth of july celebrations. in fairfax county, there will be funor
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the festival starts at n prince george's county, you can head to the university of maryland at 7:00 for food, music, and fireworks. and in montgomery county, keep an eye on albert einstein high school where the celebration starts at 7:30. as always, open up our nbc washington app for a list of local fourth of july events. >> it's worth mentioning over and over again, if you're headed down to the mall for those fireworks, metro might be your best bet. metro is running until midnight tonight for all the crowds going home after the show. keep in mind if you're trying to get to the smithsonian stop, that station is entry only after 9:00 tonight. the smithsonian station will be especially crowded so we posted a list of alternative options for metro in our nbc washington app. you'll want to keep our app handy today. we've got a ton of great resources there. you can fioa
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dmv with fireworks finder. nbc . president trump is -- will celebrate independence day by welcoming military families to the white house and we just learned the president will have his first face-to-face meeting with russian president vladimir putin on friday. tracie pots reports, first he has to deal with another long-range missile test in north korea. >> reporter: this morning, north korea confirms its latest missile test. president trump tweets, perhaps china will put a heavy move on north korea and end this nonsense once and for all. he meets with china's president at this week's g20 summit. also with german chancellor angela merkel. she's still leery of his stance on trade and climate but the focus will be trump's first face to face meeting with russian president vladimir putin. >> he's going to try as much as he can to gain increased influence over the united states through his relationship with president trump. >> reporteo
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the white house is still wng de. still unknown, will president trump confront putin allegations that russia interfered in the presidential election. investigations into trump ties with russia are sparking more impeachment protests. >> i don't think there's any question that he obstructed justice when he fired fbi director comey. >> reporter: plus this week, new protests over health care. this mother's afraid her daughter could lose essential health benefits. >> and if those are ripped from her, that's going to leave her and many other families dead. >> reporter: dozens of town halls are planned this week as washington celebrates independence with allies hoping the u.s. won't go it alone. that begins in poland. the president's first stop before the g20 summit. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. maryland iyi
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election law prohie the sharing the kind ofmati commission asks for. that includes voters' addresses and the histories and the last four digits of their social security number. d.c., virginia and delaware also refused. west virginia's says it's still waiting for the formal request but won't give out any social security information. in the district, there are now two more spots for you to get a he hafty fine. d.c. police have employed new cameras. wtu will drive past those cameras on the 4300 block of livingston road for the next 30 days, drivers will only get a warning for going faster than 25 miles per hour. speeding fines range up to $300. it's going to cost you more to park in bethesda starting tomorrow. street parking rates are ri.
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in very soon. on independence day throughout the summer, people flock to the southwest water front to buy their crabs and fresh fish. >> oh, yeah, but several businesses say they're actually losing money this holiday. news4's derrick ward explains why it all has to do with a developer's crane. >> reporter: well, the d.c. fish market is indeed open for business. as it has been for more than 200 years in the southwest water front, but these are some big changes that are afoot. that used to be parking but soon it will be a market hall and a restaurant. the parking has been moved to another area here, about 50 to 60 paces but they're hard to come by. they actually have police out on main avenue making sure that people get in here smoothly and get out smoothly. now, the fourth of july is one of the bst
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people want crabs for their o here and open for business. southwest waterfront, derrick ward, news4. >> and derrick tells us developers plan to eventually adden underground parking lot with 2500 spaces. it will have direct access to the fish market and a more formal path to the plaza will eventually replace the wornout trail that is there now. morning on the baseball field quickly turned into chaos. >> and now capitol police officers who helped save lives that day are being honored. we'll take you inside the special ceremony when news4 midday continues.
