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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 4, 2017 4:00pm-4:58pm EDT

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claims and hoping the rain ays away if you get ready for your parties and the fireworks we'll take you live at some of the celebrations happening all around town. >> a check of the forecast, the storm team meterology itself,
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amelia. >> the showers are not moving. that's how long you want to anticipate dealing with rain. as the sun sets right around 8:30 tonight. the chance of rain really deminishes. you'll have the latest on what you can expect. as you head out, download our nbc washington app. you can get it right there on your phone. what you want to look for tonight, storms that aren't really moving so really close to you be impacted by rain and of course i'll be all evening with the latest. >> let's get back outside to the mall where crowds have been gathering there for hours. with tonight's concert and the fireworks show. >> news 4, kin
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>> hey, there, susan and leon. well, we're still some hours away from the big fireworks show. but we are starting to see a lot of people show up here at the national mall. you know people like to claim their spots early. security check point is right over here. keep in mind, this is hot. but people you see here walking around, claiming their stake, they're okay. they're just fine because they're excited and this is exactly where they want to be on the fourth. i want to take you back to the parade earlier today, a lot of fun. right down constitution avenue. marching band, spectators, you name it, from all over. for a lot of people that is what is special about coming to washington to celebrate independence day. this year, as far as our country goes, it has been unique, but people here on the national mall today are so h
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greatest of times right now with all the political situation. i still think it's a great time for everybody to come together and celebrate. >> there you go. and that is it. >> that's the feeling out here. >> kristin, what is going on with security as far as you can see? anything different? >> reporter: yeah, you know, the security check point here for the secure perimeter is right over our shoulder here. this is where people have to come through. they're checking bags over here also limiting the item hydrogen sulfide th-- items that you can bring. we also have security measures going on around the city today, there are eyes out on the water, of course, watching closely. on the streets, there are bus blockades, you can call them bus barricades set up so that vehicles cannot just come
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unfortunly the world, in fact. so that is kind of the situation theer here in washington, a lot of eyes watching closely to make sure that everybody is safe. susan and leon back to you. >> should be safe and have a great time. >> folks, remember, there are things that you can and cannot bring you with the capitol. >> that's right. with e have a full list for you in the app. right now open it up and search. >> and just in to the newsroom, a car drove off the road and almost ended up in sight. someone's home in montgomery county. this happened in montgomery village. you can see, right there, the car is nudged against the apartment building, this only caused property damage. thankfully no one was hurt. >> we are learning some new details about the teacher's aide accused of sexually assaulting half a dozen middle school.
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tracee wilkins has been in the neighborhood where he's been. tracee what are you hearing tonight. >> well, i want to show you, first of all, where bell lives. if you take a look here, this is his house. but then right next door we have a duplex here. so there were folks who had walls that were joined to bell's home. so as you can see, not a lot of privacy here yet, so police will saying that this is the place where he brought some of his victims. this is a home where we have been watching in this neighborhood, people gathering for the fourth of july. kids running and playing up and down this street. obviously, a family neighborhood. people are very concerned because he's facing seven counts and could be looking at more before the end of this week. so according to the sheriff's office, bell was arrested and charged with creating child pornography. they'rein
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leasev confiscating h on his phone. here, now, from neighbors -- hear now from neighbors in this neighborhood. >> i was shocked that -- especially when you know you're hiv positive and you did this to these kids. >> you put your trust into somebody thinking they're looking out for your child's best interest and it's really sick. >> this is a tight-knit communi community, a lot of houses here in this small cul-de-sac. as we spoke with people that live here, they were saying they really didn't know him. they saw him and his mother but never
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with tv and phone for $79.99 a month. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years. all with a 2-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to here at the live desk, we've learned that u.s. officials north korea has test a two-stage intercontinental ballistic missile. last night's launch is the longest ranged system the north korean's have tested so far. it reached an altitude
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1,800 miles and flew nearly 600 miles. experts think the north is making progress for its ultimate goal, nuclear missile with the range to strike the united states. president trump tweeted that china should act now to end this nonsense once and for all. he's threatened to use force in north korea, in a meeting with south korea's president, he left the door open withholding talks with the north korean regime. a lot of experts doubt north korea can make it small enough to fit on a missile and icbm blast off into space and comes back down in the north probably haven't mastered the technology. at the live desk, chris lawrence, news 4. >> thanks, chris. a woman is making sure that everybody sees her love of this country. >> everybody, we
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she invites students to come out and paint a flag. she got the idea of seeing the man who did the same thing. that guy had to take his flag down it violated the rules of homeowner's association. grace said that her homeowner's association have not opposed any opposition to her display there. leesburg kicked off its fourth of july celebration with parade through historic downtown. people line the streets. leesburg celebration, by the way, continues through this evening with a concert and the fireworks. >> well, it's the worse kind of mail to get, ticket from one of the hidden speed cams. >> i've been there. we'll tell you where two new ones can catch you. >> a road as summer construction crews get ready to swing. >> it's what kids say it's their fav
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going to get a live look at the national mall there. you can see the length of the mall shooting down past the washington and the lincoln there at the very end of it. you can see people there beginning to come out. they're simple. pick their spots just ahead of tonight's concert. >> and the concert was for those of you heading down there, it begins at 8:00. the fireworks at 9:09.
