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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 5, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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happen to one person over and over. >> marlo mendez an alias that federal officials say has helped him slip back into the u.s. time and time again. monday he was back in federal custody picked up for allegedly being drunk in public. immigration officers taking him from louden to fairfax say he complained his handcuffs were too tight. they pulled over and loosened them but he took off. he hid for more than three hours. they tracked him down. he is apparently quite familiar with i.c.e. officers. >> i have never had a person who has been deported five times and come back. >> reporter: immigration attorney says marlo mendez's case is rare. vast majority of his undocumented
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>> they are not criminals majority of them. they have abided by the laws. they pay their taxes. >> reporter: we shouldn't trivialize illegal immigration because most are not violent felons who have been previously deported. >> the center for immigration studies believes in barriers like controversial border wall and stricter enforcement. >> you throw the book at those who come back after having previously been deported. you can get a lot less of it. >> i understand police say they have found no gang violence or gang connection with this guy? >> reporter: marlo mendez as of now has no connection to any of the many gang cases that we have been covering. this is something that is relevant given his ties to
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vuvadoor. when it comes to repeated reent reentryatize is something they have seen. one source tells me he saw it up to half a dozen times for one suspected gang member. it gets quickly politicized so they can't rely on immigration policy instead they rely specifically on financial resources trying to stop financial resources to gangs. >> pretty shocking to be deported five times and get back five times. >> thank you. a truck load of fireworks found yesterday on the eastern shore. you are looking at a file worth about $8,000 in illegal fireworks. reports shooting up into the sky not only is that against the law but it is also dangerous. a prince george's teen is in the hospital after an accident in
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megan fitzgerald joins us live from district heights. >> reporter: first responders from this district heights station got the call. they rushed down to addison road to try to help the kid out but when they arrived they say it's possible this kid could lose his hand. let's face it, the fourth of july wouldn't be the same without fireworks. but the problem comes when people try to use them at home. >> very unpredictable item. there are no quality control on the items. >> reporter: fire officials say even though the holiday has ended the calls for fireworks related injuries unexpected to stop. >> we anticipate more. >> reporter: the fire marshall for the state of maryland. he says so far at least four fireworks related injuriese
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the state. >> individuals had to be taken to the hand center in baltimore. >> reporter: one of those injuries happened here along addison road. >> a young man did have some significant injuries to his hand, face and torso area. >> rockets. >> reporter: this man lives in the neighborhood where the incident happened. he is hoping the unfortunate incident that happened to one child will send a message to others. >> holding something in your hand and it explodes i think that would send a message. >> reporter: fire investigators are still trying to figure out who purchased the fireworks and who gave them to this young teen. they tell us it is possible that charges could be filed. back to you. >> thank you. ask folks what they think about this. do you think fireworks for personal use should be illegal? that is the top
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a lot of people saying no they don't think it should be illegal. go to our nbc washington facebook page and weigh in and let us know what you think. turning to our weather, heavy rain for some of us at the height of the evening rush tonight. >> tracking slow moving storm activity to let us know who is being impacted and how long it will last. >> slow, these areas of rain very slowly moving. i am starting to see them close in on the beltway moving into washington, parts of arlington. i do think this will have an impact on the nationals game, a delay looking likely. i think a cancellation not so much. here is the latest on storm team 4 radar you can see pretty much the heaviest rain still south of washington. a few showers in parts of fredrick and northern loudoun coun county. this area, thankfully not picking up on storms.