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two capitol police officers received a special honor today, being hailed as heroes for how they responded to the shooting at a congressional baseball practice. about an hour ago, the d.c. society sons of the american revolution presented special agents with its law enforcement commendation medal. griner and bailey were part of a security detail for house majority whip steve scalise. they engaged the gunman and kept him occupied until alexandria police officers arrived. both agents are credited with saving lives. this morning, charles cou
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parents to have assaulting at l boys and forcing the the charles county sheriff's office says some of the abuse happened at benjamin stoddard middle school and at bell's home. the suspect is hiv positive but law enforcement officials are telling us so far, none of the victims has tested positive for hiv. >> this morning, my daughter came screaming, running down the stairs, mommy, one of my teachers, he was molesting children. and i'm like, what? >> it's just not safe around here. it's just not safe for children. >> on the nbc washington app we have information on the other schools carlos deangelo bell worked at. in charles county, the fbi's hotline is also on the app. the story is right there on e
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this case has strikingesoprince. deante car away worked in glen arden and that former aide is facing decades in prison for sexually abusing at least 12 students. he pleaded guilty to federal charges, his trial on local charges is set for later this month. the school system set up a task force after the incident to prevent this from happening again and that task force recommended training for everyone who has contact with students. new reporting requirements, and a new sex abuse curriculum. in other news, the threat from north korea is growing with claims the country has tested its first intercontinental ballistic missile. >> yeah, now the north has made these claims before but if it's true, would mark a significant step forward. nbc's keir simmons reports on how world leaders are responding. >> reporter: ovgh
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yet another claiming for the first time it has successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile, icbc, which could potentially have the range to reach the united states. overseen by leader kim jong un, officials say the test was fired from the country's western region and tracked for 37 minutes before landing in the sea of japan. the launch comes after a string of recent tests and amid steady escalating tensions between north korea and the united states. president trump calling out the north korean leader, condemning the missile test on twitter. north korea has just launched another missile. does this guy have anything better to do with his life? hard to believe that south korea and japan will put up with this much longer. perhaps china will put a heavy move on north korea and end this nonsense once and for all. national security adviser h.r. mcmaster speaking at an event last week called a nuclear armed north korea the number one threat to the u.s. >>
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all options because thethat nuclear power in and a threat that can target the united states and target the american population. >> reporter: now it is unlikely but not unprecedented for the u.s. to change its assessments of the type of missile tested by north korea. asked whether it could have been an intercontinental ballistic missile, one official told nbc it's possible. well the fourth of july is here and if you're still looking for something to do, you're not alone. >> we're running down more things that you can do that are both fun and free. >> free, there grow. >> this holiday.
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♪ nanana a little soul a little tune to play to make the good times roll here we go nanananananana nanananananana here we go♪ crazy square: eyyyyy crazy square: uh oh from our crazy delicious family to yours.
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♪ well, if you're not headed down to the mall tonight, you can watch fireworks right here on nbc4. the macy's fourth of july spectacular starts at 8:00. this is video from last year's show ein new york city. 60,000 fireworks shows will be launched to music from the west point band and the entire special will last a couple hours. some of you prefer to watch your fireworks outside, and we're working for you to find fun and as molette said, free events around town. >> especially if you have kids, you need them to be free.
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re matt mattie stepanek park in rockville. music begins at 6:00 p.m. before the fireworks are lit at 9:15. >> if you're trying to keep the kids entertained later this week, head to gaithersburg. >> inside the washington app, search fireworks finder. >> all we need is for the weather to cooperate and chuck, i got to ask, you know, depending on what -- how's it going to work in terms of getting outside this afternoon for the cookouts versus the fireworks later on. keep one eye on the sky, the other eye on your nbc washington app and track it. >> one eye on the grill as well. >> pay attention to the grill. >> absolutely. family in montgomery county yesterday had a fire out back. yikes. so be very careful at the grill today. neverea
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unattended under any circumce remain in that 30% to 40% range. severe weather not really much of a danger so you're not going to be running for your life but you may be running from a few rain drops here and there. skies partly to mostly cloudy, plenty of filtered sunshine in washington now. temperatures have continued to climb. we're trying to break a streak. we've had rain on the fourth of july three years thisin a row. last year, we had a high of only 75 degrees, our coolest fourth of july since 1941. we're already way warmer than that. 87 in washington already with a heat index of 91 degrees, not too bad if you're just sitting down outside but if you're trying to walk around or do anything strenuous, it is a muggy day to be outside. our neighborhood temperatures deciding not to plot for me. that's all right. we'll move on. planning out the next 12 hours, ho hot and humid. we have two things in play.