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>> if you're not heading down to the mall tonight, you can watch fireworks right here on nbc 4. the macy's fourth of july fireworks begins at 8:00 p.m. this is video of last year's show of new york city, 60,000 fireworks shows will be launched to music from the west point band. you can also watch the show on our digital platform, just have to click on the tv icon at the top of your nbc washington app or go to nbc >> we want to get you down ofless enjoyable flashes of light you might see out there. two new cameras ready to catch speeders both of them being set up in the southeast. you'll drive past these cameras on livings ton road just before the prince georges county line. for the next 30 days you'll want to get a warning. after that, it can
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$300. >> summer construction season is in full swing, which means slowdowns on some roads. three of the biggest projects in our area right now, is 66, inside the beltway and the tolls are going to be added there. the third street project also known as capitol crossing and rockville pike in front of walter read. the reporter adam is working for you with what you need to know. >> it is that time of year again, no, not necessarily the fourth of july. i'm talking about summer construction season, these barrels are out all across the dmv in virginia, in the district, in maryland. we've got major road work projects that are really gearing up. as you come back from the nourt of july holiday, they are going to be projects you have to pay attention to, we're talking about big time roads effected like i-66, rockville pike. 395 in the district. it is not going
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in these work construction zones. coming up on news 4 tonight, i'll detail the works specifically that's happening. what you can watch out for, back to you. >> all right. thanks. it's kind of like a good news bad news thing, you don't have thunderstorms we do have some rain. >> that's what everybody does not want at this point. somebody is saying i'm trying to fire up my grill. i think for most of us, they're going to be okay. as the sun goes down, you lose that daytime heating, it's kind of like turning the stove. take a look right now, here is what i amtraking, some activity north of town, mainly up around the baltimore metro area and up into pennsylvania and far western maryland. but notice these little tiny cells forming in the dc metro area, not tracking any lightning, but some pockets of heavy rain. this is right around the arlington area, potentially
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down there with a few drops, potentially falling out of maryland, as well seeing some light showers, just south seeing some rain there. this is barely moved over the last 45 minutes, it's pretty much rained itself out. that will be the case. i think if you live pretty much inside of this picture or just outside of it, the most active time will be between now and about 6:30. i really think everything in the dc metro area. then you look at a different weather situation, thunderstorms slowly moving towards the southeast. so these kind of b lining for the baltimore metro area. if you're washington county shs parts of frederick, especially north, you want to plan for the potential for some areas of rain even through, unfortunately, fireworks tonight. 90 degrees, six consecutive days, longest stretch so far this year. 7:00 continuing to track the compact areas of rain and not
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thankfully no severe weather. only isolated showers, by 9:00, 82 and fireworks are underway. we're mild and mainly cloudy and mainly fine. so here is right now, just about 4:30, you can take future weather picking up light activity there. that's going to happen. the dc metro area, mainly dry, but north of town, the same areas i mention still has potential for rain. by 9:00, fireworks getting underway, most of the area is mainly dry. most active time right now until about 6:30. tomorrow, unfortunately, heading back to work and it's going to be a cloudy day, we'll have the marine layer over us, high temperature of 84 degrees. much cooler, there's some chance of showers, during the afternoon, the best chance of showers will be west of the metro area. there's the prince william, frederick county, in those areas, definitely have the umbrella in the dc
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small chance to shower later in the day. thursday, looking likely we'll have some rain and thunderstorms around, potentially some heavy rain and you need the rain. so hopefully that chance materializes on thursday. i can't say this enough, saturday and sunday, make plans outdoors, it will be fabulous. >> good deal. we've dot to get there first. >> yes. >> we invite you to download the nbc washington app before you head out tonight, you'll need it's got the live interactive radar and take a look at that the rain and storms heading your way. >> the local neighborhoods at a black bear decided the to visit today and what police say he did when he got there. >> as you get ready to celebrate tonight, four things you can do for your pets if they're scared of the fireworks.