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in buckets around the sunderland area. this is moving into the district. heavy rain possible in washington over the next few hours. and then we will continue to track more rain tomorrow. i will have the latest coming up in my full forecast. right now, president trump is in poland. he is on the first leg of overseas trip with pretty high stakes. the president and first lady arrived to a high profile welcome. poland's populist leader came into office with a nationalist message similar to president trump's. this may pea the warmest greeting he gets over the next several days. world leaders at the g-20 summit will be focussed on the threat posed by north korea and there are tensions over the u.s. pulling out of paris climate accord. edward lawrence reports from capitol hill. >> reporter: this trip is meant to ease the concerns of
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allies to show them visually that the u.s. stands with them. that is why the meeting with the polish president is meeting before the meeting with russian president vladimir putin. poland rolled out the red carpet for president trump for first presidential visit. u.n. ambassador nikki haley made a threat towards china during an emergency security council meeting. she says countries that trade with north korea which launched an intercontinental ballistic missile july 4. >> such countries would like to continue trade arrangements with the united states. that's not going to happen. our attitude on trade changes when countries do not take international security threats seriously. >> reporter: president trump named china specifically this morning tweeting trade between china and north korea grew almost 40% in the first quarter, so much for china working with us. the president is putting together an international coalition against the rogue nation. >> we will try to r
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of the g-20 summit. >> reporter: north korea's leader vows they will not negotiate. >> the odds of a military confrontation are increasing because north korean capability is increasing. >> reporter: all of this with the back drop of a bilateral meeting on friday. at home there is growing pressure for the president to confront putin on meddling on the u.s. presidential election. president trump's first trip abroad has fired uneasiness among nato allies. we posted a look at challenges ahead in the nbc washington app. just go there and search trump in europe. check it out during the break. now to a democratic bill linked to the 25th amendment. section four allows to determine if the president is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his
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assume the role of acting president. maryland congressman also empowers congress to establish a permanent body and declare the president is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. introduced a bill establishing the oversight commission on presidential capacity. the commission would evaluate a mental and physical fitness for office. >> we are talking about body that is nonpartisan, independent and acts with the vice president in the most extreme cases where there is a consensus that the president is incapable of discharging the duties of office. >> the white house has not responded to requests for comment on the bill. demonstrations have always been a big part of the district dna. you probably remember the violent protest. today we got our hands on a new report that details the police response to the thousands of protests the city has seen in the last
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chris lawrence here with a look at the new numbers. >> we have been pouring through this new report. it looks at all the marches and protests d.c. police have been monitoring for the past three years. the first thing that really jumps out at you is the growing number of demonstrations. 439 marches back in 2014. and then look at this. just a year later that went up to more than 770. we know 2016 was an election year. you would expect some increase. look at this. it jumps up to more than 1,200 marches. these numbers do not include demonstrations that are being monitored by the park or capitol hill police officers. now, it is hard to forget some of the scenes, demonstrations we saw earlier this year during the inauguration. now we are learning more about who arrested all of those people. when you take a look at this
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day alone somewhere on the neighborhood of 235 people. in the report the police chief says officers in riot gear only responded to what he calls criminal riots like the demonstrations that you see here, people burning tires, setting cars on fire, destroying businesses or attacking some officers. the chief says no riot gear was used for any of the other protests that day. thank you. she was targeted because of the uniform she was wearing. new details about the ambush style attack on the new york city police officer and why it hit so close to home for officers here. teaching assistant and coach with hiv accused of abusing local middle scho ol
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20 times faster than most people have. and it's just $79.99 a month online for the first year. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years. all with a 2-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to new information about possible motive in ambush style shooting in new york. the associated press reports the gunman rampant about officers killing people. then he warned he was going to do something. the fallen officer was a mother of three who was killed as she sat in a marked command center. >> kristin wright has reaction from a retired d.c. officer about the dangers police face.
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latest from new york city. >> reporter: the nypd commissioner called it an assassination. >> shots fired. my partner is shot. >> reporter: miosotis familia shot and killed as she sat in a police command vehicle just after midnight in the bronx. >> she was on duty serving this city protecting people, doing what she believed in and doing the job she loved. >> reporter: officer familia's partner was unharmed. police say this man walked up to the nypd van and fired the fatal shot through the window. >> anticrime scene encountered male subject. as they confronted him he drew a revolver. officers fired a at him striking and killing him. >> reporter: as fellow officers tried to comfort each other friends remembered the 48-year-old mother of
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bonds served eight years in pris frn robbery and was paroled in 2013. investigators are reportedly looking into an anti-police posting on his social media accounts. the attack reminded many of a similar incident in 2014 when a gunman shot and killed two officers as they sat in their squad car in brooklyn. now they grieve the death of a colleague and friend. i'm kristin wright with reaction from a retired d.c. police officer. john gardner badge 2533. he left the force in march. hearing officer familia's partner call for help. >> shots fired. my partner is shot. >> it sounds just brings back memories. >> reporter: the loss of officer miosotis familia hits law enforcement hard in new york and across the
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i don't know her personally, but she wears the badge. she is doing her job and gets killed just for being in uniform. >> reporter: he put in 27 years on the streets. >> now that this stuff is happening you have to kind of be careful. >> what happened to officer familia is personal. >> makes you mad and then sad. >> reporter: gardner lost friends in the line of duty and says he always took every safety precaution. rarely turning his back. he was still shot on the job once and recovered. in recent years he was careful about advertising the fact that he was a cop. >> certain areas you go to y you -- >> reporter: in his experience wearing the badge always came down to one thing. even in the face of so much risk, danger and loss.