11:25 am
of moisture across the mountains of west virginia and eastern kentucky. that's where the very light sprinkles have been to this point. no progress east of the blue ridge just yet. by 3:00, at least an opportunity for a quick lasting shower around the washington area. higher rain chances further out to a west and south of washington. by 5:30, maybe a pop-up shower or two in northern maryland but notice not a huge rain threat today around the washington area, and by 9:30, the fireworks will already be coming to an end and things are looking very optimistic. here's the way i see it. 3:00, 30% of rain. but only a 20% chance of rain at fireworks time. fingers crossed for this one. i'll give you the forecast for the rest of the week coming up. >> i think we're going to be okay pchl we're going to make it. >> keep the umbrellas handy.
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well, events are about to get underway down on the mall, and the national independence day parade starts in about 15 minutes. >> the smithsonian folk life festival also happening right now. news4's justin finch is live on the mall with what you can and cannot bring with you today. hey, justin. >> reporter: molette, good morning. know before you go. that is critical on a day like today. you don't want to get all the way down here within sight of the washington monument and then be forced to leave something behind. you can bet that's happening right over there right now in one of eight security checkpoints that opened here just about an hour or so ago. we have seen several people pass through those gates and seem to know what to do. they have their bags out and ready for searching. we can tell you want to arrive here that some items you'll want to bring actually are welcome. we're talking about your coolers and smaller ba
11:30 am
things that you can leave at home. take a look here. not allowed today. we're talking about alcoholic beverages, drones, fireworks, glass containers, grills, and weapons. leave all that stuff at home. those items may seem minor to some, but they are a critical part of the security strategy here. >> the visitors, the spectators who will be here, they're our first line of defense against anything so it's said time and again but bears repeating, if you see something, say something. there will be an increase of law enforcement presence. you can grab an officer, let them know. >> reporter: perhaps you can see most here are traveling light, so to speak. small bags. we can also tell you, too, a longer list of prohibited items is on our nbc washington app. so now we're live from the mall, i'm justin finch, news4. >> thank you very much. j
11:31 am
of july, the d.c. decades. news4's tom sherwood has more on this search. >> here at the drik's wilson building in downtown washington, there's a lot of history. but some of that history is missing. they need your help trying to find it. we're talking about a 2,000-pound brass replica of the liberty bell that sat outside the district's wilson building from the 1950s until 1980. but it was misplace bid a pennsylvania avenue redevelopment efforts. >> so that's why we're here today, basically, is to enlist the public's help and the media's help. >> reporter: d.c. council historian josh gibson has been researching what may have happened to the bell, a replica that was given to all states and territories at the end of the '50s savings bond campaign but the case here has run cold. if you know something, he'd like to hear from you. in the
11:32 am
news4. >> there are replicas in wachl but they are not the ones that gibson is looking for. one bell sits outside union station, while another one resides between the white house and the treasury building. so the search continues. all right. the governor of new jersey will not apologize for lounging on a state beach that he closed to the public. chris christie has been getting massively criticized since these pictures went public, but he says he had a right to be there since taxpayers fund the beach house and it's available for governors to use while in office. earlier this morning, governor christie signed a budget plan. canada's prime minister is trying to bounce back from an embarrassing moment during canada day celebrations over the weekend, justin trudeau listed all the canadian provinces by left out alberta. he was widely criticized on social media and some canadians are upset. >> i tht
11:33 am