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fairfax county you can reconcile fresh along with cardboard glass, metal and plastic, now a pile is confiscated, the county already promotes backyard as a way that we purpose yard for things and fertilizer, but now, under a pile of program the county is partnering with businesses to collect food waste from homes and workplaces, you can schedule a pick up yourself, for more information on the program and how to get
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my dog all the time, we know when july comes around, the fireworks can cause such a lot of anxiety for pets. >> a lot of pets don't like it, spoken for chuck bell, from the humane rescue alliance of how to keep your four legged friends calm. >> pets and fireworks, they are known to be not all that good together, so we're going to help give you some hints on how you can help keep your pets safe and secure, essentially, during the fourth of july holiday. >> so welcome. >> who have you brought with us today. >> she's a two-year-old dog at our shelter. and she was surrendered because her owner was moving and couldn't take her with him. she's really sweet. she loves people. she's super friendly. >> she's going to make pet super and rolled over on her belly. for fourth of july, though, i have two dogs
4:24 pm
one of them care for the bang, one much -- cared for a lot less than the other. they spend fourth of july fireworks time. we turn the radio real loud up in the house. when we come back, you can tell lucas was sitting there shaken what's all going on. what are some of the things you can do to help ease the stress? >> well, definitely keep them in doors. they can full the senses, a lot of them panic, so even if you think they're secure behind the fence, they may dig under it or even go out of screen, break your screen. you want to keep them in the middle of your house somewhere where the noise is the least. where they can have calm stuff with some chicken and a comfy bed and noise cancelling machine on and make sure they're secure and in the most
4:25 pm
you can also get them medication. a lot of dogs have thunder phob phobia, so asking your vet for medication a few days before and definitely before the fireworks start is a good idea, it's a lot easier to help a dog prior to the start and then in the middle of the fireworks. >> is there any way to get your dogs use to fireworks, it's kind of a strange thing, not all of my dogs have been afraid of fireworks. my old dogs in the past didn't bother them whatsoever. >> i mean, you generally want to be careful of over exposing them to loud noises because noise sensitivity is actually genetic, although it can take a few exposures to show up. you don't really know if your dog has that until they start showing it. so i would, you know, definitely you can give them treats right after they hear the
4:26 pm
after the fireworks have started. i wouldn't over expose them to that, it will sensitize them. >> they've got a blanket i drape over and stuff like that. if they're all crate trained, they can have the door closed. >> they're safe haven. >> we'll have more about pet owners are using and whether it is healthy for them. she is a student and model, now the target of nasty comments, first at 4, why she said she didn't confront the man that was posting pictures of her. >> what was the -- what it
4:27 pm
>> at first we take you live of celebrations in fairfax county, the three things kidsell us t
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these aren't going anywhere. these are. crest... ...healthy, beautiful smiles for life. they carry your fans shpassions, hopes, and dreams.s. and maybe, a chance at greatness because shoulders were made for greatness. not dandruff. we're looking at radar and seeing some storms popping up and they're starting to hit the mall right now. you've got a lot of folks that are camping out and looking at their spot. >> what you want to do if you're heading down there and pack the punch, we're down opening up the app and there as many good chances of rain. i was telling you, it's over now. >> get in and get out. >> i think by fireworks, we're going e
4:30 pm
north of town, there's frederick, washington county and can't rule out the rain in those spots. but i think for most of us, especially inside of the beltway, should be in the clear. >> yeah. yeah. >> yeah, exactly. here is the latest on storm team 4. you can see some heavy rain around on into parts of arlington. and that rain continuing on including down in the mall right now. kristin wright is getting some light sprinkles, you can see a live report there, here is what you can expect and here is what i'm tracking right now. we'll have to hit in the shower tonight, especially now at about 6:30. they do have some heavy rain, they last anywhere from about 45 minutes to an hour. they're not moving all that fast, second headline as the sun goes down, less likely, good news for fireworks are continuing to update the forecast and i'll have the latest in about 15 minutes. >> thanks so much. and if you are heading down to the mall for the big fireworks