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because if you don't love it it is not the job for you. >> reporter: he has gone to counseling had help with post traumatic stress and that is not so unusual. >> if somebody wants to target a person just because of the uniform they are wearing it doesn't matter what safety precautions you take. >> appreciate them even more. be willing to go to work and wear that uniform knowing that risk is there. new at 6:00, the next time you are in leesburg you could be on camera. the town signed a contract to outfit police officerwise body cameras and will install new cameras in patrol cars. for $176,000 motorola will provide 55 cameras. that program will begin next year. aco
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has retracted a video he shot at a nazi concentration camp. the video drew international criticism. he shot this with the message of beefing up homeland security at a museum that stands at the concentration camp. one portion was filmed inside a gas chamber. he says he meant to offer homage to those murdered and remind the world that evil exists. fighting fires and each other. tonight investigation underway after an argument involving local firefighters responding to this scene. why some say it is part of a bigger problem. >> and the story that has the world talking. could this blurry photo be the key to unlock
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hot, hot and sticky. had my dog out for a walk and only for a few minutes. i want to do the same thing. >> the humidity was out in full force. only hit 84 degrees. there is so much moisture in the air it felt just as uncomfortable as if it was 95 with low humidity. i'm tracking areas of rain on storm team 4 radar. we are going to continue to have showers around tonight and then we will have rain at
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throughout the day tomorrow. so take a look at your weather headlines. grab the umbrella if you are heading out tonight. make sure you have it handy tomorrow with pockets of heavier rain and thunderstorms, as well. second weather headline. maybe a thunderstorm or showers around on friday especially during morning. friday evening looking really nice and that is going to set us up for a gorgeous weekend. saturday and sunday looking really nice. plenty of sunshine and low humidity. here is the latest. mainly tracking this area of rain that extends right along 56 now trying to move into the district moving into arlington already impacting southern parts of prince george's county. this is very slowly moving towards the north. it is moving into the beltway inside the beltway. in washington certainly pockets of heavier rain possible.
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have been taking the dog out take him out right now so you can avoid the rain. we will continue to track showers around tonight. our temperatures are in the 70s and 80s right now. 83 in washington. for your evening planner we have scattered showers around as we move towards 9:00 p.m., 10 p.m. i want to show you tomorrow morning. he is tracking areas of rain on the radar. potentially pockets of heavier rain that can slow down the commute. 9:00 a.m. still seeing pockets of heavier rain as we move into lunch time hours scattered showers continue. otherwise mostly cloudy skies. still on the muggy side of things. tomorrow evening notice here we are at 6:00 you have plans for your thursday night. keep this in mind. weather can certainly slow you down. notice bright colors. maybe stronger to severe thunderstorms out there. a high tomorrow of 82. feeling very much like today but more widespread rain in the forecast. heavier rain, as well.
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watering our lawns and gardens. as i was saying on facebook that will set us up to cut the grass. so taking a look at how the weather impacts your thursday. that commute deal wg wet roads one way or the other likely slowing you down. not a great day to take the kids to the pool. probably the indoor day that we all look forward to. i know my baby sitter loved inside days. exercise probably want to hit the gym. dinner out tomorrow night probably stick to dinner in. have dinner out friday night, saturday night or sunday night. 90 on friday. shower or thunderstorm around. keeping it dry saturday and sunday with highs in the mid to upper 80s. coming up on news 4 we talk to students who knew carlos bell as coach. >> why a prince george's county firefighter is under criminal investigation for what happened here during this fire. ahead
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you're watching news 4 at 6:00. we have new details about the former teacher's aid accused of molesting students at the middle school where he worked.