the name of oneantrovinces in t country. >> i mean, i didn't vote for the guy, but whatever. it's just a stupid mistake. >> as chuck bell points out, alberta is alphabetically first. i say give the guy a break. it is one mistake. trudeau did apologize, saying he got a little excited while listing provinces somewhere over the canadian rockies mountain range. moving on to other news of the day, a gaithersburg townhouse fire sparking warnings this morning about grilling safety. last night, flames and smoke filled the sky on bluebird terrace. fire crews say vinyl siding caught fire after a grilling mishap. the fire spread to a neighboring townhouse and 11 people are now displaced. investigators are trying to find out if charcoal was being used inside a propane grill. the homeowner was taken to the hospital with minor burns. tiger woods says he has finished an intensive treatment program. a little more than a month since he was arrested for
11:34 am
drugs with the support of his doctors ask family. back in may, florida police found woods on the side of the highway asleep and disoriented in his car. the champion golfer says he had an unexpected reaction to medication. a teenage girl's death has left a hole in her community with families struggling to find answers. last night in texas, hundreds of people came together in a vigil. police issued an amber alert last week after she was kidnapped in dallas. her body was found sunday in a vacant home along with the body of another man. police say randal was killed due to a drug dispute that one of her relatives was involved in, but the 13-year-old girl had nothing to do wit. >> if y'all got kids, y'all cherish them. oh my god, hold them and don't let them go, y'all. hold them and don't let them go. >>
11:35 am
and facingilliis fearing the worst after a young scholar disappeared last month. >> yeah, officers have arrested one man and nbc's ron mott has the chilling details about what investigators found on his phone. >> reporter: the baffling disappearance of a 26-year-old chinese scholar at the university of illinois taking a twisted turn. june 9, she vanishes, but not without a trace. officials say that's her taking a bus to sign an apartment lease. after missing a transfer bus, she's last seen getting into a black car authorities now say was driven by 28-year-old brent christianson who offered her a ride. her disappearance rattled the community. raleighs we raleigh rallies were organized to find her. christianson was recorded explaining how he kidnapped her,
11:36 am
federal courtfaki life in prisof convicted. >> from the time she disappeared until the time the fbi first interviewed him, three days went by, unfortunately. you could move a body a pretty good distance in three days. >> reporter: a cruel fantasy, perhaps, that may have become a dreadful reality. ron mott, nbc news, chicago. a lot more to learn about that case as well. our time now is 11:36 this morning. summertime means plenty of time in the pool. >> yeah, when news4 midday continues, we'll look at why that when it comes to teaching kids how to swim, the earlier the better.
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native kevin durant is together. theigning nba finals mvp has reportedly agreed to a two-year deal wi deal with the golden state warriors. durant could have taken a max contract of $34 million a year, but that extra money, it helps secure other players' positions on the team. next year's salary is also about $1.5 million less than what he made this past season. another prince george's county native is also making a name for himself this summer. on monday, markelle fultz made his debut. he scored the first basket of the game, finished with 17 points but the boston celtics won the game. a lot of teenagers in our area get internships for the summer but one high school student in virginia has interns of his own. >> he's a special guy. he runs a designer shoe business right out of his
11:40 am
and kicksmalihas already brought in more than $250,000. news4's amy cho has this story out of arlington. >> reporter: behold, inside these boxes, adidas easy sneaker. >> they sell out instantly online. it's really hard for people to get them. it's a struggle. >> reporter: people shell us up to $1,000 for just one pair. malik has hundreds in his house. he's a middle man, buying low, selling high to stores. >> if it's here, it's not selling so i like to get stuff from here to the store in a day or two, just keep going around, trying to get another pair of shoes, trying to make an easy flip, doing whatever i can. >> reporter: but he doesn't have to do it alone. like any big business, he's got some help from his summer interns. one of them was a high school friend. when the business got bigger, she was a shoe-in for the job. >> it's nothing like my past
11:41 am
internships. this is much more relaxed. we are >> reporter: he's off to college. for malik, having older interns doesn't faze him. >> they're so devoted and they want to help me. they want to see this business grow. >> reporter: they spend hours every day packing up products and making sure they're the real deal. >> i smell the shoe for glue stains, fakes, they don't smell the same. >> this whole experience has been eye-opening, it's interesting and i enjoy every second, every minute of it here. >> it's stressful. it's a lot of work but i love this industry. i love the people in it. i've made countless friends from it. >> reporter: friends turned interns for this high schooler who's thinking out of the box. in arlington, amy cho, news4. >> i don't know about taking those running shoes and running outside today. might be a little bit too hot. you better be ready to sweat it out. >> it may not be all that sunny