4:31 pm
know, the capitols concert begins at 8:00 p.m. and the fireworks begin at about 9:09 p.m. and if you're heading downtown, metro will be your best bet. the system is running saturday. service right now, we'll switch over to rush hour service later tonight for the fireworks. the rail system will stay open until midnight. keep in mind the smithsonian stuff is entry only after 9:00 p.m. if you're heading down to the mall, you can bring things like coolers and small bags and be sure to bring plenty of water, it's pretty hot. don't bring alcohol, drones or fireworks. you can't bring glass containers, grills and, of course, no weapons. you don't have to go to national mall to enjoy a nice free fireworks show, we have a complete list on the nbc washington app right now search fireworks finder to check it out
4:32 pm
many of you are morning along and grilling out. here is live from arlington. you started your day in fairfax city watching some kids take in the sights and sounds. it must have been so wonderful. >> yeah, we made kind of the round across northern virginia. as you mention, we're here, this is behind me. a lot of folks are starting to file in. you can get the check point and just a moment. you heard amelia mention the rain passing through here. you may have heard that. it's thunder. sprinkles relate at this point coming down. a lot of these folks, that i got their umbrellas, they're prepared. they're coming in with anything they need to keep them dry and comfortable for the next several hours until the fireworks actually start. let's take you to where we started our fairfax. you see, there was a lot of joy, a lot of excitement. it's so refreshing, actually, to be out there along the c
4:33 pm
fairfax and you see some of these and they are just taking in the sights and the sounds. it's nice to see it through the eyes of innocence in these children who have been able to push out the noise and just absorb what is going on. we talked to a few. it's nothing we want to see her as they're selling braticelebra fourth of july. it was interesting to hear what they believe this holiday is all about. >> i spend time with my family and i watch really cool floats. the family should spend time together and they should, like, have fun together. >> i think about spending time with family and barbecues and america first. >> you hear that, family, for them, that's what this day is all about. we see a lot of families who will coming in through here.
4:34 pm
north peachtree they had several of the vehicles swept beforehand just to be sure they were safe and coming up -- an the things you should not bring, of course, among them, alcohol. that's why they really try to keep this family friendly once you're inside beyond the security check point. they expect, by the way, 50 to 60,000 people to pack in their and it really becomes quite tight quarters, something that we can show throughout the evening tonight. we'll send it back to you. >> the stakes are high president trump is meeting with president vladimir putin on friday. this comes on friday in germany. this is happening at the special counsel investigating russia's role and possible connections between russia and trump's campaign. the president is being urged to front and deter
4:35 pm
issues like syria and sigh sis. before the president leaves for the g 20 summit, he's spending his first fourth of july commander in chief at the white house. first family marked the holiday by sending out independence day well wishes on twitter, tuesday. the first couple will be posting a picnic. in aur flash survey, we ask that you're feeling more or less patriotic, most of the people who completed it said they were feeling less patriotic this year. >> first at 4, another bear sighting in fairfax county. the second in the past few days. >> this one is in the city of fairfax in the area near linden streets. officials say the black bear showed no aggression, anyone who sees it, you're suppose to stay away, leave the bear alone. the bears are searching for food and they try to avoid humans. animal control does not remove bears out of the neighborhood unless it appears sick or injured. secure your garbage, if you
4:36 pm
last friday a bear was spotted in the backyard not far away. the family bear shot. they had two of them and they want it to be knocked over and planted in the ground and it was knocked over like a toothpick. >> i mean, you know, yeah. they look so cute. >> my biggest fear when i go running is that, when you hear these crazy stories. >> keep your eyes open and stay away. >> that's right. >> be careful out there. >> a truck stuck on the track and a train could not stop. first at 4:00, why it took police so long to get the man inside. >> if you miss this july fourth tradition, ahead at five.
