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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 9, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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and right at 10:00 we're just gettinging this new video in a fast-moving fire from overnight. it forced a family out of their home in southeast. we're learning this is now being investigated as suspicious. we'll tell you about the damage and the clues as investigators are posing it all together. >> and a stepfather killed in a shocking discovery. what officers say the suspect did right after the crime that has family members heartbroken. >> you're ready for it and here it comes talking heat. >> tracking what is for now a sunny stretch and also the best times to get outside and enjoy the outdoors without humidity. that's always the key around here with summer in d.c. no humidity. try tone joy it at least. >> that could be the game-changer, right? >> the person tracking it is chuck bell. he's in on a rare edition of a sunday morning. hey, chuck. >> i know,
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people. they would think the workweek is starting. >> lauren just had the day off. sheena was here yesterday and i'm here today. nothing but great weather for your weekend plans an that's going to continue. a live picture from our city camera all bathed in sunshine. all the great monuments, thomas jefferson memorial and temperatures now mid to upper 70s so really not bad at all and no humidity so dining out today. your sunday brunch plans nothing to worry b.happy hour mid to late afternoon. 85 degrees and by 7:00, 8:00 this evening temperatures will be back down into the upper 70s. more about the rising heat and the rising humidity as we go through the week coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, chuck. >> we continue to follow breaking news out of cincinnati, ohio. police say that three kids were hurt and a woman is dead after shooting at a gender reveal party. police say nine people were shot in total, and it happened late last night. a suspect has not been arrested yet. the story continues to develop, and we'll work to
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updates as we learn more. meantime, back here in washington president donald trump getting back up at the white house wasting no time discussing the g-20 summit on twitter at least. >> mr. trump sent out an array of tweets this morning saying i strongly questioned president putin twice about russian meddling in our election and he vehemently denied it. i've already given my opinion, end quote and then he went on to say we negotiated a cease-fire in parts of syria which will save lives. now it's time to move forward and working constructively with russia. this is going to be a big topic on "meet the press" today. chuck todd will join us in about ten minutes in studio. new this morning, a quick moving house fire was in southeast. it's now being investigated as suspicious. >> and news 4's darcy spencer is live on wheeler road and has an update along with some new video. right, darcy? >> that's right. we just talked to a neighbor who provided us that video. first, i want to tell you that sources are telling me they are
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suspicious in nature. just look at the front of this house. these sources are indicating to me that it appears that an accelerant was used here on the front porch of the house and the fire may have been set. this may have all stemmed from a domestic situation. let's go more to that video. the new video taken by a resident who lives right across the street. he was up on a hill and took this incredible video. he walked out of this home and saw the intense flames. he says he's just glad that no one was hurt or killed. now, let's go to some other video that was taken by our photographer here on scene a little bit ago. it shows inside of an adjacent home here. the familiar life adults and two babies was able to get out okay. those flames broke out in the overnight hours and spread to that home. now, another home sustained heat damage and residents say they are just blessed that they made it out alive. >> they can't be replaced. my kids and
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but it's the family and everybody came out safe so thank god for that. >> reporter: that's basically what we're hearing from everyone out here today, that, you know, this happened in the overnight hours. a lot of people were home sleeping. the one house they had an infant, like an 8-week-old so this could have had much more tragic outcome here. we should also mention fire and ems tweeted out one firefighter was injured here. fortunately that was a very minor injury. he's expected to be okay. back for you. >> darcy spencer with new video and an update, thank you. prince gorges county police are investigating a downright it is turning case. emotions continue to pour out after what happened yesterday morning. ronald pinkney of bowie was found dead. his stepson nevar beverly is accused of killing him and then posting a picture of him with the body on social media. when police arrived at the home where crime happened bever
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by foot running away. beverly was eventually caught and arrested. a family member tells news 4 that beverly and his stepfather did have a combative history. >> what we're seeing in terms of conduct, what we're seeing in terms of social media, it's disturb, and as i said before i would not be surprise federal our community doesn't understand this, because i don't fully understand why people are finding themselves in a place where they are resolving a dispute and ending up with a death. >> people who live in the area say that pinkney what is a fixture in the neighborhood. neighbors called him friendly and the kind of neighbor you want. beverly has had past run-ins with the law, including a first-degree murder charge. >> this story is one a lot of you were talking about on social media yesterday, and this morning we've got new details in the deadly shooting near the georgetown waterfront. since then let me tell you what we've learned since yesterdaych the name of the teen who was killed is kennedy javier
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amaya-olivares from severen, maryland and we also know there's another man fighting for his life this morning in the hospital in critical condition. does not yet know what his name is. police have not released it. this all started just before 3:00 saturday morning. police found the two shot on water street right there under the whitehurst freeway. they are still trying to figure out who is behind the shootings. >> 23 people were arrested and several roers in the hospital with clashes at this kkk rally in charlottesville, and they were protesting the removal of a statue of the confederate general robert e. lee. more on controversy in charlottesville. ♪ >> reporter: counterprotesters crowded justice pack saturday in an attempt to drown out the loyal white knights of the kkk. >> people need to know that you can't ignore this. ignore this is what you want so you can't just walk away and turn away.