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meetings for parents later this summer to discuss the investigation into carlos bell accused of sexually assaulting at least seven boys. bell told investigators he is hiv positive. tracee wilkins talked with young people who have met bell through his jobs in the county. >> talked to me about running track, about school. >> reporter: he says carlos bell tried to recruit him to run track for a community track team he coached for. he met bell through his younger brother. >> he worked when my little brother was there. >> reporter: he said allegations against bell are hard to believe and he wasn't the only one who felt that way. >> never showed activity that he would do stuff that we heard that he did. >> reporter: he didn't seem like the type? >> really did not. >> i was surprised. i didn't think mr. bell would do something like that. >> reporter: students who knew carlos bell as coach say they
6:30 pm
that he may have sexually abused kids they know. >> most of the students there so he was a nice guy and then like my eighth grade year in october that is when i started running track. >> reporter: kevin mays trained with bell for about a month during the offseason. his mother says with just the thought of what bell is accused of. >> i feel rage. i want him to get what he deserves. >> reporter: adriana williams ran for bell with the community track team that bell continued to work with even after he was suspended. >> he was the track coach here he had kids from seventh, eighth and sixth. >> reporter: the release says they have been in constant communication with the authorities. we send our deepest sympathies and prayers to the families affected by these circumstances.
6:31 pm
office is concerned that bell may have coached at other community organizations and possibly some outside of the county. they are asking parents whose children have had contact with them to give them a call. i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. >> members of the community came together to help victims of a devastating apartment fire last month. more than 200 people lost their homes when the rolling terrace apartment building caught fire. one man died. several others were injured. today the middle school and management company teamed up to offer fire victims donated household items, clothing and other supplies. >> we are part of the community. we feel when the community needs help that is our mission to help families that need the most. >> losing a home is not easy. so i think that if it can bring happiness to them that is something that we want to
6:32 pm
still under investigation. >> the scene of another fire they were supposed to be fighting blazes but were battling each other. an investigation is underway after an alleged assault at the scene of a house fire. chris gordon has more on this feud between career and volunteer firefighters. >> reporter: this can be the most recent fire scene where county, career and volunteer firefighters have clashed. >> neighbors took this video sunday afternoon after the house fire was extinguished a volunteer firefighter complained that he was allegedly assaulted by a career officer. a neighbor tells me what she saw. >> kind of like that kind of just like little nudges and stuff. not like punching and kicking or anything like that. >> repor:
6:33 pm
to investigate his allegations against the career officer. police chief tells me it is too early to determine if a criminal charge will be filed or not. >> allegation is second degree assault which is a misdemeanor. we will investigate that. >> reporter: for years there have been tensions between career and volunteer firefighters in prince george's county. this past may two volunteer firefighters faced criminal charges in a trial for hitting a career officer at a burning house and blocking them at the door way so career firefighters couldn't enter before the volunteers. those two defendants were found not guilty. i asked if the new complaint arising from the fire this past sunday is part of the ongoing feud between careers and volunteers. >> i'm not going to label that this particular incident career volunteer. this was something that occurs between two firefighters ohe
6:34 pm
violated our strict rules as far as work place violence goes. >> reporter: prince george's county's new fire chief says in his department there should be no difference between career and volunteer firefighters in terms of the way they are valued. that's the latest live from maryland. >> things aren't that testy between all firefighters. some realize their jobs are the same all over the world. at the firehouse one of eight saudi arabiaen firefighters who are working in prince george's county. the 11-year veteran is part of an international fellowship program and says one big difference between in the u.s.
6:35 pm
>> they are now one month into their stay here. the lone survivor of a high profile hate crime feels echoes of her ordeal during a trip to washington. the gunman who killed nine spared one witness. he told paulie shepherd to share the story of what happened in the basement of their church. now shepherd is recalling her nightmare during visit to african-american museum. >> i don't know what it is. but he left. the rest were ready to go. he took them with him. >> tomorrow she shares her very personal story. she is opening up
6:36 pm
wright about race relations and what she thinks can heal our country. see her story tomorrow night here at 6:00. turf wars. why parents are fighting back over plans to renovate a popular park. >> christmas in july. the top four things to buy as temperatures and discounts heat up. first here is amelia. >> i'm tracking pockets of heavier rain moving into the district and parts of montgomery county. how this will impact your evening and more rain in the forecast tomorrow. i will have the latest timing coming up.