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y2ejcy y16fy it continue the tradition going back celebrating independence day, kicked off with a parade they'll continue this evening with music and fireworks. >> tiger woods said he's finished intensive treatment program a little more than a month since he was arrested for dui. woods treated last night and said -- tweeted he would continue to tackle his issues with support of his doctors and
4:40 pm
florida police found woods on the side of the highway disoriented. the golfer said he had an unexpected reaction to medication. well, a passenger on a flight from dallas to los angeles picked the wrong woman to body shape. >> the plus side passenger didn't let him get away with it without a lecture. natalie is the plus size model and promotes body health. the flight last week, she noticed, the passenger sitting next to her was taking pictures and texting derogatory comments about her. she confronted him and then posted the video. eventually the man -- even offered to buy her dinner. if you want to see the exchange yourself, search plus size in the nbc washington app. first at 4:00, we have special people we think you'll want to meet. the little boy who loved explosives now turned his passion into a career. and the maryland woman who descended from one of our founding
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and right now, areas of heavy rain north of the dc metro area including parts of washington county. there's a close look at rain down in parts of the district at around baileys crossroads where we're seeing heavy rain.
4:44 pm
and show you the big picture. scattered showers and a few rumbles of thunder, nothing that's going to be severe in nature. seeing some very heavy rain just north of annapolis, this is moving towards the southeast and over towards the eastern shore. we look up around hagerstown, where we're seeing lightning, you hear the digging that's the weather alert. i will suspect it is a flash flood warning, probably out of the area, actually we do have a new thunderstorm warning just issued right now. going to pop this on the radar and show you the latest so you can see just mentioning up in parts of washington county, let me chime this out for you, these storms have been moving towards the southeast at about 20 miles an hour. so we update that here to show you the speed, let me pop that on and track it for you. this is going to be moving in to parts of frederick mo meant
4:45 pm
be in these areas like hagerstown and frederick where we will be seeing the strongest rain. so we'll time this out. also posted this on my facebook and twitter pages just now. moving in right around 5:25 around fed rick and about 5:45 and about 5:57 let me clear this up and let me know how long this thunderstorm warning is going to go to. this thunderstorm warning is going to go until about 5:45 this evening, so, again, we're tracking a severe thunderstorm warning right now for parts of washington and frederick county as it's moving towards the southeast at about 20 miles an hour. you can see the impact on my facebook and twitter page. as you move along, that heavy rain in parts of arlington right now, parts of alexandria, as well. the severe thunderstorm warning is going to be in effect until 5:30 for washington and frederick county. the good news, guys, i think the most active time is right now, it is unfortunate for your
4:46 pm
you'll anticipate it to last anywhere from 45 to an hour, the greatest concern heavy rain fall. potential for some hail, not a huge for wind that's why the storms aren't moving very quickly. areas of rain around 7:00, by 9:00 isolated showers, i think most fireworks displayed are going to be okay. and then tomorrow, 84 degrees for a high, much cooler, plenty of clouds. few showers around tomorrow, especially west of town. as we take a look at the next ten days we're doing to get cooler for our thursday as well in the mid-80s. the weekend looking great. mid to upper 80s for highs. again, another check of storm team, we're up heres in parts of washington. we have a thunderstorm warning until 5:30. scattered showers inside the metro area right now. download our nbc washington app for the latest. we're dealing with the most activity from now until 6:30. i think fireworks should be okay
4:47 pm
it will be here all evening keeping track of it, susan. >> thank you so much. we'll check bah wick with you a little bit later. this fourth of july are turning in to cannabis products, jim joins us now with more on this story coming up on news 4 at 5. >> this happen today a lot of pet owners. dogs, especially, get spooked by the fireworks and run away, many wind up in our local shelters. well, to help ease the anxiety dog owners are now turning to special dog treats made with marijuana. but is it safe. then at 5:00, a special honor for those two u.s. capitol police officers injured in the shooting at the congressional baseball practice last month. it's a battle of the beaches tonight, which state has the very best beaches, maryland, virginia or delaware. it's a hot debate on nbc
4:48 pm
i'll see you in just a few with those stories. we're watching these storms right here at 5:00. jim, i'll see you here, too, in 11 minutes. >> see you then, susan. >> thank you so much, jim. >> features 29 direct desen dents of the founding fathers. one of the men featured in that add is from bethesda. >> today she took part in the national archives. evan car was there. >> fourth of july starts here, here at the national archives building. >> in congress july fourth, 1776, the
4:49 pm
declaration of independence, the original document signed by our founding fathers. >> when in the course it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another. >> thomas jefferson, the primary author and his come patriots wrote the declaration because they felt disrespected and oppressed to revolt against a king who was intent on denying their essential humanity, their life, their liberty, and their pursuit of happiness. >> what makes someone american is adhering to the belief in our founding documents that we're created equal, that we have a right to liberty,t
4:50 pm
we have a free press, embracing those rights, really makes an american and understanding those rights is liberty and justice and equality don't reside in our arts, they will evaporate. >> thank you so much for bringing that to us, as well. some of dcs most historical documents are on the move, the historical society of washington d.c. has to move out of the library july 7th. it will reopen in the fall at a temporary home inside the museum. the dc public library also has some materials that will be moved including if you watch the collection after everything is out, the carnegie building will be transformed into an apple store. >> a couple of new developments of the recovers of two bald eagles rescued in the past few days, now, this eagle you see here is found in the southeast washington saturday.