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whether you're here or not and so you need to be here. >> what started out as a peaceful gathering turned hectic when klan themes arrived. dozens of marchers held signs with messages of things with peace, love, resist, and although signs and chants were very different, the loudest message was one of unity. >> this is a particularly dense moment and much more visible moment of white supremacy, but white supremacy is around all day every day. >> we stand against the kkk an protect the rights of our friends, neighbors and community members and we're willing to do whatever it takes to make sure they don't deny people the right to xust in this country. >> and that report was from charlottesville, virginia. >> time right now at 10:07. quickly warming up, and you're going to get to enjoy the sun today and also low humidity. >> looking at the most
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out there and maybe cook some burgers. >> low humidity, let's head out west where they are dealing with quite a situation out there, a rather dangerous one. fast moving wildfires are force thousands to evacuate. we're getting new information about a growing threat as flames, they are mong closer vit z2ejcz z16fz y2ejcy y16fy
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♪ >> police and community members come together to murrant death of an officer. yesterday that candlelight vigil held in the bronx to remember officer miosotis familia. officer familia was shot in the head when her mobile command vehicle was ambushed on wednesday morning. her friend and colleagues say she always knew her work was dangerous, but she was passionate
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>> she was such a good person, good mother. she was hard working and passionate about her work. >> never forget her an always honor her memory and legacy. >> following that ambush on wednesday, fellow officers shot and killed the suspect. a wake for officer familia is planned for monday followed by a funeral on tuesday. >> right now firefighters in northern california are struggling to battle this rapidly growing wildfire. we just checked and 2,700 acres have been scorched. at least 10 buildings have been destroyed and mandatory evacuations are still in place and have been ordered in several surrounding areas. the fire at this point is 20% contained so an improvement from early this morning. >> you're in the clear for a sunday morning jog, maybe a bike ride and doing absolutely nothing. >> a big wa
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there's a lot of anticipation for this happening tonight on the history channel. it's a new documentary uncovering fascinating new evidence about the disappearance of amelia earhart. >> you just want to know more
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earhart and her plane vanished in 1937 on her attempt to fly around the world, and it's thought that she crashed and died in the pacific ocean. but, no, 80 years later this photograph that was buried in the u.s. archives may be the clue that earhart survived that crash. news 4's tom sherwood shows us what they have uncovered. >> reporter: a constant crowd visits the amelia earhart visit of the smithsonian air and space museum. the famous pioneer aviator disappeared 60 years ago? this is one of the great mysteries of the 20th century, what topped to amelia earhart. >> reporter: the curator has her own pilot's license and handles unending requests about amelia earhart. >> it's a very popular person disappearing off the face of the earth, literally. >> reporter: now a history channel documentary airing sunday and assisted by nbc points to new evidence uncovered in
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the u.s. archives. the photograph, according to facial imaging tests, appears to show earhart and her navigator fred noonan on a dock next to a japanese ship. the documentary suggests it's the strongest evidence yet that earhart survived her crash and probably later died in japanese custody. >> none that have has been explicitly defined, so this adds another layer. it's another tool in their investigation. >> reporter: at air and space families are drawn to the story. 11-year-old jason carpenter studieder in school. >> when she crashed, like everyone thought that she died but no one ever knew. it was always a mystery >> reporter: and javier melendez of orlando says his young daughter maya prompted their visit today. >> when we were look around all the astronauts, she was asking why are they all boys so i wanted to show her, you know, that girls can actually make and do anything that boys can as well. >> reporter: amelia earhart
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still officially unaccounted for. >> you're a nut. this is fascinating and riveting to us, but for you. >> i think it's really interesting to see, especially the photo recognition software abilities now. >> yeah. >> really seems to be quite a bit of confidence that this was her. >> according to the pictures. >> fascinating stuff. >> for folks headed outside today. going to feel really nice. low humidity. >> if you can't like a day like today, then your standards may be a little too high because this is about as nice as we can get in the month of july. it's been a little warmer than average so far for the month and also a little rainier than average so far here in the month of july. this is only the 9th or 10th. 9th day of the month. six days out of the first eight that were 90 degrees or higher. that's been wet, too. had over 2 inches of rain here in the month so far. about an inch and a quarter ahead of rainfall which is good news because we just fhe
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so we needed the rain. temperature-wise, we're still running about two degrees warmer than average. this is going to be a warmer than average week coming as well. enjoy the week. one day this week that's noticeably cooler than average. 78 now with a nice northwest wind and averaging 12 miles per hour. that northwest wind is going to keep things very comfortable around other. today is going to be great and tomorrow morning nice and comfortable as well and then the warmup begins tomorrow afternoon. right now we're mostly in the mid to up ir70s and highs in your hometown. 81 in hagerstown and 8 is in gaithersburg. headed to the beach the next couple of days, monday and tuesday getting a little hot. here's our ten-day forecast which is sizzling around here. tuesday, wednesday and thursday and highs in the mid-90s and the heat index is up close to 100 with afternoon thunderstorms. >> thank you, chuck. president trump is back here in washington and tweeting that he twice strongly pressed russian prid