11:42 am
considerably out there, and a ai to -- i'm a quick to sweat person anyway. any more than a couple blocks and that first bead will be going. temperatures already way up into the 80s, 87 downtown in the national mall so if you're going to be down there for the rest of the afternoon, remember to stay hydrate and had stay in the shade as much as you can. there's a look live, looking down towards the national mall from our tours here in northwest washington. our nearby neighbor, the monument right there, jefferson memorial right there, fireworks display will be over that same spot of sky about nine hours from now. temperatures finally coming in, 89 already in chevy chase, 86 in twin brook, fairfax coming in at 82, maryland, 89, 90 already at the neighborhood and 87 in la plata so already toasty warm out. there temperatures if you plan to grill out. rain cha
11:43 am
only aboutn at 2:00. our best likelihood for rain will be about 4:00 or 6:00 and 7:00 this evening. after 9:00, rain chances drop down to 20% or lower than that. i can't give you the 100% guaranteed dry forecast. i'll be tweeted out updates as we go through the remainder of the day. best way to do it is have your nbc washington app downloaded, ready to go. if you hear thunder or see dark clouds building, it has an interactive radar feature on it so you can actually go right to the radar and see where the showers are and see if they're moving in towards you. so far, any of the rain that we've seen today has been incredibly light out across parts of the shenandoah valley. it will be a hot and humid day to be outside today. officially our rain chance stands at about 40%. they have higher chances out to the shenandoah valley shenandoah valley a valley. highs only in the low to mid 80s for wednesday and thursday afternoon. little break from the h
11:44 am
>> chuc'tk, tell you how good that's going to feel. snapchat is unveiling a brand-new feature that can tell a follower exactly where you are. how you can prote
11:45 am
z2ejdz z16fz
11:46 am
y2ejdy y16fy i feel like i'm ready for a new world record. >> nathan's hot dog eating contest is underway right now in coney island, new york, and joey chestnut is ready. he and the other competitors wed
11:47 am
going for an unprecedented fourth straight win. >> good luck to them. now before you check out the hot dog eating contest, you've got to see this. look at molly skyler. she won the eighth annual burger eating contest right here in the district yesterday. >> yeah, she downed 21 burgers in 10 minutes and won a $1,500 cash prize. the mother of four has won the competition three years in a row. in fact, last year, she ate 28 burgers. pretty amazing. she's not even that big. >> she's a little thing. she's a mother of four. came up from, you know, vacationing at myrtle beach, south carolina, just to win another one. >> ate her burgers and went back on vacation. moving on now, snapchat's new snap map location features allow users to pinpoint the exact location of their
11:48 am
in realtime, and that's concern. nbc nbc's leslie maze tells us about this new feature and thousand disab -- how to disable it. >> reporter: snapchat's new feature allows use toerz pinpoint the location of their friends on the social networking site in realtime. >> i feel it's too much information out there for everyone to see. >> reporter: to some, the feature is just the latest innovation bringing us together in the information age. but for internet experts, it raises questions about privacy and security. >> any snapchat user could potentially see where you are. >> reporter: for him, the snap map raises big red flags because so many snapchat users are children and could be unknowingly making themselves targets for pred torz. >> the stranger danger that we used to teach our kids about, be on the lookout for a creepy van. now they can just go on to an applicat
11:49 am
>> reporter: if you wao is go i settings and turn on ghost mode. that's something a lot of casual snap users wasted no time doing. >> i think it's kind of creepy because everybody can see where you are and a lot of people don't know how to turn the location off so it could be dangerous. >> reporter: when you found out about it, did you turn your location off? >> yes. right away. >> reporter: the snap map feature is off by default and has to be turned on. still, security experts say parents should stay up to date about the app's sharing their kids location and then make sure their children limit their audience or shut them off altogether. >> it's really important for parents to kind of reach out and understand or speak to their kids about the dangers of the location in any location, whether it's instagram, snapchat, facebook, any of those. >> all right. we've got another live look across our nation's capital on this july fourth. we're going to get a final check