4:51 pm
he was having trouble -- there he is right there, he's having trouble breathing and couldn't fly. the im -- tells us the animal now is in good spirits, alert and eating. it's gong to be transferred to another facility for more testing, including a flight test before the eagle is actually returned to the wild. now, we're also looking at some encouraging news this afternoon about the bald eagle in fredericksburg that we told you about last friday. he isn't responding well for treatments including a severe virus, animal control rescue severely eagle on friday. vets they say it's too early to know for sure whether it's going to pull through. things are looking up. >> as you enjoy the fireworks tonight, have you ever wondered who puts on these shows and how do they do it. >> we want to introduce you to a guy, he turned a love for fireworks as a kid into a career, he puts on hundreds of shows across the
4:52 pm
>> welcome to mike's world. >> it will go up about 800 to a thousand feet. >> they call him the pyro doctor. he's enjoyed fireworks since he was a kid. >> the real fun started 12 years ago. >> doesn't this feel back here. >> when mike puts on shows for his neighbors in tarrant county. >> we use to go buy trailer shows and set them up on trailers for hours and more people that showed up the better, oh, yeah, we've got to go see this. >> it was much simpler b
4:53 pm
>> yeah, here, hold my beer and watch this, that's pretty much how it all got started. >> but now things are different. everything is controlled digitally for safety. >> it's not lose a finger. it's lose your life. this has got to go. >> computer program sink their shows to music, for big shows like this one and panther island pavilion they show up hours in advance and after the sun sets. the crowds have grown since in early shows, but the pay off is still the same. >> i mean, it is -- everyone is a kid, you know, and watching
4:54 pm
fireworks. local store owners, why a truck got stuck on the tracks here. >> this is news 4 first at 4:00.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
investigators are trying to piece together a deadly crash involving a cargo
4:57 pm
a truck driver hit the train and that driver is dead. as amy reports, it's still not clear why the driver ran into that train. that train and that truck has since been removed. police say their work is far from over. 3:45 this morning police say a truck was on the track. on coming train, crash pushed the truck hundreds of feet down the track before the train finally came to a halt. how did the truck get on to the track and why, police still don't know. >> damage to the truck so severe. the victim was a man police say they're not seeing his name until they notified his family. the only people on board the train, conductor, engineer who
4:58 pm
now a lot of the businesses around here have surveillance cameras so police are hoping some of them might have recorded what happened, but that may be difficult, a lot of the cameras appeared to be pointed towards the ground. amy, news 4. now, at 5:00, we have some rain rolling through our area right now and even a severe thunderstorm warning. >> that's right, the storms could dampen your cook out, depending on where you live. amelia draper is closely watching the radar, we'll let you know if the skies will be clear in time for fireworks. >> thousands are braving the heat and the tight security to celebrate america's birthday. from the crowds to the security and the timeline of events tonight. we have everything you need to know. charles county investigators say that carlos bell was molesting young boys inside of this home. i'm tracee wilkins coming up on news 4. neighbors are paying closer attention to the neighbor that o
4:59 pm
really knew. big time fireworks, small-town parades, and the strange american spectacle of competitive hot dog eating. they're celebrating our country's birthday, thank you for joining us, everybody. i'm jim handily. >> i'm susan hogan. today is a day, shared tradition to a nation that has grappled with some serious divide. >> but the show down on our national mall must go on, tens of thousands are expected there tonight. >> we'll take you there live in just a minute. meteorologist, amelia draper is tracking some storms and some areas we hear are under severe thunderstorm warning. >> exactly, susan, areas north of the dc area are going to see the heaviest rain and the most likelihood for stronger to severe thunderstorm. over the next few hours, i still think by fireworks time, most of us are going to be okay. take a look


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