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about russian meddling in the election. president putin vehemently denied it and president trump said it's time to move forward and working constructively with each other. >> from one chuck to another. the president, chuck, seeming to push forward and this cease-fire is six hours in with syria. it's one of them that he pushes and nothing is going to get done with the problem in syria and ukraine are still ongoing. what do you make of what he's putting out this morning? >> i can tell you this. he's started another firestorm inside i think his party again. lindsey graham, republican center who on the russia issue has been very tough on president trump, and he was beyond exasperateed this morning when on the tweets and what he said and the fact that he wouldn't accept the premise he said, clearly has a blind spot. lindsey graham says i like what he's doing on north korea, all these different issues, but on point, he's got a blind
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some point and he's called himself a test case. he said at some point it will become his inability to accept the premise of what russia did and could cause him and others to support the president's agenda on other items even if they agree with it. that's what he's risking here with what he's done with putin. >> i wanted to ask you that because when we look at the tweets this morning and a the president saying he did press the russian president on this, he did not say, and he has not come out and said and recognized that russia has interfered in the election. he stopped short of doing that. what is it the significance of this? i know that you spoke with former cia director john brennan. >> oh, he did. he was very critical of the president just use the phrase it's an honor to meet you referring to vladimir putin. he said there's -- he said essentially there's nothing honorable about what vladimir putin did. it's a
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he did on that front. but more importantly, and -- and what the cia director john brennan didn't go this far. the fact is the president seemed to accept putin's conclusion over the intelligence community of this country, and that the message that some may receive on that and to do that in eastern europe which is always living under the threat of russian aggression made it even more frustrating for intelligence officials, and you can see the frustration on brennan. got to remember he's a career cia guy. this is sort of a partisan. standing up in the intel community and there is a lot of rank and file and very uncomfortable with the things that the president has been saying. >> overall this is the first g-20 summit, 19 verse 1 throughout much of it. >> he i think feels good about his trip to europe in that he is comfortable playing that role. >> right. >>
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consequences here i think we'll be debating quite a while but he feels he's got swagger in this trip. >> chuck todd, you have eight minutes to go from this studio to the mention one. >> yes. >> and we'll catch him at 10:30. >> you're already running. >> there you go, fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to
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you might say that spirits are running high in falls church, virginia. >> it's the city's first ever distillery open for business yesterday, yeah. falls church distillers, they have a space on south washington street. customers can try unique flavors of its distilled spirits like vodka, gin, and the family run with family in mind. >> we're father and son and i wanted to make sure i got something back with all the money i spent at college on him. >> yeah, something like that. >> son just going along with it. the distillery has been two years in the making. 10:25 your time now on this sunday. let's set you up with four things to know as you start off your week. we'll begin in the district where a firefighter got hurt during this morning's early house fire. this happened on wheeler road in southeast. the firefighter went to the hospital with minor injuries. investigators looking into this as possibly suspicious. news 4's darcy spencer is on scene and follow her on twitter
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are investigating a homicide in bowie, maryland. they say nevar beverly is accused of killing his stepfather ronald pinkney yesterday and posting a photo of him with the body on social media. >> president trump sending out an array of tweets one saying he pressed president putin twice about meddling in our elections. he vehemently denied it according to trumpet another tweet talks about the idea of starting a cyber security unit with russia. >> take a look at this picture. you might see it a lot today if you're online. it's of the iraqi prime minister congratulating the forces on their defeat over isis in mosul. the victory was just declared just a few hours ago. mosul was the largest city under isis control. >> and it looks like it's going to be a nice day. >> ten-day forecast is very hot and very humid through the middle of the week so that's will be the days to be spent maybe at work, a
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a couple of days, mid-90s and tuesday, wednesday and thursday and best rain chances. with any luck we should be able to cool anything off just in tyke for next weekend. >> i know we just officially celebrated the first day of summer and maybe a week or two. >> june 1st was the first day of summer. >> isn't that the start of work winter. >> i'm with you. >> all right. thanks for joining us for "news 4 today >>." "
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this sunday, trump, putin and russian election interference. rex tillerson says president trump pressed vladimir putin on russian hacking but that it's now in the past. >> let's talk about how we go forward. >> reporter: the russians said trump accepted putin's denial. so was it president trump or putin who got what he wanted out of their first meeting? my guests this morning, former cia director john brennan and senator lindsey graham. >> an alarming development with north korea. a missile capable of hitting the


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