11:50 am
>> ellen degeneres show at 3:00 thi
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a lot of families will be cooling off in the pool today, but you know how dangerous the water can be for young kids. a new type of swim lesson is focusing on babies and getting them in the pool as early as 6 months old. here's matt helm from our sister
11:53 am
>> reporter: each kick, flip, and float is a second closer to survival. >> being able to roll over and float can mean the difference between life and death for your kids. >> reporter: kelly teaches infant aquatics survival. >> we're teaching a specific set of skills that teaches them to use muscle memory to get into their survival float. >> reporter: during the ten-minute long classes. >> ten minutes of lessons for these kids is about equivalent to a 40-minute workout for you. >> reporter: she submerges her students, starting fully clothed. >> i want them to know what to do, what it feels like to fall in the water unexpectedly. >> reporter: they learn breath control, floating and kicking to swim to safety. >> good girl. >> reporter: she works with infants as young as 6 months old. >> once they start crawling, we like to get them in the water and teach them to survival float. they can stay in that float for quite a long time until help comes to them. >>
11:54 am
started the class as soon as he learned to crawl on dry land. >> it is a little nerve wracking watching him for the first time. >> reporter: after six weeks of instruction, roman is getting his sea legs. >> it's phenomenal. watching him being able to come up and float like that after falling off of something is just amazing. >> reporter: the class is providing parents peace of mind. if there's a moment their child wanders unsupervised near water. according to the centers for disease control, drowning is the leading cause of unintentional injury death for children ages 1 to 4. >> i wanted him to be able to save himself if he were to fall into the pool or have an unexpected encounter with water. >> reporter: she powers through the pool, swimming to 18 months old. mom laurie credits the class with giving ava survival strength around water. >> i'm
11:55 am
in the water, she would have life-saving skills. hat rig panda may be one o the cutest things you'll see all day today. the baby girl cub was born last month in tokyo. she's just over 1 pound and is about 9 inches. believe it or not, she's doubled her size in about three weeks. giant panda cubs usually open their eyes at 6 to 8 weeks old. >> it reminds me of all the scenes we saw at the national zoo when our cubs were being born here. >> we need another one. >> i know. we sure do. if you want to stay inside and beat the heat on the holiday, there is plenty to keep you entertained. >> here's a look at this week's home video view. >> what do you want from me? >> they did not save your life. >> scarlet johannesen tries to save face in "ghost i
11:56 am
discovers the company that created her lied about h going y to the truth. "ghost in the shell" is digital on friday. >> put that cookie down. cookies are for closers. >> reporter: alec baldwin repurposes his monologue in the bonus features for the boss baby. baldwin voices the title character in this digital cartoon. he's a mini-dictator with a master plan to win an epic battle of cuteness against puppies. wolves are at the gate in the skoo keeper's wife. this one's based on a true story during world war ii. when nazi troops move into poland, chastain uses the zoo to save lives. this
11:57 am
performers from the dead pan of steve martin to the cool of eddie murphy and the unpredictable mania of the late robin williams. >> how about a final look at the forecast now. chuck, how's it looking? >> >> still optimistic about the forecast for the day. no rain around washington, sprinkles out to the south and west. our best chance for any rain bb between about 2:00 and 4:00 or 5:00 this afternoon. after 6:00. many hours in a row, this model updates every single hour, and for the last five or six hours in a row, it's been keeping the rain chances out of here for the fireworks display. let's just hope this is one time that model is correct. rain chances around here the next couple of days and the weekend, a few showers early saturday and sunday, looks nice and dry and not too humid. >> thank you, chuck. that's going to do it for news4 midday. thanks so much for joining us. have a very happy and safe fourth of july. we're back on the air this afternoon, first at 4:00. >>
11:58 am
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