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the parks authority in fairfax county is delaying a decision on new synthetic turf at the nike park. the authority wanted to use a crumb rubber surface at the field inside nova reports neighborhood association voiced concerns because of questions ov
6:39 pm
health and storm water. d.c. and montgomery county have both banned using chrome rubber. the centers for disease control and consumer product safety commission are all investigating its risks. it's going to take two to three million dollars to overhaul the elevator system at the washington monument. it has been closed since last august. today we have learned the national parks service has put out the contract to bid for the new elevator system. they hope to secure a new contract by august. the elevator has broken down frequently over the past few years. you could say it is christmas in july. retailers offering incredible deals on items you never expect to buy in the heat of thesumer. susan hogan dug up four seasonal products to get your hands on now before the deals are gone. >> so summer is in full swing. there are also pretty good sweet deals going on right
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orders over $49. if you are looking to score big on summer clothes and sandals you will find the best deals as retailers are pushing out summer inventory to get ready for fall clothing. i know it is hard to hear this but there are back to school deals going on for the month of july. for all of these deals head to our app and search july deals. >> i'm not ready for back to school yet. >> i'm with you on that. seniors versus young drivers. you may be surprised to find out who is safer behind the wheel. unlocking the mtery. yswh
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we take a live look at traffic tonight. doesn't look too good. we look at the challenges for drivers, older drivers over the age of 65. for many older drivers it can be tough to hang up the keys even when they shouldn't be driving anymore. consumer reports recently took a look at programs and strategies that can either help seniors drive more safely or recognize when it is time to retire from the road. >> reporter: sandra cunningham is 70 years old. despite having parkinson's disease she would like to continue driving as long as possible. she has a lot of company, too. 38 million americans over the age of 65 have a driver's license including 3.5 million who are older than 85. you may assume that older drivers are more likely to be involved in a collision than their younger counter
6:45 pm
but -- >> decades of crash data says that isn't the case. the highest rate and the most dangerous drivers are the youngest drivers cht. >> reporter: this could be in part because seniors are more likely to obey speed limits and far less likely to text and drive. cunningham also worked with a certified driver rehab specialist. these specialists assess older drivers for things like vision, memory, processing speed and range of motion and help equip them with tips and tools to keep them safe on the road. >> making sure i can see over the wheel, adjusting my mirrors properly. >> one of the biggest things is keeping active and walking. aerobic exercise is a great thing for your body and mind to keep responses quick. >> reporter: the goal, keep seniors behind the wheel as safe and as long as possible because putting the brakes on driving could lead to other problems down the road. >> there is a much higher rate of depression after seniors stop driving. data has shown that
6:46 pm
their mortality rate, much more likely to end up in a nursing home. >> when you can drive that gives you independence and self worth and confidence. >> consumer reports has compiled a list of the best cars for senior drivers and they recommend taking a driver's education course through the aarp. for more information on this go to our nbc washington app and search safe driving. new evidence about the disappearance of the first female pilot to fly solo across the atlantic ocean. amelia earhart and her plane vanished. she is thought to have crashed and died in the pacific ocean. now, 80 years later a photograph may hold clues to her fate and some -- news 4's
6:47 pm
>> a crowd at the air and space museum. the famous aviator disappeared 80 years ago trying to be the first woman to solo fly. >> this is one of the great mysteries of the 20th century. >> reporter: cure ator has her own pilots license and handles requests for information about earhart. >> a very popular person disappearing off the face of the earth. >> reporter: now a documentary airing sunday and assists by nbc points to new evidence uncovered in one secret photo housed in the u.s. archives. the photograph appears to show earhart and her navigator on his dock next to a japanese ship. the documentary suggests it's the strongest evidence yet that earhart survived her crash and probably later died in japanese custody. >> none of that has been explicitly defined. so this adds another layer.
6:48 pm
it's another tool in their investigation. >> reporter: families are drawn to the story. 11-year-old jason carpenter studied her in school. >> when she crashed everyone thought that she died but no one ever knew. >> reporter: and javier says his young daughter prompted their visit today. >> looking around to all of the astronauts asking why are they all boys? i would like to show her that girls can make and do anything that most can. >> reporter: amelia earhart unaccounted for but still assisting others. >> i was a skeptic before seeing this thing. we saw a little bit about the facial recognition technology. fascinating. >> it really is. i want to watch on sunday night. very interesting stuff.
6:49 pm
>> she is not missing. >> whenever amelia earhart comes on people ask are you named after her? no. we have rain out there. >> thanks for clearing that up. >> we have rain out there on storm team 4 radar and pockets of moderate to heavy rain moving into washington. the nationals have delayed the start of the nats game tonight set to get underway just after 7 p.m. i think that is a good call. i think there will be a rain delay for at least an hour. there is that chance that the game might get cancelled tonight. the game is in a rain delay right now. you can see why. these pockets of heavy rain and showers slowly moving towards north northwest. i want to zoom in here. you can see rain along the bottom of the beltway moving into washington. started to see rain and then it will continue further north. high likelihood that yb
6:50 pm
tonight. hopefully that helps with your garden and lawn and if you don't get rain tonight higher chance that you are dealing with rain tomorrow. about an 80% chance for rain tomorrow. our temperatures are in the 70s and 80s. 76 in washington. 81 out there at college park. we start off our thursday at 75 degrees. patchy fog, showers out there tomorrow morning. we will have plenty of clouds around throughout the day and will continue to track rain at times throughout the day with pockets of heavier rain. not only having heavy rain but gusty winds and hail, as well. tomorrow evening unfortunately looking like scattered showers around. friday it gets better. maybe a shower or two. your friday evening is looking dry. the weekend is picture perfect. saturday mostly sunny skies. highs in the upper 80s. low humidity and almost feel
6:51 pm
really low humidity and temperatures in the mid 80s. really nice on sunday. >> pretty good right about now. >> 80s in july. you got that right. coming up in sports, favorite former whacky wizard. we'll tell you about his new team while reliving some of our favorite moments. first here is savanah guthrie with a look at what is ahead on nbc nightly news. >> north korea's first test of intercontinental ballistic missile draws strong warning from a top american general as we look at the actions for the trump administration. a u.s. congressman gets into trouble for a picture he took inside a former nazi gas chamber and the disappearance of amelia earhart. has that mystery been solved?
6:52 pm
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> nats were supposed to get busy tonight. >> delay but they want to play this game because they are playing the mets. they are going for the sweep. >> more distance between themselves. win number 50 on the year yesterday and lead new york by 11 1/2 games in the east. baker giving harper the night off. his lineup 235ising a tough task.
6:55 pm
a 2.75 era. michael tailor will try to get there early leading off like he is tonight. turned it up recently over his last 11 games batting .385. scored 12 runs definitely helping the top of the order with the absence of turner. taylor has power and can get it done with the small ball getting on base to utilize the speed. something that impresses daniel murphy. >> team oriented approach to not give away at bats. if you are able to do that consistently you are going to win at bats. it is a testament to what they were able to do at the top. it was fun to watch the top of the lineup and we had great at bats up and down the lineup. >> on the mound tonight for the nationals, let's hope this july is better than his june. 1-4 last month with
6:56 pm
eight. mike rizzo saying no problems with the velocity, just the location. the good news does well against the mets. 6-2 record against them in his career. all right. nick young. you guys remember nick young. goofy nick young chasing a ring. he signs with the nba champion warriors today. in town with the lakers he literally ran away from our camera. up into the stands as we try to catch up with him. he didn't want to talk to d.c. media. he could be reunited and break out dance moves with another. mcgee is a free agent meeting with other teams. good chance he returns to golden state. one of our favorite is with the lakers. hands in the air for three that didn't go in. new teammate tweeted an image of that today. our favorite memory from 2011 ri
6:57 pm
sports team. >> that had to be blooper of the year. dang. >> during a shoot. replacement bumper $328. >> he did say -- >> he hit the car. >> always smiling. >> what does that say about the wizards currently. might win a ring. >> he got one this year. >> talk about karma. what are those two doing going to that team? it doesn't seem right. >> that's for you, wizards fans. >> exorcism or something here. thanks for joining us. nightly news is coming up next. >> we hope we will see you tonight for news 4 at 11:00.
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tonight, the alarming escalation with north korea. the u.n. security council calls an emergency meeting over the new threat, a never-before-seen missile capable of hitting the u.s. tonight how the u.s. could respond as president trump prepares to meet with vladimir putin overseas. deadly police ambush. an officer and mother of three killed in what policcall an assassination. what was the motive? selfie outrage. a congressman under fire for taking this video inside a former nazi gas chamber. amelia earhart mystery solved? does a newly found photo finally answer one of the biggest aviation puzzles of all time? and tennis tug of war. the young fan who had his wimbledon keepsake ripped out o


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